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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Tonight: no let up - Springwood in the line of fire again, as a fresh emergency flares. Crews battle the Lithgow inferno amid fears a defence exercise sparked the massive blaze. The bride who refused to let the fire disaster ruin her big day. Also, riot police called in over an asylum seeker protest. And a sporting Kate steps out without William and George.

Good evening. Today was meant to be a reprieve for emergency crews around the state - instead, two bushfires are still burning out of control. Swirling and uncontrolled, the fire regenerated itself in a valley behind Winmalee, again threatening the town savaged days ago.

This is the view from the air tonight at the Springwood. The towering plume and thumping beat of chopper blades rekindled locals' anxiety. Unable to access the front from the ground, everyone put faith in the aerial angels. When it did come out of the bush, St Columba's High School looked like it was ablaze, but firefighters managed to hold it on the edge of the oval. With the threat of ember attack high, Springwood Hospital evacuated its wards. The frail and elderly relocated out of harm's way by caring hands.What's a bushfire? These guys are always on hand to help people out.Some of them are a bit disorientated, but they're fine, they're doing well, In good spirits.As they left their town, The scars from the previous days' fire were clear. 193 homes have been destroyed and another 109 are damaged. We now know the original fire started by the golf course, stretched north to St Columba's High School, then swept east over Hawkesbury Road, through Singles Ridge reserve, all the way to Yellow Rock on the Nepean River. This is Buena Vista Road in Winmalee before the fires. A row of houses along a ridge, surrounded by valleys of bush. This is the same section of street after the fires ripped through. Rubble the only tell tale signs that families once lived there. Nearby Heather Glen Road was known for its gardens and attractive homes - all but three of those houses are gone or severely damaged. Insurance companies have taken more than 550 claims, and that has already added up to 30 million dollars. More and more families realise they have not only lost their homes and cars, but they start to calculate all of the contents that have been destroyed. The Premier and Fire Commissioner were given a bird's eye view of the fires still burning and the damage already done. At Catherine Hill Bay Barry O'Farrell told victims help was available.For families, small businesses, primary producers and residents, we will do our best to support these people.And support from the PM.We send our best wishes to them as they confront loss, as that front challenge, as they rally together as Australians always do in difficult times.But there's anger that homes and firefighters lives were put at risk by two teenage girls accused of lighting a fire in Bonnyrigg, while fires were already burning across the state. He Darren, a very volatile day. What is the situation there?A short time ago firefighters told me there is no immediate threat from fire and embers in Winmalee and Springwood. But the smoke will hang around, so if it does cause problems for your respiratory system, it is probable good idea to start relocating over the next few days. A total fire ban will come into place tonight, due to the large number of uncontained fires and the unpredictability of the weather over the next few days. The fire ban will stay in place until further notice.On the other side of the Blue Mountains, just when firefighters thought they were getting the upper hand, conditions took a turn for the worse. The fire roared to life in Lithgow, surprising all those on the front line. You'd never know today was meant to be easier on our volunteers. In an instant the fire takes hold, flaring out of control for the fourth day in a row. We're forced to flee too, as the situation turns tense. This police officer takes to the front line. As trucks scramble down the Bells Line of Road, chasing flame after flame. Then what they feared - the fire jumps the road, bearing down on Bell. A change in the wind pushed the blaze up over the escarpment, which has sparked a number of spot fires that have ground crews guessing where it's going to flare up next.There was a huge amount of fire out here... Mark O'Carrigan is an RFS volunteer who's found himself in need of some help. Today I'm home at my house, and I'm nervous. Something is going to burn, but hopefully not my house.A number of properties all of a sudden in the firing line. Margaret Kriwanek owns one of them...We look after a property so well, we've got... Sorry... It's the unknown...She was evacuated from her place on Thursday, and thought it would be OK to return today. The afternoon remained unpredictable, the flare ups relentless. Water bombers doing everything to spot the danger. Every bullseye - another home saved. Dimity Clancey is at Bell - Dimity, the fire emergency is far from over there. This fire is still very much burning out of control It's currently spotting its way down the escarpment behind me towards Hartley Vale. The towns under threat at the moment is that village as well as residents in Bell and parts of Dargan. The trouble is this fire is moving more and more into inaccessible terrain, making it more difficult for firefighters. Today we learned that the Defence Force is investigating whether one of its explosive training exercise actually sparked this bushfire that's now been burning for four days. Tomorrow, the conditions are expected to deteriorate again. Winds will pick up, temperatures will rise into the thirties. A long few days ahead for crews and residents in this region. A dream wedding today for a Blue Mountains couple - but it was a very different dream to the one they'd long planned. Their big day is just one example of the kindness of strangers towards the many, who's lives have been ripped apart by the bushfires. An exquisite lace dress, a radiant bride, but Alicen Thrift almost exchanged vows in a pair of jeans. Left with nothing for the big day when her parents' Yellow Rock home was reduced to ashes on Thursday. Today, the wedding party was decked out in donated new clothes, their loss momentarily put aside.We are so grateful and appreciative. It has made this they are awesome for us. I think everyone is looking forward to the party bit of the day.Generosity is in overdrive elsewhere too. Anglicare and the Salvos in Springwood swamped with donations. This couple brought a truckload of goods from friends and family.It's moments like these that you realise just what community is, it's a fantastic thing.For those in need, it means a lot. It's given me hope and also that I can stay strong 'cause there's lots of good people.The Springwood Country Club is also piled high with clothes, bedding and food. The generosity of people here in the Blue Mountains is overwhelming, and we can see that by the piles of donated goods. Charities say they now have enough food and clothing, what they need more obvious financial donations to help people get back on their feet. This couple is offering their holiday house at Wentworth Falls to families who have nowhere to go.It is important that the families who have been affected can get some sort of normality back.Smaller gestures, but just as significant - a teenage busker doing her bit today.Lots of my friends have been affected by the bushfires, and heaps of their houses have been burnt down. I want to help them by raising some money. It's been a devastating time too for the wild and not-so-wild life of the Blue Mountains. This vet's clinic overflowing with wounded patients, burned and traumatised by the fires. Laura Tunstall, Nine News.

