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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This Program is Captioned Live.Tonight - the symbolic end of Australia's longest war, the nation's political leaders unite to honour those who have served.

Family connection, a fatal shooting in Sydney linked to one of Australia's highest security prisoners.The shooting billions keep on rolling in as the ANZ posts its fourth straight year of record profits.And later on 'Grandstand' Michael Clarke's come back, Australia's captain 'Grandstand' says he is Ashes ready. Live across Australia this is Fernandez.Australia's war
ABC News 24. Hello, I'm Jeremy Fernandez.Australia's war in
Afghanistan is drawing to a close. The PM and Opposition Leader have made the last official visit to the base in Uruzgan province. They honoured all troops who have served on rotation there and now the final 1,500 will withdraw before Christmas.Michael Brissenden reports from Tarin Kowt.After 12 years, Australia's longest ever war came to a symbolic end the PM Tony
with a surprise flying visit by the PM Tony Abbott.Australia's longest war is ending. Not with victory, not with defeat, but with, we hope, an Afghanistan that is better for our presence Australia's
here.By Christmas, most of Australia's 1,500 strong force will be home but the PM the withdrawal is still bitter sweet.Sweet, because our
sweet.Sweet, soldiers have given a magnificent account of themselves, bitter because Afghanistan remains a dangerous place despite all that has been done.Security will soon be entirely in the hands of the Afghans and today, they important
acknowledged Australia's important contribution.Your troops are the best and whatever they have been here in the past few years, they have always put the Afghan bipartisan
people first.In a sign of the bipartisan political support this war has always had, the Opposition Leader was also invited to pay tribute to contribution and sacrifices of Australian forces.I don't know how you go in uniting Afghanistan but Tony Abbott and I are together supporting you, well done. I don't think thank you is enough but it is the words we can find.The base itself will be gifted to the Afghan National Army and the Australian troops will also leave behind a proud legacy of nation building in a province that is one of the poorest and most disadvantaged in Afghanistan.Whatever happens, the building blocks of a civil society are there. You can't have
uneducate the children that have been educated.But this war more than seriously injured and 40 killed between
in action. It is estimated that between 10 and 20% of these soldiers will also return home with some sort of post-traumatic stress one.I was
disorder.Ashley Judd is just one.I was called upon in Afghanistan to shoot and kill an individual at extremely close range. I would see that of
image in the rear vision mirror of my car when driving and at pub.In the
the other end of the bar at the pub.In the last few years even the training mission has become uneasy and dangerous with the increasing threat of so-called green ond blue insider attacks, the latest just last weekend.The end of this mission is complicated, as Tony Abbott said there is no racked
victory. Afghanistan is still racked by violence and corruption and many Australians have mixed feelings about how long we have been here. As they leave, these troops can be rightly proud of the fact they have given this country and its people a chance. Measured in years, Afghanistan has been Australia's longest military Australia's dollars, it has been the most achieve
expensive but did the war achieve its objectives? Political correspondent Greg Jennett takes a look at the legacy.It ends as a war without victory but in the of successive governments, Afghanistan was not a war without success. Bin Laden killed, al-Qaeda severely have
disrupted. Bombs and bullets have achieved that much. And there are measurable successes in civil society too. Massive reconstruction
foreign injections for aid and reconstruction have brought a five fold lift in GDP, life a
expectancy is up three years in a decade, 85% of Afghanis now form
live in districts with some form of basic health care. perhaps the biggest breakthrough, in education. Enrolled student numbers have leapt from one million to almost eight million. Australia claims credit there, funding schools,
and building around 200 schools, 26 of them for girls only. The risk is that these achievements will all be leave and
aside as international forces leave and a violent, notoriously corrupt and heavily armed country returns to type.The costs, they have been spending
enormous. Australian Government spending on the military operation tops $7.5 billion. There are well over 3,000 claims for veterans affairs compensation and a growing bill for mental health care. Here, this is the heaviest price of all, the faces of the fallen in 12 years of fighting. These are the 40 names this war has bequeathed honour roll.James Brown is a former officer in the Australian army and now a military fellow at Kim
Institute. He told my colleague Kim Landers the military should
conduct a thorough public review of its role in the Afghan war now.There has been a classified review into our strategy and there is ongoing classified reviews into our operations. There is a public review of the effectiveness our aid and development work there but there hasn't been a public review into our military strategy or operations. That is long overdue. We are one of the few countries amongst our eyes few countries Zealand has
