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Today, a 63-year-old man dies in NSW' worst bushfires in a decade. This Program is Captioned Utter devastation, up to 200 homes lost with entire streets in the Blue Mountains raised to the ground. Everything - yeah, it's just - rvg's gone. Everything.Vac Asian orders remain in place as dozens of - vac Asian orders remain in place.A cool change provides little relief as the main fire threat moves to It's been a devastating 24 hours in NSW. Nearly 2,000 firefighters were on the ground overnight and the emergency isn't over yet. Nearly 100 fires continue to burn, around a third of which remain uncontained. The worst hit areas now are around Wyong on the Central Coast, and it's close to here in the Lake Macquarie region that a man in his 60 has died trying to protect his property. The fire at Springwood in the Blue Mountains has flared while residents at nearby Lithgow are starting to return to their homes. We start our coverage on the Central Coast at swan Jackson
sea near Lake Macquarie. Jackson Vernon is at the local RSL, serving as an evacuation centre. A man collapsed while trying to defend his property on Carters Road. Attempts were made to try and ready sus tate the 63-year-old at the scene, but he later died in hospital. The incident happened during the fire at Ruttleys Road. This is a fire which is continuing to occur, and it has affected areas Hill Bay area, Nords wharf area and Murray's beach. Last night residents were forced to evacuate from the area, some in the early hours of the morning. For those that did, they came to the evacuation shelter here at the swan sea RSL club. have been waiting to return to their homes, because the road leading into the area is closed. So they face a nervous properties
wait, not only to see if their properties are all right, but to see if their neighbours and the community, which is a tight-knit community in the area, is okay. As I mentioned before, the continuing. Firefighters are trying to bring those blazes under control. They are occurring in numerous areas within the lauk Munmorah area Lake Munmorah area. It is a wait and see when residents homes.
will be able to return to their Taylor is
homes. ABC reporter Gordon Taylor is at Mount Victoria in the Lithgow area where a number of homes were lost and large fires continue to burn out of control. I'm here with members of the south Katoomba brigade. They are trying to the fire here at Mount Victoria. The fire yesterday burnt many houses in this area. We think at least eight, maybe 10 homes have been destroyed. Just down there, there is at least two homes that this brigade saw burnt last night, and yesterday afternoon. Now, they are trying to stop the fire here before it jumps the great western highway and it is south into further bushland there. They are doing everything they can now that the conditions are more benign, and hopefully they can contain this blaze before it does any more damage.Reporter Josh Spicer is in the ABC News helicopter getting an of the worst affected areas - David Spicer. He flew over Catherine Hill Bay, north of Sydney in the Hunter Region of NSW. That particular part NSW is still on an emergency footing. There is a National Park through this, and there is several
a very long line of fire - several kilometres - which is surrounding a number of suburbs. This morning, the wind conditions have been milder and it hasn't been as hot, so firefighters have been back-burning to try to get on top of it. But they are certainly not on top of it. It is still on an emergency footing and the danger is not over in this part of the moonscape.
for a long time. It's like a moonscape. In some is absolutely no vegetation left. We are still seeing that long line of burning bush which is at the scrub, which is burning. It is quite intense in part, but certainly not as severe as yesterday. The wind bit
has died down, so there is a bit of respite for the time being.Martin Cuddihy is in the Springwood area of the Blue Mountains where he has been speaking with residents and firefighters. Just despair. What can you do? It's just stuff. It's just the photos.Is that what you are thinking, you wish you had have got out the photos?I wish I coming,
got my camera when I saw it coming, but I didn't. We got the dog.You are all safe?Yeah, we got the dog and the cats and we dot the neighbours...The His house is on fire down the back here. I said get the hell in the car now, just get.... yeah.So when did you leave?As the fire was in the backyard. We just came home because my neighbour sounded very scared. I went don't be at work in Sydney, and catching the train I could see the smoke plumes, this horrible dark plume, slowly getting closer and closer to it. I'm trying to hear on my phone going on, I found a website streaming the RFS feed, and street.
