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angry over changes to the Federal Government's relief payments.Another 700 asylum seekers rescued off the coast of Italy as the wave of boat arrivals grows. Students get a special
living history lesson from some special visitors.And a for the Cox Plate, as maiden runner Shamus Award takes the honours.RACECALLER: Shamus
Award, the maiden has won it from Happy Trails and Fiorente.

Good evening, Craig Allen, with ABC News.A special welcome to our viewers in NSW. Communities in NSW hard hit by the bushfires have been struck another blow.Many rest have discovered they no longer qualify for Federal Government disaster relief payments. The eligibility rules were tightened up a day after 200 homes burnt down in the Blue Mountains.It means that many who would have Government assistance will now miss out.David Spicer reports.When Winmalee was devastated just over a week ago, Leigh Hansen put out spot fires to save his sister's house but his mother's home nearby was lost.When I called Centrelink on Friday morning, after the fires came through, the lady said yes your mum is entitled to $1,000 because her house has been destroyed. Your sister, whose house hasn't been destroyed, she is not entitled to anything.Today, the Red Cross arrived to check on the family. But there will be no cheque from the Federal Government, despite losing their backyard and doing days.I
without electricity for a few days.I do understand that a lot of people that are ensured
not in our position of being ensured are going to suffer hugely financially, even just by having their power off and fridges.Under
losing the food in their fridges.Under the former Government's disaster relief scheme, people like them were eligible for $1,000 for every adult and $400 for every child affected.It was granted to during
hundreds of thousands of people during the Brisbane floods and Victorian bushfires.No-one has been willing to say why people in Winmalee are being treated as second class citizens.The Justice Minister Michael Keenan passed a regulation the day after the fires hit to the compensation.At this most difficult time, they changed the rules around who is eligible for assistance at times of disaster.In a statement, the minister said...

Three major fires west of Sydney are still classified as watch and act, but not for much longer.Hopefully, if the conditions are right, and we're should have
able to get the job done, we should have that wrapped up in the next two days.Life is returning to normal here in Blue Mountains. At the Springwood golf course nine holes are in play, but part of because
the course is still off limits because the pond which has helped save hundreds of homes is still in use.And the helping
public is being generous in victims.We
helping the bushfire victims.We have been inundated with everything actually.So many goods have been received that charities say cash donations would be preferred. The PM has declared his Government has made a very strong start as it prepares to mark 50 days since taking power. Tony Abbott has singled out the reduction in boat arrivals as one of his achievements in office and has again goaded the Opposition Leader to support the repeal of the carbon tax.Good old Bill shock Shorten, and you know, we know that he's capable of changing his mind.(Laughter).If you can change your mind on your colleagues, you can change your mind on something of far more weight for the people of Australia.Bill Shorten's deputy, Tanya Plibersek, has described the bitter Government
disappointment of losing Government but says Labor can ensure the Coalition only lasts one term.Three men have been charged after an attack on in
members of two Jewish families Four
in Sydney's east overnight. Four men and a woman were walking home from a synagogue men
in Bondi when a group of eight at
men yelled anti-Semitic insults at them. The confrontation then turned into a physical fight. The victims suffered broken bones, lacerations and bruising. In Victoria, the the
Homicide Squad is investigating the mysterious death of a 14-year-old boy in Melbourne. The boy was found in a driveway with serious the early hours of this morning.The teenager's family found him in the driveway of a neighbour's home in Balwyn in Melbourne's east shortly before 2.30 this morning. He was taken by ambulance to the Royal Children's Hospital but died about three hours later. The Sergeant Graham Rogers says it is unclear whether he fell from the roof of the house.It is just unusual for his character and how he was found.The boy's family lives in another house in the same street. Police have been talking to the occupants of the house where he was us
found.They have been assisting us with our inquiries as have here in
others in the street.Residents here in the street say the incident comes as a tragic surprise. The neighbours, who we spoke to, say they heard to
