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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live.Today - asylum seeker deaths and border protection expected to dominate the PM's first overseas trip to Indonesia.Secret dealings with Saddam Hussein, the Reserve Bank finds itself at the centre of corruption allegations. Scores dead after a bomb rips through a busy market place in Pakistan. And the Roosters and Manly to met in an NRL decider for the first time in more than 40 years.Hello, you are watching News 24, I'm Andrew gagon, thanks for your faen. First a look at tomorrow's weather - P?

Tony Abbott is on his way to Jakarta Tony Abbott is on Jakarta for his first overseas
trip as PM. Mr Abbott's taking his foreign and Trade Ministers together with 20 business leaders for an evening of talks with the Indonesian Government. The stop the boats policy is likely to be the sharpest point of difference between the PM and the Indonesia President. Even though Mr Abbott didn't mention it specifically before leaving.I am very pleased to be going to Indonesia, we will be covering a range of matters because this is an important relationship and it's important to get it right at the start of this new Government.Mr Abbott will head to the Presidential palace in Jakarta for talks and an official dinner this evening. Political reporter Kerrin Binnie is live for us in Canberra. Diplomatic relations on the line in this meeting?That's right. Tony Abbott is well on his way now, he'll be touching down this afternoon, having left Sydney this morning and heading towards Jakarta. Of course, we've had it in the past few days, and previously as well, the Indonesians expressing some I guess disquiet over the new Government, the Coalition Government's plan, to turn to Indonesia or tow them back to Indonesia or at least to their border so there to Indonesia or at least their border so there have been concerns around this issue. You'd be expecting that this You'd will be raised and dominate the talks today, tonight and over in Jakarta with President Yudhoyono and Tony Abbott before he left this morning gave a brief lot of remarks, he didn't take questions at the airport, but he did give some remark, let's have a listen.I said pre-election on numerous occasions that I wanted the first overseas visit of the incoming Government to be request this trip to Indonesia. I've said repeatedly that I want our foreign policy to have a Jakarta, not a Geneva focus, and I've said and I mean that while Indonesia may not yet be our most important economic or security relationship, it is in many respects our most important relationship. So I am pleased to be going, I'm pleased to have with me the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, the trade and treatment Minister Andrew Robb, I'm also pleased to be accompanied by a delegation of some 20 senior Australian business leaders. I want this to be the practice for significant prime ministerial trips overseas, I believe that these are a great opportunity to show case Australia and to offer ourselves to the world on a mutually beneficial basis, so I am very pleased to be going to Indonesia, we will be covering a range of matters because this is an important relationship and it's important to get it right at the start of this new Government.Before boarding a plane to Jakarta. The PM there speaking about that he'll have discussions on a ring of matter, obviously asylum seekers is going to dominate but what other policy areas will be talked about?Essentially Tony Abbott is wanting to focus his attention on other things, like trade and investment and that is why the Trade Minister Andrew Robb is heading to Jakarta with Tony Abbott on the same plane as well as the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Of course in those remarks that Tony Abbott gave there, you didn't hear the words asylum seeker policy protection policy, it wasn't
mentioned seeker policy or border
protection policy, mentioned in that but as we
were saying protection policy, it wasn't mentioned expecting that that will be were saying before we'll high on the agenda. expecting that high on the agenda. Also get high on the more students between more Indonesia, Mr Exchange students between Indonesia, Mr between Indonesia and
Australia, Indonesia, Mr Exchange students Australia, that's also on the agenda and we'd be expecting live cattle exports from Australia to Indonesia to be on the agenda as well.Kerin, once he returns to Australia, obviously he be very busy trying to get his domestic policies under way?That's right. Slowly been working away at those since taking office and his ministers behind the scenes as well, drafting legislation, of course getting rid of the carbon tax is number within on his agenda. He said before the election, so but to do that everything has to go through the parliament and we haven't got a parliamentary sitting dates ready yet, the new schedule has been been put out but there will have to be a parliament sitting before tend of the year and one of those group, one of the pears that they'll have to work with especially to get things through the Senate is the Greens party and the Greens leader Christine Milne was speaking this morning saying Abbott and
that she's written to Tony Abbott and asked for briefings to see if she could sit down and have a chat about some things she would like to talk about with him but so far there has been no response.Well, I have written to Tony Abbott and asked to met with him to discuss various policies including his position to tear down the Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area for example, I want to put to him very strongly that that would be foolish, that Tasmanians do not want to see those forests taken out and we don't want to see the Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area made in
