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(generated from captions) Try a pulled pork sandwich.

And polish off a banana split
while you're at it. Now, it wouldn't be a '50s diner
without a good burger selection and the ranch burger hits the spot. But there is a much bigger
burger on the menu. OK, Aaron, I've been checking out
the Big Bopper on the menu. What's in it? It looks huge! Oh, it is massive. We've got three pieces of meat,
four pieces of cheese, the schnitzel, the pickles,
the salads, the onion rings, the pulled pork. And that is just the beginning. Aaron better get flipping,
it's going to take a while to build. This is the Big Bopper. Now, the challenge is
to get through this in 15 minutes but I think it's going to take me
longer than that to figure out how to eat it. Sarah, can I get a fork... ..lift? This is huge!

Back Galley Split is in Camden. Dishes start at just $7. And you could be hitting the Macarthur food scene on me because I've got a meal for two at Back Galley Split and Infusion Restaurant up for grabs. To enter call 1902 55 77 08. And good luck!

Hope you've enjoyed
our Macarthur special. There is so much to do and see
out in this part of old Sydney town. And what about the beauty - the Australian Botanic Garden
right here in Mount Annan? I've got to tell you,
it has completely blown me away. And that is what these venues
are all about. The amazement and the wonder
of our native Australian flora. And maybe taking that home and incorporating that
in your own backyard. It is just a beautiful thing. I hope you've enjoyed the show. I'll see you real soon
on another Sydney Weekender. Look at the colours. It's just beautiful. Next week,
Mel hits the end of the road. Last up on my
Legendary Pacific Coast odyssey, the Channon. Also... ..check out this slippery
little sucker. Right, I've had enough,
it's been fun. It's down my shirt. Trent, Nick! I'm over it, mate. And if you've always wanted
to cook in a restaurant... I've got just the place for you.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - Schapelle Corby's family
gathers in Bali as speculation grows
she could be freed within weeks. How generous Australians
are helping the bushfire recovery as the Danish royals lift morale
in the Blue Mountains. Claims of a political witch-hunt, targeting Kevin Rudd's involvement
in the pink batts scheme. And plenty of danger but drivers escape serious injury
on the Gold Coast.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. The mother of convicted
drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has returned to Bali in the hope her daughter
will be released from prison early next month. Ros Rose is trying to
contain her excitement at the possibility
of seeing Schapelle outside the walls
of an Indonesian jail. Ros Rose believes any day now
her daughter will walk free. When I just dropped the food off I kind of felt
I might not have to come again. Hopefully this will be the last lot. She knows Schapelle Corby
will leave Kerobokan prison a very different woman to the one who was escorted
behind these walls in 2005 to serve 20 years
for drug smuggling.

But for the first time
in nearly a decade Schapelle's mother reveals
the 36-year-old has reason to genuinely smile. Her spirits are up and she's good.
She just keeps to herself. Ros Rose says
Schapelle is nervous and happy about her impending release
on parole. She is excited, you know, so she can just do things
that we take for advantage. Like, just picking out her clothes,
her underwear, having a shower. When Schapelle is released she'll stay at a family compound
here in Kuta where her sister and brother-in-law
live with relatives and work
in their beachwear business. She must remain in Bali until
the end of her sentence in 2017. Ros Rose fears her
daughter's fragile mental condition will be her biggest hurdle. She's still taking
anti-psychotic drugs. Her mental state is stable
at the moment, but the thing is, we don't know how
Schapelle will be on the outside. Her family is recruiting doctors
and counsellors to help her adapt to a new life. As long as she's out of that place
I don't care

And a short time ago,
I spoke to Kim Skubris in Bali and asked her about
another Australian who's in trouble
with prison officials.

Renee Lawrence has been moved out of the jail after allegedly plotting to murder a guard. The Bali Nine and drug mule and another in made are accused of hatching the plan to stab the guard to death. The alleged scheme was revealed after prison authorities discovered a mobile phone. They say it contains a message from a Renee to the inmate ordering her to kill the Garde because they hate her. A prisoner authorities have now relocated both women and they have cancelled the last six months of the sentence emissions.

