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This program is captioned live. Tonight - Thomas Kelly's parents speak about the pain of losing their son to the actions of a coward. Friends lay flowers for a much-loved man killed in an overnight house fire. The Premier to take compensation claims to the Prime Minister, after the Defence Force's apology for burning down homes. And Princess Mary draws big crowds, bringing some precious gems from Denmark to Sydney. ANNOUNCER: This is TEN Eyewitness News, with Sandra Sully. Good evening. It was a senseless attack on an innocent teenager. Enjoying his first night out in Kings Cross. It shocked Sydney to its core, and today, Thomas Kelly's family told of how unbearable life is without him. His father labelled his attacker a "coward". So powerful were the impact statements from the Kelly family today in court, Kieran Loveridge - the man facing years in jail for his manslaughter - was also brought to tears. Mazoe Ford has been covering this case for us. She joins me now. Mazoe, just how wrenching was it to hear the Kelly family's anguish today?Good evening, Sandra. As each member of the Kelly family read out those statements, and statements too from some of his friends, you could hear people sobbing right around the courtroom. It was very sad indeed. It was particularly emotional when Ralph Kelly - Thomas Kelly's father - read out how this has all impacted ones had life. At that point, the accused - who had been fighting back tears so far - also began to wipe them away. It's been just over a year since Thomas Kelly died. Today, his loved ones came to court to tell the judge just how hard it's been on all of them. Thomas's father, Ralph, read from his victim impact statement. "The pain stabs you from the heart, relentlessly, again and again and again. A pain so intense that no-one should ever have to feel it. A pain that picks you up and hurls you against the wall." Thomas was out with friends in Kings Cross in July last year when he was king-hit by a stranger, fell to the ground, and died two days later from severe head injuries. That stranger was 19-year-old Kieran Loveridge, who'd had more than 20 drinks when he attacked, after declaring to friends, "I swear I'm go to bash someone tonight." Loveridge is being sentenced in the Supreme Court after pleading guilty to Thomas's manslaughter and if you other assaults. "He never should have died from a meaningless act of cowardice," Ralph Kelly added. His wife, Kathy, Thomas's mother, said, "I cry every day for both his loss and the loss for all of us. I cry myself to sleep every night." She remembered her son as intelligent, funny, and with a zest for life. Thomas's grandparents, sister and friends also told the court how much they loved him, and how much they miss him. After the victim impact statements were read out, the defence read from a psychologist's report about Kieran Loveridge, including his words of remorse. He said he felt sorry for the Kelly family, and about Thomas, he said, "He did nothing wrong. My stupidity caused him to lose his life." Loveridge 's supporters, including his mother Michelle, were also in court today. Her statement described how she felt when she heard her son was arrested for the much-publicised death of Thomas Kelly. "I screamed and my heart broke in two," and on her eldest child's future, she said, "I know he has done bad things, but I love him. I will nev give up on him." It will now be up to the judge to decide what penalty Loveridge will face. Kieran Loveridge will be sentenced on November 8. The maximum penalty for manslaughter in NSW is 25 years. With time already served and his early guilty plea, he is not expected to receive a penalty that harsh. Thank you, Mazoe. A difficult and upsetting day all around. A 50-year-old man and his dog have died when their wooden home burned to the ground in botany this morning. Despite the frantic efforts of neighbours and a passing security guard, the fire was just too much to save the much-loved welfare worker. Jessica Turner reports. All that remains of Clay Musgrave's home is a charred shell. He and his much-loved dog died when his home went up in flames. The 50-year-old cherished his pets and his family home almost as much as he did his friends.Best person I've ever met in my whole life. Most trustworthy person. He looked after me children. He helped everybody else out. Didn't have an enemy in the world.Firefighters tried to save him but couldn't get inside.There was a fear that the houses next door could catch alight. They did a good job stopping the fire from spreading. They were beaten back by flames.His friend was hoping Clay wasn't home.I'm just emotionally gut-wrenched.Mr Muscat's job was looking after others, visiting veterans as a welfare officer. It's how he and his close friends met - they'd planned to have lunch with him today.Very devastated at the news.It's not yet known exactly what caused the blaze, but it's not suspicious. It appears Mr Muscat tried his best to escape his burning home. His bedroom was at the front left of the house. His body was found in the hallway, right next to the front door. One of Mr Muscat's dogs did survive. He'll be looked