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This morning, aslyum seeker deaths and border protection set to dominate the PM's first official visit to Indonesia.Rattled by corruption claims, the Reserve Bank is accused of holding secret talks with the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Australian tourists among 30 people rescued from a burning boat on the river Thames in London. And the Roosters and Manly to meet in an NRL decider for the first time in more than 40 years.Good morning, you are watching News 24. Let's take a quick look at the weather in the capitals around the country -

PM Tony Abbott is on his way to Indonesia this morning amid the latest aslyum seeker boat tragedy. The Government's border protection policy is set to dominate talks between both leaders, up to 50 people are feared dead or missing after their vessel went down off the southern coast of Java last week. Many of the victims are children. For Mr We're joined by Melissa Clarke in Canberra. Obviously Tony Abbott, it's his first overseas trip as PM and it is certainly significant given the current diplomatic sphat between the two countriesYes. There's a lot of pressure on Tony Abbott for this trip domestically, he's put a lot of emphasis on Government's ability to stem ability and the Coalition the flow of aslyum seeker boats Government's ability to to avoid the the flow of aslyum to avoid the sort of tragedies to like we saw at the end to avoid the sort of like we saw at the end of last
week, and like we saw at the end week, and he has said that week, and he has said that he expected that week, and he has said Government would be able to expected start making Government would be start making a difference right
from the beginning of this term of Government when it comes to stemming that stemming that flow so he himself has put it as a high order priority of stopping the boats, on a bilateral level certainly with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in power just for another 12 months or so, there really is only a short period with
of time for Tony Abbott to work with him to try to get closer cooperation on this issue given what a well disposed towards Australia President Susilo may
Bambang Yudhoyono has been this may be Tony Abbott's best chance in terms of getting those closer ties, so it's a very important meeting, Liz first one as PM and as he departed from Sydney heading to Jakarta this morning, he made a brief statement, not taking questions but a brief statement making it clear just how important he considers this visit to be.I said pre-election on numerous occasions, that I wanted the first overseas visit of the incoming Government to be this trip to Indonesia. I've said repeatedly that I want our foreign policy to have a Jakarta not a Geneva focus, I've said and I mean Jakarta not a Geneva focus, and I've said and I mean that while Indonesia I've said and I Indonesia may not yet be our most important Indonesia may not yet most important economic or security relationship, it is in many respects our most important relationship. So I am pleased to be going, I'm pleased to have with me the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, the trade and investment Minister Andrew Robb, I'm also pleased to be accompanied by a delegation of some 20 senior Australian business leaders. I want this to be the practice for significant prime ministerial trips overseas. I believe that these are a great opportunity to show case Australia and to offer ourselves to the world on a mutually beneficial basis. So I am very pleased to be going to Indonesia. We will be covering a range of matters, because this is an important relationship and it's important to get it right at the start of this new Government.PM Tony Abbott speaking early this morning before departing for Jakarta. Obviously aslyum seekers dominating policy agenda at this point but from are other policies the Government wants to address?In particular trade and cement is a key one. He is taking with him Andrew Robb and Julie Bishop, the trade and investment Minister and the Foreign Affairs Minister, as well as a delegation of 20 business leaders and certainly there are some high profile names among them. In an effort to try and get more Australian investment in Indonesia and more Indonesian investment in Australia given that the relatively small level of bilateral trade and investment between the two countries, that doesn't really reflect the fact that the two nations are significant economic powers around the world, now what we have is the Federal Government focussing on some key areas, in particular improving the live cattle expert trade which has been so troublesome for the previous Government, they're also looking at increasing the number of international students studying in Australia and they see Indonesia as a key market where Australia could start to intelligence its overseas student numbers given given it's fallen down from its highs given a high Australian dollar and some bad publicity concerning attacks on Indian students. They're some of the key areas that Federal Government will be hoping that this trip will will happy make some improvementsUpon his return, PM Tony Abbott will obviously want to get his domestic agenda under way, and that's ahead of parliament resuming, on that point do we know when parliament will resume?We still don't know. It still hasn't been nominated as to when it will. There's constitutional limit, they can't wait too long, so it's probably going to be around the end of October, start of November, Tony Abbott has said that he doesn't want to rush parliament back for a photo opportunity, that he's waiting till there's legislation and work to deal with but he has said that that carbon pricing legislation is the number one priority, so he will be looking to move that through parliament even get
quickly and he will before we even get to the point where parliament resumes he is going to need to start talking to the cross benchers firstly for the remaining Senate between now and mid-next year remaining Senate term, we have with the Greens holding the between now and balance of power and with the Greens holding balance of power and those
Senators-elect balance of power and Senators-elect who won't take their positions till underul j next year. - - until July next year. When it comes to that, he's going to have to start meeting and talking with them and that hasn't happened yet. morning
