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This program is captioned live. Tonight - jumping containment lines - flying embers ignite fresh emergencies at Springwood and Wilton. The desperate race to stop three fires sweeping across the Blue Mountains. A major health alert as thick smoke blankets our city. Dragged away with a hand over her mouth, the chilling moments before a woman's deadly fall. And a newly-single Erica Packer prepares to step out in Sydney. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine Nuz with Peter Overton. Good evening. We begin our broadcast with breaking news tonight - a major fire is under way at a timber mill in Sefton. Several lark stacks of wood are well alight. The 12 fire crews are focussing on protecting -- 20 large LPG tanks. To the bushfire crisis. There was no rest for the brave. Another dangerous scorcher at the fire front and a race against the clock for crews who now fear hotter, winder weather is about to punch new power into the Blue Mountains blazes. Three big fires salvage the region around the Bilpen area and around Mount Victoria. We have reporters at all locations. First t renewed threat. Battle to save the blue town tains - choppers dumping bucket-loads of water, firefighters pulling out all stops as flames charge south. A worrying time for everyone.On the northern flank of the Blue Mountains a huge fire front is burning from Lithgow in the west to Bilpen in the east. They're trying to stop it drum ve jumping the Bells Line of Road. Another blaze has taken in bush around Mount Victoria and fire continues to rage around Springwood and Winmalee. A fire edge stretching a total of 300 km. The fear is that strong north westerly winds, predicted for Wednesday, could create one giant firestorm threatening mountain communities of BlackHeath and Katoomba. The scene last night along the Bells Line of Road. Firefighters lit a 20km backburn - a desperate and high-risk strategy to block the advancing fire front. If it comes off and works, it's wonderful fire fighting effort. There is every likelihood on investing in a stratd ji like that, that it will breach, that it will fail.Properties around Bilpen and Bell were under threat for much of the day. Homeowners can thank fieries who tried to xeep a step ahead of the blaze with backburns. Rpblgt it's better to backburn than to let a fire come to you. It came on to me fast the other day and I got burned. There were exhausted firefighters. The army is on standby. The RFS Headquarters has the latest in hi- tech mapping but it's the unflagging work of the volunteers that is keeping the front at bay for now.We are not planning an exodus of the Blue Mountains. But if you don't need to be in the Blue Mountains, don't go there.The risk posed to towns in the Blue Mountains is compareed to the 1968 fire season - more than 100 homes were lost, and three people were killed. NEWSREEL:Now as dawn breaks, there's an ugly picture. Wednesday still looks as D-Day. There is a chance of light rain over the next 24 hours - not enough to ease the threat. Today appears to have been, on some fronts t calm before the second storm. Many of the firefighters are almost on their last legs. They knew they had to make a big effort before a threatened increase in intensity of the wind spurred the blazes on again. It's the wind which has driven this emergency, so today's calmer conditions allowed firefighters to claw back lost ground. Blackening-out bush on the doorstep of Falconbridge, it's the next town feared to be in the line of the fire which roared through Winmalee and Springwood last Thursday. This is important, but comes with so many risks. They are fighting fire with fire, but firefighters have to be so alert. A gust of wind can turn it on its head and these guys have been on the ground here for five days. Moments later that happened - a flare-up and a sense of urgency. Water bombers were dispatched and order was restored, but not for long. By mid-afternoon residents were paiking p -- packing up and an emergency alert was sounded.We've been ready for 3 or 4 days. We've gone through, made sure that everything is locked up, and hop in the car and go.Packed?Pretty much. Nerve wracking?Yeah. Leaving behind a small army of men and women to defend their homes. Look, I'm not going to lie to you. I don't want to go through Thursday again fplt -- again. So we want to try to keep things as in control as possible.That's understandable when you consider the dreadful impact from this emergency has had on the lower Blue Mountains. Five days on and still no relief. Threat is always looming?The adrenalin drops down, kicks up, drops down. Torture?It is burning people out. The houses destroyed last week sit in ruin and some residents still find it hard to leave - sifting through the rubble, looking for anything which will help them remember.You guys didn't get any photos out?Nothing.This is it? This is it. They know it could be years before they can return. 