they were mentioning this street. I was just gutted. Just gutted. It looks pretty serious down there, a fieries said there is a fire 150 metres just down the back of the valley. So we are basically just preparing for the worst and getting things, all of our and basically preparing to evacuate. Yeah, last night, we were up all night, and over the valley towards the other end, we could hear explosions. We were told they were either cars or houses just going up. It's just terrible. Once this small section here is burnt, we are looking about 100 feet, that should be sufficient to stop it, unless we get a real, real buster, and then nothing stops that. It's a lot better today, calmer. Sunday Monday are meant to get hotter.This is a preparation, essentiallyYes, to look in all the valley system around here. Today I believe we are everything in - locking everything in, so we can hopefully have a hopefully it doesn't come out to us again on Sunday.Grim Tracy Grimshaw is the situation at the headquarters. We just heard from firefighters and . has reportedly fled up again about
that area, what can you tell us about that, Nick right. This is the time of day when things usually start getting a bit diesy firefighters on any they are facing a blaze, as the day warms up and the winds start to pick up as well and get a little bit more unpredictable as the starts to wear on. We are probably seeing a touch of that around that fire there that's been burning at Springwood, Winmalee, and the Faulcon Bridge area. particular area there, Chapman parade, where residents are being warned to be on alert for embers that are getting whipped around.
up by the wind, and thrown around. And there is concern that that could cause spotfires in that area. That was actually the problem, that caused so much devastation in that area yesterday and dozens of homes were lost in that area as a result, because what started as a small fire quickly got out of control as a result of the wind whipping up those embers and sending them up outbreaks of
3kms away and starting fresh outbreaks of the fire proves - made it so difficult for firefighters to keep of it.What can you tell us about Lake Macquarie, which was of major concern before Springwood fire flared again?That's right. Well, there were six emergency warnings in place yesterday. reduced
By this morning that had been reduced to just one, which was that fire that had started in the Doyalson area near Lake Macquarie and it burnt east change
wards towards the coast. The change in the weather last night started blowing those flames Northwards and has been there
burning up a narrow peninsular there towards the chain valley Bay area, where it is causing most problems at the moment and residents there are being warned to take shelter from the fire other buildings in that now. Still quite a difficult situation up there. It did get downgraded later in the today, and it looked like things might be - that firefighters might be getting an upper hand on it, but it was very quickly upgraded again Warning again, reflecting probably how unpredictable the winds are. The Deputy Rural Fire Rogers was telling us a little while ago the problem with fires like these is that the winds can still - they can still be unpredictable even when there is cooler conditions like that, that have been experienced conditions.The Lake
today after yesterday's extreme region, Nick, that was where, sadly, we had news of a man dying?That's right. The news came through this morning of a 63-year-old man who was trying to protect his own home in that area at Lake Munmorah. he was overcome and was rushed to hospital where he was perhaps
pronounced dead. It appears he perhaps had been suffering chest pains, and the exertion of trying to protect his home might have proved too difficult for him. Very sad situation. A couple of other casualties from the fires - people who have been hospitalised. There has been a Victoria man who is at burns unit at Westmead Hospital in Sydney. He suffered raidant burns to his face when he took off his mask to speak to somebody. He's a rural fire fighterer himself. Mt Annan rural fighter was hit by a fire ball. That individual is going into an operating theatre afternoon to remove dead skin from there the burnt areas. Residents have also been suffering injures as a result of these fires. There are two people in Westmead. They inhalation injures. That's what occurs when people close situations like
to the fire fronts in situations like this inhale super-heated air from the fires and that actually starts out.
