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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. ?? NEWLINE Tonight - Abbott in Afghanistan. The Prime Minister makes a surprise visit and declares the war is ending.We salute their service, we mourn their losses, and we honour their achievement.?? NEWLINE Spy surveillance - Barack Obama admits more constraints may be needed.What they are able to do doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing.?? NEWLINE And fierce storms move across Europe leaving a trail of death and destruction.

?? NEWLINE Hello, I'm Anton Enus. ?? NEWLINE And I'm Kathy Novak. ?? NEWLINE Also ahead tonight - sending in the army. Troops offer to help bushfire reconstruction in NSW. ?? NEWLINE And a new perspective on political history, we talk to the daughter of Australia's longest- serving Prime Minister. Tony Abbott has made survives at -- surprise visit to troops in Afghanistan and said that the war is coming id that the war is coming to an end. Hundreds are due home by Christmas. In a rare show of political stability opposition leader Bill Shorten accompanied the l Shorten accompanied the prime minister on the secret me minister on the secret visit. Both treat -- pay tribute to the work done by Australians soldiers abroad. The Prime Minister called it a job well done and a mission complete. Australia's longest war is ending, not with victory, not with defeat, but with an Afghanistan that is better for our presence here.Tony Abbott praised Australian troops during an unannounced visit to Afghanistan, his first since becoming Prime Minister.He has been three times before, with the withdrawal date quickly approaching the timing could not have been better.This is a bittersweet moment for Australia. Sweet because hundreds of soldiers will be home by Christmas. e home by Christmas. Better because not all Australian families have had their sons, fathers, and partners, return.Not lost on Afghan leaders. Your troops Afghan leaders. Your troops are the best.The Prime Minister arrived at Tarin Kot base flanked by the Chief of defence, the defence Minister, and in the spirit of bipartisanship he brought the Labor Leader two.I you've gotten -- gone uniting Afghanistan beat you have brought Tony Abbott and I ony Abbott and I together.450 will remain behind after the official withdrawal date in training and assistant roles. Defence experts say our contribution was not in vain., the changes we have made will last. -- some of the changes. We decimated Al Qaeda networks in Afghanistan, removed etworks in Afghanistan, removed the structure that allowed them to do business. The Greens siness. The Greens are urging them not to cut and run.I am calling on Tony Abbott to tell them exactly what Australia is going to spend in Afghanistan or whether we will turn our back on our aid program. International troops am. International troops will hand over to Afghan forces by the end of 2014. Staying with politics, the Coalition is s, the Coalition is riding a postelection high in a postelection high in the polls with the first Newspoll since the September 11 ballot. The Coalition standing has gone up by 56%.

