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The death toll in the latest asylum-seeker boat sinking climbs to 28. As climbs to 28. As hundreds of people march through central Sydney condemning the Government's asylum seeker policies.There was a problem with the way in which the Australian rescue authorities sometimes dismissed distress calls from asylum asylum boats and that seems to have happened again on Tony Abbott's watch. This Program is Captioned Live. The Attorney-General denies any wrongdoing but pays back the expenses he claimed to attend a wedding. And more than 10,000 Hawks supporters flock to the club's former home ground to celebrate Hawthorn's 11th premiership win.Hello, live across Australia, you're watching ABC News 24. I'm Kathryn Stolarchuk. Let's take a look at tomorrow's weather in the capital cities. The death toll from the latest asylum-seeker boat sinking has climbed to 28 but a similar number are still missing, most of them understood to be children. The boat sank in a remote area off West Java after it got into trouble on Thursday. Indonesia correspondent George Roberts has the latest developments.Rough conditions have hampered rescue operations and the risk to rescuers means the search is likely to be suspended. So far today, though, another 7 bodies have been recovered putting the official death toll at 28. missing though and it is thought most of About two dozen more are thought most of the casualties are missing though and it is are children. Survivors have named two known people named two known smugglers as the ones who masterminded the operation. They've also masterminded the They've also implicated members of the Indonesian military of the Indonesian military as soldiers helped drive the passengers to the departure point somewhere about three hours from the capital Jakarta.Survivors say they called Australian authorities when the boat got into trouble on Thursday but no-one came to help. The Federal Government has rejected claims Australian authorities took more than 24 hours to respond to the unfolding disaster. The coalition says the response was quick and appropriate.It was a report that related to an event in the Indonesian search and rescue zone, and of course all of the immediate action that was required was taken, in particular, Australian authorities immediately contacted Indonesian authorities and of course there was very close cooperation, as it appropriate in those circumstances, to deal with the unfolding event as quickly as possible.But the Opposition says there are many unanswered questions. The Government is expected to give more details at a briefing tomorrow. The PM, Tony Abbott, will travel to Jakarta ahead of the regional APEC meeting. Labor says it will be a test of prime-ministership.The Liberals had a plan during the election which was to buy boats. Secondhand fishing boats. I think the Indonesians found that insulting and plus it is a ludicrous policy. You're not going to be able to buy all the boats in South-East Asia. What I would just think about the Abbott Government, I think the Australian electorate will give them some grace to work out what they're doing and initial stumbles, but not working with the Indonesians closely, you tone need to be the Foreign Minister to work out that's important.Protesters took to the streets of Sydney this afternoon to demonstrate against the Abbott Government's asylum seeker policies. Around 200 people gathered at Town Hall for what they called a welcome refugees rally. Police cordoned off George Street as the group marched towards Circular Quay calling for an Sovereign
end to the coalition's Sovereign Borders policy. The Refugee Action Coalition's Ian Rintoul was among those in attendance. He's calling for an inquiry into the deaths of up to 50 asylum seekers whose boat was wrecked off West Java earlier this week.We saw an inquiry only finished a couple of months ago that said very clearly that there was a problem with the way in which the Australian rescue authorities sometimes dismissed distress calls from asylum boats and that seems to have happened again on Tony Abbott watch. happened again watch. Nauru and Manus Island are hell holes. are hell holes. They're unworkable policies. They're punitive policies that are designed overwhelmingly for domestic consumption. We need to end offshore processing and need to end temporary protection visa. They only inflict misery on the thousands of people who otherwise have become very important citizens who have conduited. All the people on temporary protections un Howard are permanent residents contributing to the community. Tony Abbott wants to slam the door in their face. It is a life sentence for them and their families.The Federal Attorney-General, George Brandis has announced he'll repay the travel expenses he claimed to attend a wedding two years ago. Senator Brandis has confirmed he claimed nearly 1700 dollars on flights, accommodation and a hire car to attend a wedding of radio presenter Michael Smith in Sydney. He issued saying he considered the costs
were within saying he considered were within parliamentary entitlements because the function was primarily for work function purposes. However, Senator Brandis says he wants purposes. Brandis says he wants to resolve Brandis says resolve any uncertainty and has sent a resolve any sent a cheque covering the expenses to the Department of Finance. The Victorian Premier, Denis Napthine, says it is important people continue speaking it is speaking out against violence I year on from the murder of Jill Meagher. Ms Meagher was raped and killed just over 12 months ago after a night out in Brunswick in Melbourne's inner North. Thousands of people today marched past the place Ms Meagher was abducted. Dr Napthine says his government is hearing the community's message.It is important for me to come just to show my support and sympathy for Tom Meagher and for Jill's family who I've spoken to a number of times and also to say to the people of Melbourne and Victoria that I'm with them when it comes to community safety, that enough is enough, that we want a safer community and as Premier of the state, we want to deliver a safer community and a community where people can feel safe in their streets, in their homes, in their community.

