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This Program is Captioned Live. Members of the Indonesian military involved in a fatal people smuggling operation that left dozens dead.

Meanwhile hundreds of people march through central Sydney condemning the Government's asylum seeker policies.There was a problem with the way in which the Australian rescue authorities sometimes dismissed distressed calls from asylum seeker boats and that seems to have happened again on Tony Abbott's watch. The Olympic Flame is lit ahead of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. And the Roosters get ready to make a splash against the Manly Sea Eagles. Hello, live across Australia, you are watching ABC News 24. I'm Kathryn Stolarchuk. Let's take a look at tomorrow's weather in the capital cities:

Indonesian soldiers have been accused of driving asylum seekers to a boat which later sank off the Java coast. 31 people died and around 20 more are missing feared dead. More details are eye merging about how the boat broke up in choppy seas, just 50 metres from the shore near Agrabinta in Indonesia. George Roberts reports.The ocean had little mercy for the boat or those on board. And the wreckage shows why few survivors have found. why few survivors have been
found. Passengers trouble began on Thursday and the boat trouble began on Thursday the boat started taking water, so they turned the boat started taking so they turned back so they turned back to Indonesia.I called Australian Government like 12 Indonesia.I Government like 12 times. I
told them we Government like 12 told them we have 55 child. We don't want to go to Australia, just take us out of the water. We don't want to die. It's our mistake, not the children's mistake.He says help was promised but in 24 hours, nobody came. Finally, within reach of safety, just 50 metres offshore, hope fell apart.And the boat just flipped and we started to swim and who can swim has survived.More than 30 kids are among the 50 people missing or dead.The bodies on the sea, on the beach - it was awful. It was like, you will never forget this in your whole life.Rough conditions have hampered rescue operations, meaning authorities have little more to do than inspect the wreckage.TRANSLATION: We haven't deployed any boats or do done any searching on the sea because it's a rough sea with four to five metre waves. We can't put a dinghy in there. We can only hope they have survived.Those who did are helping Indonesian and Australian investigators to identify the people responsible. Two known smugglers have been named, Abu Ali and another man called Abu Saleh but more embarrassingly, local authorities have yet again been implicated as helping asylum seekers get to the boat.The army took us. The army was driving the cars...So the Indonesian military were involved?Yes - that's what I saw.A story that's becoming all too common.

This latest boat tragedy has cast another shadow over the PM's first overseas trip this week. Tony Abbott leaves for Jakarta tomorrow. The Government has strongly
defended its response to calls for help from the asylum seeker boat, rejecting claims of a 26-hour delay. Here is political reporter Narda Gilmore.

As hope for survivors fades, Melbourne's Lebanese community waits for news.Up to 40 people from Lebanese background are either dead or missing.It's thought most of the estimated 80 on board the sunken asylum seeker boat were fleeing northern Lebanon. A member of this family already lives in Melbourne. His mother and several siblings are feared dead.A lot of families lost members but I heard of the one family losing about four members.Of course, we have expressed our deepest sympathy to the families of those that were tragically lost.Survivors claim they called for help on Thursday and waited for more than 24 hours.We send them the position on the GPS exactly where are we and we drowned, nobody come.Breaking with his strategy of weekly operational updates only, the Australian Immigration Minister has now released two statements. The latest says:

All of the immediate action that was required was taken. In particular, Australian authorities immediately contacted Indonesian authorities.The Government says a merchant vessel and border protection aircraft searched but couldn't locate the boat. There are no specific details and the Immigration Minister is yet to take questions. Tony Abbott dodged them yesterday.I do think Mr Abbott's made a mistake by not explaining what he knows so far because I think it's important that we reinforce confidence in the Australian authorities on the frontline.The Immigration Minister is due to give his weekly update tomorrow as he prepares to join the PM in Jakarta. Tony Abbott's described the asylum seeker issue as a passing irritant but it's already clear it will dominate his first overseas trip as PM.

