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This program is captioned live. Tonight - the Danish royal couple visit a children's hospital, stopping by the twin registry to spread their special brand of magic. A brutal brawl at Bondi injuries for five people. The mystery of Maria is solved with DNA tests revealing her real parents. And start your engines, fans flock to the Gold Coast for the V8 Supercars. ANNOUNCER: This is TEN Eyewitness News with Hermione Kitson.Good evening, today the Danish royal tour continued with Prince Frederik and Princess Mary offering a rare glimpse into the more ordinary aspect of their lives, that is as parents. On day three of the tour they visited Sydney's Children's Hospital on a topic they know much of, twins. We saw a different side to the couple today?Yes, that's correct. I got the sense that we saw the couple more as parents than royalty today. Prince Frederik and Princess Mary have four children, include ago set of twins. The events they focused on today focused on child health and safety. They started the day here at the children's hospital. Two pairs of twins, preparing for the arrival of a prince and princess.You are very good.The couple were impressed too. It's a moment their little hosts will remember forever.It was pretty amazing because it's my first time meeting a princess.They were touring the Australian Twin Registry that studies twin development and health. Princess Mary is its patron and also the parent of her own twins and knows too well the trouble they can make. Can you trick your teacher?This was Princess Mary's first official tour as international patron of the Australian Twin Registry. Researchers hope that there will be many more. The couple made plenty of time for the public, Faye said a cheeky hello to the prince.I called him gorgeous and handsome and I said that's coming from an old girl (LAUGHS) From there - the parents launched a cyber safety program for the home, on be half of the Madeleine Foundation.I know a few months ago Madeleine would have had her 21st birthday. And you should be extremely proud of what you have created, the legacy that you have created for Madeleine and her sister.Powerful words from a powerful woman with a common touch. The two young sisters were killed in the massacre in Port Arthur in her home state of Tasmania. That's a foundation that she has a long standing affiliation with. The couple has an incredibly busy day tomorrow, touring bushfire affected areas in the blue rsh and attending a gala marking 40 years of the Sydney Opera House.Police believe a violent brawl at Bondi overnight may have been racially motivated. Jessica Turner has more.Caught on camera, a moment of extreme violence. A savage, frenzy attack, not even a number of security guards could slow down. The aftermath, five victims aged 27-66 from two different families were left bloodyed and bruised.I just saw some people running over here, you know, and some guys having a scuff why will. Probably eight to ten security guards.Police detain add 23-year-old man and two teenagers males just 16. The Jewish victims are just finished sabbath dinner and are wearing their skull caps. They believe that's why they were targeted.What's most concerning is that it appears to be racially based. In a society like Australia, in a suburb like bondy, that's famous for its multiculturalism. It's extremely concerning. -- Bondi.There were lots of expletives involved.Two of the victims have been discharged from hospital. The 66 I can't recall man is suffering more serious head injuries. The man has bleeding on the brain. Luckily, expected to make a full physical recovery. However, recovering from the shock of this terrifying attack, those wounds may never heal.A body found 2km from Queensland's Central Coast this morning is believed to be a 21-year-old Saudi Arabia man missing since Tuesday. The student was swept into the ocean by a wave while sight seeing with friends. The body is yet to be formally identified. The young Melbourne Cupal survived a house fire thanks to their smoke alarm. Sleeping in a bedroom, Geoff Rowlatt had let the family home moments earlier and quickly returned to find his daughter and her boyfriend had escaped.The room in the corner is where my daughter was asleep. It's just fried so thank God they got out.It's still not clear what caused the blaze. Grieving families paid tribute to the experienced pilot and passenger go killed in a plane crash in Victoria yesterday. Investigators arrived in the town and are appealing for witnesses to come forward. Rory McClaren has the details.Tears for a father and grandfather whose life was lost suddenly. Cane's father was the passenger in a high powered light aircraft which crashed yesterday, seconds after take-off from this airport.If you needed a hand with anything he would be the first to put his hand up, painting or electrical work, moving, anything he would be there.Bob had joined his mate, 59-year-old pilot, the two men had planned a trip to carry out repairs on a house. Witnesses say that the plane