danger.Christine Milne speaking from Hobart this morning, the Greens leader. Meanwhile , the Labor morning, the Greens Meanwhile , the Labor road show Meanwhile , the continues, we've got both contenders for the Labor leadership, Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese in Perth?That's right. For the past couple of weeks since the election, both of the men have been travelling around the country Sydney, Melbourne, they've been to now in Perth, and they are having debate number two tonight but before that they've been at both been speaking another a Labor Party function in Perth in Hyde Park in WA, and both men again trying to sell their case as to why they would be the better Labor leader. Let's listen to some of what both gentleman had to say earlier.I'm stand on a platform of bringing vision leadership. I believe
unity and strength to the Labor leadership. I believe I can bring vision because over 17 years in the Federal parliament I've been responsible for developing many of Labor's policies both in Opposition and in Government. Developing policies as the spokesperson on climate change, environment, water, aged care, housing, indigenous policy, family and community services, employment services and training. But in Government, as the infrastructure and Transport Minister, and then Minister for broadband, communications as well as Minister for regional development and local Government, I think I've been in a strong position to advance Labor's cause, to defend our legacy, hold the Abbott Government to account but also help develop Labor's new agenda. APPLAUSE How do we best position the Labor Party to be relvants to the future of Australia? Australians think that beare envelope vant to their future if through the application of our values we are relevant to lead,
the lives that Australians lead, then we will win the next election. And we will win it not because we think it's our turn, not because we think that the Government make mistake, but because we have a positive view of the future. Friends the reason why I'm nominating for the leadership is because I believe that we can reposition Labor using our long values, and our history and our ability to be part grounded in the union movement, grounded in the day to day experiences of people, we can be relevant and the way we can do that I would suggest is to make stock of where we are.So that was Bill Shorten ending that there and both men as I said, both are trying to sell their experience two different typeses of experience, Anthony Albanese saying that he worked as Deputy PM and leader of the House under Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, and Bill Shorten also trying to draw on his previous experience as a union so the vote will be cast later so the vote will this month and the so the vote will be cast be known in the this month and be known in the middle be known in October.You can see Bill
Shorten and Anthony Albanese face questions from the party's rank and file in the last of the leadership debates life the
here tonight on 'Q&A', that's the Labor leadership debate live from Perth from 9:30pm eastern time on 24.Australia's Central eastern time on ABC News
24.Australia's Central Bank is facing the biggest scandal in its history. With the discovery of evidence linking it to an illegal deal with the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. An investigation by the ABC's 'Four Corners' program and Fairfax newspapers has found the Reserve Bank, the note printing company trying to get Saddam Hussein to sign a lucrative deal while Iraq was under UN sanction, tonight's program also exposes millions of dollars in bribes offered to regimes around the world in exchange for contracts with the RBA. Australia's all powerful Central Bank and Iraq's brutal dictator, the evidence connecting the two is explosive.This is the worst corruption scandal in our history.In 1998 two officials from the Reserve Bank's Note Printing company went to Iraq to discuss the sale of the RBA's plastic bank note technology.People met Mr - the first cousin of Saddam Hussein, he has confirmed that Saddam Hussein has seen the polymer note samples and is keen to adopt our product.The plan was uncovered by Australian diplomats and called off but the occurred while Iraq was under UN sanctions.I think there's a UN sanctions.I think strong prima facea case of a violation of international law.'Four Corners' has spoken to two whistle blowers from inside companies owned by the Reserve Bank and they point to corruption far beyond Iraq.It make me disappointed again in some of the authorities are entrusted with enforcing the laws of this country.The RBA was looking to sell its polymer bank notes across the world and it was employing dubious methods and people to help. In Malaysia for instance million of dollars was paid to this man, an arms dealer.It seemed unduly generous, that grabbed my attention right from the start. The fear was that the many money wasn't just staying with the agent that it was being dispersed.In that first week we were told that's how business was done, that there's bribes and commissions paid to overseas officials to get these deals done.When the scandal became public, the. A FP handed responsibility forle investigating to ASIC, the corporate watchdog. It decided not to pursue the matter.And you can see that story by Nick McKenzie and Bentley Dean in full this evening, that's Skaf cover Up on 'Four Corners' tonight at 8:30. Two men are fighting nor their lives after an explosion at a suspected home-made drug lab in Sydney's south.Fire crews were called to the property here at the Bardonridge in Sydney at 8 o'clock last night after reports that a large garage at the back of the property was alight. They came here to discover that the garage door has burst om and also some cars outside were smaulderring. Two men inside the garage at time, the 37-year-old and a 40-year-old man were taken to Sutherland Hospital wither have burns and were then transferred to the Royal North Shore Hospital where they remain today in a drug induce coma with life threatening injuries. We've spoken to a couple of neighbours this morning who saw the fire last night.My husband and I called, I called the police and my husband called the fire brigade only because we found blood throughout the house. So we just said that, you know, something might have been going on...Sorry you found blood?We found balcony door was open and there throughout the house and was a few lights throughout the house and the