The asylum seeker debate spilled on to Sydney streets today. Protesters again voicing their opposition to the Abbott Government's boats policies. But not everyone agreedz with them.

Free, free the refugees.This refugee rally ended at Circular Quay at the spot where the first fleet handed in 1788. The location was chosen to symbolise the welcoming of refugees and the danger of their journey.The Coalition Government is not interested in saving lives at sea. They don't pretend to make this claim.The protesters say the Government's plan to re-introduce temporary protection visas will only lead to more people risking their lives.But it's these policies that are stemming hatred.This protest normally begins at Town Hall and ends at Town Hall. they wanted to go This time the protesters they weren't well received they wanted to go further but they weren't everyone.I think the coming out they weren't well received by
everyone.I think coming everyone.I think the ones
coming out here are a little extremist and coming out here are a extremist and their views don't make much political sense.I do make much political sense.I think that immigration should be opened up, legal immigration. That's my position on it.The protesters are calling for an inquiry into the latest boat deaths including the response of the rescue authorities.A bushfire that threatened an iconic landmark on Sydney's Northern Beaches has been declared suspicious by authorities. Firefighters have been praised for their efforts after the historic Barrenjoey lighthouse and surrounding buildings were saved. It's been a busy days for crews who have continued back burning.It's been a nerve wracking 24 hours for Shane Kavanagh whose house is one of the few properties on Barrenjoey Head.I've been here for over 55 years now. I can't remember in my life a fire as bad as this one.This morning back burning efforts continued on his doorstep.Absolutely everything they have done has protected the house. They have done a great job.The fire has burnt through more than 90% of the national park bushland. Dozens of RFS firefighters were today setting a controlled slow burn towards the water's edge. Locals gathered to take it all in.It was pretty full on. She was a bit sad watching our headland burn.It was a difficult task for those first on scene as they successfully fought to save the 1880 lighthouse and buildings with only minor with breathing apparatus were
able to get into the roof able to get into the space, using snap sacks to extinguish the fire.It's believed the fire started midway up this walking track at two o'clock yesterday afternoon. It only took half an hour for the fire to reach up the hill. Firefighters met the fire up here and spent two hours bringing the flames under control in the buildings and saving them. Notification of the fire was sent out on SMS and people gathered at the refuge area in front of the lighthouse and were then taken to safety. The cause of the fire is now being investigated.It's suspicious fire and being investigated by police and Rural Fire Service fire investigators. At this stage we will leave it with them.Easing conditions have helped crews working on several fires across the State but conditions could worsen on Tuesday. The Federal Attorney-General has repaid expenses he claimed as parliamentary entitlements to attend aed withing two years ago. It's claimed George Brandis and Barnaby Joyce billed taxpayers around $3,000 after attending the wedding of former radio presenter Michael Smith in 2011. Mr Brandis says he stands by his view that the expenses were work-related but has repaid almost $1,700 in costs. Barnaby Joyce denies he claimed for flights and accommodation.The only thing you can say is the