after by friends. The RSL is already paying tribute to him, posting "Lest we forget." There are calls tonight for the Federal Government to compensate the victims of one of the Blue Mountains' biggest bushfires. Natasha Squarey has more on this story. She joins us now. Tash, just how angry are residents?Sandra, people I've been speaking with today have said an apology from the Defence Force is simply not enough for the victims who have lost their homes in these tragic bushfires. They're also demanding the Federal Government pay up. More than a week after the army started the State Mine fire, it's still burning, and so are attitudes towards the Defence Force.They just have to face up to it, and the Federal Government needs to make sure that people are adequately and quickly compensated for.Their lives have been damaged and ruined. They should face up for whatever costs it's going to take to make them happy. That's what they should do.The blaze burned homes and property.I do apologise, because it has been identified that this fire was the start of that Mine fire.That admission now raises the question of just who should compensate victims. The Premier wants the Commonwealth to take charge.I haven't seen the report, but I do intend to speak to the Prime Minister once I see that report, because clearly, at least seven or so homes were lost as a result of that fire. Other property damage occurred, and we need to see what's going to be done.Although Defence has appal I s ed, they won't -- apologised, they won'ted a liability for the State Mine fire until their own investigation has been completed. Any claims for compensation will depend on the inquiry's out canm.If they do their own investigation, put their hands up and say fair cop, you'd expect them to start writing some cheques, rather than spend money on lawyers. If, on the other hand, they're going to say, "There was nothing more we could have done, our systems were adequate," you might see them defending it in a long and bitter legal fight.Locals will be hoping for a swift resolution to help them start to rebuild their lives. Sandra, firefighters here in Mount Victoria have been taking advantage of the cooler conditions today. They've been try to get the upper hand, obviously, on these bushfires. They've been out back-burning and patrolling the area to try to put out any spot fires that might pop up. Unfortunately, they'll be battling these blazes for many more weeks to come. A short reprieve today. Let's hope it stays. Natasha Squarey, thank you. Meantime, Governor-General Quentin Bryce today toured the Blue Mountains, meeting with firefighters who she says are an inspiration. There's one in particular who, while working to save other people's homes, lost his own. Adam Todd caught up with him. Tim Boxwell has spent a decade fighting fires, and when the Winmalee blaze flared up, he was on the front line. But in the midst of the inferno, he received a disturbing phone call - his house was up in flames.I just sort of sat down when I first heard about it and didn't really speak to anyone. I was just sort of in shock.But he withicly picked himself up, as his house burned, Tim kept fighting to protect the homes of others. This was what he found the next day.Yeah, it's still pretty raw, I guess, when you see everything. Mm. Brings back a few memories of things, you know - times spent here and things like that.His house completely gutted. One of the first sort of things I started looking for was a birthday present for my girlfriend. Can't find it anywhere. That was pretty sad, 'cause I feel like I let her down a bit.It was a necklace, lost in the fire. His possessions in ashes, Tim returned to the fire front.There wasn't great deal I could do otherwise, so it was good to keep my mind off things, being out on the fire ground.Today, he met a grateful Governor-General. Tim Boxwell. Tim is one of the field officers in the brugrade. He also lost his house.Well, I wish you all the best.Just as grateful - his mates in the RFS, and the people of Winmalee. Tim's lived in this area his entire life. Despite losing nearly everything, he says he has no plans to go anywhere, and he's more determined than ever to keep fighting fires with the RFS.It's something that I've been doing for a long time now. I don't intend on giving it up because I've lost a house. They were only possessions, after all.He's moving back in with his parents, as he rebuilds his life. Tributes are pouring in from all around Australia for the late water-bombing pilot David Black, who was killed while fighting the bush iffers. His wife and mother of his young children posted this photograph of the happy couple online today. The 43-year-old's plane came down in an inaccessible terrain area west of Ulladulla yesterday morning. He's being remembered as a committed and loving family man. Network Ten is joining forces with three other major companies, and the Salvation Army, to help communities affected by these bushfires. On-air time is being donated to promote a special edition of Saturday's 'Daily Telegraph'. For each copy sold, the 'Daily Telegraph', CommBank, Crown Resorts and Qantas will donate 25 cents to the paper's bushfire appeal.

appeal. All proceeds will be given to the Salvos. If you just can't wait until Saturday, you can give now by calling: ..or by visiting the Salvos' website.

..or by visiting the Salvos'
website. The owners of a designer jewellery store in Sydney have enjoyed a publicity frenzy they could only dream of. Danish jeweller Ole Lynggaard has been providing julds to the country's royals -- jewels to the country's royals for almost 40 years. Today, as part of a busy schedule, Princess Mary officially opened its new store in the city. Ellie Southwood was there. With city streets shut down and hundreds of shoppers pausing for a glimpse, Princess Mary drew our attention to a jeweller from the country she now calls home. It's called Ole Lynggaard, and today the crown princess officially opened its newest store.(APPLAUSE) Inside, she admired the jewels and Mingled with some important people, including her sisters.I've had a visit with her this year. But to see her here is just gorgeous. She's having a great time. It's nice for her to come home every now and then and see friends and family.And do her bit for the dames.Mary, what do you love about Ole Lynggaard jewellery?The uniqueness and individuality of their jewellery.And all hand-crafted.We feel, because we are a family company, we feel that our signature is on everything.Ole Lynggaard is one of the royal family's official jewellers. While they have stores all over the world, they only have four flagship stores - two in Denmark, one in Sweden, and now, one here in Sydney, which a lot of people now know about. Do you think you'll ever have a PR event Dwight like that?No, I think this actually -- quite like that? No, I think this blew our minds.Next stop was Five Dock Public, to meet some top reading students. Earl Ier, the crown prince launched an architecture and design exchange program.Architecture makes the city, strengthens the already strong relationships between our two countries.Two countries brought together by one couple. Stay with us. Still to come - new laws about to come in making backyard pools safer. Also - why Portuguese authorities have reopened their inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Plus - it's official - Prince George is very cute. Pictures from his christening are ahead. Find out why these Tasmanian devils have set up home in San Diego. And meet Taronga Zoo's newest Introducing the new
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Welcome back. Those hoping to make a quick escape tonight - we'll find out if that's possible. To Vic Lorusso now, hovering above with the latest on Sydney traffic. Vic, it look like there are delays getting out of the city?Sandra, the problem is that there was a broken-down semitrailer in the Harbour Tunnel heading north earlier. Tow trucks were in place. They managed to tow the truck out a little earlier, but delays from the airport go all the way back now to the Harbour Tunnel and through to North Sydney. I thought the run-in to the city looked OK earlier ment this is city-bound traffic from Willoughby Road. It goes all the way back to the Lane Cove Tunnel. As commuters try and get to the city to celebrate the end of the working week, there will be significant traffic delays heading toward the Harbour Tunnel approaches - not only northbound traffic, but also southbound traffic into the city and back. Vic Lorusso. Thank you, Vic. Time is running out for those with pools and spas to register them or risk being fined. Registering a pool requires they have secure fences and melf-closing gates. It can be done online for free, until Tuesday. So far, more than 150,000 owners have complied, but it's estimated there are double that number of pools in NSW.Last year, we had eight drownings of toddlers around their home, five of which were in backyard swimming pools. This legislation will go a long way to reducing those numbers. Owners risk a $220 fine for failing to register. They are the biggest changes in more than three decades, but the state's proposed planning laws are again under fire. Community groups say they're still being shut out in favour of fast-tracking developments, which makes it easier for builders. Antoinette Lattouf has the details. Trish Danzy had no warning a big development was being built next door.Not only was the house being bulldozed, my divide fence was being bulldozed. The plans did not say they were excavating the land. They excavated the land. They bulldozed down six beautiful trees. A private certifier approved the construction, which means it got the go-ahead in days, outside of council and with no input from neighbours.Rather than getting rid of private certifiers and, rather than giving people more rights, this Government wants to expand the role for private certifiers, and even exclude ordinary residents from having a say when council officers determine matters. Councils will also have the power to implement code assessment in their areas. This means developments which meet basic criteria can be approved within 25 days, and there's limited community consultation. The Planning Minister, Brad Hazzard, says it cuts red tape. But critics say it kicks community and environmental groups out of the conversation. (CHANTING) Eastern suburbs residents are furious their area has been earmarked as one of Sydney's growth precincts.Long-term, reducing community wellbeing and providing bad development will be very costly to the people of NSW.But the builders' lobby say that mass development is needed.We're growing at a rapid pace. Our economy is picking up. And we've got to insure that we build enough houses so we can house the people who are going to be coming to NSW. The legislation will be debated in Parliament next month. On a Friday, it's always a delight to check in on the weather with Tim Bailey ahead of the forecast. After the dangerous heat earlier this week, this morning was a chilly surprise.It was indeed, Ms Sully! Want to know the good news? Tomorrow's Saturday! The chilliness, alright - Richmond down to three degrees overnight. Put that in perspective for you - coldest October morning in 10 years. In fact, the coldest morning this late in spring for 16 years, as far as Richmond is concerned. Close to the coast, Sydney did 12 degrees as a minimum. That was our coldest morning in around about 13 days. Tomorrow, there is going to be a warning for particularly poor air quality. There's a lot of smoke particles in the air. They are just going to sit over the Sydney basin tomorrow. Take care. Let's have a look at what was a fabulous Friday - a day to put you in the mood for a weekend.

I like the sound of that. Thank you, Timmy. Stay with us here on Ten. Coming up- the unique challenges of working as a medic in a swar zone. Plus - the actors being honoured for their contribution to the Australian film industry. And how an American zoo is helping save the Tasmanian devil.

There has been a breakthrough in the Madeleine McCann investigation. Portuguese police have reopened the case, and say they have fresh leads. The missing girl's parents have been briefed by the police, and say they welcome the news. Ben Lewis has the latest. Portuguese authorities consider the Madeleine McCann case unsolvable - five years ago. But the hunt for her abductor has suddenly resumed. I hope that what we're going to see is a resolution of this case, for the sake of Maddie's parents and family.Several new leads have been uncovered and there are new persons of interest, separate from those identified by British detectives. The possibility Madeleine was kidnapped by an organised international paedophile network has become the focus of Portuguese investigators. The McCanns were previously considered suspects by detectives in the resort town. Kate and Gerry say they hope the reopened investigation will lead to Madeleine being found, and the discovery of whoever is responsible for this crime. The British and Portuguese investigations won't be combined, but officers will share information with each other. It's taken more than six years to reach this level of cooperation, and it's hoped that it will finally yield a result.These cases can get solved. Since the McCanns' recent television appeal, Scotland Yard has received thousands of calls offering information, but warns progress will be slow. Reopening the case in Portugal is a vital step, should a suspect be found, officers there will be the ones to lay charges. A series of official portraits has been released to mark the christening of Prince George. One photograph shows the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George, along with other members of the royal family and the Middleton family. Speaking with guests at a charity event in London, Kate said she was happy with how the christening went.Congratulations. It looked like everything went beautifully yesterday. You must have been very pleased.Pleased. He was such a good boy. The portraits were taken by celebrity photographer Jason Bell. A high-profile heart-throb has helped honour Australians in Hollywood - the Australians in Film benefit gave breakthrough awards to Alex O'Loughlin and Sutherland Stapleton. The producers behind 'Animal Kingdom' were also awarded by their mate, Robert Pattinson.I always wanted to be part of the blue-tongue group since I saw the teaser trailer for 'Animal Kingdom' and thought it was like an Australians-only thing.Baz Luhrmann was awarded too, while busy on set - so too Jacki Weaver, who joked her breakthrough award only took 51 years. The zoo made famous by panda-watch in the popular 'Anchorman' movie could one day be home to Tassie had watch. San Diego Zoo has become the first in America to house Tasmanian devils. As Lachlan Kennedy reports, it's all part of a plan to save the endangered marsupial. Home sweet home, 12,000km from the Apple Isle.They're awesome. They're cute!Today, the first day on show, but also the beginning of a program that could save the species.Across the whole of Tasmania, there is 80% less sightings of Tasmanian devils. This is a critical time and a very important time for the species.A contagious facial disease is decimating the domestic population. It's feared they could be extinct within a decade. The Tasmanian Government wants to establish colonies overseas. This group tested negative.Do you feel any pressure at all, that you might have the weight of a country on your shoulders?I do, especially having the first four exported out of Australia. But I think that we're ready. We're willing to take on the challenge. We're certainly willing to help the cause.In a popular outback exhibit opened in May, the devils will at least have some familiar neighbours. Not only is this a great opportunity to try and save the Tassie devil, but it's also a good chance to dispel some popular myths about this iconic Australian animal. Most Americans have only heard of devils from one source.Only from Looney Tunes. Looney Tunes, yeah. It looks different.Hey, Tassie, old devil - you sure toss a mean salad!They're not exactly our friendliest mascot. I'm usually working with our cute and cuddly koalas, so this is a little more intimidating for me. Another family of devils will soon head to a second US zoo in New Mexico ment Still to come - we'll check the traffic flow from Sydney's skies. Plus - the Aussie medical staff armed and ready in Afghanistan. Also - the pulling power of a baby chimpanzee. And in the markets, gains from the big banks helped Australian shares close the week higher. Our dollar is buying 96 US cents and 59 pence. A barrel of oil is worth $97 US dollars.

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A final check on the Friday night commute with Vic now. Vic, an earlier accident at Warruwi the cause of delays right now?Sandra, the Pacific Highway near Fox Valley travelling north for locals heading up to Wahroonga or the newly named M 1 - previous the F 3. Traffic is banking up the puisisk Highway, all the way back down Turramurra, Gordon, and Lindfield. At the best of times, the highway is a challenge. Tonight, there's no exception for commuters heading toward the M1. At least an extra 30 minutes to travel time. Blue Mountains travel this week - non-essential travel should be cancelled. The RFS would like to let everyone know, if you don't need to be in the Blue Mountains, you should avoid it. Good reminder. Thank you, Vic. A leading climate scientist says lives are being put at risk by politicians claiming there's no link between bushfires and a warming planet. The Prime Minister today dismissed any such link as hogwash. Political editor Hugh Riminton joins us from Canberra. Hugh, is this debate ever going to end?Not while we have a climate, it would seem, Sandra. Perhaps the Prime Minister's guard was down. He was being interviewed by the climate sceptic Andrew Bolt. What the Prime Minister said, in part, was that record-high temperatures should not be taken as evidence of climate change. Climate scientists say record-high temperatures - and we are seeing record-high temperatures - are the very proof of climate change, that it is real, and that it is heightening the risk of bushfires. The worst of the fires to Sydney's west was apparently sparked by a Defence explosives exercise gone wrong. But our top climate scientist says Australia's hottest year on record had primed the bush to burn. ForUs, it's very clear-cut. We are seeing an influence of climate change on bushfire conditions, particularly bushfire risk.In what's being styled as Tony Abbott's first substantial interview since becoming Prime Minister, the PM appears to dismiss evidence of a warming planet. At some point in the future, he says, every record will be broken, but that doesn't prove anything about climate change. Linking climate change to the current fires, he says, is complete hogwash. While not criticising Mr Abbott directly, the climate Council says that attitude is dangerous coming from political leaders.If you deny what's going on, you simply put more people and property at risk. That's not a very smart thing to do.The Climate Council says communities, health providers and emergency services need clear signals - they should be planning for the increased severity and frequency of extreme fire conditions.It's just disappointing that we're still having these rather fruitless debates over the science itself, when the science has been well-known for quite a long time.The Greens' leader, Christine Milne, says the Prime Minister is an embarrassment. The Opposition Leader, for now, is not buying in.This week is not a week for politics. This week is for recognising and supporting people who've been through a terrible time.Mr Abbott has previously said climate change is real, and humanity does make a contribution. The Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, also said today that he accepts the science. He quoted Australia's chief scientist, saying that no individual event can be attributed to climate change, but there are broad, long-term trends, and the Minister himself, he says, accepts that. Thank you. Hugh Riminton there. It's a jarring image - doctors and nurses carrying guns. But that's the reality of life inside Kandahar Hospital in Afghanistan. The medical staff are saving lives, and at the same time, are ready to pull the trigger if necessary. It's a war zone, after all, as Leah Craven reports. It's a lifestyle that's second nature to soldiers - being responsible for a gun around the clock. What's unusual about this scene - these women have arrived at work to care for people with injuries caused by weapons.I think we're in for a biz a enight. They're nurses, in a war zone.It did take a little bit of getting used to. It's unusual, coming into a hospital, unloading, then bringing a weapon in.They're here to save lives, but will take one if necessary.If I had to, to save myself or my colleagues, yes. Today, they're nursing an Afghan man caught in crossfire between the Afghan army and insurgent troops. Showing his face could put him in further danger. With a gunshot wound to the head, it's hard to believe he's one of the lucky ones. We may be here in a war zone in a Third World country, but Kandahar Hospital is first-class. If a patient comes here and they've got a pus, they've got a 98% chance of survival.This is the place to be, for sure.But this is the greatest advance. In combat medicine.The chance that you have of surviving on the battlefield, if you're wounded on the battlefield, is now lowest in the history of warfare. Because their mates are keeping them alive.The soldiers all come in here with their combat application tourniquets applied, and they've been applied boo itheir mates.It's due to this pre-deployment first aid course - graphic battle scenes are re-created to train soldiers about how to save their mates' lives in those crucial first minutes after an attack. On a much lighter and brighter note, there's been some monkey business at Taronga Zoo lately, where they've welcomed a baby chimpanzee into the world. Mummy Kuma was a little shy at first, but soon she was showing off her newborn to delighted visitors. Keepers can't get too close just yet, but they believe it's a bouncing baby boy, and he'll be beating his chest in no time. Stay with us. Just ahead - we've got more on tonight's big stories. In sport - England vow to restore lost pride against Australia in the Rugby League World Cup. And England's cricketers sneak into Australia ahead of their Ashes defence. Plus - hold onto your hats- we'll take you for a is ummic-turning white-knuckle ride, after the break.

Updating tonight's top stories - Thomas Kelly's family has spoken of the unbearable anguish at losing their son to an act of cowardice at the sentence hearing of Kieran Loveridge. Friends have paid tribute to much-loved welfare worker Clay Musgrave, who was can illed in a botany house fire overnight. And the Premier says he'll talk to Tony Abbott about compensating victims of the State Mine fire, which was started by the Defence Force. Sam Burgess has warned the Kangaroos to take England lightly at their peril. Brad McEwan joins us now with all the details. Braddles?Thank you, Sandra. The English powerhouse insists they are a force to be reckoned with ahead of this weekend's World Cup opener against Australia. Burgess says the embarrassing loss to Italy in a warm-up game good turn out to be a blessing for the co-hosts.The boys have got their heads down, a lit bit embarrassed, but after that -- little bit embarrassed, but you often tend to knuckle down and focus on the important things after a tough loss.England and Bulldogs prop James Graham has been dumped for the clash, after reportedly breaking the team's alcohol ban. They have won just 3 tests from 10 starts this year, but the Wallabies are certain they can return from the Spring Tour undefeated. The team flew out for London in the past hour, talking up their chances of returning as Australia's first grand slam champions since 1984. Always out there to win. We're not going out there to come second. We're out there to win every game, and obviously just build some consistency.Five games overseas, which we want to do really well in, and come away with five wins.The Wallabies' Spring Tour kicks off against England next. Western Sydney coach Tony Popovic is hot property after guiding the Wanderers to last year's A-League grand final. A leading contender for the Socceroos' job, Popovic is reportedly attracting interest from English Premier League team Crystal Palace.They're a great club, and a club that's close to me, and I want them to do well in the premiership. I'm sure they'll make the right appointment to try and keep them in that great competition.The Wanderers expect Alessandro Del Piero to play in tomorrow night's Sydney derby, despite a calf injury. The England cricket team has already arrived for the Ashes. While the Australians continue their tour of India. Despised paceman Stuart Broad did his best to blend in during the early-morning arrival, but it all came unstuck when a journalist got in his way. Trent Dann explains. The old enemy slipped into Perth last night.Nice to be here.Very excited to be here, and get into the gym and get on the training ground and get ready for the series.And they're already in demand.It's obviously a good month of preparation.If Stuart Broad was hoping to avoid the spotlight this series, he should probably think again.Your reception from the Australian crowd? To I think it will be lively, but it's all good fun.Broad was labelled a cheat by Darren Lehmann for refusing to walk at Trent Bridge.Oh, my goodness me...While one bus took off, another was pulling up, taking the weather with them, the Australians arrived in Cuttack for the fifth one-dayer.India will be chasing their tails a bit from now on, and it feels like we're just ahead by obviously a game advantage, but it's a lot more when you think about going on the ground knowing they have to win every game from now on.David Warner missed the Indian tour, but he's back in the headlines for all the right reasons.Being still is working for me. There's no reason that can't walk for me in the test arena. We've got three shield games coming up. Hopefully I can keep repeating my efforts here.Three Warner centuries in a week has helped NSW into its first one-day final in eight years. Australia's one-day side has sent some well wishes to much-loved cricket commentator Richie Benaud. The 83-year-old is recovering from injuries to his shoulder and chest after crashing his prized 1963 Sunbeam Alpine this week.Hi, Richie. Sora to hear that you're in hospital. On behalf of everyone in the Australian cricket team here in India, we wish you a very speedy recovery, and look forward to seeing you throughout the summer. Get well soon, mate.The good news is Richie is expected to make a full recovery. Jockey Brett Prebble says Melbourne Cup winner Green Moon is the forgotten horse heading into tomorrow's Cox Plate. Prebble got up close and personal to the plate today, but is happy to fly under the radar ahead of the race. The Lloyd Williams-owned stayer was a beaten favourite last year. Everyone thought he could win last year as favourite. This year, he's probably 20-to-1 shot, and probably a horse no-one worrying about. I'm happy with that.Prebble will ride Hong Kong sprinter Lucky Nine in tonight's Manikato Stakes, hoping to take out a weekend Group 1 double. Play of the Day - if you've never ridden a bike at top speed through the desert canyons of Utah - that's most of us - here's a firsthand look at the view, on board with New Zealand daredevil Kelly McGary, whose ride included an incredible backflip over a 22m canyon. (CHEERING) The BMX track is only two hours from Las Vegas, and McGary has hit the jackpot with our Play of the Day. Liked that.You hit the jackpot when you came to Sydney! If that was a job application, you didn't do too bad. I think the Melbourne news directory is kind of interested. We'll talk about that later.OK.Thanks for coming, though.Thanks for having me. Coming up - we farewell a member of the family, and we meet a new one. I'm your daily Bailey. I've got a special delivery here - it's stamp weekend, it's got your addressed -- stamped weekend, and it's got your address on it. Some

On our Late News - we'll have the latest on the fatal plane crash in central Victoria - our reporter is at the scene. And Princess Mary's busy evening in Sydney. Join us tonight at 10:30. Tonight's weather is brought to you by Masters Home Improvement. Spring starts right here, so head in store or shop online. Nothing like that Friday afternoon feeling, is there, folks? Pumping it out your television live from the spit tonight. Welcome back to TEN Eyewitness News. Tomorrow's Saturday, and the little fella in front of you is dishing up some beautiful blue skies. Feels like a summer's day at the beach today. The waves are up around the 4 ft mark. That swell building. A lot of beaches in Sydney closeded today. Be careful and swim between the flags across the weekend, as the swell builds to 5 ft by Sunday. North-easter rip down the coast doing some serious business too. What that goose bump start at Richmond today? 3 degrees when you get out out of the sack. That was the coldest October morning in 10 years. Good news is, mild temperatures across Saturday should stretch 23-27 or 28 degrees. Big blue sky. Health warning for very poor air quality, with all the smoke particles in the air tomorrow will be a rather difficult day for asthmatics and people with breathing difficulties. Sunday - a little bit of shower activity maybe. Mainly coastal. Plenty of blue sky as well.

blue sky as well. On the front doorstep of a weekend, midlevel cloud thanks to a low-pressure trough works from WA across the Northern Territory into south-east Queensland. Low cloud clings to north-east NSW in the wake of a coldfront. The high is the salt in the blue sky, pumping a clear, dry day to NSW, Victoria and South Australia. The northern trough is humid, hot and unsettled through inland WA and the Queensland tropics. Rainfall next 24 hours - onsures bring showers to western Tassie. Showers and thunder active through parts of western and northern Australia. Big happy birthday call - Benny the boat-boy Ford and the brother, Boo Bailey, both celebrating birthdays this weekend. That will be a big one for yours truly.

Alright. There's a little fella - well, he's a big fella - and I've put up with him for seven years. He sits on that sports desk. He always middles the ball. He takes screamers. He's a freestyler of a brilliant sports report. He's always trying. Brad, you're going down to Melbourne, mate, and we're sending a ripper ranger down there to do his best! We'll miss you, old boy. Thanks for the memories. Good on you, mate.Nice.We must say, a family member's leaving home. In fact, he's returning home, going back to Melbourne. It is our loss, but seven years, I must say, personally and professionally - quite a pleasure. A lot of laughs, particularly at late night, and then a lot of fun on the fibclock desk. We wish you all the best for Victoria. You'll stay reporting for Ten News, we know - a couple of stories in the can for next week? I've been to Russia having a look at the Winter Olympics set-up at Sochi. It is outstanding. Thank you, Sandra. You have been and are a wonderful friend. I'll miss you. Thank you to Tim. I'll miss the entire Sydney news team. Thank you to everyone in Sydney and NSW for making me feel very welcome. But how exciting - former Wallaby Matt Burke will be in the chair Monday week. We know, as was the case during his rugby career, he will be brilliant.He will. But you will be in Melbourne too. You know we're going to miss you. I think I should say, on behalf of the team, for one more time, Bradley, thanks for coming.Thanks for having me! (LAUGHS) Good luck, huh?Thank you. Cheers. Cheers.Alright.Better go. That's it from the team for this Friday, October 25 - a special day. Updates shortly. Late News - remember those days? S? - tonight, 10:35. Have Supertext Captions by