Charities have raised
nearly $5 million to help families
devastated by the recent bushfires. Donations of food, clothing and toys
have also flooded in but those overseeing the recovery
say Every day more boxes of donations
come flooding into the Salvos. Several warehouses have been filled. It's overwhelming but it becomes
hard to manage all this resources. While they're grateful
for the generosity... Popcorn machines, nappies,
bottles of water. ..the Salvos say affected families
really need cash, not clothes or food, to get their lives back in order. So far nearly $5 million
has been raised, thanks largely to Woolies
matching more than $1.2 million in customer donations. Whatever you give, we will use to the best of
our ability to help these people. Blues cricketers donated
match payments from today's final. COMMENTATOR: To try and help and do whatever they can
to restore a bit of normality. 209 families lost everything. So many more affected. The recovery operation is massive. It's the biggest loss of houses that
we've had in the Blue Mountains in its long fire history. While families are understandably
anxious to return home and go through whatever's left, the State Government
is urging them to wait, with fears of asbestos
in many of destroyed homes - a cruel twist
after so much devastation. Those desperate to go home
will be given asbestos masks and the promise
of whatever support they need.

The area hit hardest
by the recent bushfires had a boost today with a visit from Princess Mary
and Prince Frederick. More than 190 homes were lost
at Winmalee in the Blue Mountains but local residents and fire crews greeted the Danish royals
with smiles and cheers. The Prince and Princess arrived
at Buena Vista Road dressed in jeans and sneakers, keen to bring some cheer
to the locals. Did you get a picture? (LAUGHS) Led by the Premier
and Fire Commissioner, the couple inspected
where the flames came to Winmalee. Here, they witnessed
the worst-affected street - home after home here is destroyed. It's hard to see the effects
of the devastating fire and people standing here today
that miss their homes but the most important thing is
that people have their lives. The Princess appeared shocked and asked questions
about the speed of the fire before turning to those
who live here. Do you live on this street? Yes. Is your house still here? Yes. They brought her letters and she gave these people
renewed hope. This was an unplanned visit,
but a welcome one to boost the spirits of a community
that has suffered so much. You simply can not put a price
on just how uplifting and how important
their presence is today. (CHEERING)

There were cheers earlier as she stopped to talk to crowds
gathered at the Winmalee RFS. Are these from your garden?
They are. Beautiful. She'd paid a visit to the firies
to thank them for their hard work as locals thanked her
for visiting them. It's really nice for her, especially when it's been
a hard time for people. I saw my daughter-in-law smile for the first time
since she lost everything, so she was over the moon. Bringing a welcome
and much-needed distraction. Talitha joins us now
from Dawes Point. Talitha, Princess Mary
dressed casually earlier today but it's all glamour this evening? Mark, Princess Mary
is wearing heels again for tonight's gala concert
outside the Opera House to celebrate its 40th birthday. It started about 30 minutes ago and features Sarah Blasko
and John Butler. Princess Mary will also
address the audience tonight and the concert
will be followed by fireworks. Showers are forecast,
but hopefully they'll hold off.