Christine Milne has said this morning that she's been seeking a meeting with Tony Abbott to talk about a range of issues of interest to the Greens but seems not having much luck so far.I have written to Tony Abbott and asked to meet with him to discuss various policies including his position to tear down the Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area for example, I want to put to him very strongly that that would be foolish, that Tasmanians do not want to see those forests taken out and we don't want to see the area made in danger.So Christine Milne the Greens leader there also wanting to talk to him about paid parental leave scheme and of course vowing to fight any efforts to repeal the carbon tax. Christine Milne also facing questioning again about the stability of his leadership with the Greens, she is maintains that they are a strong and United team and that questions about her leadership of course stemming from the Greens less than stellar election, are people joining dots that aren't there? Civil libertarian determined that she's still strong and has a united team behind her.In terms of parliament resuming Labor would be in no hurry to head back to parliament because they are essentially leaderless?They have either no leader or three leaders depending on how you want to look at it. Certainly there was some concern when this process, this leadership contestant process was embarked upon by the ALP that the Coalition could try to take advantage of it and recall parliament before they had a leader sorted but given Tony Abbott's indications that it's going to be later rather than sooner it seems they won't run into that problem of having parliament recalled without an official leader and only an interim leader but certainly Labor's got a lot to sort out, at the moment, it's Opposition speakspeople are remaining on in the portfolios that they held when in Government and a new leader is likely to have a pretty decent reshuffle as well and they'll need take to get across their briefs so for the Labor Party there's no urgency on that front.Speaking othafr issue we are expecting Labor leader candidates Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese to address the media in the next hour and a half or so, that's from Perth and we'll bring it to you live when it happens, and you can see Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese face questions from the party's rank and file in the last of the leadership debates live here tonight on 'Q&A', that's the Labor leader debate live from Perth from 9:30pm eastern on ABC News 24.A company owned by the Reserve Bank of Australia made illegal attempts to strike a business deal with the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. ABC-Fairfax
That's according to a joint ABC-Fairfax investigation which found officials from Note Printing Australia visited Iraq a discuss the sale of plastic notes. The deal was called off six months late ever when the Australian diplomats warned the company that it was breaching international law. In a previous sand scandal Note Printing Australia and another firm were charged with allegedly paying bribes to secure bank note contracts in Asian countries. Reporter Nick McKenzie has been following developments.The reason we've been going for so long is there's so much alleged corruption to find, it just keeps bubbling up to the top and that's a product of the fact that people, some powerful forces in the Reserve Bank and elsewhere have contrived or otherwise to keep this corruption hidden if the public. Years before this corruption scandal became public, and years before we knew this corruption to have existed, the Reserve Bank was in Iraq breaking the UN sanctions, it's about as clear as that. They went there, they sent up a front arrangement through a front man or company to deal with Saddam Hussein, to access 60 million dollar he had for some polymer bank notes in clear breach of international law, the very laws the Reserve Bank at that time was responsible for upholding shows this goes back a long time responsible for upholding so it
shows this goes time and those up the free shows this goes back a long time and those up the free knew
about time and those up the free about it. Back in 19t 8 about it. Back in 19t then about it. Back in 19t 8 was
then what hand. Australian diplomats discovered the trip some six to diplomats discovered some six to eight months later. They some six They wrote a furious letter basically saying They wrote a furious basically saying to the RBA you may have breached international law, stop doing what you're law, stop doing what doing, that was a time to pull up stumps obviously but what happened after that for the next 10 sorso years it's alleged that the two Reserve Bank companies involved trying to sell polymer bark note contracts around the world engaged on a campaign of alleged corruption to get bank note contract, the allegation is by a paying kickbacks in returntor getting award these contracts. The bank note industry around the world that it's like the arm's industry. It's very se kritive and very aggressive and it's got a very long and chequered history of bribery and corruption. You pay a bribe, you want a contract. So Securency and NPA were the new kids on the block in the 90s and they had a decision, we'll play the game like the old boys play it, we can go down the path of corruption or the right way and the allegion is they went down the old path.The Treasurer Joe Hockey his office has released a statement through a spokesman saying any improper behaviour on the part of any company or individuals the to be condemned. Proceedings are under way in relation to Note Printing subsidiaries and
