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(generated from captions) Now we are waiting to take you to another media conference with the joint Labor leadership candidates Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese, that has now been delayed but we bring it to you live when it gets under way. Stay with us though for the latest from the markets and more coverage of the day's top stories. Thanks for watching.

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Today, the asylum seeker debate and another boat tragedy expected to dominate the PM's first overseas trip.

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A breach of international law - new evidence emerges of Reserve Bank dealings with Saddam Hussein's regime.Peace talks at risk following another terror attack in Pakistan.And

the battle of the the battle of the silver tails - Grand Final fever hits Sydney. - Grand

Tony Abbott is on

Tony Abbott is on his way to
the Tony Abbott is the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, for his first overseas trip as PM. Mr Abbott has taken his foreign and trade ministers together with 20 business leaders for an evening of talks with the Indonesian Government. The top-the-boats policy is likely to be the sharpest point of difference between the Indonesian PM and - between the PM and Indonesian PresidentI am very pleased to be going to Indonesia. We will be covering a range of matters because this is an important relationship and it's important to get it right at the start of this new government.Mr Abbott will head to the presidential palace is Jakarta for talks and an official dinner this evening. Indonesia correspondent George Roberts says the PM is facing a difficult diplomatic challenge. He has been speaking to asylum seekers considering making the trip by boat to Australia.It's less than three days since bodies started washing up on the South Java coast N the first asylum seeker boat sinking of Tony Abbott's prime ministership.It puts pressure on his government to deliver on its promise to stop people trying to get to Australia by boat.But in the hills around Puncak south of Jakarta, there are still many asylum seekers considering taking the dangerous voyage. They say they have been watching the election campaign in Australia to see if their luck will improve, but they say the only thing that will stop them from getting on a boat is if the new government improves their chances of getting resettled through the United Nations
TRANSLATION: If the Government of Australia doesn't help us, I have to go by TRANSLATION: When their case
isn't processed and they're waiting a long isn't processed waiting a long time, they have to go by boat.When Mr Abbott arrives in Jakarta today, he faces stiff political opposition to his proposals for stopping asylum seeker boats. The ABC understand the departments of the Indonesian government had advised the President to take a hard line against Mr Abbott's policies. It's understood that he has even been told that Indonesia should respond by helping asylum seekers get to Australia.Yes, that is true. Some of the advice that the President is getting is that we should facilitate these boat people because, again, this is not our problem, this is not are also
only Indonesian problem, and we are also the victims.Across the political spectrum here in Indonesia, there is a view that Mr Abbott's first diplomatic mistake was never discussing his policies with Indonesia before announcing them.Joining me now is the Lowy Institute's Indonesia expert, Dr David McRae. Can you tell me firstly, Tony Abbott is making his first visit

I think there's a very strong case of a violation of international law.'Four Corners' has spoken to two whistle blowers from inside companies owned by the Reserve Bank and they point to corruption, far beyond Iraq.It makes me disappointed again in some of the authorities are entrusted with enforcing the laws of this country.The RBA was looking to sell its polymer bank notes across the word and it was employing dubious methods and people to help. In Malaysia for instance, millions of dollars was paid to this man, an arms dealer.It seemed unduelly generous, that grabbed my attention right from the start. The fear was that the money wasn't just staying with the agent, that it was being dispersed.In that first week we were told that that's how business was done, bribes and commissions paid to overseas officials.When this scandal became public the AFP handed responsibility for investigating to ASIC, the corporate watchdog, it decided not to pursue the matter.And you can see that story by Nick McKenzie and Bentley Dean in full this year, that the Cover Up on 'Four Corners' tonight. A quick look at the weather now - a sunny day in Sydney and Dar win, rain for Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and obart and partly cloudy in Brisbane and Canberra. That is ABC News for now, stay with us for Asia Pacific Focus, thanks for watching. P

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