Two teenagers have been refused bail after an allegedly
racially-motivated brawl in Bondi yesterday morning. The 17-year-old boys are accused
of yelling anti-Jewish abuse at a group of five strangers before attacking them. The victims say
six other men were also involved. A third man, aged 23,
has been charged with affray Two victims remain in hospital
with serious injuries - a 62-year-old woman is among
three other people who were injured. An Australian soldier wounded during an insider attack
in Afghanistan is now back on duty. An Afghan soldier had opened fire
on Coalition troops at a base near Kabul, bullet fragments striking
an Australian and a New Zealander. As the bullet hit the chest
of the Australian, and with the body armour,
the bullet disintegrated and some of that shrapnel
went into the arm of the Australian soldier
that was hit. An Australian security team
shot dead the Afghan officer cadet. The family of a young man who died under the Rudd Government's
home insulation scheme have welcomed progress
on a new inquiry but Labor has questioned the motive
of the Coalition's investigation, which could compel Kevin Rudd
to give evidence. As prime minister, Kevin Rudd was central
to the home insulation program and the Government
wants him to come clean on why it went so tragically wrong. If there's evidence to be given
by anyone, then it should be given
and under oath, no apologies. Draft terms of reference
for the Coalition's judicial inquiry reveal Mr Rudd
could be forced to give evidence. When I see draft terms of reference being leaked out
to Sunday newspapers, I do think that does question whether this is
more a political process. The Greens have no doubt. Oh, look, it's purely political. Tony Abbott promised
to establish the inquiry within a month
of winning government, despite eight other investigations
that have already been conducted. If you're really serious about
making sure it doesn't happen again, let's go back and implement the
things that will protect people now. are making electrical
safety switches mandatory nationwide and a public awareness campaign about the dangers
of installing insulation batts. The Government denies
leaking details of the inquiry and Kevin Rudd's office says
he won't be commenting on them. But it's not a political stoush that the families
of the victims are interested in. Peter Koutsoukis represents
the family of Mitchell Sweeney, one of four workers killed. What they're concerned about is to ensure that this never happens
again to another family. First it was service stations, now the supermarket giants
are preparing to take on the cafe industry. Coles and Woolworths will branch out
into the barista business while promising another cut
to the national grocery bill. As the majors square-off
in the battle of the... (BEEP!)'s been... Hi! ..little green dot versus... SONG: # Down, down... # ..big red hand. World-famous chef... Exclusively for Coles. ..against world-famous chef. In a Woolworths near you. But the bottom line
is the bottom line. About a third of our customers
have told us the main reason they choose us
is because of price. Since May,
in addition to weekly specials, Woolworths has been
introducing discounts to last at least six months. It's just added 62 more products with shopping list regulars
the headliners. They tend to discount say staples
like chicken or beef to get you into the store hoping you're going to spend more, so it's critical you write a list,
stick to it. The company insists
suppliers benefit from the new
longer-term discounting. Customers are really reacting to it. They love the reduced prices so that means we're buying more
from our vendors. We're buying more from our farmers. As the big two
gear up for Christmas, there's a new battleground - coffee. Woolworths already putting baristas
in supermarkets, Coles also planning coffee shops
in store. Choice says you should always
keep your eye on the price. As consumers, the only loyalty we
should show is to the family budget. It's been a dangerous day
of motor racing on the Gold Coast with a number of drivers somehow
escaping serious injury in some big crashes. In the Aussie Cars category,
Grant Ludbey was forced into a wall. As he spun out of control,
his Falcon disintegrated, leaving only the metal frame
to protect him. Incredibly,
he walked from the wreckage and had words with the other driver
involved in the smash. And there was more carnage
in the utes race. COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's in the wall!
Massive crash! Adam Mardrum
is in the Auto One car! The race was called off -
luckily, no-one was seriously hurt. We'll have all the action from
the main event, the V8 Supercars, later in sport.

Still to come in Seven News - Saudi women defy authorities
in a driving protest. Violent protests in Brazil
as students demand free transport. And thousands
walk across Sydney's bridges to raise money for charity.

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Emergency services in Melbourne
have carried out a mass evacuation after a train broke down
in a middle of a tunnel Passengers were plunged
into an eerie semi-darkness after their train dislodged
and damaged overhead wiring on the City Loop. A second train
which was travelling behind was also evacuated. All up, around 100 people were
forced to walk out along the tracks to safety.

