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Residents prepare along Bells Line of Road -

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DAVID MARK: Blue Mountains residents are preparing for a deterioration in conditions. Some have been advised to leave immediately, others feel prepared enough to stay.

Lexi Metherell is on the Bells Line of Road on a ridge of the Blue Mountains and she joins me now.

Lexi, you're really in the worst of the area in terms of this particular fire. What's the situation where you are?

LEXI METHERELL: Yes, Dave, I'm on the ridge on the Bells Line of Road. This road runs along a ridge and there are a number of communities dotted either side of it. Basically, this ridge is flanked in between that massive fire to the north, the State Mine fire, and to the south the Mount Victoria fire.

There are fears that those two fires could join and create what's been called a mega-fire, and potentially threaten the western suburbs of Sydney. Go down the Blue Mountains to the west, further to the east rather.

Now I've just seen an update from the RFS (Rural Fire Services), and it says that embers are being blown from the fire towards properties along this ridge between Berambing and Bilpin. And also there's an update that a number of properties have been destroyed. Three homes and seven sheds or businesses, and also two damaged as well.

So, yes, this area really is in the thick of it all. It's completely blanketed in smoke, and you can see the plumes of smoke coming from both fires either side of this ridge.

DAVID MARK: And I understand residents in the area, as we've mentioned, in the town of Bell and Bilpin basically face the prospect of being cut off for several days.

LEXI METHERELL: That's right. The advice for most of this area is only stay, or rather leave, if you're not prepared. There is a lot of backburning happening right now.

It has been a hot day, but it hasn't been all that windy so firefighters have really been making use of the most of these conditions to backburn and to try to contain these fires as much as possible.

Tomorrow, a little bit of rain is expected. It's not expected to be - it's expected to be a mild day tomorrow. But Wednesday is when they're really expecting conditions to deteriorate. And they really want to get on top of these fires as much as possible before then.

This is really rugged and difficult terrain to fight fires in. It's very steep. So there's been helicopters going all day overhead here water-bombing in some of those valleys and those really rugged areas.

DAVID MARK: Well as you say, they're preparing for Wednesday, but are they confident that they're going to do enough to be able to hold the situation at Wednesday, or are they fearful that it could still get out of hand because of those weather conditions?

LEXI METHERELL: Look I don't think they're taking really anything for granted at all. Because I was speaking to one RFS officer here today, and he said, once, if these fires do join, once they join they become quite unpredictable and almost create their own weather. So I don't think there is any let up here in the vigilance at all.

And in fact firefighters are coming from other states now to try and relieve some of those firefighters here, because it has been basically four or five days now of pretty intense firefighting. And I think people are, you know, starting to get little drained.

Some of the residents I spoke to here, they're just having that sense of just waiting, waiting, waiting for it to get worse. You know they've seen what has happened a little bit further south in the Blue Mountains in Springwood and Yellow Rock, and the devastation that has happened there, and they're sort of bracing for something similar here, and really just taking every precaution they can to try and protect their properties.

DAVID MARK: Lexi Metherell, our reporter on the Bells Line of Road, thanks very much for your time.