they should be allowed Note Printing they should be allowed to take their course. they their course. You can see that story by Nick McKenzie and Bentley Dean in full this morning. Two men are are fighting for their lives after an explosion at a suspected home made drug lab in Sydney's south .Fire crews were call to this property at Bardon ridge in Sydney around 8 last night after reports that a large garage at the back of the property was a alight. They came here to discover that the garage door has been burst open and also some cars outside the property were smouldering. Two men inside the garage at time, a 37-year-old and a 40-year-old were taken to Sutherland Hospital with severe burn, they were then transferred to the Royal North shore Hospital where they remain today in a drug induced coma with life threatening injuries. We've spoken to a couple of the neighbours here this morning that saw the fire last night,My husband and I called, I called the police, my husband called the fire brigade only because we found blood throughout the house, so we just said that something might have been going on,Sorry, you found blood?We found blood throughout the house, and the balcony door was open and there's a few lights on so we thought that's why we thought that there was someone in the house and we just wanted to warn them.Hazmat fire crews as well as drug police are investigating this scene today. A 41-year-old man who transported these two critically injured men to hospital last night is unalso under investigation being questioned by police.Overseas now and in London, 30 tourists have been rescued from a burning bots near the houses of parliament on the river Thames. Some of those onboard including Australians were forced to jump into the water to escape the fire.A terrifying scene played out in the heart of London close to the House of Commons. As the fire on the boat took hold many passengers took to the water. Others tried to pluck up the courage to jump.Quick!We saw the tour guide and the captain had a look at each other like, this isral problem, isral problem, and then encouraged to us put life jackets on and jump off.I was worried that the boat might worried that the boat blow, so I wanted to get into that water, I knew hide be fine if I got in the water, we can swim.The cause of the fire is under investigation, there have been previous incidents with similar duck boats two sank in Liverpool and their licence has been revoked. Splt a young child was among several allowed to go home after medical treatment. Ambulance crews said they dealt with 30 people at the scene, many were cold and wet after 10 minutes in the water. Three were taken to hospital with minor injuries, seven people were treated for the effects of breathing in smoke.We mobilised initially three pumping aplainses and the fire boat from the pontoon behind me and they were very quickly on scene.This incident happened very close to a fire station on the river Thames, rescuers were able to get to the scene very quickly. As one police source said the outcome could have been a whole lot worse. In this case fortunately the duck boat was in shallow water near the bank and other vessels were close at hand. It could have been very different.Suspected Islamist militants have attacked a dledge in north-eastern Nigeria killing up to 50 students. A military spokesman says the students were shot dead as they slept in their dormitory. North-east Nigeria is under a state of emergency under an insurgency by the Boko Haram group . They're fighting to overthrow the Government and have lunch launched a number of attacks on more than 30 people have been killed a more than killed a 70 injured in a bomb attack in the city of Peshawar. Two bloss ripped through a busy market,ed setting shops and vehicles alive. It's the third deadly bombing in the city in the past week.The historic story tellers bazaar in the city of Peshawar, blurning and bleeding. In mid-morning in the busy market place police say a vehicle packed with over-200kg of explosives was deadinated. I was hear when suddenly there was a blast. Black smoke spread all over and nothing was visible. When I saw people lying on the road. There was no-one to pick them up.The anguish here is just a few hundred metres from where suicide bombers killed over 80 people in a church exactly a week ago. Peshawar's mine hospital is once again overflowing with scores of injured. It's seen around 140 dead following attacks in the last week alone. All this just after PM said the Government wanted to talk to the mill about thes a move backed by other prominent leaders like Imran Khan. But while the militants said they wanted to talk peace too, the killing has continued. Today this video appeared apparently made by the Pakistani Taliban purportedly showing the moment early this month an army jeep was blown up. So should talks still go ahead.There are those in parliament who bloov the only way to end the blood shetd is to negotiate with the militants but with every attack, there are an increasing number of Pakistanis who feel there is simply not to discuss with those capable of such barbaric acts.43 rebel groups filinging on the outskirts of Damascus have formed a new group in the fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. They're calling themselves the Islam army, and they will be the biggest armed group in the area.Rebels fighting in the outskirts of Damascus have united but not under the banner of the free Syrian army. The new group is called the Islam army, and it includes more than 40 groups mainly seen as religiously moderate. A military commander appears here saying the Islam part-timy will be more efficient and well organised, h he also calls on other rebel groups to join the new army. This isn't the only setback for the free Syrian army. Only a few weeks ago, the most powerful group in Aleppo distancedist from the free Syrian army and merged with another group. Moderates are also distancing themselves from the newsry front with the US Government calls a terrorist organisation. But on the ound on the ground theyle still fight together. Fighters from the Nusri front and the Nusri front and other brigateds launch a coordinated early morning attack ocontrol the border crossing. Hours later, the they celebrate what they describe as a major victory. It's main crossing between Syria and Jordan. It was closed by the Syrian Government seven months ago.Tran treason there are still snipers positioned in a building but it's just going to a matter of a few days before we have the upper hand.But the fight is far from over. Government forces shell the area constantly and the rebels are still positioned here taking cover behind sandbags. Neighbouring Jordan has repeatedly voiced concerns over the growing influence of religious fighters in Syria. Councils like the US, France and Britain have been trying to months to train and equip what they consider a moderate secular opposition that will take over if the Syrian regime collapses.The United States
