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This program is captioned live. This morning - boats and asylum seeker deaths
at sea to dominate Tony Abbott's
first overseas trip as PM. Bikie links to
two drive-by shootings in Melbourne. Two men fighting for life
after a suspected drug lab blast. And NRL Grand Final week kicks off VOICEOVER: This is Seven News,
morning edition, with Ann Sanders. Good morning.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison
is due to address the media today in his new weekly briefing
on boat arrivals. It coincides with Tony Abbott's
first trip to Indonesia as prime minister. Reporter Andrea Nicolas
is at Parliament House. Andrea, both men will be expected
to speak on the recent boat tragedy? with specifics about what happened
last week when at least 22 asylum seekers,
mostly children, died off West Java. Yesterday, in a statement, Mr Morrison's office rejected claims
by survivors that Australian authorities
took around 26 hours to respond after they raised the alarm. And Seven News understands another boat has just been detected
off Christmas Island but the minister's office hasn't
returned our calls to confirm. He should finally take questions
this afternoon. And it's unlikely Mr Abbott will be able to continue
ducking the issue in Indonesia. Clearly, there's no point in sweeping under the carpet
the issue of boats. That has to be dealt with as well
and it clearly will be dealt with

but I think it's important that
decisive action is taken quickly to close this trade. Although there's a lot
of media focus on what's happening
with asylum seekers, the reality is that this visit is about broadening
and deepening the relationship between Australia and Indonesia. The Coalition's boats policy
came under fire from protesters in Sydney yesterday and, whether it likes it or not, it's likely to dominate talks
in Indonesia later today. Here's what Mr Abbott had to say
before flying out from Sydney. I said, pre-election,
on numerous occasions that I wanted the first overseas
visit of the incoming government to be this trip to Indonesia.

I've said repeatedly that I want our foreign policy to have Jakarta,
not a Geneva, focus. Mr Abbott hopes to shift the focus
to strengthening business ties when he arrives this afternoon. Thank you, Andrea.

A bikie gang turf war has erupted
in Melbourne drive-by shootings at two businesses
linked to the club and a fire bombing. An unexploded bomb
remains at one of the crime scenes. Cameron Baud reports.

Ann, the Comanchero, outlaw motorcycle gang has come under heavy fire. One member of the gang is in hospital after being shot while two businesses linked to the gang have been shot at and fire bombed. There remains an unexploded fire bomb at this gym in Narre Warren. The bomb squad is on its way to dispose of that bomb. Comanchero members tried to go beyond the police tip to to go beyond the police tip to tape to access the gym. A Dandenong tatt too parlour was shot up. At least 28 shots were fired with the owner upstairs in residence at the time. The Comanchero member in hospital is now said to be in a stable condition. Police say that this recent outbreak of violence is drew to the ongoing turf war amongst Bikie gangs. Ann.

Two men with links to the
Finks Motorcycle have just been granted bail over Friday's violent brawl
on the Gold Coast. The men were charged with affray after the fight
with rival Bandidos members at a Broadbeach restaurant. Many families and young children
witnessed the violence, which left seven people,
including police, injured. A total of 20 people
have been charged over the incident. It prompted
the Queensland Government to announce a $20 million crackdown
on bikie gangs. It'll introduce new laws
in Parliament today to tackle organised crime and dozens of extra police officers
have been moved to the Gold Coast.

Two men are fighting for life after an explosion and fire
in a garage at a home in Sydney's south. The pair suffered extensive burns
and are both in an induced coma. Hugh Whitfeld joins me now
from Barden Ridge. Good morning, Hugh. Police believe
the fire is suspicious?

Good morning, Ann, that's right. Police think it may have been a clandestine drug lab which could go along way in explaining the events here last night. It all began at about eight o'clock, when the garage behind the home exploded a number of times and flames leapt into the air. Inside the garage were two men, aged 40 and 37, a third man was at the property as well. He is the owner of the home. The two men who were inside the garage, suffered extensive Burns. They jumped in the pool out the back and then were taken by the third man in his car to Sutherland Hospital before emergency services were called. Quite an incredible smell, unusual site and certainly lots of sounds here last night.