197 families last week had a roof over their head.If you think of the logistics, it's like building a subdivision.Raymond Camp watched his house burn to the ground last week.We saw the flames come over and burned the front fence down, and we knew the house was gone. Homeless? Not so, thanks to tradie mates. He owned another property not far away, but it was in need of urgent repair. Everyone here is doing this for free?Yes. Supplies on board, they will supply materials and all stuff to give them areas that they can live in. Work that should have taken 6 months will be finished next week. I'm overwhelmed. Fantastic. Normality is hard to find, so they thought school was the best option. He's happy to be at school. I know where he is, he's safe.REPORTER: Were you hoping to get off school for the day?Yes, but I'm not off school, apparently. It was also probably the safest. Damien joins us from Winmalee. There was an emergency alert for Falconbridge, what's the state of play now?Well, this evening it is still in place, but we expect the residents may be allowed back later this afternoon. They feel that the authorities may have pulled the trigger early. The conditions are calm. The fire they are worried about has been stopped. But it is bet tore be safe than sorry. Not one person is complaining about the call. Watching the firefighters in action was incredible - 38 degrees, 100 in the old scale. We saw one young chap at his first fire. He collapsed with heat exhaustion. We spoke to his boss. He's been treated but has vowed to get back. Very uplifting.Mag nifcepblt human beings. After a weekend of regular tiff calm, the blaze that threatened a village of Balmoral has thrown spot fires across Hume Highway putting the town of Wilton in danger. Our reporter is there. Samantha, how bad is it? Well...Well...Well, it's calmed down a little bit here where of course... Where of course a few hours ago it was absolute chaos. This was the result of burning embers blowing into the centre of town. These came from that Hall Road fire that's been burning since Thursday out of control. The burning embers jumped the Hume Highway. This is the second time they've done this and firefighter sas they there could be more on the way. Picton Road is now reopened. Residents are allowed back in. Earlier today we saw them leaving town and putting their animals in their vehicles and heading out and those who stayed were watering down their roofs. They were so nervous. The sky crane has been in the air because of the size of the fire. Residents are waiting to find out how big the threat is to their town. Well done, thank you. For most of Sydney t area around Bilpin on the Bells Line of Road is a beautiful place to visit - a great day out. The charm of the mountain villages and the lure of the fruit orchards - for the people who live there, though, it's the scene of a battle for survival. The moment Michael and Senga Green become desperate to know if they still have a home.Gun it, gun it, gun it... Jeez. Their car came within centimetres of a water tanker, that hurls past them out of a wall of fire on the Bells Line of Road. They look back at the horror safely in their untouched home at Dargen.It was very hot.We won't be doing it again.We told our kids we promise we won't do it again.The kids were not too impressed.Their community is still under threat, though the fire front has travelled 35km east. At Bells t battle continues - backburning to widen the safety zone, metres from home. Bilpen is at boiling point. Neville Julian's apple and cherry crops are ripe. Your orchard and your fruit is part of your character, one of your kids. Neville gets one chance a year to make his living. He knows by the end of the week he could be gone. Not happy, but I can't control the weather. It is really frustrating, sitting here ready to go and can't do ta thing.Local residents can't help but fear scenes from 1994 are looming.If we turn into a day like last Thursday it won't be good. That won't be enough to convince Phil and Helen Heaton to flee. They've prepared for weeks. REPORTER: What if they tell you to get out?I will lock the gate and tell them to buzz off.Not the attitude the fieries are hoping for. We're saying now is the time to move to safety. We're not putting forward evacuations but we're putting forward the message that now is the time to relocate to a safer place.This place has dealt with fires over the last 60 or 70 years. We've got to do what we've got to do and we will work through it. Dozens of