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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - asylum seekers warned they'll be detained indefinitely if they refuse to return home.That's their choice, that they won't be settled in Australia, they won't be coming to Australia, their next stop is Nauru and Manus Island.Bushfire victims now warn ed to beware of asbestos contamination. Vital repairs - Scrivener Dam returned to its former glory.This work has been designed to have a 100-year life-span. We are very confident no-one who is alive today will have to worry about this problem again.Australia's oldest twins turn 100. Good evening. Siobhan Heanue with ABC News. Asylum seekers being held on the Australian mainland say they're confused and worried by uncertainty surrounding the Federal Government's policy of offshore processing. Some detainees have told the ABC they'd rather be indefinitely detained than risk persecution or death by going back home. The Darwin Airport Lodge is a temporary home for about 200 asylum seekers with an uncertain future.What we have seen is a move away from a decision where people are having their claims assessed to one where people are completely without any idea about what will happen to them.Most have been sent here for medical treatment. They have been told Christmas
they will be sent back to Christmas Island, Nauru or Manus Island but they don't know when or for how long.They are confused. They are not sure what they are going to do. They want the Government to choose a way for them. Facing possible indefinite detention, most of the asylum seekers I spoke to say they prefer detention rather than being sent home.We don't have a choice because if we go back home, we have been killed, they were gonna kill us.I don't know really. I'm really confused, what to do.Others just want to be re-united with their families.She says they brought her here just for her treatment but her family is in Christmas and she don't want to stay here, she want to stay with her family. And there are complaints about a lack of facilities on Christmas Island.How is this possible, 500 people are staying in the same place and there is only two toilets? The Government has dismissed the complaints.Again I have seen those reports and again they are not substantiated.The Minister makes no apologies for sending women with newborn babies into potential indefinite detention.That's their choice, they won't be settled in Australia, they won't be coming to Australia, their next stop is Nauru and Manus Island.While we were interviewing the asylum seekers, they started to walk away fearing the possibility that detention centre staff were filming them and taking down names. Given the Government's refusal to discuss individual cases, it will be difficult to find out whether there will be any ramifications for talking to the media. The NSW Premier has flagged the possibility of seeking compensation from the Defence Department over the State's biggest fire. Defence has admitted starting the State Mine fire at Lithgow which burned through 50,000 hectares and destroyed three homes. Meanwhile, in the lower Blue Mountains, the focus has shifted to recovery. The Governor-General today visited the area where almost 200 homes were lost, meeting survivors and firefighters. Liv Casben reports. The Governor-General spent the morning touring the devastated fire zone and speaking with families who lost everything. There was time, too, to praise the firefighters who tried so hard to save the homes.That's wonderful. What an inspiration you are. No, I mean it.The Premier also gave his thanks.This is what community across this State but particularly in the Blue Mountains is all about, people coming together in times of crisis.In that time of crisis, it is the little things that mean so much. David May lost everything when fire tore through his Winmalee property last week. This morning he was picking up supplies from the local high school.The generosity of the local community and the local schools and the local groups has just been ... just been amazing.Winmalee High is just one of those schools doing its bit, donations have been received from right across the region.There is not one child in the school that has not been affected by the fires either directly, relatives or best friends. We have got a school in grieving. There is still some way to go before things return to normal here. The focus has shifted to recovery and compensation. The Premier wants to speak with the Prime Minister about the Defence Department being to blame for the State Mine fire, the State's largest blaze.I want to talk to the Prime Minister about what's going to happen in relation to learning the lessons.That fire is still burning and it could be several weeks before it is out. The Premier also had this warning for people wanting to visit the Blue Mountains.We don't want people to come up to look at fire-affected areas. Come up and enjoy what's great about the mountains.As the community pulls together, the greatness is on display once more. While the immediate threat of fire may have passed, those whose homes were damaged or destroyed found a new danger. Many homes are found to have contained asbestos and authorities are warning people to stay away. Coming to terms with losing everything but there is more to consider.I know the dangers of it and all the rest of it but at the moment it was the furthest thing from my mind I must admit.The Seamans' devastated home is one of the in in the Blue Mountains where the fires exposed asbestos dangers. They have been through the debris to ral advantage what they - salvage what they can.Minimum to high risk if they are not wearing protection.If I have got it, it will catch me.So far authorities have assessed 350 homes and have found 80 of them to contain asbestos. The warnings to those affected is growing louder.We are urging people with signs on their properties, which should be completed today, not to enter the properties until we say it is okay.While authorities say the risk is minimal, properties will be sprayed to stabilise the asbestos and avoid further contamination.We are quickly attempting to resolve those issues but it will take some weeks.WorkCover says fire-damaged asbestos should only be cleaned up by professionals.The more we disturb the more we get exposed to.Alan Seaman, a builder by trade, is philosophical about the challenge ahead.The memories in it, yes, that's a hassle but the actual building, you can right the faults we made in the first one. They are hoping to get started as soon as possible.

