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(generated from captions) That was an incredibly...
brave thing you did, Brooke,

keeping that secret.

I wasn't going to drop a bomb
on your marriage

and I certainly didn't
want to hurt Katie.

But as complicated and as difficult
as that pregnancy was,

I...I did love that baby.

The thought of having
another child of my own...

..was nice.

Our child.

I'm sorry, Brooke.

Me too.


Don't do it.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - the fire threat worsens as the State prepares for an unparalleled emergency. Authorities employ high-risk strategies, fighting fire with fire ahead of deteriorating conditions. Taking no chances, residents grap what they can and flee. And a city choked, a grey reminder of what's happening in the west descends on Sydney. ANNOUNCER: This is tenEmploying high-risk tactics and battle to continue several major blazes in the southern highlands and Blue Mountains. It could lead to catastrophic conditions in the coming days. There are currently three emergency warnings in place:

Now, we have reporters across the fire front. So let's cross first to Andrew Denney at the large the blazes. Andrew, has the wind picked up where you are?Well, it's starting to, Sandra. We are seeing little gusts here and there. But this is really being described as the calm before the storm. Now, we have already lost more than 200 homes across the state. This is obviously one of them here behind me. It's the next set of houses in the firing line that authorities have been working to save today. Everywhere in the Blue Mountains backburning, lighting fires to fight an inferno.They are acutely aware that the do-nothing approach is potentially disastrous. The do- something approach if it pays off is a good result.The blaze here is in remote bushland. It's approaching fast. Embers are raining down on homes, pre-depicted to get worse as the winds begin to pick up in the coming hours.It's coming fairly fast. Mate, one minute you can be fine and the next it can be right on top of you. Police have been going door-to-door advising people to leave, most want to stay.I've been here 40 years, never been burnt out. Those who are staying are prepared for the worst. We're pretty well set up, good to go. Fire bumps at the ready, petrol pumps in case the fire goes out, which could be tomorrow with the fire front not far behind. Everything has been about preparation. Getting as much scrub burnt off and as many containment lines put in before the weather gets a lot worse.Even if the fire passes over, putting out spot fires, that's all you can do you can't fight a fire like this.That's something authorities here know all too well. Conditions can of course mean that you can be safe one moment and then running for your life the next. And again, that message from firefighters, if you are worried to leave.Good advice. Let's hope everybody listens. Andrew Denney there, thank you. Well, Natasha Squarey has seen first handsome of the high risk backburning that's being employed. How fearful are locals on the fire front heading towards Blackheath? Sandra, I've been speaking with people here today who describe the feeling as eerie or the calm before the storm. As the weather continues to deteriorate, locals aren't taking any chances in what's likely to be a massive fire storm. It's risky and dangerous. But fire authorities have been left with no option. They are fighting fire with fire. Trying to get ahead of a nast reround two.A very big battle. We are prepared for it, all set to go. Potential that a mega fire could happen on Wednesday.It won't take long for things to join together. It's likely to rage towards Blackheath.People here are very anxious about the fires and have a right to be anxious.Blackheath resident picking up the essentials and leaving the house to burn if needs be.We will go. We have a plan, we talked through it with the kids. We are very nervous and jumpy. Local artist Rohan spent today doing everything he can to protect his 1920 home.I'm a painter and my dealer rang me up a couple of days ago and offered to come pick up most of the important artworks I have in my collection and he has taken that away father safekeeping. Fire crews scrambling to prevent the blazes bearing down on townships.Today the RFS is taking vital steps to make sure the fire doesn't jump across this road. They are trying to burn as much bush as possible to starve the fuel of fire. It's difficult to use water as everybody thinks. To get rid of the fuel, the fire can't burn.Locals hope this high-risk strategy saves their homes. Sandra, the fire in Springwood has been upgraded to an emergency warning, the residents are adviced to stay put and seek shelter.Let's cross now to the nerve centre of the firefighting effort. Ali Donaldson is at headquarters. The main focus is on fires burning in the Blue Mountains. But ember showers are causing real concerns near Wilton.Showing how conditions the quickness they can change. The township is under direct threat, the residents there have been told that it's too late to leave, you must take shelter because the ember showers are stretching 2km on the very strong winds that are fanning the nearby fire. Now, authorities here are sending strike forces to the area, special strike forces to protects are residents and are keenly aware of the natural gas plants east of the area. Extra fire crews are heading to keep that safe and protected from the threat that's coming into the ember showers. Firies have been battling blazes since Thursday. They must be exhausted. How much of an effort is fatigue?Fire bosses here are very keenly aware of rotating fire crew numbers over, because there's 1500 out in the field at any given time. And they have been doing it really tough. So we have extra resources sent in from interstate. At least 200 firefighters came from the eastern seaboard to give welcome relief. They are very, very aware that firefighters need resting before the next two days come, testing the fire resources out on the field.We are grateful but do need them. It's an act that's almost impossible to comprehend. The looting of homes abandoned by some fearful owners. That's what residents have been warned of as they start to filter into evacuation centres. Christien de Garis reports. The thick smoke and increasingly searing sun was enough to make residents act.My concern is the two fires joining and that's why I decided to leave. Until nows willing to stay because it was worth the risk and now it's too close I think.Not taking any chances descending on the Richmond evacuation centre ensuring her animals are well away from the fire's path.When you need to fight for the house you don't have time to carry the animals.People have time to make important decisions - stay or get out. That decision is not to be made on Wednesday.It's a tense time for everybody and everything.Just a little bit stressed out.With warnings that they may be locked out of their homes for days, stocking up on the essentials.It's extremely important that we are here to make sure that the contingency is in place.The centres are mainly a base to help people resettle but are prepared for every scenario. People people shelter inside with so much goodwill inside that others are looting abandoned homes. That's what the Police Commissioner warned of