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This program is captioned live. As bad as it gets, firefighters brace for nightmare conditions.Historic vote, the ACT allows same-sex marriage.And funeral fury, survivors banned from a migrant memorial service.

Good evening, I'm Kathy Novak.And I'm Anton Enus. Also tonight, millions choke as smog shuts down an entire city.

Coming up, are tens of thousands of Romanians really planning on moving to London? We will find out in half an hour. d out in half an hour. But first tonight, the NSW bushfire crisis. We're six days into a disaster that's claimed one life and destroyed about 200 homes, but the worst is yet to come. Firefighters are braced for weather conditions tomorrow that are being described as about as bad as they get.Today crews took advantage of a break in the weather to merge the State Mine and Mount Victoria bushfires, west of Sydney.The decision to deliberately link the two fires along the Darling Causeway gives firefighters more control over the burning.SBS reporter Manny Tsigas joins us live from Bilpin. Manny, what are the residents doing there?The residents have complete faith in the firefighters and they have already put in very thorough measures to make sure they are prepared. Some rain has also moved in over the last couple of hours. On one hand, it is lifting their spirits as they battle these blazes but it is not heavy enough to be a game changer.It was a preemptive strike.

In order to control the intensity of the fire on those communities.

Crews from Victoria's Country Fire Authority relieve local firies exhausted after an intense four-days in rugged terrain. We're here to help the NSW guys out and they'll no doubt come back into Victoria and helps us when we need it. Their job was to monitor and mop up major backburning efforts near Mount Victoria. Today proving more fruitful, due to low winds and a spot of rain. So a change in strategy today, linking those two major blazes in Mount Victoria and the state mine fire. At the moment here along the Darling Causeway where we've got fire crews mopping up and just making sure that no flying embers go into properties or pieces of land that have yet to be damaged by fire. Further east, tankers were on hand to help prepare properties in Bilpin. For Dani Fullagar, this is the closest the flames have come to her home. But as a trauma counsellor, she's dealing with it in her own way. There's a bit of an adrenalin spike every so often but I did say to one of my boys, if the worst happens, at least you won't have to put me through a cremation.Dark humour aside, locals say they have total faith in their firies. With conditions expected to worsen tomorrow, many have stayed behind to help out in any way they can. Getting rid of all the rubbish, moving the gas bottles, filling the bottles with water and blocking the downpipes.Faced with walls of flame, spot fires inching closer to houses. Amid kinder conditions, firefighters took the chance to build containment lines around Blackheath. Residents preparing any way they can.There's no fuel around my place at all, so I'm not worried.At Rural Fire Service HQ, NSW Governor, Marie Bashir, showed her support.It's a credit to that spirit of Australia when a crisis occurs, everyone comes together. Concerns developing during the day over storm activity heading towards the fire front. Not necessarily good news.

good news.These fires could break out.Yet more challenges ahead for residents and firefighters alike.

