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(generated from captions) rips the front right out. Tim Jones, he was thinking about that one. Watch this. Todd Kelly in the Nissan. Lift off. Incredible. Incredible. All four off the deck. Then they are robbing and pushing. This is the back end of the race. James Moffatt. David Reynolds. James Moffatt could not believe it. That could so it easily cost him a spot. The team could not watch him. Mark Winterbottom, 3rd. 93 career victories. Three victories at this circuit. As Marx said, you have to go back to a 2005. A good job. As you said, it's one of those days when you can have one side of the garage when you write chair beach at leader but he needs to major manufacturer victory.There is Rennae Winterbottom. He has got the family here. Tomorrow we will do it all again. If you are willing and wise to take on the challenge. You just cannot turn away. It is the final race of the Pirtek Enduro Cup. Will hand over timmack trophies tomorrow. The Armor All Gold Coast 600 and that spectacular Pirtek Enduro Cup. It has been a knockout Sandown, Bathurst and the Gold Coast. This race, over the course so many years, has thrown up so many variables but none like today. Bobby was in NSW, Queensland and SA, switch over to 7mate right now. The VAT it's a coming away. This program is captioned live. Tonight - the shocking anti-Semitic attack
on the streets of Bondi. Bushfire victims upset
by the Government's changes to disaster relief compensation. Princess Mary supports a cause
close to her heart at Sydney Children's Hospital. Orlando Bloom speaks about
his split with Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr. And the Kangaroos ready
for tonight's World Cup opener against England.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 Mark Ferguson. Good evening. Anti-discrimination officials
will investigate a gang bashing at Bondi which has left two Jewish families
with shocking injuries. eight men and teenagers
called out anti-Semitic slurs before launching the attack. Part of the brawl
was caught on security camera.

It's after 1am in Bondi, and like
stepping into a boxing ring. Here, a man is punched, the attacker then grabbed
in a headlock. The Friday night brawl that put four members from
two innocent families in hospital. Just back away
'cause I'm still investigating. As victims were treated
by paramedics at one of Australia's
top tourist spots, three suspects were arrested,
including two teenagers.

Witnesses say a gang of eight
screamed out anti-Jewish slurs before the attack. They showed more rage
from the police van.

Those assaulted
were taken to hospital with broken bones, deep cuts,
and worse. One of the victims,
a 66-year-old man, will remain here
at St Vincent's Hospital for some time. He's being treated
for serious head injuries after being repeatedly beaten
and left bleeding in the gutter. You don't expect
this kind of unprovoked on anyone in Sydney, Australia. We're not talking 1930s Germany,
we're not talking 1970s Russia. Locals are disgusted. I'm really upset about that.
That's really terrible. I'm flabbergastered. I'm very, very surprised,
of all places. The New South Wales
Anti-Discrimination Board will also investigate. There's been severe
racial vilification here. That's a term under the legislation and I think we should look at
taking action. The teenagers will front
children's court tomorrow while the 23-year-old
will be dealt with in December.

Fire-affected residents
in the Blue Mountains have slammed the Federal Government, for tightening the eligibility rules
for disaster relief payments. As blazes continue to burn, some are angry
they won't receive cash which went to fire victims
in other states.

The fire that has turned so much
of the Blue Mountains black burns on. Even in today's calmer conditions, the alert level was raised
to Watch and Act near Mount Victoria and Springwood. While north of Bilpin, a major back-burning operation
is under way to create a charred roadblock for the blaze that has burned
all the way from Lithgow. Winds are blowing all that smoke
north-east towards the Central Coast
and Lake Macquarie. But it was the Federal Government
in the firing line at a meeting last night. Winmalee locals have found recent rule changes mean some
will miss out on disaster relief. Please give me the chance
to answer the question... Someone's made the decision to remove these people
from getting compensation. On the day people
were being ravaged by fire, that regulations
were being brought out by the federal minister that diminished
the rights of residents. Recovery boss Phil Koperberg offering residents
his mobile number. Should you find an obstruction
in your road to recovery, I want you to feel free to phone me.

It does not matter when, or what about.

In parts of the mountains
unaffected by the fire, like Katoomba, the views are clear and so is the fact
visitor numbers are down. The region, so reliant on tourists,
is desperate to get them back. It's beautiful, no concern at all. You got to bring the money
back into places like this. Even as the clean-up begins
amid the destruction,

Every puff of smoke on the horizon is a reminder that the fight goes on and danger is not far away.

