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Tonight - preparations mounting for the worst bushfires in 50 years. International alarm over a possible child-smuggling ring uncovered in Greece. And our best-known building marks an important anniversary.

Good evening, I'm Ricardo Goncalves. Later, Craig Foster will be here with all today's sport, including... Jorge Lorenzo smashing his way to victory at the Australian MotoGP. But first, the NSW bushfires. A state of emergency has been declared ahead of the predicted worsening weather conditions. Fire services are warning that conditions in parts of the state are the most dangerous in decades. Authorities say they will resort to forced evacuations if lives are at risk. More than 60 fires are still burning. The worst of them in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Reporter Greg Navarro is there.

Shane Fitzsimmons warned of unparalleled risks across the Blue Mountains with conditions not seen since the 1960s. Here in Winmalee and neighbouring Springwood, more than 200 homes like this were completely destroyed with dozens more damaged. with dozens more damaged. People are still tried to come to terms with the loss. When you are dealing with loss, the ith loss, the last thing that you need you here is that there is a renewed threat of fire. That is exactly what they face here. The view that this will in his devastating as he watches a massive fire creep closer to her left their property and the home where she has raised her has raised her family last 17 years. I've got hoses ready but if it starts coming through those trees we'll have to go - the kids are more important.Police were forced to close roads and people in parts of the area were urged to evacuate. Some headed the warning. Others chose to stay. Earlier today, authorities said forced evacuations may be necessary At the end of the day, we still hope to have buildings standing and if we don't have buildings standing we don't want bodies in them.If they don't evacuate when asked, they potentially put at risk the lives of emergency workers. That's simply unfair.This is the Mount Victoria fire, one of the areas of concern. The problem with these fires is that once they get going under the right conditions, considering the terrain - they'll pretty much go where every they want. The smoke at times was overwhelming even for fire crews. The hospital in Springwood was evacuated - all 24 patients moved safely to another facility. People who still had homes left to protect did what they could. Authorties urged everybody to be vigilant. We've seen some extraordinary devastation and destruction already in recent days and there's very real potential for a whole lot more.

Wanting to keep in, many of the people lucky enough to have power -- understanding ave power -- understanding have not got power. They have not had power for days unless they have in lucky enough to have a generator. Somethings are expected in the next few days that no one needs at this stage. That is warmer temperatures and increased wind.

International enquiries have begun pouring into Greece after authorities released pictures of a little blonde girl found during a raid on a Roma community. A man and a woman have been charged with abducting a minor. And as police ask Interpol to help find the child's real family, loved ones of other missing children say this case gives them new hope. This is the little girl at the centre of a global mystery. Just who is she, and where is she from?

Thought to be aged around four, and called 'Maria', she was taken into care after police raided this gypsy community in central Greece. Those at the house where she was found, distressed she'd been taken away.

Police say their suspicions were raised when the couple gave conflicting information about the child who bore no resemblance to them. DNA tests proved she was not theirs. This man has been identified as the brother of the arrested man.We got this girl in a very nice way. TRANSLATION: We raised her. We got her. She was given to us and we raised her.He said she was not taken to be sold. The president of the charity organisation now looking after 'Maria' says this could be a case of kidnapping or international child smuggling.When you have a good commodity like this one, they try to find a better price because they were using also this little girl in the streets of Larissa to beg because she was blonde, she was cute.British girl Madeline McCann disappeared from Portugal six years ago. Her parents say this case gives them hope as does the sister of British toddler Ben Needham who disappeared in Greece in 1991.I think cases like this prove it can happens. They can be found and there can be positive outcomes for it.Authorities allege that the arrested woman claims to have given birth to six children in 10 months. And as some use the case to highlight weaknesses in the country's birth registration system, officials continue to search for 'Maria's true identity.

French President Francois Hollande has intervened in the case of a 15-year-old Roma school girl who was seized by authorities and deported back to her native Kosovo. Leonarda Dibrani is allowed to return to school in France but without her family.

The controversial deportation of Leonarda Dibrani had caused enough problems for the French Government for it to go all the way to the Elysee Palace.

President Hollande said the decision to deport the entire Dibrani family was lawful but said it was unacceptable that a child should be rounded up by authorities, during school hours, in front of her classmates.

