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This program is captioned live. Lifting spirits, the Danish royals visit the bushfire zone in Winmalee. Renae Lawrence plotting to kill a prison guard. Victims families hoping for answers from the very top. William's secret soccer hopes for baby Prince George. And the Kangaroos win, but there's plenty of room for improvement. Good evening, they have lost almost everything, but 10 days on there was finally a reason for the bushfire survivors of Winmalee to smile again. They were centre stage for an unscheduled visit of the devastated areas by Danish royalty, Prince Frederik and our own Princess Mary. There was no pomp and ceremony, just a walk along a shattered and black streak. Even with all the boys of a princess, it was obvious Mary was deeply affected. In the heart of Winmalee, emotions and homes laid bare.People standing here today have missed their homes, it is devastating. The most important thing is that people have their lives.With Frederick by her side, dressed down in sneakers and jeans, she was here to extend sympathy to families who had suffered extraordinary loss. Like Stephen, a resident of 33 years, he lost everything.All the way from Denmark to visit us.Bloody awesome, great to see them.They toured the local RFS. There was a standing ovation. Mary thanked the heroes of this disaster. The men and women who worked tirelessly to bring blazes under control. Volunteers from this brigade spent over 4000 hours on the ground. Radiating warmth and compassion, she made it clear that this visit was about the people. A simple handshake, a smile and a few words. Distracting the racing minds of exhausted families and 12-year-old Ruby.It is great to have her here to remind us that just because something strikes us down doesn't mean we can't get back up.This was Mary's chance to show Frederick another side of the Australian life. This is the harsh reality of the country she grew up in.The work of everyone, the Fireman, volunteers, people from the community doing their bit, incredible -- the firemen. A testament to the spirit of the community.Mountain communities still devastated, today's visit a small heartfelt step on the road to recovery. After lifting spirits with their blue Mountain 's visit, the royal couple has had a change of pace in Sydney tonight -- Blue Mountains. Celebrating something Danish but iconic Lee Australian. Tonight they are joined by a few thousand locals and tourists to help celebrate 40 years of the Danish designed Sydney Opera House -- iconic leak. There was a little bit of everything that the Opera House stands for. There will be performances by John Butler and Sarah Blasco and a royal touch dating back 40 years. The Sydney Symphony will play Beethoven's ninth Symphony, the same music that in charge of the Queen all those years ago.Convicted drug smuggler Renae Lawrence has been accused of plotting to murder her prison guard at Bali's Cara Burke and Joel. Her father has told us she was set up, but it has dashed all hope of being released any time soon -- Kerobokan Prison. Renae Lawrence, in pain on Friday, arriving at Denver is our hospital to have her appendix removed. -- Denver star. More pain for her yesterday, she was taken from the hospital to another jail in the west of the country, a penalty for allegedly trying to murder a female guard with the help of another prisoner, Sonia Gonzales, seen here recently attacking another prisoner.I don't believe that Renee is capable of anything like that. She wants to get out, she wants to come home. The jail boss says guards had seized a phone belonging to Gonzales, which had details of the plot 's

in August she was upbeat after learning she was to receive a reduction of her 20 year sentence. Six months plus hopefully another two.By the jail boss now says he will cancel the 6-month remission -- but. Other jail bosses have described her as a model prisoner. Both Lawrence and Schapelle Corby received 20 year sentences. But while Schapelle Corby could be released on parole within weeks, Lawrence's eight has been stuck in an isolated jail for many years to come -- Lawrence's fake is to be stuck. An Australian soldier is --

-- fate.

Another Australian fired at the rogue gunmen, critically winding him popular it is useful at this stage to pass on our thanks to the Australian -- critically wounding him.Ack ra White the Australian soldier has already returned to duty.Families of tradesmen who died during the ill-fated pink batch rollouts say they want Kevin Rudd to cooperate fully, frankly and honestly with a judicial inquiry. It is understood they have been consulted over the terms of reference which could see senior Labor figures ordered to appear. Labor couldn't shake the fatal fallout of the pink backed scheme in government, now it seems destined to dock them in opposition. The Abbot administration's forcing ahead with a judicial inquiry, leaked reports suggesting key figures will be ordered to appear -- to dog.That does question whether this is more a political process.Kevin Fuller, whose son died installing roof installations, says the Abbot Government has allowed the families of the three Queensland tradesmen killed to help draft the terms of reference. In a statement to Nine News, he asks that:

I don't think anyone should be excluded from providing full and frank and honest evidence before a judicial inquiry. Also welcoming a fresh inquiry, Ruben Barnes's father Murray, saying he hopes it finds answers to why questionable decisions were made and delivers policies to avoid them happening again.We have had eight enquiries into installation schemes, and every recommendation had been adopted and accepted. We take this very seriously.Former environment minister Peter Garrett didn't return calls today, but if he were compelled to give evidence, it could reopen bitter divisions dating back to Kevin Rudd's first stint as Prime Minister.Everyone knows Peter Garrett was the fall guy for the failure of the Prime Minister 's office and refusal as a prime ministers office to listen to the advice of the department.We couldn't compel Mr Rudd to comment today. A man is tonight behind bars, charged with the murder of another man in Lake Macquarie. The 39-year-old faced court accused of stabbing a 29-year-old during an argument at a unit in window last night 's White the injured man was taken to hospital but died a short time later. A man has been killed rock fishing at Redhead Beach north of Sydney, the 35 year was with two friends yesterday afternoon when he was struck by a large wave and swept into the ocean. His body was later found near a rock ledge, authorities are urging rock fishermen to take extreme caution with wild winds lashing the East Coast. A 6-year-old boy has been killed in a playground accident north of Adelaide. He was playing when a metal slide tipped over and crushed him. He was treated at the scene, but died from head injuries. Members of the Jewish community are calling for new sanctions against racial abuse, it comes as two teenagers face court over an alleged anti-Semitic attack in Bondi. This afternoon crowds walked for harmony between cultures. Friday night's attack at Bondi was anything but. There is racism, there is bigotry and hatred in our society 's up yellow we need to focus on the positive, which is what today is all about stop the.It's alleged a Jewish family was racially abused and assaulted by a gang of young men as they walked home from a synagogue. Security vision captured the violence spilling down Glenayr Avenue, bodies smashing against the windows of a kebab shop. Security guards from the nearby Beach Road Hotel wearing yellow vests rushing in to intervene. Four of the victims, including a 61-year-old man, needed hospital treatment. This was a random attack, provoked attack, and at the same time a completely despicable attack.This morning to 17 -year-olds face Parramatta children's Court charged with the vicious attack -- 217 -year-olds. It has been revealed both were on bail for other offences. Across town Australians from diverse national, ethnic and religious backgrounds came together.It's not rocket science, it's not brain surgery, it's very simple, why can't we live together in higher mini and why can't we have no hate and violence -- in harmony.The victims have said they have no doubt the attack was motivated by race hate.One anti-Semitic attack is one too many, one racist attack of any sort is one too many. The Jewish Board of Deputies is assuring members of its community they have nothing to fear. A truck has burst into flames on the Central Coast. It happened on the F3, now known as the M1, just after 10:30am. It caused delays for north bound motorists. No one was injured. Soccer mad Prince William has led celebrations to mark the sport's 150th birthday. It came as the palace released a new image from the royal christening, William admitting he hopes his son becomes a football fan as well. An intimate bond rarely seen in royal photos. A beaming mother, proud father, and a giggling young George. The latest portrait from Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Prince's christening. Earlier today, William was the star turn at a party in London to mark 150 years of England's football Association. Hobnobbing with the game's big names...Nice to meet you.The Prince talked tactics and team selection, trying to stay upbeat, even though his team, Aston Villa, had just lost at home. Please welcome onto the stage, the FA president, his Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge. Sadly for me, Her Majesty's time as patron includes only one occasion when Aston Villa topped the league, and only once when we won the FA Cup. But that hasn't stopped William signing up George as a fan, and the club has already made his football kit. Earlier this month William already hosted -- hosted a match in the backyard of Buckingham Palace with the Queen 's permission. Now he's struggling football with fatherhood, and no doubt the advice is he will have to keep his eye on the ball. You could call it a fender bender for Beckham, the former soccer star has had a prang with the a driver outside his home in Beverly Hills. The bumper snapped off his $70,000 range Rover, the other car had a huge dent. We are sure he can cover the repair bill. In the news ahead, the squiggle that cost taxpayers $4.5 million. Also grandparents at the centre of family life. And how a lifesaver became a partner for life.