today.It wouldn't be toll lated. -- tolerated. It's a low act. It's probably the worst thing you could do to a victim of bushfires.It's unimaginable but an 11-year-old boy has been charged with starting two fires near Newcastle. Late this afternoon a 15-year-old was arrested over that same blaze. The fires lit at Raymond Terrace and Hertherbrae, destroying several sheds and burning through more than 5,000 hectares of bushland.It's one thing to be an adult, criminal, in setting fire. It's another thing and it's sad that young people could actually not see the consequences of this sort of reckless behaviour.The 11-year-old will face children's court tomorrow. The affects of the fire are being felt all of the way from the Blue Mountains to the east of the city. It's been covered in a thick haze of smoke. Those with respiratory and cardiac conditions could suffer for days to come. Jessica Turner has this health warning.Wherever you are in Sydney today, in the air is a bloomy grey reminder of the devastation in the west. The smoke blown in from the Blue Mountains could be here for days.At the moment the visibility is regarded as hazardus and the air quality in terms of matter is dangerous across the entire Sydney metropolitan area. Those with cardiac and respiratory conditions have been warned to stay indoors.There's been a lot over the weekend, I went through a lot of medications.One in 10 Australians with asthma, the haze was dangerous.I was out and then had to come in for the rest of the day, wheezing and coughing and the smoke affected me.Sufferers should be prepared with medication on hand. People can live without food or water for days and weeks and without air for only minutes. It's critical that people respond to symptoms to avoid escalating into a full-blown asthma attack.With fires still raging, the city could look like this for days.From Sydney's highest point you can no longer see the Blue Mountains and the haze spreads all of the way out east to Bondi. From up here, you can usually see 90km away. Today you will struggle to see 50km.It's definitely crazy.It's sad to know what's happening in the Blue Mountains.Suffering in the city doesn't even compare. Still to come - the rest of the day's news. Of course, we'll keep you up-to-date on any developments on this emergency tonight from the fire front. Plus - the Sydney train commuters left dissatisfied with faster journeys. A Sydney man goes on trial for the murder of his ballerina girlfriend. In a ten exclusive, a Sydney teenager reveals her anguish at being forced into marriage. And the seven seconds strike - Tim Cahill breaking records in the united states. MAN: (SINGS) # I...I got it... # VOICEOVER: Want low-fat
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states. Welcome back to ten. Ten. We have breaking news of another blaze burning in Sydney. Vic Lorusso, you are over a timber mill which has caught fire?Sandra, this he curd 30 minutes ago. We took off from Bankstown and saw the plumes of smoke and discovered the timber mill on Helen Street. In flames at the moment. Firefighters quick to the scene, concerned of the adjoining factories. It looks to me that half of it is destroyed. Firefighters are running and trying to do their very, very best to douse the flames with water. As you can see, the aerial appliances are here assisting. To local traffic and homes, Helen Street is blocked off. As you can see, the wind is starting the flames to be whipped up here. We will hover over the scene.We'll get back to you again shortly. Vic Lorusso there with breaking news with a timber mill on fire near Bankstown. We'll be back to him shortly. To other news now - a man accused of throwing his fiance from the balcony of their 15th floor city apartment has been controlled as a controlling, possessive and domineering partner, that's on day one of his trial. Simon Gittany claims that Lisa Harnum claimed over the balcony railing herself and he tried to save her. Here's Mazoe Ford. This grainy image allegedly shows Simon Gittany on the left with his hand over the mouth of Lisa Harnum on the right. Captured by a pinhole ram raw looking out of their apartments moments after their argument -- camera. He is on trial over what happened next. Just over a minute later, he says his former fiance was climbing over their balcony so he tried to pull her back. The Crown argues that he threw her with either the intention of killing her or knowing there would be a good chance she would die from a drop of that height. The Crown prosecutor described him as possessive and domineering. He allegedly told her what to wear, tapped her and phone and emails and fitted their apartment out with cameras. Lisa's mother who travelled from Canada for the trial said, "She told me that he was very controlling and wanted to know always where she was, what she was doing and who she was with." The defence claimed that evidence would show that the relationship was dysfunctional but otherwise happy and loving. And he added that Lisa was a conflicted, complicated and confused woman, a vulnerable personality, low self-esteem and outburts of unpredictable behaviour. Later in the trial, the jury will hear from members of the public, who was 50m away from what he thought was a black piece of lugage falling down and a man on a balcony with outstretched arms. He later called police. Simon Gittany has pleaded not guilty. Commuters are being Beth kind and cranky as the major shake-up of the train timetable is put to its first true test. It was a quicker and more convenient trip for some. Others are paying the price. Here's Josh Murphy. We hit Central and found some happy customers.I got on this morning, the platform wasn't crowded as normal. I got here 15-20 minutes faster than usual.The major rewrite of the train timetable found friends elsewhere too.I was waiting for my train in four minutes and another one came that I wasn't expecting which was a fast train.Those faster trains stop less and today proved the first day of frustration for others. My train is canceled so I have to get a different train. I'm not very happy.Stations have seen almost 50% cut in peak time services, increase in travel times. While on other lines changing trains has become more common.It's the first time I've had to do it this morning, it's irritating.Making the public transport experience on the way to and from work much more difficult and complicated.The Government is talking up the extra 1,000 train services, don't expect them to acceptable to everybody.Some must change their habits.A new bus timetable was also introduced today. There are reports of late running services or buses not turning up at all. But the Transport Minister never expected a glitch-free transition.Obviously, we are working hard to minimise the hiccups.Australian law enforcement authorities have smashed an international methylamphetamine ring operating here and in Canada, seizing nearly 2 tons in Melbourne, it was concealed in vanilla powder with the potential to produce $300 million worth of ice. 10 arrests, eight are Canadians and the other two are locals.This is an international syndicate targeting Australia.Police allege it was sourced in India. Tim Bailey, you have your eyes and focus often a critical weather week.Good evening, Sandra. Helpoe everybody. October in devastatingly scorching form. Right now,