the fires. Laura Tunstall, Nine

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News. And, if you'd like to help victims of the bushfire crisis, there are now three appeals. For the Salvation Army call 13 72 58. The number for Vinnies is 13 18 12. And for the Red Cross, call 1800 811 700.


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lost everything they own, many are grateful that got away with their lives. For Gordon Pendlebury's family it was a terrifying wait when they couldn't get in touch with him - it was only hours later they found out he'd survived. For hours Zoe Pendlebury sat in her car, hoping authorities would let her through the roadblock so she could find out if her dad was OK.I got out of the car and I'm screaming, where's my dad? Where's my dad? And they were like, I'm sorry Zoe, we don't know. We don't know where he is.Gordon was at home, at Yellow Rock, when the fire roared across their property. He managed to save two of their three dogs, watching on as his house burned. With no way of contacting his family, locals thought he hadn't survived, but he was finally found at the sports club.Finally got there and saw him sitting in the back corner just covered in black. I was just like, oh my God, my dad!For volunteer firefighters, the battle was ferocious. Passing out and vomiting, 17-year-old Alex Chick was suffering from severe exhaustion, but made sure he was treated on the scene so he could finish the job.After it you feel accomplished, you feel like you've done a good job and you've served your community very well.There are many more incredible tales of bravery - a young man who helped his neighbours to safety, a principal who protected 550 children as his home burned, and then there are the stories of survival. Ross Ingram jumped into his dam to escape the firestorm.I just went straight in and just dived under and got completely saturated and just sat out there with four inches my head up the top. With a towelling hat, of course.While Peta Bendall and her two grandchildren had to be rescued as homes burned around them.I did not want to see my grandchildren burnt to death and that's what I thought was going to happen.All are amazed no-one lost their life. It's such a relief. I don't care about the house - as long as my family is OK. We'll update the fire emergency shortly, but for now, the rest of the day's news. A fire at a carpet and tile business in Sydney's inner west is being treated as suspicious. Fire crews arrived at the Ashfield store around 10 last night, to find the rear of the building alight. The shop front wasn't damaged, but stock was destroyed, as well as a car. Voters in the seat of Miranda in Sydney's south received a surprise at today's state by-election. 100 firefighters were on hand, urging them to put Liberal last. They're protesting budget cuts made by the O'Farrell government. Labor needs a 21% swing to take back the seat vacated by the Liberals' Graham Annesley, who recently quit. Tony Abbott has boasted that asylum seeker boat arrivals have fallen dramatically since he became PM. But Labor has accused the Government of using the military to hide the facts.They are down 90% on what was happening at the worst under labour.At the new shadow Immigration Minister claims that the Liberals are using it as a political ploy.There seems to be a desire to hide behind a military cloak which is preventing the Australian people from getting the full facts.Scott Morrison has confirmed that people had to be taken to safety, but wouldn't it what happened, claiming it was a matter for the PNG government. Qantas and Jetstar have held their own Fleet Review, with Australia's first Boeing 787 Dreamliner arriving in Sydney to mark the occasion. The state-of-the-art aircraft will begin domestic flights next month, with international services taking off from December. The Duchess of Cambridge proved today that she isn't being slowed down by her role as a royal Mum. She left baby George at home with Prince William, joining young athletes for a game of volleyball. In the Olympic Park where so many British dreams were made last year, the Duchess of Cambridge watch from the sidelines as a volleyball workshop played out. It has been three months since she gave birth to the future king, and he/she, back at work, dressed casually. It looked as if she was there as a spec data. -- spectator. But she had other ideas, joining a volleyball game, even in her high heels. Their shoes turned out to be her secret weapon, giving her the height to keep up with the budding Olympians. Well, almost. It turns out she needs some improvement. Volley was good, maybe her movement of the net need some improvement, but she was wearing heels.There was even time for a question and answer session.

