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Tonight - Darwin's ghost town, the battle to make use empty defence homes.Financing has been absolutely hell.And a has decade's long project to preserve indigenous knowledge of the land:We don't have Warlpiri people to tell stories
like we used to do before. need
like we used to do before. We need to try to document these things. This Program is Captioned Live.

Hello and welcome to the program.After years of being stuck in limbo, the empty houses of the RAAF base in Darwin are now being moved out. But there are questions about the future of these troppo digs. Other former defence Holmes s that were also Holmes s supposed to be re locate and onsold haven't exactly rushed off the shelves, despite a long running housing crisis. A ghost town.Hundreds of homes in a Defence suburb slap bang in the middle of a city bursting at the seams. Former residents can't believe the state of it now.It was a meeting place for people off base and on base and the RAAF base used to get all the good movies.So everyone used to come to the RAAF pictures. Every street had a lawn mower and from
lawn mower you would get it from whatever had nit the really
street. Every yard looked really good.We are support the campaign to save the RAAF houses and the RAAF there
house suburbs.Three years ago, there was outrage over plans to the
demolish nearly 400 homes in the Darwin RAAF base suburb of Eaton.We don't want these housings removed. We want to save a suburb.The Federal Government refused to excise for
the land, saying it was needed for strategic purposes. But partially relentsed by off
promising to re locate and sell off the houses that were liveable.Years went by. Rents stayed among the high nest the nation, the empty defence houses stayed put still till the first move began three months ago.So while it's not too late for the local member to come through with promises to save the suburb, it looks undo.Frankly a
increasingly difficult to undo.Frankly a decision has been taken, moves have been taken to get rid of the house ing and that's happened.Northern
Transportables bought more than 200 of the houses. They sell them after they move them off base which will take about three years.We have to move 70 houses before February, so they can start redeveloping the first section of the suburb.These houses have pitched as options Darwin's
who can't afford to build but Darwin's been through all this before.In 2010, Defence decided 61 older homes on its also
nearby Larrakeyah naval base standards
also no longer met its high standards for housing.They too were supposed to be re located from
and sold but many haven't moved from their holding yard in nearly three years.Mortgage brokers aren't surprised.Finance ing hoob absolutely hell. The sales, that depends on the developer and what they can achieve with it themselves through their own resources but as far as been
financing the homes it's really been quite difficult. We have not been able to do one home that has been reliant upon the house
value of the house until the house was actually on the property.It's a catch-22. Banks won't lend the amount until the house is fixed on to the property.But pros spective buyers need the to do just that.Tony Schelling the property
says banks lend on the value of the property they're holding as security and, until the house is permanently fixed on the land, it has no value to the lendser:I an tis pated the past years
problem because we've had it in past years an gone to a few make
lenders of a plan of how can we make this work. We really head butted the wall for two or three months.It means the buyer needs to somehow convince the house supplier, mover and shoulder
any tradesmen involved to shoulder all the risk and costs fork
until the bank is prepared to fork out.Or the buyer finds alternatives, such as getting a loan against existing equity if they already own property but that generally cuts out those who would benefit most from cheaper housingIt's sad when people can see if only I could it
just get this last little step what
it might be 100,000 in front of what it would cost to save and save and save to former
put that poth together.The former Minister involved in the
defence's decision to sell off the houses says it's not a government responsibility to fix.Clearly those matter were the matters for the banks to make decisions over but you would think that morally they would come to terms with the fact that if people want to purchase these houses an they need to put themselves on the block the bank should be doing their best to make sure that capital is available.Not even the publicly owned TIO will lend on the value of a house until it's on the block, stumped and connected to services and the NT Government didn't respond to queries about what it could or would do to change its policy.The company contracted to shift Larrakeyah naval Barrett, says about - Bartlett, says about half have been told in three years and that lending policies have made it tougher than expected.Northern Transportables doesn't seem worrying, say ing cheaper housing have already roused the interest of more than 100 population
potential buyers.A lot of the population around Darwin and surrounding areas live in build
dongas out on ache Reg. So to build a one or two bed room donga on their property would that
cost them 40,000, $50,000 for that extra $70 $80,000 you can get a house and live in a house is
on those blocks.If the loan these
is not a problem, where to put these houses can be.Many of the new suburbs in Palmerston have developer covenance over them, which require homes to look a certain way and use certain materials.It may be that restrictive it could be impractical to put building there.On top of which if you re locate a house to a suburb it is considered a new building and must be straight up to new building standardsWith we need to make sure there are smoke detectors install and then there's the plumber so they have to verify the plumbing is all good. We windows would