ballot. The Coalition standing has
gone up by 56%. Tony Abbott is up two points

two points to 47% as preferred Prime Minister. two points to 47%
Meantime the Greens say the Opposition is caving in to the Coalition by to the Coalition by supporting the repeal of the carbon tax. Labor insists it is yet to formally decide whether or not it will support government legislation to scrap the tax despite newspaper reports to the contrary. Labor wants the carbon tax to carbon tax to be replaced by an emission carbon trading scheme -- emissions trading scheme. Pressure is growing on the White House to explain US intelligence gathering and why President Barack Obama appeared not to know the extent of operations. European Parliament Terry and why President Barack Obama appeared not to know the extent of operations. European Parliament Terry and say decades of mutual trust have mass USC stop in on its allies. -- parliamentarians. This is the Spanish Foreign Ministry building in Madrid. This is the US ambassador to Spain arriving at the ministry to answer questions about more allegations of his stopping. allegations of his stopping. The El Mundo newspaper claims the US National Security agency monitored 60 million Spanish telephone calls in a single month. Spain's government says if that is the case it would be a serious breach of trust. A sentiment being echoed by the European Parliament.There is an appetite in the European Union to restore the trust and make sense of why this NSA surveillance was necessary and white were so disproportionate.European parliamentarians are in Washington to discuss the issue. It comes as the US President acknowledges the need for a additional constraints on the l constraints on the country's intelligence gathering.What we have seen over the last seven years is that capacities have continued to develop and expand and that is why we are issuing a review to make sure that eview to make sure that what they are able to do does not necessarily equal what they should be doing.They're not discussing specific including that of Angela Merkel whose phone was allegedly hacked for a decade. But it has acknowledged the fallout.We are mindful that some of these disclosures have caused tension in our relationships.There is no such tension with New Zealand, the country 's defence Minister presented his Minister presented his American counterpart with an all Blacks jersey as well as insurance the relationship is solid. Green cartoon showed an analyst potentially listening to the communiques ng to the communiques from New Zealand and a big stream of these coming out. EU summit trust to describe the relationship. Now they need to work for the cost of their other allies. Atheist on packing hurricane force winds has torn across Britain and parts of Europe killing at least 12 people and causing mass destruction to transport. The storm hit southern England, killing five people, before moving eastwards and continuing to take lives in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Sometimes going to . Sometimes going to work can be a health hazard. This man in Copenhagen watched as scaffolding blew up his office building, no match for the record 190 kilometre per hour wind gusts. Elsewhere in Denmark falling to breed took ling to breed took a terrible toll, a man dying after a brick hit him on the head. Some cyclists lost their bikes, though people -- two people lost their lives from falling trees. Three people died in Germany when trees Germany when trees fell on cars. A French woman is A French woman is presumed dead after she was swept away by waves of the coast of Brittany. So to 14-year-old Dylan Alkins, swept away from the east Sussex shoreline in southern England. 17-year-old Bethany Freeman died as she slept in a caravan crushed by a tree.She was a d by a tree.She was a lovely kid. I just arrived and found out. I am shocked.North of London and tree killed Donal Drohan as he sat in his car. And a falling trees of a gas pipe that destroyed three houses. Two bodies were found in the rubble. More than half a million homes in Britain and France lost power and commuters are cross affected Europe were either left stranded were terrified.We took the ied.We took the fairy yesterday and we thought we were going to die. It is crazy.There were plenty of lucky escapes. This man just metres short of disaster.I opened the door and we got a tree in the garden. It was very close.While these campers in Cornwall will check the weather report next time.Absolutely petrified. I am not scared of the elements but of the elements but that got me going. Insurers are yet to put a figure on the damage. Damage to human dignity, however, in the extreme. Rescuers in New Zealand have recovered the bodies of the two mountain climbers who died on Mount Taki after died on Mount Taki after attending to climb the peak over the weekend. The couple were cut off from six other climbers when a blizzard descended upon the mountain. They sought refuge in a snow cave for two nights, but the rescue effort was hampered by gale force winds. Both died as a result of exposure. Still to come BNZ announces bumper profits. Also why the army wants to help rebuild lives as well as buildings in the bushfire zone. ?? NEWLINE Shortly, life in Lampedusa - how asylum tragedy has affected the islanders. ?? NEWLINE And later - the shocking video that reveals the uncomfortable truth about being behind bars

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The military insists its offer to help with the bushfire recovery effort in very effort in net NSW is not in response to accidentally starting one of the fires. The fire continues to e fire continues to burn any Lithgow and has a thgow and has a far consumed more than 50,000 hectares. More than 1.5 weeks after a fast moving bushfire devastated this neighbourhood... I am concerned about the amount of timber. A job remains urgent for so many families.I want to see people 's lives rebuilt as quickly as possible.Early today the emergency recovery coordinator emerged from a meeting with ed from a meeting with a member from the defence force with an offer from the military to help that need.Our people are good at helping to clear up. We can provide sport -- support.That offer is seen by some as a by some as a peace offering after a -- an investigation suggested that it was started by an ordinance explosion during a nce explosion during a training exercise.It is a wonderful gesture given what happened with one of the fires in the mountains.Military officials say the ials say the offer has nothing to do with that fire which has so far consumed more than 50,000 hectares. We have been responding since the fire started. We had teams from the ACT and Riverina.An offer like this does not come without concerns especially when thout concerns especially when it comes to some of the work that still needs to be done. Jobs that would normally be taken by members of the community. Business in the Blue Mountains has suffered. There is an economic recovery to take into account.It is easy to see why any offer to help is tough to ignore.It is an offer you hear about and think it is fantastic.The State and Federal governments are expected to decide whether to expect the fault within the next 48 hours. ?? NEWLINE A Sydney court has been told that the sentence handed down to a man who attached a fake collar bomb to a Sydney schoolgirl should be cut, because the judge didn't properly consider his mental health. Paul Douglas Peters was jailed last November for at least 10 years for the 2011 attack on Madeline Pulver in her family's Mosman home. The NSW Criminal Court of Appeal has reserved its judgement. Two men have been rescued after their ultralight aircraft crashed in Bass Strait, off Tasmania's northeast coast. The men survived for hours in freezing and dangerous waters before being picked up by a small boat and then flown to Launceston hospital. They said they feared being attacked by sharks. Neither was seriously injured. More than 3,000 jobs will be created in the biggest expansion of Melbourne Airport since it was built in the early 1960s. The billion-dollar project will include a new runway, domestic terminal, and an upgrade to the international terminal.