Government is edging closer to a Government is a shutdown as political opponents argue over Government spending.The Republicans are essentially blocking a Budget bill. It's not quite blocking it, what they've done is attached a clause to it which would strip money out of President Obama's hell care reforms which are known as Obama Das care. They're using that as a tour to get rid of this law which was signed into law three years ago, it's about to start working, the President not surprisingly has said, "No, I'm going to voto that." What we had last night here was Republicans in the House of Representatives backing down a little now, they've put the Budget bill back to the Senate and said, "What about a one year delay and tax scrap the tax on medical equipment ?" The Democrats said that this is over, this was passed, this was signed into law, that's been through the Supreme Court, it was an issue in last year's Presidential election and the other guy lost, this is done and you can't use a Budget bill just to try to force some changes to a law that you don't like, so it's sort of been described as a stand-off that's not quite true. What you have I think is a real stand-off between prawns and Republicans, you have one Republican in particular, his name is Senator Ted Cruz and he's only been in the Senate for less than a year but he's the one spearheading this and he's a favourite of the tarpt. People had thought that their influenced a probably as peaked. They didn't do as well in the 2012 leaks as they did in 2010 but here you have essentially a tea party Senator who is convinced the lower house of Congress to ignore the wishingst of their leaders and to push this plenty
through because there are plenty of senior Republicans who think this is adloiks tactic. This is going to ends up hurting the Republican Party. And there's some reason for them to think that as well. The last time this happened was in 199 #6 are f and the Republicans got hammered. They're not at all happy. Already there's some indication that the run Republicans are going to put a shopping list of their wishes, demands whatever to the debt ceiling, that's far more serious a Government shutdown, people get laid off for perhaps a few weeks. The US could for the first time default on its loans and that has massive implications for the US economy and for the world.Think of E.coli and you may think of food poisoning but scientists in South Korea want you to think of fuel. In a world first they've worked out to use the bacteria to make petrol. Nmpbilities this unassuming laboratory they're celebrating a breakthrough. Using a genetically modified version of E.coli his team's process breaks sugar down first into fatty acids and then go gasoline, identical to kind made by the petroleum industry.The information was industry.The well informed.Similar methods elsewhere well elsewhere have produced diesel before but this is the first elsewhere have produced time that petrol with before but this is shorter many lek time that petrol been made time that petrol with its
shorter many lek been made in this way . The resulting liquid been made in this way . resulting liquid could straight
into any been made in this way . The
resulting liquid at the moment into at the moment it would take a
long at the
into any conventional car but at the moment long time to fill up your
tank.The team

tank.The team here is keen tank.The team here is keen to emphasise that for the moment they've proved the content. Only half of one gram of fuel is produced. Zaling this process up will be a different task entirely. Already at an industry scale, the production of ethanol from plants such as sugar cane. The advantage say the Korean scientists of their process is that it makes the full already used in millions of internal combustion engines without the need to convert them but it still faces theestical questions as the ethanol industry of using energy and agricultural land to produce not food but fuel.So-called food versus fuel issue I do not agree because if you do the mass balance around the biomass generated on earth you haveton tonnes of biomass being wasted. You don't have to disrupt large area.Professor Lee and his team readily admit it will take years more research before theirment fuel makes it but in a world where fossil fuels are getting harder to find they say their method relate epts an alternative.Let's check sport with Sacha Mirzabegian and excitement building ahead of grand final week for the snrlThat's right. The last of codes for the year and it the grand finals of if foody codes for the year and it has
be-Ghan. The Roosters will face Manly in Sunday's decider. Trent Trent says he faces collection headaches ahead of the match with O'Donnell and another expected to be given the green light to return from injury but there's also question marks there, Manly backrower Glen Stewart and Michael Jennings are both free to play after escaping suspension from charges laid during the weekend's preliminary finals. Quade Cooper is warning there is no quick fix for the team's travring form under new coach Ewen McKenzie. Speaking ahead of their final rug championship clash away to argue on there could be
Saturday, Cooper predicted there could be more pain before any gain. The Australians suffered a disappointing 28-le loss let down by turnovers and missed tackles at crucial times. Liverpool start somewhat Luis Suarez has scored two goals in the English Premier League. Suarez returned from a 10-game suspension to lead Liverpool to a 3-1 win over Sunderland. The result moves Liverpool back to second on the latter while the loss leaves the Black Cats anchored on the bottom of the table, meantime...Steven Gerrard, and a great finish. Daniel Sturridge yet again.It's a fable delivery and look at this.Everybody thought it was off his head but it's come off his arm and he's actually lent his arm towards it and it's been difficult for the officials to see see. Sturridge officially attempting to head a corner, his his arm and went in and off he goes again and 1-nil becomes two and it's you know who?5.5 months he served.He can shoot here. And Sunderland are back in business. His return to the Premier League arena has been a successful one, there are two over on the far side, one of them is Sturridge. Henderson is inside him, this worries and the Uruguayian has the final word. Backwith a brace, back in business, and Liverpool up to second in the Premier League. What a good strike, he'll be disappointed to have been beaten from that range but Norwich City take the lead and deservedly so.Is it the surprise element that outfoxes the keeper because its wasn't in the corner of his net. It was to the side of him, the right-hand side of him,Psycholess Simon Clarke has finished 7th in the world race championships in Italy while fellow Australians Cadel Evans crashed in heavy rain and was forced to abandon the race. The man of the moment Costa of Portugal rode an unscathed and he took out the event really I'd say timed race and he took out the event while