The Opposition has called for an investigation into the matter. Bikies have labelled the Queensland's Government crackdown on Gold Coast Outlaw motorcycle gangs as propaganda. Dozens of extra police have been sent into the Glitter Strip after brawls on Friday night. Civil libertarians have also condemned the response.60 extra police were sent to the Gold Coast but it was a relatively quiet night compared before.
to the bikie brawls the night before.We need all crews here now - all crews!Police still made dozens of arrests. Only one was linked to an outlaw bikie gang.That person was in possession of a baseball bat.The Police Commissioner says they will do everything to bring them to justice.Ripping them from their restaurants and hidey holes.WeWe had small groups of OMCG groups going into restaurants to look for people who I guess were of a group and trying to out. I think understand the circumstances, what the
Minister was saying is certainly justified.Civil libertarians have condemned the libertarians have Minister.The Police Minister to say they will be pulled out of restaurants or pulled out of something called their hidey holes even if they are not breaking the law is the invitation to a police State.We will be acting lawfully at all times.Terry O'Gorman said bikies acting illegally should be arrested...It's an irresponsible statement for the Police Minister to make AA bikie spokesman said the State Government crackdown is nothing more than propaganda. Aimed a at taking the heat off police corruption in this State.Well that's not the case at all.Some residents have welcomed the tougher stance.There have even been murders. Be nice to see it cleaned up and the streets are safe again.Late this afternoon, two more bikies were arrested over Friday night's fight, bringing the total charged to 20. Suspected Islamist gunmen have shot dead 26 students in Nigeria. The victims were shot as they slept in the college of agriculture in the country's north. North-eastern Nigeria is under a state of emergency amid an Islamist group who wants to overthrow the Government. Dozens of people have been killed in a bomb blast in Pakistan's north-western city of Peshawar, the third attack in a week. The suspected car bomb detonate in the a busy marketplace, killing 31 people and injuring 76. Peshawar is the gateway to the troubled tribal regions controlled by the Taleban and al-Qaeda-led

A week after a deadly terrorist strike on a Nairobi shopping centre, Kenya's Government is facing claims it was warned of an attack. A leaked intelligence report said authorities were alerted. The claim comes as survivors returned to the mall. The ABC's Mary Gearin reports.Inside the ruins of the Westgate Mall, there may still be more bodies to be found. Yet people are being allowed back in to claim their cars, if they can.Everything, it just caved down, you see the metal, you see cars on top of the rubble
that had obviously come down from the top level parking from the top level garage. It's just one giant garage. It's cave-in. It will take months and months and months to work through. It's mess.A week of at attack new footage has become available. Here Red Cross officials frantically usher people to safety. While the attackers fire nearby. There are new claims that Kenyan authorities overlooked security warnings ahead of the attack, including specific threats against the shopping centre.It's my first time back here.Abdul, a businessman, was captured in these photographs going back repeatedly into the mall to save civilians trapped by the fighting. Including this four-year-old American girl, Porscia Walton, somehow persuaded to run for her life.She was very brave, a little girl of her age, running towards strange men holding guns is not an easy thing. I'm not sure if any kid her age would have done the same.It's now a time for reflex as Kenya seems determined not to be divided by the horrors of the last week.