nothing overnight but woke up to find the house cordoned off.Very shocking.To lose such a young life. Nothing like this has happened before, so yeah, it is shocking to have the police out here early in the morning.It is not something that happens every single day and I was really confused how it happened and why he passed away.Police are waiting on the results of a post-mortem to determine the cause of the boy's death. Italian navy and coast guard vessels have rescued more than 700 asylum seekers off Italy's coastline. Five boats carrying scores of women and children were saved in the stretch water between Sicily and Tunisia.Italy and other Mediterranean countries have been scrambling to cope with a wave of recent boat arrivals with hundreds of people drowning in weeks.Italy's PM, Enrico Letta, is urging EU leaders to increase aid to Mediterranean countries handling the brunt of the crisis.Somali refugees living in Kenya have been asked to return home amid claims they are abusing the country's hospitality. Kenya's interior minister has suggested some Somali refugees are using camps attacks.Joseph Ole
to plan and launch terrorist attacks.Joseph Ole Lenku says he wants the refugees to return home while some ya is experiencing relative peace.Because of the returning calm in some parts of the the process
Federal republic of systemly, the process of started.His
systemly refugees has started.His comments last month's Westgate mall attack in Nairobi where militants from the group killed more than 60 people.The IDaniela Intili has reve people.The IDaniela Intili has rev decision to excuse Kenya's deputy President from his trial for crimes against humanity. William Routo's lawyers argued he needed to remain in Kenya to deal with the fall-out from a deadly terrorist attack on a Nairobi shopping mall. Victims of alleged crimes say they just want justice to be served before it is too late.Africa reports.
correspondent guinea Stein reports. These children violence
weren't yet born when political violence engulfed Kenya's highly charged 2007 election claiming the lives of more than 1,000 people.But their teacher was.Sammy Njoroge lost everything. He has been forced to start over, a refugee in his own country. He is as worried now as he was then. While Kenya's leaders once supported the ideals of the International Criminal Court, that began wavering when charges were laid.Kenyan diplomats are now on a mission to try to win a delay in proceedings.Justice is time specific as well.All this - all these issues will
delays or deferral of the case will impact negatively on the justice process.The the violence of the disputed election six years ago remain as divided as ever over who should stand trial or if anyone at all.Many fear that continuing to prosecute this case could lead to a new round of persecution. But to delay could be worse.At the end of it all we are looking for justice for himself as the President and as a person and also too the public, the citizens of Kenya who lost their lives.Kenya's Vice President, a one time political opponent, now partner in Government, has already blazed a trail to the Hague.Kenya's President will make that journey next month, unless he wins a delay. The mystery surrounding a 4-year-old girl found in a Roma camp in Greece appears to be solved. DNA tests have confirmed that the girl is the biological daughter of a Roma couple from Bulgaria. Bulgarian prosecutors are now investigating whether the child was abandoned or sold. Philip Williams reports. They arrested and charged with abduction but now it appears Maria's adoptive parents in Greece were right, now the question who gets Maria, the lawyer for the family want his client's released and the little girl returned. In the Bulgarian village of Nikolaevo, the birth mother Sasha Ruseva confirmed giving away her child while in Greece.TRANSLATION: I gave birth there, I gave baby to a woman to take care of the baby so I could come back the authorities
here to my other children.But the authorities wanted more tests
than reassurances. Now, DNA tests support what both families were saying all along.Relatives in the Bulgarian village have dismissed fears Maria may have been sold.TRANSLATION: If she was sold, we would have a bigger house on two floors, not like this.But Bulgarian authorities aren't convinced and suspect she was exchanged for cash.TRANSLATION: The Bulgarian state will take action against persons who have committed such a crime and if they are found guilty, steps will be taken to penalise them and to look after their remaining children.Authorities Maria
in Bulgaria say they may take Maria into care, that would mean more upheaval, another country and language.No-one knows where it will end for the little girl marked as different by her blonde hair and blue eyes.

