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This program is captioned live. Tonight - the heavens help us. But nowhere near enough or where it's needed most. A brand new mess on the buses, such a shocker that the State Government has apologised. Sniffing out corruption. Investigators take another crack at Eddie Obeid and his vast business empire. And it has hosted plenty of parties, but this time the Opera House was the guest of honour. ANNOUNCER: This is TEN Eyewitness News with Sandra Sully.Good evening. After being burnt and baked for the best part of two weeks, rain has finally fallen across Sydney. Even that has brought it's own set of problems. A drop has barely fallen where it is needed most over the fires burning to our west. Kimberley Soekov joins us now. What a difference a few days can make?Indeed, Sandra. What a difference a few hours can make. The sun has come out here on the northern beaches and it has turned into quite a nice evening. The suburbs along this coastline were drenched with flash flooding and heavy rain. When it rained, it poured. And this was the aftermath, 100,000 litres of water in an underground garage, residents had rushed to save their cars.It just happened so quickly, we had a window of two or three minutes and the water going down, it was too late.More than $100,000 worth of vehicles left water logged, including a Harley Davidson.I am really attached as you are with one of these bikes, I don't know what we can do with it.Drying it all out took hours.It's a long drawn- out process trying to move that water. We brought the extra pumps to get more equipment and manpower. Reeking havoc, the sun has now come out and the water has receded but you can see just how high it came by the marks it has left behind. The rain fell hard and fast. This was the scene on some parts of the northern beaches. 67mm came down at Cromer and 47mm at North Manly. There were decent falls along the coast.We haven't had rain like this in Sydney since the middle of the year and June or so.But none where we need it most, in the Blue Mountains. Three large fires are still burning at Springwood, Mount Lawley and Lithgow. Locals there are desperate for decent rain.The weather bureau says it's not unusual to see heavy falls but the last 24 hours provided the most rain that we have seen this spring. There is a little more on the way but it will be more localised and nothing like what we saw this morning, Sandra.Thank you. Barely a day goes by without a drama on our trains or buses. The one we have for you tonight is so bad that the minister has personally apologised. Happening between Liverpool and Parramatta. It's all because of an ill conceived change that's backfired. Josh Murphy has another exclusive on the trouble with Sydney transport. Bus stand A at the Liverpool interchange. And the 10am service to Parramatta fails to show up. Eventually, the 10:17 service arrives but blow-outs in travels times up to 30 minutes are now normal.In the last two weeks since the new operation started I have to say that's probably occurred just about every single day.The T80,000 stands for transport horror stories since it went private two weeks ago.It went from being 45 minutes up to 1.5 hours trying to get home and back. That's twice the frustration when you are expecting. Services not showing up, missed stops and delays in hard marking tickets.The last bus I caught we waited for 15 minutes and the relief driver never showed up.Complaints have been flooding in. One commuter is so angry with the service that she's now ditching it altogether and is driving to work.They made big promises of better customer service for people using buses. It's been a mess.That mess was acknowledged frankly this afternoon.No doubt there's teething problems and I'm disappointed and apologise to customers who experienced that.The Minister is promising improvements will come or the company will feel pain in the hip pocket.Operators will be penalised if they don't do the right thing.He has been branded corrupt. Investigators clearly aren't finished with Eddie Obeid. Three more potentially damaging inquiries have begun into his business dealings. Which lawyers will try to expose as shonky. Ali Donaldson reports from the ICAC. If you want to set up shop, locations don't come much better than this. Prime, Sydney cafe real estate. And today, three cafe sites opened a new chapter on alleged corruption by Eddie Obeid. The claim - the honourable Eddie Obeid misused his position as a member of parliament to attempt to influence other public officials. The watchdog heard how over 10 years the MP tried to secure the shop leases by approaching four Government Ministers.He did so without disclosing his family's hidden interests in the retail leases. Lawyers for the corruption Commission said they expected all four Ministers would testify that they knew nothing of the Eddie Obeid family interests here. Just three months ago, Icac investigators asked Eddie Obeid if he should have told the ministers and he replied, "No, because that would have put pressure on this." This brings together three separate corruption investigations into Eddie Obeid.It involves a criminal offence, namely, misconduct in public office.It will take three weeks to hear the latest revelations. It was the most daring daylight robbery imaginable. Now there's been arrests over last month's heist on the Westpac headquarters in the