residents and firefighters alike.
1400 extra firefighters have been brought in from interstate. They are urging people not to be complacent and to leave early if that is their plan. It's impossible to put a figure on the cost of the bushfire crisis so far.But the financial toll continues to climb with fears more property could be destroyed tomorrow.We're joined live by SBS reporter Greg Navarro who is in Katoomba. Greg, insurance companies are already in town trying to assess the damage? They certainly are.More than 200 houses have been completely destroyed been completely destroyed and dozens were damaged. They are just beginning the process now but of course it will take a very long time. As an insurance assessor, Mark Tinker has stepped through unimaginable disasters, from earthquakes and floods, to fires. But he says the impact of wading through the rubble and broken glass in the Blue Mountains is just as powerful.You try not to take it on board but n board but just be there as a helping hand.Entire neighbourhoods, house after house, are gone and so is everything that was left inside.My job's easy compared to the people who lost everything.People who've been affected need every ounce of support and care and attention that we can possibly give them.Earlier in the day the Federal Government announced an increase in recovery assistance for fire victims.To make sure we are doing everything we can to assist people who are already suffering because of this fire.Five days after the fires destroyed this home and hundreds of others across the area it's impossible to put a dollar figure on the amount of damage. Firefighters say one of the main reasons is they believe the worst is yet to come. And even in those neighbourhoods already devastated, people are still discovering how much they've lost.You just realise the total devastation that everything's gone.From the everyday items, to the place where memories were built over a lifetime.To try and put a value on that is impossible.Preparations are well eparations are well under way for what is expected tomorrow. School has been cancelled in has been cancelled in anticipation of that weather. We will bring you more on that meeting coming up a little bit later. The NSW Rural Fire Service has recently held its latest briefing on the fires. And if you need extra information on the fire situation you can call the Bushfire Information Line on 1800 679 737. Or visit the NSW Rural Fire Service website at Bushfires can be directly linked to climate change. That's the view of the United Nations' climate chief. Christiana Figueres told CNN that the bushfires are an example of what the world could face without urgent action on climate change.Is there a link between climate change and wildfires?Yes. What we have seen is just an introduction to the doom and gloom we could be facing. Ms Figueres says the fires prove the world is already paying the price of carbon through increased heatwaves. Same-sex marriages will begin in Australia as early as December after a historic vote by the ACT parliament. But there's no guarantee the weddings will actually happen. The Federal Government is planning to fight the laws in the High Court. Ivan Hinton has spent years championing gay marriage. So it's all the more significant to choose today to propose to his partner Chris Teoh.Chris, will you marry me?Yes.I am standing on the shoulders of giants. There have been people who have been working towards this day.In front of a packed public gallery, the ACT parliament passed legislation allowing same-sex couples to tie the knot. For openly gay deputy chief minister Andrew Barr, the weight of the historic moment was nearly too much to bear.I said I wouldn't cry this time.The ACT Opposition Leader spoke on behalf of the Coalition against the bill. This assembly is not the right place for this debate. It is a federal issue, and the Canberra Liberals will not be supporting this bill.But ultimately the numbers were in the government's favour. After the vote, members of the public gallery celebrated by breaking in to song.Love is in the air!There's moments in your career, moments in time when it was like it was this morning, and it was perfect. In my 12 years in the chamber, I haven't seen scenes like it.The new legislation will be enacted within a fortnight. Then there will be a one month waiting period before the first same sex marriages can take place. Lobby group Marriage Equality says over the past five days, 700 people from across Australia have signed a pledge declaring their intention to marry under the new law. Church groups are angry they weren't consulted.If the territory makes a rule that involves Christian people and churches, 25,000 of them, and they don't consult, what does that say about the process? It's a bad process.The fate of the ACT law now rests in the hands of the High Court, and a federal challenge could be mounted as early as Friday. Legal experts say it's far from a done deal.50/50. I don't think anyone seriously knows if this will be successful or not.If the High Court upholds the Commonwealth's challenge, any same-sex marriage conducted under ACT law may be invalidated. A memorial service has been held in Italy for the more than 360, mainly African, migrants who drowned when their boat capsized this month. The service wasn't quite the state funeral that Italy had promised and the guest list infuriated survivors' families. Three weeks on and the emotions are still running high. Most of those who perished were Eritrean and members of Europe's Eritrean community travelled to Sicily for the service, inconsolable at the deaths and angry at the fact that the 155 survivors of the tragedy were not invited. Henok Allem travelled all way from Sweden. He lost his cousin and says he shouldn't be there alone to grieve for him.His girlfriend is still alive and she's not here. She's still in Lampedusa, so I'm asking why is she not here? Everybody who survived, they should be here at this ceremony.Among those who were invited, the Eritrean ambassador to Italy, his presence regarded as an insult by many.TRANSLATION: Many of the victims were running away from Eritrea. To invite representatives of a regime from which those who died are running away from makes no sense.After protesting against their exclusion, the survivors in Lampedusa held an impromptu memorial for the victims, many of whom have been buried in specially constructed tombs in Sicily. Most identified by a number, not a name. Despite the tragedy, the boats keep on arriving, the latest reaching Lampedusa just two days ago. The United Nations refugee agency says 32,000 asylum seekers have crossed the Mediterranean so far this year.