The Dibranis, now in the Kosovar city of Mitrovica, said the president's offer was an insult. Leonarda Dibrani says she will not leave her family behind to live with a French foster family.

A French Interior Ministry report, which supported the deportation order, painted an ugly picture of father Reshat Dibrani. Released overnight, it said he'd been arrested on suspicion of burglary and been reported for using physical violence against two of his daughters though those complaints were withdrawn. During the week, thousands took to the streets of Paris protesting the deportation of Leonarda Dibrani but opinion polls show 66% of the population believes that she and her family should have been expelled.

Nine Lebanese pilgrims have returned to Beirut, 18 months after they were abducted by rebels in northern Syria. As part of the release agreement, Lebanese militants have freed two Turkish airline pilots, kidnapped in Beirut in August. The nine Lebanese hostages arrived in Beirut aboard a Qatar Airways flight, the Qatari government having played a pivotal role in a complex deal to secure their freedom. On the ground they received a hero's welcome. There were scenes of jubilation and relief that their ordeal, which began in May of last year, was over.

One hostage said they'd been confined to a dark room for the first two weeks of their capture, another complained they were refused medical assistance. All said their captors were well armed and there was no possibility of escape.

Hours later, another Qatari jet landed in Istanbul. Onboard were two Turkish Airline pilots who'd been kidnapped by Shia Lebanese militants in Beirut, two months ago. They were released as part of the deal to have the Lebanese hostages freed by their Sunni captors.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was among the well-wishers at the airport. Both pilots said that without his intervention they would still be in Lebanon.

The Obama administration is to release more than $1.6 billion in military and economic aid to Pakistan. The decision to release the money is expected to be discussed when President Obama meets Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at the White House this week. Tensions with Pakistan escalated after the covert raid that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011 and a series of US air strikes that killed Pakistani soldiers.

Almost 100 people have been injured in Argentina, some seriously, when a commuter train crashed into a railway station in the capital, Buenos Aires. The train apparently failed to stop as it arrived at Once Station, smashing through the buffers and trapping many passengers inside. Last year, over 50 people died in another train accident at the same stop.

Islamist militant group al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in central Somalia that has killed at least 15 people. The attack targeted a restaurant said to be popular with Somali soldiers and African Union troops that are fighting the group for control of the country. Al-Shabaab said its target were Ethiopian and Djibouti troops stationed in the town. A plane carrying 10 skydivers has crashed into a field in Belgium, killing all 10 passengers and the pilot. The small plane came down shortly after take-off near a village southeast of the capital, Brussels. Several witnesses have described seeing the plane's right wing fall off in midflight.

There are reports that JP Morgan is close to finalising a record $13 billion fine with the US government. It's in relation to the global investment bank's handling of mortgage-backed securities that plummeted in value during the housing crash of the late 2000s. However, the bank may still be found guilty of criminal charges.

Coming up after the break - a celebration for Sydney's famous Sails on the Harbour as the Opera House turns 40. We find out what the activist said to the actor. And a very touching relic from the Titanic changes hands for a record price.

Well, I wish this didn't happen
to my brother. I wish I never put my family
through it all. I wish that he could be active
like he was. I wish I wasn't in constant pain. I just wish
that he could be healthy. I really wish I hadn't been going
so bloody fast. And I wish
that I didn't worry about him...

..'cause he's older and
he's supposed to worry about me.

Teachers' associations have slammed the Federal Government's push to make public schools independent, saying it will create a two-tier education system. But the Coalition says parents want more of a say in the running of their children's schools. Kolya Miller is dad to three energetic kids. As the head of their Sydney school's Parents and Citizen's association, he takes a hands-on approach to their education. He chose to put them through the public system and is concerned that changes put forward by the Federal Government will be detrimental.The government wants the teachers and parents to do more. But I still think the teachers and the staff are the best-placed people to make the decision for the school on the whole.The Coalition is pushing to implement its election promise to make public schools more independent by granting more control to parents and principals. Under the model, schools will have more say in hiring staff and controlling budgets. The Federal Government has pledged $70 million to help 25% of public schools take up the offer by 2017.

