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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. The NSW bushfire crisis - at least one dead, hundreds of homes destroyed.I just thought I'd lost my husband as well, for sure. I don't know if we can rebuild here. It taking on the Government - Labor reveals its new-look frontbench. And inside Kenya's shopping centre tragedy - the shocking new pictures.

ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Anton Enus. Tonight - NSW is still burning, with major blazes stretching from the north to the south of the state. At least one person is confirmed dead. Several people are in hospital with fire-related injuries. Here are the locations of the most serious blazes. To the north of Sydney at Wyong and Lake Macquarie, several are menacing villages in the Southern Highlands, south of the city, and in the Blue Mountains to the west. We begin our coverage there tonight with Kathy Novak. Anton, I'm in Yellow Rock, a suburb of the Blue Mountains where the fire seemed to select homes at random, destroying many like the one behind me, and yet ignoring others. I can tell you there are still chickens walking around in the front yard across the road. Of course, Blue Mountains residents are no strangers to bushfires, but this one is different - firefighters sayent - firefighters say it's the worst they have seen in at least a decade. Even the NSW Rural Fire Service commissioner broke down as he was talking about the bravery of his firefighters. For many, it took several hours to find out whether or not their homes were still standing, and in too many cases that wait just ended in devastation. For now, in devastation. For now, though, they're taking comfort in the fact that at least they lived through the fury. Reporter Manny Tsigas spent the day here in the Blue Mountains and spoke to people who lost everything but their lives. Conditions were expected to ease in the Blue Mountains, but a number of blazes kept firefighters working through the night. Thousands of hectares up in flames in just 24 hours - 250 firefighters are now battling the blaze, which flared up after a morning reprieve, with the threat of an ember attack, firefighters have upgraded the situation in Springwood to emergency status.Still a very hostile, dangerous fire ground. As they indicated earlier, we're working very closely with the relevant fire authorities and the police.Dubbed as one of the most damaging and destructive fires in NSW history, the Premier took a moment to thank the fireys on the front line. fireys on the front line.I think we should pause and think about what's been saved, what's been protected, because of the extraordinary work of volunteer and paid firefighters over the last 24-48 hours. (SIREN WAILS) In nearby Yellow Rock, more uncertainty. A road leading into the neighbourhood was blocked by police, and a wall of worried residents.We have heard some houses in the street have gone already.About eight have gone, they reckon.So we've heard.Once the barricade was lifted, some of their worst fears were realised.We saw the house on the news. We knew it was gone - to what extent, we didn't know. Obviously it's all gone.Shockin'. Can't believe it happened.It was her house since a baby. Just everything. The thing is, it can't be replaced - furniture and that's fine, but...As you drive down these streets, you can't help but think that Mother Nature has been playing some cruel game of chance. You come across houses like this in pristine condition, and wouldn't realise there was a bushfire in the area. Then you come to the other side of the street, where only a little bit of the brickwork is still standing - otherwise, the house is completely gutted. It's a scene of total devastation. This is what's left of Lin Pendlebury's home - she and her family lost everything from her husband's prized collection of cars to her daughter's beloved horse.I thought I'd lost my husband as well, for sure. I don't know if we can rebuild here. It's happened twice now.But in tough times come little acts of kindness - the Springwood Country Club now filled with blankts and clothes to help those in need.The community's now starting to really rally together now and they're dropping off clothe here and toiletries and that type of stuff.Many devastated by the loss of their homes, but relieved to have but relieved to have their loved ones alive. Late this afternoon, Prime Minister Tony Abbott got a firsthand look at the heartbreaking scenes here in the Blue Mountains. Mr Abbott himself, a volunteer firefighter, paid tribute to the men and women battling the bushfires, acknowledging their employers and families who give them the time to serve their communities.We grieve for everyone impacted by these fires. We thank and congratulate everyone who is working to keep the state of NSW safe right now. We've had hundreds of police, we've had hundreds of NSW Fire Brigade workers, and we've had literally thousands of rural fire brigade volunteers and State Emergency Services volunteers out over the last 24 ut over the last 24 hours.Mr Abbott also announced recovery assistance for victims of the bushfires. The first confirmed death was a 63-year-old man. He died of a heart attack yesterday while defending his home on the Central Coast. Authorities are fearing hundreds of homes could be lost up and down the state. It's been a deadly and devastating 36 hours. Fires raging through 91,000 hectares state-wide. North to the Central Coast and south to the Southern Highlands. One man, Walter Lindon, ands. One man, Walter Lindon, died of a heart attack while defending his home. Another two are intensive care. It's a nervous wait for others.Our homes were very close to the fire yesterday. At the moment, we don't know what's going on.Know the house is still there. Don't know what else.We've got animals and family. We want to go home.

