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(generated from captions) It takes a bit longer to cook
and you can boil it.


If I didn't have a barbie on hand,

I'd just do a couple of big ones
and boil it.

Beautiful. Look at that.

I'm pretty happy about this, Adrian.
Ready to go.

A glass of wine or apple juice,
or something,

on the balcony around the pool.

Three coloured dips.
You don't need to buy your own dips.

You'll be pretty happy with that
and so will your guests.

And Adrian's going to like it too.

You only put a bit on so you can
taste it. I can put a heap on.

Look at that.
OK. This is the eggplant caviar.

So remember it had anchovy,
garlic...and that's all.

Lemon juice, parsley and salt.

I love the anchovy.
The anchovy is the best part.

You know, I like the garlic.

The garlic is cooked
and is really, really sweet.

I like that. Beautiful.

It's not strong at all.


Yum. Paprika?

You like that?
The corn is really sweet.

And I like the smoked paprika,
it's beautiful, lovely.

See, check out the textures.

You've got blended smooth,
chunky and medium-chunky.

This is going to be really intense,
I reckon.

Beetroot is really, really good
for you.

It sort of rips through everything
and it's great fibre in it.

I'm learning, aren't I?

Put that on toast with honey,
it would be delicious.

I'll have some more of that.
That is really beautiful.

Give them a go.

And it's chunky, too.
Just like peanut butter.

So this is a pretty nice
accompaniment to any barbecue.

Even one of my barbecues.

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Today - shameless - the ABC turns this week's fires into a global warming crusade. Tony Abbott's first 50 days ash a good start or too slow? The man behind the rules for MPs' expenses - what next to cut the rorts? And - checking the claims of professional alarmist Al Gore.When the temperature goes up...I'm Andrew Bolt and this is The Bolt Report. NSW burned this week, and global warmists went mad. Here's a test - what do you see in these pictures? A Prime Minister serving with his fire brigade, helping people? If so, you're normal. But Deputy Greens Leader Adam Bandt cease a Prime Minister actually starting fires, by wanting to scrap the carbon tax. And on the ABC, they saw a hypocrite whose Government made fires worse.They have kicked science out of the Cabinet and defund the the Climate Commission, but Tony's there with a big hose. The ABC was a disgrace. All its main current affairs shows used the fires to push its global warming scare. Another test - what do you see in these pictures? That's my place. Got here too late. What a way to go.We thought we might find a little miracle, one room that might have... Something that...Devastating. I can't describe it. If up haven't been through it...I see. Another Australian bushfire, with people hurt and people helping. But the ABC saw fires so unprecedented that only global warming could explain them. Yes, the fires are bad. They've burned maybe 60,000 hectares. But unprecedented? Coincidentally, the ABC this week screened an art documentary showing this painting of our biggest-known fire - Black Thursday h 1851, which burned not 60,000 hectares but 5 million. We've suffered horrific fires ever since.We had terrible fires in 1939 in Victoria. We had shocking fires in 1983 in South Australia and Victoria. We had terrible fires in Hobart in 1968, something like 70 people were killed on the edges of Hobart. Of course, we had the terrible fires here in Victoria in 2009.No, wait, says the ABC. A firefighter told it these fires were unprecedented. Certainly, the first time bushfires of this magnitude have happened in October.False again. There were big fires in October 1948 and in October 1951, which newspapers called the worst in history. But the ABC. When children were arrested for allegedly lighting some of these fierks even that was global warming.In the circumstances that we've got at the moment with climate change, it gets away when it probably wasn't meant to get away.Mad. These fires weren't bigger or earlier or deadlier. They didn't come after a drought. Three years of good rain had built up the grass. And while Abbott will scrap the carbon tax, he still plans to cut emissions. Not that any tax would make any difference to the global temperature anyway, which, by the way, has not risen for 15 years. Linking these fires to global warming is a con.These fires are certainly not a function of climate change. They're just a function of life in Australia.So, why is the ABC trying to mislead you? Coming up - the Abbott Government promises a big surplus a decade from now. A decade? ! Ah. Big night, eh? No, big day. See, the boss is going to walk
through that door in a bad mood, dump a mountain of work
on my desk, expect it sorted "within an hour", before I race to a meeting,
do a massive presentation, rush back to work,
have to take the stairs, plough through the sales reports,
covering for Jonesy as usual, do a quick session at the gym,
then dinner with the in-laws.


