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Latest on bushfire emergency from Rural Fire -

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STEVE CANNANE, PRESENTER: And joining us now is Joel Kursawe from the headquarters of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service in Sydney.

Joel, how have the cooler conditions been helping fire-fighters tonight?

JOEL KURSAWE, NSW RURAL FIRE SERVICE: Certainly those cooler conditions that we've seen over the last 12 to 24 hours have been a welcome relief for fire crews on the ground. Cooler conditions, winds obviously not as strong as they were yesterday have assisted the crews in being able to put in some very solid back burns on a number of these fires as they work towards strengthening containment lines.

STEVE CANNANE: As we speak, where are the fires causing the greatest concern?

JOEL KURSAWE: Most concern for us still at the moment is the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney where we saw most of that destruction yesterday afternoon. Further north to the Central Coast up around Doyalson, Chain Valley Bay, we did issue emergency warnings to a number of resident in those areas today.

Further south into the southern highlands, down around Bargo, we saw that fire cross the Hume Highway yesterday afternoon which proved quite problematic. These are the fires we'll be working very hard on whilst we've got this relief in temperatures until we see the return of some warm and windy conditions on Sunday and Monday.

STEVE CANNANE: That means tomorrow is going to be critical because those conditions are coming back in the later part of the weekend?

JOEL KURSAWE: Absolutely. It certainly is a race against the clock. We've got crews from right around NSW that have come assist crews locally. As you've mentioned, we've sought assistance from our counterparts in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and even SA as well as the ACT so we're certainly not short of help at the moment.

STEVE CANNANE: Joel Kursawe, we have to leave it there. Thanks very much for the update.

JOEL KURSAWE: You're welcome.