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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - saved by body armour - an Australian soldier sphiefs another insider attack in Afghanistan.A single Afghani soldier shot at them, hit one of the Australian escorts.More of Obeid beetd's business dealings under the spot light as the ICAC resumes its hear ing s.The tiny creatures helping to restore a Canberra nature reserve to its former glory:We're trying to put back some of the missing cogs in the eco machine.And Australia makes a stunning start to the rugby World Cup. Good evening. Craig Allen with ABC News. An Australian soldier has survive add brazen attack by a rogue member of the Afghan Army.His body armour prevented what could have been a deadly bullet wound as he and a fellow dig er. Green on blue attacks remain a danger.They call it sand nurs the sand.The largely British funded Afghan National Army officer training academy, just outside Kabul. Among them are 27 New Zealand trainers and some Australian troops.We have people there who are doing mentoring of their instructors.On Saturday morning, two Australians were serving as body guards, escorting their Kiwi colleague back from a visit to this neighbouring Afghan Army base.Without warning, a rogue Afghan soldier fired three shots at them from just 15m away, one hit the first Australian and was absorbed by his body armour. But shrapnel was flung into his arm and into the Kiwi's fot foot. The attack er threatened to move closer. Then the second Australian returned fire and shot him.Critically injurying? We don't know if fa f they are killed or just critically injured.The New Zealander was taken to Bagram air base, she in a stable condition. The Australian's been treated and is back on duty.Every Australians thoughts would be with the soldier and their family who have put theirlines of the line.Coalition u investigators are talking to Afghan unit minders to work out the rogue soldier's motives.The survival is credited to beefd up protection measures.We're fortunate both Australians and New Zealanders were bear wearing world class body protection armour.The New Zealand troop s left Afghanistan earlier this year and most of Australia's will be out of by the end of the year. But with three serious inside ever attacks this month, the acting Defence Chief says this incident proves it's improve h possible to completely remove the threat.The ICAC will resume hearings tomorrow with the alleged corrupt business deal s of the Obeid family again under the spot light. The commission will probe how the leases of three harbourside properties were sold to the Obeids in 2003. Tonight, the ABC can reveal that the NSW Government handed an Obeid front company a 2-year lease on a highly lucrative harbour cafe site, despite being owed $275,000 in unpaid rent. Prime Sydney real estate, million dollar cafes, a health care company and a handful of Cabinet Ministers. All this is to be pieced together by ICAC when it hauls Eddie Obeid back for another public inquiry.Lunchtime on Sydney Harbour, it's now 10 years since the Obeid family used a front company to secretly lease three cafes from the NSW government.Fergus McPherson was a manager at the department responsible for leases, the maritime Authority. He was forced out after repeatedly raising concerns about corruption.These are the gateway to Sydney. And obviously in the best part of Australia. Everybody including the tenants knew that the deal in 2000 was that these prime sites would go to the market in 2005, but we were shocked when Minister Costa kiboshed the tender, so it wouldn't proceed.Mr Costa was just one of a succession of waterway Ministers lobbied by Mr Obeid for favourable conditions, never revealing his interest.Mr Costa has always maintained he acted properly.The inquiry will hear from a star witness who warned the government in 2005 they were heading for trouble. He said that not proceeding with the tender may lead to possible approaches to ICAC, and the perception that the government was favouring incumbent tenants.It's complace com - complacency. If a Government has been in place for an ex-tened period of time, it's almost as if it believe it's untouchable.The deal was blown open last year and soon after the Obeids ablan donned two of the cafe, owing the Government $275,000 in rent. Now, the ABC can reveal the lease on the third and most profitable cafe was renewed on the very day the previous Eddie Obeid inquiry began. Apart from what happened here, the ICAC has announced it will examine two other allegedly crooked deals - one involve s water licensed purchased for the Obeid farm near Mudgee and the third is Eddie Obeid's lobbying on behalf of another company in which his family had other interest.The contacts there will be much more to come. There is likely to be a third major inquiry into Eddie Obeid early next year.A small community in SA says it's devastated by the death of a 6-year-old boy in a playground accident. The boy died when a slide he was playing on fell on him. Reporter Nicola Gage filed this report, from the small township of Farell Flat, 200km north of Adelaide. The 6-year-old boy was playing with friends at a playground in the small township of about 200 people. Police say he suffered serious head injuries when this metal slippery dip over taurnd fell on him.My heart would go out to the family. Just terrible.A medivac rescue helicopter was sent to help but he died at the scene.You think your kids are safe everywhere. I don't know the circumstances over what happened.Locals say the boy and his parents ha