balcony door was was a few lights on, that's why balcony door was open and there
we was a few lights we thought that there was
someone in the was a few lights on, that's why someone in the house and we just wanted someone in just wanted to warn them.Hazmat fire crews Wells drug police from the State crime command are investigating this scene today. A 41-year-old man who transported those two men to hospital last night is also under investigation. Being questioned by police.Overseas, in Pakistan, more than 30 people have been killed a 70 injured in a bomb attack in the city of Peshawar. Two blasts ripped through a busy market send setting shops and vehicles alight. It's the third deadly bombing in a week.The historic story tellers bazaar inner the city of Peshawar, burning and bleeding. In myth morning in the busy market place police say a vehicle packed with over 200kg of explosives was detonated. I was here when suddenly there was a blast, says this man. Black smoke spread all over and nothing was individualsible. Then I saw people lying on the road. There was no-one to pick them up. The anguish here is just a few hundred metres from where suicide bombers killed over 80 people in a church exactly a week agoPeshawar's main hospital is once once again overflowing with scores of dead following attacks in dead following attacks last week alone. All this just after PM said the Government wanted to talk to the militants a month backed by other prominent leader like Imran Khan. But while the militants said they wanted to talk peace too the killing has continued. Today this video amped, apparently made by the Pakistani Taliban purportedly showing the moments earlier this month an army jeep was blown up so should talk still go ahead?There are those in parliament who believe the only way to end the bloodshed is to negotiate with the militants but with every attack there are an increasing number who feel thrl is simply nothing to discuss with those capable of such barbaric acts.An attack by suspected Islamist militants on a college in north-eastern Nigeria has killed at least 40 student, a military spokesman says the latest massacre was carried out by Boko Haram who opened fire on sleeping student nas collegedomatory. The region is under a state of eemergency. The groups fiercely opposed to western education and has attacked a number of schools. In Kenya, a radical Islamic cleric who has been described by the UN as a leading recruiter pore the militant group al-Shabaab says the attack at the geft gat shopping centre last week was the right thing to do. The BBC's Panorama program has been investigating.He says he fears being assassinated yet he's not in hiding. Abubaker Shariff Ahmed a Kenyan radical cleric known as Makaburi is leading
described by the UN as a leading recruiter of young Muslims for al-Shabaab. Before last week's attack on the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi I meet him openly in Mombassa in eastern Kenya and travelled with him to a mosque. He made no apology for his views and said al-Shabaab is justified in using violence.They have every right to invade, to stop an invasion into their own country, they have every right to govern their country the way they see fit.Last week's siege of the Westgate shopping centre thrust the spotlight on the Somali Islamist group al-Shabaab, since then Makaburi has said that the attack was justified.It is allowed in Islam. We cannot be slaughtered everywhere in the world and just sit and cry. We have to react.The Kenyan authorities say they're ABARE of his role in radicalising young Muslims but cannot charge him.He's the main link through which young people here in Kenya and in Mombassa have been al-Shabaab
brain washed into joining al-Shabaab however brain washed into al-Shabaab however you cannot convert that into a way that can be prosecuted convert that into can be prosecuted in a court of law.Panorama has spent two weeks following a trail law.Panorama has weeks following a trail up the
eastern coast to Somalia, investigating the recruitment investigating the network of young Muslims going to fight Jihad. We discovered how would be Jihadies are radicalised by preachers such as Makaburi. I met one young Kenya who travelled to join al-Shabaab in Somalia. He says he forced to watch the beheading of one recruit who tried to escape from the training camp. TRANSLATION: His handses were die tie. They took a very sharp knife and right in front of me they cut him. He was screaming like an animal.Ali was one of the lucky ones, he managed to escape. But the Kenyan authorities say that without stopping radical clerics like Makaburi, the pipeline of young Muslims being recruited to al-Shabaab will carry on.The US Government is on the brink of a shutdown with Congress deadlocked over President Obama's health care reforms. If lawmakers can't strike a deal on funding, hundreds of thousands of Government workers will be laid off indefinitely.With the clock ticks to a shut down of the US Government, the Capitol building lay empty, instead the key players took to the Sunday TV talk shows.Harry Reid has essentially told House of Representatives and the American people go jump in the lake.Ted Cruz is the flag bearer of the Republicans' big political gamble, refusing to pass a Budget bill unless it sthrips funding from the health care reforms known as Obamacare.Democrats say the debate endsed they're years ago when it was signed into law.Millions of innocent people just because there are a cuppol laugh like. It has no-one been cuppol laugh uos do you not in the past. We're not going to start doing in the start doing it uOn Saturday night Republicans backed down a night Republicans little.Let's postpone it for a year, that's whats this vote is all year, that's whats this all about, will you accept the compromise, if this Government shouts down, it's because you have not accepted the compromise that Republicans have reached out to you and offered.Obamacare is not wildly popular in the US but it's not wildly unpopular either. So shutting dune the Government is risky for Republicans. The last time they did it was in 1996 and that was a political disaster and helped them President Bill Clinton win a second term. Even Rupert Murdoch has weighed in on Twitter, asking if Republicans are self-destructing just when Barack Obama is at his weakest. On Sunday, Bill Clinton had some advice for the current President. Don't give in.There's nothing to negotiate with, he shouldn't delay the health care bill.But there's another and far more serious battle looming. In two asked