city. Amanda Heart is following this story for us tonight. How did they get in? Sandra, a special police strike force was set up to investigate a string of armed robberies in the CBD. The one here on Kent Street is probably the most brazen. Two men in a stolen car came along from this direction here, they think they slammed straight through the front window of the Westpac bank right next to the ATM. It's believed that they were armed with sledgehammers, which is frightening for the people inside the bank. They demanded a certain amount of money from the tellers and went straight back out and there was believed to be stolen vehicles waiting, the getaway car. Off they went. The whole thing is believed to have taken less than five minutes. Sandra, police arrested a 30-year-old man this morning, he has since been charged with a variety of offences, including armed robbery. Now, he appeared before court this afternoon. He was refused bail. Is said to appear in court in December. A second man has also been arrested. Not in regards to this robbery here but a number of the other robberies through the CBD. It's believed that the two men are brothers.With an update on the Westpac heist, thank you. One of the worst storms in a decade has started inflicting immense pain on Britain. Where a boy has already died and millions of terrified residents are sheltering from the worst of it. Ben Lewis joins us from London. How bad is it going to get?Sandra, if the experts are right, it will get very bad indeed. The storm front hit south-west England. We expect it to impact on London. Apparently, most of the damage will be done in one severe two hours period, a very intense period there for people to take shelter and take care. Commuters are told not to bother coming into work if at all possible, such is the concern of authorities. One person has been killed, a teenager swept out to sea. It's feared that more lives will be lost.After five hours in this, rescue workers forced to abandon their search of the 14-year-old boy swept out to sea on the south-east of England. Dubbed St Jude after the patron saint of lost causes.It's unprecedented conditions. We are concerned of the conditions coming through later tonight as well. We have had horrendous conditions to search.Forecasters expect winds of up to 140km/h. The Prime Minister has warned to be prepared for widespread and disruptions from flooding and power cuts.We have warnings of strong winds and travel disruption. If you can be flexible with your journeys, that's advisable.Britain is bracing for transport chaos. Heathrow is expecting to cancel 30 flights, trains and ferry services into Europe also at a standstill. Network rail says all services into London will see delays.Lots of staff are out tonight. Working closely with the weather forecasters and there will be an assessment of what is to hit.30 years ago a storm left 32 people dead across Europe and caused damage of $1.5 billion. This time the UK hopes to be better prepared when the storm makes landfall.And it's not just England preparing for this storm. Once it crosses over the UK and over the channel it will impact on France, Belgium and Germany. The winds have picked up here in the past few minutes, Sandra. Much of Europe is bracing for the worst.Thank you, Ben. It has been front row and centre for the biggest party Sydney staged for the past 40 years. With every imaginable event gracing its famous steps. It seemed only fair to throw a great party for the Opera House itself. Matt Moran is following the royal couple. A stunning lunch location, fit for a princess. Mary and the crown prince welcomed guests at the Opera House for an exclusive business function. Fans crowded around to get a glimpse of the Australian-born royal arrive. Earlier, Frederic presented an award which recognised efforts marketing Danish products and services. The Opera House has starred during this visit. The Royal family celebrating this Danish creation in spectacular fashion last night.It has become a symbol of national pride for both of our countries.Sydney Opera House, oh, you do look hot after 40 years, I have to say that.Mary describing the design as a master piece of timeless beauty and simplicity.People considered the Opera House somewhat of in fairytale terms Anungly duck link, just like in the fairytale, it has matured into a graceful, urban sculpture, a beautiful swan. Tonight, the royal couple will attend an awards night. The last official function before leaving tomorrow. As a parting gift, Mary donated all of the flowers she has been given to a cancer centre in Sydney. Our beautiful harbour produced another little bit of magic today - when a couple of whales, mother and calf it seems, stopped by for a play. At time it looked like they were waving at our camera which hovered a safe distance above. The little one could grow up to be 16m and weigh more than 30 ton and hopefully will keep visiting once it is all grown up. We will check in with Vic Lorusso. Also - 20 years and $20 mill wherein infighting breast cancer. Now that's worth celebrating. -- million. We look back on Lou Reed's wild side. Also - months out from the Games, we get an exclusive look inside some of the Sochi venues. And what a dill - Sonny Bill Williams forgets to put the ball down in the World Cup. Parents of Australia, you might think this is
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the ball down in the World Cup.
