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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight, two pilots killed as the bushfire emergency ed as the bushfire emergency flares again. There's a family suffering tonight, or today, because their dad hasn't their dad hasn't come home.World leaders clash over mobile phone bugging claims. And a royal reception for the Opera House's fortieth birthday.

Good evening. Also tonight, innocent victims. Unborn babies targeted in Syria's Civil War. And the Pope abandons the Bishop of bling because of his high rolling lifestyle. Returning to the NSW bushfire crisis, and after the state survived yesterday 's catastrophic conditions, today came unexpected tragic news. Two pilots both involved in the firefighting effort have died in separately crashes in NSW and Victoria. Greg Navarro joins us live from the Blue Mountains. What can you tell us about the pilots?We're told that both men were taking part in the effort to suppress fires at the time that their planes went down, one was apparently water bombing in NSW, the other reportedly delivering supplies when his plane went down in Victoria. As you can imagine, their deaths are being felt very hard by the firefighting community nationwide, and here in the Blue Mountains. From the air, the rugged terrain of this coastal hinterland stands out. This afternoon smoke billowed from a new fire caused by the plane's impact near Mt Werriton. The pilot was identified as David Black, whose Dromader water bomber was being contracted to the NSW Rural Fire Service The RFS Commissioner choking back tears as he announced the tragedy. We are all acutely aware that there is a family suffering tonight, because there dad hasn't come home. -- their dad. We're also feeling for the fire fighting community. Helicopter ambulance crews reached the man, but with the high winds an immediate recoverythe high winds an immediate recovery of the body was out of the question. It is far too dangerous to send any personnel down there to retrieve the pilot. He was fighting a bushfire near Braidwood, just east of the ACT. His death came just hours after the wreckage of another plane was found near Mt Hotham in Victoria's alpine region. The single engine Cessna disappeared yesterday. The pilot, reportedly a retired firefighter returning from a trip to NSW to aid firefighters, was also killed. I understand it was delivering some material and my understanding is that it crashed on return to Victoria. The two crashes have been referred to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau for further investigation.

Well, the winds have picked up here again, so has the fire danger. Behind me, Mount Irvin and Mount Wilson, where people have been told to shelter. You can see the smoke, several spot fires have sprung up as a ave sprung up as a result of the conditions, which have really deteriorated over the last over the last couple of hours. It's amazing the number of firefighters from around the country still hear several days after the initial fires broke out. Firefighters who left their homes and families behind to families behind to help people who could really use it.Included in the five-man crew from Victoria, plenty of equipment, a can of diesel, and Nole Thatcher, who, at 74, has been putting out fires for more years than most of his fellow Victorians have been alive.The adrenaline kitsch you going, but once you stop you fall in a heap.-- keeps you going. They are volunteers who have put everything on hold for days on end to help. The concern are these pockets of drive fuel waiting to go, which is why crews are here and across the Blue Mountains today trying to take advantage of the conditions and the low winds to do as much backburning as possible -- dry.We don't want it jumping over the road.The state's Commissioner said conditions would be as bad as it gets.If we didn't do those things and we had devastation in the Blue in the Blue Mountains yesterday we would have been hammered.Dozens of crews from around the country are still here in the Blue Mountains, still working, still fighting fires that just won't quit.A bit tired, a bit worn out, but we are ready to go home.Everyone is tired, including the residents.It's been such an emotional rollercoaster. Even though r. Even though you might have time to sleep, you just can't, your mind keeps going over and over.I've had about four hours in the last week. The lack of sleep has slowed Nole Thatcher, who says his reason for fighting fires is simple.You're doing something for the community. These winds and the fires are expected to es are expected to keep firefighters busy for several hours. One concern we keep hearing is that the conditions are so dry firefighters and people living here are concerned the fire danger will ed the fire danger will remain high not only for days and weeks, but possibly months.Thanks very much. The Acting Defence Force chief has apologised, conceding f has apologised, conceding one of the major blazes started during a military operation. It's emerged offends training ged offends training exercises could have been responsible for another two fires in recent months -- defence. Compelling pictures of the aftermath of the Lithgow blaze, shot on a civilian drone and uploaded onto YouTube. They take viewers into into the heart of the firezone, and going deep into the buildings that were destroyed by it. The so-called State Mine Fire has burned through more than 47,000 hectares of bushland, destroyed at least three homes, and kept the people of the Blue Mountains on edge for over a week. News that the Rural Fire Service has blamed it on a live training exercise infuriating locals. I suppose it's an accident, but not a good one.If there is dead grass they should have burnt it off in the winter.There needs to be a big investigation asneeds to be a big investigation as to why it happened.The Blue Mountains mayor questioning the location of the Marrangaroo Army range. I wonder whether or not they ought to have that sort of facility in that area and certainly letting off bombs or whatever they were doing history has proved it wasn't the right day or place or time for that sort of activity. The acting Chief of the Defence Force this afternoon accepting responsibility for the blaze which began as a result of demolition training. I do apologise because it has been identified that this fire was the start of that mine fire, but as I've said before, we'll wait until the NSW Police do their investigation. It's now emerged that a blaze last weekend at the Cultana base south of Port Augusta and another at the Townsville field training area in August were also the result of training exercises. The Australia Defence Association blaming the string of fires on funding cuts. Some of the fire prevention work that should have been done, like fire breaks, and that hasn't been done. So once again we're seeing an unintended but perhaps not unforseen conequence of the significant Defence cuts. The Defence Force says the inquiry that it has launched into the State Mine Fire will affect procedures for training areas across Australia.