burning them from the inside out. Their burnt. That can be extremely dangerous for them.Temperatures today benign conditions, but they are set to soar again on Sunday, I believe. We heard from a firefighter just now at back-burning ahead of those temperatures once again heading up. What more preparations are in place? Yes. Well, firefighters are trying to do as much back-burning today, and certainly tonight they will be doing as much as they possibly is where
can. Of course, back-burning is where they sort of jump ahead of where the fire front is at. They start - they actually start a new fire and try and burn the country back towards where the fire is approaching from in order to deny it of fuel that's lying on and
the ground. That way, they try and burn the fire out on itself. Now, that can be a very effective measure and often about the only thing that firefighters can effectively do in these situations, to try and reduce the threat of fire. They are going to be doing as much of that as they possibly can over the next 24 hours or so, especially with the
conditions forecast to return to hot and extreme conditions again on Sunday and Monday before a possible cooler change and rain predicted later next week. Nick, thanks for the update. Greens MP Adam Bandt has been criticised for politicising the bushfires, but Mr Bandt is unready pentant, arguing the terrify ing bushfireses are the result of global warning. He once called on the Abbott Government to take action. In the last 12 months we have had the hottest year, month, week and day on record. Tony Abbott picked this time to say he's going to rip up action on global warming and in fact allow more pollution, which is going to mean these kind of fires, we will see happening more often. I think, given that shortly,
Parliament's about to resume shortly, and global warming is on the agenda for debate, we should be talking about how we, as politicians, can do everything we can to protect Federal Labor's post-election make yovr is almost complete. Bill Shorten has allocated the jobs in his shadow Ministry, describing his team as energetic and diverse. Political Jennett is Greg, what are the main changes? Bill Shorten is emphasising generational change, Ros, but there is also a great deal of continuity in there, too. Former leadership rival Anthony Albanese, for example, is staying in infrastructure and transport. But there are some fairly noteworthy changes. After many years in the communications and broadband Conroy is going to as Bill
Defence role. Tanya Plibersek, as Bill Shorten's Deputy, will step across to shadow Julie portfolio.
Bishop in the foreign affairs portfolio. Then Tony Burke entering the economic team as shadow finance Richard Marles is moving into immigration
the always difficult immigration and border protection role, and promotion for Catherine King, who steps Now, Bill
up as shadow Health Minister. lineup
Now, Bill Shorten, he says the lineup he has is going to bring of the old divisions in the
Labor Party behind.

I believe this shadow past
executive is a break from the past - more women than ever before, younger than ever there
before. I think that this is - there is a lot of interest a lot of dynamism in the team.Bill Shorten is emphasising youth and in his ranks. Who are the new entrants?Shadow Parliamentary Secretaries aren't necessarily the most demanding of jobs, but sought after and they are a stepping stone towards the real front bench. Mr Shorten has brought in a first-time MP, Jim charmers, as the shadow Parliamentary Secretary to himself. He's elevated Brotman and Stephen Jones, along with three female Senators, Lisa Singh, and faces into
others. By bringing those new faces into the ranks, not only the average age of his frontbench down, he's also kept the percentage of women up to almost about half. Government have both been given a score card on the costs of their election promises, but their parliamentary office. What did it find?The costings debate ran also ran
and for the Labor Government also ran off the rails when it dragged Treasury and finance and the parliamentary budget office itself into that debate. Now the PBO, as it's called, has delivered its final verdict on the range of policies put forward by the major parties. It's costed them and found the Coalition was many times more fiscally stringent finding savings than was Labor. It found Coalition would have improved the budget bottom line by about $7 billion, Labor's by a relatively small $9 million and the Greens by $2 billion. So that could well be the word on the cost particulars debate but not the end of budget cuts. The Treasurer is still working away on some of those and also soon due to announce who will run Government-wide commission audit. West Australian Liberal MP Don Randall has paid back more than $5,000 in taxpayer funded travel entitlements. Mr Randall claimed the money what he called electorate business. He later revealed he owns an investment there. Mr Randall joins a growing list of Federal MPs who have repaid expenses, including PM Tony Attorney-General George Brandis and Labor's Mark Dreyfus. Tasmania's bid to pass voluntary euthanasia laws has failed. It was co-sponsored by Lara Giddings and Greens leader Nick McKim. have allowed term ially ill Tasmanians to end their lives after three consultations with doctors. Three Labor MPs the bill.