(SIREN WAILS) Firefighters are getting the upper hand on the Rutleys Road fire along the Pacific Highway, but the devastation around the Katherine hill -- Catherine Hill village has been described as apocalyptic. Financial assistance will be available under the NSW disaster relief scheme. Those eligible will be entitled to a disaster relief payment of $1,000 per adult and $400 per child.Australia is a country which is prone to natural disaster. But every time it strikes, it hurts. We grieve for all of those who e for all of those who are now hurting because of what's happened in NSW.Fiftders are among those injured and left homeless. Rural Fire Service commissioner clearly feeling the strain.We've got the best firefighters in the world. They are second to none. The, um...

..we can only be proud of what's unravelled in the last 24 hours. To be talking with family and loved ones last night, of our firefighters in hospital, I am pleased that their spirits are high. The Insurance Council has declared a catastrophe for all bushfire- affected regions, offering a sobering account of the likely cost. Insurers have already received 550 claims, estimated at the value of $30 million. Damages expected to rise sharply, as more claims come in.We also have team of people ready to go into the recovery centres once those are established. We would expect that to be potentially at the end of this weekend or early next week.Tonight, all eyes are on the Halls Road fire near Balmoral in the Southern Highlands. The blaze is burning out of control urning out of control and spreading rapidly near residential buildings. More than 60 firefighters are battling to contain the fire. It's a race against time, with hot conditions expected to return on Sunday. Anton, I can tell you it is getting quite chilly here in the Blue Mountains, as we know, there was some reprieve in the weather today, and authority are trying to take advantage of that and get on top of all of these blazes that are still continuing to burn around the state as quickly as possible. There are fears they may not be able to do as much as they would like before that change in the weather conditions on Sunday. I'll be back later in the bulletin with more from the bushfire scene. Thanks, Kathy. Kathy Novak, co- anchoring from the Blue Mountains. It's been an emotional day for those people fighting the fires, as we heard from Kathy and from Gary before that - even the Rural Fire Service commissioner broke down as he praised his firefighters. Alex Chesser joins us now live from RFS headquarters. Alex, what's the situation like right now? We know there's been a lot of focus on Springwood today. Has that been one of your major hot spots?It certainly has. We still have six fires at a watch-and-act level, which are of great concern for Rural Fire Service. Fortunately, though, for the first time in over 24 hours, we have no emergency warnings current throughout NSW, which is obviously a positive sign after what's been a very challenging 24 hours for firefighters. Our main concern this evening is the links 'View' Road fire at Springwood. We do have another of resources working in that area. They're still undertaking property protection as required. There was some concern of ember attack in the vicinity of Chapman Road. However, that has decreased as we move further into the evening.We heard Shane Fitzsimmons there breaking down as he spoke about the men and women conducting this campaign. How are they holding up?Look, it's certainly an emotional time for everybody involved. The amount of devastation which not only the residents have been exposed to but also owl varitears, who really are risking life and limb at short notice to go into these disaster zones to undertake important work. Obviously yes, they are suffering, and yes, it will take a long time for us to get around these fires and support our volunteers.We've had some pretty extreme conditions in the last couple of days. What lies ahead - any respite in the weather in the next few days? Yesterday's conditions were absolutely horrendous. Thankfully, we did see a reprieve today, with cooler conditions and a reduction in those strong, dry winds. We do expect tomorrow to be slightly warmer, but still a good day for us to work extremely hard to get whatever containment we can on these fires. nt we can on these fires. We are unfortunately looking at some more dangerous weather moving towards the end of the weekend, and particularly into Monday - we expect to see temperatures soar into the mid-30s and be accompanied by hot, dry, north-westerly winds which cause so many issues. There's a tremendous amount of work to be done, and we're going to get down and do as much of that as we can in the next day or so.Thank you, Alex. We wish you the best. That's Alex Chesser at Rural Fire Service headquarters. For more information, here are the important numbers you may need:

Of course, you can find much more information on find much more information on our website. Adam Bandt hasn't backed away from a controversial comment that linked the NSW bushfires to the repealing of the carbon tax. The Greens' deputy leader faced public backlash over the comments, which many criticised as insensitive. Mr Bandt has defended what he said.The first duty of a Government is to protect its people. Tony Abbott is failing to talk about the consequences of global warming, and we're seeing those consequences. He should be leading us.Mr Bandt says global warming is a concern for many Australians, and the Government should focus more on the issue. The row over parliamentary entitlements continues, with another Liberal MP bowing to public pressure and repaying thousands of dollars of taxpayer money. The announcement comes as Labor reveals the winners and losers of its new frontbench. The new leader unveils his new-look shadow ministry. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has praised his rejigged Labor team, as youthful and enthusiastic.This is an energetic team. It's a diverse team. It's a young team, blended with experience.There are few changes from the old frontbench. Penny Wong takes on Trade and becomes the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. Tony Burke has edged out Anthony Albanese to become Manager of Opposition Business in the House. He also takes on the Finance portfolio. Stephen Conroy moves to Defence. Anthony Albanese hangs onto Infrastructure, but loses Communications to Jason Clare. Catherine King becomes shadow health minister. hadow health minister. Richard Marles gets the Immigration portfolio. Newcomer Shayne on portfolio. Newcomer Shayne Neumann becomes shadow Indigenous affairs minister. New Deputy ffairs minister. New Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek takes on Julie Bishop in foreign affairs.I'm particularly interested in the international development part of the foreign affairs portfolio.Bill Shorten says Labor's shadow ministry will be a united front against Tony Abbott's team. He's distancing himself from s distancing himself from his colleague Rob Mitchell's decision to refer Tony Abbott and George Brandis's entitlement claims to the AFP.I believe the correct approach is to see what the Prime Minister is going to say.The Australian Federal Police says it won't investigate travel claims - rather, referring any complaints it receives to the Department of Finance. Liberal MP Don Randall has pledged to repay more than $5,000 from a trip to Cairns that he labelled electorate business. Mr Randall has an investment property in the city. At an event in Brisbane, Tony Abbott refused to be drawn on the matter.Prime Minister, will you take questions about Mr Randall? Will you take some questions downstairs, Prime Minister?Neither Mr Abbott nor Mr Shorten has committed to further regulation of ted to further regulation of the entitlement system. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Still to come - terror in Nairobi - the dramatic new vision of the Westgate shopping mall shootings. ate shopping mall shootings. And no jail time, but a hefty price to pay for broadcaster Derryn Hinch.

First, Craig Foster joins us ahead of tonight's A-League blockbuster between Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory. Craig, what can we expect at Hindmarsh Stadium? Just as you said, Anton, in a soldt Hindmarsh Stadium, it's always a blockbuster between these two very fierce traditional rivals. Different starts for both teams in week one of the A-League. Of course, with Adelaide having a very impressive performance under their new coach, their new coach, who's conducting reconstructive surgery on the team and the club, trying to change their style of football. He certainly did so successfully last week against Perth Glory. It was a very good performance, particularly from Newman, from McCain, and also from Michael Zulow, who looked very, very good. For the Victory, a draw against the Heart wasn't their best performance. They'll be expecting more this evening. It's been a tumultuous week for the Victory, with Ange the Victory, with Ange Postecoglou being link would the vacant Socceroos role. I don't expect occeroos role. I don't expect it to affect the team too much, though, in only the second game of the season. They'll come out firing. It will be an absolute cracker, no question about it. It's going to start very, very shortly over on SBS Two, so please join us. Thanks, Craig. We'll hear from both camps a little later on. Also coming up in sport - Sam Stosur continues her winning ways in Russia.

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President Barack Obama has accused his political opponents of damaging America's reputatioents of damaging America's reputation. After a 16- day shutdown, government employees are now back at work, and politicians have begun negotiations aimed at preventing a repeat of the crisis. Open for business - the barricades have been taken down, government employees are back at work, and the tourists - Australians among them - are back in town.I must admit, we're delighted that the government finally said we can visit the beautiful museums and art galleries of Washington.(APPLAUSE) Vice-President Joe Biden personally welcoming workers back to the Environmental Protection Agency, as his boss attempted to sound conciliatory.Let's be clear - there are no winners here. President Obama acknowledging the damage that has been done to America's reputation.It's encouraged our enemies, it's emboldened our competitors, and it's depressed our friends who look to us for steady leadership.As if on cue, China's official Xinhua news agency accused US politicians of holding the world hostage. It says US Treasury bonds may no longer be a safe investment.The motion is adopted.The deal that reopened the government and diverted a default calls for negotiators to craft a framework for a long-term government budget by December 13 - a huge task considering the differences between the Democrat-led Senate and the Republican-led House.I want to have a budget agreement that works for the country. I want to have a budget agreement that gets this debt and deficit under control, that does right by future generations and helps us grow the economy. We're going to try and figure out ng to try and figure out if we can find an agreement to do that.Chairman Ryan knows I'm not going to vote for his budget. I know he's not going to vote for mine. We'll find the common ground that we both can vote on. That's our goal.Republicans of all shades chasened, except, that is, for the man who sparked the crisis.So you would do it again?I would do anything - and I will continue to do anything I can - to stop the trainwreck that is Obamacare.The battle may have been lost, but the war is far from over. Thai rescue workers have arrived in southern Laos to join the search for bodies following the crash of a commuter plane. There's no official word on whether the bodies of any of the six Australians on board have been recovered. Australian consular officials have arrived in Pakse, where they have established a small operation centre. As the search for bodies continues, they'll assist in identification and repatriation. Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs says it's too early to confirm whether any of the bodies retrieved from the crash site are those of the six Australians - the Rhodes family from Sydney, and father and son Gordon and Michael Creighton from Glen Innes in northern NSW. The fuselage of the French-built ATR-72 is submerged in a deep section of the Mekong River. Too deep for divers to reach, and also too far down for a portable crane that's arrived by barge. Rescue workers from neighbouring Thailand are now assisting efforts to recover the main section of the aircraft. 28 of the 44 passengers aboard Flight 301 were foreign nationals. One of them, a Korean man, was due to meet his brother at Pakse. The two spoke by telephone before the plane departed.