Barack Obama has had and no earful from the German chancellor after reports US er reports US spies had monitored her personal mobile phone -- an earful. She phoned the US president and warn him it would be a breach of trust between ch of trust between the allies. Like almost everyone else in the modern world, Chancellor Merkel benzo lot of time on her cellphone. Whether it is writing Europe's economy, or chatting with family, she assumes it is private -- spends a lot of time. This is why this has caused so much outrage. Barack Obama was in touch with Merkel almost immediately.The president assured the Chancellor that the US is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the Chancellor. But listen carefully. That leaves out whether she has been monitored in the past. This uproar follows reports of NSA spying in France, Mexico and Brazil. Almost all based on leaks from former NSA contract Edward Snowden. Tonight Barack Obama was supposed to host Brazil's President, that was before she cancelled over those accusations the NSA se accusations the NSA was spying on her. Right now the revelations are clearly embarrassing the US, and leaving even our greatest ally is a lot less friendly. Barack Obama has met Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. They discussed the student -- security issues with Barack Obama pledging to support Pakistan when Afghanistan is left. Drone strikes has strained relations between the two countries. The meeting comes as the US released one point sed one point five billion dollars in aid, which had been blocked due to high political tensions. Crime Princess Mary and Crown Princess Frederick of Denmark have been greeted by well-wishers for their first public appearance of a 5-day tour -- Crown Princess Mary. She spoke briefly on the steps of the Opera House, paying tribute to those caught up in the NSW bushfires. In town to help mark the Opera House's 40th birthday, the royal couple were officially welcomed on their Australian tour, displaying some of the warmth that has won Danish hearts. Today earning the adoration of year five students from Sydney's SCEGGS Redlands. Among them, several Danish-Australians, with a few kind words for an older fan. Princess Mary's floral dress matching a perfect Sydney Spring day. The royal princess extending her sympathy to those affected by bushfires.It's devastating to see the effect. The resilance of Australians to bounce back and our deepest sympathies are with them. These fires are really scary.Her floral dress matching a perfect Sydney spring perfect Sydney spring day. They headed inside the Opera House for a private tour of the iconic landmark, designed by Ewan Hodson. Taking in the grandeur of the old falls. The Danish ambassador and other dignitaries part of their entourage. Before taking a turn around the turn around the harbour front. The royal couple has an action-packed five day tour ahead, with the launch of a design symposium tomorrow bringing together Danish and Australian architects and designers. The couple, whose children aren't travelling with them, will a visit a school and a children's hospital, with a gala concert and reception in their honour at the Opera House on Sunday night. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up, more royals. Prince George, third in line to the throne, is christened in Henry ed in Henry VIII's Chapel. Shortly, a highrolling religious cleric banned by the Pope for his lavish lifestyle. But next, Battle of the Bulge. Australia boss was growing waistlines and ss was growing waistlines and the worst regions that produce them.

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Health advocates are calling for a national action plan on obesity after a report found nearly 11 million Australians are now considered too fat. People living in remote areas or have lower socio-economic backgrounds are more likely to be heavy. In 19 89, 44 % of Australian adults were overweight or obese. That has now ballooned to 63 %.It's easier to buy unhealthy food than it is to get an apple, we are car orientated and time poor.A report by the national health authority found clinical data across multiple communities. In western NSW 80 % of people are overweight or obese, impaired to 49 % in Sydney's east and suburbs. A better result, but still high.Rural communities have lower socio-economic status, less access to healthy food, it is more expensive, we need all levels of government to make changes supporting the communities. Looking at food supply, encouraging people to do is active travel and public transport.The country 's highest obesity rate was 41 %. Next was Southern country SA with 40 %. Followed closely by Central Queensland on 39 %. What about the other end of the spectrum? According to the report Sydney 's North Shore has the lowest obesity rate at 14 %, what is it about this area?You've got business people, working in offices, they are conscious by and large about their fitness.Everyone here seems to have good jobs, they probably have more money, more access to healthy foods.Currently about 36 % of adults are in the healthy weight range, although the Council of Australian governments wants to raise that to more than 40 % in the next five years. Two bottles of acid forced the evacuation of about five thousand staff and students from the city campus of the University of the University of Technology Sydney. Oliseh leaked bottles of Picric acid had crystallised, making them dangerously unstable. Police say. Teams responded to the emergency. The Federal Government has released a draft legislation for the repeal of the mineral resource rent tax. Scrapping the controversial tax will save 13 billion dollars in the budget, attached to the legislation is the preelection promise to axe both the schoolkids bonus and the low income s and the low income superannuation contribution. One of Australia's greatest racehorses, tralia's greatest racehorses, Black Caviar, is involved. The announcement was made as a life-size brass statue of the champion sprinter was unveiled in northern veiled in northern Victoria. The mayor's first bowl will be born next spring -- mare. n next spring -- mare. Italy divisive former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is heading back to court, ordered to stand trial for robbery. He allegedly paid a senator four million dollars nator four million dollars to leave a rival party -- bribery. The Senator was sentenced to 20 months. He's dubbed himself the best political leader in Europe, and the world. But Silvio Berlusconi's tactics are back in the spotlight. Money may have changed hands, but his lawyers insist there is no evidence of bribery.

Former Senator De Gregorio's election brought Berlusconi to power. If the allegations are true, he toppled ations are true, he toppled Italy's government at the bargain price of four million dollars.

Prosecutors have also charged Valter Lavitola as a go-between. But the man who once enjoyed an iron grip d an iron grip on power now faces several legal faces several legal battles. Is also appealing a conviction for buying sex with a minor and forcing officials to cover it up -- he's also. It's all proof, he says, of a leftist campaign to silence him.

The bribery trial is due to begin in Naples on February the eleventh.