The Italian PM Enrico Letta has warned he'll will unless his administration receives clear back in a parliamentary vote in the coming days. His threat came after a late night Cabinet meeting failed to approve an important packet of budget measures.This government has brought together the
bitter political rivals and in the past few days the tensions have become so acute that the centre-left PM, Enrico Letta, said late on Friday they would quit unless his administration won a confidence vote in Parliament. Mr Berlusconi's party has pre-empted that. The tensions began to escalate after Mr Berlusconi's recent court conviction for tax evasion. This left him liable to be Hugh mill latingly flung out of Parliament and he fought the moves to expel him, relations with his coalition partners collapsed. Now the government is being pulled apart.The Greek Government has launched an unprecedented Golden
crackdown on the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn arresting several members of Parliament. Anti-terrorism police rounded up more than a dozen party members after a Golden Dawn sympathiser allegedly killed a left-wing activist. Party supporters protested against the crackdown. Authorities have previously been accused of turning a blind eye to violence committed by members of anti-immigrant party which won 7% of the committed by members of the 7% of the votes in last year's election. The international election. The chemical watchdog tasked with chemical destroying Syria's arsenal says destroying Syria's chemical arsenal says its first wave of
experts will travel to Dhaka later today. It follows yesterday's successful yesterday's successful vote in the UN Security Council to adopt a binding resolution on ridding Syria of chemical weapons. Damascus. The Organisation For the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons says with international support, the plan should be carried out by the middle of next year. This week 13 of Syria's prominent rebel factions declared their unification under the banner of the Islamic Alliance which rejects the western backed Syrian National Council. The declaration confirms the deep fractures within opposition forces and illustrates the complex sit of the glifl war. Joe Siracusa says that it makes it hard for the west to back a winner.The west is going to have a very tough time with the Islamist alliance. In fact, it is going to have a tough time with anybody because we don't really have a dog in the fight. There's Assad on the one side, he's got Hamas behind him, he's got Iran behind him, he has Russia behind him and Syria is a Russian state now, a product of what Putin wants to do with the rest of the Syria. On the other side we have Al Qaeda type resistance that's moving further and further to the left. The moderates are going to be squeezed out. Moderates are always squeezed out in every revolution. The Islamists are determined to bring back a very severe Sharia law. I read in the 'New York Times' yesterday one of the groups was responsible Times' yesterday groups was responsible for stoning people to people for smoking and watching football. The problem is while the US, Australia, Britain The problem is while Australia, Britain we don't have a fight in the fight woo, dough known whom to trust, we have a stake in the region and have to make sure this doesn't spill into Lebanon or into Turkey or into places like that. Syria is prove that the world is a cruel and dangerous and uncertain place. We're not going to have a happy ending here. We're not quite sure what to do with these people or whom to support. America is very, very wary about getting too involved in the area. It is very complex. In fact, all America can do now is learn how to under stand the particularities of what's going in the Middle East. It is beyond the realm of one think-tank to figure out what's going on. It is fluid every day.Pakinstani officials say dozens of people have been killed in an explosion near a police station in Peshawar. The blast happened in a busy marketplace in a region believed to be inhabited by Al Qaeda and Taliban militants. One police official said the blast occurred shortly after a car pulled up at the market. A vigil has been held in Nairobi, Kenya, for victims after the tack on the Westgate Shopping Mall a week ago. Around 200 tearful friends and relatives gathered alongside other residents at sunset near The Mall saying prayers and lighting candles for those who died. 67 people were killed in the tack and dozens are still missing. Militants from the Somali group Al Shabaab are believed responsible. The President of Iran has returned home to a hostile reception over his attempts to improve relations with the United States. Hundreds of Iranians were there to cheer Hassan Rouhani as he arrived from the United Nations, but there were also hardline protesters who threw eggs, shoes and rocks at his car. Last week, he made phone contact with US President Barack Obama. Their discussion about Iran's nuclear program was the first time the leaders of the two countries have spoken in decades. The huge Bangladeshi garment trade has been under the spotlight amid deadly building collapses. Garment workers in in some of the have been fighting with police demonstrations in some of the biggest
