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(LAUGHS) This is the thing, it's very real. That money is yours. You can take that $20,000
that you now have and turn it into $50,000
if you like, $75,000, all the way to
the mighty million.

Well, it's very, very tempting... You're really chewing on this,
aren't you? I'm torn. I'm torn in two. Why is that?

I've had a really good time today. It's being a really,
really great experience but I think I just
have to take the money.

And go with it. I hear you.
Well done, congratulations. Your kids are going to be
so excited. Fantastic. Well played. Great to see you having such a ball and great to see that stress now
just disappear and that smile beam
like nothing else. I hope you've enjoyed the ride. $5,000 you grabbed
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when three brand-new players battle for their shot at the jackpot
on the next Million Dollar Minute. We'll see you then.

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Tonight - a man arrested
over a daring city ram-raid accused of other violent robberies.

Eddie Obeid defiant as a fresh corruption inquiry opens
into lucrative leases.

Sydney drivers welcome
a fall in petrol prices with more savings on the way. A potentially deadly flu vaccine
still being given to children

with heartbreaking outcomes. And the royal couple
shakes more than 300 hands as their Sydney visit
draws to a close. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 with Chris Bath.

Good evening. Police believe they've cracked
Sydney's notorious sledgehammer gang with the arrest of a second suspect in a series
of violent armed robberies. They allege he was
the getaway driver, even leaving his fingerprints
on a parking ticket, but his lawyer says
that proves nothing. It was an audacious,
Friday 13th snatch and steal for nearly $43,000 in the heart of the city. Look at that. Unbelievable. And while it certainly grabbed the attention of hundreds of
astonished lunch-time witnesses...

..William James Caldwell
had been under police attention for some time. Detectives say
the black Porsche Cayenne and blue Subaru getaway car seen here

had both been stolen from car washes
at Five Dock and Kingsford on August 25. Then it's alleged Caldwell used them as getaway driver
in an armed robbery rampage. Including a sledgehammer attack
on a city convenience store, September 10. Three days later,
the Kent Street Westpac. On October 7, two men used a sledgehammer to rob
the Pyrmont IGA supermarket. October 11, a sledgehammer again used to rob
the Bendigo Bank, also in Pyrmont. And October 17th, three men smash their way
into a bank at Leichhardt. In one heist, though, the score was barely more
than 38 packets of Smarties. Just like
the Kent St armed robbery, the Subaru was allegedly used
every time, as was a sledgehammer. Police allege Caldwell
is a prolific criminal but not an especially bright one. Inside the abandoned Porsche, police allegedly found
a parking ticket and Caldwell's finger prints on it. They sourced it to a car park
in Pyrmont with security vision allegedly
showing him driving the Porsche from there minutes before the heist.

His lawyer says
they've got the wrong man. Leaving his fingerprints? That means nothing. Caldwell was refused bail. His brother Kane Caldwell
is one of 14 siblings and is also his co-accused
for the Leichhardt stick-up.

Eddie Obeid insists
he's not corrupt as a second major inquiry
gets under way into his business dealings
and influence on public officials. The former state MP
and Labor powerbroker spoke exclusively to Seven News, saying the ICAC can hold
all the inquiries it likes - he has nothing to hide. Eddie Obeid at home this morning,

pondering fresh accusations
he's corrupt. I'm not corrupt,
and time will tell. So too could a new round of hearings
at the ICAC.

This time, the former Labor MP
is accused of using his position to potentially benefit
his family's web of businesses including winning backing
for an Obeid-owned health company, expanding water licences
for his Bylong Valley farm and securing retail leases
at Circular Quay. On these bases, a finding of corrupt conduct
against Mr Obeid, if established, would be justified. The Commission claims over 10 years, Obeid lobbied
four successive Labor ministers but Carl Scully, Michael Costa,
Eric Roozendaal and Joe Tripodi are all expected to deny knowing their decisions may have benefitted
the former Labor powerbroker. Obeid's family trust secretly owned
two Circular Quay cafes - he's accused
of lobbying the Ministers to prevent a public tender process
for the leases. His brother-in-law,
who ran the cafes, today denied
asking Mr Obeid to help.