The commander of the child sexual abuse crime squad has told the Royal Commission it never releases recorded interviews with children to their families. That's to avoid the danger it might end up on social media. Parents have told the Commission that leaves them in the dark but the senior police commander says the risks are too great. Philippa McDonald reports. It is widely regarded as one of the toughest jobs in the force and today Detective Superintendent Maria Rustya was defending the way police conduct interviews with children when there are allegations of sexual abuse.We have children, three years old sometimes, four, five and six all going through the same scenarios.In YMCA childcare worker Jonathan Lord's case, his 12 victims were six, seven and eight. Their parents have told the Commission of their to
distress at not being allowed to be there when their child was interviewed.They made the disclosure, in interview they made the disclosure.When asked about the support available to children, the commander said health and community services were part of the interview team. The commander of the child sexual abuse squad told the Commission there is no way a DVD of a video recording of a child's interview could be given to the family because of social media. She said "God knows something could happen and it would be in the public domain forever". She didn't rule out organising private viewings in the future.We have someone there to help the parent through the trauma that often happens with some parents.The Royal Commission will hear evidence from the YMCA for the first time next week. Free-range poultry producers are hitting back at warnings over the biosecurity risks within their industry. The Federal Agriculture Minister says the rush to embrace free range is putting the whole industry at risk. It follows con firmation of a second outbreak of bird flu at a chicken farm near Young. When a deadly avian influenza outbreak was found on a property near Young last week, authorities tried to contain it by culling 400,000 birds. But it appears to have been in vain. Now the disease has been detected at a property 30km away which has 40,000 hens and they are likely to meet the same fate.Infection on the second property has come from other means directly related from movement of material from the first farm to the second farm.The chooks are infected with H7 avian influenza.When ducks have contact with the birds outside in a free range form it brings the disease into the shed. If we want to move to free range birds, this is a problem that will reoccur.That has free range egg producers in a flap.He has pointed the finger at one group. The biggest block is owned by the citizens of Australia, the mums and dads, who have chooks in their back yard.The number of free range farms has doubled in the past decade and accounts for almost a third of egg free
production.As we move into the free range, some of the oldie disease will increase.He says better protections are needed.We have the ability not to build protection dams on premises and we need the ability to control wild water foul all year round.Measures the industries hopes will prevent any future spread of disease. The row between Germany and the US over phone tapping is intensifying. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a terse phone call to Barack Obama in the wake of claims that her mobile had been monitored. She told the US President trust will have to be re-established. Europe correspondent Mary Gearin reports. The outrage was close to the surface as the German Chancellor arrived at the EU summit that's destined to be overshadowed by the spying scanl. TRANSLATION: We need to have trust in our allies and partners and this trust has to be rebuilt. I say again, spying on friends is unacceptable. But the latest claim is Angela Merkel was not alone. The 'Guardian' newspaper says a confidential memo from 2006 shows America's National Security Agency was monitoring 35 world leaders. This on top of fury from France over alleged phone tapping of its citizens and an Italian newspaper is set to lay out similar allegations against US and UK spies . But for Germany's leader, a famously prolific user of Smartphones, this scandal is not just national, it is personal.It is almost like having your best friend read your email secretly and listen in to your phone calls, suddenly realise and you are very, very angry.Washington has still not specifically denied it has tapped the Chancellor's phone in the past. As the US ambassador to Germany was called in to please explain, questions are raised whether this will affect free trade.I don't think it will come as a great surprise to world leader. I am sure their own agencies are advising them they have the capacity to listen to other countries.The German and French leaders have met on the sidelines of the summit about the issue. No doubt there will be more talks. Perhaps mobiles best left at the door.One-time Chinese political high flier Bo Xilai has lost his appeal against a life sentence for receiving bribes, embezzlement and abuse of power. His powerful enemies within the Communist Party will now be hoping they have heard the last from him, at least for a while. In China, defendants don't win appeals like this one and the man once tipped as a future leader of the country has been no exception. Realising he'd lose, Bo Xilai seemed determine to fight on, following last month's life sentence. In his trial, he had argued he didn't know about the bribes going to his wife and that it was she, in collusion with her lover, the former Chongqing police chief, who had covered up the murder of a British business man. Either way in China's rigged legal system, Bo Xilai's arguments failed to win the day in his trial and his appeal has gone nowhere as well.TRANSLATION: The High Court has reviewed all the documents from the first verdict and decided to maintain the original sentence.Bo Xilai has now run out of options for the time being. Unless Communist Party leaders have a change of heart in the future, he faces the rest of his life behind bars.Police in Portugal are re-opening their inquiry into the disappearance of British girl Madeleine McCann. They say there are new elements of evidence in the disappearance of 3-year-old Madeleine on a family holiday in 2007. British Police have also reopened their investigation but the Portuguese move is based on separate leads.We have got very good collaboration between the Met and the Portuguese police. I hope this will enable a resolution of this terrible thing that happened to the McCann family.Interest in the case has been re-ignited by a new appeal for information on the BBC's Crime watch program earlier this month. Police have uncovered an international scam in which a Perth couple were tricked into becoming drug mules. The pair had been on an all expenses paid trip to Canada which they thought they had won online. They became suspicious when they returned home and alerted authorities. Australian Customs found $7 million worth of methamphetamine hidden in the couple's suitcase at the airport and police have charged a 38-year-old Canadian who had been waiting to pick up the couple.It is a highly organised scam in which older Australians appear to be targeted by a bogus tour company.I cover ended up in jail for 25 years or whatever it is. Ruined my life.Australian Federal Police are investigating whether any other Australians have been caught up in the scam.Lake Burley Griffin will soon be returned to its former glory. The water level was dropped by half a metre in late 2011 to allow for repairs on Scrivener Dam. The $8 million job is due to be finished before the end of summer, allowing the Lake's levels to be restored to normal. Kathleen Dyett reports. Scrivener
In the early 1960s, the Scrivener Dam was taking shape on the Molonglo River and crowds came to admire the monumental achievement. But half a century later, the dam's showing its age. A structural problem was discovered two years ago and it took a while to figure out what workers were up against.That involved getting cameras down to look at the bolts, do some testing, destructive testing around the bolts to find out what was going on.Photos and original designs also threw up some clues.I myself spent a number of days in the national archives looking through the original contract documents and from that we were able to learn a lot about how the original gates were constructed and installed.Once they knew their way around the dam, workers began replacing 1120 corroded anchor bolts on the dam's floodgates - 120.The new bars have approximately three times the strength of the anchor bolts we are replacing and we are installing them with modern corrosion protection systems.There is not much wriggle room, it is best to keep your head down. Workers have weathered a few other challenges along the way. But they are more than halfway through the job and on track to finish next March.This work has been designed to have a 100 year life-span so we are very confident that no-one who is alive today will have to worry about this problem again.Considering the obstacles, it is a job that's probably best confined to the occasional to-do list. To finance now, and the local share market rose again today for the eighth time in 10 sessions. But as Alan Kohler reports, the Australian dollar finished the week down. The All Ordinaries has moved to another five-year high and it is the banks leading the way although AMP had a shocker because of a profit warning. Carsales fell after its annual meeting today and Resmed fell more than 8% after an announcement of a record quarterly result which was not enough for investors. Here are charts to explain what's going on. The Australian market is hitting five-year highs but it is underperforming the world index so far this year by 15% to 20%. The reason the world index is up 20% is because the US market has risen 23%. That's because of tech stocks which can be seen in the Nasdaq index which is up 30%. The only markers which have performed as well as that are Athens, Tokyo, Dublin and Australian banks also up 30%. The reason the All Ordinaries is only up 15% is that Australia's resources stocks are down 5% this year. Especially small resources which are down 35% year to date. Global markets were a bit untidy today. Here is a chart of the US budget deficit. It collapsed this year from 10% of GDP to 4%. America no longer has a deficit problem. At this rate it will soon have a surplus and they'll have to fight about something else. That's finance. A confident England has Alastair
arrived for the Ashes series. Alastair Cook's team touched down in Perth and will be looking to win the Ashes for a fourth straight series. That is a feat that hasn't been achieved by an English side for more than 100 years. It is less than three months since England retained the Ashes on home soil.You come on tour to win, it is a good month of preparation and exciting test series.England begins the tour with a three-day game against WA which starts on Thursday. Wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie says nothing less than a clean sweep is acceptable on the team's Spring tour of Europe. The Australians face five tests in five weeks starting with England at Twickenham on November 2. The Wallabies are Europe-bound. Determined to put a disappointing year behind them.I think we have still got a long way to improve. We have come out with some good results on the back of not our best performances. I think we can do better.The Wallabies have won only two tests from seven since Ewen McKenzie took over. Statistics like that won't pass muster in the northern hemisphere.Five wins would be good. We are not going there to come second. We are out there to win every game.While there has been little to celebrate for the Wallabies over the past 12 months, Michael Hooper has been a shining light and his efforts were rewarded last year.The players player of the year is Michael Hooper.Hooper played in all 14 tests during the voting period. The Waratahs player finished well in front of nearest rivals Wycliff Palu and Israel Folau.It is very special. When it is such a great group of guys and you get along off the field, it is good to be recognised on the field and