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(generated from captions) for the next couple of years. He's indignant about what's being said about the expenditure that's been going on. But you can't get away from the fact, if you have been in the job for 12 years and the team loses four Ashes series in a row, where does it leave him? Malcolm and Richard, thank you very much. Pleasure. And that's all for this condensed edition of Meet the Press. You'll find a transcript of this program shortly on our website - I'm Kathryn Robinson. Thanks for your company. See you next week.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight - firefighters and residence turn out to cheer the Danish royal couple as they tour the NSW' bushfire zone. An Australian soldier wounded after an Afghan soldier turns and opens fire. A Brisbane man lucky to be alive after being pulled unconscious from a burning house. And - the V8 Supercars storm the streets of Surfers Paradise. ANNOUNCER: This is Ten Eyewitness News with Hermione Kitson. Good evening. First tonight - they're the royal couple who have travelled around the world to celebrate the birthday of one house. But instead they've found themselves bringing comfort to hundreds who have lost their own homes. On day four of the royal tour, Princess Mary and the Crown Prince of Denmark visited areas devastated by the NSW bushfires. Kimberley Soekov spent the day following the royals before tonight's gala event. She joins us now. After such a difficult week, how did locals react?They were overwhelmed that the royal couple would care so much about them and what they've been through. There was no glitz and glamour or pomp and ceremony. Princess Mary was just there in her Janes and sneakers mingling with some fellow Australians who have had a really tough week and a half.On Winmalee's worst affected street, the magnitude of this disaster began to sink in.It's hard to see the effects of the devastating people, in the people that are standing here today, and that it's got their homes but the most important things is that the people have their lives.Prince Frederik asked the commissioner about the logistics of evacuations. Princess Mary wanted everyone to know she cared.The fire, the volunteers, the people from the community, all doing their bit, it's just incredible and such a testament to the spirit of this community. Spirit that was lifted by the unscheduled royal visit.(APPLAUSE) In true Aussie form, it was bloody awesome. It's great to see them. It's good.It's been a big disaster. You know, it's great to have her here to remind us that, you know, just because something strikes us down doesn't mean we can't get back up and be a good community together. Princess Mary said she'd watched the disaster here at Winmalee unfold on the news in Denmark and felt compelled to come and meet the people of this community. And, more importantly, thank the firefighters one by one.You simply cannot put a price on how uplifting and how important their presence is today. But also their time.And they had plenty of that for every one affected by the fires. Tonight will be very difficult to how the royal couple spent their day. They'll be arriving shortly at the Sydney Opera House for 40th anniversary >ahrafplt it will be an all- Australian line-up, a wonderful concert and we'll have the highlights in tomorrow's news. Thanks. An Australian soldier has been wounded after a member of Afghanistan's national security force opened fire on NATO troops, just outside the capital. The incident occurred at a facility where NATO personnel help train future Afghan army officers. Leah Craven reports. It's one of the most insidious threats facing Australian troops here in Afghanistan. What's known as a green on blue attack. It's when an Afghan soldier turns his gun on the international troops who are working here to help them. Saturday morning, at an Afghan National Army officer training centre in Kabul, a New Zealand man was shot in the foot by his Afghan colleague. There was an Australian there providing security, what's known as a guardian angel. He returned fire and shot the Afghan man dead. There was an Australian who was injured in the attack. He suffered a shrapnel wound. The commanding officer here says it shows the guardian angel system is working. It has worked as it should. As the threat developed, and it happened very quickly, the guardian angel has responded and escalated quickly to deal with the threat he saw. Managing the relationship between the Afghan National Army and the international troops they work with is one of the most difficult elements of this mission.Our mission here is to train, advise and assist the Afghan national security force asz that -- forces and that requires proximity, trust in the relationship.This week Channel Ten spent timeed with armed Afghan soldiers. In one instance we didn't wear body armour as a show of trust. Travelling with American troops we were advised to wear protective gear at all times. As Australian troops prepare to leave this base, they've been warned to be vigilant. The commanding officer says the home stretch can often be the most dangerous so they've been warned to keep their guard up at all times. A -- three. -- a 20- year-old Queensland man is in intensive care after a fire ripped through a house in Brisbane overnight. And as Isabella Robinson discovered, police are treating the blaze as suspicious. At about 11 last night, a shock for the two people sleeping inside this home. When suddenly they were surrounded by fire.Heard a couple of bangs and some glass breaking. So immediately saw some smoke and flames.Geordie Meek was first on scene and able to help one of them, Chris Conlon, escape.Yeah, I was probably halfway up the stairs when he was coming - when I got his attention and got him to come out through the front door.Another man was trapped inside the bedroom at the back of the house.As we went inside we could hear sounds inside of a person who was yelling to get out. Our crews were able to force entry into the rear of the building. The 20-year-old suffering smoke -- suffering is smoke inhalation and minor burns has -- burns was quartered out and taken to hospital in a critical condition.A boy is in hospital fighting for his life. Has no home.None of these kids have a house.Chris's family and Geordie Meek returned this morning. He's lucky to be alive, if it wasn't for the guy who saved him.A neighbour says her husband heard a bang, someone running and a car driving off, a thought which angers the family.My boy could have been dead this morning. And we've got his mate, you know, we're just as worried for him. He's fighting for his life in hospital now.The fire was so powerful it