New 5-year leases
were later automatically granted. If Eddie Obeid
is found to be corrupt during this 3-week hearing, it will be the second time
that's happened this year. It could result in criminal charges and also the changing of rules
for MPs surrounding their family businesses. As they keep having inquiries,
I'll keep appearing, and I have nothing to hide. Average petrol prices have fallen
to a 4-month low, with more savings expected
in coming weeks.

Sean Berry joins us from Canterbury. Sean, what's pushing prices down? A couple of factors, Chris. The Australian dollar
has strengthened lately against the US dollar and world oil prices have eased. Those factors have meant a fall
of about three cents a litre last week nationally. Sydney's prices fell 5 cents to
an average of a dollar 43 a litre, the second cheapest city,
after Melbourne. The wholesale price rose
from May to mid- July

but has since been falling. The advice is to fill up now before the price cycle spikes
in coming days. When the discounting cycle ends, it usually goes up by about 10 cents before edging lower
over the next fortnight or so. After the price spike,

CommSec predicts savings
of another 2 or 3 cents, putting the Sydney average
around $1.40 a litre. You can pay less than that now
if you get in quick, Chris.

Schapelle Corby could walk free
by the end of next week according to prison authorities
in Bali. The 36-year-old seen here sitting
in her prison cell over the weekend is in the final stages
of her parole process. Bali's parole board chief
spoke with local media today.

(SPEAKS INDONESIAN LANGUAGE) He said he thought she would be
released in 12 more days. Meanwhile, convicted drug mule
Renae Lawrence spoke from her prison cell today to deny reports she was plotting
to kill one of her prison guards.

Furious parents are planning
a showdown on Wednesday, taking on Blacktown Council over plans
to slash its childcare services. Up to 21 centres
could be sold or axed with the mayor claiming ratepayers
are losing a fortune looking after children. Blacktown parents want balance but fear
council is playing unfairly. The centres are like a family
to these children. We are working parents
and centres are always full.

A Blacktown City Council report recommends selling off
or demolishing several centres. Wednesday's meeting will decide if the axe will fall
on five long-day centres

and the land rezoned
for easier sale. There are also calls for the council to get rid of all 21
of its long day-care centres, all before-and-after school care
and vacation care. Unions are warning
of industrial action.

Council don't want to be in
the business of child care services? Well, what are they
in the business for? It's a popular business
with families. What do you like about child care? Playing outside. Because I love to go to school. The Mayor says the council is losing
almost $3 million per year for caring for
less than 600 children. He denies
wanting to shut the centres, just sell them off but he refuses to be interviewed
or talk to parents.

He's too gutless
to face us parents or children. We need this school - they need it.

Dozens of babies and toddlers
across Australia are being given
a potentially dangerous flu vaccine despite it no longer being
registered for children under five. The parents of a young girl
who almost died after she was injected with Fluvax
three years ago are disgusted the medication
is still in use.

At 11 months old, Saba Button
had just taken her first steps, spoken her first words...

..but a simple flu jab
put an end to those milestones. Hours after she was given
the vaccination, Saba was in ICU.

A severe reaction
left her brain-damaged, almost blind and a quadriplegic. At a black-tie event
in Perth at the weekend, the family, with mum Kirsten
expecting a new baby next year, Someone needs to be in
ear- or eyeshot of her all the time because she can have seizures and situations can arise
really quickly. She's been fine one minute and, five minutes later,
we're calling an ambulance a few times. Two days after Saba's reaction
in 2010, the chief medical officer suspended
the use of bioCSL's Fluvax. The vaccine
is now no longer registered for use in children under five but three years on and children
are still being injected with it. Just devastated to hear
that this product is still available for these mistakes to be made because it would be awful to hear
that this could occur to another family.

The Federal Department of Health
has confirmed 40 children
across the country have been given Fluvax
this year. Almost half of those
are in New South Wales. After following up
with the doctors and nurses who administered the vaccine, the Department says
the majority knew it was no longer registered for use
in young children but they made the clinical decision
to use it anyway. Now, thankfully,
there were no reports of any adverse reactions. The Department says all Fluvax packaging
now carries a warning and it has:

Perhaps the Government
should consider not supplying this medication to minimise the errors
that could occur. The Buttons are now suing
the company that makes Fluvax as they fight
to give their little girl the best life possible. He loves his little sister. If you do decide to take your child
for a flu shot, You need to be really informed and not be scared
to ask these questions and cross-check
what is being given to your child.