Welcome back. Let's get to Vic Lorusso now for the Monday night commute. Lengthy delays on the M5 after a five-car pile-up?It occurred here at Hamondville. The tow truck is about to leave now. Three cars have been towed. We got the M50 hopefully back on its feet shortly. Two lanes were affected. And the backlog is significantly delayed. You will see here heavy traffic for the westbound commute. For commuters to Campbelltown and Liverpool an extra 30 minutes travel time. Avoid the M5.Thank you. A cross-section of Sydney's leaders have called for calm in the wake of a vicious hate crime in Bondi. A Jewish family was attacked while being taunted about their faith. Today they said thanks for the all of the support they have been given. It was an unlikely mob which united on the steps of Town Hall today to appal the bashing. A range of religions.We feel it's very important to take a stand against xenophobia and any form of racism.We see this attack as apourent as we hope all people do, it's an attack on our society.It really is a tragedy for the family. And it's an indictment on our community.Racism and religious tensions have been bubbling away in Sydney for years. Most recently the Muslim riots, rants on public transport and after the Cronulla race riots. Today an olive branch was offered to those preaching hate. We are willing to educate anybody who may have these sorts of ill feelings.We spoke with the family who are too shaken to speak publicly of what happened. They weren't aware of the support but said that he was grateful.These campaigners wants tougher vilification laws to stop these crimes happening again.Winning a war requires an army that's relentless and at times ruthless. There is one that is pink to the core and tackaling breast cancers for two decades. They revised the battle plan today in Sydney. Georgi Glover was there. What better way to start the week than with a breakfast. Lynn, the guest speaker was diagnosed 20 years ago. Unfortunately, I found out that I had breast cancer by the doctor's receptionist over the phone when I was teaching in primary school. Back in the '90s support groups were few and far between. Nobody talked about breast cancer like they do know. -- now. And the whole system didn't work for the woman at all.Now though it's clear that we think pink from. Fund racing walks to tributes at the cricket. We will do anything to support our pink ladies. But despite our growing awareness, there is still a lot to learn. Exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer. Three out of four women don't realise there's a link. We have knowledge now with which women can be empowered to take positive steps, literally, to reduce risks of breast cancer.No doubt breast cancer has come so far over the past 20 years. Chatting to everybody who enjoyed the breakfast today, say they can't they can't wait to walk the pink carpets in another 20 years. The breast cancer foundation aims to see stkpwhreeore deaths from the disease. That's something to celebrate. An Australian medical mastermind who has saved millions of young lives with his work. Professor Bishop discovered the virus, the cause of acute gastro entrightis in 1973. Working on understanding the infection and fighting back with treatments and vaccines.It was an exciting moment to realise that we had an answer to a question a will the of people posed and couldn't answer.The medal honours researchers making significant achievements in advancing human health. To our ever changing weather now. And Tim Bailey, you are back in amongst the sunshine this afternoon, after the rumbling and rain this morning.Climbing out of a gum boot on Sydney's northern beach this is morning. What about the storm cells moving quickly, particularly along the coast from Randwick up to the northern beaches. Some of the rainfall before 9am. 67mm thanks very much. 41


Forest. Thunderstorms could be around tomorrow and a change to hit 50km/h. Right now let's look at a Monday that played up a little bit, everywhere you looked.