had travelled from nearby Clare for a tennis game because another local court was being Ren renovated.Already the community is rallying to support them. There's going to be lots of long days ahead for the family. But we are there for them.The playground is on a public reserve run by the regional council of Goyder. The council has confirmed it's responsible for its maintenance.I would think that someone taught have a look at the quality of the rest of the stuff in.Playground investigator Michael Kearns believes the accident never should have happened.The slide they've seen in the photo obviously doesn't meet current standards. The slide itself is roughly about 25 to 30 years old. And should have been taken out of service a long, long time ago.Many residents here in Farell Flat were too shock ed to speak on camera saying they're saddened by the tragedy. They have told the ABC that the rayground is rarely used. Council staff will cooperate with the police investigation.The Danish royal couple has lifted the spirit of bushfire affected residents in the Blue Mountains. A hastily organised visit to Winmalee drew a crowd in desperate need of a boost. For Winmalee residents trying to get back to normal, this was anything but.A royal visit was a much needed surprise after a difficult week.I saw my daughter-in-law smile for the first time since she's lost everything. She was over the moon.Just a tragedy this week it's good to have them here.Residents lined the street hoping to get close to the Danish royal couple. Some went to extreme lengths to get the best new view, no-one was disappointed.The fact they've come in ordinary gear, really lovely.Something positive out of a negative.Crown Prince prince and Crown prin sis Mary were introduced to every volunteer firefighter who turned out in clean shirts and freshly shined shoes. This visit was a last minute addition to the Royal couple's itinerary but judging by the turnout here it's been a Melbourne distraction.It was a big lift, a big boost for the community.The couple toured the fire ravaged streets of Winmalee, shocked by the scale of destruction.It's hard to see the effects of the devastating fire and people that are standing here today that have missed their homes.There were words for everyone, big and small.You're got a beautiful dress.The Blue Mountains fires have been burning for well over a week. Hundred of firefighters are still out in the field and will again work through night.There is still a lot of firefighting going on. There's no good prospects for rainfall at this stage. And it looks like its will be a long, hot summer.But for today at least there was some light relief. The four bed room house in Gungahlin has been severely damaged by fire this afternoon. Firefighters were called to the blaze at Hughes Place in Ngunnawal at about 1:40pm. The house was well alight but all ak pants were safely evacuated. The damage is estimated at $400,000. An investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire.The City of Origin is coming to the terms with the loss of one of the region's biggest employers. More than 500 jobs will go when the Electrolux plant shuts down. It's Australia's last remaining fridge manufacturer but now it too will close. After 70 years of production, the Swedish-owned Electrolux is moving to Asia.At the end of 2 day, it's all about the money. Apparently the millions of dollars that Electrolux earns from our factory here in Orange ain't enough for them.There is going to be devastating to if whole region, not only just Orange but right around the whole central west.Electrolux have softened the blow by delaying the closure until 2016. But the community want assurances workers will be looked after.In its heyday in the '60s, Electrolux employed 2,000 people, generations of families have worked here over the decades.In the '70s, Queen Elizabeth wanted to see the success story for herself.She actually asked to see a factory such as this one here and she toured it and it was a big boost for the people who worked there.But that was then. This is now.Electrolux says business here is profitable on a global scale.This is the last man standing, the last refrigerator manufacturer in Australia and so it's really devastating for Australia if people have a think about it and think manufacturing can survive in Australia. I am sorry but it happened yesterday, it's all over.He says in time the community will move on from the loss of the factory.A shortage of workers has led to Australian scallops being processed in Thailand and then brought back to be sold. The industry says it can't get enough people willing to shuck the shellfish. But it's also cheaper to process the scallop s overseas.Scallop fishermen are working off the North west coast of Tasmania. After a tough year where they've been forced out of areas because of a toxic algal bloom, these scallop paddocks are good. Their scalloping is limited by the processing factories.I am filling two processors an they can take 10 bins each. In previous years I would be putting on 40 to 45 bulk bins.Processors blame generation Y. They can't find enough workers to shuck scallops.It's hard to get people that will come and stick at it. If people stick at it they can make really good money out of it. I just think with the future generation I don't think they're frustrate interested.Frustrated finishmen Alan Barnett is snap freezing 60 tonnes of scallops at sea, then shipped to Thailand where they've thawed, shucked and refroze en.Restaurants like them because they put their own recipes in them and took them in the shell.Labour costs