Where homes were lost
at Mount Victoria, the flames are gone but Rural Fire Service volunteers
are still here - today helping Margaret Gough salvage
what she could from her home, that's still standing
but burned up inside. It's come underneath the roof
and it's still propelling and right through here, the heat must have been incredible. Well known locally
for rescuing wildlife, every find is special. How good is that Shirley Temple? Some very special indeed. We've got some things
to show you, Margaret. That's me,
the matriarch of the family. The house may have to come down but several of her neighbours
lost everything. I grieve for them
for what they've got to go through. Whatever people need,
we will assist them wherever we can. There's a long road ahead but like the kitchen clock
she's had for decades, Margaret keeps on. I have every hope for the future because of the human spirit
of most Australians. Cop that, flag mate.

Thank you, guys.
It's tremendous.

Tony Abbott claims he's already achieved many
of his elections promises Today he reminded Australians, of the so-called mess
his government inherited as he traded insults
with the Opposition Leader.

Out of the darkness of opposition, Tony Abbott basks
in the glow of power. The 28th Prime Minister
of Australia, Mr Tony Abbott. (APPLAUSE) Tomorrow marks his first 50 days
at the top and while he has declared
he's made a very strong start, there were still signs
of the old Tony. We inherited a mess. Never forget the trough into which
our country had fallen. Not so, says Labor. On our watch,
Australia was the only OECD nation not to go into recession
during the Global Financial Crisis. in Adelaide.

New deputy Tanya Plibersek
is proving to be a popular choice as her party rebuilds. Losing government federally
has been bitterly disappointing. But that's not the end of the damage
heading Labor's way. Tony Abbott says if Bill Shorten
can switch so easily from Julia Gillard to Kevin Rudd, then he can easily change his mind
on scrapping the carbon tax. Mr Abbott desperately wants
the legislation passed by Christmas but he needs Labor's help
in the Senate to do it. They call it bill shock.
"Bill Shock Shorten". That's what people will be

Good old Bill Shock Shorten. But when it comes to name calling,
two can play at that game. We can make Tony Abbott
"one-term Tony".

Three men, abused by
a Catholic Brother when they were children have spoken to Seven News
for the first time about their ordeal. Two of the victims
were childhood friends and their lives took
dramatically different paths, following the attacks.

He's the Catholic brother
with little to say about the sexual abuse he inflicted
on the children he taught. Br Martin Harmata was convicted
of abusing three children at Patrician Brothers Blacktown. Two of them were best friends. For the first time,
they've decided to tell their story. There's too much cover-up. People knew what was going on.
I'm positive of it. In court, they told of being preyed upon by
a man they considered a man of God. Brother Martyn took me out of class, said he had to talk to me
about sex education, took me to a place in the school
where it was out of bounds. The extraordinary course
their two lives took after the abuse tells a sad story
of how victims lives are affected. The two boys never told the other
about being abused despite being best mates. When they left school,
they lost touch and their lives took
dramatically different paths. One became a police officer, his outstanding dedication
fast-tracking him to senior rank at a young age. Scott slipped into a life of crime
and joined a bikie gang. I don't judge him on that. It's interesting
that right now, in my current role, I'm speaking on a daily basis to bikies and organised crime
identities in the job I'm doing right now. It's the paths we took. People deal with it a different way. He dealt with it
by the way of doing good, whereas I slid down the ladder
and went to the darker side. They came back together
after 25 years to give evidence
against their attacker. It was their testimony
and that of a third victim that last week saw
Brother Harmata sentenced to seven years behind bars. In a strange way, the cop and the bikie
have come together and we get each other. We've been able
to support each other. we'll always have that in common, and I think we'll be mates for life. The third victim said he was
listening to the radio at home when he heard
Brother Harmata had been arrested. I don't know how
to describe the feeling - excitement, shock, pacing the place
for about five minutes. I contacted Wyong Police and said, "If you want
another statement, contact me now." I was shaking. It was like an adrenalin rush -
it was now or never. I'd been waiting for this. In one sense, I was relieved
there were other victims. In another sense, I was sad
there were other victims. Now the three men want to encourage
all victims of child abuse to come forward.

As a policeman, even I had doubts
they won't believe me. "This happened 25 years ago - "no, a jury won't believe me,
the police won't believe me." You know what? You will be believed,
you will be heard and justice will prevail.