started to fly at a right anal to the runway before hitting the ground seconds after take-off. John's father frank couldn't bring himself to speak on camera but paid tribute saying that his son was generous and successful in business, we will miss him. John got a thrill out of flying. Australian transport investigators arrived this afternoon. Investigators are expected at the crash site for at least three days. The task of trying to establish what went wrong made harder without a black box. The families of both men look to the crash report for reigns. It's Australia's third fatal plane crash in less than a week.An action-packed day of racing on the Gold Coast with the V8 Supercars taring through Surfers Paradise. Sarah, what's the atmosphere like?Well, the strip is buzzing. The weather couldn't be better. And the fans who come from all over the country have been lapping up every minute of today's racing and of course all of the usual drama that goes along with it. Saturday is traditionally the busiest day of the Gold Coast 600 with around 70,000 peek trackside and of course plenty more watching on from high above. Icy cold beers, a prime viewing spot and seriously fast cars. What more could V8 fan possibly ask for?I don't think you can get a better party in Australia or anywhere in the world.They packed on to balcony, their team loyaltys on full display. For some today was all about one thing.Ford winning.Then again t depends who you skfpltMainly all about the Holdens today.Tony has won Bathurst in both cars and knows how tough thisries race can be.It's a great track, you can't make any mistakes or you end in the wall. You have to be aggressive and smooth and you never know what will happen around the next corner.The race itself is televised in more than 150 countries. The very best place to watch is trackside. Not the only place where the rivalry is hitting up. These beauties are battling it out to be crowned Ms Supercar eight.Meeting the drivers, I can't wait to meet all of the drivers. The Sunday of the cars gets me buzzing.Everything, the Gold Coast, the cars, the atmosphere, beers, girls, boys, we are having a great day T doesn't get any better than this.After today, they get set to do it all again tomorrow.And the action continues this evening with the crowning of Ms V8 Supercars and a concert before the third and final day of racing kicks off in the morning.A big day ahead. Thank you. Mystery surrounds the death of a teenage boy in Melbourne found in a driveway with serious head injuries. Police are investigating how the 14-year-old made his way to the house which is about 150m from his family home. He later died in hospital.Young male, full of life, enjoyed his sports, and for some unknown reason has tragically died. It's understood that the boy may have fallen from the roof of the house where he was found.Plenty of treasure to be found amongst the thrash of the biggest garage sale. Thousands of people took part in the trail.It can be chacky.Tony Abbott used it. He blue into it.It can be weird. A little worn out but otherwise wonderful.$2. The big draw card is the original Trevor car.That's the fun of a good old garage sale and today was the sale trail.It's about sustainbility, reselling what you no longer need or want. And for us, sustainbility is best when it's fun and social and big. More than 7,000 events were registered across the country with 1.5 million items for grabs, raising around $4.5 million.For a few months we weren't sure how to fundraise for my sister suffering with ovarian cancer.The glorious garbage for a cause sale. After managing the nation's budget, surely the former Prime Minister can manage her own.Also her impersonator would have you believe, if you didn't have a garage it didn't really matter. It this is how some people from Melbourne did it.Do I hear an opening bid? Sometimes the style simply doesn't matter.Still to come on TEN Eyewitness News - the Prime Minister's warning to Labor - do not derail the repeal on the carbon tax. Also - bringing in the big guns - 9 tons machine used to combat the hardest to reach cancers. Plus - back to base - firefighters return home after fighting the devastating NSW bushfires. Plus - her face has been broadcast around the world - now authorities have solved the mystery behind Europe's missing Maria. And from the pen of a prince - the footy superstar who has turned his hand to fiction. The others have mobile plans