Teachers' associations aren't so sure.This really is an excuse for governments to abrogate their responsibility to the community in the provision of good public schools.The federal model was based on a Western Australian one. More than 250 public schools have taken up the initiative there. Victoria has implemented it too. Tasmania says the scheme is inequitable.We've seen in WA where this proposal has been implemented that it does create a two-tiered - effectively a class system within the public school system, and that's very disappointing.The Coalition believes parents will welcome more choice. But Kolya Miller says parents who want to can be involved in their children's education already.There's plenty of channels that are open right now, I think, to contribute.It's good to have collaboration at the local school level where the teachers, the school community have input but you don't have to go down the independent public school path to deliver that.The Coalition expects the scheme to get up and running by next year. The Immigration Minister has issued a directive to his department to change the language associated with asylum seekers. Scott Morrison has asked that detention centre staff refer to asylum seekers as illegal arrivals and detainees, rather than clients. Labor had changed the terminology in 2007 from illegal arrivals to irregular maritime arrivals. The move comes as Tony Burke claims that the Coalition's success in slowing down boat arrivals is because of Labor policies.They've so far made some of the right judgement calls. It would be churlish of me to not acknowledge that them continuing to implement the policy is important as well.Greens leader Christine Milne has criticised the hardline policies of both major parties. Senator Milne says Scott Morrison's directive to change the language around asylum seekers dehumanises them. The issue of violence against women has been highlighted by a march in Melbourne. The Reclaim the Night rally took place on the same street where murder victim, Jill Meagher was last seen alive. Around 1,000 people took part in the event amid calls for better funding of women's shelters and services. A jumbo jet has made an emergency landing at Sydney airport. The United Airlines 747 was bound for Los Angeles when it blew a number of tyres on take-off. The pilot dumped fuel before returning to Sydney. The NSW State Government is down playing the loss of the state seat of Miranda despite suffering the largest swing ever at any state by-election. Labor won the seat with a massive 27% swing. The by-election was brought on by resignation of Graham Annesley who quit parliament to become chief executive of the Gold Coast Titans rugby league team.

A nationwide man-hunt has ended in the United States with police capturing two convicted murderers who were freed from prison thanks to bogus court documents. Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker, both 34, were arrested without incident at a motel in Florida and have been taken into custody. Both men had been serving life sentences before their brazen escape which shocked relatives of their victims. They were apprehended a couple of hours after their family members held a news conference, urging the men to turn themselves in.

The island republic of Maldives could be heading for a constitutional crisis after police stopped a re-run of the presidential election. It's the second attempt to hold an election in the last six weeks.

Is that the party headquarters, it was the arters, it was the new they were hoping for. The party for. The party leader is one of the candidates who of the candidates who called for a halt to the election rerun. Just hours later, police swooped on election headquarters, doing just that. The police say t that. The police say that they acted on a Supreme Court n a Supreme Court ruling made after the September election was annulled because the names of dead or fake people were found on the voters' registry. The ruling said that all candidates must agree on the voters' registry for the run-off to go ahead. Two of the three candidates refused.Believe that if something is going not according to the regulations or the Constitution or the Supreme Court ruling, I believe that all people, all citizens have the right to say what they feel.Not everybody agrees that police had the right alike. The electoral commission says that overstep the mark. Former President Mohamed Nasheed agrees. He left office last year after weeks of protests and accusations that he was abusing his power. Mohamed Nasheed claims er. Mohamed Nasheed claims that he was ousted. It is a coup. If you find any definition of a coup anywhere, this is a coup.And increased later dismissed his claim. For now, even the election's Commissioner says it is an -- unclear who will take charge. Would-be leaders have a chance to fix the political disarray when voters return to the ballot box. e ballot box. The current president hopes that that will happen within a week. Pope Francis has spoken English publicly for the first time in his pontificate. In a video message to conference participants in the Philippines, he spoke of not getting tired of the church's work of bringing mercy to those in need. Let Jesus be known in the worlds of politics, business, arts, science, technology, and social media. Please pray for me, I need it. I promise to pray for you.Francis, born in Argentina, is fluent in Spanish and Italian. He's also known to speak at least some Latin, French, German, and Portuguese.