The Olympic Flame has been lit in ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympics ahead of next year's Winter Games in Sochi. It began its seven day journey in the hands of Alpine skier, Yianis Antonio. It will pass through 14,000 people making this the longest relay in the history of the Winter Olympics.The Olympic Flame thus reminds us to be aware of our own Olympic limits but it reminds us also to use the strength of our values and symbols for the positive development of global human society. The Olympic message sees the global diversity of cultures, societies and life choices as a sort of enrichment. It accuses no-one and it excludes no-one. But it does require us all to defend and uphold the Olympic values in all the sports competitions among all those taking part, at all the Olympic venues. Only then can we use our positive message of tolerance and respect through fair play in sport to set an example for the harmonious development of humanity. Now, let's
as our Russian friends say, let's go.Now to sport with Daniela Intili. A set back for Manly ahead of the NRL Grand Final?Heartbreaking news for Richie Fa'aoso. Manly has revealed that Richie Fa'aoso will miss the Grand Final after breaking a bone in his neck during the Sea Eagles win over Souths. a full Souths. He is expected to make a full recovery but will neck brace for a full recovery but neck brace a full recovery but will wear a
neck brace for the weeks. Glenn Stewart and Michael to play in next Michael Jennings are both free to play in next Sunday's decider after low decider after charges. The minor premiers ended the late surge with a 40-14 win. The tri-colours traded trainers for togs, taking a dip at Bondi after taking booking a place in the season finale.It's a beautiful day down finale.It's a beautiful down here. We mix it up with the beaches and do a bit of recovery.While the water was chilly, it was warmer than the team expects from Manly on Sunday.We have had good physical games against them this year, low-scoring games too. I expect next Sunday will be no different.Being dragged into the anti-doping investigation this week didn't affect the Roosters' form as Grand Final
the club qualified for its 6th Grand Final in 13 seasons. COMMENTATOR: They call it the big dance. Well the rooster is gonna dance with the eagle.Newcastle's fairytale quickly became a nightmare when inspirational veteran Danny Buderus was knocked unconscious.This is the last thing anybody in football wanted to see as the departure for Danny Buderus.In his final game, the retiring hooker was taken to hospital but assured fans he was OK, posting a photo on Twitter today. Without Buderus, the Knights were vulnerable.Up goes Tupou.The Roosters were clinical scoring seven tries to two, including doubles to Guerra and Jennings.It feels good we have
progressed another week. The ultimate goal is to win.Both teams deserve to be there. The best team will win. The Sea Eagles have received a major boost with key forward Glenn Stewart free to play in the decider after escaping suspension. Grand Final week has officially kicked off in Sydney with giant images of past and present greats projected on to the Harbour Bridge. Around 20 hug,Hawthorn fans packed into Glenferrie Oval this afternoon, to celebrate the side's AFL premiership victory over Fremantle. Many fans were left wondering whether it was the last time they would see star forward Lance Franklin in Hawthorn colours. There was the night before...SONG:# We're the mighty Hawks... # And the morning after.Your 2013 premiers!Wherever they were, Hawthorn fans couldn't get enough.This is the best place to be the day after a Grand Final.Where else would you want to be.While the jokes needed a bit of work.Do you know about Freo? There's no ships arriving in their dock - no premierships?All creatures great and small wanted to get involved. Every generation of Hawks fan was getting in on the celebrations with the Grand
grandparents of last minute Grand Final call up, Jonathan Simpkin among those basking in the premiership success.We would be the proudest grandparents in Australia.He is one of 28 grandchildren. We have had nine children, six sporty. That
boys, three girls. We are a bit sporty. That keeps them out of trouble.You had to admire some people's courage.Pretty brave. I was happy to come along but I was going to wear my Freo gear.Also standing out was Lance Franklin but with the forward's future still very much uncertain, he wasn't shedding any light on things today.I love Hawthorn. They have been a massive part of my career. We've been together for nine years and I love Hawthorn. How good was it mate!This is the place every Hawthorn wants to be the day after the Grand Final. Amongst the excitement at Glenferrie Oval, there is no place one visiting team wants to be and that is Melbourne Airport without a premiership cup. It was a very long flight across the Thousands of Fremantle fans have gathered at Subiaco Oval in Perth home following yesterday's loss
to Hawthorn. in Perth to welcome their team to Hawthorn. It was the club's first AFL Grand Final since inception in first AFL Grand Final since its is already inception in 1994 and the is inception in 1994 and the club 2014. Clint is already looking ahead 2014. Clint Thomas reports. While the While the overcast weather here in Perth matched the mood of many of the Fremantle faithful, the Dockers arrived home early this afternoon, after yesterday's 15-point loss to Hawthorn in the AFL Grand Final. They came here to a preplanned event at Subiaco Oval where they were met by thousands of proud but disappointed Fremantle supporters.We didn't win but 15 points is nothing to be ashamed of. Really proud of them.Go Freo. We don't care if they won or lost. It's good to know they experienced a Grand Final.I'm so proud. I sprayed my beetle with white stripes and purple.The coaches and players are talking about 2014.I'm not putting a dampener on a good year but it will take a huge amount of work to get ourselves back to the position we found ourselves in, our coaching group and playing group, thank you for your support.We are going to grow. We are a young group. Stick with us and stay passionate and we will come again. Thank you. There is no rest for the players. They will have player reviews early next week before going on annual leave.The Wallabies miserable form in the Rugby Championship has continued with a loss to the Springboks in Capetown. Australia faces a must-win game in Argentina avoid the wooden spoon.