Evans fael he took out the event Evans fael in very wet
conditions after he took out the event while
Evans fael conditions after the second of
ten Evans fael in very wet
conditions ten hilly circuits around Florence. And that's ten hilly circuits Florence. And that's the latest Florence. And in sport, tip for the grand final at the beginning of the week I won't hold you to because anything can happen here till Sunday.You're asking someone who really has no idea about NRL?It's like asking about NRL?It's like one of those animals what their tip is.That might be the next thing. The next bulletin we'll ask the animal, no problem.Let's check the latest weather now with Vanessa O'Hanlon. Very windy end to September for a large part of the country . Wet also if Perth. The city has added another 8mm to their wettest September on record. Very warm northerly winds ahead of a trough. Coulder south-westerlies in its wake, that's already up to 20 degrees in Adelaide and 19 in Hobart. We have gusty north-westly winds around 78km/h in Hobart, around 95 on Matthew Knights Hotham. Damaging wind warning across the country's south-east possibly getting as high as 1130km/h. Tomorrow this weather system will make its way through NSW, spreading showers and storms and even up into the southern parts of Queensland. Another system will march across the country on Wednesday with the trough lingering over Queensland for the rest of the week.

The top stories from ABC News - the PM Tony Abbott is on his way to Indonesia amid diplomatic tensions over aslyum seekers. The Government's controversial border protection policy is set to dominate talks in Jakarta. The confirmed death toll from the latest boat tranl di has reached 21, another 33 people are still mying many of them children. Rescue efforts are continuing off the southern coast of Java. The company owned by the Reserve Bank of Australia faces allegations of making illegal attempts to strike a business deal with the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. That's according to a join ABC-Fairfax investigation which found officials from Note Printing Australia visited Iraq to discuss the sale of plastic notes. The teale was called off six months later when Australian diplomats warned the company that it was breaching international law. A bomb explosion has killed at least 389 people in north-west Pakistan. More than 08 were injured in the blast at a busy market in the city of Peshawar. Sunday's attack was the third to rock the city in the last week. And 30 people have been rescued after a tourist boat caught fire on the River Thames in London. Passengers including Australians were forced to jump into the water to escape the blaze. A woman and child were taken to hospital after inhaling smoke.Tony Abbott is on his way to Jakarta this morning on his first official trip overseas as PM. Border protection and the recent aslyum seeker deaths are likely to dominate talks between both leaders.It's less than three days since bodies started washing up on the South Java coast. It puts pressure on his Government to deliver on its promise to stop people trying to get to Australia by boat. But in the hills around this area south of Jakarta there are still many considering taking the dangerous voyage. They've been watching the election campaign in Australia to see if their luck will improve but say the only thing that will stop them from getting on a boat is if if the enough Government improves their chance of getting resettled through the United Nations process. TRANSLATION: If the Government of Australia doesn't help us I have to go by boat. TRANSLATION: When their case isn't processed and they're waiting a long time, they have to go by boat.When Mr Abbott arrives in Jakarta today he faces stiff political opposition to his proposalstor stopping aslyum seekers boats. The ABC understands the departments of the Indonesian Government have advised the President to take a hardline against Mr Abbott's policies. It's understand that he's even been told that initiative should respond by helping aslyum seekers get to Australia.Yes that is true. Some of the advice that the President is getting is that should facilitate these boat people because again this is not our problem, this is not only Indonesian problem, and we are also the victims.Across are also the the political spectrum here in the political Indonesia, there's a Mr Abbott's Indonesia, there's Mr Abbott's first diplomatic
mistake was never discussing his policies with Indonesia before announcing them.A radical plan to help deal with doctor shortages in rural areas would see pharmacists take on some of the work normally handled by GPs. The plan has been put forward by the former head of the Federal health department who says that pharmacists should be allowed to provide vaccinations and play a greater role in managing chronic disease. Dr Ducket is now the health program manager. Good morning to you.Good morning Andrew.You're arguing that this system, this concept works in Britain and Canada, why not here?Exactly. Pharmacists have had a greater role in health care than just selling drugs over the counter and so on in in a number of country, we're suggesting that they should be better integrated into the health team in Australia especially in these rural and remote communities, that shay should with the agreement of the GP and the patient be able to issue repeat prescriptions for example for a defined Peter like 18 months and take the load off these doctors who are really overloaded because there are so few in these yearsThis is all about efficiency. The pharmacy guild of Australia argues that their members have been underutilised at the moment?Yes. There are are pharmacists in all these areas and if you compare the number in these