40 years ago today, the Queen opened what's arguably Australia's most iconic building. Today, thousands turned up to the Opera House to sing happy birthday to a World Heritage legend.

They filled the forecourt for an open-invitation 40th with an unrivalled view.

The Royal Australian Navy band played as a flotilla of guests arrived on the harbour. A Sydney ferry carrying dozens of surf lifesavers. 40 years ago, the Queen came. This time, Opera House royalty. Three generations of the Utzon family. And one rock legend.

Some had fond memories of 1973. We'll never forget that universal joy and pride, heralding a glorious new chapter for Australia. Maintenance boss Steve Tsoukalis took a job on the Opera House construction the same year he married his wife. He's been devoted to both ever since.For 45 years, I have to look after two ladies. Two ladies and I've been in deep love with both of them.He now keeps the grand dame looking young with a traditional Greek remedy of warm water, baking soda, and olive oil. The same olive oil we cook with? Yep.So it remains a World Heritage haven for the arts and a tourist magnet.First time we've seen the Opera House on the inside - only seen on the TV.Much more great than I could imagine.On prime waterfront real estate. It's hard to put a value on something so priceless but economists have done just that - $4.6 billion. The CEO says like that any ageing asset, it needs serious investment from the State Government, commonwealth, and private purse.It's clearly something that is really worthwhile treasuring and renewing for future generations and that's what we're going to be looking at over the next 10 years.Architectural mastery to be preserved with a $13 million master plan.We love the Opera House.We love her too.

Hundreds have gathered in Sydney to begin celebrations for the Hindu festival of Deepavali. The holiday is one of the most important events in Hindu and South Asian culture and is growing in popularity in Australia.

It's a festival of lights, food, and family. Deepavali, as it is known in South India, or Diwali in the North, is Sanskrit for row of lights and marks the victory of light over darkness. It has many different meanings but is most commonly believed to celebrate the return of the Hindu god Rama after 14 years of exile and to honour the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, Lakshmi. To mark the event, families light lamps as a symbol of welcome.We light up the lamps, and we do firecrackers, and make sweets and have merriment. This year, Deepavali officially begins on November 3, however celebrations are already under way across India and the world. It's like Christmas, Deepavali is a festival of joy and happiness and togetherness. And getting the family and friends together and sharing with each other fun, laughter, and sweets, and food.With India now the number one source of migrants in Australia, more people than ever will be celebrating Deepavali over the next few weeks. And the festival is becoming popular in other communities as well.Love the music, love the atmosphere. And I knew from my Indian friends about the festival happening so I just wanted to participate.We came to Australia about 35, 36 years back. That time there weren't many people of Indian subcontinental background. Now there are quite a few. So we started celebrating Deepavali more and more.

Look out for SBS Radio Deepavali events on October 26 in Melbourne's Federation Square and at Homebush in Sydney.

Returning now to our top story. Preparations are under way for what the NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons has called potentially the worst fires in 50 years. Our reporter is at the state's Rural Fire Service headquarters. The state of emergency has been called? What exactly does that entail?A state of emergency is a declaration which allows powers to the Rural Fire Service Commissioner as well as other emergency services throughout NSW to ut NSW to effectively combat what could be a disastrous fire if the three fires in the Blue Mountains meet. It allows us an additional ability to do certain things I cut water, cut power, potentially demolished buildings if required and remove people from areas from which they may be in harm.What is the immediate in harm.What is the immediate situation including areas of most concern?Defies we have had burning since Thursday continued to burn, particular in the Blue Mountains. That is a watch and act alert. The fire from the go is also at an emergency warning. All of these fires still pose a threat to property overnight. However, we do have a large amount of firefighters on the ground, working to protect property if and when required. We expect conditions to migrate overnight where we will see call a temperatures and high humidity. It will be short lived as we are d as we are expecting to see conditions deteriorate from tomorrow through Tuesday and potential into what could be a severe fire weather day on Wednesday. weather day on Wednesday.There seems to be some direct advice of the people who are likely to be impacted by these bushfires in the areas directly outside of Sydney. What about those people in the metropolitan Sydney area? What advice you have there given the total fire ban which still exist? The major areas of concern of the Blue Mountains and Wingecarribee area south Wingecarribee area south of Sydney, anywhere which is going to be impacted on by this potentially by this potentially severe weather is at risk, particularly from the fire starting. We asked people not to be complacent and understand the risks. They are very real. We literally do not have enough fire trucks to get to every house if a fire starts. People need to make preparations, had a complete and updated bushfire survival plan and know exactly what they will do if a fire impact their property at short notice.OK. t short notice.OK. Thank you.Thank you. A Melbourne woman is driving an ambitious and, so-far, successful push to revitalise learning in her native African language. Social media is buzzing with positive responses to her efforts to revive the once-doomed Oromo tongue.