Thousands of football fans
are heading to Moore Park for the sell-out clash between
Sydney FC and the Wanderers. Jodie Speers is outside
Allianz Stadium. Jodie, it should be a great game,
but fans have been warned to behave? They have indeed. The gates open

about 30 minutes ago and the fans have been going in. Some of those fans turning up in red and black. The Sydney fans in sky blue. About 40,000 people are expected here tonight. The first time that Sydney will have a full house in the home ground. Quite a bit of rivalry between the two teams. Police are warning fans in the crowd not to get out of hand. They could be kicked out of banned from future matches if they misbehave if. There is a bit of police presence but also a good family atmosphere so far a monster of the passion.Ago, Sydney!It is a sell-out crowd.Say, they make you go! I do not even know the guy.It is amazing. Everyone is pumped up.And your heart.Who do you reckon is going to win?Sydney!Wanderers!Kick-off is at 7:45pm.

Princess Mary has delighted
young fans at Sydney's Children's Hospital
today for a cause close to her heart. The mother of twins was making her first visit
as international patron for the country's twin registry. (CHEERING) Wherever she goes,
Princess Mary draws a crowd. (CHEERING) She was a real people pleaser today,
stopping to talk. Wow! Yeah, she's only been stalking her
for two years. Stop! I haven't! This morning, the royal couple
was surrounded by twins. PHOTOGRAPHER: One this way, kids. They visited
the Sydney Children's Hospital. The Princess is a patron
of the Australian Twin Registry. Do you give them
different-coloured glasses to tell the difference? Sisters Charlotte
and Lillian Harding gave flowers and followed royal protocol. It was pretty amazing 'cause it was my first time
meeting a princess. This visit
is close to the couple's heart. Having twins of their own, they have a personal interest
in this cause. While Mary was distracted
by children, Fay Thompson made her move
on the Prince. I talked to him and called him
handsome and gorgeous. PHOTOGRAPHER:
Look straight ahead, please. Nice smile. Thank you. After meeting the Prime Minister,
the Princess spoke publicly, launching a cyber
anti-bullying strategy. Bullying is a serious problem
with severe consequences for the long-term wellbeing
of children. Its presence is not limited
to certain countries or levels of societies.

The crowds outside
Randwick Shopping Centre waited for her to appear... Very, very poor substitute. ..but got the Prime Minister
instead. I think it's just lovely to see Princess Mary obviously hasn't
forgotten the country of her birth. The royals slipped out
the back door.

Talitha joins us now. Talitha, another busy day today, what's on the cards
for tomorrow? Mark, the royal couple
will visit Winmalee tomorrow, They'll meet
with the Premier Barry O'Farrell and fire commissioner,
Shane Fitzsimmons at the RFS. But, of course, the reason
they're here is to celebrate the 40th birthday
of the Danish-designed Opera house. is to celebrate the 40th birthday
of the Danish-designed Opera House. There will be a gala concert
tomorrow night featuring Sarah Blasko
and John Butler, the Prince will also address
the crowd.

Orlando Bloom has spoken about
his split with wife Miranda Kerr, after being spotted
on the street in New York. The British actor says he and the Aussie supermodel
remain friends. But admits
sometimes life's a mystery.

REPORTER: How are you doing,
brother? How are you doing, man?

Newly single Orlando Bloom
cut a lonely figure on the streets of New York today.

Talking about his separation
from wife Miranda Kerr...

A statement announced
they had been separated for months.

They seemed like
the perfect couple - the Victoria's Secret Angel, the supermodel
from country Gunnedah, and the British actor who starred opposite Johnny Depp
in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. After dating for three years,
they married in 2010. Son Flynn was born a year later. They were regular visitors
to Australia. Always good to be back.

Miranda Kerr still lives here
in Los Angeles, but Orlando Bloom
has moved to New York where he is starring as Romeo
on Broadway. He appeared on American TV today
in a pre-taped interview yesterday but did not mention the separation. Instead, he gushed about Flynn. He seems to be just exploding
into everything at the moment. He's 2.5. The glamour couple had been
plagued by rumours for the past year that their marriage
was on the rocks. I don't think there's any doubt that, last year,
they did have a very rocky patch. They were photographed
without rings on. Kerr posted this photo on Twitter
this week, cryptically saying to love and be loved is one of
the greatest gifts in the world. Still to come in Seven News - the crucial firefighting tool
Australia doesn't own. Also, the firies who go
where others can't. And all the trackside
fashion and colour from the Cox Plate. That's next.

to enjoy chocolate. (Giggles)

VOICEOVER: Perhaps you
or someone you care about have been in a car
or transport accident and you want to find out
what you may be entitled to. And that's when you call:

VOICEOVER: Mazda has put a lot of
energy into the all-new Mazda 6. In a world first,
every time you brake, a capacitor
stores the energy generated, then uses it to save you fuel. And when you accelerate, SkyActiv technology
gives sporty performance, saving even more fuel. It's the safest,
most advanced Mazda ever. All-new Mazda 6. It's driving re-energised.

