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(generated from captions) the youngest quadruple champion. We need to break into sport to cross to the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who's talking.(APPLAUSE) Eric, members and delegates, ladies and friends, thank you so much for that warm introduction. Thank you so much for that extraordinary welcome and I will know whether this speech has been successful by whether I get the same enthusiastic at the
response at the end that I have at the beginning. It is great to be here in Hobart, it's great to be amongst my Tasmanian colleagues. It is so good to be here to saver success and I want all of you to be so proud of the fact that while our party, did extremely well right around Australia at the recent election, nowhere did it do better than Tasmania.(APPLAUSE)It was an 11.3% swing to the Liberal Party here in Tasmania and I want to say congratulations and thank you. I also want to note that my colleagues, in significant numbers, are here to bask in your success. We are coming from all over Australia today to revel in the success of the Tasmanian Liberal Party. Matthias Cormann, the Minister for finance, Bruce Billson, the Minister for small business, Arthur Sinodinis, the assist ant Treasurer, Paul Fletcher, the parliamentary secretary for communications, we are all here to pay tribute to the Tasmanian Liberal Party and to say thank you for what you have done to ensure that this country of ours has the best possible Government. I want to say how well the Tasmanian division has done. It's been well led at every level. My distinguished friend and colleague and now leader of the Government in the team, Richard
Senate, Eric Abetz, our Senate team, Richard Colbeck, Parry, David Bushly and now our House of Representatives Andrew Nicolic, Eric Hutchinson and Brett Whitely, but I also want to pay tribute today to those who didn't get elected because every election, even a successful election, is a bitter-sweet experience. It's inevitably
sweet for the victors but inevitably it's a disappointment for those who worked just as hard, our flag just as high and just as proudly reason don't succeed, so I do pay tribute today to Bernadette Black, Tanya Denison, our House of Representatives candidates, and I also pay tribute to Sally Chandler and Sarah Courtney, our Senate candidates. Please give them a round of

applause.(APPLAUSE)One of the errors which members of parliament sometimes fall into, pole
and the further up the greasy pole you get the more prone you are to falling into the error, is to neglect the rank-and-file membership of our party. We are only members of are only Ministers in a decent Australians working night and day to put us there. rank-and-file
I say thank you to the rank-and-file members of our thank you
party here in Tasmania. I say thank you to your President, Jeff Page for the work he's done, Richard Chugg, the former President, for the work that he did, but in particular I want to say thank you to the person who, in every division, tends to be the forgotten man, that is your State director, Sam McQuesten.(APPLAUSE)State directors, they're the first people to be they're the last people to be praised and yet we cannot run successful election campaigns without highly competent, highly professional, incredibly hard-working State directors so, Sam, well done. I hope you are feeling very proud the Tasmanian division has achieved. Well, my friends, tomorrow marks 50 days since the election. We inherited a mess but we have made a very strong start. Never forget the trough into which our country had fallen under the former Government. Of course we were always a great people, of course we always had fundamental strengths but those strengths were and misdirected by the former Government. Never let us the legacy of the Government that we have replaced. Unemployment, 200,000 higher than it was. Debt sky-rocketing beyond $400 billion because of their policies, because of the spending spree that the former Government embarked upon and perhaps worst of all, a legacy of more than 50,000 illegal arrivals by boat because this was a Government that had completely lost control of our borders. Well, almost 50 days that
on, the Australian public know that this country is under new management and this country is now, once again, as it should always be, open for business. On day one - on day one - we freed the motor industry from the threat of Labor's fringe benefits tax hit and our motor showrooms were open for be
business. We said there would be an Indigenous advisory council and there is. We said there would be a advisory council and there is. We said it we would take control of the national broadband network and ensure that faster broadband was delivered more affordably and much more quickly than would and
ever have happened under Labor, and we have. I said that the first overseas visit that I would make would be to Jakarta and it was. We said that we would revitalise the free trade agreement negotiations which had languished in some cases for 7 or 8 years, and we've done precisely that. We said we would stop the boats and they are stopping. I don't want to underestimate the that challenge but they are stopping. Over the last month, illegal arrivals by boat have been scarcely 10% of the peak under Labor in July. There is a hard road ahead.(APPLAUSE) And thank you for acknowledging the good work that has been done not just by the Minister, Scott Morrison, Operation Sovereign
but by everyone associated with Our military, our Customs, our Immigration officials. These are people who had been set the wrong task by the former Government. They were essentially managing a problem. problem.
Our determination is to end the