areas it's actually in these areas it's lower than city. It's about access, got to focus on the patient, the patient needs to see someone, and at the moment the patient has to go and see a doctor to get a repeat, why can't they say see a pharmacist if the doctor agrees that that's fair enough.I understand there has been a small trial in both Queensland and South Australia, how have the patients responded to this?The trial in Queensland and South Australia was for physician assistance, a new health professional in Australia, again well used overseas, patients loved it. They could get to see someone quicker, they were happy with the interaction and said they'd go back and see the same sort of person.You're talking about a physician assistance, this is separate to farmists, so what role then would a physicians assistant have?They can do much the same sort of things as a doctors. They'd be employed by the GP, work within the general practice of the GP, work under delegation of the GP and the GP would say, "This is the range of things you can do." And they're trained to do a broad range of things, to do prescriptions, test order like X-rays and so on, they take a significant load off the GP in these areas where the GPs are so overworked.When we talk about those rural areas where obviously patients find it difficult to access GPs, because they're simply aren't enough of them, you feel then that the combination of the physicians assistant and local pharmacists, that it will plug that hole and there will be much greater access and efficiency?Absolutely. At the moment, if you continue the same sorts of policies, for people in remote Australia, it's going to take them 65 years to get the same level of access as people in the cities. We think something different has to be done on top of the existing policies something new has to be done and I think you can do it with the farmist, you can do it very, very quickly. Within five years you get these worst areas up to about 84 doctors per 100,000 rather than the 60s, 65 that they've got at the moment so make a significant improvement in accessRequire any retaining, particularly for farm sirss if they're issuing particularly for farm sirss they're issuing presiptions, pl they be some concern that this they're issuing presiptions, would be they're issuing presiptions, pl
they be would be open to abuse as far as they be some concern that this would as some patients are concerned, this that they as some patients are this that they would take advantage?Oh this that they would advantage?Oh yeah. Farmists have a four year training at the moment. the moment. New graduates have been trained to do vaccination, the one thats that greatated a few years ago would need some retraining for the vaccination, again with the prescriptions, there is sort of what the pharmacists are training to do it would really very little to upskill them a bit more to take on these additional roles.Thank you.Thank you.A joint ABC-Fairfax investigation has uncovered a new scandal involving a company owned by the Reserve Bank and the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Secret files reveal officials from Note Printing Australia visiting Iraq at the height of UN sanctions to discuss the sale of plastic notes. The deal was called off six months later when a Australian diplomats warned the company that it was a
breaching international law. In a previous sandical, Note Printing Australia and another firm were charged with allegedly paying bribes to secure bank note contracts in Asian countries. And you can you see that story by Nick McKenzie and Bentley Dean in full this dwraef, that's cover up on 'Four Corners' tonight at 8:30 on ABC 1. Clive Palmer is stirring the pot as he awaits a recount in the seat of Fairfax. The billionaire won the first count by just 36 votes. Because his majority was less than 100, the votes needs to be checked again. Mr Palmer says his opponent have underestimated him.I told everyone we'd win seat, I told everyone that we would addressing of the Australian people and they all said afs fool, that I was kidding myself. Our number one policy we had the economy, was that we said that instead of companies paying their tax quartly in in advance based on an estimate of an profit they may never earn they should pay it at the end of the year. To pay t when they aernts the profit. This will be able Clive and if he ends up in the parliament, the recounts on, as the member for Fairfax, if we've got the member for Fairfax a two or three Senators then frankly Gough t got enormous influence by Clive Palmer and this will always be about Clive. No-one should be under any misunderstanding about this, if you want to understand where Clive Palmer's coming from, have a look at what's in Clive's interest and you'll understand it. The Palmer United party wasn't taken seriously, it was underestimated by all the political parties, the LNP, the Labor Party, the Labor Party for example didn't even sit down and talk to him about...We're just going to jump out of that story becauser with taking you live to Perth now with Anthony Albanese is speaking. (INAUDIBLE) We need to do better in Western Australia, we need to select candidates early, we need to campaign hard, on our achievements of what we did in Government and also need to campaign on the basis of the difference the stark difference between Labor and the Coalition. We know they're there. They're there in terms of road and rail funding, they're there in terms of the National Broadband Network, they're also from in terms of the better schools program. This morning I was just talking to some teachers from Northam. They're going to miss out on funding in that regional school that would benefit from the better schools plan. We need to make sure that the West Australian Government is held to account but also the Federal Government is held to account. They said during the campaign there was a whole lot of expectation management from Tony Abbott. He said that policy was the same Tony Abbott. He said that their policy was the same as the Federal Labor policy was the Federal Labor Government's
policy. Well policy was the same as the