weeks the Congress will be asked to raise the US borrowing liments and if there's another deadlock the United States could for the first time ever default on its debt obligations. The consequences of are something no-one wants to contemplate. Time for sport with Sacha Mirzabegian and it's all about Manly and the Roosters this week?That's right. Last week it was the hawkies and the Dockers, this week it's the NRL, Manly front rower Richard Fa'aoso will miss the grand final after scans confirmed he's fractured a vertebrae in the Sea Eagles preliminary win over South knee on the weekend. Richard Fa'aoso was involved in a heavy collision while charges towards the try line in the first half of the Sea Eagles 10-point win. He was taken from the field on a stretcher. Manly has confirmed he has a fracture to his C 7 vertebrae, better news though for Manly, their back rower Glen Stewart, he is looking like he's going to play and has been let go by the match review committee there to take his place and Kieran Foran says they'll correct the mistakes of their last encounter against the Roosters.They managed to get the points on and I just think we had to get back into the flow of the game and slowly work our way back into it and I felt like we didded that and I think when glen came up with that rubber kick and Brett scored, I think that really gave the boys a lot of hope that we were back in it.A lot of people said that you had two really fierce battles the Professor two weeks. Can you win the comp?For su, there's certainly the belief among this club that we've still got another good 80 minute performance left in us, it's going to be very difficult, take nothing away from this Roosters side, I think they've been the best side all year and I think they're really up for the challenge this year so it's going to take a massive effort from us but I'm sure there's enough fuel left in the tank.Sure is. In the middle of all Hawthorn's celebrations, and drinking and whatever is going on over there the burning question now is whether star forward Lance Franklin will leave the club. The Hawks players say he hasn't given anyone any indication if he'll remain with the club next season. The two time Premiership player is now a free agent and is considering lucrative free agent and is considering a
Greater Western
lucrative offer made by the Greater Western Sydney. Let's
the talk EPL and now and the talk EPL and now Liverpool star Luis Suarez has scored two goals from his return if a Lenny biting been a. He returned from a 10 game suspension to lead Liverpool to a 2-1 win over Sundayserland.

Gerrard, good corner and a great finish. Daniel Sturridge yet again.It's a fabulous delivery and look at this. Everybody thought it was off his head that he managed to crouch but it's come off his arm and he's lent his arm towards it and it's been difficult for the officials to see. Sturridge officially attempting to head a corner hit his arm and off he goes again and 1-nil becomes two and it's you know who. 5.5 months, he served. He, he can shoot here and Sunderland are back in business. His return to the Premier League aleana has been a successful one. There are two over on the far sides, one of them is Sturridge, this worries and the Uruguayian has the final word, back with a brace, back in business and Liverpool League.33
up to second in the Premier League.33 Rudd minute. To houson, oh what a good strike, the goalkeeper will be seasoned to have been beaten from that range but Norwich City take the lead and deservedly so.Is it the surprise element that outfoxes the goalkeeper? Because it wasn't in the outfoxes the Because it wasn't in the corner of his Because it wasn't in of his net. He was to the side of him, the right-hand side of of him, him.Two MotoGP news now and Mark Marquez moves closer to winning the champion in his rookie season. The Spaniard, only 20 years old this kid, he started on pole but soon lost the lead to Jorge Lorenzo but he again showed his pace to reclaim the front leaves Jorg yorg to settle for second and stretch his championship lead to 39 points. And that's the latest in sport, I'll be back in a couple of hours, no doubt we'll have some resisters Roosters coming through and that will be that.The Westpac life saver rescue helicopter service has celebrated its 40th birthday, what began as one helicopter doing beach surveillance and rescue in Sydney has gown into a fleet of 15. The chief executive of Westpac's life saver helicopters southern region is Stephen Leahy.Certainly over the last 40 years we've been to some of Australia's worst disasters sadly and now we've seen train disasters at Waterfall, Glenbrook and of course Granville, the mill perra piky massacre, the paramedic gave their all to free Stewart Dive and then we transported him to Canberra Hospital from the Thredbo disaster and we can't forget forget the Sydney-to-Hobart disaster in 98. We have helicopters here just in NSW, there are six of those at four bases, we see Queensland has in the south-east corner, there's a number of helicopters and of course Victoria, South Australia, pert in those big centres and we've got those rescue hypes there as well. 23500 people have been on board our aircraft in Sydney, get going to safety. Around the country it's got to be tens more thousands of people, 50, 60,000 people, something until only this week we've never really thought about about but when you start putting the figures together you realise how important this service is. We're found people at their worst, in areas where they have only hours to ur vooif but even in the water with only minute or seconds to survive the helicopters have been able to get there really quickly and have saved those people and there are many stories about that. Depends on the role of life saver has different those helicopters each Westpac life saver has different roles.
