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Tonight - corruption inquiry told of lobbying of an unusual kind by a Labor Minister. Live.
This Program is Captioned Live. What did he know and when did he know it? Allegations spying on
Barack Obama was aware of spying on the German Chancellor and met with denials. the wild side - remembering one of rock's most figures, Lou Reed. Later on one 'Grandstand', left behind at the barrier, master trainer Bart Cummings could be without Melbourne
a runner at this year's Australia, this
Melbourne Cup. Live across Australia, this is ABC News 24. Hello and welcome. I'm Jeremy Fernandez. The disgraced former NSW Minister, Eddie Obeid has found himself at the centre of Today
another corruption inquiry. Today the ICAC heard he lobbied his colleagues about restaurant leases at Circular Quay without disclosing his families' interests in the business. also tried to influence water licence conditions for property owned by a family company. It could amount to criminal misconduct. Politicians, including Eddie Obeid are well used to dealing with lobbyists.Lobbyists member
to advance vested interests. A member of Parliament, on the other hand, is a trustee of the the
power vested in him or her by the people.The commission lobbying
heard this inquiry is about lobbying of an unusual kind - that by a heard two
Obeid's family had interest in Quay and
two retail leases at Circular Quay and the former Upper House MP made representations to four ministers without responsibility with them.He did say without disclosing his family's hidden interests in the retail leases and decisions were ultimately made which highly favourable to them and other retail lessees in the expired,
precinct.When the leases expired, they were to be put out to tender but the policy negotiation
changed in 2007 when direct negotiation with existing tenants was allowed. In 2009 the leases were renewed for five years.By that time, the beginning of 2009, the Obeid family had engaged business brokers to sell the businesses.At the relevant time, the business was run by John Abood, the brother of Mr Obeid's wife. Mr Abood said he thought going to tender was have
unjustified and took steps to have the policy changed. He said that didn't involve raising it with his
brother-in-law. Another part of the inquiry will look attempts to increase water the Bylong Valley. And former Treasurer Michael Costa said he wasn't told of Obeid own's interests in a company to combat public ab Sen teaism. told
The Royal Commission has been told that a now convicted paedophile described a very young boy as his best friend in his application to work at a US summer camp. A witness said this should have sounded warning which may have stopped him getting a job as a childcare worker with the YMCA. Jonathan Lord was dismissed from a US summer camp because of his questionable behaviour with an 8-year-old boy. than two years later he sexually abused 12 boys he met as a childcare worker with the YMCA in Sydney's south. The Royal Commission has been told his previous employer have seen the warning signs.Just wording his best friend was a 7-year-old.That stuck in your mind, did it?That one did.Erin Turner has worked for the YMCA and works now for Camp America. She has reviewed the application has reviewed and said it should have a red flag. Catherine Clement was hired by the YMCA aftered not
Lord but was dismissed after not meeting accreditation requirements. She now works for family services and has in the
grim assessment of the culture in the YMCA.I perceived the staff to be bullied.She said staff felt anxious about raising concerns with their managers for fear of losing their jobs. She felt even before she was dismissed, it was very hard to make a difference. The former YMCA Royal
protection manager told the Royal Commission a year after Jonathan Lord's case, an audit have revealed that Working with completed
Children checks hadn't been completed on all YMCA childcare were
workers. Out of 1,00 0, 400 were yet to be checked out. In a separate statement, a mother of one of Lord's victims has said her son has truly grieved and is still scared to be alone. Coronial inquest
A police officer has told a Coronial inquest of a suspect fell from his grasp. Elliott Coulson was wanted for questioning over the death of his girlfriend two days earlier in Sydney. Kate Malonyay and January. According
her boyfriend broke up in his aggressive behaviour was to blame. Three months later they were both dead. Ms Poll on Yea's body was found on the 22nd. Mr Kewell on's body was found. Phone traces of both his and Ms Malonyay's mobile led Coroner heard
police to the Marriott. The Coroner heard the formal naval Ms
officer booked the room the day Ms Malonyay's body was
discovered. Armed with a search way
warrant, police forced their way into Mr Coulson's room. last
Sergeant Jonathan Birt was the last to see him alive. He described how he saw Mr Facing

are jumping
Sergeant Birt said instead are jumping over, Mr Coulson scaled the balcony and turned back towards him standing on a ledge. Sergeant Birt gave a chilling account of what he described as deliberate act by he Elliott Coulson as he let go of the railing. He said he was too late, his forearm slipped straight through his grasp. "I remember as remember as he fell away, he was looking back at me". The lead investigator from the Police Ethical Standards Command said nothing could have been done differently. The findings.