The Japanese island of visa or Shima is bracing for another typhoon just a week after a storm killed 30 people. Typhoon Francisco is the rancisco is the 20 seventh major storm to strike the region this year. Japanese soldiers are still searching for 15 people missing since typhoon with struck last week. Thirty Greenpeace activists held in Russia will no longer face piracy charges, Russian investigators say their crimes have been reclassified as hooliganism. If convicted they could still face up to seven years. The activists were arrested while protesting against Arctic drilling. Police in the US have shot and killed a 13 -year-old boy who was carrying a replica assault rifle. Officers say they opened fire after he ignored demands to drop what they thought was a hought was a real gun. The shooting in the Californian city of Santa Rose is being investigated. A police officer in Romania is recovering after being attacked by a runaway bull. The officer was directing traffic when he caught the bull's I. It took officials for hours to capture the animal, it was tranquillised and returned to the owner. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have christened their son in a private ceremony in London. Among the guests were Prince George's seven godparents, including Princess and's daughter Zara and an old friend of Princess Diana. -- Princess and. Baby George, third in line to the throne. Dad teaching him the age-old tradition, a first royal wave, tiny hand lifted high. Just as his ust as his other relatives have perfected, after all he will be the King of England. So well behaved on his big day, William telling the Queen, " ing the Queen, " Perfect timing, he's just gone quiet, he's already, so far so good". The royal christening is steeped in tradition, since 18 41 60 Royal baby 's have worn the same satin gown, from the Queen to Prince Charles and Prince William. But in two thousand and four the Queen felt it was too fragile, shows she commissioned her dresser to make an exact replica for future generations. As for George's godparents, William and Kate choosing seven in total. College and school friends, a royal cousin, and one of Diana 's friends. His wave involving his mother in their lives -- his way of. Family, tradition, wrapped up in one tiny bundle of ny bundle of joy. More on the top story now, the NSW bushfire crisis. Greg Navarro joins us from the Blue Mountains. Greg, what is the latest?Well, there are emergency warnings in place for the State mine for the State mine fire, Mount Victoria also a problem populate the hind me, you can see Mount Irvine and Mount Wilson, residents have been told if fire gets near their properties, don't sleep, stay in place. The winds have been the biggest culprit over the last couple of hours in this part of the Blue Mountains -- don't flee. Crews have used the time and the opportunity to do some backburning, keep the fires small. More importantly fires small. More importantly keep any of the flareups from sending embers into the very crowded neighbourhoods. Firefighters from the ACT were among the first to respond to the emergency here. Among them a young asylum seeker from Iran, he risked his life , he risked his life to get here and now he's risking his life to help his new country. Suburban Canberra is a long way from where Iman Shirinia grew up. But Australia is home now, and he's helping protect it from bushfires. I've been helped by a lot of people in Australia, and I think it's a way I can give the favour back. An Iranian refugee, he was only released from immigration detention a year ago. The 31-year-old had been held for two and a half years following a perilous 11-day boat journey from Indonesia. Each day I was expecting to be drowned at the sea, and it was my only choice. Though he's never done it before he loves fighting fires. I saw people waving at us and coming along and saying thank you because of the job we're doing. Yeah, it's very satisfying. Mr Shirinia was among the first group from the ACT Parks Rural Fire Brigade who travelled to NSW last week to lend a hand. Despite being new to the game, Mr Shirinia's team says he's an asset.Honestly, I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather have on a firetruck. He's a pleasure to work with, and I'm a very proud to work with him. It's a brotherhood, it's a sisterhood. We're all in this together. ACT firefighters were among the first to volunteer when the Blue Mountains bushfire struck. They were defending property within the first couple of hours of that fire so, we moved very quickly. Residents of the capital know all too well the devastating effects of bushfires. Hundreds of homes and buildings, like this one at Mt Stromlo, were destroyed in Canberra's worst bushfire 10 years ago. The NSW fires are bringing up bad memories for Canberrans. People wake up to that smell, and seeing houses burning on the television, and it would have been a big reminder of how personal and how close that trauma was over 10 years ago now. 160 firefighters from the ACT have already been deployed to NSW, and they'll continue to help as long as they're needed. A quick reminder, we will have much more on the bushfire crisis later on tonight.Greg Navarro in the Blue Mountains. Now to SBS sports reporter, Lucy, in the Catherine Hill Bay area on the NSW Central Coast. The town appears to have been spared, what can you tell us? Driving in the scenes were very powerful, you can certainly see a small community that's been devastated by fire. At least three homes were lost here in Catherine Hill Bay, including the historic wool Hara house, built in 18 87, along with the jetty masters cottage, great relics of the town's coalmining history. Even the historic coal jetty was burned as the Rutley 's Road fire came through. But you can see that the pub is fine. That can only be a miracle.We understand there's a football connection, what are the A-League players doing?The A-League players are here to support us in droves tonight for our episode of Thursday at the. They are here to show their support for these communities. -- Thursday at -- Thursday FC. They raised 500 dollars. They are here tonight to show and celebrate the courage exhibited by all of the townsfolk year in NSW.