This may have been an impromptu workout, but it is clear the Duchess has been working hard to get her figure back in shape. This was her first solo appearance since the birth of her son, her diary has been kept free because next week she has a rather large public event. The christening of Prince George. Enjoying a Saturday morning in the sunshine, humpback whales spotted frolicking outside Sydney Harbour. They ducked in and out of waters just off the heads, making their way south. There is still time to spot them in person, with a month left of whale watching season. In the news ahead, the device helping more Australians here again. The Australians sailing into the record books. And, how these kids landed a dream job.

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It's the revolutionary hearing device helping thousands of Australians, and now it's being used for other hearing conditions. The cochlear implant has been approved for Australians living with deafness in one ear. It was absolutely devastating for me, it was shocking. Completely deaf on one side, he also suffered Kennett Curse.It is almost like if you put your hand over one eye you don't have any depth -- tinnitus. You really don't know how much it impacts a person's life.For six years research is at the University of WA and Fremantle Hospital have tested Cochlear implants, normally used in patients with hearing loss on both sides. The device has now been approved for people with single sided deafness.What we are seeing now is that all our patients keep on improving.For Oliver, the implant has made his working life much easier, although his hearing is a little different. The music he plays has not changed.Taking one year away changes your whole world, so putting it back is a grey feeling. I'm very lucky. Macro The Pakistani teenager shot in the head by the Taliban has met the Queen at Buckingham Palace.But Malala Yousafzai looked a little puzzled when Prince Phillip made one of his politically incorrect jokes. The Queen said Malala's campaign for all children to be given access to education was wonderful. Sailing veteran Sean Langman has broken a world record, skippering a tri-maran from Sydney to Auckland, in less than three days. But the epic adventure almost turned to tragedy - they came close to capsizing in five metre waves, on their first night at sea. Carefully parking their multimillion dollar toy in Auckland Harbour, even at this pace, team Australia's boat looks fast, and the world record for a crossing from Sydney to Auckland now belongs to these sailors.To do it in two days and 17 hours, we are very ecstatic. I think this record will sit for a long time.It was a treacherous mission. Speed comes at a cost to stability, and this boat nearly went under.There was one point where it was almost chipped in, and I was in the bunk downstairs. He nosedived pretty hard.In the middle of the night, way out at sea, it must have frightened of the daylights out of everyone on board. Last May, America's Cup sailor and Olympic gold-medallist was killed when he was trapped underneath and overturned catamaran. For Australians, help would have been a long time coming.I think about a total of 2.5 days sleep in 20 minute intervals for the first few days.The Trans Tasman crossing has a magnetic like Paul on adventurous. -- pool. Today, a low-key celebration for team Australia, who are already planning their next world record attempt. Now we have set this record, the next one will probably be around Australia. It is a difficult one because it is set by a very large trimaran. A comfortable bed and a pillow is all they need tonight.An update on the bushfire emergency. There are 68 fires burning across the state right now, and 22 of them are not contained. The Saint Columbus high school is under direct threat as the blaze at Springwood roars towards bodies. The local hospital has been evacuated with patients transferred to the Nepean private hospital. The fire at Lithgow is moving towards Bilpin and is threatening fires in that area. Weather conditions in the next week will be worse than originally predicted. Macro NSW firefighters are in a race against the clock to gain the upper hand before conditions deteriorate again in the next 24 hours. Macro unfortunately more hot, windy conditions are on their way. We are more likely to see north-westerly is between 20 and 30km/h, however, because the system is slow-moving it will generate a more prolonged period of heat from tomorrow until Wednesday. The hottest day will be on Monday, with temperatures above 30 degrees across most of the fire zones. 34 on the Central Coast, and a scorching 38 in Western Sydney. There is some relief in sight with rain on the forecast, and I will tell you when that will be here later in the forecast. Two Aussie kids have been given the dream job of becoming Chief Toy Testers for the next 12 months. 8-year-old Bailey and 11-year-old Caitlin will test and review products for Toys 'R' Us. Toys will be sent straight to their homes for their critique, and if they like what they see, the products will appear on store shelves. Early tea is for the Wallabies as they face the might of the all Blacks, a rough landing at the Phillip Island MotoGP, This program is not captioned.