crews are restocking and recovering, gathered at this staging post - an army of volunteers continuing to prepare for 2 worst. Dimity is at the RFS Command Post at Bilpin. What do we know about the situation there? Well, the area of concern is the town of Berambee. A short time ago residents were issued to take shelter. The air crane is flying above us. It was called to Mount Irvine Road. We're told a fire the burning out of properties there. Crews are backburning trying to stop the blaze. The conditions here are quite calm across the Blue Mountains throughout the day. There's barely been a breeze here. The temperature is continuing to drop. But it is all hands on deck for a busy few days ahead here in Bilpin. Thank you. If, as feared, the three big Blue Mountains blazes merge into one mega-fire, it is expected it will happen in the BlackHeath, Mount Victoria areas on the Great Western Highway. Our reporter Tom Steinfort is in Blackheath. Tom, there are evacuations. It is heartbreaking for locals.They are waiting to see what the weather brings in the next couple of days. Beyond the ridge line over there is the Lithgow fire. Over here is the Mount Victoria blaze. The expectation is that they may combine to form this giant fire front that would work through here in this valley and you get beyond the cliffs here, and you have Blackheath, Katoomba, so many along the Great Western Highway. There are a lot of very nervous residents there tonight. Today it was all about the battle in the bush. Don't let it get in front.Tackling a sleeping monster set to awaken at any moment.It's been really, really crazy, it's been tired and working hard. We are all hoping, we're hoping for rain, but I don't think it will happen.It is a fight that is taking its toll. At least one firey is treated for exhaustion at Blackheath. The RFS was backburning on the ground for the majority of this monster blaze lies deep in blue mountain bshland, only accessible by helicopter. The stream of helicopters is non- stop. Every two or three minutes there is another one here at this dam, filling up before heading off again to fight off the flames. It's a race against time on all fronts. SES crews are going door to door to help residents clear gutters, trees and anything that might fuel this inisationable fire. We're making sure we have hoses at the ready. We have a pump. We can use it to put out the spot fires and ember attacks. We're generally being ready and cautious. We have bags ready to go.Many are already packing their cars, ready to go at a moment's notice.I don't thinkly bother about maning a hose, I will get in the car and shoot through. Just when they thought they -- it couldn't get more dangerous than last Thursday, they're bracing for the worst again.We've packed our bags ready to go. When the RFS tells us, we are will go. In the meantime we go to work and what do you do? You hope you will be all right. This fire front is a few kilometres from Mount Victoria and Blackheath. It doesn't look like it's moving too quickly, but as soon as the winds hit up, it could hit the location with an hour's warning.We can't put it out. We have to follow it. We go into a property mode protection. Property protection mode, sorry, I'm too tired. We just try to save houses and lives of course, that's the number one priority.

Smoke gets in your eyes and in your lungs. While most people in Sydney haven't seen a single flame in this giant outbreak of fires, many have suffered the dangerous side effects. A different kind of danger blanketed the city today. The Sydney skyline eerie as a thick toxic haze moved in. A glimpse of Sydney Tower, the Harbour Bridge in a cloud of grey. Navigating on the road and in the air was tough. Planes were barely visible on the runway, smoke delaying the takeoff of dozens of flights.It would require some people to wear masks or cover their face with a hanky. Ash and smoke from fires in the Blue Mountains and the Southern Highlands travelled hundreds of kilometres. With a lull in the winds this morning, the haze stuck around.That sort of thing rarely occurs in Australia at all. It's something you would normally opblt need to do in a place like Beijing or Shanghai. Kolyton mother Lisa Provost took her children home from school and kept them inside for the rest of the week.We start coughing. The south-west had the thickest coverage, with the air qaltty in Campbelltown hitting hazardous levels. Liverpool was poor, and Cam Del and Oakdale, -- Camden and Oakdale very poor. Campbelltown Hospital saw an increase in patients with breathing problems.It's worse today. They were coughing.I have asthma.The southerly is pushing it towards the coast. Tomorrow air quality will be significantly better, but it won't be 100%.