have guys to play out there and go through the hard yards together.Folau's successful switch from AFL to rugby union has been recognised the Rookie of the Year.It has been a dream start to my career and couldn't ask for a better way to do it.He can kick start his bid for the John Eales Medal with a strong performance in Twickenham.In the WNBL, Canberra Capitals take on the Adelaide Lightning tonight at the AIS. They are desperate to return to the winners' list after a slow start to their season. The Capitals have won just one of four matches so far this season. The team is looking to bounce back from a heavy defeat last weekend at the hands of the defending champions Bendigo.That's one you almost want to forget about, I don't think that was a true reflection on who we are as a group and how good we think we are and what we are capable of this season.The team isn't hitting the panic button yet.For me it is about defence. We have to go back to that to get back to hard fought, hard-nosed D to try and lock down other teams and our offence will flow from there.After tonight's match the Capitals will enjoy a week off before their next fixture against Dandenong. The Canberra Cavalry are gearing up for the new season ready to defend their maiden Australian baseball league title. That task will be tough with new rules on international player numbers set to challenge the club. Just three years into the club's existence, the Cavalry claimed the Claxton Shield.Canberra are the champions of Australian baseball!With a fall stadium at Narrabundah Ballpark, a televised final and a promise of further development, the 2012-2013 season was near perfect.Great year but we are here to defend the title this time.This year's Asian Champions League tournament will expose the team to the biggest challenge in the region.A lot of players are excited about the chance to play baseball at a high level in another country.The Cavalry's international flavour within the team roster is hard to ignore. To foster the growth of the game in the least populated region in the League, Cavalry were allowed in previous years to field seven international players per game unlike other clubs that could field four. This season Canberra can only play six imports while the rest of the league can play five.The message to Canberra is are you guys developing your local talent? We feel like we absolutely are.The Cavalry are wary of the impact these changes will have on the competition.We do have this is
concerns, we want to make sure this is a good team, a winning team, but we don't want to based
throw people out on the field based on nationality.According to the club it will take a few more years for Canberra to have a sustainable youth program.We want the opportunity to grow appropriately.In the meantime, they will target the growth of their fan base as well.It is about entertainment.The season begins next week with a series at home against Melbourne. Turning 100 is remarkable by anyone's standards but today there was a double celebration as Australia's oldest twins marked the milestone. Flora Barrett and Winifred Hopes are identical twins who put their longevity down to healthy living and avoiding unsuitable suitors.Flora Barrett and Winifred Hopes have more than one reason to celebrate. Australia's oldest living twins have turned 100. The sisters are used to birthday cards, but this year, it was a little different.That's from the Governor-General. You have one from the Prime Minister.And one from the Queen. The identical twins were born in a large farming family in Harvey in the south-west of WA. Between them, there are 15 children, 36 grandchildren, 72 great-grandchildren and 19 great, great grandchildren, including several sets of twins. Just don't ask them to remember all their names.Darren's girl.That's Katie.Flora Barrett's son says his mother is a remarkable woman.She is a good worker, she has looked after the kids well, done everything possible to be a good mother as with Winnie.The secret to their long life? Really nothing, just look after yourself and that.Winifred was more specific.Don't smoke, don't drink and don't go out with bad men. That's the secret.(Laughter)They both say they've lived a happy life with no regrets and are planning on a few years more. Good on them. To the weather now, it was a beautiful day in the capital. Relatively warm and sunny to boot.

Nationally it was clear in Sydney today with a top of 23 degrees. A low pressure trough across the tropics is producing a few showers and storms up north. Another broad trough stretching to southern WA is providing heat and the odd storm. Moist south-westerlies behind a front are bringing showers to southern Victoria and western Tasmania and we are even seeing the odd smattering of spring time snow in the alpine areas. In the capitals tomorrow -

Before we go, a brief recap of our top stories tonight - asylum seekers being head on the Australian mainland say they are confused and worried by the Federal Government's policy of offshore processing. Some detainees have told the ABC they choose indefinite detention rather than risk persecution or death by returning to their country of origin. NSW residents struggling in the wake of the bushfires are being warned of the danger of asbestos. Authorities say the risk to health is minimal but residents are being warned to stay away until they are given the all-clear. That's the latest from the Canberra newsroom. Stay with us for '7:30 ACT'. Have a good evening. Goodnight. Captions by CSI Australia

This Program is Captioned I need you to reverse up and start hitting the trees.Let's back it up and start hitting the trees so the boys can get through.Politicians are people and like any set of people, some people come and find it difficult to come to terms with the fact and we - when we do things on earth we are affecting the earth. Hello, welcome to 7.30 ACT, I'm Chris Kimball. Thanks for your company.Coming up - Brian Schmidt on selling science and his other life in the vines.First, have you done enough? That is the question most often put to emergency services chiefs and fire officials as we head towards