Federal Labor policy. Well it's not. They had $2.3 policy. Well it's not. They $2.3 billion of funding over $2.3 billion of four years as opposed to $10 billion over six so they need to be held to account on all to be held to account on all of those issues. Clearly as well, there needs to be a larger Federal presence here in Western Australia. It's hard when there's only three out of 15 members but we also have good Senators and we also need to increase our presence. This is my sixth visit to Western Australia this year. I'm a leader of
regular visitor here and if I'm leader of the Labor Party, every single member of Labor's frontbench will travel to Western Australia, spend more time here, get to know the people, get to know the issues, it's absolutely critical that the national Government represent the national interest. Tony Abbott is interested in Sydney, he's not really interested in Western Australia, he hasn't spent much time here. And it's critical that Federal Labor have an increased presence here, not just during an election campaign but each and every day between now and 2016. If that occurs, I'm confident that we can improve and win seats in Western Australia, clearly we do need to do that if we're to get back into Government and hold the Abbott Government to account.REPORTER: Is Mr system
Shorten's proposal of a quota system the right way to broaden the Labor Party's appeal?The problem you've got I think is if you have a quota system forwell women and for indigenous and lesbian xaendss and other quotas as well for difference quotas as groups potentialry for people who have disabilities for people of ethnic backgroundses for people who might feel more than one of those criteria, you do end up I think having a real issue with the community who want to know that their candidate is the best candidate for that community. I'm a strong supporter of making sure that Labor representation represents the diversity that is there inory community. In my area, we have as one of my local members is Linda Burnie, the first woman elected to the NSW parliament of an indigenous background. She's now the Deputy Leader of the Opposition. She got there because of her talent and her ability, that's why she's risen to be Deputy Leader of the Opposition. I don't know how it would work in terms of quotas based on sexuality. For some people, that's a private matter and they're entitled for it to stay a private matter if they say choose so I literally don't know if you tick a wox for what categories you filled when you stood for parliament or for Labor Party preselection. And particularly given that Lower House seats, there's only one person, that raises a real issue, I think in terms of judgment people should be judged by who they support, when the time of the last State election in NSW there were five State seats within my Federal seat of grandler, all five only them were held by women, they happen to be the Premier, the Deputy Premier, the Education Minister, the Communications Minister, and the arts Minister, they were senior representatives in the Government, and I don't support having what I #24i would be an impractical however well meaning, measure. I think what's important is that people in leadership positions take responsibility, actually support women when they are running, when they're goods candidates and support indigenous people when they are running and they're good candidates. I supported Nova Peris as cane for the Senate, I voted for Nova Peris as a member of the national executive. I think that has made our team more diverse. You need to be prepared to do that and show leadership, but at the time I think the categories if you go to four or five or six different category, I think frankly, you'll have an elsal problem whereby people if they live in a particular seat want to know that their candidate is to know that their there based upon the fact that there based they're the there based upon the fact they're the best candidate for Labor. So I think we're mature they're the best candidate for enough as Labor. So I think we're enough as a political party enough as a political party to achieve diverse achieve diverse outcomes without having a striblingt without series of categories - a strict series of categories placed on indigenous, gay and lesbian, people with disabilities, people from ethnic backgrounds or people who mietel fit two or three or more of those boxes.Tony Abbott's heading over to Indonesia, what do you think about the timing of that?I think Tony Abbott did say that he would go to Indonesia in the first week after he was elected. He didn't do that. But then again he also promised the people when he was at the festival that he would go to Yongu country in the first week after the election as well. I think Tony Abbott has made a pretty poor start to foreign policy. Tony Abbott within days, it takes some skills to upset our nearest and largest neighbour in terms of Indonesia in the way that it has occurred. It's been quite unprecedented. The fact that the Indonesian Government have made very clear their concerns about Australia purporting to make announcements that impact on Indonesian without any regard for the views of the Indonesian Government or people. Quite franchly, the proposition that Australia will go into the largest archipelago on earth, that has three-quarters of a million commercial vessels and start buying up boats in order to show counteract the people smuggling business is an absurd policy. All it would do is provide incentives for boat building industry in Indonesia. Tony Abbott made these announcements during the election campaign. He was not held to account for them, and now after the election campaign he's trying to get rid of all transparency. It was good enough for him to parade around Perth with a big sign on the back of a truck with the number of boats that had some come with aslyum seekers to Australia. He updated it, he campaigned in front of it, now he says that any information at all contradictses the interests of Australia. You can't have it both ways. You also can't once you're the PM run from accountability. That's what we saw from Tony Abbott. We now have a PM who runs from the parliament, the first Opposition Leader to ever do that to run from a division, he also runs from the media and indeed makes a statement to the journalists from the media that frankly if Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd had made that statement to a journalist there would have been a front page story in every newspaper in the country on the next day. But he did that, he did it on Saturday, you can't hide from accountability. People have lost their lives at sea with this tragedy. What Australians expect is the Australian Government is be upfront, to tell them the details and the circumstances of what occurred, otherwise it undermines Australia's position, not just in terms of he here dos meically but also undermines our position in the region. (INAUDIBLE)