Toltu Tufa is a young lady with abundant energy and a clear objective.My aim is to create Oromo educational resources for every child in every family in every home. It's early days but so far the weekend teacher is on-track. She's going to write a letter on the board. She's not going to tell you. It's a surprise. Frustrated at a lack of resources for Oromo language and culture classes, she created her own.The images I've used for things, say in terms of counting, I've tried to use traditional artifacts and items that people use daily at home.Not one to do things by halves, Toltu first visited and consulted nine Oromo communities around the world before devising the package comprising flash cards, posters, and books. Community input ensuring images and information are culturally appropriate, relevant, and effective.Depending on how children prefer to learn, you can approach the same topic in multiple ways.An internet presence is critical in reaching more of the estimated 40 million Oromo people globally but there are practicalities to consider.I think with online technology, there is a real potential for this to catapult into something viral, something massive. I also think theres's still room for the hard copy books because there are so many countries where people don't have access to technology and don't have access to internet and wifi. A website spruiking the program was launched last week and hits are already in the thousands but one response means more than most.

I think one person that who reacted like that who touched me most deeply was my dad.And he's played a key role.When it came to the Oromo language, the only person I had was my Dad. The way he taught me was literally verbally.In broken English, Abdul-Wahab Tufa describes his pride for his daughter's work and his memory of a time the Oromo language was banned in Ethiopia.

Yes. Punishment - put in the jail, make some problem, some people's death.Now, Toltu's seeking funding to roll the program out globally but there are no flash cards or posters.Regardless of where you are in the world, let me know if you have what it takes and together let's pledge to preserve a language whose story needs to be told.

Rwanda is dealing with a population crisis. It's home to more people than the government says it can afford. In a bid to slow the birth rate, it's encouraging men to have vasectomies.A group of villages gathers for the unlikeliest of associations. This is the vasectomy club. Along with their wives, who must also agree. In this deeply conservative community, it is an awkward subject. The government began the clubs to slow the population growth.When you try to explain it to them.It's not hard to see why there is a problem. This school has almost 2000 students. It is so nts. It is so crowded they teach in shifts. This is exactly why this government program is so critical. There is no way they can sustain the current population growth. Right now, the average couple Right now, the average couple has almost five children. The government's aim is to reduce s to reduce it to three. This man and his wife man and his wife agreed that time is right vasectomy. -- for vasectomy. He has nine children asectomy. He has nine children already.People say you will never be sexually active again but I have decided to do it for the good of my family.I found that very d that very difficult.Right after the meeting, Emanuel has the Parisian. -- operation. He will spend half an hour under local anaesthetic. The government believes there vernment believes there is no time to waste. A violin believed to have been played on the Titanic as the doomed vessel sank has been sold at auction for $1.5 million. The instrument was owned by the band leader. He was among the 1,500 victims of the disaster more than a century ago.Corroded by the ocean and no longer playable, but it is what it represents that makes its huge value. He was the band leader on the ocean liner Titanic which so famously sank on its maiden voyage in 1912. He and his bandmates played to comfort passages as the ship went down -- passengers. It is thought this ngers. It is thought this is the instrument he used. It also represents a substantial investment for one collector. 900,000 British pounds. It is not about the cash. It is about what it is. It is the most iconic there is. It is history and it is a brave man, the money is secondary. The violin was discovered in an English addict in 2006. -- attic. Its authenticity has been fiercely debated. There is no word on who the buyer is yet. It is hoped the instrument will remain on public display.The Hollywood movie about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks has opened overseas to disappointing box office numbers. But the whistleblower himself won't be concerned. In a series of emails with actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Assange disparaged the project, refusing to have anything to do with it. Cumberbatch spoke to ABC America's Lindsay Davis.Attempting to criticise the messenger to distract from the power of the message.He talks in his own person but if person but if you give him a mask he will tell you k he will tell you the truth.The famed whistleblower was opposed to the movie.It was difficult to portray him as a 3-dimensional person and not vilify him.The door he describes was an elegantly composed email. I believe you are a good person but I do not believe this is a good film. It is going to smother the truth. going to smother the truth. By beating with you, I would validate this wretched film. -- meeting.