The Italian and Greek prime ministers meeting in Rome to discuss the exodus ahead of an EU summit later this week.

You're watching World News Australia on SBS. We will update the bushfire date the bushfire crisis and next. Coming up: Taxi terror, a Melbourne cab driver finds trouble on YouTube.Shortly, China chokes on a super smog. Millions told to stay indoors.And later, how dangerous is your phone? France's report on long-term mobile use.

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What is the latest?In the words of the commissioner, tomorrow will be as bad as it gets. Temperatures are expected to are expected to get to the high 30s with wind up to 150km/h. People are being warned to stay away from the area unless they absolutely have to be there. Students should not be out with their friends, they should be at home with their families and parents should know where their children are at all times. They should leave early if they fill threatened. He said they can't expect firetrucks to come to them, and they can't expect to receive a message if ect to receive a message if their home is threatened. -- field. -- feel.

What we are expecting is widespread extreme fire danger ratings. Accordingly, we have expanded the total fire bans to incorporate right up through the north-eastern corner of astern corner of NSW.

corner of NSW. There is no planned mass evacuation of the Blue Mountains or surrounding areas. Back to you in the studio.Thank you. The Coalition will lift the government's debt limit, with the budget continuing to move further into the red.And they have started the ball rolling on an audit of the nation's finances to cut the growth in spending. He wants to cut spending and return the budget to surplus. But first the Treasurer will have to raise the government's debt ceiling.This is the legacy of bad Labor government and this is part of the job that we have to fix.Debt's expected to breach the current limit of $300 billion by December, and grow to more than $400 billion. The new $500 billion limit will provide a buffer for government finances.We need to put it beyond any doubt and we do not want to have to revisit this issue again. The party that said they were all about turning around debt has now asked for permission to go to half a trillion dollars. The Coalition's taking steps to cut debt announcing the details of a commission of audit of government spending.Every area of government is going to be examined, there are no restrictions.

no restrictions.Before the election he was telling the Australian people that areas like health and education, medical research and defence were safe, now we find all of that was wrong.The government already plans to sell Medibank Private. It could recommend further sales of Commonwealth assets.We do of course want them to look at very much the scope of government moving forward.The commission will be led by Business Council President, Tony Shepherd. Other commissioners include Amanda Vanstone.The last one was done in 1996; it is time to do it again.The Coalition has already promised it will cut 12,000 public service jobs. Unions fear the audit could lead to much deeper job cuts and privatisation of government services.Well, we're concerned it could be a repeat of the Queensland Commission of Audit which was a fast, dirty process that came up with deep cuts to services and jobs. We don't want to see that happen again.The Treasurer says it's his job to fix the budget. A Melbourne taxi driver could be in trouble after this video was uploaded to YouTube. It shows a taxi apparently deliberately ram-raiding a group of pedestrians before driving off. It's not known whether the pedestrians had been passengers or whether the incident stemmed from a fare dispute. Police want anyone involved in the incident to come forward. Violent protests in Rio have failed to prevent an auction of a major Brazilian oil field. The Libra fields, buried under layers of salt around 180km off Brazil's coast, are among the world's most promising sites for crude oil. Striking oil workers say national assets have been sold off. Angry protesters in Rio de Janeiro, trying to stop a key auction at a beachside hotel. Clashing with riot police, several demonstrators, hurt.Since morning they've been attacking without reason, just people in general, old people and children, and shooting tear gas bombs.Up for grabs, production rights to the Libra oil fields, thought to contain up to 12 billion barrels of oil, nearly double Brazil's known reserves. They could push South America's second-largest producer into the world's top 10. State-owned Petrobras has been granted 40%, 20% stakes each to Total and Shell, 10% each to two Chinese state firms. Striking unions say it's a sell-off of Brazil's riches. Yet this was the first auction under changed energy laws. Instead of being sold as concessions, the fields stay in government hands, and private-sector operators receive a share of the oil.