Here in life saver has Here in Sydney we have a pilot Here a rescue officer who Here in Sydney we have a a rescue officer who is winched
into a rescue officer who into dangerous lotions and an air crew officer who the winch operator and works closely with the pilot in favgation. - in navigation.Brett Lee plea from the chopper service. Let's check tomorrows weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon.A very windy 24 hours ahead, we've 24 hours ahead, we've got veer warnings throughout south-eastern parts of the country, at the startar vng north-north-westly winds ahead of a trough followed by a cold front moving through South Australia and making its way towards western Victoria, NSW and across Tasmania tonight and into the tomorrow. We're expecting those winds to move into a dealer south-westerly direction, and they will be gusty as well. Tomorrow we're expecting the front and the trough so move further into NSW and Queensland, also temperatures rising throughout Queensland tomorrow but in the meantime a top of 26 degrees in Brisbane, you are heading for a top of 30 tomorrow.

The PM Tony Abbott is on his way to Indonesia amid diplomatic tensions over asylum seekers. The Government's controversial border protection policy is set to dominate talks in Jakarta. The confirmed death toll from the latest boat tragedy has reached 21. Another 33 people are still missing, many of them children. Rescue efforts are continueling off the southern coast of ja. The company owned by the Reserve Bank of Australia faces allegations of making illegal attempts to strike a business deal with a form Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. That's according to a joint ABC Fairfax investigation which found officials from Note Printing Australia visited Iraq to discuss the sale of plastic notes. The deal was called off six months later when Australian diplomats warned the company that it was breaching international law. A bomb explosion has killed at least 39 people in north-west Pakistan. More than 80 were injured in the blast at a busy market in the city of Peshawar. Sunday's attack was the third to rock the is city in the past week. Last week twin suicide bombings killed dozens of people at an Anglican church.And 30 people have been rescued after a tourist boat caught fire close to the houses of parliament on the River Thames in London. Passengers including Australians were forced to jump into the water to escape the blaze a woman and child were taken to hospital after inhaling smoke. Authorities have launched an investigation into the cause of the fire.PM Tony Abbott is on his way to Indonesia this afternoon amid the latest aslyum seeker boat tragedy. The Government's border protection policy is set to dominate talks between both leaders. After 50 people are feared dead or missing after their vessel went down off the southern coast of jav. - Java. The jav. - Java. The PM faces a difficult diplomatic challenge jav. - Java. The PM faces a
in Indonesia, he's been speaking in Indonesia, speaking to asylum seekers
considering making the in Indonesia, he's been considering making the trip by considering boat to Australia.It's less than three days since bodies than started washing up on the South Java coast. In the first asylum seeker boat singing of Tony Abbott's prime ministership. It Abbott's prime ministership. puts pressure on his Government to deliver on its promise to stop people trying to get to Australia by boat. But in the hills around this area south of Jakarta there are still many asylum seekers considering taking the dangerous voyage, they say they've been watching the election campaign in Australia to see if their luck will improve but say the only thing that will stop them from getting on a board is if the new Government improves their chances of getting resettled through the United Nations process. TRANSLATION: If the Government of Australia doesn't help us, I have to go by boat. TRANSLATION: When their case isn't processed and they're waiting a long time, they have to go by boat.When Mr Abbott arrives in Jakarta today, he faces stiff political opposition to his proposals for stopping asylum seeker boat, the ABC understands the departments of the Indonesian Government have adviced the President to take a hardline against Mr Abbott's policies ch it's understood that he's even been told Indonesia should sonld by helping asylum seekers get to Australia.Yes that is true. Some of the advice that the President is getting is that we should facilitate these boat beam because this is not our problem, this is not only Indonesian problem and we are also the victims.Across the political spectrum here in Indonesia, there's a view that Mr Abbott's first diplomatic mistake was never discussing his policies with Indonesia before announcing them.A company owned by the Reserve Bank of Australia made illegal attempts to strike a business deal with the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the late 90s. That's according to a join ABC-Fairfax investigation which found officials from Note Printing Australia visited Iraq to discuss the sale of plsic notes. The teale was called off six months later when Australian diplomats warned the company that it was breaching international law. In a previous scandal Note Printing Australia and another firm which charged with allegedly paying bribes to secure bank note contracts in Asian countries, Nick McKenzie has been following the developments.The reason we've been going for so long is there's so much alleged corruption to find. Powerful forces have contrived or otherwise to keep this corruption hidden from the public. The Reserve Bank was in Iraq breaking the UN sanctions. It's about as clear as that. In clear breach of international law, the very laws the Reserve Bank at that time was responsible for, so it shows this goes back a long time and those up the tree knew about it. It was Reserve Bank officials who were sent to Iraq. Australian diplomats discovered the trip some six or eight months later. They wrote a furious letter which we've uncovered. That was pull up stumps obviously but