I just met him and shared a brekkie with him, so Mark McGowan is a friend of mine, I'm known him for a very long time. He's a very good Labor leader here in Western Australia, and I look forward to continuing to work with him in whatever One final one, your reaction to in whatever capacity. REPORTER: One final one, your the Rabbitohs weekend?It the Rabbitohs effort on the
weekend?It was very disappointing, on Friday. I've waited 42 years, my mum took me to the SCG hill in 1971 when we beat St George. I was hoping that before my son got to a similar age of seven, I would get to take him to a grand final to see Souths play. But the boys put in a fantastic effort, it was a great year, the truth is that Manly were the better team on the night, so Souths will regroup, and no doubt come back bigger and stronger next year. I really look forward to seeing Tom and George Burge es when they grow up because it's a scary thought the fact that they will get better which they will and I was talking to their mum Julie Burgess and their agreement was there on Friday night as well. They very, very proud of the effort that the Burgess boys put in but I think for all of Souths, one thing about Souths is we're loyal supporters, so it's been 42 years, let's hope h 3 years draws a line under it. Thanks.That was Labor Party leadership candidate Anthony Albanese speaking in Perth, a disappointed man having seen his team South Sydney bow out of the NRL grand final. Now let's check the latest markets with Elise Morgan.Markets are falling as investors anticipate the first US Government shoutdown in 17 years. Steve Daghlian from CommSec says the US Government is running out of time to retch a budget deal?We don't see the Democrats and Republicans agreeing on something by tomorrow there could be a partial Government showdown and there would be the first time in 17 years this would have been done. There are consequences for this, about 800,000 jobs could be at risk at least over the the short-term anyway and there's always the risk of a credit downgrade for the US depending on what happens in the next 24 hours, so a loft taking place and that's certainly keeping investors on edge.As a result othe local share market the down around 1.2%, all sectors are lower. Despite this ASX 200 is still heading for its biggest quarter gain since the third quarter of 2009. On Friday in the US

NThe inflation gauge rose by 0.2% in September. Prize rises were upset.In this electronic age some bemoan the death of books but it seems those rereports may have been greatly 2008ated. Tens of thousands of biblio files show that there's nothing like it. Resumers of the book's desmise have yet to be substantialated. This book fair is a biblifiles delight.There are lots of books in our house.All the things I never got to read in my childhoodFrom the dark arts after politics to children's classics there's something to satisfy everyone.. Here we have some of the more special items from 1667, was printed at the incgation of Kings Charles the second.Lifeline in Canberra cycles through 1 million books a year donated and sold at fairs like this. There's a special room is reserved for about quarian books where only the most seek enlightenment.It's a gathering of people who do love books either for reading or because books are a work of heart.Down the hall it's a scrum as book lovers and bargain hunters work their way through hundreds of thousands of titles, perhaps unearthing a hidden gem.I wrote my PhD Franically so anything that
turn wrote my PhD on Miles Franically turn up by him, worst $4 Australian and $500 turn up by him, worst Australian and $500 have turned
up Australian and $500 up here.And while some succumb to digital distraction, there are plenty of junior book worms. What are your favourite kind of stories?I look adventure stories, and also battle stories tooLighting the way for a new generation of book addicts.We think reedings is an addiction, wes they it's great.A good book will never run out of batter.Let's cheek the latest weather now with Vanessa O'Hanlon. Very windy end to September for a large part of the country, wet also in Perth, the city has added another 8mm to their wettest September on record. Very warm northerly winds ahead of a trough cooler gusty south-westerlies in its wake, that's already up to 20 degrees in Adelaide and 19in Hobart, we've got gusty north-westerly winds around 78km/h in Hobart, around 95 on Mount Hotham. Damaging wind warnings across the south-east with winds possibly getting as high as 1130km/h. Tomorrow the weather system will make and storms and even up into through NSW, spreading and storms and even up into the southern parts of Queensland. Another system will southern parts of Another system will march
across the country southern parts of Queensland.
Another across the country on Wednesday
with the across the with the trough lingering over Queensland for the rest of the week.

Now we are waiting to take you to another media conference with the joint Labor leadership candidates Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese, that has now been delayed but we bring it to you live when it gets under way. Stay with us though for the latest from the markets and more coverage of the day's top stories. Thanks for watching.

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Today, the asylum seeker debate and another boat tragedy expected to dominate the PM's first overseas trip.

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A breach of international law - new evidence emerges of Reserve Bank dealings with Saddam Hussein's regime.Peace talks at risk following another terror attack in Pakistan.And

the battle of the the battle of the silver tails - Grand Final fever hits Sydney. - Grand

Tony Abbott is on

Tony Abbott is on his way to
the Tony Abbott is the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, for his first overseas trip as PM. Mr Abbott has taken his foreign and trade ministers together with 20 business leaders for an evening of talks with the Indonesian Government.