over there, $5 to $10 a day, here they can't earn $24 an hour you have to make up the difference.About 25% end up back in Australian restaurants and shops. That number is expected to grow.Protesters have marched in Washington to demand an investigation into the National Security Agency's mass surveillance programs. The issue of NSA surveillance is now threatening to damage US relations with a number of foreign countries. German magazine 'Der Spiegel' reports the US has been spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile since 2002.I know countries spy on each other, I get it. Intel spies on Intel, embassies spy on other embassies but if we have the National Security Agency hagging into the cre phone of Angela Merkel, that is completely deleterious to our relationship with our own allies.Germany is sending a team to Washington after leaked documents claimed the US spied on the leaders of 35 countries. Mount Etna has erupted, sending smoke and ash over the southern Italian island of Sicily. Lava spewed into the night sky from Europe'stallest and most active vol cane crow. There were no reports of damage or evacuations in the area but delights were Adelaide at a nearby airport. The latest I result was preceded bay series of underground tremors. Ash spewed nearly a kilometre above the vol taino.For then tens of thousands of children they're the last stop on the line. Grand parents across Australia are stepping up to raise their grandchildren when there's no other option.And at a celebration marking the contribution grand parents make, carers have lobbied for more support.For Pam, the joy of being a grand mother is reward enough.I have enjoyed every minute of it. Wouldn't change it for the world.The Wagga Wagga local has won NSW grand parent carer of the year, for raising her three grandchildren with limited support.I've still got the 9-year-old and he has an acquired brain injury. So unfortunately we have a lot of things to do with him.Doctors and specialists and what not.Across Australia, thousands of grand pashtds are struggling to make ends meet.From the Federal Government probably about $300, $250 to $300 a week. Similar sorts of numbers at the State level if you're a formal carer.To be a formal carer, the children have to be under a protection order from a court. It can be costly, complicate and often emotional, meaning thousands of grand parents opt for informal arrangement s that offer them no sport.There are many, many grand parents who do not ievern get financial support. They're lucky to get their family tax benefit A and B because they're too afraid to ask for it.Merrilyn O'Neil step ed in when two of her children were facing foster care. She set up a group GranFams to help others doing the same.Hopefully she will recruit more people in her group and spread the word they're not alone.Grand parent careers are hoping these awards will lead to better support to ensure some of the nation's most vulnerable stay with family.An ecology experiment in Canberra's north is hoping to turn back time by that are
gradually reintroducing species that are ex-ticket in the area. The Mulligan's Flat sanctuary has seen success with the introduction of native bet ojs. Now a small native mouse has been added to the fix. Last night, 50 New Holland mice were released, a species that haven't been seen for more than a rentry. In a protected bush reserves not far from the Canberra suburbs, ecologists are bringing life back to the bush.We are trying to put back some of the missing cogs in the ecosystem machine.A very small nocturnal furry cog called the New Holland mouse.Very similar to a house mouse, they do a lot of the same things - they eat a lot.This native rodent hasn't roamed these parts for a long time. As they were Northured in cap ivity they were getting used to the local fair.We have taken the bush and added it to here and within 24 hours they have completely stripped everything.The ecologists have already had success, reintroducing bettongs to the reserve. And they're hoping for similar results with these mammal s. The mice are kitd out with high-tech hardware, a feather light tracking aerial so they can be sur vaied.The most experimental thing about this project is they haven't been in these areas around Canberra for about 130 years. 130 years ago they were wiped out by grazing, de degradation of loond land and by predators like cats.But now they're get ak second chance.Once they get the endurance fit assistance from out here, these guys, a long way.What these little critters don't know is if they breed well there will eventually be food for other things.Food for eastern quolls which disappeared off the mainland long ago .Eventually returning this box gum sanctuary to its former glory. Australia has opened its rugby league World Cup campaign with a 28-20 win against England in Cardiff overnight. The tournament favourite recovered from a nervous start in a dramatic campaign opener. It's been a long time between outings for the Kangaroos and the rust showed as Australia quickly found itself behind in its first game in six months..The Kangaroo s error count mount and the homeside punished them.But the tide turn on the back of English errors and the Australians seized their opportunity.He's got it.He was . I think.Man of the match Thurston sent Bird over the line 10 minutes later and Billy Slater gave Australia an 18-10 lead at the break.Here is trouble. Billy the Kid, Billy Slater!.Runs 65m to score.The hosts could be compounded with George Burgess facing suspension for a high shot on Sam Thaiday.Here he comes, whooshka.Both