terminal.Airports are arguably our most important are arguably our most important pieces of National infrastructure in each state the airport is ate the airport is either the biggest or the second biggest infrastructure investment.The project is expected to take two years. And dairy farmers and their families have converged on Federation Square, launching the newest player in the fresh milk market - Green Pastures. The farmer-owned environmentally- aware label shuns synthetic fertilisers, pledging a healthier, cost- effective product.

effective product.
Special security laws for next history 20 is at in Brisbane are before Queensland Parliament. It has proposed ament. It has proposed that the CBD be shut down to protect a world leaders meeting for the economic talks that will cost taxpayers $100 million. Business groups, lawyers, and protest organisations say the laws goes too far. -- G20. In just over 12 months this city will be virtually desertedy will be virtually deserted, temporarily. The CBD will be locked down to protect G20 n to protect G20 at leaders.It is enormous security. There will be over 5000 police over the course of those coming days. 4000 visitors are expected 4000 visitors are expected with 3000 international media000 international media following their every move. ollowing their every move.It will be a security operation like Brisbane has never seen before. sbane has never seen before. If you are in the city with a carton of eggs or anything else that could be used as a projector you had better have a good excuse or you could end up in big trouble.The first concern is in relation to the reversal of the onus of proof.G20 laws will enable them to will enable them to hold people to the end of the summit.If somebody is carrying home a bag of groceries, they might have eggs, , they might have eggs, marmalade, 18, all of those items are prohibited items. Being the focus of world attention the G20 attracts peaceful protests and violent eful protests and violent clashes.It comes with a hefty pricetag of over $100 million. Meetings like this are a mixed blessing for local businesses, especially this special public holiday. lly this special public holiday.We are fearful of what that will mean for the perception of n for the perception of Brisbane. Many of the restaurants will be closed, we think that is a bad image to convey.Some restrictions begin in February. Special powers will remain in place until several days after the G20. The Chinese government is being accused of a cover-up after a jeep crashed into -up after a jeep crashed into a crowd near Tiananmen Square in Beijing, killing its three occupants and to tourists. The vehicle was quickly removed and the numerous references to the incident had been taken down from Chinese social media websites. In the very centre of China's capital and 4-wheel drive ablaze. It had ploughed into a crowd and then burst into flames. Pictures were soon spreading on Chinese websites. This is one of China's most famous tourist sites, the entrance to the Forbidden city beneath the giant poster of Chairman Mao. Police soon moved in. The location ved in. The location is highly sensitive and are heavily guarded. The scene of the pro-democracy protest that led to the Tiananmen massacre in 1989. Chinese leaders live nearby. It is a magnet for protests. China's government has given no explanation, only saying three people died in the car and to tourists were killed. Instead centres moved fast to delete the Internet references and teams scrubbed the square clean. It will soon open an. It will soon open again as if nothing had happened. China's new leaders who took over this year are fearful about growing dissent. To try to contain it they have launched the toughest crackdown in years. Just as this was happening in eastern city a trial was beginning of three local activists. They are part of a group calling itself the new citizens movement, campaigning against corruption. This will measured is why her mother is on trial. It happens because of photographs you posted on the Internet. She calls on the President to make officials publicly declare their wealth. She says when ordinary citizens speak out about corruption they are arrested. With e arrested. With this crackdown President Xi Jinping is certainly stamping his own authority on China. One year into his leadership he is hip he is going further even than his predecessors did to rein in threats to the Communist Party. The fear is that the focus on stability means pressures and discontent are simply growing. The first trial from the phone hacking scandal that rocked Rupert Murdoch 's British newspaper empire is itish newspaper empire is under way. Former News International chief Rebekah Brooks and the former communications chief for the British Prime Minister Andy Coulson are among eight mostly former Murdoch employees who are in the dock. For years they held others to account in their newspapers, now it is they who must answer for that alleged actions. Rebekah Brooks a riding with her husband. Andy Coulson who succeeded her as editor. -- arrived. Brooks is facing three charges, conspiracy to intercept mobile phone messages, otherwise known as phone hacking, conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office which relates to alleged payments to public officials, and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Coulson is facing two charges, conspiracy to charges, conspiracy to is that mobile phone messages and conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office. Also in the dock a host format employees, the managing editor, head of news, Royal reporter, head of international security, and that Ms Brooks former personal assistant. The nal assistant. The jury is expected to hear explosive testimony about the scandal that forced the closure of the News of the World. The paper hippie presses for the last time just days after it was revealed it had hacked was