-- meeting.WikiLeaks achieved great great things. I think the film celebrates e film celebrates that. I think it is far more objective than he feared it would be. We are living in a time when g in a time when in order to fight tourism -- terror -- terror -- terrorism, we are doing away with some civil liberties. Coming up next, Craig Foster with all the day's sports news and MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo blows the title race wide open at the Australian Grand Prix. Also, the pressure ramps up on Manchester United manager David Moyes.

Good evening, a second-half strike from Wellington Phoenix winger Jeremy Brockie has denied Western Sydney Wanderers a first A-League win of the season. Last night Brisbane Roar humbled Sydney FC, while Newcastle and Perth picked up their first point. Wellington however struggled in front of a near packed house at Parramatta Stadium. An ever buoyant Western Sydney crowd tried to lift the gloom from the nearby bushfires. Mark Bridge close to providing the dream start against Wellington. Aaron Mooy came out second best in an aerial challenge with Manny Muscat, but Wanderers were soon on top courtesy of a Jerome Polenz milestone. Ante Covic had to be alert to keep a revitalised Phoenix at bay after the break, but he was powerless to stop Jeremie Brockie equalising just shy of the hour. Perth goalkeeper Danny Vukovic was busy early on in the clash at Newcastle, the Glory custodian surviving a couple of close shaves. His opposite Mark Birighitti also lucky to escape punishment during a first half stalemate. Jets striker Nathan Burns should have broken the deadlock when Sam Galloway's cross came back off the crossbar. And Glory's Jamie McLaren was also guilty of wastefulness. But Newcastle will be more aggrieved with the scoreless draw after Burns was denied a late penalty. Brisbane shrugged off an injury to Besart Berisha last night to secure a second successive win, outclassing a lacklustre Sydney FC.

a lacklustre Sydney FC.A very disappointing performance I think overall, to give the first two goals away from set pieces was probably very frustrating and disappointing for me.The first half withdrawal of captain Alessandro del Piero adding injury to insult as Roar ran out emphatic 4-0 winners. In the English Premier League, Manchester United manager David Moyes has denied his side has lost its fear factor despite dropping points at home for the second time this season. Liverpool also stumbled, while there were wins for Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City. But the focus was on the United manager after a draw with Southampton at Old Trafford. Robin van Persie appeared to have Manchester United's season back on track when he fired the red devils ahead against Southampton. But in the 89th minute Dejan Lovren snuck in an equaliser to heap even more pressure on manager David Moyes.

Underperforming Newcastle made a strong start at home to Liverpool thanks to a Yohan Cabaye stunner. The Reds hit back from the spot, but the hosts restored the lead before the hour. Daniel Sturridge stole a point for Liverpool 20 minutes from time. That result gave Arsenal the chance to go top and the gunners' fluent football was on show against Norwich. Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey rounded out an impressive 4-1 win. Giant killer Cardiff City was on course for another upset when Jordon Mutch opened the scoring against Chelsea. The blues class prevailed in the second period however Samuel Eto'o claimed his first goal for the club. Oscar scored the pick of the bunch in the 4-1 triumph. A Sergio Aguero double had Manchester City in control at West Ham. Ricardo Vaz Te reduced the deficit with a spectacular strike. A late David Silva effort sealed the points for City. Wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie says simple mistakes stopped his side ending New Zealand's unbeaten run. The All Blacks completed a 3-0 Bledisloe Cup series win after beating a fast-finishing Australia 41-33 in Dunedin. New Zealand's 10th win from 10 tests this season extends its unbeaten run on home soil to 30 matches. The Wallabies created enough opportunities to cause an upset but McKenzie says basic errors keep letting his side down.