As parts of NSW battled bushfires, grape growers in Riverina were struggling at the scale.
other end of the temperature scale. Frost has vineyards threatening the livelihoods of many farmers. Chloe Hart reports from Griffith in south-west.The cold snap hit just over a week ago. At the very same time, these red and white grapes were beginning form.It is a wipe out. We this
won't harvest anything here this year.The temperature dropped to minus 2 causing the loss of most of property
Peter Cremasco's crop.This property here, it is about 60 hectares and it is 80-90% gone.Mr Cremasco says it is a cruel blow as many growers are still recovering from last year's floods.The Riverina Wine Grapes Marketing Board estimates around 30,000 tonnes have been lost, which could cause a local shortage varieties.We have seen a lot of cab sav that has been hit and by having a of that variety, it will drive an issue with supply for the wineries in the local area.There is also concern the into
damage will force some growers into bankruptcy and out of the reported widespread
industry.While the industry's reported widespread damage, drive up
winemakers don't expect this to drive up grape prices because of the current oversupply in the market.I really can't see the prices increase, unless there is a special variety that is in demand that probably got burnt but having said that, there is still a lot of fruit out there and there is still a lot of wine from last year which is on the market at very low prices.The Riverina Wine Grapes Marketing Board says it could be three years before some grape growers see a crop. For generations indigenous people have handed down traditional knowledge of the land as the source of food and medicine and for tools like spears and fishnets. But elders who live in the Daly River region, south of Darwin, are danger of
concerned their knowledge is in danger of being lost. Alison Middleton reports, they have record
teamed up with scientists to stories
record the names, uses and stories of hundreds of plants and animals.In bushland near the Daly River community, elders are teaching children about this palm.We have Meripin tree.It is used for many things. We eat the cabbage out of it and we used to make things out of it and fishnets also.For more than two decades, the elders have been knowledge
recording their traditional knowledge of more than 560 plants and animals.The information has been passed down by their ancestors, the Nungi Cooran people who lived on country south-west.That country is particularly important because it has very big flood plains and mountains. It is in a rich part of the dry tropics. There is high biodiversity and the knowledge of it is very ancient and it is still really strong.The elders say it is important they document the names, uses and dream time stories of the plants and animals.Some of the old people are slowly dying out. They will take all that knowledge of the customs and traditions and all the knowledge that they have, will die with them.I have noticed that a lot of young people aren't really taking up the chance to find out more about their culture, like identifying plants and animals. They are more into what is on the telly than what is in their own backyard.The decades of work means the knowledge is safely kept for generations to

They say you can't put an old head on young shoulders but Canberra students are deeper appreciation for the older generation. They have part of
befriended senior citizens as part of a unique learning program that has thrown up more than a few surprises.This class is about everything old school and past indiscretions are fair game.Did you get in trouble at school? Sometimes.Not very
often.Students at Monash primary school are learning once sent
about yesteryear.My brother once sent me to buy a tin of striped paint.What did I do with it? The schools forged friendships with senior citizens to strengthen community ties and tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience.A lot of our students don't have a significant grandparent elderly figure in their life so it is certainly an advantage for them to have that interaction.Although some of the interactions come as a bit of a shock.I have learnt that there was less electricity and less electric stuff.I found it surprising that they had to walk 4km to school or 9km to school just to get there. That is a long way. Usually we just drive.About once a month, the students return the favour and visit their mentors at home.When they came to recently, they joined us exercises and that was a riot. We were all exhausted at the end of it.We had great fun.It is an opportunity embraced by the young and young at heart.

