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Just music, '70s and '80s
is sort of my era, you know. It became a bit of a blur
once I got to the '90s and 2000s. Ready to do it?
Yeah. Your answer of Pet Shop Boys...

..for $20,000... it correct?

It's not! So, that feeling that irked you
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and 'Blur' was indeed the answer. It was staring you
in the face the whole time.

Look, I know that may hurt and you may not walk away
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Two new players you'll take on. You'll get to shoot for the same
amount. The jackpot still sits there
ready and waiting for you. So, feel good about that.
You played well. Thanks, Grant. It was a great come-from-behind
story, I've got to say. One of the greats.
From zero to hero. Can he do it again? Join us when the champ battles
to make it back to take out that jackpot
on the next Million Dollar Minute. We'll see you then.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight -
gale force winds hammer Sydney, damaging homes
and bringing down trees. Police fear revenge shootings after a cousin of Australia's
top gangster is murdered. Tony Abbott tells Australian troops
it's time to leave Afghanistan. Two Newcastle men tell how they survived crashing
into Bass Strait. And Kevin Bacon and his mate Bradley
heading home after their abduction ordeal.

Good evening. Six people have been injured
by a severe storm system which struck Sydney this afternoon. The SES received 450 calls for help, after tress were ripped
from the ground and cars crushed. On the Central Coast, a woman was hit by lightning,
but survived. Snapped like a matchstick, a large tree crashes across
the Hume Highway, Lansvale, crushing a car driven
by an elderly husband and wife, and hitting another,
driven by the Kumar family. I said to my husband,
"You need to stop." Slammed on his brakes
and the tree still got us. It crashed into a tree
because the storm was up there. The Kumars were lucky. The elderly couple was not, trapped in the wreckage
for half an hour, in shock
and worried about the man's health. He was already recovering
from heart surgery and was on his way
to hospital again. (SIRENS WAIL) Both are in a stable condition. They appear to have neck,
back and limb injuries. 100km/h winds brought down trees
across many suburbs. This, at Waterloo. There was more damage at Engadine, where powerlines
were brought down, and blackouts kept police busy directing traffic
on King Georges Road. Much of the damage happened
near or on the water, from Hunters Hill - where this luxury boat looked
as majestic as a toy in a bathtub - to the middle of the harbour, where this man had to be rescued
from his yacht. Along the Northern Beaches, shelters and roofs
were ripped apart. This, above a school playground
near Manly Vale. Trees crashed down
on more homes nearby. Planes wobbled on approach
to Sydney Airport. frothy, ugly, uninviting, with waves
that were almost surfable. Sydney's four seasons
in one day began in a shroud, where the sights for sightseers
could not be seen. Can't even see the bridge
at the moment. It's crazy. A phenomenon that only happens
about five times a year, when moist air meets light winds. It set in
until about 7:30 this morning, then, over the course
of about 45 minutes, it dissipated. Beautiful, but not a healthy
combination for asthma sufferers, mixed with bushfire smoke
from the Blue Mountains. Anybody who is older,
young children, people with cardiovascular
or respiratory disease or asthma, please avoid any outdoor activity. Let's check now where in Sydney
the winds were strongest. Sarah?

The gale-force winds were stronger than forecast, gusting up to 95km/h at the airport. The strongest gusts recorded their so far this year. Sydney Harbour also reached 95km/h. 83, meat is an hour at Holsworthy and breaks down, and 82km/h at Canterbury. I southerly dust arrived at midday, which meant temperatures were warmer than expected when the change it. That is why the wind was so strong. Hail the size of to Robert Collins was reported on the Central Coast.

while Nobby's Beach at Newcastle
had 24mm rain in a couple of hours. The intense downpours
were helpful for firefighters. In some parts of the Blue Mountains, Colo reported 9mm, but Blackheath, not even 1mm. I'll have the full forecast later,
Chris. Police are working
to stop a revenge attack was murdered in a Sydney drive-by. Two men were gunned down
at Revesby Heights. The shooting's believed to be linked
to the notorious gang, Brothers 4 Life.

