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(generated from captions) Queensland and north-east NSW is triggering showers and potentially serious thunderstorms. A higher is keeping elsewhere mostly clear and dry. Brisbane can expect some rain, hot and dry conditions in Sydney, some showers in Canberra, and rain also in Hobart and Adelaide. On Tuesday, sunny and 29 in Brisbane, if you showers in Canberra and Melbourne, some rain in Adelaide, Sunshine and 25 degrees in Perth, and more storms expected if you are in Darwin.


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Peter Overton. This program is captioned live. Tonight, state of emergency. Massive evacuations predicted as fire chokes the Blue Mountains. A fresh crisis near Lithgow. The worst is yet to come. A grave warning from our fire chiefs. Plus, a Sydney icon celebrates a very special birthday. And no trouble for David Warner, just another big innings. The entire Blue Mountains could be evacuated in coming days as the bushfire crisis escalates. In the last hour, an official state of emergency has been declared, giving authorities the power to order people to abandon their homes. We have reporters across the playground. -- fire ground. Just north of the Blue Mountains, a redhot fire storm is brewing. The National Park is ablaze. It is bearing down on the counterparties, Katoomba. The firefighters cannot do enough to stop the blaze. On the ground, the battle is relentless. We are on the Jerry Hall time -- we are on the go all the time.The weather forecast is hot with winds reaching 70 -100km/h.These conditions that we are looking at are a whole new ball game.The fire front is massive. Up to 300km. The fear is that strengthening winds could create a blaze not seen since the 1960s.There is going to be a significant amount of fire activity across the Blue Mountains.If lives are threatened, residents will be advised to leave their homes. If they stay, police may step in. Police will be doing forced evacuations if necessary. If we do not have buildings standing, we do not want people in them.Staying in trying to fight the fire is pointless. This man lost his family home in Springwood on Thursday. Take the warning and go. This fire is unstoppable. 47 houses in this street have gone.Margaret Smith left her home to the mercy of the flames. It did not own. If the order comes to get out, she will not hesitate.Her house is all gone. She is planning herself and not being home. Had she be home, she would have come to.People waited for a two hours to dump furniture and possessions. Destroyed by Thursday's blaze. In the Southern Highlands, firefighters are trying to save several towns. In the past hour, Barry O'Farrell declared a state of emergency. It gives authorities additional powers.These powers include the right to order the public to leave or enter an area. They have the right to shore up or demolish a building. Right now an emergency warning is in place for the count of Bell near Lithgow. Residents have spent the day with our hearts in their mouths. Day five and it will not let up. Roaring flames threatened the Monkey Creek Cafe at Bell. A livelihood suddenly under threat. Firefighters chase flareups, having them out on the roadside. It seems I can endless race to defend communities east of Lithgow.If we do not get this out, we are going to have an impact.At any moment, homes, memory so on the line. -- memories. Locals are exhausted. They have fought fatigue and they are living in fear. Some residents are returning to their homes only to be dealt another blow. This couple arrived home to find thieves had ransacked the house.They are just a waste of oxygen. They really are.How can people do this we when are going through enough?Smashing their way in through a window. They took their time, knowing the entire township had been evacuated. They took the television, they tried to take that there. All of the drawers were open. We do not know what they have taken. They stole the car from this property next door. Then they robbed several more homes nearby. It is very low. Everybody has been evacuated from their houses. People have come and can do that.The robbers probably drove past the sign before being stopped for questioning by police.In my heart I feel sorry for them. But they should have a jail sentence.The flames were battled overnight. Tony Abbot spending 14 hours backburning with his brigade. Anxious residents did what they could to prepare for the worst. There is a real risk this village could be completely cut off. What not even that outlook could stop an HSC student putting his studies on hold to do his bit. Tuesday a week from now. I figured if I can do something to help, why not? These people need my time. They have seen the best and worst in people. What is the situation there? Residents in the Bell and surrounding communities have been told to relocate immediately. A number of community meetings are being held to advise residents what to do. That smoke that you can see behind me, that is because fire crews have been working tirelessly backburning. They have been trying to protect property as this massive fire front continues to head east. I will now go to law at Mt Victoria. There are fears that the bushfires could spread to more of populated areas.There are sure is. As we have seen, it is quite unpredictable. There is a threat to Mt Victoria and also to Blackie. -- Blackheath. It could affect larger communities such as Katoomba. Firefighters have spent the day backburning at Mt Victoria in a bid to protect properties. There is a lot of heavy smoke in the area. If the fire does spread in the coming days, they may have to close the Great Western Highway. Residents are on high alert this evening. Moving through the mountains, speaking to residents in Winmalee. How do they feel about being forced to evacuate in the coming days? They are going to be very angry. They say there is so much Territorians and around the suburb that they feel very safe. When it comes to other people in the path of this fire, we are getting a mixed message. They say they do not believe they would have lost enough houses -- as many houses if they were around to put out spot fires. They are telling people to get out while you can. This has added a whole new layer of emotion and confusion for all the people in this area.We will now go to Rural Fire Service headquarters. I am joined by Shane Fitzsimmons. You just hope that from Winmalee. The state of emergency says it all. Yes, the state of emergency is not just about orders around evacuation. It is about making sure that all the emergency workers are given the confidence and taking actions in the interests of public safety will be protected. There will be given the strategies and the advice that we provide.The broadcast is yours. You have got a window to get any critical information you would like to give to residents.We are bearing down three to four days of very difficult battles. We are not planning a mass evacuation. As we have seen, we have taken a targeted approach to different communities. Different communities are in different levels of preparation. Different proximities are being given tailored, appropriate advice about what they need to do and what they should be doing. We are letting community members the implications of those decisions. What I mean by that is that some areas, the advice was simple. Stay where you are, the road is cut off. In other areas, it it is about if you choose to stay, be ready for the potential for isolation for several days. Isolation in terms of transport, isolation in terms of utilities, power, telecommunications. The situation will be different depending on how the experts AT risk, gauge the exposure. We are trying to enhance the preservation of life. Down the Great Western Highway communities, we will be seeing a very deliberate and tailored treatment to sending messages to communities. Communities many to be relocated. We are going to work with fire authorities. That is why this is a complex and trying and dangerous situation. I would seek the communities' continued support. We will be doing our best to help those who need assistance. We will not waste time trying to help those that are not willing to help themselves. Our focus is trying to do the greater good for as many people as we can.We are grateful for your time. Thank you for joining us. Front and centre of everybody's thoughts is rain. Is there any on the way? Unfortunately there is little if any rain on the way. Fire conditions are only set to deteriorate further. There is a total fire ban for much of NSW. It is likely to be at standard -- extended until Wednesday. It is a little cooler along the coast. It will stay hot on Tuesday. Wednesday is shaking up as the big danger. The big problem is the winds, which are forecast to be strong and gusty. A southerly change will move through on Wednesday. A full forecast a little later. Charities say financial help is essential for ongoing