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Thanks for joining us on ten. An international appeal has been launched to find the family of a girl girl, believed to have been abductedgy gypsies in Greece. Maria was found during a search. The couple claiming to be her parents are not related, proved by a DNA test.We want to find the physical mother. If the mother is found, I think we will be not guilty.Maria is now being cared for by a children's charity. At least 31 people have been killed and more injured after a suicide bomber drove a truck in central Syria. The attack came just as the Arab League announced a date for an international conference. The talks will be held in Geneva in late November. Security cameras captured the moment a commuter train employeed into passengers at the same station in Argentina where 52 people were killed in a similar crash last year. No fatalities have been reported, at least 80 people are injured. Officials say it's too early to say why the train failed to stop and ended up wedged on the platform. Australian her tos arrived in Laos to help in the grim task of help identifying the remains of six Australians killed in the country's worst air disaster. 39 bodies have been recovered. Divers are still searching for the plane's black box. All passengers and crew onboard Mr Killed. Fans mourning the end of the hit TV show 'Breaking Bad' have hit a raw nerve in the US. By staging a fake funeral for the lead character. The charity event was held at a real cemetery, offending families there who were dealing with real grief. Emma Dallimore has the story. Complete with a hears, headstone and crowd of hundreds, this fictional funeral seemed very real. Mourners handed over momentos and buried beloved character, they even queued to kiss handfuls of dirt to farewell the teacher turned cook killed in front of 10 million Americans. On the 'Breaking Bad' final.It was incredible, a lot of fun, well worth it, a lot of friendship.I hope this happens every year (LAUGHS) , I think it should.As they posed for photographers and parked their props, just metres away from families of real people.Extremely saddened. We felt felt very disrespecting, we buried our 7- year-old daughter here.While 'Breaking Bad' adventures put them on the map, this is one plot too far.It feels like a slap in the face to see so many people gathered for a fictional character.This is a park but it's not a theme park. Locals say they will fight until Walter is gone for real.Stay with us - we'll have another update next on the state's bushfire emergency. The latest from our reporters in the field as emergency workers fear a mega blaze could be on the way. Plus - the Sydney teenagers betrayed by their parents and forced to marry against their will. Also - Sam Stosur stumbles in the final of the Kremlin Cup in Moscow. And the share market closed higher today at levels not seen for five years. Our dollar is buying 96 cents and 70 euro cents and a barrel of oil is worth 100 US. Look at you. Ooh, you tiger, you! You are looking good, Debbie.
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barrel of oil is worth 100 US.
Welcome back it ten. Ten. You are watching Ten. We mentioned before some breaking news of a burning timber mill. Vic Lorusso has been above that for the last ten minutes or so. This mill is well and truly alight.Absolutely, Sandra. The concern is, speaking to authorities on the ground, this adjoining factory complex, now they are battling to get the flames not to jump the fence. The timber mill here on Helen Street, as you can see here, it is destroyed pretty much.