Last-minute cold feet by other foreign bidders suggest fears of too much state intervention.

too much state intervention. But, eyeing the $7 billion upfront fee plus an estimated $400 billion in revenue over 30 years, President Dilma Rousseff talks of an economic, not just energy game changer, set to help end poverty. That's when the oil is extracted from fourkm beneath earth and salt, the technological hurdles seen as huge. A suicide bomb attack on a Russian bus has left six people dead. The woman involved is believed to be associated with Islamist militants from the Dagestan region. This story contains strong images.

Investigators who found her document at the scene say she was suffering from a degenerative bone disease and was on tranquillisers and painkillers. ers and painkillers. Her husband, who was 22, and, who was 22, was converted to Islam by her last year. Investigators are ledge he is an expert in explosives -- alleged. The leader of the movement recorded a video image in this year calling on his followers to use his followers to use maximum force to ensure the Winter games did not take place.It is quite clear that the international terrorist groups are acting on orders to create an atmosphere of fear and panic before the Olympics. fore the Olympics.Eight people remain in hospital in a critical condition.

condition. The French President has phoned his US counterpart expressing strong disapproval over claims the US National Security Agency tapped more than 70 million phone calls in France. Francois Hollande says the practice is unacceptable between friends and allies. The White House says the US has begun reviewing its methods of gathering intelligence.Britain has signed a $27 billion contract to commission a new nuclear power plant. It's the first new plant in Europe since the Fukushima disaster, and is expected to be online from 2023. Prime Minister David Cameron defended the deal, which guarantees a price for producers, but not consumers.KATHY In the US a Nevada student has opened fire, killing a teacher and wounding two classmates before shooting himself. Police investigations have recovered a semiautomatic hand gun used in the shooting on the Sparks Middle School's basketball courts.A couple accused of abducting a young girl in Greece have appeared in court.

They say Maria was given to them by her mother who could not care for her. Members of the community rallied in her defence. -- their defence. She was originally said to be four years old but her birth certificate was falsified and medical tests lsified and medical tests suggest she is five or six. ive or six. She was crying when the police took her she said. So what if she was blonde, she was their child. He told me that he found her present unusual -- presence. I simply don't know how she ended up there. They are marginalised and that now a negative stereotypes of them will tereotypes of them will only be reinforced. Either way, the case of Maria has exposed the lack of social integration here. social integration here. So what next for this girl? The charity that is looking after her has had almost 8000 calls about the girl. What secrets lie in these depraved areas and do they hold the key to Maria? Visability has been reduced to just metres in parts of northern China with air pollution once again at dangerously high levels.Severe smog in Harbin is causing chaos in the city of 11 million people forcing the closure of roads and schools, and disrupting flights.

Some saying these scenes are like a horror movie. More than 10 million people are han 10 million people are choking on the smog that blankets the that blankets the surrounding areas. This pharmacy is selling more than 1000 of these in one morning. Numerous car accidents and pileups have been reported. Roads and highways have been closed, stranding some drivers. Authorities have issued a red alert in three provinces. Pollution levels are off the charts. The air quality is 40 times the recommended world limits. Some experts limits. Some experts also blamed crop burning.

China's major cities have some of the worst smog in the world and there is growing concern over pollution. They have taken action, releasing a plan to reduce the country's heavy educe the country's heavy reliance on coal.

Returning now to our top story - the NSW bushfire crisis. Thousands of firefighters are on standby for tomorrow's expected treacherous weather conditions. Reporter Greg Navarro is in Katoomba where a community meeting is being held. He joins us live. Greg, how is the community coping?