joined ten Liberals to defeat the bill. Broadcaster Derryn Hinch has again avoid I had gaol for contempt of court. Instead, he's been fined $100,000 for revealing of Jill Meagher's killer, Adrian Bayley. Here is court reporter Sarah Farnsworth.No gaol time. Derryn Hinch about arrive at court this morning told reporters outside he was hopeful that he could avoid it, and he got his wish. He's emerged from court with that $100,000 fine. Now, inside the
court, Hinch actually winced as the judge handed down his court it
punishment. The judge told the court it was intended to cause you
him financial pain. I can tell you from details that emerged from court, that it is the equivalent of half of his salary. Derryn Hinch on the steps of court came out and said it and, in his own words, he said, "It's going to hurt like hell". But he was relieved not to have been locked up. This isn't the first time that Derryn Hinch has been court, is
found guilty of contempt of court, is it?It's not. In the 1980s he served gaol time for contempt of court matters. Just last year he served home detention for five months. past
fact, the judge said that his past was disgraceful. This is his sixth conviction for a similar offence. The judge was quite harsh against Derryn Hinch. He said that he found defiant,
his conduct was deliberately defiant, grossly irresponsible and calculated to hinder the administration of justice. He also labelled Hinch a very self-opinionated man, and said that he would have found it very hard to admit he'd something wrong and to
apologise. Now, last week, Derryn Hinch did come to court and apologise to the court and Today
admits he'd broken the law. Today the judge said he accept that he was genuinely remorseful, more that Hinch was very sorry that he'd found himself in the present ameant he - of predicament he did.Government employees in the US have finally - are finally back at work after the end
11th hour deal in Congress to end the shutdown and extend country's borrowing limit. estimated
damage from the shutdown is estimated to be upwards of billion in revenue and America correspondent Ben Knight reports, the politicians who presided over the crisis have also suffered political damage.

After 16 days of shutdown, the sun came out in Washington. The barricades were removed. Just hours after the President signed a late-night bill to reopen the Government, Federal So
workers were back on the job. So I just, you know, rolled my hair up, went to bed and got up and got ready to come to work.White House workers were welcomed back by the Chief of Staff. Vice-President welcomed his workers with cupcakes and hugs. Barrack Obama, however, tone. These last few weeks have inflicted completely economy. You don't like particular policy, then ago your position - go out there and win an election.It's estimated that this shutdown has cost the American economy more than $20 billion. But the Republicans in Congress, who instigated it, are paying heavy price as well. They have got nothing out of this deal, apart from awful polls and a We
bitter internal party fight. We are not going to go through a shutdown again because people have been too traumatised by it. There is too much damage. We tried this back in 1995, of
the same result.Even if some of those behind it were claiming it as a win. We saw take a courageous stand, listening to the American people.But other are already sitting down with democrats, trying to hammer out a deal that will stop all this from happening again in three months' time.

Let's see how the markets are travelling now, and that news from the US has boosted local ASX 200
shares. The All Ords and the ASX 200 both up 40 points. the
Across the region and in Japan, the Nikkei down 8 points, virtually flat.

In Laos, rescue workers have begun searching for bodies from a plane crash that claimed the lives of six Australians. All 49 people on board the plane died when it crashed into Mekong River weather. A Sydney family of four and Australian aid worker Michael Creighton and father Gordon all perished in the crash. Zoe Daniel reports. Laos people are mourn their dead. We have been told that nine bodies have been recovered so far - five on the yesterday.
day of the crash and four yesterday. , when the bodies of one man, two women and a child were recovered. Australia's Department of Foreign and trade has not condition firmed that the bodies - confirmed that the bodies of any Australians have been found. There were two on the plane and both were Australians. Police here have told us they believe they have found the bodies of 17-month-old Manfred his Laos Australian mother. But confirmed. A crane has been moved into the Mekong River on a barge with a view to elevating the plane out of the riverbed. However, the head of the civil aviation authority here in Laos says that the plane has not yet been found, and it may be up to 50 metres deep which will be beyond the reach of divers. At least 30 Thai divers are here assisting Laos authorities, and refrigerated trucks have also been moved into Laos across the border from Thailand. Consular officials from various countries are Nationals from 11 were killed in the crash. Of Australian officials from Bangkok and in Pakse.Three days after the earthquake which killed more than 150 people in the Philippines, thousands of survivors remain homeless. They are taking shelter wherever they can in parks, farm land and church yards. Water and electricity are precious commodities for those sleeping rough. Meanwhile, new video has emerged of the moment the bell tower in the Philippine's oldest church collapsed during the quake.