I saw a bit of a fire
and I thought to myself, oh, you know,
"John's having a barbecue." Then we came around the block
and we saw flames and explosions. So, we came out,
we saw this big pall of smoke, really different smell, so we were sort of worried
about the bush behind the house 'cause if that gets alight,
it could be quite dangerous.

Thank you, Hugh. Homicide detectives
are investigating the death of a man in Melbourne. The 28-year-old's body
was discovered by his father in their Narre Warren house
yesterday. The home is part
of the Montague apple orchard. An autopsy will be needed
to confirm the exact cause of death, but police are treating it
as suspicious. And a man has been charged with
the murder of another man in Sydney. The 50-year-old victim was found
behind a block of units in Waterloo. He'd been bashed to death. A 32-year-old man was arrested at
the scene and charged with murder. Most of the 60 bushfires
burning across New South Wales have been contained as the Rural Fire Service
marks the official launch 25 are out of control,
but no properties are under threat. Crews remained on Barrenjoey
headland at Palm Beach yesterday after Saturday's blaze. They managed to save the lighthouse
and a nearby cottage. The main threat today
remains in the state's north-east. Firefighters are taking advantage of milder temperatures
and lighter winds. But they're expecting
conditions to worsen tomorrow when winds are forecast to pick up.

Manly and Roosters fans
are preparing for an epic NRL Grand Final week after their teams qualified for
the title decider over the weekend. Tickets for club members
have gone on sale today. Sport presenter Jim Wilson
joins us now with the latest. Good morning, Jim. Manly's officially launched
its campaign this morning?

I tell you what, we are spoiled, the AFL Grand Final at the weekend, 100,000 fans at the MCG. Now our attention turns to the NRL decider on Sunday evening, in Manly. These pictures just in from Brookvale Oval. Their official team photo. They were very impressive in that come back game. They trailed 14-0. They are through to the decider against the Roosters. The only hard luck story luck story for them, Ritchie who got a broken vertebra in his back, he will miss the grand final. As far as the Roosters were concerned, they had a very easy recovery. They were super impressive on Saturday night against the Newcastle knights. Boyd looks like he is a certain starter. He is an Origin player. So important for the Roosters. The only question mark is whether he is 100% fit. This is the lifeguard, saying " is the lifeguard, saying "get between the red and yellow flags" they did. The colour of excitement, it's all building, the pylons on the harbour bridge have been lit up. Images of the players who will do battle on 'Sunday Night'. The Roosters and Manly. Roosters, they are the minor premier, they will start favourites but there is nothing like grand final week and in full colour, the excitement builds.

Jim, super coach Wayne Bennett
has confirmed he's staying at the Knights?

There has been a lot of conjecture about the massacre coach. He has been Lynched to the North Queensland cowboys but he spoke a short time ago and he has confirmed he's staying put at the Newcastle knights.

I've said what I've said today and I don't really
want to keep carrying on about it until you raise it again
in six months' time when some other club
doesn't have a coach. Thanks, Jim.

Have a great week, tau are talk to you soon.

The Hawks are embarking
on a third day of celebrations following their AFL premiership win
over Fremantle. The party-weary Hawthorn players
have flown to Tasmania, which is a major sponsor
of the club. They'll be presented on stage
at fan events in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport. We've had a bit of fun with the cup and we've had a bit of fun
with each other over the last couple of days, which is what it's all about. Lance Franklin
is expected to confirm he's leaving the Hawks
to join Greater Western Sydney tomorrow.

Next in Seven News - a possible breakthrough
skin cancer treatment. A tourist boat emergency
on London's River Thames. Also, dozens of firefighters battle
a massive blaze near Melbourne.

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MAN: Whoa, whoa! On your right! (TYRES SCREECH)

That was close.