The Wallabies are down at 32-19 in their show against the all Blacks. Tears during the anthem for Wallabies winger Peter Betham but he didn't have long to saviour his debut test with the All-Blacks crossing in just the eighth minute. Some famous names in racing have combined to meet at the Caulfield cup. All sorts of characters came out to play.I'm the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow.For the first major race of the Spring Carnival. Supermodels rubbed shoulders with sport stars.Now I'm fully retired I get to do more of this stuff.The sun is shining the weather is cooperating. Everyone is having a great time and dressed up to the nines.Racing royalty shared marquees with socialites. While show ponies worked it in Fashions on the Field.Trotting around on the verge of history for a month now, Jim Cassidy saddled up favourite Hawkspur in the Caulfield Cup.His best chance to salute a record 100th group one win.Let us hope it is time to sing.Fawkner, with young gun Nicholas Hall on board made a late charge over the 2400m.

Sydney FC takes on the Roar tonight, hoping to win in Brisbane for the first time since 2007. Melbourne Victory scored an injury time goal to secure a 2-all draw with ladder leaders Adelaide, much to Ange Postecoglou's delight. He'll meet FFA officials within days to discuss taking charge of the Socceroos. What about this at the German Bundesliga. Bayer Leverkusen were awarded this goal against Hoffenheim, even though the header clearly missed the target. The ball hit the back of the net, after making a side-entry. It was allowed to stand, and Robbie Kruse's side is now top of the table. There were two early holes-in-one at the Perth International today. Melbourne's David McKenzie got his distance just right at the par three eighth, at Karrinyup. After a couple of bounces, it rolled straight in the hole, and fortunately there was a great prize on offer, McKenzie won a car for his shot - yep, it was a Volkswagen Golf. Australian cricketers are confident they can bounce back against India, despite a record-breaking loss last game. George Bailey says the rout has not shaken the side's result. Smiling for the cameras, but churning up inside following the 1-day defeat that left Australia embarrassed. Two days on and that record loss still stings.Am I surprised? That they got 362 in 43 overs? Yep. No absolutely mate that was phenomenal - I'm still surprised about it, mate, even a couple of days later.But the Aussies say they can still win the series. Game three is tonight with the seven match showdown locked at one-all. Sam Stosur has moved through to the Semi finals of the Kremlin Open in Moscow. She defeated Ana Ivanovic in straight sets. The Queenslander will now take on Svetlana Kuznetsova for a place in the final. And at the Australian Moto GP at Phillip Island, a frightening crash in the Moto two for Thai rider Thitapong Warokorn. He wasn't the only one going down - Mika Kallio ruined his machine while Brit Scott Redding was bucked to the bitumen. Former world champion Casey Stoner was in pitlane and witnessing a wild qualifying session. Jorge Lorenzo overcame an incident with a bird to take pole position. And not miss the wide world of sports tomorrow morning. Could be fiery. We will tune in. In the news ahead, more information on the bushfire emergency tonight. Plus, birthday celebrations were one of city's crown jewels. Also, the homes of the future. A desert village powered by the sun. And Paul McCartney's surprise