everywhere you looked.
Thank you, Tim. Up next on TEN Eyewitness News - some good news for one of the Bali nine drug mules. Also, it's not a rumour. Fleetwood Mac cancels its tour to our shores. And the There are over 5 million of us
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left Sonny Bill Williams red-faced.
R&B star Chris Brown can't seem to control his fists and is spending the night in jail for another assault. Police say the singer had left a Washington nightclub and was getting his photograph taken with fans when two men tried to jump in on it. Brown apparently hurled a homophobic assault. He is still on bail for assaulting Rihanna in 2009. Jury selection begins shortly in London ahead of the first trial into the phone hacking scandal. Former 'News of the World' boss Rebekah Brooks and the Prime Minister's former director of communications are among the eight defendants. Hearings are expected to take four months. Drug smuggler Renae Lawrence is likely to escape fresh charges in Bali despite being accused of plotting to murder a female guard. The governor of Kerobokan Prison says it will be written up as a violation of prison rules. Laurence has since been moved to another jail. Fleetwood Mac canceled an Australian tour because John McVie has cancer and will be undergoing treatment. Tickets for the tour will be refunded. He is a founding member of the iconic band which formed 46 years ago. His signature song will always be 'Take a Walk on the Wild Side'. And he did. His entire life. Sadly, the walk for rocker Lou Reed ended today when his love of the drink finally killed him. His career included only one top 40 hit. Matched only by the likes of Elvis and Beatles. Angela Bishop takes a walk on the nostalgic side.

walk on the nostalgic side. His biggest hit 'Take a Walk on the Wild Side', was about real people who hung around Andy Warhol, the man who discovered the ground- breaking band Velvet Underground. There - he fitted right in. But on an Australian tour in 1974, it's clear that the local journalists found him to be a bit unusual. Could I put it bluntly and pardon the question - are you a homosexual?Sometimes.He was born Alan Reed in 1942 and his first break in music was this - a little known song called 'Do the Ost rich' but he will be remembered for so many more. No stranger to drugs - in the '70s dub starred rock star most likely to die. He underwent a liver transplant and is believed to have died from complications. Lou Reed was 71. Angela Bishop TEN Eyewitness News. Stay with us - still to come - we'll cross back to Tim and Victoria. We'll look at impressive and expensive Winter Olympics venues. The thrilling event that had the whole world dancing to the same tune. And the share market has been hoisted to a fresh five-year high. Up nearly 1% thanks to our

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Welcome back to TEN Eyewitness News. It's time for another traffic update now with Vic Lorusso. Problems on Old Windsor Road? Sandra, I've just been called to an accident that just happened around Constitution Hill. Just exchanging details now and waiting for police to turn up. It has blocked one lane which is busy at the best of times. You can see what traffic is doing now to the peak-hour run. Commuters trying to get home tonight are again delayed. Vic Lorusso from the car city chopper.Thank you. It has been a long time coming - and at enormous cost. Our soldiers have finally begun taring down our base in Afghanistan. As Leah Craven discovered, life there is still as dangerous as ever. Reporting tonight from Tarinkot. This is what Australia's mission in Tarinkot has become - demolition.We are deacon instructing to hand the area over with a clean base.It's almost time says the commander of troops here to let Afghans take controls of the region.We have been guests in their country and now it's time as guests to leave.It's not as simple as smashing down buildings and clearing space.Australia is fighting a war and packing up a base at the same time. It still wants to maintain a presence outside the wire here, so the insurgents don't get an indication of when we will actually leave. Compared to dismantling a jumbo jet while in flight. Even packing up can be controversial. A shrine to fallen Australian soldiers as well as troops from other countries won't come home.It's a sensitive issue, a very sensitive issue, which nation has the greatest claim on them. And then the question of whether the Afghan security forces are ready to take on the challenges of the region. Not only