# We'll be riding
on the horses... # What are they looking at? A couple of good-lookin' roosters
in a ute.

With a V6 turbo-diesel... ..the Nissan Navara is still
Australia's most powerful tradie. BOTH: # We'll go riding
on the horses... #

Fire has destroyed a property
in the Victorian town of Wandong north of Melbourne. 13 fire crews battled to bring
the intense blaze under control. Flames quickly took hold, sending thick, black smoke
into the air. It's believed
to have started in a shed where there was a lot of rubbish
stored. The owner wasn't home as crews tried to stop the fire
spreading to trees surrounding the property. Scientists in the UK believe a new way of treating skin cancer
could cure the disease. Cancer Research UK says
it's seeing spectacular results in seriously ill melanoma patients by combining two drugs
that reboot the immune system. For some reason, melanoma seems to
be able to trick the immune system and be like a chameleon
and evade their detection these. Two drugs work in two different ways to help the immune system wake up,
recognise these cancers and get rid of them themselves. The two immune system drugs
are still in clinical trials.

To finance now

and joining me is Westpac's
global head of economics, Bill Evans. Good morning, Bill. What developments will be important
for markets this week?

Well, the first most important development is the potential superintendent down of the US government, Ann. The amended documentation is going to - will be at the Senate at 2 o'clock Washington time today and it seems certain the Senate will reject that documentation. So there are huge risks that we are going to see a very nasty development in the US. The markets have reacted accordingly. The US market was down 0. accordingly. The US market was down 0.5% but we are now 1. 0.5% but we are now 1.2% and Japan is down by nearly 2% is down by nearly 2%. Our financials and our resources are also down by about 1. about 1.2% about 1.2%. The other big development will be the payrolls from the US at the end of the week where we are expecting to see a slightly better number. But the state of the US economy is not being helped by the developments we have seen in congress at the moment. And I doubt really think their Labor market is in very good shape as well. We think that the Aussie dollar will remain strong. It has been adversely affected by this latest talk. When you have a crisis like this, there is also a flight to low risk assets and the Aussie dollar doesn't fit that category so we have gone below 93 cents.

What is the Reserve Bank board
likely to do about interest rates tomorrow?

They indicated at that LA last meeting that they weren't planning on aener term change. Lots of developments over the next few months that will make them decide as to whether they can go further. I think the inflation story, the Labor market story, the high Aussie dollar story, there is still lots of strong justification for lower banks but the Reserve Bank won't be doing anything tomorrow. They will be watching and waiting and worrying over the course of the next few weeks.Thank you, Bill.

Frightened tourists have jumped
into London's River Thames to escape their burning boat. 30 people, including children,
were rescued from the freezing water. There are now calls

for the amphibious buses
to be taken out of service.

Rescuers weigheded out to bring tourists to save while the vehicle was well alight with flames and thick black smoke. It caught fire on the Thames, not far from the Houses of Parliament. From the embankment, horrified on lookers filmed the scene. The fire brigade blasted water jets on to the craft and an eye witness described what he saw.

At one point it looked as though the boat wasn't going to survive.

the engine had caught on fire, then we saw smoke, we saw fire and my husband and I said, "I think we'd better jump
into the river", which we did. I lost my bag and my passport,
everything to get home to Australia.

But dock buses as they are known, were all used in the D-day landings, nearly 70 years ago. They have been rebuilt and licenced as safe for land and

Last year, the Queen took a duck bus tour of royal Albert dock as part of her Jubilee festavists, earlier this year, there were two scents, in March a duck bus with nobody onboard sank, then in June, another one went under. This time, 31 people had to be rescued.

The Olympic flame
for the Winter Games in Sochi has began its journey to Russia after the traditional
lighting ceremony in southern Greece. Women dressed as ancient priestesses
lit the flame using a parabolic mirror
and the sun's rays. The torch relay will travel
across Russia's nine time zones and even include a trip to space. The Sochi Games begin on February 7.

Next in Seven News - the Sea Eagles gear up
for their NRL Grand Final clash with the Roosters. The latest on the future
of AFL superstar Lance Franklin. And Cadel Evans among the casualties in a brutal
world road race championship.