down. Australia will now turn its attention to the Spring tour starting next month in Europe.

starting next month in Europe.
Spain's Jorge Lorenzo has blown the MotoGP World Championship race wide open after winning the Australian grand prix. Championship leader Marc Marquez was disqualified for failing to make a required pit stop. The error reducing Marquez's lead to just 18 points with two races remaining. If Jorge Lorenzo was any more relaxed he might have fallen asleep. The Spaniard wouldn't have to stay awake long after the race was condensed to 19 laps for safety reasons.Won't be short on excitement.That prediction accurate. Dani Pedrosa making a pass on lap one. Lorenzo screeching off leaving Marc Marquez and Pedrosa trailing. The rookie Spaniard almost pushing too hard. Perhaps shaken, the championship leader failed to make the mandated pit stop on lap 10.Marquez is not coming in.Lorenzo did, all be it awkwardly. Marquez's late bike change also far from smooth, his Honda's exit. -- even worse. Marquez's day was about to get uglier. The Spaniard disqualified for heading to the pits a lap too late.If Lorenzo wins it will be 18 laps between them. -- 18 points. Lorenzo's Yamaha doing just that, claiming the chequered flag.He has blown the championship open. Unbelievable.The championship now destined to be decided in Motegi or Valencia. Australia's Samantha Stosur is through to her second successive WTA final, after a straight sets win in the Kremlin Cup. Stosur proved far too strong for regular doubles partner Svetlana Kuznetsova, taking the match 6-2, 6-4. After finishing runner up in the tournament last year, the Australian will claim a third title of the season if she defeats Romania's Simona Halep in the final. A stunning batting display from James Faulkner has inspired Australia to an impressive victory over India in the third one day international in Mohali. Set a target of 304, Faulkner turned the match on its head in the penultimate over, belting 30 runs to help the tourists to a four wicket victory. Australia needed 40 runs from 17 balls when Faulkner made good on his plan to go after Ishant Sharma. He went over the top four times, putting Sharma to the sword. Australia are coasting here.The Tasmanian finished undefeated on 64 off just 29 balls, Australia completing it's biggest 1-day run chase in India with 304 on the board. -- its biggest.He hit them all as cleanly as you could.I got off to a slow start. Dhoni batted exceptionally well for them.The all-rounder had a close-up view of the India skipper's famous helicopter shot. Faulkner conceded 21 runs in the final over, Dhoni powered to 139 and while his innings should have been cut short a little earlier, the Aussies were satisfied. Mitchell Johnson the best of the bowlers, collecting four scalps for 46.300 is always imposing. We'd found ways to take wickets.And ways to make a lot runs, Australia atoning for their stunning loss in game two with another record effort that's put them 2-1 up in the seven match series. Australia has claimed both the women's and men's title at the hockey International Super Series in Perth. The Hockeyroos outclassed the world's number two women's side Argentina in the gold medal encounter, while the Kookaburras cruised to a comfortable victory in its final. It's a format featuring two fewer players per team and wider goals. But not wide enough for a nervous Argentina early and it paid a heavy price thanks to the Kookaburras' lightning-quick counter-attack. With the Kookaburras' possession rate an astounding 98%; it was only a matter of time before they doubled their lead.

doubled their lead. The hosts went into the break 5-2 up. Some reflex goalkeeping helped stem the tide early in the second half, but the Kookaburras continued to pepper the goals. And they rewarded soon after with a sixth, Argentina cutting the deficit to three with a shot from out wide. But Australia was always in control and finished in style. A 9-4 win the best possible preparation for an upcoming World Cup. The same two nations squared off in the women's final, Australia stunning the reigning world champions within the first minute. Argentina made a meal of its rare chances while constant pressure from the Hockeyroos was taking its defensive half apart. Down 2-0 at half time, Los Leonas desperately needed something. But the goal was disallowed after the short corner was taken centimetres inside the zone and Aussie goalie Rachael Lynch was letting nothing else through. With a minute and a half left, the coup de gras. Australia 3-0 winners.

