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(generated from captions) spies. For Germany's leader, a this scandal
prolific user of smartphones, this scandal is not just national, it's personal. It's almost like having your best friend read your emails phone
secretly and listen in to your and you're
phone calls, suddenly realise and you're very, very angry.Washington is still not specifically denying it's tapped the chancellor's phone in the past. As the US ambassador in Berlin was called in to please explain, questions this
are now raised as to whether negotiations. Some
this affair will affect trade negotiations. Some believe in the longer term at least the outrage will fade. I don't think this would come as a great surprise to world
leaders, indeed I'm sure own agencies are advising them they have the capacity to listen to other countries. German and French leaders have already met on the sidelines of the summit about the issue. No doubt there will be more talks, perhaps mobiles best left at the door. Most of the survivors of the Bangladeshi factory collapse six months ago are yet to receive any compensation. their
1100 of their co- workers lost their lives in the Rana Plaza that story
factory disaster. We'll leave that story there because the Morrison,
Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, has just stepped up for this media briefing. This is the weekly media briefing on the asylum-seeker situation and with him is Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell. Welcome to this week's briefing on Operation Sovereign
Borders. As usual, I'm joined today by Lieutenant-General Campbell, also joining us today is assistant commissioner Lancaster who leads the Operation Sovereign Borders disruption and deterrence task returned
group. This morning I've returned from Malaysia where yesterday I met with Dr Zahid, the Malaysian Minister for home affairs to discuss a range of issues principally on our cooperation of people smuggling matters. Operation borders is about applying maximum pressure all the way along the chain from criminal people
destination to source to end criminal people smuggling and as a result stop the boats to Australia.

Previous estimates suggest that
smugglers chain to Australia. as much as as much as 60% of the traffic to Australia by boat passes through Malaysia and that entry to Malaysia is either by air, by land across the thy-Ma lay border or by sea to some
islands. Wile there has been some evenures directly from Malaysia to Australia by sea, the predominant through Malaysia is transit activity to Indonesia, through the many lacka strait. borders,
Australia to have stronger borders, our region must have where
stronger borders and that is where we are effort. Stopping the boats is not just about offshore processing or even our maritime operations. No one measure, no problem.
one initiative, solves this problem. Consistent application across all measures all the way up the chain is what is required to achieve the success. Disrupting arrivals at KIA or across the thy-Malay border is critical and more critical than anything we do once that boats leafs Indonesia. The Coalition has always understood this. That is cooperation
why I was pleased to reboot our cooperation with Malaysia where enthusiastic
I found nothing other than enthusiastic support from Minister za hid to work with Australia and in particular with the new Abbott Government. The meeting with Dr Zahid who within
is a highly influential figure within the Malaysia Government and was recently re-elected to the position of vice with the votes has enabled some key outcomes. Firstly as the first Cabinet Minister in the new bobt to visit Malaysia I was able to reinfuss force the - reinforce the strong messages of support as conveyed by PM with PM Najib at APEC. We were also able to restart and upgrade two important initiatives that have laid dormant for the past 12 months. The first was Australia's undertaking to respond to Malaysia's proposal for will
on transnational crime. Which I will now progress with my colleagues in particular the Attorney-General and secondly to upgrade the joint working group on people smugglers between Australia and Malaysia that last met in Malaysia in December of 2012 to become a joint working group on transnational crime to provide a vehicle for the actions, the joint operations, the capability information addresses not only people
smugglers which is an early priority both of action under the MOU and the joint working group but also on issues drugs, guns, people traffics and other cross border related enforcement
issues where our border enforcement authorities have a critical role to play. At the meeting I invited the doctors to Sydney for our next meeting with the intention that the first meeting of the joint working group would be early next year at the latest. However, actual joint operational activity between Australia and Malaysia on preventing and disrupting people smugglers will not have to wait till then, that commence immediately. There was
a strong commitment to move on a series of joint operations agreed yesterday involving immigration, customs and border protection and supported Australia on air Including included
borders in the months ahead. Zahid's
Including included in was Dr Zahid's welcome offer for Australian immigration officials to work directly with the Ministery of to assist, plan and prepare these operations. Now, this is a practical demonstration real cooperation has already actual
gone beyond discussion to actual operations. In addition
our request
Dr Zahid undertook to take up our request to extend to the now
constrained visa arrangements extended
now in place to have this extended to Iraqis and Syrians and we will continue our dialogue on further reforms exclusion to visaings on other also strong support to take the biometric data exchange pilot which is in an infant stage to a whole new level and we look forward to working through that process in the months leading up to the first meeting of the joint working group. At the meeting we also had a very positive Australia's support for the work of the UNHCR in Malaysia and our commitment ongoing support to both resettlement of genuine cases case
out of Malaysia from existing case loads I stress that would not collide secondary movers through the region and support for the various humanitarian projects where we are already working with UNHCR. These outcomes work together to prevent transit through Malaysia. These efforts are about stopping people getting to Indonesia and hence stopping them getting to Australia. They commitment
are about delivering on our commitment to promote and action regional detierents which makes our region's borders stronger which makes Australia's borders stronger. Next week I will be pleased to report these outcomes of these discussions at my meeting with the Indonesian cooperating Minister in Jakarta next Wednesday. This meet willing build on the initial leader's meeting and between our PM and President Yudhoyono, and the strong work of officials and the PM's special envoy in recent weeks. This meeting is all about establishing and progressing operational understanding that are needsed to support our cooperation not only at sea but within Indonesia and on Indonesia's borders as well. This is about creating operational understandings within a framework of strategic trust. Commander Campbell will brief you on the regular matters that are the subject of these briefings and we will then have some questions on matters relating to Operation Sovereign
Borders before doing that I note that progress is being made on the expansion of our processing and accommodation well as
capacity on Manus Island as well as on Nauru, contrary to some media reports this week, Manus Island is not at capacity, and an additional more than 400 places will also be available by the end of next week and there is further expansion happening at the Manus Island processing centre beyond that expansion that I've just mentioned. Also, the development of the post processing accommodation at east Laren gl is already under way with site clearing and priority as you
access roads, the early priority as you can see from the work already under way those photocopy quos were taken very, very recently. I will now ask commander Campbell to provide his regular report and assist Lancaster on the matters he'll report on today.Welcome to the Opals weekly briefing for the period 9 o'clock Friday morning.
18 October until 9 o'clock this morning. For those who have not previously attended, I will just note that my comments will be confined to activities during the week, ending 9 o'clock this morning relating to the offshore - relating to the offwater reception and processing of illegal maritime arrivals and of the control of the department of immigration and border protection.Ly not discussion current or future onwater operations. During the reporting period, people from two suspected illegal entry vessels have arrived into immigration October,
processing. On Sunday 20 October, 126 people were transferred to immigration authorities at Christmas Island. On Monday 21 October, a further 40 people were vessel. In
authorities from a second vessel. In addition, during the reporting period, four crew members were transferred to the control of immigration authorities. For the reporting period a total of 118 people were transferred to offshore processing centres, 74 people to Manus and 44 to Nauru. Since the commencement of Operation Sovereign Borders on September, until 9 o'clock this morning a total of 573 people have been transferred to offshore processing centres. That is 386 to Manus and 187 to this
Nauru. Also as at 9 o'clock this morning, there were a total of 1101 persons in Manus and 682 in Nauru, with 2272 people in the Christmas Island facilities. I would note as the Minister commented, we continue to have sufficient offshore processing capacity to meet current and anticipated future requirements. On 23 October, returned
the Australian Government returned 28 illegal arrival detainees to Vietnam. On a flight into Ho Chi Minh City. Ten of the decided not to pursue claims and chose a voluntary detainees were
return. The remaining 18 detainees were found not to owed protection and were also returned, their removal to Australia is consistent with Australia's obligations. Since last week's briefing, Indonesian authorities led by the Indonesian national police and working with our disruption and deterrence task group have arrested two crew, two during
facilitators and one organiser during two disruption operations for which we are grately appreciative. Their evidents and those that continue acourse source and transit countries are greatly helping to stop the movement or disrupt it of arrivals. I've invited from the Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Steve Lancaster, head of the disruption and deterrence task group to speak on some other current operational activities today. Before he speaks, I would note as this photograph of a past venturer remind, the risks of travelling by boat to Australia are very real. As I said last week, people smugglers do not care about the safety of those people whose money they take. The journey is not worth the risk, no-one who arrives by boat without a visa will come to Australia. Welcome Steve.Thank you. I would like to report on several key outcomes over the last 7 days that relate to Operation Sovereign Borders disruption and deterrence task group on top of the data and the commander in relation to our
statistics provided by the collapse are international resolution
Australia has realised the resolution of two investigations, that people smugglers with the links,
domestic and international links, operations. Those operations resulted in a summons being served on a 34-year-old female and a 34-year-old male for offences With
relating to people smugglers. With respect to operation one, on Wednesday the AFP served a summons on a 34-year-old female, former Iranian national who is now current lane Australian citizen, to face Sydney court on 26 November 2013 relating to proceeds of crime. The single charge relates to $40,000 seized during a police search warrant on a residence linked to a convicted people smuggler, named Ali who was I'ded if by the commander last week in last week's briefing as a significant people smuggling organise e now serving a lengthy period of time in jail The
for people smugglers offences. The woman has been charged with dealing in proceeds of crime contrary to section 400 of the Commonwealth criminal code. The maximum pent for this charge is 10 years Israel prisonment or a $102,000 fine. With respect to the other operation, yesterday the AFP arrested a 34-year-old Iranian national from the Villawood detention centre who it is alleged worked as a people smuggler organiser in Indonesia. It will be a alleged the man was involved in of
the planning and fa tilltation of the unauthorised arrival of asylum seekers on a single vessel that arrived in man
Australia in August 2012. The illegal
man himself arrived as an illegal maritime arrival
shortly after in September in
2012. The man is cue to appear in central local court today charged with the offence of one count of people smuggling contray to section 233 (A) of penalty
the mikation Act. The maximum penalty is 10 years imprisonment and/or $170,000 fine. The arrest brings the total number of alleged people smugglers organisers since 1 January in year to six with 16 court.
matters currently before the court. These charges are further evidence of the Operation Sovereign Borders commitment to disrupt and organise
detect those who seek to organise and facilitate ventures in Australia and offshore. Those people were were involved in people smugglers criminal activity