what happened uncovered. That was a time to pull what happened after that for
the pull up stumps obviously but what happened the next 10 or so years it's alleged that the the next 10 or so alleged that the two Reserve
Bank companies involved trying to sell polymer bank note contracts around the world engaged in corruption. Paying kickbacks to foreign officials in return for getting award z these contracts. The bank note industry is like the arms industry. It's very secretive and very aggressive and it has a very long and chequered history of bribery and corruption. These two Reserve Bank companies were the new kids on the block in the 90s and they had a decision, play the game like the old boys play it, go down the path of Alexander Downer bribery or corruption or do it the right way and they went down that old path.In response to the latest RBA allegations the Treasurer Joe Hockey's office has released a statement saying any improper behaviour on the part of any company or individuals is to be condemned. Proceedings are under

A bomb has ripped through a busy market place in north-west Pakistan killing at least 39 people. More than 80 were injured in the attack in Peshawar. Last week dozens of people were killed in twin suicide explosions at an Anglican church in the city. And still in Bruce Paige, aid agencies are still trying to get much needed supply to areas
hit by tro get much needed supply hit by tro earthquakes. The hit by earthquakes demolished entire villages earthquakes villages leaving tens of thousands homeless.Life is slowly returning to normal in this village after a powerful earthquake devastated the area last earthquake devastated last week. The women and children try to resume the life they once had. This was a village built on an arid piece of land with many people living here, now it has an eerie silence. For this man and his brother the only tro teks for their families has been this little hut which was the only thing left standing and it is this particular hut that the has given them protection from a blistering sun but most of these people are worried about their future, they have now to rebuild their homes. He recalls the horror when the roof caved in on his home. TRANSLATION: I found my wife under the debris. Luckily she survived but she was badly wound. I borrowed some money to get her some medicine but she still needed to be taken to Karachi for treatment but I can't afford that?Huddled together with other family members they wait for help and relief to arrive. The real challenge for them now is an uncertain future, and a reconstruction of their home . TRANSLATION: My only worry is how to rebuild my home which took me years of construction, now I lost everything and there's no-one to help except god.The earthquake may have come and gone, but the real task of rebuilding the area will prove challenging for the Government.43 rebel groups fightening on the outskirt of Damascus have formed a new group in the fight against Bashar al-Assad. They're calling themselves the Islam army and they will be the biggest armed group in the area.Rebels fighting in the outskirts of Damascus have united but not under the banner of the free Syrian army. The new group is called the Islam army, it includes more than 40 groups mainly seen as religiously moderate. A military commander appears here saying the Islam army will be more efficient and well organised. He also calls on other rebel groups to join the new army. This isn't the only setback for the free Syrian army. Only a few weeks ago, the most powerful group in Aleppo distanced itself from the free Syrian arm whichy and merged with another group. Moderates are also distancing themselves from the Nusra front which is US Government calls a organisation. But on the ground, they're still fighting together. Fighters from the Nusra front and other brigades launch a coordinated early morning attack to control the border crossing. Our hours later, the they celebrate what they describe as a major victory. It's the main crossing between Syria and Jordan. It was closed by the Syrian Government seven months ago. TRANSLATION: There are still snipers positioned in the building but it's just going to be a matter of a few days before we have the upper hand.But the fight is far from over. Government forces shell the area constantly and the rebels are still positioned here taking cover behind sandbags. Neighbouring Jordan has repeatedly voiced concerns over the growing influence of religious fighters in Syria. Countries like the US, France and Britain have been trying for months to train and equip what they consider a moderate secular opposition that will take over if the Syrian regime collapses.Oil giant BP is heading to court in the United States for the second phase of a civil trial for the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The court will determine how much BP and its partners will have to pay out in environmental fines. The company took 86 days to stop the flow of oil its blown out well in the Gulf of Mexico.Million of barrels of oil spilled into the gulf of Mexico when the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, that was Horizon more Horizon rig exploded, that more than three years ago.For those who live and work here, the passing of time hasn't made things easier. Shrimpers are still struggling to