Australia's netball team has finished the year with a sixth straight test win after defeating Malawi 64-37. The Diamonds were pushed hard in the first half by the world's fifth ranked side. But the introduction of Caitlin Thwaites at the main break tipped the contest in Australia's favour. She scored a game-high 28 goals to help end the Diamonds season on a high.

high. I think the feeders are really good at finding the space for me so if I just stay still and hold it long enough they can put it to where the defender is not so yeah those combinations are coming along nicely. Meantime Australian midcourter Renae Hallinan has received the Liz Ellis Diamond for Player of the Year at the annual netball awards. Finally tonight while most rugby league nations are preparing for the World Cup in Britain, one nation is focusing on its future here in Australia. In tomorrow's special feature we spend time with the Lebanese Rugby League team playing in Sydney, hoping to provide a distraction from the unrest at home.It is one way to take the anger away and channel it to a positive way. Then react in a public sense.That feature

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Images of the smoke from NSW bushfires have been captured by satellite. These NASA pictures show the fires burning back on Thursday. To the forecast, and a broad region of low pressure

To the forecast, and a broad region
of low pressure in the north is generating showers over the Top End.

of low pressure in A high

of low pressure in A high is directing coastal showers with moist onshore winds to Queensland. Thundery showers for the southern states. In the major centres, showers in Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart. Fine for Sydney and Perth, thunder in Darwin. Looking further afield, sunny in Auckland, partly cloudy for Noumea. In south-east Asia, a wet day for the region with thundery falls showing up over Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Further north, a mostly fine day for Hong Kong and Seoul, cloudy in Beijing. Drizzle over Taipei and Manila. Wet also in Hanoi. Heading West, fine and hazy for all the major centres, only Tehran gets a few showers. To Europe, rain in London, overcast for Berlin and Rome. Clear skies in Athens and Paris, showers for Warsaw. In Africa, thunderstorms forecast for Johannesburg and Lagos, some wet for Algiers, Nairobi and Casablanca. Fine and dry for the remainder. In South America, rain in Bogota and La Paz, sunshine for Rio de Janeiro. Cloudy in Lima, thunder in Buenos Aires. And for North America, sunny for New York City and Los Angeles. Overcast in Chicago and Vancouver. A few showers for Havana. Recapping our top stories now.

A few showers for Havana. Recapping
our top stories now.

our top stories now. Authorities

our top stories now. Authorities in NSW say they may undertake mandatory evacuations as bushfires continue to rage in the Blue Mountains and elsewhere in the state. Residents in Mount Irvine and Mount Wilson are advised to stay put, having been told it is now too late to leave. The US government is planning to release more than $1.6 billion in military and economic aid to Pakistan. That's the world this Sunday. I'm Ricardo Goncalves, you can follow me on Twitter. And you can get more news and views when you like, at our website. I'll see you for the late news tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

On the north coast of Peru,

between the Pacific Ocean
and the Andes,

is a vast desert.

For over 450 years,

this was home to a kingdom

whose rise and fall

is one of the greatest
untold stories of the Americas.

At its heart was a city.

Chan Chan is that rare
and precious thing -

a pre-industrial city,

a lost city of types,

because it was built and functioned

in a completely different way
to the cities that we know today.

I'm Jago Cooper

and as an archaeologist
who specialises in South America,

I've always been fascinated
by the secrets and mysteries

buried deep in these awe-inspiring
and forbidding landscapes.

The history of this continent
has been dominated

by the stories of the Inca
and the Spanish conquistadors.

But in this series, I'll be
exploring an older, forgotten past,

from the coast to the clouds

in search of ancient civilisations

as significant and impressive
as anywhere else on earth.

The Kingdom of Chimor
dominated the northern coast of Peru

for five centuries.

In the face

of some of the most extreme
climate conditions in the world,

its people transformed the desert...

..built an oasis in the sand...

..and created
gold and silver treasures.

And they believed so strongly

in the power
of their monarchs and their gods

that they were prepared
to sacrifice their own children.


From 900 AD to 1400 AD,

these loyal subjects
built an empire -

an empire that raises
so many interesting questions.

What motivated them
to invade their neighbours?

How did they build

one of the largest pre-Columbian
cities in South America?

And why did this -
the first empire of South America -

disappear back into the desert
that it conquered?