caused part of the roof to explode. Neighbours on -- neighbours on both sides of the property have pieces of asbestos scattered think their front yard. Investigations are continuing. A 6- year-old boy has died in a playground accident. A metal slippery dip fell on the child as he was playing in a small country town in South Australia's mid-north. Paramedics were called but he died at the scene.Everybody is devastated in what's happened and everybody - it's a close community and everybody knows everybody, so it's a bit hard to take in at the moment.The slide has been seized but police say there are no suspicious circumstances. Is man is recovering in hospital after being hit by a cab in Sydney. The 28- year-old was trying to cross busy George Street in the city when he was struck by the vehicle. He was thrown onto the bonnet and his head smashed the windscreen on the passenger side. Paramedics frantically worked on the man before rushing him to hospital with serious head injuries. He's in a stable condition. The taxidriver is speaking to police. He hasn't been charged. Victorian police have condemned the actions of a group of youths involved in a wild brawl that left a police officer and another man unconscious. Up to 100 people were involved in the fight that took place in Melbourne early this morning. Rory McClaren has more. Threatening and hectic is how police describe the large mob they confronted about 4:30 this morning. Between 50 and 100 people at the scene. Some cooperative and others reasonably aggressive.The brawl erupted at a popular nightclub strip in Melbourne's inner east. More than 20 officers were needed to break up the fight. One sergeant punched unconscious in the process. It's an absolute disgrace what's happened to a member of our organisation who's just there doing his job, and you know, my understanding is he was trying his very best to control the system - the situation.A man aged in his 20s suffered critical head injuries. He remains in hospital. It's believed the fight started in a car park before spilling on to the road. Locals say it's a common occurrence. Fights all the time. Everyone gets drunk and they wanna fight.First thing I heard was the sirens. That's not unusual and there was siren after siren, about eight or nine cars.Two men were arrested at the scene.Those males were, we believe, to be of African descent. Police have not ruled out making more arrests. A variety of CCTV footage has been taken by investigators and witnesses to the fight have been urged to come forward. Late this afternoon one of the men was charged with affray. He was bailed to face court next year. A number of men have been injured during a fight on the Gold Coast. It's believed two people had an argument, left a party and when they returned one was armed with a hammer. They then struck another man on the head before a bigger fight broke out. In total, four people were taken to hospital with minor injuries. So far no-one's been charged. There are calls for Australia's national anti-racism strategy to be stretening. It comes after a group of young men attacked Jewish families walking home from a synagogue in Sydney on Friday night. Two 17-year-olds faced court today. Another man will face court in December. The Race Commissioner has also condemned the attack. It's been another drama-filled day of street racing on the Gold Coast with crowds lapping up the final day of the GC600. Sarah joins us live with more. How was ta action on day three?There were some spectacular crashes earlier in the day, and luckily no-one was hurt. But that added to the thrill for V8 fans who flocked to Surfers Paradise to take in the atmosphere. There were plenty of weary revellers and a couple of sore heads amongst the crowd as it was the finale to what has been a very big week here on the Gold Coast. While we don't have official crowd numbers yet, organisers say they're confident that we'll be on par with last year's event which had around 182,000 people attend over the three days. Now, being that it is such a massive event, there's been a strong police presence around the track precincts, an extra 400 officers, and the feedback we have received from them is there has been no major hassles and generally everyone was very well behaved. So as the dust settles on the track for another year, the party will no doubt continue into the night for some and there's always next year to look forward to with the State Government recently renewing the contract for the event for another three years.Good news. Thank you for the update. Still to come on Ten - a big rise in the number of children being raised by their grandparents. Plus - coming clean - senior Labor figures called to answer over the failed pink batts scheme. Plus - the Kangaroos bounce back after a slow start against the old enemy in Cardiff to kick-off their World Cup attack. Plus - Prince William enters the debate over racism in sport. 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little helpers. Melbourne's train network has been thrown into chaos this afternoon after a train his wires on the underground city loop, shutting down the network. Emergency services had to come to the rescue of 80 passengers on pwaofrpltd Matt Gallant joins us now. -- board rplt Matar Matar joins us now. Was --. Matt Gallant join us u -- joins us. Were anyone injured?No. But they were scared. Six were disabled and having to be wheelchaired out of the station. The drama unfolded at around three o'clock, between Parliament Station and Melbourne Central. It was at the pentograph which collects the train's power. That got tangled in the cables and people have spoken on the train of feeling a thud and seeing plenty of sparks. Footage captured by people as well as what has been captured by the media shows all the passengers being led single file through the underground train network, coming up into Melbourne Central and everyone saying the ordeal was very frightening.Shower of sparks. At the pentograph. All down the side of the train and then stopped.The main thing that was frightening was we were in a tunnel. I think if we were outside it would have been fine but you got the claustrophobic feeling.A very frightening ordeal for a Sunday afternoon. The line was shutdown with expected delays and shutdowns happening hours aeuft happened. It took crews 35 minutes to free everybody who was stranded and now it's up to Metro trains to the -- trains to investigate the cause behind this. It doesn't happen often but thankfully no injures but there's investigations which have to come from there. -- this.Thank you. Labor has questioned if any inquiry into the bungled home insulation scheme will be a political witch-hunt. details reveal Kevin