To sport now and Australia's Cox Plate
weight for age championship the Cox Plate is usually won by a searched galloper but today a Shamus Award
youngster caused a boilover. Shamus Award had never won a race and only got a start because the favourite, Atlantic Jewel, was scratched. The race and
3-year-old led for most of the race and just held on for a memorable victory.Compared to Flemington there is always a more relaxed feel to Moonee Valley during the spring.We love Cox Plate because it is not as busy.The crowds are smaller and down by the track, there is plenty of room to the
move.But when your horse is in the finish, the excitement Go the
quickly builds.Go the Rouge. sure what
Go the Rouge!Wear not sure what has happened.$140 riding on this.Vibrant Rouge wins.CHEERING AND APPLAUSEIn the Cox Plate, It's a Dundeel and Puissance De Lune were the race and
best backed runners before the race and both started well.But at the turn for home, they were nowhere in sight, Shamus had made the pace throughout and was hanging on.RACECALLER: Shamus Award in front, Happy Trails having the last he dives and misses. The maiden has won it from Happy Trails until
and Fiorente.Shamus Award had the
until now never won a race and the jockey, Chad Schofield is an apprentice.It is a dream come through, it really is.Fiorente's third place has enhanced trainer Gai Waterhouse's hopes of winning a first Melbourne Cup.Earlier in of
the day, Bart Cummings's chance of having a runner this year depended on Precedence winning the Moonee Valley Cup.RACECALLER: But old Precedence is back and Bart is in the winner's stall.If Precedence squeezes into the field it will be the master trainer's 88th Cup runner. Steve McNamara
England rugby league coach Steve McNamara has refused to reveal why Bulldogs star James squad
Graham has been left out of the squad for tonight's opening World Cup game against Australia in Wales.McNamara objected to questions about whether the former England because
captain had been omitted because he had gone out drinking after England's shock loss to Italy last weekend.I won't answer any more questions to
on it. If you want to continue wrap
to ask the questions we will wrap up. If you want to talk about the game, I am fine to do so.Three Burgess brothers are in the England squad but the Kangaroos are favoured to start their World Cup campaign on a Socceroos
winning note.Incoming Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou is leaving Melbourne Victory on a high. The team notched up a 1-0 win over Brisbane last night. In tonight's match, Central Coast Mariners lead Adelaide 1-0 and as Dan Conifer reports, Postecoglou got an emotional send-off.After a whirlwind week, Ange Postecoglou ended his victory reign in the of his players and coaching staff.It is an emotional night. It has been a difficult week. They are a fantastic group. I am wrapped we could win tonight for them and the fans.Postecoglou's mid-week elevation to national soccer coach for the next five years disrupted the Victory's preparations for last night's clash at Docklands against a Brisbane side he twice guided to A-League success.The Roar dominated much of half before a little magic from James Troisi.COMMENTATOR: He had no right to thread that one through.It ensured Postecoglou's fairytale story line remained in tact.You invest everything and you put your heart and soul into it and you don't want it to end ever.He had a good talk to us in the change rooms after and probably the most emotional I have seen him.Postecoglou had been contracted to spend years with Melbourne but leaves after 18 months of rebuilding his home town club.His now is to put the Socceroos' preparations for next year's Brazil World Cup back on track after the team's successive 6-0 annihilations.I am obviously keen to get started there now. There is a lot of work to be done. A massive challenge. There is a game just around the corner.John Aloisi is in charge of cross town rival foes the Heart but soon hopes to hear from his old rival.I am sure that we will speak in the future. If some of our players keep on going the way we are could
going, he might call them.That when Postecoglou
could be as soon as next month when Postecoglou begins international career against Costa Rica in Sydney.