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has turned his hand to fiction. The Prime Minister today rampanted up his attack on Bill Shorten over the carbon tax. He has challenged the Deputy Leader of the Opposition to change his mind on repeeling the tax in the same way he changed his mind of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Adam Todd explains. Tomorrow marks 50 days since the Tony Abbott Government swept to power.We inherited a mess, but we have made a very strong start.But his key pledge to repeal the carbon tax remains so far unfulfilled. The Prime Minister using an address to Liberals to turn up the heat on Bill Shorten, goading him to support crapping the tax.We know that escapable of changing 4 mind. Drawing a link between his change of mind between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.Well, if you can change your mind on your colleagues, you can change your mind on something of far more weight for the people of Australia. Throwing in a few taunts. Good on electricity Bill Shorten, they call it Bill Shock. But Labor has a nickname of its own. I think we can make Tony Abbott one term Tony.Tanya Plibersek says Labor won't commit to granting Tony Abbott his wish.We have been very clear and on the record that we want to limit air pollution and do that with a market-based mechanism. Tony Abbott needs Labor's support to repeal the carbon tax before Christmas, otherwise he has to wait until July next year and cut a deal with Clive Palmer in the new Senate. He is still searching for that light at the end of the tunnel.A troop of firefighters from Queensland has returned home. The 51 firies mostly volunteers spent the last five days fighting fires across the state.Yeah, we are pretty tired. We knocked off 3am this morning and had a few hours sleep and on the plen. We will rest tonight in our own beds.Conditions are easing but it might take weeks for the bushfires to be fully extinguished. The cancer centre received a new state of the art radiation machine. A crane was needed to install the accelerator which weighs 9 tons. Targeted for the most difficult to treat cancers such a brain, spine and liver.We can target the tumour, treating in two to three treatments rather than 28 treatments.The machine treats patients by February next year. Adelaide is set to receive a new women's and children's hospital. Tanya Plibersek was in Adelaide as a Premier announcing the project, to cost more than $600 million and will be built on the same site as the new Adelaide Hospital and will be open in 2023. Melinda Nucifora joins us now.There was some cloud around and the chance of isolated showers along much of our coastline today. It didn't lead to particularly heavy falls anywhere. Brisbane reached 29 today, two degrees above average. The river city has now had 21 days out of its 26 above its October average. It was a bit of an overcast and cooler start to Saturday in Sydney. It did manage to reach 24 degrees, also two above average. But that wasn't until after 2pm. Canberra, very cold this morning, down to minus one, seven degrees below average before warning up somewhat to 22. Light showers around for Melbourne today. It remained cool, the mercury only hit 17. It was mostly sunny in Adelaide with a top of 23. There is the chance of light showers tonight. Elsewhere today, a cold front sweeping across Hobart brought wind gusts over 80km/h. Reaching 14 and Darwin, you recorded your coldest overnight low all month dropping to 28 degrees this morning.Thank you. Up next - TEN Eyewitness News exclusive - we go inside an elite Afghan army unit preparing to take over as our troops withdraw. Plus - mystery surrounding Maria comes to a close and authorities track doubt missing child's parents. Good news for Australia - Michael Clarke wins his race to be fit for the Ashes. Plus - England feeling the heat ahead of their World Cup clash with the Kangaroos.

Kangaroos. Welcome back. Police have found the real mother of Maria, the little blond girl discovered in a gypsy camp in Greece after the toddler's photograph was shown around the world. Her Bulgarian mother came forward, revealing that she wasn't kidnapped but sadly given away. For a week, her young face has been seen around the world. As debgtdtives try to solve the mystery of Maria. TRANSLATION: Among those who saw it was her mother. I left her in Greece, I had no food, no job, I couldn't take care of the baby. Children now thought to be her siblings play in what would have been her home, a poor Roma camp in Bulgaria. When her mother left her, she took about $90 to get home.She cried all of the time for the child she left in Greece, but they had no money to go back.Found at this Roma settlement last week after concerns she didn't look like the family she was living. They denied all along that they abducted her, given to them in an informal adoption, they want her return.We are asking for her back. We said from the start that she was Bulgarian, they didn't believe us. There remain concerns of child trafficking within this community, even if authorities accept Maria was adopted, the cup why will still face prosecutionened Greek child protection laws. Maria is also unlikely to return to her Bulgarian family, with social services suggesting that she will go into foster care. This little girl's past may now be clearer - her future is not. The migrant problem has reached crisis point, as 700 boat people were plucked to safety today, EU leaders pledge to do more to stop drownings on a journey to a new life. She is weary, desperate and frightened. And she is not alone. Whole families in search of a new life. The lucky one who is survived their journal gee to Europe and placed