Women across Saudi Arabia have
participated in a day of action to protest against a long-running
ban on female drivers. In a rare show of defiance, women posted videos
of themselves driving online, despite official warnings
to stay off the road. Saudi Arabia
is the last country in the world where women aren't allowed to drive. But Azizah al-Yousef
was one Saudi women who took a stand by getting behind the wheel. She got her licence two years ago
overseas but could be arrested
for driving in her home country. (SPEAKS ARABIC) "My choice is to drive my car. "I tried it. It's safe. "So why should I be deprived
of that right?" she says. We just asked every women who has a driving licence
and is able to drive to go out. The website for the day of action
was hacked but defiant women
posted videos online. Some even got signs of support
from male drivers. And this music video parody
was viewed more than 300,000 times. (SINGS) # No woman, no drive. # It's a basic human right. There is absolutely no reason
in the world that we cannot drive. Not so
according to conservative leaders. (SPEAKS ARABIC) This cleric says driving
could damage women's ovaries. It's not about driving,
it's about control. It's not about driving,
it's about control, to remind the woman
that we are controlling you. But it could be
a long road to equality. The government shows no sign of
letting women take the drivers seat. Protesters have gone on a rampage
in Brazil's largest city during a rally demanding
free public transport for students. Hundreds of demonstrators
attacked a bus station in Sao Paulo, setting fire to a bus and destroying
cash and ticket machines. Major city streets were blocked
during the riot. Authorities fired tear gas
into the crowd before arresting dozens of people. Europe's tallest
and most active volcano has erupted again, putting on a spectacular show. Sicily's Mount Etna spewed
red-hot lava into the air and sent plumes of smoke
over the Italian Island. and sent plumes of smoke
over the Italian island. but there were disruption
to flights. The eruption was preceded
by several earth tremors. Mount Etna's last major eruption
was in 1992 but activity is almost constant. It's been a superb day for those of us taking part
in Sydney's annual 7 Bridges Walk. I was lucky
to join around 12,000 people who stepped out into the sunshine to raise money
for the Cancer Council. The charity event covers 27km
and crosses seven bridges. It's now in its eighth year and organisers say today's walk is expected to raise
at least $500,000.

Sport now with Ryan Phelan and, Ryan, the Kangaroos off to
a great start in the World Cup. Fergo, the big names
got the job done but England's campaign goes
from bad to worse. Why Burgess' hit could place
his campaign in jeopardy. Plus, the Shinji show dazzles as the Wanderers
steal bragging rights. And plenty of carnage
on the Gold Coast as the bikes flip out in Japan.

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Good evening. The Kangaroos have survived
a brutal World Cup opener against England while Sam Burgess could be suspended
for a high shot on Sam Thaiday. Italy downed Wales 32-16, while the Aussies came from behind
to win by 8 points.

Victory always tastes sweet but the Kangaroos had to wait
a long time for this one as the opening ceremony
at the 2013 Rugby League World Cup was followed by some early fireworks
on the field. COMMENTATOR:
Oh, Scott is taken high! Almost an old-fashioned
coat hanger! Scott recovered
but Australia's defence didn't when England went wide. Hall for the corner!
They won't stop him! And their dream start continued when this kick
was allowed to bounce. The coach's concerns only eased when Greg Inglis gave Sam Tomkins a taste of what he'll face
in the NRL. Inglis has got it -

Inglis the thief! The Australians
stole two more tries before halftime and then one straight after
the break to take control. Should score, Morris -
Morris! I was happy with the composure
showed by the boys. To be able to fight their way
back into that game was superb. But South Sydney's Sam Burgess made sure England
went down swinging. Here he comes. Whooska! It's rugby league, you know,
it doesn't look pretty but guess
we'll just leave it to the judiciary to see what happens there. I don't remember it. He came and said sorry to me and he checked on me again
after the game Rookie Andrew Fifita
just delighted to have won on debut. I'm sitting there going,
"Wow, this is unbelievable." It's one of the best feelings. All 17 Kangaroos
who didn't play here tonight All 7 Kangaroos
who didn't play here tonight will get their shot against Fiji and after such a sluggish start
to the tournament, coach Tim Sheens will want to see
a massive improvement next week. In the second match,
Italy run away from Wales.