get accident catch, for many a generation's long tradition is coming on &.Now I just tell my kid to stay in school and I do whatever I can. However many hours on the boat to make sure that don't happen.I was born here. I'm still here, and so is BP.BP's already paid out billions of dollars into a compensation fund for following precious pressure from the Obama Administration but their legal troubles are far from over. On Monday, phase two of the civil trial against BP and its partners begins and key to the judge's findings will be a precise calculation of just how much oil leaked.Huge amount of oil either way but the bigger thing is the amount omoney at stake. If it wins they're looking at about $2.5 billion fine whereas if the Federal Government wins, you're talking about a $17 billion fine. At the trial is expected to last three weeks and could see BP and its partners fined billions but even that may not be the end. Individual and state cases have still to go court and to it Ma be decades before the full extent of the environmental damage is know.Elise, the local share market was struggling this morning, how is it looking sharply
now?It's got worse, and it's sharply down now, off by around 1.3%. That's all because the US Government has less than 48 hours to avoid a shut down of services amid political divisions over President Obama's hell care law. By Tuesday afternoon, the two houses of Congress need to reach agreement on a budget bill that will allow Government departments to keep operating .We have a matter of days but hours to left to prevent or Government from shutting down. A shutdown is not a tactic, it's not a strategy, it is a failure for this country. Let us not be the country whose representatives can not work together to fullful the most basic function of Government.A shutdown would leave essential services operating but prompt Federal agencies to temporarily suspend many functions including paying hundreds of thousands of workers. Economists say the latest data from the Reserve Bank further dispels claims a housing price bubble is emerging. Total credit 1% in August, credit increased by a third of 1% in August, that's slightly
below 1% in below what analysts has been forecasting. The number of home loans grew by 0.4% and they're up almost 5% when carried to a year ago. Economists say that's still close to record lows. Inflation remains weak and also casts doubt on a widespread housing boom. The monthly TD Securities and Melbourne Newt inflation gauge says Henry Tax Review and new house prices eased last month. Inflation rose by 0.2% in September. Prize rices for computers fruit and vegetables were offset by the falls in other areas. Some other figures out today on China - it was lifted by a rise in export orders in September but overall activity was weaker than expected. The latest index by HSBC held relative steady at a level of 50.2 in the month. The survey found new export orders particularly from Europe and the US increased for the first time in six months, suggesting some resilience in the global economy. But domestic orders were softer than forecast. Joining me now for a look at all of this is a senior economist at NAB. Thank you very much for joining us, there's a fair bit on at the moment. Taking a look first at the credit figures though, there's within much talk about a property bubble. Does this put holes in itI think what we've seen, we've certainly seen house prices rise in Sydney and Melbourne and at least till recently in Perth Elise but the housing credit numbers Australia you said there in your introduction still only growing at 0.4 so I guess the two offsetting factors to some house price growth coming through there in the credit numbers is thatle the subdued level of activity for interest for new houses and also lower
interest rates has allowed home loan borrowers to repay their home loans at a faster rate.That also is reflected in the fact that growth in term the deposits looks like it's the fact that growth in easing, deposits looks easing, it's notral surprise considering where interest rates are?No, I guess that's right. So it's tweaked people's interest in alternative forms of investment, that's also consistent with some of the other consumer sentiment surveys we've been seeing about where people see the wisest place to invest so we've seen as the cash rate's come down so have term deposits rates come down so relatively less attractive than thirp six to 12 months ago.The ASX has really benefits from that today. We're looking at it finishing at one of the best quarters we've seen in some

in some time?I think with this being caught in the vice of the negative sentiment that we saw in the US on Friday, with the talk of a US Government shut youp, we saw volume tiltsy index and then of course behad thealian political problems and given that we've had such a big rise of late, I guess some correction today wasn't a big surprise for the market here. It would have been pretty hard to push back on that today.And taking a look at the inflation report we've seen, it looks like inflation is relatively contained where will the Reserve Bank be moving tomorrow?I think the inflation numbers we've seen today have probably consistent with pretty subdued headline and underlying inflation so that's probably not a barrier to any further change if the RBA wants to do that, but do need more numbers before they get to the that point so unless the retail sales numbers tomorrow for August are really bad, probably need something like negative 0.8, quite big negative number, the RBA is very likely at 2:30 to leave rates on hold tomorrow, 2.5%.How concerned are they about the US situation, not only have we got tomorrow, the Budget needs to be passed