To Syria and there are reports of a disturbing new tactic used in the Civil War. There are claims of snipers targeting heavily pregnant women and young children, and making a deadly game of the conflict. This story contains some graphic and disturbing images. It's a chilling image of just how horrific the Syrian Civil War has become. A sniper's bullet in the skull of an unborn fetus. The pregnant mother was the victim of a sniper attack. m of a sniper attack. British surgeon Doctor David volunteered at several hospitals in everal hospitals in northern Syria with a charity.The baby was caught in the middle.These images are graphic, but they are all survivors. The doctor says 90 % of the surgeries he performed on any given day were sniper wounds, up to 20 gunshot wounds a day. Syria relief provided CNN with these pictures sniper victims and ordered to raise awareness of the growing violence. The doctor says he believes snipers are targeting pregnant women specifically, and sometimes children, in a vicious game of war.The one day we received 15 or 16 gunshot wounds, and eight to nine were targeted in the left groin, only, then the following day they were targeted in the right groin only. Definitely there was a game going on.A targeting game?A targeting game.In this video from Aleppo, men, eo from Aleppo, men, women and children try to out run sniper's bullets as they cross from the regime area to the rebel area. ime area to the rebel area. It's not clear who was pulling the trigger in this video, but innocent civilians are literally being caught in the crossfire. They risk their lives because food and provision are on the rebel side, but the homes and families are on the regime side. Desperate, they make a dash for supplies... But not everyone makes it through. It's a scene reminiscent of another conflict, Bosnia. But at that time the UN operated humanitarian quarters to ensure a steady supply of food and medical aid despite the fighting. The doctor was there.It was wonderful to see the lorries coming in, white lorries with UNHCR on them, you knew they were full of provisions, food and medical aid for the besieged town. Because that was an area of conflict with various different factions, but at least they got their act together on that r act together on that time and I would like that to happen again for Syria.Is it possible?Yes.Without that humanitarian quarter in Syria, he and other doctors are warning these horrific images will not go away. To another historical conflict, it's been almost 70 years since the Holocaust. There are only about half a million survivors left, and a growing number of their descendants are choosing to remember them in a very unusual way, immortalising the pain of their parents and grandparents with a tattooed. But it's causing a stir among Jewish 's causing a stir among Jewish communities. Lydia is one of around 500 thousand living Holocaust survivors. Why Daniel, her grandson, has grown up in Israel listening to her stories of life in the concentration camp.It is not like someone telling history, it is like today we did this and this, she remembered everyday, how the ground felt and the temperature. It was cold. What they did to people. Everything. It was a lot of details.Is one of a growing number of grandchildren of Auschwitz survivorsrandchildren of Auschwitz survivors worldwide using their bodies to memorialise some of the darkest days in history for Jewish people -- he's.This is my number, 4,559, it is my grandma's number that the Nazis but on her arm in Auschwitz.

My name is Roy, I'm 24. It is my grandfather's number from the Holocaust, he was in Auschwitz. It is concealed in the tree of life drawing. I did it with my brother and he has a different one.I am trying to do the all seeing eye, inside is the number of my grandfather from Auschwitz. I Will Always Love You in the number, because this number, this is where I came from, the reason -- I Will Always Love ll Always Love You in the.This year they went to Auschwitz to bear their tattoos with pride. You can see nowadays everyone is Tatooine the numbers. It is believed it started at Auschwitz in 19 41. Millions of Jews were linked with a number so they could be identified. For many identified. For many survivors the numbers represent a he numbers represent a painful scar that they would do scar that they would do anything to erase rather than immortalised ther than immortalised with new ink.-- immortalise. Some see it as disrespectful. This is why it is hidden, though.It is causing a stir in Jewish communities are rounding the world. Some are supportive, others say it is offensive, calling for it to be stopped. But for Daniel and other young Jews, it is all about keeping their ancestors alive.For our generation it is how we remember it. For the people that don't hear the stories from someone they know, they just ne they know, they just hear about it. In a few years it will not be a story of someone, it will just be a story. That story from The Feed. If you want to catch more it is on SBS2 right after it is on SBS2 right after World News Australia at seven 30 p.m. . The Pope has suspended a senior German church leader dubbed rman church leader dubbed the Bishop of playing for his lavish lifestyle. The Bishop of Lindbergh faces a formal inquiry after reports he spent more than 40 million dollars renovating his official residence. Pope Francis has made simplicity, even austerities, his hallmark, condemning big spending clerics. He summoned the Bishop of bling to explain reports. g to explain reports. Two days later the Bishop of later the Bishop of Lindbergh has been stood down pending an inquiry.