much. They are blocking local traffic, at this stage it's not contained here. Thank you, Vic Lorusso there. Right now, we return to the Blue Mountains, where today police and firefighters are urging unprepared residents to evacuate ahead of the extreme weather conditions forecast over the coming days. Andrew Denney has been moving through the Blue Mountains all day. Andrew, are the police acting quickly enough tonight for residents affected and those concerned? Well, very quickly, Sandra. Now, we reported earlier in the bulletin that police had charged an 11-year-old boy over lighting fires in the Port Stevens area last week. They have also charged a 15-year-old boy over lighting that same blaze. Now, that fire burnt through around 5,000 hectares of bushland, as well as people's properties, sheds and livelihoods. After speaking with police, I can tell you that they have now charged five people since this emergency began last week. All of them have been juveniles, we're talking about losing property, losing homes and potentially losing lives. That's an extremely worrying figure to have. Police, of course, are urging parents to be vigilant, know where their children are, particularly as this weather is predicted to pick up and the winds with it, particularly in the coming hours and days ahead.Thank you. Forced marriages affect millions of young women around the world every year. You may be surprised to learn that young and vulnerable teenagers right here in Sydney are subjected to the practice and are now speaking out publicly. We have been investigating this story for six months. We have an exclusive report tonight on the Sydney's teenagers whose liberty is being stolen?