revealed it had hacked the phone of Milly Dowler. -- hit the presses. Dubbed the trial of the century by one media commentator, y by one media commentator, the first day was taken up with jury selection. Potential jurors being told they may be needed for six months. An air strike has reportedly killed two senior commanders of the militant Islamist group al-Shabab. The United States is believed to be responsible for the drone attack, which destroyed a vehicle in southern Somalia. Al-Shabab is the main al-Qaeda- linked group in East Africa. Its fighters killed at least 67 people last month in an attack on the Westgate shopping centre in Kenya's capital, Nairobi. At least five people have died during clashes between vigilantes and a drug cartel in western Mexico. The self- defence groups were shot at as they marched into a major city - in an attempt to end the stranglehold of the Knights Templar. Cartel members attacked electrical stations in retaliation, leaving nearly half a million people without power. Hundreds of protestors have taken to the streets of Paraguay's capital, Asuncion, in anger over privatisation plans. The President wants to sell off some public services, including electricity and domestic tolls. The demonstrators blocked major roads and carried signs that read "Paraguay is not for sale". Women's rights campaigners are saying not enough is being done to combat violence on campus in the US. It is estimated one in 20 college women in America are the victim of rape or attempted rape in a typical academic year. These women say they were rate as a place most of us assume would be a and of safety, College. ould be a and of safety, College. Annie was a freshman and Andrea software -- sophomore. Is the school blind?The interesting thing is that they treated as a compliance issue.One in 20 college women in the United States will be the victim of a completed or attempted rape in a typical college here. According to the National violence against women survey in 2000, the most recent figure available.It is easy to have a campus security guard.Since 90s indie to the US Department of education under title nine of the Civil Rights Act says institutions receiving federal funds must ensure an education free of sexual discrimination, many colleges and universities say they were unaware of their legal obligations under title 92 ions under title 92 also protect students from sexual assault.We put much more emphasis on preventing plagiarism than preventing rape. That is a reality.Do Annie had graduated, in 2012 she and Andrea found themselves -- found each other. They began to talk about the issue of rape at the University of North Carolina.We said it is not a bad place, it is a representation of a larger problem.They began researching title nine, interviewing other victims of rape, utilising social media, and in January along with three others, they filed a federal complaint against the University of North Carolina at the Department of Education.When you have met and women of 18 who are holding the government accountable of -- for rape it boggles my mind.As for this pair, they have turned their ordeals into a mission, a mission to bring light into a part of campus life f campus life that has too long been in shadow. as too long been in shadow. You would world News Australia on SBS. The issues surrounding immigration are often in the headlines here, and it is a story also been told around the world. For years it has been a mecca for European tourist, but in recent times and Mediterranean island has become better known for tragedy. In Europe the main route taken by migrants from oute taken by migrants from Africa and the Middle East is he Middle East is via Lampedusa, off the coast of Tunisia. The island is struggling to cope. It has been voted the most beautiful beach in Europe, but how easy it is to forget the drama and tragedy that plays out every day just a few miles offshore ust a few miles offshore from Lampedusa. The Italian Navy has sent one of its biggest ships to help with the crisis. We were allowed on board and in the hold found a pathetic cargo. 318 people picked up at sea the previous night. Most of the Africans are young men, many are Eritreans, they paid smugglers thousands of dollars to flee their country.It is very dangerous. So many died.And then there are the Syrians. They are of all ages. None of them know what will happen next. Some are too young to understand where they are. They are registered straightaway. The Navy will take them to Sicily because Lampedusa is struggling with se Lampedusa is struggling with the migrants already has. This is not just an Italian problem.Definitely not. The biggest part of these emigrants wish to go to Germany, Norway, other parts of Europe. This is an historical situation This is an historical situation in which people are leaving their homeland because of the change of the climate, because of wars, it is a mass of activities. This is the centre which the Italian authorities built to house migrants on Lampedusa.It was built for a maximum 300 as built for a maximum 300 people. There are always a lot more than that he these days. n that he these days. At the moment there are over 700 inside. We were not given permission to enter. Through the fence we spoke to Mohammed Karrar Damascus. How was his journey?So dangerous. The waves and the sea, like you see it, it is too dangerous.What is your dream for the future? dream for the future?To complete my studies. To have respect.Lampedusa was a sleepy place known for fishermen and sunsets, and now it has a fame is never desired - as the island - as the island people risk everything to reach. Human rights activists have risked their lives to reveal the rarely seen and horrific conditions inside Russia's brutal prison system. Beatings, torture and extortion are said to be commonplace, but authorities deny the allegations. A warning - our report contains some graphic footage from the start.