Here in Lindbergh it is said the cost of renovating his residence and other church buildings got to 40 million dollars. Within these walls reportedly a 20 thousand dollar bath tub, a fitness room. The Vatican move has relieved many who have relieved many who have been outraged.

The Pope is very irritated about all the scandal. The Pope absolutely doesn't want to continue the policy to continue the policy of silence which was very usual in the past.Although some wanted more.

The scandal has raised new questions about church wealth in Germany, home of Martin Luther's Reformation against church excesses, and were established religions get support through taxes. Most catholic groups hope the Bishop never returns, and are convinced he won't.

In his defence, the Bishop says the spending covered 10 individual projects.

Coming up next, Michael with all the day sports news. And ugly scenes as racist taunts overshadow the Champions League. Also, who is a happy little veggie might? The American owned Australian favourite turns 90.

The Federal Government's planned sale of MIDI bank Private stepped up a notch today, it commenced a scoping study on a sale with a detail released by the end of February. It hadn't made any decisions on the timing or structure of iming or structure of the sale, but said pretties that but said pretties that proceeds would be used to fund other projects to cover debt -- proceeds.

Time now for sport with Mark. Not again, ugly scenes overshadowing the Champions League.Never-ending. This time Yaya Toure has called on UEFA to close CSKA Moscow's Stadium after being racially abused. He was allegedly targeted with monkey taunts, with the Manchester City start urging the European body to act.

-- star.

UEFA is in the middle of a campaign to stamp out racism in the game.No to racism.But in Moscow that message either isn't being heard or is being ignored according to Manchester City ing to Manchester City Captain Yaya Toure. Despite city running out 2-1 winners thanks to two goals from Sergio Aguero, o goals from Sergio Aguero, the win was outward for Toure, who has called for firm action.There were some shouts against him some shouts against him today, it is a pity that you continue with those stupid things.Bayern Munich ran riot against Victoria ran riot against Victoria Plzen, David Gallop made it 2-0 by half-time with Frank Ribery's second goal on the night the pic in a macro five nil hammering. Rail Madrid were sparked into life by renowned both. Many consider him the world 's best -- Real Madrid. Chiellini's pull back on Sergio Ramos in the box gifted Rinaldo the winner from the penalty spot to maintain Real Madrid's 100 % record. But Paris St Germain's Swedish striker Ibrahimovic was the standout performer. He got a hat-trick in a 20 minute blitz against Anderlecht, is that was an unstoppable thunderbolt. -- his third. He added a fourth in the second half to a five-zero flashing. He's very good, isn't he? Ange Postecoglou says he has mixed emotions about finishing his 10 year in hing his 10 year in charge of Melbourne Victory. He took training for the final time as coach ahead of the clash against Brisbane. While he revealed it was a difficult decision to leave the club he joined last year, he says his focus remains on cus remains on tomorrow night 's game. Two really good teams are playing tomorrow night. ams are playing tomorrow night. It doesn't need any of the extra stuff that has happened this week to build it up. As a stand-alone event it will be massive.Coven assistant -- current assistant Kevin Muscat will take over as l take over as interim coach next week.