have a system whereby all windows would have to have a water penetration test done on it and as such that means all your windows would have to be replaced.Hut hut hut estimates doing all that the
have an engineer sign off on the structure could end up on
costing between $80 to $100,000 on top of the purchase price of the house.The former NT impasse
government moved to fix the impasse by changing regulations in late 2011. The house exempt from having to be brought up to today's standards, if they were moved out to the rural area.All you need then is the land..We have a client now that has bought one of those defence house, ex- Larrakeyah homes and again he's just trying to get a hold of a vaikant block at the moment and - vacant block at the moment. It's frustrating for him that
he didn't re Lowicate somewhere to get it built before the wet season.While rural area real estate agents have been ruing the lack of vacant land over the past few years, things could be looking up in the next while.Probably in the next six months we will get quite a deal of blocks koum coming up for sale. They will affect and change the market. The vacant land price has risen probably 10% or so in the last 12 months simply because of the lack of availability.Former residents hope the old houses don't end up important to people like Ian Gillespie, whose expended - etch pandsed to include the men under his dad. A warrant officer in supply.Dad wasn't the boss to them. They were mates, it's gone down through the years. A lot of them have passed away now and dad's passed away. They all used to keep in touch, with us kids, which was a good thing.Darwin and Palmerston's Federal representative believes it is not too late to buy back the houses and stop the dismantling of Eaton. Her party is now in power so what about her to save the suburb? I spoke with the member for Solomon Natasha Griggs earlier. Natasha Griggs, the program.Thank you, thank
you for having me on.Saving Eaton, or the RAAF base suburb, could be fair ly described as one of your major commitments. You campaigned on it in 2010 and you repeated that commitment in this year's election campaign. So what is is the latest? What is happening?What I've done is I've got the Defence Minister Minister,
and also the assistant Defence Minister, I have got commitments from both of them. They will be here within the next hitle while and we will have all the stake holders around the table, this issue all.
will be resolved once and for all. The department is preparing a full brief for the new Ministers. And once we have that information we will have some more detailed information that will help us make some very firm decisions and that both
briefing will occur before they both come to the you have any idea of a timeline? I think before the election you mentioned they month.
would be here within the first month. That has gone now. Is that a bad sign?No, not at all. We did take a while for the ministries to be sorted and now that's occur and the Defence Minister has committed to me he will be here in the first week of November, and that is a definite date.So can you tell us if you've extracted any firm promises from the Ministers involved?Both of the Defence Minister and the assistant Defence Minister know I've campaigned ly on this issue. They know that the stert crisis
in the middle of a housing crisis and there are these houses that are sitting there not being used and should be sure that
being used.They want to make sure that the information that the department provides us in the briefing because when we're in Opposition we actually get limited information and the Labor Party weren't that keen on providing us all the detail that we required. So we now will have that information and we will be making decisions ensure that those houses are used and the best outcome for Territorians.So if you didn't really havage cess to all the information you wanted and you will now be able to do that, does that mean there's that once you get all information you will realise you will have to follow the same path as Labor and basically allow that suburb to be dis mantle ed?One of the things they've been very clear about is that Eaton is inner city suburb, it's a ready made be used regardless of who owns them. It's just ridiculous that in this day and age that we regardless of
have vacant houses. So is,
regardless of what the briefing is, the facts remain the same - that is, we have a number of houses sitting vacant in the middle of a housing crisis. Both the Minister and the assistant Minister know that I think that's absolutely unacceptable and Territorians think that that is unacceptable.But will it be enough to convince the Government because you think it's unacceptable and Territorians. Could that be enough to convince them to take on Territorians?Anyone who knows me knows that I am tenacious and likes to get things done.If Labor saved is house ance and you are saving the houses how does your vision differ? Is it still excising the land or selling them off as already
is?We already have that suburb Let's
already made. Let's use it. Let's look at all the options.I haven't heard you say before let's look at the options. That sounds like there's a change in the language. What do you neen?Not at all. The fact is other people who are stake holders who I may not have considered in the past. There are also other options. We have a Territory Government that is looking at providing housing for Territorians as well. So I just want to make sure that when the decisions made - the decision's made that the outcome has covered all of the different options available, what I want to make sure is that the houses are used and that this suburb, which we all think is fantastic, should used. It should be alive. It shouldn't be dying like it is at the moment.There's been two internal defence reviews once in 2009 and another in 2011 which basically said defence thought that they they needed the RAAF base land, the RAAF base housing lands strategic purposes. So do you think Defence is exaggerating or being a little bit tricky about those?Well... different things.The