Eyewitness accounts confirm Lao Airlines reports that the aircraft encountered extremely heavy weather in the moments before it crashed. The downed aircraft, identical to this one, also operated by Lao Airlines, also with only six months old. A joint investigation is being conducted by Lao and French air crash investigators. The Governor-General, Quentin Bryce, has met Chinese leaders as part of a 9-day state visit. Ms Bryce was received with a welcome ceremony at Beijing's Great Hall of the People, near Tiananmen Square, and reviewed the guard of honour alongside Chinese President Xi Jinping. They discussed bilateral ties, saying China and Australia are good strategic partners. In Chile, a massive student march in support of education reforms turned violent when the demonstration was interrupted by a group of protesters. Police used water cannon trucks to disperse the crowds, as protesters threw rocks and set barricades on fire. Several people were arrested. A stunningly well-preserved skull believed to be 1.8 million years old has been uncovered. The skull offers new evidence that early man was a single species, with a vast array of different looks. It was found in looks. It was found in the remains of a medieval hilltop city in Dmanisi, Georgia. It's the fifth, but most complete, skull found so far at the site. Outspoken broadcaster Derryn Hinch has avoided jail for contempt of court, but only if he pays a $100,000 fine. he pays a $100,000 fine. He was described as a repeat offender who should have known better. He won't have to serve time behind bars, but Derryn Hinch still has a hefty price to pay.I'm relieved that I'm not going to jail. I came here this morning expecting to go to jail. xpecting to go to jail.Guilty of contempt of court for contempt of court for his online post containing details of killer Adrian Ernest Bayley's criminal past, Hinch's conduct was this morning described by Supreme Court Justice Stephen Kaye as grossly irresponsible, and calculated to undermine the lculated to undermine the administration of justice in this state. The suppression order preventing such reporting was handed down to all media by Justice Geoffrey Nettle on April 5, just hours after Hinch uploaded his article. But the broadcaster failede. But the broadcaster failed to remove the post until three days later. His punishment - a $100,000 fine.It'll hurt like hell. It'll hurt like hell. It's a harsh judgement on me, and on my character.The 69-year- old was also disappointed at Justice Kaye's reference to his previous contemptrence to his previous contempt of court convictions.I've never done anything who had had -- that with hurt a victim of sexual offence. Last week, Derryn Hinch apologised for his conduct, but Justice Stephen Kaye said he did not believe Hinch was genuinely remorseful, and condemned Hinch's self-description as a skatigate and whipping boy:

The court revealed that the fine is equivalent to almost half of Hinch had's annual income and that, if he failed to pay it within 90 days, he would spend 50 days behind bars. Returning to the bushfire crisis that has engulfed NSW - Kathy Novak is in SW - Kathy Novak is in the Blue Mountains. Kathy, what more can you tell us?Anton, it's stit still obviously a very stressful time for residents here. We've seen people just driving up and down the street coming to check on their properties. Earlier in the day, there had been an emergency warning in Springwood, not far away from here. That has since been downgraded to a watch-and-act. There are six watch-and-act warnings around the state now, and 90 fires burning. No emergency warnings at this stage. I can tell you that 81 properties have been destroyed here in the Blue Mountains, and 37 damaged. Of course, that number is expected to rise. If joust look around this yare and athe house behind me, these are the kind of scenes residents are facing. They are being told g. They are being told that, if they are from these bushfire-affected areas, to not try to return to their homes. There have been evacuation centres set up. They are at the Blackheath Community Centre, the Springwood Sports Club, and the Lithgow Workers' Club. As I say, stressful times ahead for a couple days to come, and couple days to come, and maybe even longer.Thanks, Kathy. SBS news anchor Kathy Novak in the Blue Mountains. A disturbing video has emerged of the Westgate shopping mall shootings in Nairobi. At least 60 civilians and 6 soldiers were killed in gun battles that raged for four days. Militant group al- Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attacks. A warning - this report contains some graphic images right from the start. Shoppers at Westgate Mall... This is the scene moments before the al- Shabaab attack. Suddenly, men, women and children begin to return for their lives. This man on the floor thought he'd found safety. Wounded, he gathers the strength to try and crawl for help. Another gunman returns, without mercy. The security cameras spotted two other attackers making their way to the top parking lot, walking towards the children's cooking competition held there, just beyond the camera's view. They open fire. This edited silent video obtained by CNN shows what happened during the attack in Nairobi on September 21. As the attackers go through the mall, you through the mall, you see people desperate, trying to run and crawl to safety as bullets streak by. A body on the floor gets barely a glance, and another bullet. This is only a fraction of is is only a fraction of the surveillance video recorded during this day. Most of it too horrifying to broadcast. In the supermarket, the hostage round- up has begun. A mother and her two children push an injured child in a shopping cart. A teenaged girl follows, her hands in the air. She's bloody. A gunman points the way. Kenyan authorities say they closely watched the security cameras as the attack was happening. The hostage-takers are spotted on the phone. Authorities believe they are receiving instructions from outside the mall. Here, one of them even appears to look for surveillance cameras. Only four attackers are seen in the video. There are long periods of time where they appear almost relaxed. At one point, the attackers take turns for prayers. Elsewhere, in a mall restaurant, a Western man, gun in hand and what appears to be a plain-clothed Kenyan police officer take position to try to protect the staff and customers cowering behind the counter. This was just the first day of what would become a 4- day nightmare for Kenya. Horrifying, isn't it? Australians are increasingly looking to the Indonesian tourist island of Bali not only as a holiday spot, only as a holiday spot, but as a retirement destination. SBS correspondent Karen Middleton went to Ubud and met Australians there who are enjoying retirement, and investing in the local community. It's every working person's dream - comfortable retirement. A nice house in a nice locale, with money enough to do what you love. Former Queensland school principals Kath Johnston and her friends are living their dream in the cool hills of Ubud.It's very beautiful. I think because I've worked mostly in other cultured communities, it suits. I love being es, it suits. I love being here. And it's cheap. With fellow educator Steve Castly and Barry Staid, Kath Johnston taught in Aboriginal communities. When they finished, they missed it. It was a matter of finding somewhere that I could enjoy - cultural differences again. Bali provided that.TV moved pre- retirement 14 years ago, setting up a company with local people, building and managing holiday villas, establishing good staff pay and conditions, and places for himself and, now, his friends, to live. The villas aren't bought, but leased for umlocal owners - up to $150,000 for 20-25 years.It was definitely cheaper than buying a cottage on the beach somewhere. They're developed at the renters' expense, and eventually handed back as an asset.My family were very concerned in the early days because they didn't understand the idea of contracting land and not actually owning it, and what happens and so on, and are you going to be safe over there?Widowed several years ago, Kath has paid several years in advance. She employs one of the owner's family. In the meantime, there are local jobs.In my village, no jobs. bs.In my village, no jobs. It's better here. I've got money for responsibility with my family.Kath bility with my family.Kath Johnston spends about half the year in Bali. She's thinking of applying for a special retirement visa to go back and forth more easily. She maintains Australian health insurance and gets an airfare ready.I think, if I get really sick or am dying, I'll ship home.She's living the life she wants, and making a contribution.I'm lucky. I'm super lucky. I can live - I wake up in the morning and think, "Isn't this wonderful? I'm still here."Aside from the cost-of-living benefits of moving to Bali, these older Australians say it offers them something else, too - that the cultural differences allow them somehow to be more themselves here than they are at home. All three say, back home, judgements are made of the ageing that don't apply here. If I want to go out and listen to the music and cheer them on and be a groupie, them on and be a groupie, I can do that, because everybody here will still love me. More sport now. The AFL draft begins next month, and there are many young players hoping to get onto a club list. One of them is Nathan Drummond. hem is Nathan Drummond. He is eligible to be drafted, but injuries have plagued his season. Though if his ancestors are any indication, the teenager will summon what's needed to realise his dream. Beneath the grey walls of Melbourne Grammar, Nathan Drummond appears studious and reserved. Off the field, he is. When it comes to the game he loves, the 18-year-old is uncompromising and determined. Really passionate about my footy. I've played since I was probably four years old. It's something that's been my dream since I was a young age. Yeah, if it happens, that's probably the best thing that'll happen in my life, I think. That single-mindedness could come from either side of the family. One great-grandfather, Tommy Drummond, captained Collingwood in the 1920s. The other is William Cooper, the esteemed Aboriginal leader who led a march against Nazi attacks on the Jews, gaining global accolades. Given his light features, that Indigenous link has gained attention, but Nathan is proud and unfazed.I don't look as much as probably my brother or my