It is a very interesting. They are taking the warnings seriously. There we seriously. There we knows what to expect. On top of that, the conditions which are very onditions which are very unlike what we are hearing about four tomorrow except for the haze behind me, the smell of smoke in the air, it is relatively cool. We have latively cool. We have rained on and off through the day. Nothing like what we are being told could very well blow through here and across the Blue Mountains tomorrow. A community meeting is taking place right now, a short distance from where we are. 2500 people showed up, standing room only. The purpose of the meeting is not to tell people about the weather conditions and the types of things to expect as far as fires go because no one is really sure. The purpose, we are told, is to give people the tools that they need to make sure that they are aware of their surroundings tomorrow and, more importantly, to make sure that they have a plan to escape because no one knows what to expect tomorrow. Firefighters say that the best thing to do is be prepared.A huge day tomorrow, thank you. Elsewhere in the world now. After a 7-year wait, Romanians and Bulgarians will soon enjoy the right to work unrestricted in fellow European Union nations. But tensions remain high between Bucharest and London, after sustained attacks from the right-wing, anti-immigration, UK Independence Party. European Correspondent, Brett Mason, with this special report.

In Bucharest, they have been watching the European Parliament with growing t with growing despair.We should not be in a political union with Romania and Bulgaria.After laughing off a planned ad campaign designed to make the United Kingdom unappealing to potential immigrants, Romanians are launched a tongue in cheek campaign of their own. They offered their spare beds to Britons spare beds to Britons seeking asylum. But sustained attacks from the UK Independence Party have left you hear laughing. -- you hear laughing.

-- few here laughing.

Romanian citizens have waited seven years for that right which kicks in on the 1 January.

Romanian journalists say that the country is being used for domestic political gain. stic political gain.To be honest, it is pretty simple. t, it is pretty simple. It is EU legislation and if they are part of the EU, they should comply.Remain in lawmakers said that they have seen and heard it all before, during both the Italian and French election campaigns. Right wing parties once again had Bucharest in their sights. -- Romanian lawmaker. The president revealed his frustration.It is unfair and undeserved.He calls it a xenophobic politicls it a xenophobic politics. They claim that come the 1 January there will be hundreds of thousands of Romanians and Bucharest airport with suitcases ready to come and take all of these jobs. You think that will happen?First, I am tempted to smile at such an assertion. There were newspapers who wrote that 29 million Romanians would pack their luggage and would come next year. This is the entire population of both countries combined. That includes newborn babies and ludes newborn babies and retired people. Romanians are the foreign community in Britain with high as proportion of highly educated people. Almost 40% of Romanians in the UK have a university degree. It is also the foreign community with the highest rate of employment. It is 85%. 85%! You would know that by reading the newspapers.Absolutely not. It is just fake story. An invasion of Romanians is like a joke.Not to the many Not to the many voters who delivered UKIP the best result in recent local government polls across England. A repeat of and. A repeat of that trend nationally would have a huge impact on the British government, the future of the EU, and the lives of those in Eastern Europe.

That's the view from Romania looking towards the UK - but what of the other side? Later tonight on SBS One, 'Dateline' reports from the UK on the issue of incoming migrants. That's at 9.30pm. For people conceived from donor sperm, learning that their genetic make-up may not be what they thought it was can be difficult to grapple with. And for those who want to find out more, it's not exactly an easy path. Legislation has previously protected the identity of donors but many are calling for change, saying the needs of offspring are more important. Dr Peter Lewis was 21 when, in 1981, he decided to donate his sperm.It seemed to be a good cause, helping families who couldn't have babies naturally. He's been told he has seven offspring. Anez Barnes and her twin sister are two of them.We look alike. It was like, 'wow,' so I guess it did answer some questions growing up because we didn't quite look like mum and dad.Anez was four when her parents told their daughters they were donor children. Her father found Peter in 2007 and they met for the first time. Lauren Burns was 21 when her mother told her.It was a huge shock and so I actually, I just felt really shocked about it for a few years. It sort of shatters your sense of identity She eventually sought about finding her biological father and has since met three half-siblings.Lauren considers herself lucky to have made contact and says others are suffering. Through the identity issues or unexplained hereditary medical conditions, or through a fear of getting into a relationship with a brother or sister - all these things that people taken for granted, knowing who you're related to, it's all a mystery for us.For children conceived before 1988, accessing information can prove difficult. Documentation wasn't always well maintained and many men donated with the condition of anonymity. But the overwhelming desire for children to identify with their genetic make-up has prompted change in the Victorian parliament.What the Govt has indicated it will do is introduce legislation which will enable those children who were conceived pre1988 to have access to identifying info about their donors if their donors consent.But some think it doesn't go far enough.Other people in similar situations such as adoptees actually do have to the information, so it's just a big sense of disempowerment.There is a right to anonymity that was granted by the hospitals but that right is subservient to the right of the children to know where they came from.SBS's 'Insight' program will tonight hear from more recent donors like Daniel Mainville, who first donated in 2008.My partner and I have said that we're open to contact before the age of 18 so if the families want to contact us, we're more than happy to have whatever role or whatever contact that we can have with the families. A view many sperm donors of the past are increasingly agreeing with.