Owners of backyard pools have until
tomorrow to get them registered or face potential fines
of up to $2,000. Of the state's 340,000 owners,
less than half have signed up.

The new regulations aim to endure
pools meet safety standards. On average, six children drown
in backyard pools each year.

The bottom line here is to make sure that we reduce
the number of toddler drownings and brain damage to them and we'll do whatever it takes.

Registration can be done online.
It's simple, and free.

After shaking
more than 300 hands today, Princess Mary and Prince Frederik
are getting ready for their last official function
in Sydney. Once again
it will centre on the Opera House, where last night they enjoyed
a birthday spectacular. Under the same perfect weather
they've enjoyed this royal tour, Princess Mary and Prince Frederik
attended a business lunch... (CAMERAS CLICK) ..where they warmly,
and very patiently, greeted every single one of the 300 guests. (APPLAUSE) Earlier, Prince Frederik
stole the limelight, presenting a Danish export award. But for much of the trip,
the Princess led the way. It's been a long and busy tour
for the royals but one the palace has already
declared highly successful. Oh, she's beautiful. He takes the back seat happily,
doesn't he?

He does.
Don't we all? Last night was the main reason
for their visit, celebrating the 40th birthday
of the Opera House. A nod to its Danish architect,
Jorn Utzon, Mary told the crowd it was considered an ugly duckling
when built but now... The Opera House has matured
into a graceful urban sculpture, a beautiful swan.

John Butler and Sarah Blasko
hit the stage... (SINGS) # Mends a broken heart... # ..but there was one song
they couldn't miss.. (SINGS) # Happy birthday to you. #


Live to Talitha Cummins. Talitha, what are their highnesses
doing tonight?

Their final night at an award ceremony. They head out tomorrow on a private jet. Still to come in Seven News
at 6:00 - he bargain hunt begins
for Australia's biggest spenders, the over-50s. Also, the death of one of rock's
most influential artists, Lou Reed. And from fires to flash flooding - what's next
for Sydney's unpredictable weather.

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MAN: The get-together.

It comes in many different forms - the wedding, the farewell...

..the catch-up...

..the knock-off, the celebration,

the girls' night out, the Sunday lunch and the reunion. It's magic bringing people together.
Your local club.

A plan has been launched to harness the buying power
of millions of Australians said to be invisible
to big companies and advertisers. It's aimed directly
at anyone over 50 who's interested in a discount.

The world of consumer spending according to advertising guru
John Singleton goes like this...

Kids don't buy anything,
teenagers bludge off their parents, next thing you know
your kids have gone and by the time you've got a quid,
you're 50 and they ignore you - it's crazy.

But the neglect
of the lucrative over-50s market is about to change forever. The insurer for us over-50s. Building on the model
used by One Big Switch to slash power prices, will use people power to drive bargains for thousands
of middle-aged consumers. Really cheaply,
we can get you all together. It's obligation free,
it doesn't cost you anything - the internet has unlocked that. And if you can
bring a few bills down, you're doing a lot better,
aren't you? It's a massive market. Australia's 50-plus consumers have
half the nation's spending power yet for some reason only 10% of advertising
is directed towards them.

No-one's marketing to them,
saying, "Come and spend it with us." Based on the success
of One Big Switch, Singo says 50upclub members
can expect major savings on an unlimited range
of goods and services. If you had to pick a figure -
I like a bet - I'd say 15%.

Britain is bracing for
its worst storm in almost a decade. Heavy rain is already falling, with gale-force winds
up to 130km/h expected Residents are preparing for widespread damage,
flooding and blackouts from the storm dubbed "St Jude". Travel disruptions are expected
during the morning peak, with flights into London reduced
and train services cancelled. In Sussex, the deteriorating conditions
forced the coast guard to call off the search
for a 14-year-old boy swept into rough seas.

One of the most influential people
in rock music, Lou Reed, has died at the age of 71. His music
with The Velvet Underground didn't dominate the charts but his influence
is almost unparalleled. Today, Reed lost his battle with complications from
a liver transplant he had in May.