Charities say financial help is
essential for ongoing victims of the financial crisis.

Charities say financial help is
essential for ongoing victims There are three appeals.


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message of sympathy to everyone
caught up in our bushfires.

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caught She says her thoughts

caught She says her thoughts are with the many people who have lost their homes or livelihoods. Her Majesty adds she has great admiration for the firefighters, volunteers and emergency services officers who are working tirelessly to contain the situation.


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To the rest of the day's news. A United Airlines 747 is preparing to make an emergency landing after its tyres blew out during take off. It was forced to circle the city for an hour, dumping fuel. Premier Barry O'Farrell denies Labor's huge win in Sydney's Miranda by-election is a backlash against his Government. Barry Collier won with a 27% swing, after Sports Minister Graham Annesley quit the seat.It sends a clear message about the anger of that community about a member quitting the office midterm.Mr Collier, who lost the seat in the 2012 election after 12 years, today said he was humbled by the result. In the news ahead, the little blonde girl living with gypsies. Who is she? And could this be the world's worst driver. And taking the cake. The Opera House celebrates This program is not captioned. Toyota RAV4
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An explosion has destroyed a plastics factory in Sydney's south-west. The blast ignited a large fire that ripped through the business at Chipping Norton just after 3:00 this morning. 100 fire-fighters attacked the blaze as flames shot 20m into the air. A massive international hunt is under way for the parents of a young girl found at a gypsy camp in Greece. Police grew suspicious when they saw the blonde child. The couple who claimed to be her parents gave differing accounts of how the girl came into their care. DNA tests proved she wasn't related to them. Authorities believe she may have been trafficked or abducted. A Chinese truck driver is lucky to be alive, after losing control in spectacular fashion. After clipping another truck he ended up on two wheels, tipping from one side to the other, along a busy motorway. The truck finally came to rest on its side. Unbelievably, no-one was hurt. Music, cake and a spectacular flyover. The Sydney Symphony put on a show to celebrate one of our city's most important milestones. The Sydney Opera House is turning 40. Happy birthday to you.The little house that changed the nation. It is showing off on her special day. Happy birthday! .

is showing off on her special day.
Happy birthday! .

Happy birthday! .It

Happy birthday! .It still

Happy birthday! .It still draws

Happy birthday! .It still draws a crowd.It is a place of magic. Magnificent. Thousands of people joining in the celebrations.It is a wonderfully heartfelt place to be.The grand, beating heart of the harbour. It showcases the city and shines for the nation.One of the indisputable masterpieces of human creativity.It is a bit unusual to all the other buildings.The man behind it was Danish architect. He had two inspirations. The first was the sales on Sydney Harbor and the second was the curves of an orange. Today his son reflected on his father's masterpiece.He is up there. You can feel it.It is now time for sport. Good evening. Tonight, the Kangaroos are ready to rip and pear. But why against one another? The Western Sydney Wanderers faithful in full voice. And how close was this 2-day disaster? And just how hot political

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This program is not captioned. The Kangaroos are hearing a Burgess brothers onslaught in their opening World Cup fixture against England. The Australians are preparing accordingly.