themselves at the mercy of the authorities. Until today, they have been waiting in the hold of their rescuer ship. TRANSLATION: We spent about two days.I went to London.Those dreaming of London and beyond, know it has already been a tragic month in these waters. They continue to risk everything to come. These, the latest of hundreds of migrants, rescued overnight off the coast of Lampedusa, the closest Italian island for African refugees to get to. They already had luck in being rescued from their crowded boats. The relief of the migrants was obvious. But the island's boat yard is testamount to the many others who failed to get to dry land and safety. It hasn't stopped many families were trying and despite the risks, it won't stop many more runs from following. Workers began demolition at the site of one of America's most horrific school shootings. 20 children and six adults were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December. The small community decided keeping the 60-year-old facility would be too painful of a reminder. They want to rebuild on the same site. Authorities hope to have the land clear before the first anniversary of the massacre. With Australia's involvement in Afghanistan, it is rapidly winding down, it's time for the Afghan national army to step up. We have exclusive access to the Quick Response Force, who are ready to take charge. Afghanistan's future depends on these men. Fit, fierce and ready to fight the enemy. They have been trained by Australians, now the Afghan national army has taken on the bulk of security in the country's south. TRANSLATION: The Australians did really well and they were successful, we are strong now.A seasoned Warrior, who fought with the Soviets and against them. His men don't need to be taught to fight, their country has been at war for decades.They are truly ready in numbers and quality to take the Taliban on.Australia's job here hasn't finished, but changed.Back in the day we were instructing them how to use the weapon and do this. Today we advise them on their own capabilities. This is a Quick Response Force team, highly skilled and well equipped. Even still, these soldiers face very serious challenges. The Taliban and others continue to threaten peace and for the Australians working here, there's a sinister risk. Afghans turning their guns on will the people here to change them, known as green on blue attacks.Nervous, you will come out alive if you do your job. There are a couple of bad eggs out there.So called garden agals keep a good eye. We were advised not to wear body armor, even though anywhere outside an Australian military base is considered to be high risk. Still to come - a look at the day's madness as punters eagerly await the jump of this year's Cox. The biggest shipping port on earth where they move one container every second. Is this Australia's youngest sporting star? The 7-year-old quickly becoming a little lawn bowls master? BOTH: EasyWax.
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little lawn bowls master?Updating the day's news around the country - Prince Frederik and Princess Mary spent day three of their royal tour at the Sydney Children's Hospital. Three people have been charged over a violent brawl in Sydney's Bondi beach overnight. Police believe the incident may have been racially motivated. And the mystery of little Maria has been solved. DNA testing confirmed the child found in a Roma camp in Greece belongs to a Bulgarian couple who revealed that she wasn't kidnapped but given away. Cadel Evans has announced that he will race Down Under next year, the 36-year-old hasn't raced in Australia since winning the Tour de France in 20116789 it's hoped that he will draw even bigger crowds than the 40,000 interstate and overseas visitors at this year's tour in Adelaide.Cadel Evans is a huge draw card. People are speculating that this may be his last year in the professional circuit.The Australian race will bring part of his tour of Italy. As the spring racing season continues, punters braved wintery weather for the Cox Plate today. It wasn't all festivities as a small group of protestors tried to crash the day. The day for the racing purists. Even though it was the Spring Carnival for race goers, the weather was anything but.Last weekend was such great weather and today is only 17.Thankfully it wasn't raining. Fashion on the field was a collection of the weird and wonderful.Get the suit of the cupboard, not too much for that one. Sniem' going for the whole vintage looks.The girls love me, I'm an ugly man but the girls love chickens.The mullet was in. The standout day for the Mooney Valley. I'm an Essendon man, I live around the corner, nothing better than coming to Mooney Valley when it's busy.Everybody has their own method for winning. For many it's simply the luck of the draw.Name and colours.Outside it was a different story, staking out the entrance, demanding a retirement plan for rice horses.The protection of race horses making their message clear.The slaughter of race horses needs to be ended with a retirement