Two women have had to run for their lives after a terrifying collision between a bus and car devastating
on Brisbane's bayside. In a devastating chain reaction, the car was sent crashing into a nearby house. The bus smashed through two fences and struck another parked car before striking another house. A 37-year-old woman who was in her backyard with her was seriously hurt.Both the mother and the daughter had to run quickly to avoid the bus coming through the fence. The mother was a bit quicker.The lady was hanging out clothes on the line, she ended up underneath the side of the in the next door yard.The 18-year-old driver of the car had to be cut free and has A car has burst into after crashing in Tiananmen Square in central Beijing. Three people were killed when the car ploughed into a crowd of tourists and caught alight. Stephen McDonnell reports.I've ridden down here on my push bike to get past the roadblocks, I'm not sure if you far as
can see them, but that is as Tiananmen
far as you can get coming up to Tiananmen Square. The reason we are here, there are that a car has mysteriously that barricades down
come either through the deliberately
barricades down there or deliberately burst through and it set fire quite close to the big Chairman Mao painting. This it is a very sensitive area, part
probably the most sensitive part of Beijing. Ever since 1989 and the student protests there. The place normally, there are fire extinguishers all over the place. They are worried about protesters, would set themselves on fire in protests at Chinese rule, at some aspect of life in China. It could be some sort of an innocent explanation for a car on fire. There could be also an innocent for a car that crashed near the gate.Tensions are rising
rising between China and Japan WHO controlled a handful of rocky outcrops in the East says
China Sea. The PM, Shinzo Abe says he won't allow China to threatened
use force and Japan has threatened to shoot down any drones that encroach upon its airspace. China says move would be an act of war. Mark Willacy At a base north of Tokyo, Japan's self Defence rolled out its latest military hardware. The annual review was presided over by the PM, Shinzo Abe, a true believer in a stronger, more assertive Japanese military.TRANSLATION: In order for us to con continue protecting peace must
vigilant.In other words, Japan must be wary of its biggest claims sovereignty
neighbour - China, which also claims sovereignty over
uninhabited rocky outcrops. Known as the Senkakus in Japan and the Diaoyu in China, these are a source of growing tension between the Asian super powers. Beijing regularly buzzes the skies near the islands with the skies near weekend,
its planes and over the weekend, Japan scrambled fighter jets three times to monitor approaching aircraft. It was the recent appearance of with
a drone that angered Japan, with Tokyo warning it may shoot down any unmanned aircraft that encroaches upon its airspace. A threat that's drawn a furious response from China. TRANSLATION: If Japan does what it says and resorts to enforcement measures like shooting down aircraft, that is a serious provocation to us. is an act of war. Japan has warned China if it opts to change the regional balance of power by force, it will not be able to emerge peacefully.

There is a new twist in the spying scandal that's threatening to damage relations National Security
between the US and Germany. The National Security denied that President Obama
knew about the surveillance of the German Merkel. The White House isn't commenting but senior Republicans America's right to spy. Here is North America correspondent, Michael Vincent.German outrage has been met by not an apology, but a history lesson on what happened last time America stopped spying on its friends.Look what happened in the '30s, the rides of fascism, friends.Look the rise of communism, the rise of imperialism. It resulted in the death of really tens reports that
millions of people.Despite reports that the US embassy in Berlin has been used to eaves drop on dozens of German Republican
politicians, this senior Republican had advice.There is a reason that the President of the United States BlackBerry is encrypted. There is a the proper of people who would proper to get the conversations.The French have been angered by reports 70 million phone have been monitored. Mike Rogers said they were counter-terrorism related.If the French citizens knew they were about, they would be popping champagne corks. It US
keeps them safe, it keeps the US safe.There is support from fellow Republicans.The President should stop apologising and being defensive. The NSA has saved thousands of lives, not just in the United States but also in France
France and Germany and throughout Europe.The capability of the United States Government on a broad basis, to collect intelligence that's important to the United saving lives, et cetera, it's intelligence officers are heading to Washington for a adding pressure
meeting at the White House, adding pressure on President Obama, South Korea is the latest country to ask for a please