Cycling's most famous race will pay tribute to the millions killed in World War I after the route for next year 's Tour de France was unveiled. It will pass through scenes of some of the great War's bloodiest fighting in a race expected to suit the climbers. World cycling's big names gathered in Paris, the Tour de France will start in Yorkshire on July the fifth. Ideal for Mark Cavendish to challenge for the leader 's jersey on home soil in the first week. Beautiful, I like it, three stages in the UK. There's a lot of sprinting as well, I'm excited. I love the I'm excited. I love the Tour de France, I want to be successful.But it's on French territory in the north where riders will tackle the first uncertainties. Precautions will be made for the nine cobblestone sectors in stage five.We might have to put a mechanic every 100 metres with ic every 100 metres with spare wheels. I'm sure the performance team will be on to that.Vitor will go through key sites of World War I battles, and pay tribute battles, and pay tribute to the fallen soldiers before passing over three mountain ranges -- three mountain ranges -- the tour. But it is the tough finale he tough finale through the Pyrenees that could prove most societies -- most decisive. st societies -- most decisive. Be only individual time trial on the penultimate day in short nultimate day in short it will be suspense filled until the end -- the only.If Hitchcock could follow the tour every year it would be perfect.Six mountain stages and five summit the -- finishes provides Chris Froome with plenty of time. Andrew Fifita will beyond the bench for the Australian opening game at the World Cup. -- plenty of hope. Take's inclusion captures a remarkable comeback for -- from injury -- k for -- from injury -- Brent Tate.He's a good player, a good defender and he can still. He played very well in PNG, he impressed me.It is a pretty special moment, obviously the challenge is staying in it.The Kangaroos kickoff against England on Sunday morning. Cricket Australia has publicly backed James Sutherland amid speculation his position is under threat. If they fail to win the upcoming Ashes series. Former Australia coach Mickey Arthur claims Sutherland, national performance manager Pat Howard and captain Michael Clarke are all under pressure. But chairman Wally Edwards refutes suggestions the tes suggestions the governing body will wield the axe.Test cricket is a very hard cricket is a very hard game, a tough game, we might not win. We hope we do, but we might e we do, but we might not come if we don't it won't affect James 's position whatsoever.Australia's hopes of regaining the 1-day number one ranking has been washed away after rain forced the abandonment of the fourth International with India. Said 296 for victory, India managed just 27 runs before play was halted -- set. Rain is also expected in two days time for game five. David Warner has broken the record for the highest innings in an Australian domestic 1-day cricket match. He carved up Victoria, smashing 197 to pass the previous record of 187 set by Jimmy Marr in two thousand and four. The Blues reeling in the target of 322 in the final over. NSW will play Queensland in Sunday 's final. The Boston red Sox have made a stunning start to the World Series against the same Lewis Cardinals. M Napoli sent the Fenway Park crowd into a frenzy when he belted a three-run double in the first inning -- Saint Louis Cardinals. -- Mike Napoli. Game two is tomorrow in Boston. Three years ago few A-League fans had heard gue fans had heard of Thomas Bright. Since then he has stamped his mark as one of the competition's by most -- finest imports. We talk to the player once touted as a possible German international. When growing up in Germany he was destined for a stellar career in professional footballer. But in his late twenties the dream appeared over. It was a new experience for me, I suffered quite a lot, I'm not exaggerating, I didn't enjoy it.He was on the verge of quitting the game. Instead he moved to Australia and join Brisbane.All I want is to enjoy life again and enjoy my job. -- join Brisbane.In his first season in the German youth international was awarded the play of the year -- joined Brisbane.He also won the A-League.With Socceroos boss Ange Postecoglou at the helm, the Brisbane Raw won back-to-back titles and he became a household name in his adopted country -- his adopted country -- Brisbane won.I love the lifestyle, I love the people here, everyone is so positive. And the football is growing day by day, to be part of it is a wonderful experience.The departure of the coach that brought to him that brought him that brought him to Australia has not dampened his enjoyment. -- brought him to.We just love playing attacking football. We love putting pressure on opponents. We have the skills to do it.The focus is turning his s is turning his passion for the game into a he game into a third A-League Championship. Finally in sport, tomorrow night we will look at aspiring member of Australia's Winter Olympic team. Twenty two ic team. Twenty two -year-old Steph spends three quarters of her year away from home, and her quest to earn a spot on the snowboard team for next year 's Games has come at a price. I've had a bunch of falls in the half pipe, lls in the half pipe, I've dislocated my shoulder, a couple of concussions, none recently, just a couple of silly little slip and slide down the pipe.And special feature tomorrow night. We know you're a big fan of the A-League, Thomas Broich, you will be watching -- that special feature. We will have the weather next, and Australia's famous and favourite yeast

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Let's check the weather forecast now,