And then... So-and-so. That is nice that they remember you. For her, that is enough. The scrapper and say these are the first time they had been probably recognised for a lifetime of work. -- these grandparents. It is written in addition that they clearly deserve, in a modern era where they are being relied on to do more. We are becoming a very busy society. There is no doubt about that. My mother is 83 years of age.She helps enormously with our youngest children. While all grandchildren eventually grow up, one thing you can count on.They were never outgrow their grandparents' kisses. Joining us now for an update on all the weather details. Some lingering cloud around to date, threatened to dampen our weekend, but there was no rain in it for most of the states and territories. It was a very different story on the North Coast of NSW last night. 20mm in just 10 second -- 10 minutes. Moreton Island recorded 41mm. Brisbane remained dry. A top temperature, right on average. After 12 consecutive days of above average temperatures, Sydney levelled out today. A high of 22 is right on the normal for October. It was mostly sunny. The chance of some showers this evening. A chilly start on Sunday for Canberra. It was five degrees below average. A little warm overnight with a bit of rainfall, but probably do not register much. It is clear to a partly cloudy day. It was a rather cloudy Sunday for Adelaide, but no real rain

real rain
with a bounce in their step, Aussie fans were feeling confident. Although the English were in full voice as well.They are very cocky, aren't they? No chance. Australia's turn today.The Australians had additional support, Welsh fans happy to cheer on any team capable of beating the English. The event cohost came out firing. Scoring the first two tries of the match. It sparked a Kangaroos of fightback. And they owned the victory, although the score was a bit too close for comfort.It was close and kept everyone on their seats. Room for improvement as the Aussies try to win the World Cup for a tense time. Wales is very much rugby union territory rather than league, and the tournament has struggled to attract interest, but organisers say they are encouraged by the 1st-day crowds.Good size for Australia. Up next, a very special moment in a very young life of Prince George. Plus, a new battle of the bulge being waged in European supermarkets. In sport, we will have a full match wrapup of the Kangaroos' victory over England. Carnage on the Gold Coast. More on the V8 Supercars after the break. SONG: 'ALMOST THERE'
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News. Explosive claims that the US has been spying on the German Chancellor has triggered a diplomatic crisis. 'Der Spiegel' magazine claims secret documents confirm Angela Merkel has been under surveillance from 2002 until as recently as this year. So far the US government has denied all the allegations. But German intelligence officials are not satisfied and will travel to Washington to seek an explanation. Prince William has raised the controversial issue of facism in sport at the 150th anniversary dinner for the English Football Association in London. The event was staged at the same rooms where the founding fathers of English football first met in 1863. His comments were in support of the FIFA President, who wants tougher sanctions against racism in sport. I am proud of the work of kick out, which is also celebrating Anderlecht verseery, it's 20th, this year. There is, sadly, more work to do, but it is heartening to see how seriously the FA takes stamping the blight of racism and discrimination how the of football. The duke of Cambridge is also the social's President. Staying in Britain where the royal couple has he leased another official photo of Prince George. It shows the third in line to the throne looking happy in the arms of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It comes after a full family picture was released showing the four future monarchs together for if first time since 1894. Prince George was christened last week in a service attended by just 22 guests. The women of Saudi Arabia are literally taking to the streets protesting for more freedom in the Arab state. Saudi women are posting videos of themselves driving in a bid to force to government to lift its fan on female drivers. While there's no law that directly bans women at the wheel, there is an official government order. So far five women have been caught driving in the country's capital and detained until being handed over to their male guardians to be dealt with. There are increasing tensions tonight between Japan and China. Khao has warned Japan not to underestimate its resolve to take whatever measures necessary to protect itself. The comment came after the Japanese Prime Minister said Japan was ready to be more assertive towards China. Relations have deteriorated in the past year. The main sticking point being conflicting claims to unsettled islands in the east China sea. A health revolution is under way in the UK. Leading supermarkets and food manufacturers have joined a voluntary scheme to put the -- cut the amount of fat in their products but health groups say it doesn't go far enough. For healthy eaters the supermarket hel shelves can be a minefield - too much salt, sugar, calories and carbohydrates. Now ministers want us to put saturated fats on the worry lists.Chocolates, and others, it's bad.Mon know saturated, not so sure if it's good. What do you know about saturated fats?Not a lot.Does it worry you? Yes. If you have a weight problem it's a worry.The government believes more than 2,500 lives a year could be saved if the nation cut its intake of saturated fat by 15%. Necessary lay is one of the organisations which has signed up to the government's campaign. It won't make kit cat a healthy option but a less unhealthy one. Taking saturated fat out of processed food may be one answer. A radical change in our diet is another option.I don't think you need a cardiologist to tell you that a donut isn't a health food. What you need to do to reduce your risk of heart taoe is to adopt a diet low in animal tphad, so-called Mediterranean tkaoeurt, which is rich in olive oil, fruit, nuts, oily fish and less meat. Ministers insist the so-called responsibility deal with the food industry is at least a start. But they admit it's a work in progress. Still to come - the man recognised for his many decades of fundraising work. Plus - the next generation of guide dogs gets the tick of approval. And a thrill for one of Beyonce's fans as she serenades her idol. (SINGS) # Three little letters