plan.Security made a move.A lot of the race goers were saying it's fantastic. The show must go on. Back to bubbly and snacks on the lawn. A a former NRL star traded his footy boots for pence yils. Retired halfback Scott Prince launched his first children's book with co-author Dave Hartley at the Broncos Leagues club. The goal is to create a generation of eager young readers.We love the thought of kids reading and that's something that we found very hard growing up. If we can get one or two kids to read that's fantastic. But this won't be the the last adventure, with a sequel planning to be penned. Australian officials have enjoyed a rare tour of the world's busiest threat terminal in China. The mission is on a research trip, a plan is under way for the largest port in Melbourne. David Woiwod was there. One shipping container moved every second, the port of shanke is a scale we can't imagine. Plans to build Australia's largest container port in Victoria pushes ahead.It gives us a sense of what we have to build.Not that it will match this the focal point is lined with thousands of containers as rows of these cranes stretch on for kilometres, surveying the port, Denis Napthine was on the look-out for ways to improve threat terminals back home. His wife Peggy on the look-out for ways to improve him. The political fortunes are tied to plants to comment Victoria's reputation as the shipping Mecca by building the Hastings port capable of moving 9 million containers per year.By 2050 I suggest it will be the major port for Melbourne, Victoria and Australia.To put the size of the terminal into some sort of perspective, Australia's busiest port, in Melbourne, last year shifted 2.5 mill wherein coners. Shanghai handled nearly 33 million. When the containers arrived there's the issue of getting them to the mainland. 32km bridge linking the port to the outskirts of Shanghai ensures the truck makes their deliveries. Add to the swelling traffic headache.It's been a big day in sport. With most of the focus on horsepower of some sort. Adam Hawse is here with the details. Thank you. All of the action from a big day at Mooney Valley is coming up. Plenty of action in the V8s as well. I'll have all of the details next. Plus - glnd sweat under the Australian sun as Australia's favourite son continues to race the clock ahead of the ands. Victory has a win and what drove this referee to see red? We'll show you his incredible blow-up after the break. (SINGS) # Three little letters

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break.Good evening, Michael Clarke provided the Ashes boost revealing that he could be in action as early as next week. A back injury sidelined the captain for the past six weeks. He is keen for time in the middle before facing the Poms. Out of the current India tour poo Michael Clarke delivered the lowdown on disc problem at a store promotion.I will do everything I can to try to get right for I think Wednesday the game starts against Tasmania. If not, it will be NSW's next shield game starting November 6th. Jiets a huge series and I want to make sure that I'm 100% fit to form.Pumped by the batting form shown ahead of the series Ashes among them David Warner with three centuries in eight days for the Blues.George Bailey leading from the front over in India T doesn't matter the form of the game you want to be at the front of the selectors mind. It's good to see guys performing well with bat and ball.Promising signs. Over in Perth, the England cricketers sprung into a session of run, run, and run some more.Yeah, a lot of running until we are flat out pretty much.Aware of the runs for NSW by David Warner.One of the main dangers like batters like that, they can take games away from you within a session or two. I think you saw in the test matches we played. Even the best laid plans can be hit for six.Australia is wary of an ambush in tonight's rugby league World Cup opener after an an rich England coach walked out of a pre-match media conference. Questions of the axing of the prop the trigger for the blow-up as his team prepares to face the Kangaroos at millennium stadium.Well, I just said to you if you want to carry on with that question we'll stop now F you want to carry on asking questions, let's continue. Last chance now.The journalists couldn't resist one more question so he wrapped it up. An emotional Ange Postecoglou bowed out of the A-League winner after Victory beat Brisbane 1-0 last night. The new coach looked nervous at his last match in charge but was brought to his feet at 56th minute winner.I haven't repaid the debt because I'm leaving before permission has been accomplished. It is Victory's first win of the season and Brisbane's first loss.The precedence is taking out the internationally Cup at Mooney Valley. Craig Williams's rocking it at home in front of Got to Take Care.

to Take Care. Last night Queensland's sprinter Buffering brought through to the firm favourite in the stakes. The group one $3 million Cox Plate has been run at Mooney Valley. Here are the closing stages.

closing stages.
