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Officers who question Qld police bikies crack -

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EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: The Queensland Government's crackdown on bikies has caused a split in the Police Service. The union says the police executive is exerting undue pressure on rank-and-file officers, some of whom fear they'll be targeted for their part in the campaign. Josh Bavas reports from Brisbane.

JOSH BAVAS, REPORTER: Police spent the weekend keeping watch at all known bikie clubhouses. But the Police Union says officers are under unnecessary pressure from the service executive. Emails to rank-and-file officers have been leaked to the media. A line from one reads, "Government considers that we - the QPS Senior Executive - have failed to adequately and professionally respond to this matter - consider this in all your communication and thinking." And in another, "The bottom line is, if the media takes a photo of a group of Criminal Motorcycle Gangs at a tattoo parlour over the weekend (and) we have done nothing (to) actively patrol these places, we are all looking for new jobs."

IAN STEWART, QLD POLICE COMMISSIONER: This is like a professional football team that needs to be geed up before the main game and that's exactly what this is about.

IAN LEAVERS, POLICE UNION: You don't go out to a football team and you threaten them, "You will win, otherwise you're going to be sacked." You support them in getting the job done.

IAN STEWART: It behoves me as the commissioner and all of our senior people in the organisation to make sure that they provide that strong leadership that's needed.

JOSH BAVAS: It's been less than a week since the Government introduced tough new anti-bikie laws. At least one criminal lawyer says he's prepared to challenge them in the High Court. The Australian Motorcycle Council is setting up a fighting fund to help support the move.

SHAUN LENNARD, AUST. MOTORCYCLE COUNCIL: Last time I checked, it actually wasn't illegal to ride a Harley Davidson, have tattoos, wear an open-face crash helmet. I don't do that, but plenty of my friends do.

JOSH BAVAS: And in a move to humiliate bikies in jail, the State Government wants to force convicted bikies to wear pink overalls.

CAMPBELL NEWMAN, QUEENSLAND PREMIER: They have their tattoos, they have their colours and we know that asking to - well, not asking them; tell them to wear pink is going to be embarrassing for them.

JOSH BAVAS: The Police Union says some officers fear they will be targeted for their roles in the bikie crackdown and says officers who want to should be able to remove their names from public records.

Josh Bavas, Lateline.