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Updating tonight's top stories - hundreds of people from the Blue Mountains affected by recent bushfires have had a morale boost following a visit from Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary. An Australian soldier has survived a shooting attack by an Afghan soldier during a meeting just outside Kabul. And a 6-year-old boy has died in a playground accident in a small country town in SA after a metal slippery dip collapsed on the child while he played. An 85-year-old from country Victorian has received the state's top honour for volunteer work. Darell Benjamin has raised almost $1 million for the Royal Children's Hospital over 35 years. He received the award at Dame Elisabeth Murdoch's property, Cruden Farm. Rupert Murdoch was there for the ceremony. I have never before been in front of such a distinguished gathering. I hope I don't put my foot in it. He dedicated his award to the people in his hometown. Proud pet lovers have gathered to celebrate the graduation of some top dogs in Melbourne. The well behaved pups received the tick of approval after passing an intensive guide dog training course with flying colours. Sharnelle Vella was there. They may look like regular dogs but these pedigrees are more than just pretty faces.He's one of my family. He's my best mate.Andy Stewart's vision began to deteriorate eight years ago. He was just 61. The impairment stripping him of his job and sending his world into a spin.I was like a mushroom in the corner. I didn't want to go anywhere. I didn't want to know anybody.After using a cane for seven years a friend convinced Andy a guide dog would change his life. And last November, that's exactly what Topper did.After two years of training today Topper reached a milestone of his own. We've got over 70 dogs graduating today which is very exciting and they'll graduate as either guide dogs, pets as therapy dogs or companion dogs.And Andy couldn't be prouder, happily giving back to the foundation that gave him so much.I'd like you to put that in the piggy bank for guide dogs. Well, that's very, very generous of you.It takes two years and $30,000 to raise a dog to graduation level but for the owners of these precious pups it's time and money well spent. Working dogs were also on show in Melbourne, their owners also say they couldn't get by without man's best friend.When they're trained properly and when they're good quality working dogs, they're well respected and very, very important.They're also very much loved.