The Australians are preparing
accordingly. They are bashing themselves senseless at training.It is pretty physical." good reason.The Burgess brothers.Limiting their impact is the tourists' priority. If England controls the middle, the Australians fear they will capitalise.We need to go for a clue what we have got in front of a home crowd. -- they need to go forth with what. In front of a sell-out crowd, the Wallabies went down against the All Blacks 31-33. The Bledisloe Cup given in a suite.We need to be better across the board.It was four tries to three. Australia were given some hope for the future. Not that the coach is pushing that.We are never going to be happy.The loss stretches Australia's losing run in New Zealand to 16 test matches. A nasty beginning to the Western Sydney Wanderers first home game of the A-League season. Aaron Moi knocked out in a committed encounter. The Wanderers faithful are in full voice at Blacktown. Early in the second half against Wellington, it is 1-1. Sydney FC captain Allessandro del Pierro had scans on his injured calf today and is in doubt for next weekend's Sydney derby - after their 4-0 loss to Brisbane. David Warner is finally letting his cricket do the talking. . His girlfriend clearly impressed by his timely against Victoria. In India, all-rounder James Faulkner smashed 30 runs in just one over to win Australia the third 1-day international. They now lead the seven match series 2-1. Game four is on Wednesday. Jorge Lorenzo has won the Australian MotoGP, described as crazy. She hit Marc Marquez after a tyre problems forced organisers to shorten the event. A salute to three MotoGP legends. Completing a lap of honour. The concrete self was a bit of a farce. The new surface proved too tough for Bridgestone tyres. The safety could not be guaranteed beyond 10 laps. The race was reduced from 27 to 19 laps, with a compos Repix top.They have been caught with their trousers down.Jorge Lorenzo did not seem too bothered. But the real changes caused chaos. Marc Marquez went one lap too many before stopping. A huge mistake with a severe penalty. He was kicked out of the race. Not before almost be wiped out by Jorge Lorenzo. A ruthless ride and a big win for the other highlighter. Ahead of Dani Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi. Tyre problems have certainly added to the drama. Once again, our thoughts with the firefighters and everybody affected. Particularly out there in the Blue Mountains. We will get the latest on the bushfire crisis next and more on the weather. The reason we are getting such extreme weather is a very hot air mass that is building over central Australia. The wind is pushing the heat into NSW. The trough will bring a cool change late on Wednesday. Right now it is 22 degrees.

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Returning to the bushfire emergency across the state. We are at Rural Fire Service headquarters. You have an update?There are 60 fires burning across the state. 16 of those are still uncontrolled. The three big fires of concern in the Blue Mountains, one of them has a 250 kilometre front, the other 50km. 350km of fire that is being fought. A bit of rain is forecast for Tuesday. But the firefighters say that will not have any impact. They are trying to keep the fires are separate. The winds are expected to hit about 90km/h. That is going to be terrifying on Wednesday.Now going to the weather. It was a mostly sunny day across Sydney. Our west was hot.


The city

The city was

The city was much

The city was much cooler

The city was much cooler thanks

The city was much cooler thanks to


some sea

some sea breezes.

some sea breezes. Tomorrow,

some sea breezes. Tomorrow, a tropical director very hot northerly winds over NSW. That will include Sydney. A top of 28 degrees.

NSW will really heat up tomorrow.

Southern NSW will possibly see a shower or two. There is some light rain moving through southern NSW. But it is unlikely to make any difference to bushfire affected areas. A hot and sunny day is on the way for the city tomorrow. It will hit a staggering 38 degrees in Penrith.

Looking ahead, there is a very small chance of a shower or a two on Tuesday and Wednesday. But it will be like and not affect the fires. Before that cool change moves through, there will be a top of 24. Tuesday and Wednesday will hit 35 degrees. Finally on Wednesday it

hit 35 degrees. Finally on
Wednesday it

Wednesday it could

Wednesday it could drop. Before we go, a quick look at what is in store on this week's edition of 60 minutes. Tonight, Chopper as you have never seen him before. Jill wants, scare 10,000. His last ever interview. They must seek deathbed confession. That is tonight on 60 minutes. That is all for this Sunday. From all of us here, good

This program is captioned live. Last week - Agal and the Academy of Brothers, join these four incredible acts in your grand final. I'm very happy.Then while most acts soared, you're smooth, masculine and I like it. Others came crashing down.Shut the... Up (LAUGHS) Tonight - who have you voted through?Very hard to choose. Good luck, Australia.Before another stunning finalist said to hit new heights with Uncle Yesterday.This is our one chance to make it