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Live from the Rural Fire Service -

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EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: Here is the Rural Fire Service headquarters and reporter Jamelle Wells.

Jamelle, several fires are still burning, as we've just heard. Are any of them still considered to be at emergency levels?

JAMELLE WELLS, ABC REPORTER: No, tonight, due to those milder weather conditions, they've been downgraded to a watch and alert status and the fires in the Blue Mountains and in the Gateshead area, including the suburb of Dudley near Newcastle, those emergency alerts have been downgraded as well. Nevertheless, there are still more than 50 fires burning across the state and many of them are uncontained and the Rural Fire Service says there's still a lot of active fire front, so it could be some days yet before these fires are brought under control.

EMMA ALBERICI: And I understand there's some news this evening about other potential fires.

JAMELLE WELLS: Emma, we've just heard a few minutes ago that two eight-year-old boys have been caught trying to light a fire in East Maitland. Now, police were called by concerned members of the general public. They've spoken to the children and their parents, but they say due to the children's ages, no charges are going to be laid and that's despite several warnings by police and fire authorities over the last few days about deliberately lighting fires.

EMMA ALBERICI: And what about the conditions heading into tomorrow? Has the worst been averted or is still some danger condition - are there dangerous conditions expected?

JAMELLE WELLS: Well there is a chance that the winds will flare up again in the afternoon, but the weather will be much milder than it has been today and the effort now for firefighters will be to not only contain the fires that are still burning, but to start the clean-up operation and to finish patches of backburning. And the RFS has said that could take some time, but firefighters are hoping that the cooler weather over the next few days will help them get the upper hand on these fires.

EMMA ALBERICI: Jamelle Wells, thanks so much.