whose liberty is being stolen?This isn't a story about arranged marriages, the unions have consent from both parties. It becomes forced,Thanks. Throughout Sydney, teenagers forced to say, "I do." So covert, those forced in to them have no say and no time to object. I remember getting ready and crying and being upset and not even getting my hair done or my make-up done and that I was saying no and they kept on saying yes and I kept on saying no.Sarah is a 19-year- old Pakistani Australian, just two weeks ago she was forced to marry a man many years her senior. After her family discovered she had a non-Muslim boyfriend.It's really hard when they don't accept who you love or who you actually want to be with.Her wedding day was a blur. She felt paralysed, powerless.You just freeze, there's nothing you can do. Like, there's so many people there and it's about parents' respect and I didn't want to do anything that would hurt anyone.So this man, your husband, do you have love him or do you even like him?I don't love him. I don't like him. I have to, in a way, try, if I don't then there are consequences.If she objected her parents threatened that they would take her back to Pakistan and put an end to her studies.For us, we can't stand up to them because family is a huge part of our religion.Like many girls her age, Sarah dreamed of a fairytale wedding with a perfect dress. She is now speaking out so others don't have their dreamsered to.I don't think you should be forced.Dozens of cases come across desks.From the general public, where they suspect something has happened. School counsellors, some religion leaders started to talk to us when they had suspicious and couldn't convince the family to change the attitude and also self-reporting. Many more go unreported.I have a couple of girls in my care right now, 14 years old, from Pakistan, 15 years old from Afghanistan. We knew that the parents would like to them them overseas to get them married.The school girls are being monitored by the Federal Police in Australia. Their names are on the airport watch list.Authorities and welfare workers hold secret meetings with the 14-year-old girl on school grounds. They fear one day she will simply stop showing up for school. In the meantime, these meetings need to be kept quiet from the family because the repercussions could be violent. Maintaining contact via secret messages. She knows how this happens because of it happened to her.As a woman I lived it, I suffered enough, survived. I don't want it to happen to other young women.Lobbying for more Government attention to tackle what is a growing problem.We have plenty of cases. These girls don't have a place to go or somebody to advise them.What they dreamed would be the happiest time of their lives, in reality, is anything but. Well, we apologise for those technical difficulties earlier. Tomorrow night we hear from a man who was forced down the isle as a teenager. We have exclusive details on Australia's first ever inquiry into forced marriages. With bushfire conditions worsening, stay with us. We will be back shortly with the very latest details on what you need to do. In sport - one of Australia's greatest thoughs his support behind the back in form, David Warner. Plus, the ugly side of English cricket and the lucky linesman who escaped serious injury. And the reason that he is called amazing Tim Cahill, we'll tell you who new record he There are over 5 million of us
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Welcome back to Ten Eyewitness News. Updating our top story - authorities are warning of an unparalleled emergency in the coming days as the bushfire threat across the state worsens. Conditions are expected to deteriorate, and all national parks are closed across the greater Sydney area until further notice. A blaze burning in the southern highlands has been downgraded to a watch and act in the last few minutes. One of our test greats encouraged selectors not to ignore David Warner's return to form. Victoria Murray is here with the details.Ending the drought and the timing couldn't be better. The Ashes are just a month away and Adam Gilchrist is throwing his support behind the opener to tackle England. Matt Suleau has the story. This is a man who is enjoying his cricket. Back-to-back centuries in the Cup has David Warner in the headlines for the right reasons. Runs and runs in any version of the game. With that comes confidence and positive mind set. That's what we need.2013 has been a controversial year for David Warner dropped from the One day and T20 sides. Seisin spunded for punching Joe Root. And just two weeks ago handed a suspended one-match ban for skipping great cricket to go to the races.Obviously something went amiss somewhere, probably more so off the field T sounds like he has the right intentions. Gone away, had some quiet time and focused on doing the job for whoever he is playing for.Now the touch has David Warner in line for the first test against England next month. Still a bit to happen between now and the first test. He is certainly giving himself the best chance. The One day team arrived ahead of the furth match against India. Glenn Maxwell says there won't be any more midwicket mishaps like Saturday night's clamity.That was 100% my fault. I sold Max up the river horablely. He has kindly forgive venue me. We'll move on and hopefully make runs together in the next game.Currently leading the seven match series 2-1. New Zealand's defence of the rugby league World Cup has begun with a 50-0 thrashing of the Cook Islands in a warm-up match. Issac Luke led a new rendition of the Hakka without star Sonny Bill Williams.I think the guys were certainly better for the run. Parts of our game a little bit rusty out there. It was a good start for us. Australia begins its campaign against England on saith. Sydney FC resigned to losing Alessandro Del Piero for theder by. He missed training today with a calf injury. Teammates are hurting too, labelled a oneman team after their 4-0 loss to Brisbane.He is an important part of our team. At the same time, we know that if the other 10 players don't step up, we won't win games.The wanderers are also struggling for form, remaininging wingless. Caulfield Cup winner Falkner is all but certain to take his place in the Melbourne Cup. Slapped with 1.5kg penalty for Saturday's dominant win.It is new territory for him. But on what we saw on Saturday, I have got no reason to believe that he can't run a very strong 3 200m.Williams likely has six runners in this year's Melbourne Cup. Sam Stosur' nine match winning streak came to an end after she was beaten in the Kremlin Cup final for the second year. She was no match in the tie breaker. The Romanian taking the crown in straight sets.