do they face the Taliban, they must contend with corrupt Government officials. They are achieving security in their way. It must be a sustainable solution.But these police officers are still being taught very basic tasks. Today they learn how to operate a tow truck because police cars are frequently blown up. We now know what $56 billion buys. The most expensive Winter Olympics staged ever, summer or winter. We have exclusive access to the venues. A new dawn on the Black Sea. Sochi is about to become an Olympic City. While some cosmetic work is still being completed. All competition venues are ready.What they have done here is create something all brand new. Everything you touch is new. Everything the athletes touch wasn't here four or five years ago. The iceberg is 12,000 seats venue. For shorttrick speed skating and figure skating. The arena hosts long track speed skating. Conditions inside the venue are self-adjusting so the surface remains constant.If anything goes wrong, we are still able to hold a competition and continue the competition. And we can really smooth out the difference in moisture and temperature, but mostly it's the moisture.Perhaps the most spectacular venue is the ice dome. This is the venue for the women's ice hockey and the Paralympic hockey. It cost 3 billion rupals. It might be extensive but it still won't help you skate if you can't skate. The venues is shaped like a giant ice hockey puck. Only the stadium for the opening and Closing Ceremony is yet to be finished. Next door is the Olympics village, home to 2,000 officials and competitors. Tomorrow night we head high into the mountains and a huge purpose-built ski resort has risen from the ground. Just briefly - more news is good news. A reminder that we have new programs starting next Monday to keep you


Stay with us - we have more on Sydney's extreme weather. Then in sport - finally something to smile about for Michael Clarke. And also - Sonny Bill Williams proves he is human with one of the greatest World Cup howlers you have ever seen. And Sebastian Vettel's reign as Formula 1 king lives on. But how much was he fined for this celebration? We'll LEADER: What do we want? PROTESTORS: More flavour! When do we want it?
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celebration? We'll tell you, next.
More on our top story. More rain is forecast for flash flooding along the coast. Sadly, none of it was on the west. The State Government apologised for a blunder adding hours to commuter times. One of the worst storms in a decade is causing widespread chaos in the UK. With train services cancelled and thousands of homes without power. The Ashes are only three weeks away. Finally, some good news on the injury front. Adam Hawse is here with the details.Sandra, the skipper is back. Michael Clarke returns from his back injury for skwails in a Shield game on Wednesday. After being sidelined for six weeks, he will undergo a fitness test tomorrow. -- NSW. Ricky Ponting has thrown his support behind George Bailey. Rob Waters reports. Even in retirement, Ricky Ponting can still attract a crowd. His opinions matter. He is still to talk to Michael Clarke regarding some of his negative observations of the current skipper but he is not backing down.He is not going to read anything in the book that he wouldn't have known about or about himself and how I might have felt about it around the team.England is here. As the leader and best player, Michael Clarke is their obvious target.I think it's important to target the captain in any side. Obviously he's been their guest of form player in later years, he will one guys to target.A fan of George Bailey's work.He he gets back from India and starts the season well, there could be a spot for him in the test team.Shane Watson holds the key to the Ashes. If he plays the way that he finished off the last Ashes that will go a long way to help Australia win.Beginning November 21st at the Gabba. To the rugby league - Sam Burgess finds out tonight if he has a case to answer for his high shot on Sam Thaiday. As Liam Cox reports, he can't even remember being hit by the English enforcer.Burgess facing a lengthy ban for slamming Sam.The best part about it is that I don't remember it.Likely to be rested from Saturday's fixture against Fiji. The doctor monitors everything that I do. I won't come back and play if I'm no good.New Zealand started fiercely against Samoa. The defending champions scoring 22 points in as many minutes. Sammy mowa hit back hard. Laying on four straight tries. Reducing the deficit to 