(SINGS) # Hey, babe
Take a walk on the wild side. # Lou Reed's ode to transvestites
was his only chart topper... # Doo, doo-doo, doo-doo,
doo-doo-doo doo...# ..but his legacy
can't be measured by hits. He sang about the seedy
and the desperate, taking music to dark places
it had never been. # And, I tell you,
things aren't quite the same. # He made his name
with The Velvet Underground, collaborating with Andy Warhol. It was famously said their first album
sold only 30,000 copies but everyone who bought it
started a band. I'd never heard anything like it -
it was a revelation to me. David Bowie co-produced Reed's breakthrough solo album,
'Transformer'. Glam rock, androgyny,
polymorphic sex - I was right in the middle of it. Some say I could have been
at the head of the class. Lou was there amongst, you know,
the John Lennons of the world, and people like that. Reed kept redefining music. One album was nothing
but deafening guitar feedback. He was still trying to sell the idea
at Sydney's Vivid Festival in 2010. I was serious about it
and I was also, uh... ..really stoned. For years, Reed lost himself
to drugs and alcohol but by the '80s,
he'd swapped heroin for tai chi. He practised regularly
until his death from liver disease. A punk poet, gone at 71.

Sport now with Jim Wilson and Sam Burgess's World Cup
is on a knife's edge. Chris, he'll face the music tonight after his swinging arm
on Sam Thaiday. Plus, the Kiwis' Cup opener and an absolute howler
by Sonny Bill Williams. Also, will Shinji stay
at the Wanderers? And a blunder proves costly in
the battle of two EPL heavyweights. And the 4-time world champ
in hot water for his donut work - we'll tell you more next.

SONG: # All my friends
are turning green... #

VOICEOVER: Today we're celebrating
a new generation, not bound by age,
gender or fitness but by the belief that better
health leads to better lives, that small steps - small,
little steps - is all it takes. # And they come unstuck # Lady,
running down to the riptide # Taken away to the dark side... # Welcome to Generation Better.

England enforcer Sam Burgess
will find out tonight if he faces a suspension
that could end his World Cup for his swinging arm on Sam Thaiday. Overnight, France edged past
Papua New Guinea, while the Kiwis accounted for Samoa, despite a howler
from Sonny Bill Williams. Sonny Bill Williams
was back in black and white for his first rugby league
international in five years as New Zealand tackled Samoa and it did click early
for him and the Kiwis. COMMENTATOR:
Hoffman will get there. A point a minute early as they scored
some spectacular tries. But just when a cricket score
looked on the cards, the Samoans muscled up and ran in four quick tries
to embarrass the Kiwis. Mate, wasn't what we wanted but, I guess,
back to the drawing board. Just happy to get win
against the Samoan boys. And late in the match, there was a moment Sonny Bill
will want to forget in a hurry. COMMENTATOR: Sonny Bill, oh!
He's bombed it! He's bombed it!

He's not used to
the 5-metre dead-ball line, mate.

yeah, something that we need
to slap him over the head. Fans and teammates won't let him
forget it any time soon. Mate, I wouldn't let that slide,
that's for sure. So it's his shout, definitely,
tomorrow morning. While there were enough flashes
of brilliance from New Zealand to put Australia on notice, the tournament favourites insist
there were excuses for their poor start
against England.

Yeah, I think so, you know? We haven't played for a long time. We didn't have a warm-up game
like a lot of countries. They've returned to Manchester to prepare for the weekend's game
against Fiji. We need to improve every game,
prepare the best we can and that's what we're going to do. Wanderers coach Tony Popovic says he's in no rush
to re-sign marquee man Shinji Ono. The Japanese veteran was all class in Saturday night's derby win
over Sydney FC. But Popovic insists
contract talks can wait.

We'll assess all that and
speak to Shinji at the right moment and I don't feel any pressure at all
to start talks now. In the Premier League,
a goalkeeping blunder from Joe Hart gifted Chelsea a 2-1 win
over Manchester City. And a classic strike
from Fabio Borrini clinched victory for Sunderland
over Newcasle.

Michael Clarke
will lead New South Wales in this week's Sheffield Shield
clash with Tasmania if he passes a fitness test
on his injured back. In Perth, Kevin Pietersen
has joined the England squad The star batsman has been
on compassionate leave following the death of a friend. England's first tour match
begins on Thursday against a second-string
West Australian 11.