probably my brother or my sister
and my mum. Yeah, it's definitely something that kids probably don't believe when they first see me. As long as I know that I am, that's all probably that matters, I think. Nathan's grandfather, Alfred Turner, lived with William Cooper as a boy. He's a regular at the football, and sees similarities between the men generations apart.The thing that strikes me most about the two - they're very out the two - they're very quiet. Neither of them said much until the grandfather got a bit riled about something - he'd go on about the way Aboriginal people are treated.Nathan does his talking on the field, until an ankle injury struck in this, his draft year, preventing him from showing his wears in front of talent scouts for eight crucial weeks. But Vic-Country football boss Leon Harris says the name Drummond remains in the mix.His footy capabilities are - his TOC testing in the start of the year was in the 5% in every category. No doubt, given time, I think he'll find his way on the an AFL list. Boarding in the past three years has provided handy skills should the lottery of draft day land him interstate.I didn't know how to operate a washing machine when I was younger. Coming here has definitely taught here has definitely taught me a lot more than most kids would at home.

definitely taught me a lot more
than most kids would at home. More than a dozen men today had a vasectomy, and it was streamed live on the internet as part of World Vasectomy Day. US doctor Doug Stein has been working with Australian physicians to demystify the procedure in the hope of slowing world population growth. His amazing goal is to perform 1,000 vasectomies across 25 countries in 24 hours. Dr Doug Stein is on a mission to save the world, one suvectomy at a time. He says the simple operation is something we need to talk about for a number of reasons.There are not only personal benefits to vasectomy, but also benefits to the family, to the society, and to the environment.He believes there's no bigger issue facing the world than population growth. He's teamed up with documentary-maker Johnathan Stack to help spread his message of birth control.We have enough people on the planet. We don't need a billion more people. We need to take better care of the 7 billion that we have. Why make more life than you want?The world's population has doubled to 7 billion in the last 50 years. By 2050, it'll be 8 billion.We need men who are willing to put their balls on the line their balls on the line for mother Earth.Has he ever heard the word "vasectomy"? You're going to have the cleanest scrotum in Kenya for the next few minutes.They face serious opposition to those ideological opposed to contraception of any kind.A country that approves contraception eventually aproves abortion and eventually aproves euthanasia.Dr Stein was performing vasectomies live on the internet today. He performed 16 from the royal institution of Australia in Adelaide. Family planning groups say it's a noble cause, but people should look at more reversible options before they rush out and get the? In.It's fantastic when men are prepared to take responsibility for their fertility within the relationship, but it does need to be taken account of that it is a non-reversible method and there are other options available.'The Vasectmist' screams on SBS One on Monday night at 8:30. Business news now - while markets worldwide breathed a collective sigh of relief at the resolution of the budget impasse in the US, in Australia, the focus turned to figures out of China of a reported 7.8% growth in the economy.

Up next - Friday night sport with Mike Tomalaris. And twists and turns - Mariners boss Graham Arnold confirms receiving an official approach for the Socceroos job. Also - highway robbery - a Kangaroos squad member the victim of theft ahead of rugby league's World Cup. rugby league's World Cup.