Rushing to hospital, paramedics fail in their fight
to save Mahmoud Hamzy - cousin of criminal mastermind
Bassam Hamzy and a member of his notorious gang,
Brothers 4 Life. They're not really Brothers 4 Life, they're lucky to be
Brothers 4 Today. Police are investigating whether a gang feud
sparked this latest shooting. 10 shots rang out in Bardo Circuit,
Revesby Heights, just after midnight, before up to three men
with at least two handguns sped off. I must say, like, it's very scary. Today, another of Hamzy's cousins
tried to return home. How's your mate who's in hospital? Wearing a forensic jumpsuit
after police seized his clothes, he was refused entry
to the crime scene, laughing off his cousin's murder. Yeah, bit of fireworks went off. There's a tangled web
of criminal relationships. This is the same distinctive Mustang driven by fellow
Brothers 4 Life members, the Sanoussi brothers, in the weeks before Mohammad
Sanoussi was released from jail for his role in the Skaf gang rapes. The numberplate, 'MEOC', mocks the police Middle Eastern
Organised Crime Squad. And if anybody is thinking
of carrying out acts of reprisal, they need to think long and hard
about the consequences. Gang members have been killed
in tit-for-tat shootings in recent years. Bassam Hamzy's mother was targeted
earlier this year, but survived. Live to Hugh Whitfeld
outside Liverpool Hospital. Hugh, what's the condition
of the other shooting victim? Chris, 24-year-old Omar Ajaj
is serious but stable

after emergency surgery. He was in the garage of the home
with Hamzy when the shots were fired. Police say both are Brothers 4 Life
members. They've described the gang
as cowards, saying it could be an inside job, and Seven News understands another man who lives at
the property was seen running away just before the shooting. Chris.

Our diggers are coming home after Australia's
longest war deployment., 12 years in Afghanistan. Tony Abbott delivered the news they'll be back with their families
in time for Christmas. The conflict has come
at a terrible cost, with 40 of our diggers killed. More than 26,000 Australians
have served, but their objective of peace
remains elusive. Touchdown in dusty Tarin Kowt. On board, Prime Minister Tony Abbott
and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, arriving together to call a symbolic end
to the war in Afghanistan, laying wreaths
at a recognition ceremony... ('LAST POST' PLAYS)

..and thanking the troops. Along with every other Australian,
I honour you. I honour you
and I pay tribute to you. I don't know how you're going
uniting Afghanistan, but you've got Tony Abbott
and I together supporting you, so well done. After 12 years of operations, the bulk of
our 1,000-plus contingent will be home by Christmas, only a small number staying
to mentor and train Afghans. Our leadership role
in Oruzgan Province has extracted a heavy price - 40 Australian lives, 260 injured, thousands suffering
post-conflict stress disorders and about $7.5 billion. It has been worth it. He is the fourth and last
prime minister to visit. John Howard sent in the troops, Kevin Rudd increased our presence, Julia Gillard announced
the withdrawal, now Prime Minister Tony Abbott
says goodbye to an appreciative Afghan nation. Let me add one thing to the people
of Australia, that your troops have been the best, your troops are the best. The military operation here began
as Enduring Freedom. Tony Abbott knows
as our troops leave that the biggest challenge now
is enforcing an enduring peace. Australia's longest war is ending,
not with victory, not with defeat, but with, we hope,

an Afghanistan that's better
for our presence here. The Australian base
is closing down. Control is being handed back
to the Afghan Army. But the Australian soldiers ask
for a memento, their base emblem, to go back
on the Prime Minister's plane. It's frigging heavy! C'mon, I'll give you a hand -
c'mon. For families who lost loved ones
in Afghanistan, today was bittersweet and emotional. They've asked the nation
not to forget the sacrifices made and want Australia's mission
remembered as a success. At the home of fallen digger
Benjamin Ranaudo, a shrine. The bulk of our troops may be
coming home for Christmas, but not this mother's son. I've got to remember that he was doing a job
that he loved, and he just loved being over there, loved doing what he was doing. Australia's war in Afghanistan
began in 2001 - a search-and-destroy mission
against Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Since then, 26,000 Australian troops
have served there. From VC hero Ben Roberts Smith,
who clocked six tours of duty. My friends and I,
we go to bed at night knowing that what we just did
for the last 10 years enabled the rest of Australia to be able to go to bed at night
and sleep peacefully. That's what we do. The mission morphed over time, from combat to construction - 200 schools, hospitals, a network of roads. The local population there
genuinely love the Australians and the Australians have made
a material difference in the lives of the local people. The question now, though - how much of that good work
by Australia's troops will survive? With our forces gone by year's end,
and America's next year, many fear the fragile nation
will quickly slip backwards. Already on the rise, insurgency, corruption, opium production. Private Renaudo's mum says
we did what we could. We set out to do little things
and we've achieved big things and that's what everybody
should be thinking of. We should be thinking, "Thank you, boys I'm proud of you."