Guerra the dummy - still going -
beautiful ball out wide÷! And join me as all the action
continues from 2:30 tomorrow morning with Papua New Guinea and France
followed by New Zealand and Samoa. It's all live,
free and in HD on 7mate. Wanderers marquee man Shinji Ono has inflicted more pain
on Sydney FC, the star import guiding
Western Sydney to a comprehensive 2-0 win
at Allianz Stadium. It's only a year old but this rivalry is already the envy
of other codes. The atmosphere
was actually unbelievable. As good as anything I've seen
and better than last year. It's great for the game. Well, I hope that it continues
that way as well. The Red and Black Bloc
ensured a 40,000 strong crowd and with Alessandro Del Piero
sidelined with calf injury, the visitors
made themselves at home. COMMENTATOR: In the back of the net
it goes! Ono's free-kick pinpoint, the finishing just as good
from La Rocca. 15 minutes later, the star import
did it all on his own. Oh, no! 2-0 Western Sydney. Ono's solo effort broke Sydney and gave the Wanderers
and their fans their first win of the season, the party stretching all the way
back to Blacktown. (ALL SING)

And Luis Suarez produced
a stunning hat-trick overnight to help Liverpool smash West Brom
4-1 in the Premier League. The future
of the International Rules series is in doubt after Australia was humiliated
by Ireland in the second test. going down 116 to 37.

The all-Indigenous side
lost the two tests by an aggregate of 101 points - the heaviest defeat in the history
of the hybrid series. A century from Ashes hopeful
Usman Khawaja has guided Queensland to victory
over New South Wales in the Ryobi Cup final. David Warner's push
for his fourth ton of the tournament ended controversially. He was given out
caught off a Ryan Harris no-ball. Steve Smith gave fans at North
Sydney Oval some catching practice before falling to a Khawaja
screamer. Khawaja's century ensured
the 318-run target was always within sight for the
Bulls. Chris Lynn finished the job. COMMENTATOR: Out of the park!
Six runs! Queensland has won the Ryobi Cup! And with wet weather hampering
the series in India, the Aussies moved indoors
to play some football. Long-time favourite
Puissance De Lune is out of the Melbourne Cup after pulling up lame
from the Cox Plate. Gai Waterhouse's bid
for a first Cup win is on target - her stayer Fiorente
is a firm favourite following his courageous third
yesterday. Is this, perhaps,
the most confident you've felt going into the Cup for a while? Probably, yes. Shamus Award, the first maiden
to win the Cox Plate since 1922, pulled up in perfect order today. Ford driver David Reynolds
has broken through for his first V8 Supercar victory. The 28-year-old started from pole in today's
second Gold Coast 600 race then took full advantge of
James Courtney's broken steering arm to record his maiden win. Deano did a fantastic job. Come on, Deano. Come over here, Ace! Oh, no, I don't kiss men! Craig Lowndes and Warren Luff took
out the inaugural Endurance Cup. MotoGP championship leader
Marc Marquez has recovered from a heavy fall
in practice to finish second
at the Japanese Grand Prix. Jorge Lorenzo took
the chequered flag, closing to within 13 points of
Marquez with one round remaining. The support races were littered
with heavy crashes. COMMENTATOR: And that's
a huge high side! It's Issac Vinales,
has taken down Luis Salom! Just what you didn't want to happen! Three riders were caught
in a heavy pile-up at the start of the Moto-2 race. All riders somehow managed
to escape serious injury. The Kings have gone down to NBL pace-setters
the Perth Wildcats at the Kingdome this afternoon. Led by gun import James Ennis, the Wildcats dominated the final
quarter, winning by 10 points. COMMENTATOR: Upstairs!
Oh, my, James Ennis! Showtime here in Sydney! Sydney's two losses this season have
come against the unbeaten Wildcats.

Back to rugby league, that is big

news with Sam Burch has possibly been suspended. The judiciary charges come out tomorrow morning at about 11am. Possibly he could face judiciary on Tuesday.

Stay with Seven News. I'll have the back to work weather
details right after the break.

It was a cool
and slightly overcast spring day.

And along the coast it was
slightly cooler. Around the
nation tomorrow - it'll be partly cloudly
in Brisbane. Showers in Canberra, Melbourne,
Hobart and Adelaide. A fine day
ahead for Perth. On our waters:

There's the likelihood
of a brief shower overnight with showers increasing
tomorrow morning. It should reach 24 in the city, 26 at Parramatta, 28 at Penrith and 21 in the mountains. And those welcome showers
should continue on Tuesday before the fine weather returns
on Wednesday and continues through That's Seven News for this Sunday.
I'm Mark Ferguson. Now here's 'The X Factor'
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