12 before the Kiwis kicked away again. A rampage in Sonny Bill Williams, he quickly became Sunni dill. He dropped it. Embarrassment too for Papua New Guinea. One point behind France with two minutes remaining, costing Papua New Guinea an opening round victory.Two of the A-League's biggest stars. The wanderers say they are in no rush to offer new cpts to Youssouf Hersi. The double act was instrumental in the convincing derby win. The coach says it's too early to be talking contracts.They are enjoying their football, fit and healthy, you know, I think it's just positive for the League that two quality players want to stay here.Youssouf Hersi is not too healthy, awaiting scans to see if he has a foot fracture. Ryan Grant's season is over with a ruptured ACL. A nervous wait. Without a runner in this year's Melbourne Cup. Receiving 1kg penalty.With the 1kg penalty, precedence has improved his position but only to number 29. So at this stage, he is stranded.2006 was the last time he didn't have a runner in the Cup. Sebastian Vettel continues to rewrite Formula 1's history books. Mark Webber's race finished with gearbox trouble on lap 40. Sebastian Vettel took a flag to secure another championship. Mike Schumacher won more world titles. But the fun police didn't like this. Sebastian Vettel's celebration doughnut earning his Red Bull team $36,000 fine. Small change. Aman City howler helped Chelsea move into second stop on the ladder trailing 1-0. Before a Leader of the Oppositiony effort at the other end allows Fernando Torres to seal 2-0 win. And another cracking goal overnight for Sunderland upsetting Newcastle 2-1. The black cats first win of the season and it sent their fans into a frenzy. Towards has been given a rude reminder of the dangers of live TV. Midway through an exhibition match with Rory McLlroy. In the made-for-tv event, he seemed to forget that he was wearing a microphone to en lighten the viewers.

viewers. An appearance fee of $1.5 million should help Tiger Woods payoff the swear jar. Play of the Day - we have a new world champion - cutting down the opposition at the timber sports World Cup. We didn't know much about this event. Apparently it's big in Germany more than 10,000 fans saw o our man win three of the six events to take the gold medal. TRANSLATION: A lucky day today. It's awesome.It was a hard slog but Brad proved that he is a cut above the rest to score our Play of the Day.I reckon he will sleep like a log, Sandra.You couldn't help yourself. Thanks. See you tomorrow. Coming up next - a look at how the rest of the week is shaping up weather wise.Yeah, I'm your daily Bailey. We'll wonder around the Monday mercury. I'll see you after the commercial break, MAN: Stop! Stop!
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this is TEN Eyewitness News.Thanks for joining TEN Eyewitness News. We have wandered down to Lavender Bay way. We provide the picture postcard brilliance here in Sydney across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. What about a morning - to infrastructure tense storm cells moving particularly coastal and quickly. Dropping a lot of rain this morning that saw incredible rainfall totals. Almost 70mm of rain in a few hours. A lot of suburbs including Sydney itself getting 28mm, the most rain in more than two months. What will happen tomorrow - a low pressure system moving across the southern borders of NSW. With that a trough extends into Queensland. A little unsettled. The rain will rumble a little tomorrow, meaning thunderstorm activity could truly be on the radar. With that too, a southerly change expected late morning across Sydney. We can see blasts of southerly get as high as 60km/h. Let's get up to the satellite tonight and have a good look at it in detail. Cloud working away across NSW, parts of Victoria. Another system and trough across the Northern Territory. The map tomorrow - a trough rumbling through NSW and Queensland, bringing a chilli change to parts of our state and Victoria. And a high clears the south while a trough unsettles the north. Rainfall for the next 24 hours - showery across NSW, potential for torm cells. Rain across the tropical north and clearing in the south. Randwick, a couple of the scores for you - 41.

A little bit of rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. I'll see you again tomorrow night. That is TEN Eyewitness News for this Monday October 28th. Just a reminder of the new programs to start on Monday morning. Don't miss T the Ten's Late News tonight is at Supertext Captions by
Red Bee Media Australia