Two mates from Newcastle have told
how they clung to air mattresses after their ultralight plane ditched
into Bass Strait late yesterday. They survived the crash,
the freezing waters, and joke how they feared
a shark could end their good luck. This is the moment when the survivors knew
they were finally safe. The two men were winched
from the icy waters of Bass Strait by an air ambulance. Young pilot Shayd Hector
and good mate Joel Nelson feared their time had come, and with good reason. Pretty lucky, I guess. We're here and alive. I thought we might not have made it
there for a while but we put the plane down safe,
we're alive so we live to tell the story,
I guess. The 23-year-old mates were beginning
a 4-day trip home to Newcastle. They took off from the north-eastern Tasmanian
town of Bridport at 3pm yesterday bound for Flinders Island the engine of the ultralight plane
failed. The plane had sunk so quick but, then again, I did go through
the front windscreen and that could have been worse - if I went through the prop, the prop would have just chopped me
to pieces. After impact, the men managed to stay afloat
for almost two hours with life jackets
and two blow-up mattresses. And when we started inflating
the thing, we got it all inflated,
it all was right then got under it and there's a hole this big on it,

'cause all the air's coming
out of the top so Shayd to put his hand over it and I started blowing up
the other one. They were at huge risk
of a range of things, mainly the elements and hypothermia. There were two crucial factors
in the pair's survival. The first was the activation
of their GPS-equipped EPIRB. Secondly, they had time
to make a mayday call which enabled two helicopters, including an air ambulance
and four planes, to search for them. What's left
of the beloved Thruster ultralight is now on the bottom of Bass Strait but the survivors' sense of humour
is intact. It could have been worse if we survived the crash,
survived the water then got eaten by a shark. A factory that produced bio-fuels
has been destroyed by fire at Box Hill in Sydney's north-west
this afternoon. With the threat of oxyacetylene
cylinders exploding, it was too dangerous for
firefighters to enter the factory. The fire is now contained, and all workers managed to escape
unharmed. There's no word yet on the cause. A court's been told the man who strapped
a fake collar bomb

Sydney's baffling pig-napping
mystery has finally been solved - no porkies. Kevin Bacon the pig
and Bradley the lamb were stolen from an Alexandria cafe
last month, but they've been found alive
in country Victoria. Just how they got there
is anyone's guess. Kevin Bacon and his mate Bradley
alive and well, 600km away from their home
at 'The Grounds' in Alexandria. Having all the children coming here
on the weekend asking, "Where's Bradley? Where's Kevin?
Where's Bradley?" We had to tell them,
"They're on holidays." But what happened
was far more sinister. The much-loved pair
was stolen three weeks ago and dumped at an animal shelter
in Orbost, Victoria. Kevin was anxious and unwell. We collected blood from him
and started him on antibiotics and then monitored his condition
for the next few days. The kids back home
have really missed them - the big ones, too. We were so worried. We thought he'd ended up
on someone's table. they'd rescued the animals
from a bad environment. where they were free
from being eaten. That's a little bit sad,
'cause we would never do that. Kevin's back to full health now. They'll be back home on Friday. I personally want to go down myself
to thank Sharyn. Just working out the logistics
right now. The cafe brought in replacements,
but some weren't fooled. Well, he's no Kevin Bacon, but Francis has been a good stand-in
while he's been away. He might even land himself
a full-time role. All's fair in the farmyard. The $7,000 reward will be donated to the Orbost Vet
and Animal Shelter. Still to come in Seven News at 6:00, why older drivers are joining forces
for a fair go on Sydney roads. Also, buyer beware - the products voted
among the shonkiest on the market. And later, how Dami Im spent her first day as
Australia's newest music sensation.

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MAN: Saturday -
sports day -

the day we all support
sharks, tigers, dolphins

and the odd little devil, where success isn't measured in tries but the number of triers...

..and the only thing better than
cheering on your team is the sausage sizzle. We love supporting local teams too.
Your local club.

Returning to our top story, the wild storms that've struck
New South Wales. We have an interview just in
from a Central Coast woman who got a jolt from lightning
at Kincumber. This

This guy just looked up, so orange. -- of the sky. Something hit my arm. I felt a crack. I thought I had been struck by lightning. It was the tree, only metres away, which had been, and it affected me. It gave me a jolt.

The Age Discrimination Commissioner has gone into battle
for older drivers, saying there's no evidence to prove
they're a danger on our roads. He wants state rules replaced
by national guidelines to make sure

our most experienced motorists
can keep their independence. Jack Mullins has driven
millions of kilometres, but like many other senior drivers the 88-year-old fears he'll be
run off the road by discrimination. There are more accidents with people under 26.