that hasn't done it. New Zealand has done it, the UK and the US constantly does it -Why hasn't Australia done it? I don't think, for politicians, they don't understand a lot of the military strategy here. The knowledge of how you fight wars is at a very low point within lot to
the parliament. There is not a lot to be gained politically by raking over the coals and also when we did it on Iraq it was contentious and difficult. It is worth doing nonetheless. have learnt a lot in the military from this war. We now need to learn about how the parliament makes decisions to use military force and how they might make them in the future.The cousin of one of Australia's most notorious prisoners has been executed in a shoot-out in Sydney's south-west. Another man was seriously injured. Both victims are alleged members of the Brothers 4 Life crime gang which has been under close police scrutiny.Just after midnight, rapid gun fire was heard coming from this housing complex at Revesby in Sydney's south-west. 25-year-old Mahmoud Hamzy died at the scene.We are satisfied there was more than satisfied one weapon used in the shooting. We are also satisfied that there were at least three people involved.He is the cousin of maximum security prisoner Bassam Hamzy who recently had his jail sentence extended for directing criminal activity from prison on a mobile phone. A 24-year-old suffered gunshot wounds to the leg and stomach. The incident happened in a garage just metres away from family homes. Following the shootings, a man who police say lives in the same home as the victims left the scene.Fireworks.Fireworks? Pretty serious fireworks.What does the numberplate mean? It
is utterly insensitive. His cousin has been murdered and feels it is a light matter.Authorities were unimpressed at this numberplate, an acronym for Middle Eastern Organised Crime.Police say although the gang call themselves Brothers 4 Life, they act more like brothers for a day. often fight amongst themselves, killers
which makes tracking down the killers more complicated.Nick bothers
Kaldis described the brothers bothers group as cowards who only attack and extort in large numbers - Brothers 4 Life.I have to say probably not very good at what they do.There have been 13 drive-by shooting year but
fatalities in NSW over the last year but police say the streets have been relatively quiet in recent months. That might be about to change if reprisals follow Mahmoud Hamzy's murder. It is an ordeal no other pilot has survived, ditching an ultralight aircraft into Bass Strait. Two men have lived tell the story after their crash off Tasmania's north coast.It was meant to be the first leg of the ultimate flying holiday up Australia's east coast.Been waiting
months for the perfect day, the was
perfect weather and everything was going to be on from Bridport in Tasmania's north-east, those plans came crashing down.Perfect we went
conditions and all of a sudden we went through engine failure.The friends had three terrifying minutes before they hit Bass Strait.We had to make radio calls to the right people and let them know where we were and get all the life rafts out and doors open so we could exit the plane. I said take our seatbelts off so we weren't trapped when we hit.As the plane exploded, the men mattresses
escaped, clinging to inflatable their lives.If it was that cold in water, we went into a frenzy and our bodies were shaking drastically.I was needed to
bleeding, I was cut up. I needed to get out of the shark infested waters. I was freaking infested about that too.After two hours, a police boat reached the scene and the men hours, flown to hospital with hypothermia.No-one has ever survived an ultralight plane crash in Bass Strait. We're so grateful.The journey home to Newcastle on a commercial flight is bitter sweet.A bit worried about going over I am a bit scared about it. I have to do it to home.Upset I lost me plane actually. It wasn't insured. It has financially drained us.Their trip ended an bankruptly but the men are already talking about their next attempt.- abruptly.A boy who was badly mauled by a dog in North Queensland at the weekend has died of his injuries. 3-year-old Korbin Sprott was playing in the front yard of a house in Mackay when German
he was bitten on the neck by a German Shepherd. He was taken to Townsville Hospital where he died this afternoon.The boy's to family's used social media to thank the community for its support. The dog was put down this morning.A court has heard harrowing details about the murder of NSW Central Coast toddler Tanilla Warwick-Deaves. Dean
Her mother's boyfriend Warren Dean Ross is accused of severely punishing the 2-year-old during toilet training and ultimately killing was
her at their home in 2011.She was just two years and eight months old and her death rocked The
the Central Coast community. The man accused of killing in
Tanilla Warwick-Deaves appeared in court today charged with her murder. The Crown prosecutor says the accused was in a relationship with the child's mother and was determined to toilet train the girl in the weeks before her death. The Crown said was deliberately defying him and his attempts to discipline her were far in excess of what is reasonable.The accused listened intently and made notes as the Crown detailed some of the injuries inflicted on Tanilla, including fingerprint bruising suggesting she was grabbed with force, track marks across her torso consistent with the use of a rod or cane and welt marks on her legs, suggesting she was whipped with a cord.A witness saw the girl running laps in punishment
the family home as a form of says Ross
punishment and the prosecution says Ross told an acquaintance that I hit with her with an extension cord, a strap, a wooden spoon bought she just doesn't learn.The prosecution will alleged Warren Ross gave the spluttering child a cold shower, slammed her head into a glass shower screen and held her wet and shaking body up side down over the toilet before kicking her in the back.The paramedics were unable to save her.The defence council told the court this will be a difficult trial for everyone and things are more complicated than they first seen.She said the girl's mother was also violent towards her children and by cooperating with police she received reduced sentence. The judge her told the jury the case could Commission
run for seven weeks.The Royal Commission has heard a now convicted pedophile was employed by the YMCA in Sydney's south without working Lord had
with children checks. Jonathan Lord had no child qualifications and went on sexually abuse 12 boys.There is a lot Jacqui Barnat remember and on occasions her accounts
evidence has differed from accounts given in private sessions. Ms Barnat faced intense scrutiny for how she recruited Jonathan Lord to be recruited an out of school hours child care worker at the YMCA.I actually don't have a memory of the time the reference checking was done.Lord's stepfather was one referee. Another was a standing staff member who she considered credible. Ms did not check with Lord's previous employer, a summer camp in where he was dismissed for suspicious behaviour with an 8-year-old boy.If you'd made proper inquiries, the policy required, Jonathan Lord would not have been employed by the YMCA would heYes, I guess when correct but
it is stated that way that is correct but I obviously did obtain other references.Ms Barnat told the Royal Jonathan
Commission she was aware that Jonathan Lord had no child qualifications but she that didn't matter because initially he was being employed Jonathan
as a casual. She admitted that Jonathan Lord started working in YMCA child care working
before he'd even applied for a check.You still sit in the witness box today and say that check.You your recruitment actions in respect of Jonathan Lord were satisfactory? I believe that I conducted to the best of my ability, that is correct.Ms Barnat rejected suggestions there had been a failure YMCA management to ensure workers received adequate The
training in child protection. The man who placed a fake bomb around the neck of the Sydney teenager Madeleine Pulver is appealing against the of his jail sentence. Paul Douglas Peters' barrister has argued not enough weight was given to his client's time
psychological condition at the time of the offence. The Court suffering
of Appeal was told he was suffering from bipolar disorder and depression and was drinking heavily. The 52-year-old pleaded guilty and was sentence today a maximum of 13 years in jail after that attack in Mosman. A decision handed down at a later lashed
date.Wild winds and hail have lashed Sydney and parts of the NSW coast leaving people injured. A tree fell on Sydney's
two cars at Lansvale in Sydney's south-west. Two in one car escaped unharmed but an elderly man and woman were trapped in the other vehicle for half an hour. They were taken to hospital in a stable condition. At Engadine in the south, a tree and power poles fell on three people. Their injuries are Macquarie was hit hard by hail, the SES received hundreds of calls for help from across the State.The department of defence has offered assistance in the Blue Mountains bushfire recovery effort. The move comes after the force week for sparking the State Mine Fire near Lithgow. The ADF says its offer is by guilt.We are part of this we
community. We want to help and we want to support it.I have lost count of the numbers of times that ADF have played a phase
role in either the response phase or the recovery phase. This is not a response to State Mine Fire incident.The head of the recovery effort says the defence force is not able to assist in the most difficult task ahead, that is removing asbestos. Phil Koperberg is also about defence taking work from will make
local business. The Government will make a decision on the army's involvement within days.The Queensland Government says there will be no change to its shark net policy despite the latest whale entanglement on the Gold Coast. The 5m humpback became trapped by the tail off Burleigh Heads this morning. Rescuers battled rough seas to free the mammal, watched on by four adult wants the
whales. The Humane Society wants the shark nets removed.The Government remains policy. It
committed to our shark netting policy. It is all about protecting Queenslanders other visitors to our state when they are in the caught
water.This was the sixth whale caught in Queensland nets this migration season. The minister says 36,000 have swum without getting into trouble.

The weather in Australia has few weeks
been extreme enough in the past compared
few weeks but it is nothing been
compared to what Europe has been experiencing. 12 people are dead after a monster storm pounded the north of the continent bringing hurricane strength winds. Here is Philip Williams.As the fierce winds hit, the trees buckled.All over southern England and Wales they fell with tragic consequences.A man and woman were killed when a tree fell on a London home, causing a gas leak and explosion that demolished neighbouring houses too.Here a teenage girl was crushed to death after a tree fell on a mobile home she was in and another man died just fell outside London after a tree fell on his car.Huge waves battered the southern coastline, some ventured as seen gusts
close as they could.We have seen gusts of 60-80 miles an hour and one gust of 99 miles an hour along the south coast. far
Not quite as bad as 87 but not far off.Anything not tied down risked a change of back goes.Scaffolding
yards.There it special hazard. The parked cars here stood no chance.Fallen thousands
trees cut power to hundreds of rail
thousands of homes and blocked rail lines creating havoc morning commuters.Not even the storm,
PM escaped the effects of this the
storm, this crane collapsed on the cabinet office just a few Street.
metres from No.10 Downing Britain
Street.And it wasn't just Britain being battered, commuters in Belgium were brought to their knees by St Jude.In Germany, France and Holland, more fatalities as winds gathered even more strength as the storm barrelled north towards Scandinavia.St Jude's day memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Chinese police have named a
two suspects in connection with Square which
a car crash outside Tiananmen Square which left five people dead.The suspects are thought to be Uighur Muslims, a group seeking independence in north-western China. The car Beijing's
burst into flames outside Beijing's iconic The
the occupies and two tourists. The vehicle is thought to have been deliberately driven into pedestrians and through road barriers. 38 bystanders injured. The ABC is resisting pressure to shelve a program that questions the scientific heart
evidence linking cholesterol to heart disease. Last week 'Catalyst' described the notion that saturated fats and cholesterol caused heart attack as one of the biggest myths of medical history.The second part of the program, dealing medication, called
with anticholesterol medication, called statins is scheduled to air on Thursday and the Heart Foundation and at least one leading physician feel it is misguided.Medical experts interviewed for 'Catalyst' called it the greatest scientific deception of our time.It is a huge misconception that saturated fats and cholesterol are demons in the diet.This cardiologist described how his thinking changed after years of working with patients with high cholesterol and no heart disease and patients with low cholesterol and heart disease.Maybe cholesterol is not the enemy we think it not says the claims are backed by research.We started researching this program in 2010. I have interviewed literally hundreds of patients and experts all around the world.Part two airs this Thursday. It anticholesterol drugs known as statins that are widely Australia and weather their benefits have been exaggerated. The chair of the Advisory Medicines, Emily
Committee on the Safety of Medicines, Emily Banks, has written to the ABC warning it not to run the program. The Heart Foundation says it also has serious concerns about the conclusions presented on 'Catalyst'. And its disregard for the international scientific consensus that replacing saturated fat with good fat reduces the risk of heart disease.I would disappointed if, as a result of that, some people were watching the program and actually stopped taking their medication. I can't stress enough how important it is that conversation with
they actually go and have that conversation with their general practitioner and not just be Australian Medical
influenced by the program.The Australian Medical Association
welcomes the debate.It is right to question some of these things but it also is correct that we do have to look at the whole of the evidence.Part two advising viewers
will air as planned with a note advising viewers that it is not intended as medical advice. Let's look at finance now and shares in ANZ bank hit a record high after it announced a $6.5 a
billion profit. The market has a whole went backwards.

ANZ chief Mike Smith declared today that
billion today that the on all cylinders and the share price is motoring.Today's rise means it has gone up 34% so far this year, second only to NAB's performance which is a useful 47% in 10 months. Last year ANZ rose 22% and NAB just 7%. Over winner,
the two years Westpac is the mind.
winner, up 73.5%, if you don't mind. ANZ's dividend is now $1.64 which is 4.87% of tonight's more than you get on an ANZ one year term

A couple of things mentioning - oil up 2%. Iron ore and wheat down.Share markets in China and Japan were weaker today. The dollar dropped sharply at #.30 this morning when Glenn Stevens' Reserve
speech was posted on the Reserve Bank web site in which he said that he thinks the dollar will fall. gratification. No sooner do the words come out of his mouth than it happens.That is why he gets the big bucks. The dollar is teetering just above 95.

The Reserve Bank has stepped up its
is up its warnings on the Australian dollar urging anyone punting on a higher exchange rate to take care. It came as a new report showed hope is fading for investment opportunities outside the resources never misses
The Reserve Bank Governor never misses an opportunity to talk the dollar down these days.The foreign exchange market is perhaps another area where investors should take due RBA,
care.Because according to the RBA, the currency's defying gravity, given the level costs, productivity and the Australia's
likely deterioration in Australia's trade performance
or terms of trade.It seems quite likely that at some point in the future the Australian dollar will be materially lower dollar than it is today.It can't come soon enough for many non-mining businesses, a new report on that
investment says hope is fading that non-resource investment will fill the void left by a cooling mining sector.With
interest rates at historic lows where they are at the moment we would have expected to see a pick-up in non-mining investment.The RBA Governor has little
also observed that Australia has little to show for a pick-up confidence.It may be a while yet, I think, before we can expect to see conclusive according
evidence of a change there.Not according to the ANZ bank chief Mike Smith who just announced a $6.3 billion profit.My intinge is we will start to see this in the next two months.Also playing on the Governor's mind is the pick-up in property prices in some cities. He doesn't see a price boom yet but the RBA is watching behaviour very closely.As this activity continues, lenders and borrowers alike would be well advised to take due care.A tough ask when you're chasing your dream. We are seeing a bit of a subtle shift patterns, tending more to a typical late spring with high pressure systems ridging across the southern states, with troughs through the northern areas triggering showers and thunderstorms. We have had severe thunderstorms during Tuesday through NSW but the trough that triggered those and the upper level disturbance continuing to move up into Queensland. As that trough moves towards the Central Coast, we will see showers and thunderstorms developing. They will extend back into the central inland. There is the potential that some of these thunderstorms could become severe. The features most likely damaging winds and hail. Thunderstorm and shower severe. activity about the northern half of the NT and also through much of the northern inland of WA. Generally clear dry and sunny conditions further south. Onshore winds about parts of

A trough sitting down the west coast of Perth will move inland during the afternoon. Hot ahead of that trough moving

The maximum temperatures in Darwin will be that cooler and that is due to the cloud an rain activity across the region. The only showers across the south most likely about the west coast of Tasmania. The top stories from ABC News - a former high ranking military commander says Afghanistan will slide backwards when Australian country.The PM Tony
troops withdraw from the country.The PM Tony Abbott has marked the symbolic end of Australia's longest war with most troops to be home by Christmas.The retired Major General John Cantwell says it is inevitable that some of the achievements in making be
Afghanistan a safer place will be lost.Police Sydney's south-west
that a man shot dead in Sydney's south-west is the cousin of one of Australia's highest security prisoners, Mahmoud Hamzy was killed at a house at Revesby. Another man was shot in the stomach and legs. She now in hospital. It affiliated
is understood Mahmoud Hamzy was affiliated with the Brothers 4 was
Life motorcycle gang. The group Bassam Hamzy
was founded by his cousin Bassam Hamzy who is serving Bassam time for murder.Australia's third biggest lender ANZ has posted its of record profits. The bank's profit rose 11% to $6.3 billion. ANZ says it boosted its customers base in Australia its continued its push into Asia and improved productivity by cutting costs.And strong winds and hail have lashed Sydney and parts of NSW. The storms have caused widespread damage with emergency crews receiving hundreds of calls for help. The mid-north coast of NSW received plenty of hail while powerful winds uprooted trees and brought down power lines.Let's bring you up to date with the sports news now here's Peter Wilkins.Tonight Michael Clarke prepares for his long Australian captain
awaited return to cricket. The Australian captain is confident tomorrow's
he will be able to play in Right
tomorrow's Shield opener. Right now I feel fit and healthy. I have been fortunate with a lot of help from others to get me to where I am today. with Get through today and take to the park tomorrow.Also tonight - James O'Connor to resurrect his rugby career in London.And the Boston Red Sox on the verge of clinching Series. I'm Peter Wilkins and this is Grandstand.

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Welcome to the program. Good to have your company. four-time
Coming up with speak to four-time Olympian and legend Kristi Harrower, ahead
of her 300th WNBL game.But Australia's
first to cricket and Clarke has given the best indication yet that he will be fit for the start of the Ashes series in Brisbane in three weeks. Clarke has trained on and
the eve of the Sheffield Shield and he has bitten back at criticism from Ricky Ponting.It is a welcome sight for Australian Michael Clarke padded up with a bat in hand.Amid speculation about his playing future, Clarke's protecting his own back when it comes to any perceived friction between himself and former skipper Ricky Ponting.Ricky has my number and we have been - we have spoken for the last 15 years, I don't think will change.Clarke's concern has been his chronic back, the most talked about in Australian sport. He knows he can't stay wrapped up in cotton wool in the lead-up to the Ashes.If I get through am confident I will perform at my best tomorrow.Clarke has suffered the degenerative back condition throughout his career but he is confident he can manage it through the summer.I feel fit and healthy now. I have been fortunate with help from others to get me to