Sebastian Vettel is Formula One's
youngest 4-time world champion. Mark Webber exited
the Indian Grand Prix early with a mechanical failure. But his Red Bull team-mate
was unstoppable, taking the chequered flag
and a place in history. Makes me very proud to join people
like Prost, Fangio and Michael. Is unbelievable. The 26-year-old was fined $36,000
for these celebratory doughnuts.

12-time Melbourne Cup winning
trainer Bart Cummings may not have a runner
in next week's big race. Bart's stayer Precedence
has received a 1kg penalty for his Moonee Valley Cup win. He's now 29th in the order of entry
and no certainty. Gai Waterhouse trains
the favourite Fiorente.

Everyone wants to win it. Bart Could happily have 13 or 14,
you know. You don't get enough of them,
do you?

You'll see the Cup Carnival
live on Seven. I

I know Spain has Pamplona but the Derby is a party. Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - a life lesson for a baby whale
off Sydney Heads. And heavy rain in coastal suburbs - I'll tell you if there's
more wet weather on the way.

Great to see you
Daniel gibson with you bit of a smoke haze hanging around
today, looks like that'll clear a little tomorrow with the
winds pushing thought from the south. 6 to 20 for Canberra, 17 at
the bay and one batter at goulburn and 18 degrees. And Yass your the chart topper
tomorrow with 21 degrees.

Introducing the new
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VOICEOVER: Perhaps you
or someone you care about have been in a car
or transport accident and you want to find out
what you may be entitled to. And that's when you call:

Tonight's Seven News headlines - a man arrested over violent
sledgehammer robberies at Sydney banks. Our Eddie Obeid exclusive. He tells Seven News
he has nothing to hide as another corruption inquiry opens. Drivers welcome
a drop in Sydney petrol prices with more savings on the way.

Checking finance now and the share market
has closed higher, reaching a 5-year high, led by strong gains
by the big banks. The ASX 200 was up 55 points.

A baby whale
received a valuable lesson off Sydney heads this morning. The young humpback
and its mother were lazing about when it suddenly became
a lot more serious. Mum began
repeatedly slapping the water. Experts say she was teaching
her baby that when she does that he, or she,
has to swim straight to her side. It's a form of calf kindergarten
to guard against predators as they make their slow migration
to the Southern Ocean. Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather.

Good evening. Heavy thunderstorms hit parts
of Sydney early this morning. But the intense falls
were very hit and miss. With 40mm at Frenchs Forest and only 4mm at Chatswood, a few suburbs away. The city had 28mm, the heaviest rain in 6 weeks. But there was next to nothing
at Parramatta and further west where it is needed most. The northern beaches copped an absolute drenching. The deluge resulted
in flash flooding on Pittwater Road at Collaroy where 67 mm fell. North Manly recorded 62 mm. Hail was also reported around Collaroy and Cromer. 27 at Penrith.

25 at Gosford. 22 in Cronulla. From the satellite - a cloud band associated with a low pressure trough
is crossing Victoria. While storm clouds lie off
the New South Wales central coast. A trough of low pressure in western
New South Wales will move east, passing through the Sydney region around the middle
of the day tomorrow. In terms of rainfall we can expected isolated showers and thunderstorms
in the state's east. where storms
could be briefly severe. Showers and storms
in Brisbane. But apart from
a clearing shower in Melbourne
and Canberra, other capitals
will be dry.

On our waters:

Late tomorrow morning a gusty southerly change will move through Sydney. bringing a shower or two. 22 degrees the top. So the chance of a shower or possible thunderstorm
near that change, mainly in the western suburbs. 26 at Liverpool, Penrith and Richmond. 22 at Katoomba with a shower or storm. 22 at Manly. 21 in Bondi.

Much of the coming week will be dry. Just the chance of a late shower
Thursday and early shower Friday. And the west can expect hot weather
on Saturday, Chris. And that's Seven News at 6:00. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. In Seven News at 7:00 over on 7TWO, the remarkable bush rescue of a man
who survived eating insects. Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Welcome to a brand new week
of 'Today Tonight'. Coming up -

behind the scenes with Katy Perry as she prepares to take centre stage
at 'The X Factor' grand final. But first,
what happened to Jessica Small? She was last seen
almost 16 years ago to the day trapped in the car of a man
who tried to abduct her and best friend Vanessa Conlen. At the time,
no-one believed Vanessa's story. And what a story this 16-year fight for justice
has become. Here's Laura Sparkes. He got his hand
and he put it around my throat