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go to the media conference and
involving the Victorian Premier likeI'd
and Justice Minister.I'd likeI'd like to hand over to the honourable Minister for Justice, the Honourable Michael briefing.
Keenan who will commence the briefing. Thank you, Steve, and it's good to be here with the Premier, with my colleague, Minister Wells, with the Chief Commissioner Ken Lay, Mr Grant from the Australian Crime Commission. The new Government order
is determined to make law and order and community safety and important national priority. Part of that is making sure that the Commonwealth Government is doing all that can to cooperate with our State and Territory colleagues to crack down on organised criminal gangs. The of these gangs are outlaw motorcycle gangs. These gangs know
are very often national and we know that they have significant international links as well. Earlier this month I announced that we'd be fast tracking the national anti-gang squad and the localised aspect of anti-gang squad including and
strike teams in Queensland, NSW and the strike team that I'm joining with my which is
colleagues to announce today which is the Victorian strike team. This strike team will be made up of officers from Australian Federal Police, Victoria Police, and the Australian Taxation They will be supported by additional surveillance teams and proceeds of crime investigators and technical specialists. They back to the national anti-gang squad based in Canberra that involves officers from the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Crime Commission, the Australian Taxation Office, Customs and Border Protection, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and officers from Centrelink. I'd also like to announce today several other measures that Commonwealth Government will be taking to enhance the fight against gangs. We're bringing forward to the establishment to the Victorian strike team to start operationally from I'm pleased to announce that we've committed to making sure intelligence
that the Australian anti-gangs centre is
intelligence coordination centre is doing all we can to cooperate with our State and Territory colleagues and we're doing that by moving that into the Australian Crime Commission which is the body that holds our national criminal intelligence. They are Australia's leading criminal intelligence body and they will coordinate a national intelligence response to organised criminal gangs and we will make sure that that criminal intelligence flows through to our State and Territory colleagues. Secondly, I'd like to announce that Customs and Border Protection have established Operation Haitis which just means Border
officers from Customs and Border Protection will work with Commonwealth law enforcement officers from the Australian Federal Police and from the Australian Crime
Commission to make sure that we're doing everything we can at the border to stop criminal elements from Australia. Organised criminal gangs are often national gangs and they have very significant that from
international links. We know that from some of the been
commentary from gangs that have been patching over. We want to make sure that they are stopped at the border before they can come and do Australia any harm and the international links that the Australian Federal Police have, and the cooperation with customs and Border Protection under Operation Haitis will ensure exactly that. That people coming to Australia to do Australia harm will not be allowed to come into our country. I'd like to congratulate the Victorian Government, the Premier and Minister Wells for all they've done within Victoria to crack determined
down on criminal gangs. We are determined that the Commonwealth Government is going to do everything we can to help, both here in Victoria and across the other jurisdictions in Australia. The fast tracking of the national anti-gang squad and localising it into strike teams such as the strike team that will be operational here in Victoria means that the Australian Government is doing everything that we can to assist this effort and I'd like to invite the Premier to say a few words in support of that.

Thank you very much, Michael. Minister for
In your role as Federal Minister for Justice and congratulate you on that appointment. Can I acknowledge also my parliamentary ministerial colleague Kim Wells, minister of police emergency services, Ken Lay, the Victorian Police Commissioner, Steve Fontana the Assistant Commissioner, rich Grant, acting executive director Australian Crime Commission, Michael Phelan Australian Federal
deputy operations from the Australian Federal Police and Scott Lee from the Australian Federal Police. Can I say thank you very much, Minister Keenan, for this great announcement today. This is really welcomed here in Victoria. We very much welcome the strong position being taken by the new Federal Government with regard to dealing with criminal gangs in our society. We welcome very much the establishment of the national anti-gang task force. We welcome significantly the high-level cooperation between the AFP, Victoria Police and working with the ATO. The establishment of this force, this strike team to work as from today is a significant step forward in dealing with criminal gangs here in these criminal
Victoria. We understood that these criminal outlaw motorcycle gangs are a problem national
in our State, they're a national problem and they're a problem that must be tackled with rigour, with force and welcome
with determination. And I welcome a commitment from the Federal Government to match the force and determination of the Victorian
Victorian Government and the Victorian Police to deal with this situation.There is simply criminal
no place in Victoria for criminal outlaw motorcycle gangs. These gangs are involved in drugs, they're involved in violence, they're involved in extortion, they're involved in standover tactics. They put the community at risk. They have repositories of weapons, they have violent behaviour and often that violent behaviour is in public places putting the public, the innocent public at risk. It is totally and utterly unacceptable. It needs a strong, determined, comprehensive response. It needs a national integrated into our local responses and that is why I am absolutely pleased we now have a Federal Government that is onboard. We welcome the steps you have taken, Michael. We welcome the steps the AFP are taking and we welcome the establishment of this strike have
force here in Victoria. What we have done in Victoria additional
provide Victoria Police with additional resources, officers.
particularly additional police officers. We've provided them with tougher laws and legislation to deal with criminal organisations, to deal with anti-fortification legislation and I alsoed a also add my congratulations to you Ken and to you, Steve, for your terrific leadership and the work of Victoria Police against criminal motorcycle gangs here in this State. The message is loud, the message is clear, there is no place for outlaw motorcycle gangs here in Victoria. We will use all of powers, we will use all resources and now with the assistance of the AFP, with the assistance of the ATO and the other Commonwealth resources through Customs and through Border Protection, we will do our community
everything we can to make sure our community is safe, to make criminal
sure that we crackdown on these criminal motorcycle gangs. So Michael, can I say to you thank you very much for this significant announcement. Can I say to the police forces in Victoria and the AFP we appreciate your enormous work. We want to work with you and give you the power and the resources you need to ensure our communities are safe and we want to leave one message. There is no place for criminal there's
bikie gangs here in Victoria, there's no place for these sort of...And that's where we will leave the Premier of Victoria as he makes that announcement