people have different views on things.The Minister and his assistant Minister know how much this means to the people see
of Darwin and Palmerston. So I see that they will be taking those concerns into consideration with any decisions that they make.Natasha Griggs, thank you for joining us.Thank you. Key members of the northern beef industry will meet next week to consider the next steps toward restoring trade with Australia's most important live cattle market. As well as scoping new opportunities in other parts of Asia. A change of Government in Canberra has already proven to be a circuit breaker in negotiations with Jakarta, paving the way for increased quotas and more bilateral cooperation to boost beef production in Indonesia. At the same time, Australia's biggest beef company is looking production
to develop alternative out
production pathways for cattle out of the north. reports.Right now, it's waiting game on most northern cattle station, waiting for the pasture, waiting for these youngsters to get to the optimal live export weight and obviously waiting for bigger ordsers from Indonesia. Already they have agreed to take 75,000 though
slaughter weight cattle.Even heavy cat 8, we have sold most of ours. This time of year it's difficult to get heavy cattle out of Northern Australia because of the time of year. It really need
is a good move but the thing we really need to open up is that feeder market again that is what the north - the trade of what north Australia was based on, feeder capital. That is where the comparative advantage really comes to the fore.Increment ally I think those of us who are in the relationships in
trade, we lent on the relationships in Indonesia over the years. My father and people like him have been in Indonesia for 30 or 40 years and believe those relations were fundamental in how we've got the trade to the point we're at now.The new Federal Agriculture Minister is keen draw on the experience and expertise that northern cattlemen like David Warriner and his family have with Indonesia.It's try dry enough.Bloody oath.He made a flying visit to Tipperary to discuss the pos reception the Coalition Government is already getting in Jakarta and what needs to happen next.We will continue that negotiation the Indonesians and I intends to take a delegation up into Indonesia to try to rebuild that relationship so that Committee with start getting money flowing back on to the ground here in the NT.Beyond that, David Warriner's urged the Minister to tackle the more mining
fundamental problems under mining confidence and competitiveness in Australian cost
agriculture.Fundamentally our cost structure s are not completive in this world at the moment. That is due to a numb of reasons. The main one being we're over regulated particularly in the regional areas. We have a food boom in Asia, meat prices in the markets up there are 1,000 rupes a kilo, we aren't making any money down here. So something is wrong in the supply chain somewhere. You paying
can't expect them to keep can't
paying more and more and more money to cover our inefficiencies we.s have to fix our act up.Our role is to try as much as we can effect a better price by opening up markets so you get paid more for the product that you produce and to make sure we and
keep a tight control on cost s and do what we can over the longer term as we plan infrastructure to make sure we bring down such things like of
transport costs and these sort of things with good planning can be part of the process that actually aings - achieves that.Australia's biggest beef up
company has amxplans of its own up here in north and them focus on its new 85 million dollar abattoir on herd of about 2 million cattle addressable
up in the North. Probably the addressable herd that will be number around
relevant for the abattoir number around 350,000.And on a full two-shift basis which is what the abattoir will run on when it's ip and running fully will draw on about 220 head of cattle a year.It's a heroic investment given the track record of others that have open and shutd across Northern Australia in the past 30 years necessary
but one the company believes is necessary not only for its own future but for the vielts and profitability of the entire Territory cattle game.Ultimately, it's a pretty simple strategy - that, is we what
want to reach through and touch what is a rising demand for beef at much better global prices than are currently achievable in the Australian domestic market.But until 2 new meatworks opens, the live cattle trade remains the main game. Feeder Park is a staging together,
area where shipments are put together, where the cattle undergo vet inoculations and where they're introduced to if feed ration they will get aboard the Ships. In as &ed a good year as in as 150,000 cattle pass through here but since the handling
trade disruption they've bnl handling half that many which has had a knock-on effect. Northern Nick Thorne says the industry itself must accept part of the blame and the responsibility to do better.I probably
think as an industry we probably failed pretty badly in explaining the situation, the need for why the live export market is so important for the beef industry in the north and pretty much Australia.I think there's been a lot of work address ing that, more importantly there's been a lot of work addressing the welfare issues that we were criticised of. So the industry in both those area s is moving forward pretty well.For thousands of years, Aboriginal people have handed down their knowledge of plants an animals as sources of food and medicine. But elders region south of
