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The latest from the Rural Fire Services Headq -

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Let's go now to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service headquarters in Sydney, where reporter Jamelle Wells is there with the latest. Can you just give us an update on the situation?Emma, there are still just over 60 fires burning across the State. Around 14 of those are uncontrolled. And an emergency alert remains in place for that fire near Lithgow. Now, just a few minutes ago, the RFS put out an alert saying there's a fire threatening properties in the township of Bell in that Lithgow area. And some people are being asked to move out of their homes. Now, watch and act alerts are also in place for two other areas of the Blue Mountains. The Mount Victoria and the Springwood area, and it's those Blue Mountains fires that firefighters say are proving the most difficult, because if they join together, if they breach containment lines, if they jump the Bells Line of Road and the Great Western Highway, they're going to be very, very difficult for them to control . Now, there's also a watch'n'act alert for a fire in the Southern Highlands near the town of Wilton. It did cause some concern earlier today, but the emergency warning for that has now been downgraded. And in another development today, an 11-year-old child and a 15-year-old were arrested over fires that police say were deliberately lit north of Sydney last week. And the RFS commissioner today has described those actions as stupid. And he said that a clear message needs to be sent to young people about the consequences of lighting fires deliberately and he noted that since these
five people have been charged since these fires started in New South Wales, and he said sadly they're all young people. Stupid seems a mass understatement. So where are firefighters focused in their efforts tonight?Well, Emma tonight they're focusing on protecting rorts and back-burning, mostly in that Lithgow area. And they are warning there's going to be a lot of thick smoke across the road ns the Blue Mountains tonight. They're basically telling people stay away if you don't need to be there. And they're also using rapid response teams. They're specialist firefighters that go into these areas, they're winched down from a helicopter, and they can get into areas such as walking tracks and gorges, really hard-to-access areas, assess the situation, and then make some decisions about back-burning. Now, the RFS commissioner Shane FitzSimons today said they work under very dangerous conditions. But they are highly trained, and he said the firefighters have learnt a lot from not only their colleagues interstate, but from overseas as well. And he did note today that New South Wales firefighters are now starting to be very fatigued. They've been on the ground for a long time, and he said although there've been back-up - there's been back-up from colleagues interstate, tomorrow, 800 firefighters from interstate are being brought in to help