Infertility affects 15% of Australia's childbearing population. About 1-in-8 infertile couples require donor sperm to fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

Mobile phone users are being urged to put their handsets down. The latest research which comes out of France has shown no conclusive proof of health concerns but recommends people cut their phone use, just to be safe.

They are popping up all over the place, really antennas used by French phone operators, exposing people to increasing levels of lecture magnetic waves. In France, children as rance, children as young as 10 top flowers on their mobile phones every day. By the reach their teens, the habits are firmly in place. TRANSLATION: I been using mine for years. I wanted a phone and my parents gave in.The health agency has looked gency has looked into the risks linked with the electronic waves. The report claims that they can have an impact on sleep, male fertility, memory and concentration. The study says that the attacks are reversible. As a precaution, they recommend using hands-free kits while calling for further research into the effect of wireless landline phones, tablets, and BT phones.TRANSLATION: Because there is an increasing number of sources of radio waves with things like Wi-Fi and mobile devices, which on their own only emit a low-level, we recommend taking el, we recommend taking new measures to calculate the total combined level of exposure.Those levels of exposure are set to rise in France by another 50% as phone operators roll out of four G technology across the country. -- 4G. Coming up next - Michael Tomalaris with all aris with all the day's sports news. Show me the money - a sour ending to Anthony Mundine's fight with 'Sugar' Shane Mosley. And later - Melbourne Victory's coach reportedly agrees to steer the Socceroos to next year's World Cup.

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Australia's biggest company,

Australia's biggest company, BHP Billiton, has upgraded its full-year iron ore production guidance, surprising the market to the upside. It follows a 23% lift in ore output in the September quarter. That result helped the Australian sharemarket hit another 5-year high with the All Ords up a 0.33%. The banks were stronger but Telstra fell. Investors had the chance to react to Paul Zahra's decision to resign as David Jones CEO late yesterday, selling down the stock. In Japan, the Nikkei closed a touch higher. Shares on Wall Street were little changed ahead of tonight's jobs numbers.

Time now for all the day's sports news with Michael Tomalaris and 'The Man' is still keen to fight one of boxing's all-time greats. That's right. Anthony Mundine says he hopes his aborted bout with 'Sugar' Shane Mosley can be resurrected later this year. The American boxing legend walked out just hours before the weigh-in for tomorrow night's WBA light-middleweight clash in Sydney. Mosley's management claims the fight's promoter failed to pay his $1 million fee in full.