There has been a 1st-time winner at the Gold Coast 600. David Reynolds is celebrating his first ever BA to win. On a day the Ford driver will never forget. The tight circuit ensuring the panel beaters will be busy. All the action after the break. Billy Slater helps the Kangaroos to a win. Is he for real? Khawaja pulls off an unbelievable catch. Was it enough to bring down the blues? Hungry Jack's Outlaw Menu, with Outlaw burgers, curly fries and a caramel choc sundae. The Outlaw Menu will leave you
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Good evening. The Kangaroos have vowed to improve after overcoming a sluggish start to beat England in the opening clash of the Rugby League World Cup. Man of the match Johnathan Thurston inspiring an Aussie fightback while England's Sam Burgess could be in hot water with the judiciary.

Australia's decision not to play a warm-up match left them full of voice.Our land is girt by sea. But empty of ideas as England flanked them in the eighth minute. They won't stop him.The Aussies were caught flat footed again soon after.

Trailing 10-0, the Kangaroos needed to bounce back and Greg Inglis provided the springboard.

Thurston then delivered a perfect flat ball for Greg Bird to cross. With their noses now in front, Billy Slater peeped his through the line to give the visitors an 8-point lead at the break.

A well rehersed scum-base move ensured Australia made a better start to the second half.

George Burgess crashed over to keep the hosts in the match while brother Sam was lucky to remain on the park.

He could be off. Sam Burgess. For England. He here comes.He avoided an early shower but England couldn't avoid defeat, with Darius Boyd closing it out.

The future of the International Rules series is again under a cloud after Australia were humiliated by Ireland in the second and final test match. The all India genocide started physically, but it was the Irish or muscled their way. -- indigenous. Ireland piled on more misery. The victory sealing the series 2-0. Once again we were outplayed, outclassed by an unbelievable team. We could not handle it. Ireland won the series by a combined total of 101 points, the biggest ever margin between the two teams. A Renfe and says they will changes have rejuvenated the 50 over game. As the Aussies trained indoors after game five against India was washed out, Finch said he's not surprised by the high scores in the series so far.300s are almost becoming a pass to score. We will get to the point where 400 will be chased. That shows how much the game has changed over the last 20 years. Australia leads the series 2- one with two games remaining. Usman Khawaja spearheaded Queens land to a five wicket win. David Warner missed out but Nic Maddinson didn't, top scoring with 76. But the highlight of the innings, a brilliant catch from Usman Khawaja to remove Steve Smith Khawaja then did the job with the bat, hitting a superb 104 in the chase for 318 to win.Taken in the most amazing fashion.The visitors were left needing 47 from the final four overs. Thanks to some big hitting, the Bulls got home with five balls to spare. Liverpool has jumped to second place in the EPL after a stunning hat-trick from Luis Suarez helped the Reds to a 4-1 win over West Brom. Arsenal's Mikel Arteta went from hero to villian as the Gunners maintained top spot with a 2-0 win over Crystal Palace, reducing his side to 10 men after checking Palace's Marouane Chamakh. This is a big call. Last man. A red card.Two late second-half goals saved Man United from an embarrassing home defeat against Stoke. Javier Hernandez sealing a 3-2 win. Goals are hard to come by today in the A-League with Perth and Melbourne Heart scoreless at halftime in NIB Stadium. Newcastle's goalless season has continued with a 0-0 draw against Wellington. The Jets had their opportunities but were unable to find the back of the net. A second minute strike has given the Central Coast Mariners a 1-0 victory over Adelaide United, and the Western Sydney Wanderers have taken out the local derby with a 2-0 win over the Sky Blues.

Sky Blues.
It was a dramatic day of racing at the Gold Coast 600. The Surfers Paradise street circuit can be brutal and unforgiving and today drivers from all categories were feeling the pain.

There are cars everywhere. This is bad. This is nasty. There are cars strewn all across the road.First the little Aussie racing cars. Then the utes pushed too hard, coming off second best against the concrete walls.A massive crash. He has ploughed into the back.Carnage and chaos before the V8s lined up for the final race of the weekend, with David Reynolds starting from pole position. Tim Slade was lucky to avoid serious damage after a first lap spin. While up front James Courtney applied the pressure as Warren Luff was being pushed out of the way.