The Age Discrimination Commissioner
agrees governments are simply assuming older drivers are a danger
to themselves and others. We don't have any body of evidence
to say that's it's any more dangerous
to drive at 80 than it is at 40. because they're more
concerned about people. The commissioner is calling
on the federal government to introduce the same laws
for older drivers in all states and territories. It's really important because in many cases people
lose all capacity to move around. New South Wales
recently reviewed the laws but decided to keep
licence re-testing for those aged 85 and over. The most common complaint among the elderly
re-sitting their drivers licence is that they are made to feel
like nervous teenagers, making simple mistakes that defy all their years
of experience on the road. It's one strike and you're out. It's virtually looking
at a way to discriminate so that people can't drive.

Britain has been lashed by
its worst storm in a decade claiming at least four lives. The country's south-east
was the area hardest hit by winds of up to 160km/h. A man and woman died when a tree
crashed into these houses, triggering a gas explosion. Wind gusts were so strong, they blew this bus off the road
and into a field. At the height of the storm, up to 600,000 homes
were without power. As the storm moves across to Europe, the clean-up in Britain
is well under way. Some popular brands have been named
and shamed at Choice's annual Shonky Awards. Kleenex was outed
for its shrinking man-size tissues, which is missing key
breakfast ingredients. Qantas also scored a mention. If you search the web for a year using the Qantas search bar, you will earn enough points to make it from Sydney Airport
to Picton. Another winner was ecoeggs, a free-range egg producer
that crams hens in. Sport now with Jim Wilson, and Michael Clarke
is set to play in Blacktown? Chris, he's desperate
to lead the Blues tomorrow and Australia in a few weeks
against England. Coming up, we'll hear from
the Aussie captain on his comeback and on that feud Ricky Ponting. Plus, one of Newcastle's favourite
sons bags a hat-trick at the Cup. And how big is this? We'll have the incredible story
of the daredevils who took it on.

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Michael Clarke is determined not to let criticism
from former captain Ricky Ponting derail his Ashes preparations. The Australian skipper will return
from injury for New South Wales in tomorrow's Sheffield Shield clash
against Tasmania at Blacktown. but a mention of Ponting's book, in which Clarke's
vice-captaincy tenure is criticised, drew sharp response. Well, Ricky has my number and we've spoken
for the last 15 years so I don't think
anything will change. His frustrations don't end there. The chronic back problem's OK
for now, after he'd long been non-committal
on his immediate future. No, the reason I said I didn't know is because, simply, I didn't know
if I was gonna take a week, I didn't know
if I was gonna take six months. His Blues team-mate,
bad boy David Warner appears set for an Ashes return. I think David's learnt a lot
during the last five or six months. His form during the Ryobi
was outstanding. Inverarity helped pick Queenslanders
Usman Khawaja and Ben Cutting in the Australia A-side, again snubbing
keeper Chris Hartley. And a guarantee today there won't be an outbreak
of "walking" in the Ashes. After Australian outrage
at Stuart Broad's refusal to budge in Nottingham, now Chris Rogers has spoken
of his fourth test controversy. I might've, yes. An admission he'd stood his ground
before his maiden test century. I was hoping Hot Spot wouldn't work. It didn't, and he's happy
to deflect the pressure. I think the umpires are there to... they're paid to do a job so why take
it out of their hands. I think we've all, probably,
at certain times, like Chris, have been guilty of nicking
and not walking, but the game, as it goes,
is swings and roundabouts. You get rough decisions sometimes
and you get away with one. A creed both sides will adhere to. England enforcer Sam Burgess
has escaped with a 1-week suspension for his high shot on Sam Thaiday. The Aussies were surprised Burgess
didn't get more than a 1-game ban. Burgess has until tonight
to accept or appeal his suspension. Did he only get one week?
Surprising. I don't think
anyone's going out there to take each other's heads off. They're here to win
and that's everyone's goal. The Kangaroos' next opponent
will be Fiji on Sunday morning. The Fijians won a brutal encounter
against Ireland 32-14. Knights star Akuila Uate
bagged a hat-trick of tries. Sydney's premier trainer
Chris Waller will have a strong hand
in next week's Melbourne Cup. He'll have up to four runners
in the $6 million staying test. Beaten Caulfield Cup favourite
Hawkspur shapes as Waller's
best winning chance. We've gotta go up to two miles now -
it's a new level for him. He's got a flashing light
on the head after each of his runs but still gotta get the job done. Legendary trainer Bart Cummings plans to be at Flemington
on Cup Day, if veteran stayer Precedence
sneaks into the final field. The Cups King now trains
in partnership with grandson James. I have a sneaking suspicion
that it would make his year of the Melbourne Cup Carnival
right here on Seven. There's a new contender
for the biggest wave ever surfed - and it's mighty impressive. Brazilian Carlos Burle took
on this monster wave in Portugal, which many believe may be bigger
than the current world record, which stands at almost 24 metres. Amazingly, he achieved the feat after saving a friend
from certain death after she snapped her ankle
in the surf and went under. Hawaiian big wave rider
Garrett McNamara set the official
Guiness World Record in 2011 at the same break.