A massive storm has started to hit Britain and France, cutting power travel chaos. The storm called St Jude, is expected to be the worst in decades with winds up to 130km/h. Rescuers are searching for a boy washed off a beach on England's South Coast. Trains have been cancelled and major motorways have been closed in the country's south. The weather aware
bureau is warning people to be aware of falling trees as strong winds batter towns. Thousands of homes are already without power. Lou Reed, consider the godfather of punk rock has died in New York. He was 71. The New York-based musician founded the Velvet Underground and scored mainstream success with his misfit anthem, 'Walk on the Wild Side'.It was Lou ground
singular deadpan voice and ground breaking song writing that won him an army of fans. Artist Andy Warhol was pivotal, sponsoring his 60s band Velvet Underground in New York. The band musicians but commercial success came much later. Reed was an inspiration for punk rock in the '70s 0s but its music rock in music was toll arising.I want this?Because
them to take drugs.Why is this?Because it's better than Monopoly. (Sings) # Take a walk on the wild side'.His hit 'Walk on the Wild Side' catapulted him into the mainstream. He visited Australia several times, once performing his album 'Berlin' live at the Sydney Festival.Being on the water here appeals to me very addictions and
much.He over came his addictions and when he returned for the Vivid Festival with his wife and creative Laurie Anderson, he surprised John lookers.My enduring memories of Lou Reed is him conducting Tai Chi classes at six o'clock in the the Opera House. Lou Reed would take them through Tai Chi. It was wonderful.Reed died after complications with from liver disease. He died but peacefully.

Association says a playground in the South Australian mid take north where a boy died on Saturday had been inspected in the last three months. The slide fell
6-year-old was killed when a slide fell on top of him at Farrell Flat near Claire. An independent playground
inspector has suggested the slide was so old it shouldn't have been in service. But it has passed inspection.Something tragically has want to know what has gone wrong. This is something we haven't expected. It's outside of our inspection regime. playground was inspected within the last three months.The death will be now the subject of a Coronial inquest.The question of whether to cut power ahead of dangerous bushfire conditions is in the spotlight tonight in a 'Four Corners' investigation. Of the country's worst fire disasters have been started by powerlines. After the Ash Wednesday bushfires of 1983, SA gave power companies the go ahead to restrict supplies on But it's
days of extreme fire danger. such
But it's the only State with such a policy and a the power caught raise their own circumstances.Unfortunately there is an unavoidable risk unless you turn off the powerlines, I think. That's politically very difficult.The tonight at
full story is on 'Four Corners' tonight at 8:30 on ABC1. It as one of the cruellest and most explicable feature of bushfires, while one house can be burnt down while another next door can be untouched. Investigators from the CSIRO in the Blue
and Rural Fire Service are now in the Blue Mountains trying to explain that phenomenon.26 years of memories reduced to ashes. The local school principal, Ros McKinnon and her husband Jim were powerless to stop the flames.This is where we raised our children and this come
is when it's redone, we will come home and start again.Bushfire assessors are looking at hundreds of properties and every home tells a story, even those that are unharmed. This is Buena Vista Road in Winmalee, one of the worst hit in the disaster. The CSIRO says there are still 16 homes standing because they resistance. Bruce
have some degree of fire resistance. Bruce and Louise Carr were overseas when the fire that claimed their thanks
through. Theirs is still here thanks partly to a rooftop sprinkler system.I think it had an impact on the aftermath where the embers were coming.Few communities know fires like the Victorian town lost
of Marysville. The Weinbergs lost everything but meeting the fire standards were stringent, costing 15% of the bill.It cost us $60,000 more to build.It the authorities unpack results of these, finding out if they can be protected by building codes. The finding better ways to bushfire prone areas will be crucial. While this may be the worst threat the mountain has faced, it won't be the faced, it won't last.Another 50 drugs have been added to the subsidised medicines scheme. Cancer fighting drugs dominate the latest additions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. but
One drug costs more than $8,000 but through the scheme it will be available to healthcare car holders There will always be more to do and other drugs are being judged and assessed right now. These will make a big difference in people's lives. It's a great process we have got. It's one of the important system
institutions in our health system in this country. We do it better than other countries.Around 230,000 people are expected to benefit from the latest listings. The relatives of three cancer patients killed in a crash last year have welcomed the jailing of the truck driver responsible. Harvey Charnock lost an appeal against his nine-month sentence for the accident on the Bass Highway last year.It was a horrific crash that killed three people and seriously injured four others. Harvey John Charnock failed to properly secure his trailer which smashed into a Cancer Council bus that was transporting nine patients on the Bass Highway near Elizabeth Town in September last year. The truck driver appealed with his
against the nine-month sentence with his lawyer arguing a suspended sentence was appropriate. In the Supreme Court in Launceston, Justice Robert Pearce dismissed the appeal, ruling the sentence was not excessive. There was anger appeal, and relief from the victims' families.At least he's going not seeing our
to get a feeling on how we feel pleaded
not seeing our loved ones.He pleaded guilty. there to argue about? He just didn't want to go to jail. Work it out, three people died. 61 say
days alive, not a penalty.They say there are lessons to be learnt.Use the right gear. He played Russian roulette with passengers on the road.He is only going to be missing his family for six months. We've got forever.The six
will be eligible for parole in