The weather is making work for fire crews difficult and unpredictable. Amber - it was stinking hot work for our firefighters today?It was. Unfortunately there will be at least another two days of extreme conditions. Today Penrith reached 37. It was their hottest October day in 7 years. The city only reached 29.

They're expecting widespread, severe-to extreme fire danger ratings throughout the Greater Sydney Region. Thankfully, we will see some relief on Wednesday. I will have the full forecast later. Stay with us. In the news ahead - owe a woman dragged inside a Hyde Park apartment moments before plunging to her death. A bird's eye view of the bushfires burning right now. And feeding time for Sydney's biggest crocodile.

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There have been three more arrests in a major drug smuggling bust in NSW and Victoria. Almost two tonnes of pseudoephedrine mixed with vanilla powder has been seized - a total of 10 men held. The latest arrests were three Canadians. A court has heard a jealous and controlling man threw his fiance off their inner city high-rise because he was going to leave him. Simon Gittany pleaded not guilty to murdering his partner and says their relationship was affectionate and loving. The final, terrifying moments, of Lisa Harnum's life. It is grainy CCTV, but that is her boyfriend's hand covering her mouth as he drags her back inside their luxury Hyde Park apartment. It's alleged 69 seconds later that boyfriend, Simon Gittany, threw her off their 15th floor balcony. Lisa died almost instantly. With a glamorous new girlfriend by his side, today Gittany listened to disturbing details about his volatile former relationship. The court heard he was controlling, possessive and dominating.

They heard he has Liza's texts uninterintensive surveillance. Simon Gittany's lawyer painted a different picture of a loving relationship. He said Gittany never stopped Lsa from seeing her friends and only monitored her texts she -- he was concerned. She told him she had a painful secret and wouldn't reveal it. It's alleged that is what they were arguing about. A next door neighbour said she told please, "Please help me, God help me" and then a single bone-chilling scream from a female coming from outside. The court heard a witness saw a man unload what looked like luggage from the balcony. Gittany says Lisa climbed over the rail and he tried to grab her. Lisa's mother Joan Harnham has flown to give evidence.

After snoozeing through the winter and early spring, no wopblder Rex was feeling on the tooth. He's been hibernating at Darling Harbour Zoo, today having his first meal in three mons. Nothing beats raw chicken. Now to the bushfire emergency. Let's look at what is happening. Mark Burrows is in the Nine News Helicopter. What does it look like? There is still so much smoke here over the Blue Mountains at the moment. We've been to Springwood, and Winmalee. Conditions r don't look too bad. This is a live shot of Emu Heights. It is close to the Napean River. As we pull ride you can see Penrith in the background. This is just at the start of the Great Western Highway. There is fire burning in the valleys here and the homes are quite close here and so there is a renewed effort to get back on top of this. Up near Bilpen, there is concern there late this evening and they've told residents they must take shelter and it looks like the situation there is still nowhere near under control. As I say, Springwood/Winmalee, not looking too bad. You can see the wind here is not too bad at all. So that is really helping firefighters and hopefully those conditions will stay the same during the evening. Thank you. Stay with us - ahead - the first real test of Sydney's new public transport timetable. Also - without warning - the moment a truck took out a barrier on a busy freeway. A glamorous welcome home for covergirl, Erica Packer. This program is not captioned. Day one of a new timetable for buses, trains and ferries got off to a smooth start today, with a near perfect punctuality rate. There will be 1000 extra weekly rail services, 700 extra bus services, and extra ferry services. But not everyone is pleased. The Opposition says a cut in peak-hour services in Sydney's south contributed to the Liberals' defeat in Saturday's by-election in Miranda. A war of words has broken out between the Government and Opposition over the word used to describe boat arrivals. Minister