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Manly has begun embracing the hype
that comes with NRL Grand Final week ahead of Sunday night's decider
against the Sydney Roosters. League reporter Patrick Molihan

Yes, Ann, Manly and the Roosters Jamie, joins me, the start of a great week. There is plenty on but Geez, it's great to be a part of it Yeah, it is. It's an exciting time. It's when you want to be playing at the end of the year, two teams left and the big prize. So, yeah, very exciting week.The Roosters, there will be talk all this week about Sonny Bill women yams, he is just one of their stars. You have to shut them all down?They have got a lot of test players and a lot of Origin players, quality halfs so we will have our work cut out for us.What gets you home? You've been there and done that, you've got a few people who have upon who have upon been there. They didn't get the big didn't get the big prize, is it experience that gets you home?I think it's a bit more than experience. We have to turn up in the middle. They have a big pack of forwards, really physical forwards, really physical team. If we can limit their forwards, I like to think our halfs and backline will have the class. Like I said, there is a lot to be done between now and a victory.What do you do this week? You have been through it? Do you soak two up or push it away or just ride along on the whole experience? You have to enjoy it. You don't get - not many people even get an opportunity to opportunity to be here so you have to enjoy it. The week is set out to enjoy for the fans, for the players, for the spectators, you have to embrace it and enjoy it.All the best for grand final, thank you, Ann.

Hawthorn insist the uncertainty
over Lance Franklin's future isn't dampening
their AFL premiership celebrations. The Hawks travelled to Tasmania
this morning to continue their celebrations. They admit

has been draining.

It's been a long year,
as we've all said, with everything that's happened but, at the end of the day,
we've just won a flag which is all that matters, really. Franklin is expected to announce
he's joining the Giants tomorrow on a multimillion-dollar deal. Controversial Liverpool striker
Luis Suarez has starred in his return to the Premier League. Back from a 10-game suspension
for biting, Suarez bagged a double in
the Reds' 3-1 win over Sunderland. His second goal sealed the result. COMMENTATOR: There's Suarez and the Uruguayan
has the final word. Back with a brace,
back in business. The win moves Liverpool up to second
on the Premier League ladder.

The Perth Scorchers
have been eliminated from the Twenty20 Champions League. A nine-wicket loss
to Shane Watson's Rajasthan Royals ended Perth's semifinal hopes. Watson's duel with
former test team-mate Simon Katich didn't exactly go to plan. COMMENTATOR: Oh dear, oh dear. He wants to hit it. (LAUGHS) Wanted to hit it. (LAUGHS) Despite a strong start
with the ball, the Scorchers never looked like
defending their modest total of 120.

Cadel Evans has described
the world road race championship in Italy overnight as the most dangerous race
of his career. A whopping 161 riders
failed to finish as stormy conditions turned
the event into a torture test. Evans was unable to repeat
his 2009 victory, crashing out
just after the halfway mark. with Aussie Simon Clarke
finishing seventh.

There was more chaos on two wheels
at the Aragon MotoGP. A heavy crash on lap six ended Honda star Dani Pedrosa's
world title hopes. COMMENTATOR: Pedrosa has gone down. Goodbye World Championship 2013
for Dani Pedrosa and he's hurting.

Marc Marquez tightened his grip
on the championship with the sixth win
of his rookie season. Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the
weather details after this break.

Checking today's weather - a broad trough in the north
is causing showers and storms in parts of WA, the Territory
and Queensland. A cold front over south-west WA is bringing gusty winds
and areas of rain. An associated trough
is directing warm, gusty winds to eastern South Australia. Around the capitals - fine in Brisbane. Sydney will be sunny. Some cloud
about Canberra. Late rain
in Hobart. Windy with rain
in Melbourne. A shower or two
for Adelaide.

Darwin will stay dry.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll leave you with pictures
of 14 very adorable panda cubs meeting the public
for the first time at a research base in China. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -