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(generated from captions) no moon, perfect time for us to go and see if there's any crocodiles around.The relief of surviving yesterday's terrible weather conditions has turned to grief for those battling the NSW bushfires. After a pilot involved in awater-bombing died when his plane crashed today. It's the second death in the week-long emergency and a stark reminder of the dangers faced by firefighters. They resumed their battle this afternoon when strong winds saw a number of serious flare-ups including the largest fire near Lithgow. It's the blaze which the Defence Force has now admitted it started, and as Matt Peacock reports, it's not the first time Defence has triggered bushfires. This footage is of a large bushfire certainly burning out of control in the Marrangaroo army range north of Lithgow. REPORTER: The Lithgow fire soon spread up into the mountains developing a huge front that scorched through nearly 50,000 hectares. Look at the fire. It's bad. Jesus! It was just overwhelming, just the heat, the cracking of the glass, the fire coming in.Today, fire crews and bulldozers were out mopping up and clearing the road near the famous Zigzag railway that was partial ly destroyed by the fire. And how did it all begin? We determined that the fire caused an origin that started last Wednesday, was indeed started on a live firing range as a result of the detonation of some ordinance.Lithgow's mare, Marie Stratham,ments questions answered.It's been a difficult week for Lithgow and all the people down the mountains and I'm sure that nobody has ever done this deliberately but I'm sure there will be a due process that people will need to go through to get a result and then I'm sure there will be disciplinary action taken or whatever will be ahead of us they'll have to face then. This afternoon, the Defence department admitted fault. It was an explosives activity. It was a demolition activity in support of our people that train for operations around the world.Among the firefighters blacking out this week near Springwood was Ian Kahoon who's worked at the Marrangaroo base. Marrangaroo has been an ammunitions storage depot since 1941 and it's also the demolition range with the highest explosive limit in the country so all the major munitions like depth chargers and aerial bombs have to go there to be destroyed when they reach their use-by date.Locals around here have no doubt this is where the fire began, in fact some say they heard the explosion, but what puzzles many is how could such an ordinance base that's been in existence for more than half a century do such a thing in such dangerous circumstances and with such terrible consequences. It's been a very horrendous period of time for wind in our area and the weather conditions have been extremely dry. Yes, the fire - there wasn't a total fire ban on Wednesday the 16th, it did come into place the following day, but I think we've all been very wary of the conditions of the weather in our area lately. It was about 23 degrees, light winds at the time I made the decision to do it. The fire scale was on the lower end of the scale and there wasn't a fire ban.But this may not be an isolated incident. A weekend blaze at the Cultana army base near port Augusta in SA has been linked to Defence live-fire exercises. They're also suspected to have caused a fire in August that started at the Townsville base training area. This dramatic footage of the Lithgow fire captured by a camera mounted on a civilian drone reveals the after-math of the blaze which destroyed buildings including at least three homes. The fire is still burning after eight days and it's by far the largest of dozens of fires that have erupted over the past week. Today it flared up again, causing the Rural Fire Service to issue a new emergency warning. We have just upgraded two of those fires to an emergency warning status and we've issued a number of emergency alerts to different communities across the Bells Line of Road.While the firefighting effort in the Blue Mountains continues, those who do the job are remarkably understanding about how such an accident could happen. It's a mistake. Something's gone wrong. It's happened. You can't change the past. It's done and dusted. It did surprise me because I know how careful that had been and how careful they are. As far as how I actually