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This program is captioned live. Tonight - heart-breaking and confronting - Thomas Kelly's parents speak to the man what was killed their son. The RSL sectry killed in a horrible accident. A a Blue Mountains shows the Governor- General the ruins of their home. Westmead's Hospital's new weapon, saving tiny lifes. And the little boy who stole the heart of a prinsis. -- princess. Good evening. He dedicated almost 10 years of his life to our veterans, tonight there was heartache for an RSL sectry killed in a house fire. He always put others before himself. A passing security guard spotted the flames as they leapt. He, a neighbour and firefighters tried desperately to get to a man trapped inside, but they were driven back by the heat. This was a man they couldn't get to, 50-year-old Clay Musgrave, a father of one, loved by many.He was the best person I've ever met in my life, the most trustworthy person, he looked after my children. He didn't have an enemy in the world.I'm gut wrenched.Asleep in the front bedroom when the fire took hold, he made it out to the hallway before he was overcome. His body found close to the front door. Firefighters believed that the blaze started in the back and was probable caused by an electricity fault.This is traumatic and unfortunate.Not only for friends and family but also the RSL. A former leading seaman in the navy who helped veterans for almost a decade.Devastated to hear of his passing. He was a wonderful guy, dedicated to the belief of veterans their families.Hearts heavy with grief, Thomas Kelly's parents today told their son's killer of the intense pain his act caused. Keiran Loveridge cried at his sentencing hearing as the Kelly family described how that fatal blow ruined their lives. Summoning all of the courage they could muster to face the killer of their teenage son. Ralph Kelly and Kathy Kelly came to court to try to convince the judge to jail Keiran Loveridge for 25 years. Both read victims

Statements. Shocking, confronting, heart- breaking. Mr Kelly told the packed and silent courtroom that he felt he should have been able to protect his oldest son. There was barely a dry eye in the courtroom, as Mr Kelly struggleed with his words, even Keiran Loveridge wiped away tears. 18-year-old Thomas Kelly died after being king-hit by an ho-fuelled attack in Kings Cross last year. Thomas's mother spoke of the unimaginable grief her family is forced to endure. --