Lawyers have bluntly warned Victoria's courts and prison
system are They say the situation bad, basic rights are being violated and that authorities risk being sued.On current estimates, the Police Association says the State's 21 police holding cells are housing more than 300 prisoners every day. It says its members now have to administer drugs to inmates and other tasks usually taken on by prison authorities. Someone within the Government needs to show some imagination and resolve this problem sooner rather than later.We are doing as much as we can on overtime but the reality is, this is going to affect operational frontline pressing.Victoria Police says managing prison populations has always been high risk.Both the chief commissioner and I pay allot of attention.More dangerous bars and
offenders are being kept behind bars and not being given parole. That's exactly what the community wants and expect.The State Government made no secret of its tough on crime approach. It's created 600 extra prison beds since winning office in 2010, 200 since July. But the criminal bar says at least 300 people have failed to appear in court because of overcrowding and the system is at breaking point. At least one Magistrate is considering suing for
have got courts sitting waiting for people to be brought in so we've got Magistrates time being wasted, prosecutors' being wasted.The says the situation is so serious and extremely rare may have to be issued within the next few days forcing Magistrates
matters normally heard in the Magistrates jurisdiction to be moved here to the Victorian Supreme Court.People are being housed in libraries, in corridors in situations in the remand centres which were never to
designed for it.It will be up to the legal practitioners whether they bring a legal challenge. We will deal with it challenge. We when it gets there.The Government says it's working on 1,900 beds. Courts are expected to soon be sitting on weekends. A quiet achiever who has helped save the lives of thousands of children has won 40
Australia's top science award. 40 years ago Ruth Bishop discovered rotavirus which causes severe diarrhoea in recognised with
breakthrough work will be recognised with a Florey Medal. Almost every child in the world has had a rotavirus world infection by their third birthday. But the woman who discovered the virus 40 years ago is unrecognised as she's passed in the corridors of the Royal Children's most
Hospital.Well, it Bass like most scientific discoveries, you just followed the clues that are there and try and assess the next thing to immunisation program
do.Prior to a nationwide implemented in 2007, 10,000 Australian children were hospitalised for the acute gastro annually. Hospitalisations have dropped by 70%. In developing million
countries, almost half a million children still die each year as a result of rotavirus infection. But vaccine rollouts are changing that.It was a long way between discovery and development of a safe and effective vaccine. I predicted years. In
at the time it could take five years. In the event it took nearly 35.Now in her 80s, Ruth about open is modest about her life's work but those who she
benefit from her tutelage say she is held in the highest esteem.Ruth is my mentor. She has helped me throughout my research career. She is unassuming but also helps young scientists through the institute.Tonight at a ceremony in Canberra, her achievements will be recognised with the coveted Florey Medal.What she's made happen has a huge impact around the world. And it's time to recognise she is one of our unsung heroes.Former recipients include the inventor of the bionic ear, Graham developed
Clarke and Ian Frazer who developed the cervical cancer vaccine.Princess Mary and Prince Frederik have spent the day talking business. They presented an award to a Danish shoe company. They have been in Sydney to celebrate the Opera House's 40th birthday and strengthen ties between Denmark and Australia. They will present awards tonight at the the
Sydney Opera House. To finance, the Australian share market climbed to fresh five-year high with the big four banks leading the way today. Here is Neal The All Ordinaries index added 1% to finish at 5,437. It's highest close since June 2008. There were solid gains across most of the market. ANZ and NAB were up ahead of full year results this week. Fortescue was the best of the miners while CSL led a bullish mining sector. Treasury Wine Estates was down on news of a was encouraging
shareholder class action. There US with
was encouraging news from the US with a better than expected result for durable goods. There is also mounting speculation the US Federal Reserve won't start winding back its money printing program or QE3 until next year at the earliest. That's all higher on Friday, although Asia was mixed today. The Australian dollar was more or less steady, moving a fraction against the bellwether
major currencies. Another bellwether that's on the way up market.
is the Australian housing market. As this chart shows, each of the
clearance rates are rising in each of the five biggest cities hitting 81% in Sydney over the clearance weekend. Prices are up 11.5% in Sydney over the past year. The one ingredient that's been mission - volume - is up. Sydney and Melbourne are homes
clearing double the number of homes they were 12 months ago. As the experts keep telling us, that's not evidence of a bubble now
yet. One indicator falling for average
now is petrol. The national average petrol price fell 3 cents a litre to 1:48, its lowest level in The wholesale price fell another 2 cents Although whether you knitted vagaries of
that at the pump depends on the vagaries of the discounting cycle. That's