Bushfires are part
of Australian life, but every year we rely on
giant aerial water bombers from America to help us fight them. They're a key weapon, now, after the state's worst fires
in a decade, one local mayor says
it's time to get our own.

In the battle
against devastating bushfires, these monsters can deliver
a killer punch.

And after the devastation suffered
in the Blue Mountains, the local mayor is demanding Australia's very own
fully crewed Erickson Air-Cranes. Our own fire cranes,
our own trained crews ready to go at a moment's notice. Each with a 10,000 litre capacity - the Air-Cranes are shipped
into Australia every year in a $60 million contract
that includes the American crew. Last weekend, as fires raged
across the Blue Mountains, an Air-Crane sat dormant
at Bankstown Airport because the lease
wasn't due to begin until November. We should learn the lessons
of history. We've seen what happened
in Victoria, we see what's unfolding now
in the Blue Mountains - The Mayor made a direct appeal
to our firefighting prime minister for Canberra to invest
in the giant water bombers. He's someone that clearly
understands the rural fire scene, he's been out there,
he's been amongst it - so I think he might be someone that would give consideration
to that. And the Federal Government
has been alerted to a bushfire victim's treatment by an Australian Tax Office
call centre, demanding his tax return
after he lost everything. "Our house is gone,
all the records are gone, "could we have an extension "because everyone's got to have
their tax in by 31st October?", and we were basically told you've
got five days to get your tax in. They do need to understand
the people they are dealing with, very vulnerable people going through a lot of trauma
at the moment. David says it was insensitive,
bordering on brutal from the ATO, which has since activated
an emergency hotline.

An elite team of firefighters is on
the frontline of the bushfire battle controlling blazes
in rugged isolated areas which can't be reached by tankers. They're dropped deep into the bush to tackle hot spots
and lightning strikes, often without using water.

Dropping into the fire zone... ..this is the core role of the Remote Area
Firefighting Team, RAFT. Members belong to the National Parks
and Wildlife Service. They go where
other firefighters can't.

During wild winds, RAFT crews have been undertaking
risky work In the course
of a couple of hours, the wind whipped up
and the humidity dropped and, you know,
the fire become more active. Eyes in the sky
monitoring the fire front made the call to pull this crew out as an emergency warning
was issued nearby. You've gotta make the decision
what you're gonna do, plan to get out of it -
escape routes and the rest of it - and you may have to burn. To decide to burn
is one extreme line of defence if crews become stranded. We could actually set fire
to the ground around us and actually create a burnt area and then take refuge
in that burnt area. This crew got out in time but not before they completed
their mission to build a helipad.

So far, the State Mine fire
has burned down more than 50,000 hectares of land, and there's no end in sight. RAFT crews will play a critical role
in bringing the blaze under control because much of the northern edge
of fire front is inaccessible by road. It's a physically demanding
and dangerous job these members are comfortable doing. It's really rewarding
at the end of the day to achieve your objectives under fairly trying conditions

In breaking news, a woman has been injured
in a house fire at Lilyfield in the inner-west. Witnesses heard an explosion
at the rear of the home, the blaze quickly spread
to the roof. Neighbours rushed the woman
into a shower before paramedics arrived. She's been taken to Concord Hospital
suffering burns.

The presitigious Cox Plate is traditionally a day
for the serious racegoers, but the fashion stakes were
as high as ever. 30,000 people flocked to Melbourne's
Moonee Valley today, to see Shamus Award take out
the $3 million race.