Keiran Loveridge he is mother wept as she listened to Thomas's mother. A city where there is no longer respect and decency towards others, streets we no longer feel safe in, courtrooms full of murderers and looking squarely at the judge, Mrs Kelly demanded a justice system that made criminals accountable. Thomas should be alive and with us today. I will never see my beautiful, loving, first born son again. Leaving court, the couple, emotionally and physically drained. Keiran Loveridge, originally charged with murder and pleaded guilty to manslaughter, will be sentenced next month. A toddler incredibly escaped serious injury after falling from a balcony. The 4-year-old boy fell from a one storey apartment and an outdoor umbrella broke the fall. He was taken to hospital suffering no more than a bruise. Police are searching for a man who stormed a Castle Hill home last night. The female resident woke to find the armed intruder in her house. The gunman simply walked out after a brief intruder. It's believed that he was looking for somebody but went to the wrong address. A man charged with murdering his father in Emu Plains has appeared in court. The 59-year-old victim was stabbed several times and died of his wounds in nep peen Hospital yesterday afternoon. A long journey ahead for the bushfire victims and they know it. Today there was some comfort from the Governor-General who toured the zones. Conditions are finally easing across the state. As that good news emerged, so too did another threat. For these bushfire victims in Winmalee, it lays the foundations.The most important thing is that you are safe.This family was at Westmead Hospital for their daughter to have a brain operation when their home was destroyed.We came back to say hello, it's good for us, just to help it make sense.Quentin Bryce travelled the path of devastation in the Blue Mountains.What a rough time this community has had. Meeting with the men and women who fought to save so much.We often say volunteers are the backbone of our country.The fire danger isn't over but there's a new threat. Many of the burnt-out homes have asbestos, getting back to these properties could take weeks.Again, the risk is minimal. But we are taking the precaution of putting signs on all of the properties whereas best yos has been found. Further west, the 50,000 hectares mine state fire continues to plough through bushland. The risk is still realConditions have eased some what here in the state mine fire area, allowing these firefighters to burn fingers of fire down towards the main front, in the valley. So that when the fire races up here to the Bell's line, this is where it stops. Tiny blazes, fighting the huge front below. Tough continues -- conditions and talking from the Premier, the Commonwealth may be asked to cop up compensation for locals who lost homes, cars and properties in the fire accidentally started on army land.I want to see the report, have a conversation with the Prime Minister. Clearly, we never want to see this repeated.While the Blue Mountains recovers from Red October the rest of the State is wondering what summer may bring. You are near Lithgow, Lizzie. What's the situation tonight?Cam, there is still plenty of active fire in the valley below me. You can see that the smoke is just pouring out of there tonight. This huge blaze has been downgraded from emergency but it is still burning in the Bell's line of road area. The danger now are these high winds that picked up in the last hour or so. Increasing the risk of potential spot fires. But the good news is, there are no fire bans here in this area or anywhere across the state tomorrow. That is good news. Thank you very much. Residents have had their revenge on some would-be looters. Yesterday police questioned a man and woman for allegedly telling neighbours to leave their homes and pre-tenting that the bushfires were near. Today, locals covered the pair's car in toilet paper and eggs. In the Blue Mountains it's not just residents hit hard by bushfires, from iconic landmarks to cafes, local business is doing it tough. The beauty of these mountains remains untouched. A view which attracts 4 million visitors per year, the echo point look-out entertaining just a handful of sight seers. Tourism is the bread and butter for the Blue Mountains people. Many suffered the loss of homes, others are counting the costs to their livelihoods, estimated $1 mill yeb per day. Large operators lost $500,000 over the rast few days. We have smaller operators down $12,000 and that's critical for a small business. Katoomba Street quieter than usual. A bit like Christmas afternoon or day when nothing is happening.50% of this business comes from outside visitors. This town unscathed by the fires but a much quieter lunch run.We closed yesterday so that our staff had the opportunity to make their own decisions about what they did on a scary day.Businesses say it will take months for them to fully recover. There is a clear message coming down from the mountain - they are definitely open for business. Australia's most visited tourist attraction, Scenic 1 world just spent $30 million on this new railway but there's been limited passengers.We will be here and open for tourists to come tomorrow.It's a beautiful view. Tracy, if I was at Katoomba tonight, I would be opening tourists.Cam, authorities don't want people to go to the areas, not just for their own safety but to keep it clear of traffic. So fire crews have free flowing access. People can still come to towns such as cat could yum because and Blackheath, they are no longer under direct threat. Sydney siders are asked to support the tourism industry and catch the train up for a visit.Two men died in a plane crash in Victoria's north-east. The care craft came down around 2pm, moments after leaving the airport. It's understood that the pilot encountered trouble around 100 feet. The plane smashed through a fence and then burst into flames. A Kellyville woman charged with failing to report the death of her mother could have the charges uptkwraid to manslaughter. Melissa Peacock was arrested after the body of her 83-year-old mother was discovered in their home last Friday. A postmortem allegedly discovered that she died a number of months ago. Refused bail and will undergo a psychological assessment.The man accused of throwing his fiance off their inner city balcony appeared calm and not upset when walking up to their body. Strong and smiling, Lisa working out sometime in the months before her death. This video appears to have been shot by her fiance Simon, the man accused of her murder and what was the court has heard was so controlling he wouldn't let her exercise in a gym because other men would look at her. He denies throwing Lisa from the balcony of their 15th floor apartment. A witness who tried to resuscitate her on the ground told the court when Simon arrived at the scene he seemed fairly calm about what had happened. He didn't look upset. He didn't look panicked. Under cross- examination he conceded that he couldn't say whether he was in shock or not. The court also heard from the man who installed this tiny pinhole camera in the door outside their apartment that recorded this image of him dragging Lisa back inside moments before she died.This afternoon, the trial left the courtroom and came here to hide Park so the judge could walk through the former apartment and see the balcony from which Lisa fell. Lisa's mother was recalled to give more evidence, which she denied was coloured by her animosity to the accused.It's a contentious issue at the best of times, none more so than this week. And today our top climate scientists reignited the debate over climate change. They say with certainty that there is a link between the climate and extreme fires. But others warn it's not the time for politics. The last 12 months have been our hottest on record. Creating extreme conditions, perfect for bushfires.Hot day are heat waives becoming for frequent. The climate council says bushfires are happening more often and becoming more dangerous.Last year big fires in Tasmania. This year, large fires in October. This is evidence that climate change is simply loading the dice.United Nations executive has also linked the recent NSW fires to carbon pollution. But the Prime Minister disagrees. In an interview with 'The Sun' tabt dismissed a connection as complete hog wash. The Greens made the link too others aren't buying into it.This is not a week for politics.The debate this week has been attempt by some to misuse tragedy and sufring and hardship and nobody should do that. The man who once described climate change as the greatest moral challenge of our time was back in Canberra, dodging questions about the former Attorney-General's Nicola Roxon's comments.It's always good to be in the nation's capital and talking to colleagues. Kerrie Yaxley Nine News. A soldier has shot and wounded two other soldiers in the US, it's understood that the victims were in the process of sacking their lower ranking colleague when he opened fire. Both men were taken to hospital and the gunman arrested. It comes six weeks after 12 people were killed in Washington at a navel base. You certainly couldn't accuse Kate Middleton of being lazy. She was back at work at a charity event in London a day after Prince George's christening. As Buckingham Palace released photographs of the historic occasion. A family like no other. Prince George, happy as Larry with uncle Harry standing proudly behind him. Then there's the Queen and Philip and the Kate Middleton family all grinning ear to ear.Beautiful photographs, very well shot in difficult circumstances quickly.Buckingham Palace released four official photographs of Wednesday's christening taken by photographer Jayce Bellamy. Next up, the close family portrait. Mum and dad and a very well behaved George.A lovely photograph of the three together. Great smiles. Lovely, lovely, lovely laughter and Prince George manage add smile. And this a moment in history, the Queen surrounded by three male hears to the British thorn. -- heirs. It's no wonder Queen Liz is welling with pride. Mother Kate also struggleed to hide her joy.He was such a good boy, yesterday. He's