The winner there - number 15 shamus award. Craig Lowndes is poised to collect the first win on the Gold Coast since 2005. Championship leader Jamie Whincup didn't make it into the driver's seat. Henry Peters has more. Final qualifying ended disastrously for Jamie Whincup. An inconspicuous clash bringing out the red flag and relegating him to 25th on the grid. Chose a little too much kerb and only a couple of inches out. Snatching provisional poll on the final lap of qualifying. On to the top 10 shoot-out and Michael had his own dramas for not respecting curriculumities.All four-wheels short cutting the kerb and there's another one.Kiwi Shane barely even starting the lap. Once on the grid, Red Bull's Craig Lowndes they were all chasing. Alex's campaign effectively ended when codriver John spun out. While pedal problems brought Scott to a standstill. The safety car on lap 13 bringing Garreth back to the field. Jamie Whincup's codriver road up on the back of Greg Murphy leaving hur fee fumingPretty (BLEEP)ed I can tell you.Jamie Whincup's car also retiring early. Making sure the championship leader didn't get into the driver's seat. In the closing stages it's Craig Lowndes in the box seat to climb the first Gold Coast win since 2005. Henry Peters TEN Eyewitness News. Sebastian Vettel led the way in practice ahead of the Indian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Mark Webber had the second quickest time followed by Nico Rosberg. Sebastian Vettel wraps up his fourth straight world title if he finishes fourth or better in tomorrow's race, qualifying begins over on one at 7pm eastern daylight savings time. Check your local guides. A football referee may have officiated the last game after scenes in Kuwait after aAcademy Awarding a penalty to the visiting side. He sent one player crashing to the turf. But the whistle blower wasn't finished there - delivering a swift kick to the same player. He whipped out three red cards, the last coming after having the ball kicked directly at him. For the record, the team he didn't punch or kick won the match by four goals to one. Now, count yourself lucky that you can't smell through the tele, here is a pongy Play of the Day. Meet David Pel, a Green Bay Packers fan for wearing a Jersey for the most consecutive days. So far 1034 days, that's almost three years. To make things worse, the only Packers fan in his family. The record is four years. So David has a long way to G he's done enough to win our Play of the Day. I've got a Parramatta Eels Jersey like that. Pongy Play of the Day.One more there. The Australian basketballer, $44 million, resigned with Warriors for three years. Not bad.Coming up next - all of the weather details. Meet John and James. They suffer
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next - all of the weather details.
Good evening. Melinda Nucifora with all of your weekend weather details. It's been a windy start it your weekend in tas and Victoria, but a high pressure system is moving in, which will see the conditions start to ease into this evening. OK, let's jump straight into our satellite map. Cloud forming over eastern NSW and Queensland in a trough is causing a few showers. And specaled cloud in cool, onshore winds is bringing showers to southern Victoria and south-west Tasmania. A head to Sunday's forecast, a low, associated trough move news South Australia dragging in heat and generating showers and storms. A belt of high pressure drives onshore winds and costal showers over Victoria and NSW. Around the country tomorrow

In Queensland:

In Queensland:
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Thank you.Whoever said lawn bowls was an old person's sport should think again. A 7-year-old boy believed to be the youngest bowler in the country is showing up some of the most experienced. Cooper's only been bowling for two years. But he is not intimidated by the age of his opponents.They are taller than me but old.The 7-year- old is South Australia's youngest bowler, possibly the youngest in the country.It's quite unusual for us to have somebody his age out here.He takes it very seriously. He plays to win.Some of Adelaide's most experienced bowlers asking him to fill in for their team.When they called him on Wednesday he was so excited, he wanted to get everything packed and uniform ready. A uniform that's just a little big, but not as big as the age gap between him and the other players. Charlie Short is about to turn 94. Nearly 87 years between us. He had a good line.Look out, I'm on the track.Cooper took a keen interest in lawn bowls after watching his father.Very proud.His twin sister among his biggest fans. It's clear where he wants to go with the sport. Profession, yeah.He does it alright as you can see so I think in the next few years he could be well-known around the bowling circles, we are hoping so.That's TEN Eyewitness News national news for this Saturday. I'm Hermione Kitson, thank you very much for

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