crown in straight sets. The loss will see Sam Stosur finish her season outside the top 10 for the first time in four years. In English football association has launched an investigation after a smoke bomb was thrown at a referee during Tottenham's Premier League win over Aston Villa. Handing spurs the lead in 31 minutes sparking outrage in the stands with an assistant referee hit by the flying fire work. This is where the object was thrown from the crowd. You can see him leaping away in alarm. Two men were arrested. The 2-0 wins sees Tottenham move up on the ladder. Play of the Day - don't blink because you might miss this Tim Cahill goal, the fastest ever in America. Eight seconds was the official time, Tim Cahill giving the New York Red Bulls an unforgettable start against Houston. We could use a few of those in Brazil next year.We could use a lot of them.Coming up next here on Ten Eyewitness News, an update on the extremely dangerous bushfires circumstance kling the Blue Mountains. Plus, Tim Bailey has the latest from the bureau and if there is any good news there.Where is the heat coming from? Where is the wind going to? We'll have the critical details right after this commercial break. Go VOICEOVER: It's quick... and agile and now even more powerful. Introducing the new 2.5 litre
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commercial break. Go considerOn our late News - the brief weather window for NSW fire cruises has passed. We go live to the hardest hit areas. Let's get a final update from Rural Fire Service headquarters. The next 24 hours to 48-hours could in fact be deadly?Sandra, that's right. We just had a briefing here in the media room. While there is some good news I'll tell you about in a moment. It's extremely volatile, that's partly because of the really high winds whipping through across the Blue Mountains. The township of Wilton we were telling you about earlier has been saved for now. They threw everything at that emergency crisis. They had loads of air bombers, the air crane went in and that township is now safe for now. The Commissioner made the point that these fires can flare-up at any moment. And they really need the public's help. If you see a fire, if you see any suspicious activity, alert authorities immediately, because they need to get on top of these things as quickly as they can. Here's what he had to say a short time ago.If you see fire, particularly if you see fire unattended, report it to 000. The conditions we were expecting on Wednesday on days like that, minutes matter. On those days, the quicker we can get to a fire and stop it becoming a big fire, a more destructive or difficult fire, the better off we will all be.Sandra, there will be a difficult night ahead. A difficult few days ahead. It's all working to Wednesday when they are expecting the most extreme conditions and we will of course bring you all of the details, the latest details in Ten Eyewitness News.Thank you. Tonight's weather is brought to you by Masters Home Improvement.Welcome back to Ten Eyewitness News. Let's get straight what's happening or what is expected to happen with the winds over the next 48-hours. They will be a key facter together with this incredible October heat. Tonight we expect a light southerly change, it will just be a drop in temperatures, a dry change. Unfortunately, not a lot of shower activity. It looks like it is unlikely to drop much precipitation. As far as wind speeds go tomorrow, south-west to north-east pattern and speeds of 25km/h. The heat is up to 35 degrees in the greater west again tomorrow. Now, come Wednesday, the danger day, erratic wind behaviour with the potential of 90km/h on Wednesday. So low humidity, big booming temperatures around 35 degrees and north-west winds is exactly what we didn't want. A heatwave of 48 hours about to inflict itself on poor old NSW, Sydney flanked to the north, east and west by flames. Let's look at the satellite and see if we can see any relief at all up there. A trough whips extensive mid level cloud spreading east through Victoria and Tasmania. The map tomorrow: A trough works its way across the nation, unsettling NSW, not northerlys drive the heat into the east of the country. Rainfall for the next 24 hours: Tundery showers sweep southern NSW. If ever we wanted them in the Sydney basin it's tomorrow. It looks like most of the isolated showers are in the west of NSW, the south-east and mainly the far shout. Tasmania is

Southerly winds.

Southerly winds.
I'll see you again tomorrow night. Thank you. That's

Don't do it.