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Good evening. Ange Postecoglou will push aside his Socceroos coaching aspirations tonight, when the Melbourne Victory kicks off round two of the A-League against Adelaide. I spoke with Lucy Zelic a short time ago, who has the latest from Hindmarsh Stadium. We are expecting a near-capacity crowd here tonight, and it remains to be seen whether this week's Socceroos coaching saga has had an impact on the Victory's preparations. In what is always a feisty affair, is always a feisty affair, both sides come into the match with suspensions and in very different form.Adelaide United pulled m.Adelaide United pulled off the performance of round one in defeating Perth Glory with just nine men. In what was coach Bombou's first A-League game, the early signs were promising.The best that we can do for the Australian league is that the people will come to the stadium watching the games, and enjoy it. If you score goals, they will enjoy. Melbourne Victory was left disappointed after a scoreless draw in the derby. The Socceroos' coaching future has overshadowed the meeting with Adelaide. Despite the distractions, Ange Postecoglou is solely focused on the job at hand.My gut's telling me we've got a game tonight that I'm desperate to win, to be honest.For Adelaide United fans, the best way to celebrate the club's 10th anversevy to defeat the archenemy.Maybe there are emy.Maybe there are other games with more people, but the passion that Adelaide and the Victory have is very high.The fierce rivalry was cemented in season two, when then- Victory captain Elon Musk clashed Adelaide coach Joseph Kosinski. In 2008, May Fabiano did little to ease the tension when he spat at a Reds defender. For this encounter, Melbourne will be boosted by the return to fitness of Socceroo Mark Milligan. Suspensions, however, mean Victory will miss marquee Contreras. Adelaide are without Sanchez and Boogard. A reminder - you can catch our coverage live right around Australia on SBS Two. It promises to be the game of round two when it kicks off at 7:30pm eastern daylightoff at 7:30pm eastern daylight savings time. Central Coast Mariners boss Graham Arnold has revealed he's been personally contacte he's been personally contacted by the FFA for the Socceroos' coaching position. CEO David Gallop confirmed today the club -- three candidates - Arnold, Ange Postecoglou and Tony Popovic - have all been approached in relation to the vacant national team coach. Arnold is the first of the three to be contacted directly. I received acted directly. I received a phone call myself to say that I was a candidate and they'd be in touch shortly.Whoever is appointed will have an input into the FFA's review of the national team side. 3-time Brisbane Lions AFL premiership winner Simon Black has announced his retirement from the game. The midfielder, who won the Brownlow Medal in 2002 and the Norm Smith Medal in 2000 the 2003 grand final, reached his decision only late yesterday. Black says he made the call due to his body's inability to go on after 322 games. I've stewed over it enormously, but in the end I can be comfortable with the fact that I can help these guys in other ways.Black indicated he was keen to explore an assistant-coaching role with the Lions. In rugby league news, Canberra forward Josh , Canberra forward Josh Papalii has been robbed during a night out in Manchester, after the team's arrival to prepare for the World Cup. Australian team management issued a warning to the 24-man squad during their first training session about partying during the tournament. Papalii, who is yet to make his test debut, had over $300 stolen while out with team-mates at a nightclub. Kangaroos officials are investigating the incident. Wallabies great Mark Ella says a poor performance from Quade Cooper tomorrow night against the All Blacks may nst the All Blacks may put his role in the upcoming Spring Tour in jeopardy. Cooper played a hand in Australia's hammering of Argentina last week, but has struggled to produce his best rugby to produce his best rugby on New Zealand soil. Ella has warned the Queensland fly- half remains under pressure ahead of the third Bledisloe match in Dunedin, which could prompt a rethink from coach Ewen McKenzie.

Dunedin, which could prompt a
rethink from coach Ewen McKenzie. Now zie. Now they've got to do it against the best o it against the best team in world rugby. If you can do it against the All Blacks, he's back on the radar. If he doesn't, you've got to consider whether you want to persevere with Cooper at number 10.The All Blacks will be chasing a record-equalling 30th consecutive win

30th consecutive win on home soil. Samantha Stosur has extended her winning streak to seven matches and booked a quarterfinals spot at the Kremlin Cup. Despite moments of frustration, the 7th-seeded Australian secured her second title of the season in Osaka recently, overcoming Cornet6-4, 6-1. She now faces fourth-seeded4, 6-1. She now faces fourth-seeded Serbian Ana Ivanovic. The crown is set to be decided on the final leg at Pipeline in Hawaii.

the final leg at Pipeline in Hawaii.
Mick Fanning needed a win in Portugal to seal his third world title, but settled for fifth after being eliminated in the quarterfinals by countryman of the of the of the. An emotional of the of the won the title in a wave- starved battle against Nat Young. Just want to dedicate it to my grandad. He passed away the year I qualifyed and never saw me get on tour. That was for you, mate. Fanning needs to only finish third at December's Pipeline Masters to claim the world title.

That's all the day in sport, Anton. Big weekend ahead. Thanks, Mike. Coming up - the weather, and - we'll be live in the Blue Mountains again, with Kathy Novak, as the NSW bushfire crisis rages on.

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Back now to the bushfire crisis in NSW. Kathy Novak is still in the Blue Mountains. Kathy, how are things looking there now?Anton, just to recap, we have had that one confirmed death on the Central Coast - a 63-year-old man defending his property here in the Blue Mountains. 81 properties have been confirmed destroyed and 37 damaged. That number is expected to rise. That is because authorities are stressing that they've only been able to assess about 30% of the fire ground. Of course, as the resources are going towards getting on top of that information, other authorities are battling blazes that are continuing to burn across the street. There are 90 of them - 6 are classified as watch and act, although there are no emergency warnings at this stage. The fire at Springwood is classified as being out of control, though. Conditions were better today, but they are expected to get bad again by Sunday. There are still very strong warnings to everyone in these bushfire-affected areas to have a bushfire survival plan ready. If you don't lan ready. If you don't have that, at least know what you plan to do when a bushfire approaches. Anton. Thanks. That's Kathy Novak in the Blue Mountains. If you'd like to know more, you may want to take note of these numbers:

There's more information on the SBS World News Australia website. To the forecast

World News Australia website. To
the forecast now. A trough over Queensland and north-eastern NSW is triggering showers and potentially severe thunderstorms. A trough is deepening in the west, bringing heat over eastern WA.

The Duke of Cambridge has conducted his first knighting ceremony, bestowing honours on Andy Murray, among others. n Andy Murray, among others. Prince William recently stepped down from RAF duties after three years, and is having a training year as a king- in-waiting.

The national anthem in the Buckingham Palace ballroom in honour of Prince William's grandmother. One day, it'll be played for him. Before then, he continue to learn the ropes. This investiture ceremony is the latest stage of his royal education. Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. Having practised in private, this was for real - safely wielding a ceremonial sword which had belonged to King George VI on a head teacher and new knight. Those honoured included some familiar faces.Mr Andrew Murray for Services to Tennis.The Wimbledon champion was nearly late collecting his OBE after officials arrived at his house to ived at his house to conduct a random drugs test. Drama over, he chatted with William about his recent back operation.I thought he seemed very confident. He'd spent quite a long time chatting with everyone. I got told it was just over a minute I spoke to him for. I was top told it would only be 15-20 seconds. He seemed like he gave everyone a lot of time. Yeah, seemed confident. With William's days of saving leaves as an RAF search-and-rescue pilot at an end, he's looking for another full-time role. While he does, he'll continue to undertake some royal duties. Prince William, a cautious man, is tiptoeing towards his future when one day he will reside here. There's no rush - he's second in line to the throne. This morning, he had yet another taste of what lies ahead for him. (CHEERING) For the moment, though, it's the present, not the future, on the minds of the Cambridges. Prince George, who's now three months old, will be christened next week. Recapping our stories on a very eventful day - the bushfire crisis continues in NSW tonight, with one man confirmed dead, several more people are in hospital. As the blazes burn, there are fears that hundreds of homes have already been lost. We've got the best firefighters in the world. They are second to none. The, um...

..we can only be proud of what's unravelled in the last 24 hours. To be talking with family and loved ones last night of our firefighters in hospital, I am pleased that their spirits are high.The make-up of the new shadow ministry has been unveiled - inistry has been unveiled - newly elected leader Bill Shorten praised his rejigged Labor team as youthful and enthusiastic. Shocking new videos have emerged of last month's attack at a shopping centre in Nairobi. It comes as two bodies, believed t comes as two bodies, believed to be those of militants, are pulled from the rubble. That's the world this Friday. Our next bulletin a little later tonight at 10:40 on SBS One. You can get all of tonight's stories at SBS Online for the latest rolling headlines, follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live.

232 riders took part in the 250km Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic on Saturday. The race began in perfect conditions, but powerful crosswinds were to play a major role on the day.

It was Queensland outfit Budget Forklifts who were to perform a clean sweep for the first time in the history of the event, arriving at the finish line, Jack Anderson sending Sam Horgan over for the win, with Jake Hoffman coming in third. Jake said, "Do you want to have it?" I did. It means a lot to me. I've been focusing on this race for a long time.I definitely won't regret. It Sam is one of the nicest guys you'll ever come across. I hope that's payback for some of the hell he's given me this year!

This is Coast.

All around us, every day,
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our shoreline never sleeps.

The coast is in a state
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but also the hard grafters
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A journey to celebrate
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We'll discover the secrets
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Can Tessa cast perfectly round
cannonballs like the workers of old?

So the moment of truth, no pressure.

In great shipyards on the Clyde,

when workers fought
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their leader became a legend.

He stood up to proclaim a manifesto
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There will be no bevvying.
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In the grand tradition
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Miranda volunteers
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We're constantly learning more

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And to reveal how resorts
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Ian stages a remarkable show,

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For one night only, Edwardian
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