Does that fall under crazy, or under an athlete with real heart categoric?I hope my son never does that.

Still to come in Seven News
at 6:00 - the self-confessed geek who became
Australia's latest music superstar. And fog and wild winds
in a day of extreme weather - I'll have Sydney's forecast.

Great to see you Daniel gibson with
you well the smoke haze was replace with storm clouds late this
afternoon, tomorrow though, cooma minus 2 a top of 18.
Canberra zero then fine and 19 and Goublurn fine and 19 as well. the forecast is for a mostly fine
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a new generation, not bound by age,
gender or fitness but by the belief that better
health leads to better lives, that small steps - small,
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running down to the riptide # Taken away to the dark side... # Welcome to Generation Better.

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Tonight's Seven News headlines - Sydney has been lashed by
gale force winds, causing widespread damage. Police fear revenge attacks after the cousin of Australia's top
gangster is shot dead at Revesby. Tony Abbott tells Australian troops our 12-year mission in Afghanistan
is over. And two Newcastle men have told
how air mattresses saved them

Checking finance now, and the share market ended
the day lower. The ASX 200 dropped 26 points. Shares in ANZ added 39 cents after announcing an 11% profit
increase to $6.5 billion. This year's winner
of 'The X Factor', Dami Im, has become an instant hit
on the music charts. Just hours after her big win, the Brisbane music teacher
was on 'Sunrise' and her winner's single 'Alive' had just gone to number one
on the iTunes chart. She credits mentor Dannii Minogue
and her husband Noah. He's just so excited. We woke up this morning
and he's just laughing - like, "Haha!",
and I'm like, "Hahaha!". 3.7 million Australians watched
last night when Dami was announced the winner, ahead of Taylor Henderson.

Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather. Chris, it was a day of wild weather. The early fog cleared with a warm
and very hazy and smoky morning, and then that southerly buster
hit just after midday, whipping up gale force winds - gusting up to 95km/h at the airport and dumping large hail
at Port Macqurie. The city reached 26 degrees
this morning. But temperatures dropped 6-8 degrees
following the change. This afternoon was cool and cloudy with a few showers and storms
to the north, mainly around the Central Coast. Top temperatures reached 24-25
on the beaches, rising to 30 in the Penrith area
ahead of the change. From the satellite

a cloud band associated with a low
pressure trough is developing over north-east New South Wales
and is generating thunderstorms. The system responsible
for today's strong southerly change will move to the north-east. And a high in the Bight will then take control of the
weather for the rest of the week, which means lighter winds
and mainly dry conditions, apart from an isolated shower
or two on the coastal fringe. A morning shower is expected
in Brisbane. Afternoon storms around Darwin. The other capitals will be dry. A gale warning is current
for coastal waters tonight but winds will ease rapidly
overnight. Winds to 25 knots at first,
easing to 5-15 knots. Partly cloudy in Sydney tomorrow
with southerly winds easing. 22 degrees. Winds will be gusty this evening
near the coast but they'll ease overnight. 20 at Terrey Hills,
21 on the beaches. Up to 26 in Penrith. Mostly sunny in Katoomba and 19. To the 7-day forecast - there's a chance of a late shower
Thursday and an early coastal shower Friday. Much of the coming week will be dry, with hot weather returning
for the weekend, especially in the west.

And that's Seven News at 6:00. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. In Seven News at 7:00 over on 7TWO, new questions over shark nets
after another whale became tangled. Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Hello and thanks for joining us. Coming up - the Aussie schoolgirls
forced into marriage by their own parents. And designer to the stars
Collette Dinnigan reveals why she's shutting up shop
for good. That exclusive a little later but we begin with a girl who has
the entertainment world at her feet. Almost 4 million viewers tuned in to see Dami Im win last night's
'X Factor' Grand Final and, by this morning,
she already had a number one single. So what's next for Dami and which contestant will prove
to be the real winner