demonstrations in They're complaining about lower wages demonstrations in months. wages and factory conditions.These wages and conditions.These are some of
Bangladesh's garment conditions.These are some demanding better wages. Bangladesh's demanding better wages. Their
salaries are some of Bangladesh's garment workers
demanding better in the world. There have been protests like these across the country for the past week. Some of them have been so violent that they've prompted the government to deploy paramilitary troops. The protests have shut down factories and brought the garment industry, the main driver to the economy to a near standstill. The workers are demanding the minimum wage be increased to $104 a month. TRANSLATION: How can we get by. My rent as high pass my salary. There's food and other expenses.Garment workers like this woman earn an initial there is 38 a month. A little more than $1 a day. But she says that's not enough to make ends meet.TRANSLATION: We only get to eat meat once a month. Fish is rare for us. We live on a diet of potatoes, lintels and sometimes we et eat eat ricin and chillies. You can't live on this salary.She works for a factory that makes clothes for some of the biggest international brands. While workers make their demand for better wages some international brands have hinted they could shift their order as way to other countries if the unrest in Bangladesh continues. This man is the Vice-President of the Bangladesh garment manufacturing association. He does accept the workers' wages need to be rayed but insists he faces pressure from brands to keep costs low.The salary we have to get it from our as well because we ask our customers to come forward to increase their prices, because they have a lot of looms, as we are putting some garments $40, but we're getting $7. There's room play.We contacted government ministries in charge of overseeing the industry as well as representatives of overseeing the industry as international brands. But they refused our international brands. refused our requests for a response. refused
international brands. But they response. The intensity of refused our requests for these latest protests have made one thing clear - no matter what the arguments against no
their cause, many workers are no longer content to no longer content to be taken advantage of.It is a country advantage without snow and there are many who still think Timor cholesterol unit safe and unstable part of the world.But an 18-year old of Timorese heritage is hoping to change those perceptions by becoming the nation's first winter Olympian.Looking out from Darwin's foreshore, Yohan Goutt journey
reflects on his mother's journey there four decades earlier. My mum left Timor Leste 1974 when Indonesia invaded Timor and she took a fishing boat with a few of her sisters and family members.Times change and so has Timor Leste. The 18-year old hopes to raise awareness by competing at the 2014 Winter Olympics. If successful, he'll be the first ever winter Olympian to represent the tiny nation.I want people to see that Timor Leste is a country that suffered, that, indeed, today its people want to make it better.For French born Yohan Goutt ski something in his blood.My mum gave me a Timorese culture and a Timorese heritage and my dad gave me that passion and that love for skiing.With billions of people expected to watch the Sochi Winter Olympics, it is not just those in Timor Leste Yohan Goutt wants to make proud.My mum is really proud of me and I think that's one of the most important things for me. Parents proud of her son.Even more so should he become Timor Leste's first gold medallist.To sport with Daniela Intili. The wounded Dockers have arrived back home in Perth.No flag but still plenty of support. Thousands of Hawthorn supporters have flooded to the Hawks former home ground at Glenferrie Oval to celebrate yesterday's grand final win over flooem. The small suburban ground in Melbourne's east haven't hosted a Hawthorn ground since 1937 but was packed with fans as the club celebrated its 11th premiership. Some fans were lucky enough to get photos with the Premiership Cup before the coaching staff and players arrived to the delight of the crowd.(Cheering and
applause)Alastair crowd.(Cheering and applause)Alastair Clarkson and