The Basilica of the Holy Child was built in century and is one of at least a dozen churches damageded by the quake. The Duke of Cambridge held his first investiture ceremony, standing in for The awards to recipients across the urk. Among Wimbledon champion Andy Murray who received an OBE The national anthem in the Buckingham Palace ballroom in honour of Prince William's grandmother. One day it will be played for him. Before then, he continued to learn the ropes. This investiture ceremony is the latest stage of his Royal education.

Having practiced in private, this was for real. Safely wielding a ceremonial sword belonging to King George. Those honoured included familiar faces. Mr Andrew Murray, for services to tennis. The Wimbledon champion was nearly late collecting his OBE after officials arrived at his house to conduct a random drugs test. Drama over, he chatted with William about his recent back operation. I thought he seemed very confident. He spent, you know, quite a time chatting with everyone. I got told it was just over a minute I spoke to him for and I was told it was only going to be 15 or 20 seconds. It seemed like he gave everyone a lot of time. Yes, he seemed confident.With William's days of saving lives as a search and rescue pilot at an end, he's looking for another full-time role. While he does, he'll continue to undertake some Royal duties.A cautious man, is tip towing towards future when one day he will reside here. There is no she's second in line to the throne. This morning, he had yet another taste of what lies ahead for him. For the moment, though, it's the present, not the future, the minds of the Cambridges. Prince George, now three months old, will be christened next week.The NSW Premier, Barry O'Farrell, is providing an update on the fires. Let's go In addition to... we have also got, of course, the Rural Fire Service Commissioner (. There are devastating sights from the air, of houses like this, being destroyed. Again, you scratch your head as to why certain houses have been lost and others haven't been. I know this will be of no comfort to those who lost properties, but from the air it is very clear what an extraordinary job the firefighters have done in protecting so many properties in areas like this. During crises like this, we understand we tend to focus on what's been lost. I think we should always think about what's been saved, what's been protected, because of the extra work of the volunteers and the firefighters over the last 24/48 hours. That was particularly true when I visited Lithgow. Places like Clarence and Dargan, which at times, in the lead-up to the emergency, were deemed to be undefendable in parts, were defended, with a minimum lost property. I pay tribute to all of those people out fighting these fires, regrettably doing so for if not weeks, into the future. The Commissioner can give you an update. I simply want to reit tate the state and Federal Governments are cooperating to ensure that evacuation centres and family and community services officers will assist with emergency release, and also Centrelink officials. We also announced today the appointment of emergency coordinators for the Blue Mountains, the former RFS Commissioner and on the Central Coast, a former senior police on
officer. These are people who on the ground will coordinate events in terms of recovery. Of course, Commissioner Fitzgibbons continues to accord - Shane to coordinate. We still have 94 fires burning across NSW. 27 of them remain uncontained. We still have the two Emergency Warning alert fires - that is the fire up in the Central Coast, the Ruttleys Road fire that's burnt ride through to Catherine Hill Bay. We are now issuing a further alert to communities the chain Valley Bay area where the fire is now starting to impact, and threaten homes in that part of the State. Of course, we have the Emergency Warning here. The approaching Chapman Road, and posing a risk to the Springwood high school and crews are working to defend and secure those areas. As we speak, the fire down in the southern Highlands, the fire that started near the township of Balmoral, burnt across towards Bargo, is spreading rapidly at the moment. It is increasing in its strength and its progress, with the warmth the day and some localised winds. We are expecting a degree of impact, significant impact, on the arterial road, the Hume Highway, and clearly we have got many hours of afternoon left yet, with warmer and dryer conditions than what we've experienceded overnight. As I said earlier today, these fires are a Watch and Act, a lot of them, for a reason - that is because the situation is subject to change as those fires develop, and move, so too will the need to adjust warnings and alerts and provide firefighters the ability to get in and start securing property and protecting property should these fires start taking a run on arterial roads or indeed suburbs and communities in the path of these fires. As the premier quite rightly indicated, the amount of damage