or we're looking at the first US Government shutdown in 17 years but we've got the debt ceiling next month?For them it would depend upon whether that playings into enhanced market volt tilty offshore in the US and affecting global capital markets and the like, but market seems to be taking a pretty Ma sure approach it sot far so the sort of movements we've seen in the US dollar, US - bond yields and so forth have been more at the margin than wholesale at this point but obviously it's a day by day proposition.And where do you see Australian dollar going, it's tip down a little bit today off the back of some relatively disappointing Chinese data, if we don't get a Budget resolution and we run off the US fiscal cliff as well?You might have expected with the US dollar being a little softer that the Aussie would get some support. We seem to be suffering a little bit from some shorting of emerging market currencies so the market's price from market's price for no change
from the RBA tomorrow, the big ones will be from the RBA tomorrow, ones will be the retail number at 11:30 closely number at followed by Chinese PM implt release shortly after that Chinese PM implt shortly after that so the
market's shortly after that market's very sensitive to these Chinese market's very sensitive market I these Chinese numbers, so
market I guess bit cautious that those numbers market I guess just a bit cautious that those might be on the softer side after what we've seen today.Thank you very much for your time.Thanks Elise.We'll take a look at the boards now

the official Chinese PM I release shortly after that so the market's very sensitive to these Chinese numbers, so market I guess just a little bit cautious that those numbers might be on the softer side after what we've seen today.Thank you very much for take a look at the boards now -

To more on what is happening in Europe Italy's President has called for the normation of a new Government following the collapse of the country's ruling Coalition. Five ministers aligned with former PM Silvio Berlusconi have resigned over differences on economic policy. But PM Enrico Letta says the group was motivated by moves to expel Mr Berlusconi from the Senate of his tax fraud conviction. The crisis could hamper efforts to enabout reforms to tackle Italy's economic problems including debts recession and high youth unemployment. And I'll be back throughout the afternoon and the week, we have so much happening this week.Thank you. Think of E.coli and you they my of food poisoning but scientists in South Korea want you to think of fuel N a world first, they've worked out though use the bacteria to make petrol. In this unassuming laboratory at Sunshine Coast's Premier science University, this man is celebrating the breakthrough. Using a genetically modified version of E.coli his teams process breaks sugar down into gasoline, identical to the kind made by the petroleum industry.It's very easy to manipulate and genetic information was well informed.Similar methods elsewhere have produced diesel before but this is the first time that petrol with its shorter many lek lar chain has been - with its shorter molecular chains has been made. The team here is keen to emphasise that for the moment they've proved the concept. Scaling this process up will be a different task entirely. Already at an industrial scale the production of ethanol from plants such as sugar cane, the ang say the scientists of their process is that it makes the of internal combustion fuel already used in millions without the need to convert them but it of internal combustion engines them but it stale faces the same ethical questions over using energy and agricultural land to produce not food but fuel.So-called food versus fuel issue I do not agree because if you do the maths balance around the biomass generated on earth you have tonnes being wasted so you don't have to use food, crops, you don't have to disrupt large area,Professor Lee and his area,Professor Lee and team readily admit t will take years more research before their fuel makes it, but in a world where fossil fuels are getting harder to find they say their method represents an alternative.What's tomorrow's weather hold? Vanessa O'Hanlon will tell us.Very windy 24 hours ahead. Severe weather warnings through the south-eastern parts of the country, at the start very strong north-north-westerly winds ahead of a trough followed by a cold front moving through South Australia and making its way towards western Victoria, NSW and across Tasmania tonight and into tomorrow. We're expecting those winds to move into a cooler south-westerly direction and they will be gusty as well. Tomorrow we're expecting to front and the trough so move further into NSW and Queensland, also temperatures rising throughout Queensland tomorrow but in the meantime a top of 26 degrees in Brisbane, you are heading for a top of 30 tomorrow and we'll get late gusty storms, more over towards the western parts of the State we're expecting temperatures to get up into the very high 30s and also severe fire warnings for the channel country, the central and north-west.

And stay with ABC News as we bring you the latest on the day's top stories throughout the afternoon. Thanks for watching.

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Today - the asylum seeker debate and another boat tragedy expected to dominate the PM's first overseas trip.

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Tony Abbott is on his way to Jakarta for his first overseas trip as PM. Mr Abbott is taking his foreign and trade ministers, together with 20 business leaders for an evening of talks with the Indonesian Government. The stop-the-boats policy is likely to be the