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No one is owning up to signing off on this, the new Centrelink logo that cost taxpayers $4.6 million. The Department of Human Services first commissioned a study into a new image in 2010 top white but former ministers are keeping quiet on who actually prove to be hefty budget for the rainbow squiggle. They're often the unsung henries of family life, grandparents who play a significant part in raising their grandchildren -- heroes. Today some of the most extraordinary were recognised for their efforts. Every grandparent is special, but Merrill Lynch is so much more than a grandmother to 15-year-old Bonnie. She is a mother to make.Bonnie was just 10 months old when she and her brother went to live with their grandmother full-time.We've had our ups and downs ever since the first grandchild, many years. There was nobody to help me.She now offers support and advice to other elderly Australians stepping in to raise their children's children. Today she was named community grandparent of the year. 15,000 children in NSW are under the sole care of their grandparents, and plenty more have informal childminding arrangements, part of a massive network of unpaid carers. If the government had to pay the hours for each and every hour spent it would be $40 billion a year.Pam is Australia's grandparent of the year. She raised three of her six grandchildren and plays an active role with the others.I wouldn't change it for the world, I've enjoyed every moment. It's been a journey, life is a journey. Plu she's always been their caring for me since I was a baby.I'm grateful to have her.To all the grandparents out there, we all are. Dozens of people have died and tens of thousands have been evacuated after heavy flooding in south-eastern India. The government is struggling to get food and medicine to some parts of the region. White it's the fourth day of rain in the area, first by Cyclone Phailin two weeks ago. Cicely's Mount Etna has erupted in spectacular fashion sending streams of redhot lava into the night sky -- Cicely. It is the 14th corruption this year. Flights to and from the nearby airport were delayed. By Sunrise a huge column of smoke hung over the greater. A remarkable site in St Peter 's Square in the Vatican with thousands of colourful balloons released into the air during a special prayer service -- crater. Pope Francis stress the importance of love and forgiveness. He also met with the family from Syria and several migrants before heading off to meet the masses -- a family. An American couple who fell in love over a kidney donation has spoken about their unique story. Chelsea gave Kyle her kidney after they met four years ago now, they've tied the knot.I don't feel any different to how I did before I gave the kidney.I feel a lot different.I joked with him sometimes if we argue saying I will take my kidney back, we laughed and then it is all over.You could call it the perfect match -- we laugh. Good evening. Nightly the Rugby league World Cup, a win for Australia. But look what happens when two slamming Sams come together. Plus, going gangbusters on the Gold Coast. And what a night to be This program is not captioned. Introducing the new
Street Eats burger range from Oporto. (CYMBAL CLASHES) Three street cooks... (CAR HORNS BEEP) ..with a few tasty tricks
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Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens says his side needs to dramatically improve despite beating England in their World Cup opener. The involvement of Sam Burgess in the remainder of the tournament is in doubt after going on report for a high shot on Sam Thaiday. Suited, booted and pumping themselves up. It was a sharp looking Australian team that made it's way to Millenium Stadium. If home grown support was what the team was looking for they wouldn't have been disappointed. There was plenty of green and gold, the fans vocal enough to at least try to drown out the Poms. Go the Kangaroos!Close to 50,000 people packed into the arena, and after an impressive opening ceremony the real show began.

England were first on the board, looking dangerous with two tries in the first 20 minutes But the Kangaroos were just getting

it was Jonathan Thurston who sparked a scoring surge.

By half time they'd run in three tries and were back on top There was drama after the break when Sam Burgess put on report for this tackle that forced Big Sam Thaiday from the field.

It was a bit high, wasn't it? It was a scrappy second half from both teams. Australia scored twice and eventually took the game 28-20. It was close and kept everyone on the edge of their seats. I was certainly on the edge of my seat! Despite being the best in the country, not one member of the Australian team has won a World Cup. There's still a long way to go in this tournament but today's victory puts them one step closer. Everyone is really happy with the victory, but we know we can be a better football side.

NSW has been beaten by Queensland in the final of the Ryobi Cup. The Blues Seppi macro balls a challenging target of 318, but former NSW and Usman Khawaja led the way for the Bulls with a brilliant 104. The match went down to the wire, some big hitting from Ben Cutting got the Bulls home with five balls to spare. A record crowd of more than 40,000 watched Western Sydney's superstar Shinji Ono put on a masterclass against Sydney FC in the local A-League derby. He helped set up the Wanderers' first, then found the back of the net himself in the 2-0 win. In the Premier League the superstars have combined to help Manchester United to a 3-2 win over Stoke city. A header from Wayne Wayne Rooney to Robin Van Persie resulted in a standout goal. Manchester United are now within three points of the top four. Holden's Craig Lowndes leads the V8 Supercars by just six points over teammate Jamie Whincup. But race two of the Gold Coast 600 today was all about Ford's David Reynolds. Beautiful one day, chaotic the next, the V8s committing fully to the Gold Coast circuit and many coming off second best. David Reynolds help things together, leading from start to finish.All this rubbish everywhere, it was hard but great. Chaos in the support category. Clark Quinn's bride stripped to the point where he almost had nothing to get out of, similar story in the utes -- right. In India Mark Webber will start from fourth in tonight 's Formula 1 Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel is on pole position and only needs to finish fifth or higher to seal his fourth straight world title. And there were -- they were going off in Japan at the Moto GP, Jorge Lorenzo holding of Marc Marquez to keep the title race alive. Major concern for several riders in the Moto2, one hit in the head by a front wheel. All men were later cleared of serious injury. Thailand's Pee Pee Island may well be paradise, but not when you're jumping off a 27-metre cliff like these 14 daredevils. The Red Bull Cliff Diving Series wrapped up with some spectacular dives. Britain's Gary Hunt took out the overall title. Dare I say it, he doesn't practice on the white cliffs of Dover. It would be a hard landing. Coming up next, we will have the weather details. Will be sunshine

This program is not captioned. It was a partly cloudy day, 22 in the city and 27 in the west. Tomorrow a low pressure trough will generate hot thundery weather over much of the Top End.

Before we go, here's a look at what is coming up on tonight 's edition of '60 Minutes'. Tonight... You're about to see something which will leave you speechless. The last great migration.The unstoppable force of nature.2 million animals.This is epic.3000km. The race for survival.It is the greatest wildlife speculation you could possibly the.Tonight at 8pm. That is Nine News for this Sunday. I'm Peter Ibbetson. I hope you have a

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