Always like that.

She was looking radiant in an ink blue silk gown at a charity event in London earlier today. Alongside the glittering Julys adorning her wrist, her engagement ring. A reminder with a royal engagement, wedding and christening Kate as commented the place in British royal history. Merinda Kerr has plit after six years. The British actor and Australian supermodel who married three years ago, amicablely separated three months ago. Despite this being the end of their marriage, they love, support and respect each other as both parents of their son and as family. In the news ahead - what caused this 15km queue on the M4? Also, a warning to all travellers, the Australian couple who unwittingly became drug mules. And diamonds are a girl's best friend. Princess Mary's special trip This program is not captioned.

Hit by a truck on the M4 at Granville. The accident happened 5:30 this morning, causing long delays for drivers. Two of three city-bound lanes were closed with queues stretching more than 15km. A close call for residents of a Chatswood home today, a massive blaze break out causing severe smoke damage. Two people inside managed to get out safely. More than 500 jobs will be moved offshore after Electrolux announced it is closing its manufacturing plant in Orange. The company says it is more cost effective to have fridges built in Asia rather than upgrade their NSW facility. Princess Mary turned on the royal charm, meeting her admirers and attending events. But it was a primary schoolboy who won her over with an adorable speech. A princess turned queen. The children spent weeks preparing to meet their first