After the height came the heartbreak. He did everything he could to stop them from turning on his heels.Right up until it worked onto the plane.Is the fight can be renegotiated by his own management, it s own management, it could spell the end of Anthony Mundine's boxing career. There are serious question marks and whether he can get the fight that he needed the aged 38 to go on and do what he wants to achieve. There is bit? Now. IMac as of yesterday, only 58,000 tickets have been told -- sold. That is a part of the reason.This is why it should have been figured out beforehand. We should not have gotten that this problem day of the fight. If they say that he was meant to be paid, maybe he was meant to be paid.I feel for him. If he loses, it will be to the guy who was talking on the phone. I put up the I put up the money.Anthony Mundine will not allow a walkout if he can make amends in LA this week.Are much like to LA and speak his team. I will ask him himself. The man-to-man and . The man-to-man and give you my word and give him and give him or the my word. Give him an irrevocable bank cheque if need be.If it is resurrected, the first week in December is the most likely date. In world football, Portgual will face Sweden in arguably the pick of the European World Cup play-offs. The 14th-ranked nation is a strong favourite to advance to next year's showpiece. Elsewhere, Ukraine drew 1998 winners, France. Greece faces unseeded Romania while Iceland will attempt to qualify for its first-ever appearance in the finals. Anxious smiles soon turned to nervous silence as eight European countries discovered their fate. With Portugal. The 14h-ranked team drawing a nation always capable of delivering an upset.Sweden.It means one of football's superstars will miss out next year with Cristiano Ronaldo's up against Zlatan Ibrahimovic.Portugal wary despite the luxury of drawing on the likes of Manchester United's Nani.

One of France's key players had plenty to say off the pitch recently. Patrice Evra labeling former French players turned commentators tramps for their criticism of his performances. France's footballing body focusing its attention on Ukrainian opposition rather than Evra.

Iceland playing down its playoff chances against Croatia.You always have to feel you have a chance. Over a 2-game convocation, -- qualification, all teams have a chance.While Greece will require research to topple Romania.The most important thing is to learn because I don't know anything about Romania.It all kicks off on November 16, Australian time, with the second leg scheduled four days later. The successful four teams will enter the World Cup draw in December. Melbourne Victory coach Ange Postecoglou is believed to have accepted an offer to become the Socceroos head coach despite compensation demands from his club. Victory players continued their preparations for Friday's clash with Brisbane Roar this morning. The A-League's richest side has requested around $1 million from Football federation Australia to buy out Postecoglou's contract. -- Federation. However, the FFA is desperate to avoid another hefty pay-out after compensating dumped Socceroos coach Holger Osieck. Postecoglou is expetced to be unveiled as the new national team boss tomorrow.Discussions have been had. I've had discussions. The club is in discussion. We will see how we will see how we go. Are you confident you will get you will get it? We will see. There is a game on Friday night. We will prepare for l prepare for that and get a clear head.e for that and get a clear
head. Postecoglou's first game in charge of the Socceroos will reportedly be against Costa Rica on November 15, unless negotiations break down. In the English Premier League, Fulham has come from behind to hammer Crystal Palace. Both managers were reportedly under pressure going in to the game. Martin Jol the happier of the two, following goals to Pajtim Kasami, Steve Sidwell, Dimitar Berbatov, and Philippe Senderos. Fulham securing a 4-1 win to consign the Eagles to their seventh defeat of the season.


Meanwhile Premier League

Meanwhile Premier League leaders Arsenal will be looking to book a place in the Champions League knockout phase when it hosts Borussia Dortmund tomorrow morning. Live coverage on SBS1 kicks-off from 5.30am AEDT.


Favourite Atlantic

Favourite Atlantic Jewel has

Favourite Atlantic Jewel has been scratched from the $3 million Cox Plate with a tendon injury. While the mare worked well at Flemington this morning, the 5-year-old was found to have swelling while cooling down. Owners Coolmore will make a decision on her future in the next few weeks. Atlantic Jewel has won 10 of her 11 races with It's A Dundeel, installed as the new favourite for Saturday's race.

Anthony Minichiello says his side remains confident ahead of Rugby League's World Cup after Italy's upset win over joint-hosts England in a warm-up match. Captains of all 14 participating nations posed together for a photo opportunity with the trophy ahead of the competition kick-off this weekend. Not surprisingly there was a high representation of NRL players amongst the assembled contingent. For many, just qualifying for the tournament remains a major achievement.This is the first time that Italy e first time that Italy has been in a World Cup in its up in its history. It is a proud moment for the country. We are trying to get a stronger level of football over there. The Azzurri take on joint hosts Wales at the Millenium Stadium while Australia kicks off the tournament against England this weekend.

That's the day in sport. Coming up - the weather and another update on the NSW bushfire emergency. Extreme conditions are expected tomorrow.

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Returning to the bushfire crisis - we go back to Greg Navarro for the latest. Greg, what can you tell us? Here in Katoomba, there are about 2500 people crammed into a hall not far from here. They try to learn more from the RFS as to what they should be doing tomorrow. They are questions about the unexpected. Those are those horrendous conditions being predicted. The warnings have been issued across the Blue Mountains. People are well aware of them. Schools have been closed in have been closed in anticipation of a worsening conditions tomorrow. Travel to morrow. Travel to the Blue Mountains - if they don't ains - if they don't have to be here, the RFS says to leave by midday. The worsening conditions are expected to cause a great deal of problems here. In Mexico, a hurricane has brought heavy rain onto a sodden region of the Pacific Coast, already devastated by last month's Tropical Storm Manuel. Authorities rushed to deploy emergency crews and forced evacuations of low-lying areas. Hurricane Raymond is expected to veer back out to sea, tomorrow.


To the forecast

To the forecast - a

To the forecast - a complex low extending across the interior is bringing rain and isolated thunderstorms from the NT to the south-eastern states. Hot north-westerly winds ahead of this trough will bring very warm conditions to eastern inland areas.


And finally

And finally tonight,

And finally tonight, a near

And finally tonight, a near miss during a speech by Barack Obama, as a woman behind the President nearly fainted. Karmel Allison, pregnant and diabetic, almost didn't endure the 26-minute oration about healthcare.I gotcha. You're OK. This happens when I talk too long. The woman later confirmed she was fine and thanked the President for catching her. Recapping our top stories now. Firefighters are working to gain the upper hand on several blazes burning across NSW amid grim warnings for severe conditions tomorrow. The Rural Fire Service says it will be as bad as it gets. The Federal Government has confirmed it will launch a High Court challenge after the ACT today became the first Australian jurisdiction to legalise same-sex marriage. Dozens of survivors of a shipwreck off the coast of Italy have staged a protest at a funeral for the victims. Over 300 mainly African asylum seekers were killed when their boat capsized earlier this month. Northern China is suffering through severe smog with air pollution at dangerously high levels. Visibility has been reduced to just metres, forcing the closure of roads and schools and disrupting flights.

That's the world this Tuesday. Our next bulletin at 10:30 on SBS One. You can get all tonight's stories online, and news around the clock at our website and on Twitter. Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -


NARRATOR: John Barnes is best known

for playing football
for Liverpool...

..and still lives with his family
close to his former club.

In a glittering career
spanning nearly two decades,

he represented England 79 times.

Yet, John wasn't born in England.

My father was a colonel
in the Jamaican Army,

and he was posted here
as military attache.

So, I fully expected

to go back to the Caribbean
and Jamaica when I was 16, 17.

And the family went back
and I stayed to play football.

John helped steer Liverpool
to League and FA Cup success,

but, like many
black footballers of that time,

witnessed racism at first hand.

There is a great picture,

and, of course, it was in
the newspapers as well,

of me back-heeling
a banana off the field.

Obviously, things
have happened

which haven't
been pleasant,

but I tend to
look at them

as experiences
that are necessary

for you to grow - for you
to be who you are.

Because I came from Jamaica, and I'm
from a middle-class Jamaican family,

I was fully empowered
as to who I actually was.

So, coming to England

and experiencing racism
and prejudice,

it really was water
off a duck's back to me.

Married twice,
John has seven children -

the oldest 27,

the youngest 18 months old.

John now works as a football pundit,

well known for his honest
and forthright opinions.

I do argue a lot
and I'm fairly opinionated.

I try and be objective -
so I try and see both sides -

although my side, I probably
argue a little bit more for.


My family are fairly political.

My grandfather
and his brothers in Jamaica

were part of
the trade union movement,

and they argue about politics,
they argue a lot.

But my grandfather, Frank,
wasn't the most exciting person,

because he was always
on the typewriter or reading books.

So, I'm hoping
to go further down the line

to find some more active,
dynamic people, outdoors people.

Uh, but Frank is the first point.