It was a crowd
of racing enthusiasts... (YELLS) Whoo! ..but they were
just as fashion conscious. Some took hours to get ready, I got changed in 10 minutes. The punters at Moonee Valley
dressed to impress. Even the blokes
put effort into their headwear. Why did you go with the red bow - did you feel like
it was quite masculine? Oh, I thought it brings out my eyes. If it wasn't a hat or a fascinator,
it was an attention-grabbing suit. And the reaction from the ladies
so far? Um, they've been fairly positive,
fairly positive. We've had about 30 Wiggles comments
so far. Even though the blokes
outnumbered the ladies at times, it was the women that stole the show
in more traditional racewear... I was after a '50s,
Hollywood-type-inspired outfit. ..and weather-appropriate styling. This year,
it's been a little less spring and a little more wintery, so, therefore, I've gone for
more of a hat. The beauty of Moonee Valley is it's unlike
any other major racetracks because you can get so close
to the horses and jockeys, you could almost reach out
and touch one. Moonee Valley is, really,
is for the racing purists, though, and there was plenty of people
around to offer advice. Like Warren Eveton, who has been working as a bag man
for nine years. Bet in moderation, as we say. But even if you did win big,
it's not always about that. Just the atmosphere, the fashion,
being with good friends, having a few drinks
and having some fun.

Sport's still ahead
with Ryan Phelan. Ryan, what's coming up?

Fergo, just hours until the kick off
of the Rugby League World Cup, exclusive coverage from midnight
on 7MATE. And we'll take you inside
the Aussie camp for the latest, we'll have more from the Cox Plate including Bart Cummings
last ditch tilt for a cup runner. And V8 supercars championship
leader Jamie Whincup has his dramas
at the Gold Coast 600. All the sport in around 10 minutes,

Still to come in Seven News - a rare glimpse of Schapelle Corby
as she edges closer to freedom. And DNA tests reveal the parents
of mystery gypsy girl Maria.

More cabin space,
so no man is left behind.

More pulling power. At 3.5 tonnes,
towing just got serious.

More technology, when you can't trust
the navigator.

And more toughness, because great fishing spots
aren't always on the map. The 147-kilowatt Mazda BT-50. Because more is more.
SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom. #

A scuba diver has had a close call, narrowly avoiding being bitten
by a shark off Perth. The man had been diving from a boat
off Hillarys Beach this morning when he spotted a large shadow
in the water. He quickly got back on the boat and discovered a large bite mark
in his flipper. Perth beaches had been closed
several hours earlier after sharks set off alarms
at three locations. Large schools of fish off the coast are believed to be attracting
the sharks. A powerful earthquake
has hit the east coast of Japan not far from the crippled
Fukushima nuclear plant. The 7.3 magnitude earthquake
struck offshore but was felt 500km away in Tokyo. It triggered a 40cm tsunami
which hit four coastal areas. Only minimal damage
has been reported. 20,000 people were killed in
the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Fukushima's nuclear plant
is still unstable and hasn't come back online
since the meltdown. Schapelle Corby could be released
from jail within a fortnight. New pictures have emerged of the convicted drug smuggler
inside prison as she waits for Indonesia's
justice minister to sign her parole application. He has already indicated
it's a done deal. and if a good person
serves her sentence well, we automatically have to give her
rights. When Corby is released, she has to live in Bali
with her sister Mercedes until 2017. Clarence House has denied reports
that Prince Charles believes A profile in 'TIME' magazine quotes an unnamed member
of his household saying the Prince is worried he won't be able to achieve all
his charity and environmental work before the "prison shades close"
and he inherits the throne. The reporter who wrote the article
says it's been taken out of context. They are worried about
how to utilise his time. Any sense the word "prison" was used was talking about
the loss of freedom of time - that was it. Charles has been taking on
more royal duties recently as the Queen reduces
her public role. A man's put his life at risk, driving his BMW convertible
down the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts, made famous in the movie 'Rocky'. The driver was cheered
on by his friends, who filmed the stunt
and posted it online. (CHEERING)

Police are still looking
for the driver. The biological parents
of the mystery blonde girl found living with gypsies say they gave her up because they
couldn't afford to care for her. The couple charged
with kidnapping the girl now want her back. A global search
for the family of this little girl has ended in Bulgaria. DNA testing has confirmed
this is Maria's real mother. She claims she gave up her daughter
in 2009 because she was too poor
to feed her.

TRANSLATOR: I left her in Greece. I had no food, I had no job.
I couldn't take care of the baby. Her extended family
recognised the girl Maria's mother denies
she sold her daughter. TRANSLATOR: She cried all the time
for the child she'd left in Greece, but they had no money to go back. Child trafficking
is a common problem throughout poorer communities
of south-eastern Europe. It's why authorities were alerted
to the blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl found living in a gypsy camp
in central Greece. The 4-year-old didn't look like she was related
to the family she was with. The couple caring for her claims she was given to them
in an informal adoption.