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The Coalition was right about Labor's mad spending and debt. There is now a budget emergency. But this week, Treasurer Joe Hockey told a commission of audit to find savings to produce a big-budget surplus not within, say, three years, but 10. By 2023. Joining me is Professor Sinclair Davidson, an RMIT University economist and head of the influential Catallaxy blog. A 1% increase in 10 years. Mate, that's too far away, surely?It is much, much too far away. I mean, do we expect the budget emergency to be lasting for 10 years? It's just far too slow. And my view is Wayne Swan could have produced a budget surplus in that time and Joe Hockey has gotta be much, much better than Wayne Swan. He's gotta be better than Peter Costello, given the crisis that we're facing around budgetary issues. And I just think the sort of tardy start is just not gonna be doing us any good.Now, I talked to Tony Abbott about it last week, and I saw Joe Hockey being quizzed about it. They're saying, "We will deliver something a bit sooner. " But why not ask the Commission of Audit to hold themselves to that target too, a quicker target?Well, you will remember that Tony Abbott was saying to us, "We should look at what he writes down and not always what he just says. " They've written down a very, very lax target. And we should be holding them to account, saying, "Hang on. Six weeks ago we had a budget emergency and now we've got a 10-year plan. We should be looking at a much quicker plan. " Remember, we've gotta get our comip under control when we get our budget under control. That is the role of government. That's what they were elected for.This is the problem - there's no point asking either of them - they're saying, you can't take the money out of the economy now because it - the economy couldn't take it?Well, I'm not quite convinced that is true, because we know that excessive government spending does actually crowd out the private economy. So if you want the economy to grow you've gotta create space for it to grow and that means the Government has gotta pull back. That's what the terms of reference for the Audit Commission say. Those are fantastic references. If you look at them, you will be filled with hope. And then when you have a look at the 10-year time line, you start thinking, it's not good enough.The references are good. They're saying to the Commission of Audit, don't let Government do what the private sector could do. Instead, cut it outmentAnd don't do what the states should be doing either. That's right. Now, that's right. What should be cut out, then?Well, I think that they've rightly identified that there's lots of dupecation that goes on and that should be the first thing for the chopping block.That's right. Tony Abbott told me, "We're gonna get rid of lots of bureaucrats in health and education. " That sounds fine but that's not where the big bucks are being spent, on public servients. It's on programs.Yes. The problem I have with getting rid of the public servients is they're going down the efficiency dividends route. That is a haphazard way of doing things. When a public servient retires or gets a better job, government spending is cut. You need a process of reducing the size and scope of governmentment and right now that's not what I'm hearing. It seems to be written into the terms of reference, but I would like to see the delivery around that. Don't just reduce the Health Department's employees, cut the Health Department.And cut the functions of Government. The Commission of Audit is headed by Tony Shepherd of the Bpz Council, and on it is former Liberal minister Amanda Vanstone.I'm worried about the composition of the commission. They have got, more or less, insiders and lobbyists. There's not really a deficit Hawke there, a cut government spending Hawke there. I would like to have seen people like maybe Judith Sloane on that commission, asking very hard and tough questions that are not going to be asked right now, I reckon.Meanwhile, the Government says it will raise the Government debt ceiling from $300 billion to $500 billion. Now, that's a hell of a jump, when we should be cutting the debt and cutting spending.66% increase in the debt limit. It is absolutely outrageous. When you're elected, complaining about debt and deficit. 66% increase, now, to be fair, we were going to breach the $300 billion limit by December anyway. So there's a certain amount of momentum that's going to take us through the limit. We're still working to Mr Swan's budget. But to increase it by so much seems to suggest there's gonna be no discipline around the Cabinet table when it comes to cutting spending. They will say, "We've got another $200 billion as a comfort zone. " We don't want comfort zones. We want hard decisions being taken in Canberra.They're not putting hard limits on themselves. I know they mean to do well, but they're not putting hard limits on themselves. Sinclair, thank you.Thank you so much.Coming up - Abbott's first 50 days - sure and (UPBEAT MUSIC)

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It's 50 days since Tony Abbott won the election. Joining me is former Liberal finance minister Nick Minchin and Labor historian Nick Dyrenfurth. 50 days. How has he gone?Well, it won't make me particularly popular in Labor circles, but I think he's done reasonably well. You describe yourself as a be conservative, Andrew. I'm not always sure that that is actually the case. He has behaved as you would expect a small-c conservative to do. He has proceeded in an orderly fashion, cautiously. Quite frankly, I don't really understand the hub bub from some conservative commentators asking him to do something. Why does he need to do something?Why does he need to do something?I admire the fact he's making a stand against the 24-hour news cycle, the pressure from Twitter and social media. And is...Look, I'm quite happy for, you know, keep it calm and build in a moderate and consistent Government and Cabinet consultation, all those things we didn't have under Rudd and Gillard. Happy with that. What I'm not happy about, Nick, is setting really loose deadlines for doing something about the deficit and government spending. This is not good.Well, I think you've misread that. He said... Look, in a communication sense, it was a mistake for them to say 1% GDP surplus in-24. It sounded like we're not gonna have any surpluses until then. What they're trying to avoid is the mistake that Swan made, by putting a pacific year to go back into surplus. They should have said, "We're going back to surplus as quick as we possibly can, with the aim of getting that surplus up to 1% by 23-24. "I accept the 1% target is not - you know, they'll have a surplus before then, a skinny one. The 1% surplus is only $17 billion? You should, 10 years from now? Nick, seriously. That quantum of surplus should be at least three or four years earlier than that.That doesn't recognise the absolute mess the budget is in. I tell ya, turning this thing around is like the 'Titanic'. The size of the deficit and the debt. You have a $40 billion deficit this year and the budget is built on that sort of framework. So, to take that money out without affecting the economic growth and without raising tax assist going to be very difficult.Nick...This bloke, wouldn't he... If it was Labor that said we wouldn't get this sort of deficit under or surplus until 10 years from now, he would be critical, wouldn't he?He probably would. But, again, we've just come out of the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression. It will be a slow rebuild.We didn't come out of... The rest of the world my friend. We didn't come out of a depression. A recession.We left the country in pretty good order. I do agree, this first budget, I hope the Commission of Audit, which they have put in plairks is very tough, and I hope they pick -- place, is very tough. And I hope they pick up a lot. You have gotta do it in your first budget and be tough.I have to say - listen, one of the other things that Labor can learn from the first 50 days of the other government is they have taken the so-called Labor economic record to task. And this is why - this is what the Rudd administration should have done in the first place too in 2007. It should have taken the Howard-Costello years to task. There wasn't much to take to task! The fiscal sloth, the drunken-sailor spending, which essentially led to this country having a structural deficit. Labor did not explain this enough.No-one would have believed it.You might not believe it.It would have been a bit hard to criticise John Howard for spending extra billions when you're spending extra tens of billions. It's interesting what you say. I actually think in the first 50 days Tony Abbott has kept a lid on the politicking. He hasn't really done much out there. He's kept the media engagement very small, until the last few days, Nick. Particularly yesterday, he had a real whack at Bill Shorten for not dropping - not back moves to scrap the carbon tax. Look what he did.The only person in this country right now who is in favour of higher power price assist good old Electricity Bill Shorten. Good old Electricity Bill.Now, that, Nick, is a label, I think, that will stick if Bill Shorten doesn't scrub this whole commitment to the carbon tax.Well, I just praise Tony Abbott. It's good to see he's moved on from 3-word slogans to 2-word slogans. But that isn't gonna cut it in government. And the fact is that Tony Abbott needs to explain why he is throwing billions and billions of dollars to bay polluters and to put plants in the ground instead of taking moderate, prudent action on climate change. How do you pay polluters? You pay them out of government coffers. In effect, Tony Abbott is running a carbon tax.Well, I don't... The word polluters is rubbish. He's right - that any spending on... It's a lot better than a carbon tax, which is an electricity tax on every family in Australia and every business in Australia and makes them uncompetitive.But the point is Electricity Bill, speaking as a journalist, is a label that will stick. And Bill Shorten has got to ditch the carbon tax.That's my view. If I was a political adviser to the Labor Party, I would be saying to them, "Up cannot afford to be stuck with this thing for the next three years. " They've gotta vote for this repeal, I think, in this Senate. If they don't, I think they will be in deep, dire political trouble.And the appeal, of course, the conservatives will say Bill Shorten doesn't stand for anything.I don't think that's right.I agree that he then has to announce some other sort of social kind of goal to replace this beating heart that climate change has been for Labor. But...He can be a great Democrat. The Labor Party talks about the Democrats now. The people have spoken. The people clearly hate this tax. We brought it in on a lie which we should never have done. Therefore we're gonna vote with the Government to get rid of it.It came into place 2008, 2009. I think the ALP and Bill Shorten has a tough task ahead of itself, rebuilding public opinion in favour of a moderate, sensible, prudent approach to tackling climate change. Anyone can do it. I think Shorten can.That means he will go to the next election promising a great, big tax on power bills. Electricity Bill. It will kill him. To the expenses - you will be pleased. Let's turn the heat back on the Liberals. You actually up designed the new rules about MPs could pay back if...No. I didn't do that.Well, you did some.I cleaned up a mess that we inherited in 1998. I brought in a whole lot of new rules to bring in a new reign of transparency. Before I brought in those rules, nobody knew what MPs were spending on anything. We brought in a full accountability, transparency regime. MPs have to certify to the use of their entitlements that they're within the rules. And that revolutionised this, and that's why you know what MPs reply spending. This is the point I don't know. I appreciate what you've done. I think that was great. But I think it needs to go one step further. I see a Don Randle, Liberal Senator, saying, "Parliamentary business or electorate business, takes me to Cairns. " That's clearly not really the case, is it? Well, shouldn't it be what the business, shouldn't those declarations actually explain what they were doing? Because you can't have this - you can't go up to Cairns, 5,000 bucks and he's inspecting a rental property.Well, two things. At the moment, it's 6-monthly reporting. I would bring in 37-monthly reporting. I think they do need to be more specific about the purpose of their visits. Some MPs mix the public and private. That is always a risk. Senior figures in the Abbott Government used VIP military aircraft to ply to extrafor parliamentary business. $2 million? Fairfax Media... You're trawling back to 10 t 12 years ago, when we were using VIP aircraft, as Cabinet ministers, authorised by the Minister of Defence. This is nonsense. The thing the media should be attacking is Bob Carr pulling this trick of resigning from the Senate eight months before his term even begins.I agree.This is an outrage.We've gotta go, sorry. No time. Nick Minchin, Nick Dyrenfurth, thank you so much for joining me. And coming up - Al Gore gets away with murder on the Right now, you can get Sydney's
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Many ABC presenters never question the global warming scare. Take Annabel Crabb, who this week interviewed professional alarmist Al Gore. Crabb didn't challenge Gore when he falsely likened Tony Abbott to US politicians bribed by big tobacco. Before denying a connection between this week's fires and global warming. Nor did she challenge this.But the science shows, clearly, that when the temperature goes up and when the vegetation and soils dry out, then wildfires become more pervasive.In fact, the world's temperature has been flat for 15 years. And Australia's rainfall has increased. Nor did Crabb correct this.And here in the United States, we had an event called Hurricane Sandy that was devastating.In fact, even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admits there's no proof warming has caused more hurricanes. The ABC should stop preaching and start questioning. And that's the show. Thanks for watching. I'm Andrew Bolt. No fear, no favours. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is captioned live.