sides were trait frustrateded by the mash mafrmtWe expect a lot more out of ourself. We certainly wanted to to play better football than we did in that first 20 minutes.Gift add lot of possession to the opposition, we give a lot of penalties away as well. So we sort of sat there wondering what could have been.Italy followed its warm-up win against England with a victory over Wales. The homicide conceded 18 unanswered points in the second half to a strong Azzurri side captained by former Australian fullback Anthony Minichello.A crowd of more than 40,000 has watched the Western Sydney Wanderers grab the early season brag ing rights against Sydney FC. This evening Perth beat the Melbourne heart and the New Zealand Jets had a draw.John Hayes Bell reports.It was a happy journey back to the western suburbs for Wanderers fans.Just as they did in Frank Farina's first game as Sydney FC coach last December, the visitors prevailed 2-0 on the home patch tonight..The atmosphere was unbelievable.As good as anything I have seen and better than last year.There are a lot more twist and turns to go for the whole illicit drug lee,Alessandro Del Piero injured and Western Sydney were still 167ing for its first win of season. The Wanderers took an early stranglehold, 1-0 after the first 12 minutes. And double that when Shinji Ono make his mash in the 26th. The sky blues went close and kept the damage to two goals. As both sides missed limited opportunities.2-1 makes it hard. But they kept trying.The day s are special. You never know how they will go in terms of performance and form.It was the blue s' first home loss in nine starts. The Jets were under pressure to take something from their trip to Napier but they went scoreless for another week.Away from their usual home grown, the Phoenix also failed to find the back of the net.Reigning MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo has kept his title chances alive by claiming the Japanese Grand Prix. He sprinted to the first corner while he was challenged at times during the middle stages of the race by fellow sparn yard Marc Marquez. If the only other rider still in the championship race. Mark mash is aiming to become the youngest ever Galaxy poll champ - GP champion..Ford's David rern Reynolds has won his maiden V8 sturp sars championship race at the Gold Coast. He started from pole position and took the lead after James Courtney retired with less than 20 laps remaining. Lloyd finish ace head of Coulthard and Ingle.I thought I was struggle ing towards the end but my gaps were remaining the same. It was hard.Yesterday's winner Craig Lowndes had a lucky escape and went on to record the fastest lap of the race. He wentished 8th.Ireland has smashed Australia in the second Test of the hybrid international rules series at Croke Park but it was a hit by Lindsay Thomas that will cause most concern. The Irish skills were far interior and think went away with a win that secured a 2-0 series Victory. The all-stars were already 11 down when Thomas set up the pressure from the first quarter. Boyle was left daze and was married off. Any Australia pension for Thomas would Corey into the AFL season. The incident hardly Ireland with the tourist defence repeatedly opened up.We were outplaid, outclassed by an unbelievable team, we couldn't handle it.The ease of the victory will again bring into question the future of the series with next year's visit to Australia by the issues still to be confirmed. Hotter winter temperatures have led to the early mating off Gold Coast's coastline.The tiny Lady Elliott Island is at the southern most end of the Great Barrier Reef, and in the past month has seen an abun Dan of animal life. More than 50 species of birds, logger head and green further ms, take have been making their way known, it's been a treat for staff, marine biologists and tourists.Massive turtles everywhere and a couple ended up mating five feet in front of me.Staff say they've never seen so many endanger ed turtles mating so early in the season.The researcher did project that it would be a small soon season as well this year but we've seen a lot of action and more mate ing this season rather than last.The island's turtle expert taking a daily list of how many turtles come to the beach and how many legislation.And it's not just the turtles causing a fuss.We've got noticed that birds having come very early this year and some of them already have some cheeks.Experts hope the worm wormer winder has boosted the amount of green legs on the South Island this year. Turning to our weather now and it was another cool night and we had mostly sunny day with some moderate winds and a top of 21 degrees. It is mostly dry around the south-east of the State as well, not a huge range in local maximum temperatures.

Colder air has been passing over the southern tip of the mainland and Tasmania while a trough is bringing cloud through WA and SA into Victoria.There are a few showers forecast through the southern States tomorrow as While in
that low moves to the east. While in will be some more very hot weather for the Top End.

Before we go, a brief recap of our top story - an Australian soldier has survived a brazen attack bay rogue member of the Afghan Army. He was saved by his body a rmor as he and a fellow digger protected a New Zealand soldier. Defence Chief say it's a reminder of the dangers of so-called green on blue attacks.That is the latest from the Canberra News room. For more ACT news you can follow us online or at Twitter. I am Craig Allen. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Captions by CSI Australia