The carnage continued when Shane Van Gisbergen had nowhere to go but into the back of Scott Pye's Holden. A safety car double stack in the pits cost Craig Lowndes, While disaster struck for James Courtney, leading the race and his steering broke. He has gone off the road. He has got a drama. There is a new leader and it is David Reynolds. The Ford driver holding on for a milestone result. He will be on the top step of the podium for the first time in his career. Fabian Coulthard took second. Russell Ingall learning -- earning a long-awaited podium finish. The MotoGP world title will go down to the final race in Valencia after Jorge Lorenzo held off rookie Marc Marquez in today's Japanese Grand Prix. The nerves were showing early for Marquez who had a big stack in practice just hours before the race. Lorenzo led from start to finish while Marquez pushed hard in second place but couldn't pass for the win.A classic ride from Lorenzo.Lorenzo now sits just 13 points behind Marquez with one race to go in a fortnight. Earlier the Moto2 race was red flagged after a massive crash on opening lap. Britain's Scott Redding was taken to hospital with a broken arm. Sebastian Vettel can wrap up the Formula One world title in India tonight. The German will start from pole for the seventh time this season. He only needs to finish fifth or better to secure his fourth straight world crown.I am trying not to think about it. Obviously it is difficult when every second person in the paddock asked you the same question. I think we are in a good position. We have worked hard to be there. We have a quick package so we should be in good shape.Vettel's Red Bull teammate Mark Webber qualified fourth fastest. Fellow Aussie Daniel Ricciardo will start from 11th. You can see how they go in the Indian grand prix, live and exclusive tonight on one. And game three of baseball's World Series has ended in dramatic circumstances. Tied at four apiece in the bottom of the ninth, St Louis scored on an obstruction call at third base, costing Boston the game and handing the Cardinals a 2-1 series lead.

2-1 series lead.The umpires going to make a call.Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks getting in the way of Cardinals batter Allen Craig. The series stays in St Louis for game four tomorrow night. The normally tranquil surrounds of Sydney's Centennial Park were replaced by the deafening thunder of these fearless skateboarders. Some pushed the boundaries too far and paid a painful consequence but it was just what the organisers wanted.You want to scare people. You want half the people to turn up and go, I can't write it. You are pushing people's limits.The BoarderX Series is a world first skateboarding race with up to 32 international riders competing for the World Championship. But they've already won our Play of the Day. Hopefully that makes them feel a bit better. Coming up next, all the weather details.

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Good evening.

and Tasmania. A cooler, gusty and
mainly dry change. Tomorrow in Queensland, expect light showers in the tropics and the south-east. Possible thunderstorms inland. Isolated showers also ahead

Possible thunderstorms inland.
Isolated showers also ahead in the south and east of NSW, and expect warm and gusty winds in the far west. Travelling south, Victoria, light patchy showers are forecast through the state. Down in Tasmania, light showers are on the way for central and northern areas. Across to SA, light showers are forecast in the south. They are heaviest in the south-east. Hot and dry in the north. Very hot in northern and central areas of WA. Isolated showers in the south. Steamy through the NT. Brisbane, prepared for some scattered showers and thunderstorms on Tuesday. The storms will ease, but showers are likely to persist until Thursday. I hope you make the most of your dry weekend, Sydney, because showers are forecast for early in the week. There is also the chance of a thunderstorm on Monday. The sun will not make itself felt until Friday. Canberra is also in for showers early next week. The force will be light. No more than a few millimetres. They should clear in the middle of the week. Sunny days until next weekend. This does not look appealing for Melbourne. The showers will be rather constant through the week. But they will not be too heavy. There is the chance of a thunderstorm on Monday. Hobart, a partly cloudy Tuesday. It would deteriorate into isolated showers on Wednesday. They will hang around on Thursday, mainly in the morning. Morning showers also for Adelaide, but they should clear to a partly cloudy day on Monday. The cloud will hang around on Tuesday before we get some sunshine midweek. Quite lovely next week in the west. Sunny on Monday and Tuesday, there will be a little cloud around on Wednesday and Thursday, but no real chance of showers. An unsettled week for Darwin. Thunderstorms for the first three days. Then rain until Sunday. Temperatures generally between 33 and 34 degrees. That is the week in the weather.

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