England captain Alastair Cook has down played concerns about his team playing against an understrength side in the first warm-up match of its Ashes tour. England is in Australia Ashes
preparing for this summer's Ashes less than three months after retaining the urn on home soil.The English begin their tour against a second string XI on Thursday with the Warriors playing a Sheffield Shield match in Victoria at the same time.You like to play a strong opposition if you can. Clearly with WA playing a state game at the same time, the strongest we can play is next best. It gives them an opportunity to play against us and there will be some young guys trying to stake a claim.Meanwhile, South Africa tampering
has been penalised for ball tampering during the second Test against Pakistan after replays showed Faf du Plessis rubbing the ball over a zipper on his pants.Craig Lowndes has moved to the top of the Supercars championship ladder after he and codriver Warren Luff won today's Gold Coast 600.An early exit cost Lowndes' team-mate Jamie Whincup the championship lead in an incident-littered race at Surfers Paradise. Pit crews were kept busy but Lowndes managed to avoid serious trouble.You have the lead of Well
the championship by 9 points. Well done.Thanks very much. I just have to make tomorrow just the same.Shane Van Gisbergen finished second Winterbottom was third. The drivers will return to the track for another 300km race tomorrow. And in Moto GP reigning world champion Jorge Lorenzo has taken pole position for the Japan Grand Prix with championship leader Marc Marquez in second. Champion cyclist Cadell Evans has been confirmed as the big name signing for the Tour Down Under in SA next January. It will be competed
the first time Evans has competed in the SA event since 2011 when he won the Tour de France. Organisers say his involvement in the Tour Down Under is a coup.He is the only winner of France from Australia, the only winner of the elite men's world championship road phrase Australia. The best road rider we have ever produced. The fans love him.Evans' next goal is to win the Giro d'Italia the SA Tour preparation. He has said extra hill climbs on the Tour Down Under course makes it realistic for him to try for an overall win.In the WNBL the Canberra Capitals have bounced back from Bendigo
last week's heavy loss to Adelaide
Bendigo with victory over the Adelaide Lightning last night. Jess Bibby top-scored for the Capitals with 24 points and recorded her 4,000th WNBL point in the 77-71 win at the AIS.The team has a week off before their next fixture against Dandenong.The world's there, it
best performers have played international
there, it has hosted international leaders, royals and a Pope and hundreds of their way
millions of others have made their way to the Sydney Opera House. As 40th anniversary celebrations continue, we look back at some of the house's most memorable moments. As the world welcomed in the new millennium, this often labelled 8th wonder of the world did for
Australia proud.It is a beacon for all artists.After a in
controversial birth, it opened in 1973. The house has won hearts and minds everywhere. Inside, operas through the decades... drawing record crowds. A show stealing backdrop for talk show queen. With a fly-in celebrity guest that didn't quite go to plan.Dance sopremo David McAlister has been entwined with the house for 31 years, 18 of them dancing.It last
is etched into my brain that remember thinking
last performance I did. I remember thinking what an amazing experience to finish my career at the House.The Opera House is the busiest performing arts venue in the world but its role in Australian life is now far greater. It brings people together. The celebrations, awards and for farewells.It powerful and
is where we said goodbye to the powerful and the popular, the likes of Jimmy Little, Kerry Packer and Hazel Hawke.Where the Sydney Olympics torch was held aloft.And where protesters against the Iraq war grabbed world attention painting one silvery its
sail.Millions have visited but its creator never did. Jorn Utzon was sacked before it was finished.When I left I thought they would call me back.The call didn't come for 36 years. Six years before his death the architect was reinstated to work on a master plan for the future.I have the Opera House in my head like a composer has his symphony.The Opera House continues to be a work in progress.The combined vision of Utzon and the world's artists guiding its future. Now to the weather. It certainly was a chilly start in Canberra. Minus 1 at the airport.

A pool of cold air is moving over southern Victoria and Tassie while a trough is currently moving over WA into the Bight.It is a broad area of low pressure bringing showers over northern WA and those brisk winds over Tasmania in the wake of the front. Tomorrow, the showers will be a little more widespread...

Before we go, a brief recap of our top story. Bushfire victims say their ordeal has been exacerbated by tough new restrictions on compensation. They are accuse ing the Abbott Government of changing the rules allowing help for only the worse-hit families who have lost their homes. It is alleged damaged
many others whose homes were damaged won't get emergency ABC
assistance.That is the latest ABC News. I'm Craig Allen.
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