¼Line 9¾Let's look at the country
weather forecast around the country for tomorrow:

The top stories from ABC News heard
- a corruption inquiry has heard the former NSW Minister Eddie Obeid abused his position as an MP to benefit his family has
financially. The latest hearing has been told Mr Obeid his Government cafe licences without revealing his family had a financial stake in the outcome. The man behind Queensland's corruption inquiry, Tony fits verld Gerald has delivered a scathing verdict on the bikie Their movements will be restricted and the minimum sentence for crimes committed by them will increase. Fitzgerald says Queenslanders should be wary of a Government that interferes with the criminal justice system. The by
Queensland Attorney-General take
says the LNP was elected to take a stronger stance against a range of offences. Three people have reportedly been killed after a car ploughed into pedestrians and fire in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. Police say the car veered off the road, crossed the barriers and caught fire, Chinese
injuring tourists and police. Chinese media is reporting the driver and two passengers died at the scene. The square is now in lockdown. Spain has become the latest country to get caught up in allegations of electronic snooping by the US national security agency. Reports have emerged in the Spanish media saying 60 phone calls were monitored in one month. The revelation comes authorities tapped
on top of reports US authorities tapped the phone of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Let's bring you Merkel. up-to-date with the sports news with Peter Wilkins.

Live.Tonight - the Cup's king without a runner the race. Precedence was handicapped 1.5 kilos but is not a firm starter in the Cup.You can't let, influence
unfortunately, sentiment influence these decisions.Also tonight - Michael Clarke set to make an early return from injury. And Sebastian Vettel driver's
celebrates a 4th straight world driver's championship.I'm overwhelmed. I don't know to say. It's one of the best days in my life so far. Hello I'm Peter Wilkins and this is Grandstand. Welcome to the program. It's good to have your company. us
Coming up, Branko Culina joins us to review the weekend's A-League action. But tonight master trainer Bart Cummings currently has no starters in this year's Melbourne Cup with his main down
chance, Precedence, still well down the list. As Nick Bailey reports, the horse will need to win the McKinnon Stakes on Saturday to guarantee a start in the Cup.It was hoped this win in the Moonee Valley Cup on Saturday would be enough to see Precedence sneak in to a 4th Melbourne Cup. But the 8-year-old still looks to have some work to do to make it after the chief handicapper left the horse stranded at 29th in line for the race with a 1 kilo penalty, 5 shy of the 24 th horse field.You do have to be clear of mind and you can't