Guards launch a brutal attack on a defenceless new inmate. It's an often-used education strategy in Russian prisons that if he offers them any opposition by word or by deed or anything else, that's how the rest of his life is going to look.

Vanentin Bogdan advocates on behalf of Russian prisoners and says there are around 50-such penal colonies where violence and extortion prevails. In every region there's at least one such prison colony that's called a torture colony. Prison authorities deny all accusations of extortion and torture, but the confronting videos from inside the walls appear damning. This prisoner is taken away after a brutal beating by guards. The punishment was delivered when the inmate refused to clean a toilet.

The battered prisoner proceeds to clean the toilet as directed. The incident took place under the reign of former prison director Segei Vetoshkine. He says filming the incident acts as a deterrent.

Despite her son still being in prison, Vera Chigvintseva speaks of challenges for loved-ones on the outside. Her son was arrested five years ago and sent to the notorious Colony-6. Under the threat of attack from guards, he writes letters requesting a range of goods and money. The most recent asks for 40,000 roubles, equivalent to her salary for 6-months, or he risks being bashed.

Last year, Nikoli Korovkin died in Colony-6. Prison records say he died of AIDS, but a former inmate alleges it was the result of a bashing gone wrong. But in the months leading up to his death, Korovkin phoned his father to say he was a victim of extortion. Prisoners risked freezing temperatures to rally on the roof of this prison. The banner says 'torture and extortion'. When questioned, Vladimir Putin denied the existence of brutality in Russian prisons.