Let's check the weather forecast
now, and a trough is generating hot winds and the odd storm in the tropics, Queensland and northern NSW. A front and low are bringing strong showery winds to Victoria, Tasmania and SA, with a trough in the west bringing hot winds to WA. In the major centres, clear skies for Canberra and Sydney, some showers in store for Melbourne and Brisbane. Looking further afield, rain for Wellington, Tahiti and Nadi. In south east Asia, thunderstorms in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, showers too for Bangkok and Port Moresby, with lighter falls in Jakarta. Further north, clear in Beijing and Seoul, cloudy in Hong Kong and Shanghai, with drizzle for Taipei and Tokyo. Heading west, clear over capitals in the Middle East; it will be overcast in Delhi, with sticky conditions in Mumbai. To Europe, patchy cloud over Rome and Stockholm, overcast too in Berlin and Istanbul, rain in store for London and Madrid. In Africa, thunderstorms in Johannesburg, lighter falls in Algiers, cloud for Nairobi and Addis Ababa, but clear in Cairo. In South America, wet weather in store for Caracas and La Paz, overcast in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. And for North America, clear in Washington DC and Dallas, light rainfall in Havana and Mexico City, with cloud hanging over New York and Chicago.

Now, I'll resist the urge to sing the jingle, the spread that puts a rose in every cheat is celebrating its ninetieth birthday. Created in 19 23, Vegemite is still a breakfast favourite, producing 235 jars every minute. # We're happy little Vegemites as happy as can be.# It's the song we've been singing for decades while sharing almost 1.1 billion jars of Vegemite. Has not changed in 90 years, we've had a 100 different jars or tins or pack that's gone with it, but the recipe remains unchanged. On its ninetieth birthday, there was cake, here was cake, not toast, to celebrate. Since 19 23, the yeast spread has been on supermarket shelves. A competition offeringshelves. A competition offering a 50 pound price deciding its name. And although we are familiar with the classic adverts, iar with the classic adverts, these days they looked a little different.You don't have to stop at toast when you start with Vegemite.Patricia Kavanagh is an original happy little Vegemite, l happy little Vegemite, featuring in the 19 50 90 the commercials.It brings back all those happy memories of childhood and you know, and it's great that I can now pass that onto my children and my grandchildren. -- 19 59 TV commercials.Jamie Callister's grandfather Cyril invented the spread, an Australian version of the British Marmite.I think he would be amazed, he would be so thrilled and excited. He was a man of vision.Though Vegemite is not Australian owned, it is still promoted as a local icon. It's produced here and 90 % of its ingredients are Australian, including the leftover yeast from beer brewed in Victoria. And while me not ria. And while me not -- we may not all enjoy our Vegemite for breakfast, lunch and tea, at least eight out of 10 of us have a jar in the pantry. Unforgettable. The top stories now: Two pilots have been killed in separate incidents linked to fighting bushfires in NSW. The retired firefighter crashed in Mount Hotham n Mount Hotham in Victoria with a water bomber pilot also crashing on the NSW south coast. The acting Chief of defence has apologised following revelations that a fire that burned out more than 40 thousand hectares was caused by a defence training exercise. And a crowd of well-wishers has gathered at the Opera house to welcome the Danish royals for the fortieth anniversary celebration of the iconic Australian building. Our next bulletin will be at 10 30 p.m. On SBS1. All of tonight 's stories are online and you can follow us on Twitter. Good on Twitter. Good night.

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When I first came to this country
I didn't know how to cook at all.

So I started writing letters
to my mother

and saying
"Please teach me how to cook."

And she sent me letters back with
recipes and that's how I started.

What I've been doing
is going around and seeing

how young people are cooking today,

how they are doing
in this curry nation.

In this show, I spent some time
with young people from Goa,

who have made great efforts to learn

some of the recipes
from their heritage.

Mallika Basu, a working mum
with two small children,

shows me her modern recipe shortcuts

that help her integrate
Indian cuisine into her lifestyle.

And after that,
I show you a classic Goan curry

you can cook simply and quickly,
pork vindaloo.

My name is Madhur Jaffery,

I first came to Britain in the 1950s

and found a land of plainly stewed
and roasted meats,