The last time the Wallabies won in Capetown, 'Achy Breaky Heart' was ruling the charts. 21 years later the song remains relevant for Ewen McKenzie's team.Very trust freighting at the moment. All we can do is keep plugging away and the world will turn.While the Wallabies were stuck in neutral, South Africa slipped into fifth gear and tore the visitors to shreds with exhilarating rugby.Sensational try by the sgox.The sin binning of Michael Hooper hampered hopes of a comeback as the men in gold continued to go backwards.He had to race back.South African props were starting to resemble fly-halves as the home team continued to make inroads. The Springboks were also a man down for ten minutes.That's a broke
shocker.Promising movements broke down and the Wallabies have only one win from five games in the Four Nations Rugby Championship.Timani can't get enough.The visitors finally scored in the dying minutes and if they lose in Argentina next weekend, they will finish on the bottom of the table.Plenty of time to sit on the plane and reflect.The All Blacks trailed Argentina in the second before normal service was 33-15
resumed. They finish world a 33-15 win. New Zealand is 5 points ahead of the Springboks who they meet in Johannesburg next week.

A star-studded NSW team has beaten Tasmania in the opening game of the domestic one-day competition at Bankstown oval. Stephen Smith top scored as the Blues posted 1778. The visitors could only make 97. Smith continued his good form from thees tour and made a 70 off 99 balls with two sixes.That will go all the way. Maybe just shy. Yes, it's crept over the rope.The Tasmanian innings never got done with David Warner proving sharp in the field. Playing his first game for NSW, Nathan Lyon took 2/23 and Moses Henriques was the pick of the bowlers with 4/17. Kenya Wilson Kipsang has smashed the world record to win the Berlin title with a time of two hours, three minutes and 22 seconds. The 21-year-old shaved 15 seconds off of the previous world record set by Patrick Marcou. It's the 9th time a world record has been set in Berlin. Arsenal is two points clear at the top of the Premier

Cars from the past were on show at the 33rd annual bay to Birdwood rally in SA. It inspired a James Bond theme. Kim Robertson went along for the ride.Classic cars with a licence to kill.Got the Martinis.Got the gun.Cars and James Bond are intrinsically linked together.My Nanna has an Austin 1800.They revved up from for the journey from the coast to the hills.The kids like to see it. It's an outing for them. They wave to all the drivers and everything. They seem to love it.For some the course proved harder than a 007 course proved harder than mission. While a route change caused some mission. While a caused some confusion, it tempered by caused some confusion, it was
tempered by some helpful spectators.It's not sign spectators.It's not posted to turn the first time the event the first time the favoured the South Eastern Freeway. Although breaking with tradition has been controversial among some entrants and spectators, organisers insist the route change has stirred but not shaken the event.The entrants on the balance will support it. We are confident they are liking the change. It's a taken 45 minutes off the travelling time.Drivers settled in for the day at the National Motor Museum. Sunny spring weather helping to attract a crowd of 10,000 people.An occasion for people to have fun.It's been to Perth and back and never missed a beat.Come up every second yeemplt it's one of the best days of the year.For some of the cars it's back into the garage. They won't come out until next year's event.

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The top stories from ABC News. Indonesian authorities have been implicated in helping a group of asylum seekers get to a boat which later sank. Those on board say soldiers drove them to the shore. 31 people have died and 20 are still missing feared dead. The boat broke up in choppy seas 50 metres off the coast. This latest boat tragedy casts a shadow over the PM's first overseas trip. Tony Abbott leaves for Jakarta tomorrow. The Government has strongly defended its response to calls for help, rejecting claims of a 26-hour delay. The Government says a merchant vessel and border protection aircraft searched but couldn't locate the boat. A car bomb in Pakistan has killed 33 people and injured 70. It hit the oldest bazaar. There has not