You can see more of that story in Dateline tonight at 9:30pm on SBS. In Colombia, an entrepreneur and an engineer is neur and an engineer is looking to combat a hidden hazard from the country's decade old civil war. He has come up with designs to tackle landmines. There's a hole in the ground. It is probably 50cm deep. You can see all of the vegetation was removed and practically nothing happened to this man. This man, a 31-year-old, is testing has designed. Everythinging has designed. Everything is still intact. It is aimed at combating a national crisis. at combating a national crisis.In Colombia, we have a very different problem. We have these kinds of landmines. They made with mines. They made with home-made explosives. This is basically what they use as a trigger, it is a syringe with acid. Still locked in a civil war, the country has one of the worst landmine casualtiesof the worst landmine casualties rates in the world.More than 10,500 victims since 1990. That is according to a Colombian president according to a Colombian presidential commission. In this case, we have this designed to mount and disrupt them. Actors workshop, he shows CNN and some robotic devices designed to detonate mines.A make products for the defence industry because it is my passion. It is always in my pension.He went into business three years ago in partnership with his former university which provides facilities in exchange for patents and profits. After some scepticism, the forces are enthusiastic.They give us good results. People like him never say, we can do it.They are facing acute security problems in the country. He is the country. He is exporting his technology in the coming months. A heckler once interrupted a Prime Minister's speech with the line, 'I wouldn't vote for you if you were the Archangel Gabriel'. To which he responded, 'If I were the Archangel Gabriel, you wouldn't be in my constituency'. Sharpness of wit and great oratory marked the tenure of Australia's longest-serving Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies. But, as a new memoir underscores, Dame Pattie Menzies deserved a great deal of credit for his political success. Everyone knows the towering personality, the British-to-the-bootstraps politician. But who knew Sir Robert started out as a timid schoolboy who froze in his first attempt at speechmaking?And then he was very shy, very nervous when he had to speak to the inspector. No words came out. He just couldn't think. All I want to do is to express myself.Well, that changed, and Menzies the politician became one of the nation's great orators.He talked to his audience, he talked to people. He wanted them to understand and he learnt how to do it.At home at The Lodge, the Menzies drew a legendary cross-section of friends, and not just from Federal politics.They were artists, they were tennis players, footballers, they were anything.Danny ?Yes, Danny. He loved Mary Martin.He exchanged affectionate, personal letters with John Curtin and Ben Chifley. It is the most wonderful generous letter. This is from a Labor man to a Prime Minister's wife.It was very much a partnership in s very much a partnership in public life. I think that absolutely. ic life. I think that absolutely. My mother... If you want to be in sordid terms of voting, my mother could get votes that my father couldn't. He could stand up and have all the arguments and be very persuasive and marvellous. But my mother would go round and talk to people and just be a normal human being.It was, of course, a different time, when there was no security at The Lodge and the Menzies customarily never spent their full daily allowance when away on government business. A Prime Minister who chose when to leave office.My father was very good at seeing into the future, knowing what would happen. Maybe this was partly because he was interested in history, he'd read a lot. But I have heard him again and again saying what will happen and it nearly always did. You can watch an extended version of that interview on our website right now. Thank you. The ANZ u. The ANZ has kicked off what is expected to be a bumper bank reporting season nk reporting season with a record $6.5 billion annual profit. Both its Chief Executive and the Reserve Bank Governor have been dousing fears of an emerging housing bubble. It's enough to put a spring in the step of any CEO. A record annual cash profit of $6.5 billion.

step of any CEO. A record annual
cash profit of $6.5 billion.

step of any CEO. A record annual
cash profit of $6.5 billion.Our progress in 2013 leaves me confident that we have more gas in the tank. have more gas in the tank. All business units contributed to units contributed to the result.In particular, the Asian growth strategy looks growth strategy looks to be on track. This, despite some analysts questioning that strategy. At home, ANZ's profit rose 11%, boosting its share of the home loan, deposit and credit card markets. Stellar profits totalling an estimated $27 billion are expected from all four major banks in coming weeks. The Greens today claimed it's all a result of their fleecing customers through fees and charges. The response? Predictable.Without strong profitable banks in the economy, you can't have a good functioning economy at all. While house prices have risen, they are seriously out en, they are seriously out of whack.The ANZ is tightening its stress tests, factoring in more of a percent. Across town, Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens was also urging due care from lenders and borrowers while similarly dousing fears of a housing bubble.A price rise that reverses an early decline shouldn't be something to complain about too quickly. It wants to do is courage any credit bubble and interest rises would do that.Against that, lower rates may be needed to push down a stubbornly high Australian dollar.The levels that we see at present not supported by Australia's relative costs and productivity levels. Those words as for the dollar slumped half a percent.It is still around 95 US cents but no Melbourne Cup rate cut is expected next year.

cents but no Melbourne Cup rate cut
is expected next year. This check the figures. The Australian sharemarket fell as investors took profits after recent record highs ecent record highs for three of the big four banks. ANZ shareholders or welcomed the record profit, plus an increased dividendprofit, plus an increased dividend in shares in the bank's rivals falling. BHP Billiton shed 26 cents. Rio Tinto dropped and 40 at all is eased 10 cents. Energy stocks sed 10 cents. Energy stocks and retailers also closed down. Tokyo closed softer on profit-taking after rallying the previous day as investors await the outcome of a policy meeting. US stocks were flat overnight. The Australian dollar is weak at chemist the greenback. It is also down against other major currencies.

down against other major
currencies. Gold and oil were higher. Ahead: Sports news. A call for the rts news. A call for the end of the feud between Michael Clarke and Ricky

Michael Clarke says he wants to speak with Ricky Ponting directly about comments he in his autobiography that criticised the skipper. Michael Clarke is hoping to play his first game after undergoing treatment for a back problem. Michael Clarke's difficulties with a back problem have focused him on one thing before the ashes.I would much prefer to be on the field. It is continual maintenance as it has banned throughout my career unfortunately. Nothing has changed. Another thing getting under her skin is questions in Ricky Ponting's book. Ricky Ponting's book. He says he would like to clear up the issue.Did he say that? He has my number. I am very focused on what is in front of me and in front of me and making sure I am prepared for this prepared for this Sheffield Shield game. I have a huge summer ahead.He has been impressed by the players in domestic and international cricket, especially as standard, George Bailey. I would love to see and get as opportunity.It is obviously going to come down to performance and what the selectors thing. I have always s thing. I have always enjoyed playing alongside George Bailey. If they select, I would be very happy. Mitchell Johnson has trained strongly ahead of Nagpur. This is the game we want to win. We want to wrap it win. We want to wrap it up. The stray side -- the Australian side will play England in Hobart. ll play England in Hobart. Vladimir Putin insists that everyone including the gay community will the gay community will be welcomed in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Russia has an heavily criticised for its riticised for its new law banning homosexual propaganda. Putin says gay athletes and supporters have nothing to fear at the to fear at the showpiece event.

Social media campaigns have appealed to the games' major speaker and to be anti-gay legislation. Brown Panther hasn't sent home after breaching quarantine protocol. It is on by Michael Owen t is on by Michael Owen and scaled to fences at the International Horse Centre at Werribee. The incident comes amid confirmation that Foreteller will be that Foreteller will be entered by Chris Waller. There is nothing to suggest he will get two miles but if you go back to wants similar to him...Mark Schwarzer is set to make his second appearance for Chelsea in tomorrow morning's cup meeting with Arsenal. He was in danger of missing the fourth round encounter after the Blues manager, Jose Mourinho threatened to use the youth team over a protest over the match is timing. -- match's timing. Meantime, Michel Platini has called for a football team tournament at the 28 World Cup to increase access for every confederation including two more tion including two more from Asia. A disappointing year for the night, it has ended in defeat after falling to Spain Feliciano Lopez g to Spain Feliciano Lopez at the Paris Masters. 21-year-old went down in three fiercely contested sets. Lopez is 6-4, 6-7, 6-6.

Fiji's Rugby League coaches demanding improvement

demanding improvement despite site's opening-round win against Ireland at the World Cup.

site's opening-round win against
Ireland at the World Cup. He is insisting that Newcastle Knights that there were impressed. They were impressed by Akuila Uate from the Knights. He says clinical display will be required when they face Australia on Sunday morning. The Boston Red Sox on the verge of clinching the World Series after defeating Saints

defeating Saints Louis in Game five. A standout performance helped the Red Sox take it to a 3-2 series lead. The decisive moment came in the seventh inning when the Boston team scored with Xander Bogarts to break a tie. Another run was earned in the same inning. Game six move back to Boston in a few days time. And golf, a series of televised expletives has landed Tiger Woods in trouble in a match in China.

expletives has landed Tiger Woods
in trouble in a match in China. He lost the lucrative face-off to Rory McIlroy by a stroke but it was a series of four letter words at the 17th hole that made broadcasters apologise on his behalf.

apologise on his behalf. He cited an illness that he caught from his children as the cause of his frustration. 18-year-old Chris Ikonomidis is living the professional footballer's dream by playing with a top club. Tomorrow, he will play in a special feature for Lazio. ial feature for Lazio.Being distracted as a manager can't afford. Things like going to nightclubs and coming home late for a game, I am trying to avoid it as much as I can.That'll be on world News Australia night. We know the perils of life television, don't we? Next: A baby whale is saved off the Gold Coast. The importance of an extra entry renew settle in for a long flight.