who live in the Daly River region south of Darwin are be
concerned that knowledge could be lost. Over the last two decades, they have worked with scientist s to record the names, uses and stories of hundreds of plants and animals. bushland near the Daly
Alison Middleton reports.In bushland near the Daly River
community of Nauiyu, elders are eaching children of merrepen palm.We have the merrepen tree that is used for many things. We eat the cabbage out of the merrepen and we use the fibre to make Dili bags out of it and also fish Schetts.- fish nets.For more than two recording
decades the elders have been recording their traditional knowledge of more than 560 plants and animals.The information has been passed on by their ancestorthe Annan and Ngen'giwumirri people who lived on the flood plains in the Hilary rocky country to the south-west of Nauiyu.Yud senly to the people who speak Nga'gi currungal and nanga womadi, so to Peppermenarti
probably maybe just from Nauiyu to Peppermenarti and bits of Palumpa and the outstailthss.ThatThat country is particularly important because it has very big flood it's
Plains and very big mountain, it's a rich part of the wet dry stroppics so there's biodiversity and the knowledge is very ancient and it's still really strong. So that's why it's important because it's unique and it's old and it's really rich country.Patricia Marrfurra McTaggert and
scientists Glenn Wightmann has been documenting the knowledge of their uses
they've recorded the names, uses and stories of the plants and animals in a book.Some our old people are slowly dying out. They will take all customs,
knowledge of our way, the customs, the traditions and all will
the knowledge that they have will also die with them. And we need to get to them real quickly to try to document some of this stuff that a lot of the knowledge they have before they all go.When we started with the book we had a large group of elders we used to work with and as we've worked through the book over a 23-year period there's only a couple of us left now. We're trying to some of the hard stuff, we're fining it harder and harder to check things. And history in north Australia would that Aboriginal bio cultural knowledge is going through an combines scientific
extinction phase.The book combines scientific and 'Time' stories
knowledge.We've added Dream 'Time' stories to do with plant
certain animal ings and with plant s like how we use certain plants, like with weaving or using leaves for roasting mainly animals that we want to cook and eat.Plants like red lilies are a source of food.We eat the lotus nuts either raw or cook them on the coals.Leaves from the ironwood tree have an important role in ceremonies.The ironwood are used like for smoking the house of where a person has died, so the elders come in and use the leaves, burn the leaves and then house.A lot of the plants and animals are used for food but plants are used as seasonal indicators so they tell people when to go and hunt for certain medicine,
thing. Plans are used for medicine, so are animal, used for making spears and boom ra didgeridoos,
ng and woomeras and didgeridoos, for fish traps and fish nets.The importance of in
plants and animals is reflected in the artwork that the
Delfina Merino.It was here their
that the group did the bulk of their research.- Merrepen Arts Centre arts centre:It was here that the group did the bulk their researchIn the art it ex expresses what the is or the animal and it can be died in the with Dream time.Aaron McTaggert is an artist and deputy CEO of the Merrepen Arts Centre arts centre. He's grown up watching his mother work on the book .And my two younger brothers we've been lucky to have spent time with mum going out on projects and
about bush tucker. Also the projects and the books she's worked on. And we know what collect and stuff like that and so she shares her nej us.He says it's increasingly important for young people to learn the way of their olders.I think the culture is starting to die out because of the old people and the with
knowledge is being taken away with them. I've notice add lot of young people are not really taking up the chance to find out more about their culture, identifying plants and animals. They're more on to what is on the telly rather than learning what is in their own backyard.Younger like moving too fast, but it's just like really important that we try and document all these things, because we don't have old people to sit with us and tell stories like we used to do document
before. We need to try and document these things.If decades of work by telders means their knowledge is safely kept for generations to come.It's incredibly Ngan'gikurunggurr and Ngen'giwumirri people but it's a really important part of Australia's heritage for all Australians.It will be there for err forever and if the younger ones want to come up and see what we've done with the older people, we will say have
this is our wha our old people have done, our ancestor, our there
grand parents and it will be there for them to keep.
That's all we have time for this week. We will leave you with a post script to an joined
earlier story. Last year, we joined Queensland artist Bill retracing the
Gannon as he led an exhibition lud
retracing the steps of explorer lud big Leichhardt who opened up the inland route from Brisbane to Darwin. The paintings that emerged from his pilgrimage are on show in Sydney to Mark II00 years since the explorer's birth. Have a great weekend and see you next week.

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This program is not captioned.

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