Hello and welcome to Meet the Press. I'm Kathryn Robinson. It's the bright and colourful logo that cost taxpayers $4. 6 million. The symbol, designed to herald a new-look Centrelink, was signed off on by the former Labor government and rolled out earlier this year at a time when the budget was already starting to show signs of strain. Was it money well spent or a bad decision that would ultimately lead us to the dire budget position we're in today? Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen is our guest today. Also - just what do you do when you lose everything, literally everything, you own? We meet a family from the Blue Mountains as they begin the process of rebuilding their lives after last week's vicious firestorm. Olympic champion Sally Pearson joins us to talk sport and sponsorship. Why our female athletes are often overlooked for major deals. Two of crickets harshest critics are on the couch to preview the next Ashes series. And life after Kieren - Symantha Perkins on life after surviving a celebrity divorce.I needed to take control and think about myself for a change. That's what I did by signing on with Jenny Craig. But first this morning, Treasurer Joe Hockey's time in opposition was largely spent warning that the nation's budget was spiralling dangerously out of control. This week he moved to fix things by dramatically plunging us further into the red. He also moved to repeal the Milnes Resource Rent Tax, effectively scrapping a number of low-income support schemes. Mr Hockey says it's the only way to fix the mess left by the previous government. Chris Bowen was the Labor government's money man for a short period. Also here today, political editor of, Malcolm Farr, and Tory Shepherd. Good morning to you all.Good morning, Kath.Mr Bowen, reports