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Six people have been injured as gale force winds had areas of NSW yesterday. The wind peaked at 95km/h in Sydney, bringing down trees and powerlines will stop one couple was lucky to survive after a tree fell on their car.Emergency services have so far received more than 400 calls for help. A five metre juvenile whale has been freed after becoming caught in shark nets off Queensland'sght in shark nets off Queensland's Gold Coast. Choppy weather conditions didn't help rescuers who also had to keep a close eye d to keep a close eye on for adult whale monitoring. The whale calf was finally freed when it nets around its tail

finally freed when it nets around
its tail were cut. its tail were We go to the forecast. A few showers in Brisbane and Hobart. Partly cloudy in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Perth and thunderstorms for Darwin.

That extra can make a big difference especially when it comes to flying. y when it comes to flying. A new study finds that having just one extra inch of seat space can inch of seat space can give you a better chance at the better sleep on a long haul flight. Comfort has become a casualty on plans that used to have nine seats we row, some airlines are now squeezing in a tent. A large plane makers is enough is enough. Anklam seats should be no smaller than inches. Airbus commissioned a test on sleeping passengers, simulating real flying conditions including the rising sun and background noise. They found that even one inch mix the huge difference. Overall, the quality of sleep for travellers in an 18 in seat was in seat was more than 50% better. 18 inch seats versus a 17 inch as it can mean that a passenger will fall asleep six minutes faster and have fewer join the fight. In a decidedly less scientific study, this YouTube video posted by traveller who sted by traveller who became another passenger's Pellow touched a nerve which could relate to and went viral. Compare this to other places where you to other places where you park yourself. Movie either seats at eight inches wide. Train seats are more than three inches wide. You think you need more room, but you aren't getting it?No. The trend is to get as many bodies on that plane as you possibly can. It is not just that airlines it is not just that airline seats are shrinking, and find longer distances. Headlines: Tony Abbott has visited Afghanistan and declared an end to Australian involvement in the conflict. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten accompanied ader Bill Shorten accompanied the Prime Minister on the surprise visit. Hundreds of troops are due home by Christmas. Before we go, a quick word about go, a quick word about something coming up later tonight on SBS at one. Why do people marry their cousins? What are the risks? They all thought it was disgusting, wrong.I think 50% of older nk 50% of older people's marriages are with relatives. It is a bit weird. Relationships within the family is wrong. How high is the risk? It is an increased risk because they are sharing the cause they are sharing the same 40 genes.That is on tonight at 830 p.m.. Thought-provoking. Will have updates throughout the evening. The hout the evening. The net bulletin is at 10:30pm. News around the clock on the website. Good night. Chris -- Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - Red Bee Media -

NARRATOR: Comedian John Bishop
was born in Liverpool.

He worked as a sales director
for a pharmaceutical company

before deciding to reinvent himself
as a stand-up comic -

a step that would change his life.

I tried the session
with a personal trainer.

NEVER get a personal trainer.

Never. This personal trainer had me
doing a thing called lunges.

This is a lunge.

Coming to things later in my life
has been important because

it's meant that I have got a sense
of perspective, I am very grounded,

and the family's definitely
the mainstay of that.

Obviously, you know, my whole life
has changed dramatically

in the last five years

but me relationships, certainly
within the family, haven't.

A temporary break-up
with his wife Melanie

prompted the change of career.

We'd been married for six or seven
years, I think, then we split up.

So what I ended up doing was, er,

looking for things to do
that I could on me own.

I went to a comedy club.

I turned up. The guy said it was
an open mike night

which I didn't even know
what that meant,

but he just said that if you get up
you don't have to pay to get in.

I said, "I can't walk."

He said, "That's 'cause you've been
exercising muscles

"you don't normally use."

I said, "I'm 43, if I don't use
them, I don't bloody need them!"

After that first initial
fear of 30 seconds,

I just thought,
"I want to do this again."

Come here!

It was just something
that I felt I had to do.

I couldn't imagine now how I would
feel had I not made that decision.

I'm curious to see how far back
the family goes

in terms of its relationship
with Liverpool,

'cause it is a port,
so we could have come from anywhere.

I'd be interested to see as well
if anybody in my family

in the past did anything like me,
if anybody worked in show business,

as it was, or if anybody has made
those decisions in their life -

to change their career
and move in a different direction.


What I learnt so far came from being
on a quiz show

and they did a bit of research.

So far, I know that my dad -
his dad worked as a warehouseman.

And then his father,
who would be my great-grandfather,

Ernest Charles Bishop, worked his
way up to be the head waiter