cap applause)Alastair Clarkson and cap ten Luke Hodge, your 2013

Hawks!(Applause). Team song plays). (Cheering and applause). Must be absolutely pumped? Yes, that's right. There's no better thing about winning yesterday. It was a great victory.Alastair Clarkson, Ladies and gentlemen.(Applause and cheering).We're really proud of what we did over the course of the year. Hawthorn had - we're really proud of them. I said to Luke, obviously we've had a burning desire to change things, to change things from 12 months ago.Yes. It's amazing how suffering makes you beat a path to be winners. The greater awareness we had to redeem last year. Whether we win or lose, we know the supporters will always follow us anyway, but we're so glad we could please you guys coming here todayYesterday Hawthorn held off a late Fremantle challenge to win the grand final at the MCG in front of a crowd of more than 100,000 fans. Hawthorn's Jack Gunston booted four goals while Brian Lake was awarded The Norm Smith Medal. The Dockers fought back to get third-quarter. The Hawks
rallied in the final term to win by 15 rallied in the win by 15 points. Alastair Clarkson, his legend status in Hawthorn folklore is assured, it is his second premiership as coach of the Hawks after he led them to success in 2008.NRL Minor Premiers the Roosters are through to the grand final with a 40-14 point victory against the Newcastle Knights. They'll face the Sea Eagles in next Manly
Sunday's decider in Sydney. Manly back-rower Glenn Stewart and Michael Jennings are both free to play the grand final after low grade charges. Newcastle were the underdogs but with master coach Wayne Bennett calling the shots, and with experience across the park, the Roosters weren't taking any chances. They came out firing, breaking the line multiple times before Jeremy Smith cracked under pressure.. COMMENTATOR: Jeremy Smith has gone on with the tackle. There's the two points off the boot of the man that was down injured.To make matters worse, Danny Buderus clashed with the infamous for Shad or Hargreaves and was out for the count.Hargreaves has no control over that. Wour their inspirational leader the Knights turned to pivot Jarrod Mullen. He made a break and won a penalty.A penalty inside the 10.The Roosters didn't flinch and answered with two tries in two sets before halftime.He's over Jennings.After the break, it was only a matter of time before holes began to appear in the Knights' tiring defence. set
Bill Tupou made a break which set up the next try. Michael Jennings accelerated between two players to fine the line. Then it was James Maloney's turn .Through the hole James Maloney. Inside him. He scores.The Roosters charged into the grand final with a second try from Robert Guerrero. An easy win for the chooks who quickly turned their attention to next week.We got the job done. We can look back and try to improve the next week. Another big clash against Manly. They're a really good side. They are he in some form at the moment thanks for sure. Looking forward to the big one.Sebastian James, ABC News.In the rugby championship the Wallabies have gone down to the Springboks in Cape Town this morning 28-8. The home side scored two tries within three minutes to build a 14 point lead with less than a quarter of the game gone. The match got nasty at times with four players sent to the sin bin. Australia's only try came from debutant winger Chris Feauai-Sautia with two minutes remaining. Meanwhile, the All Blacks have defeated Argentina in La Plata, the hosts took the early lead have a the boot of Marcelo Bosch before New Zealand scored to be up 11-9 at the break. Argentina had the All Blacks spooked and applied pressure through their forwards. But the Kiwis push add wade with tries to Sam Cane and Ben Smith to win 33-15. In domestic cricket, NSW has beaten Tasmania by 81 runs in the first match of the one day competition in Sydney. The Blues made 9 for 178, test batsman Stephen Smith top scored with 70 off 99 balls. S the Blues posted 178. In reply the Tigers could only make 97 as NSW claimed a bonus point win. In soccer, arsenal is two points clear at the top of the English Premier 2-1 win over English Premier League after a 2-1 win over Swans. There were
some 2-1 win over some shock losses. Reigning champion Manchester United lost some shock losses. its second champion Manchester United its second game in a row going down 2-1 its second game in a row down 2-1 to West Brom at Old Trafford. The lost puts more pressure on new manager David Moyes who has lost three of his first six league games. Aston Vilnius beat Manchester City 3-2 and a 10-man Chelsea held on to a one-all draw at Tottenham. The spurs took the lead in the first-half before Chelsea skipper John Terry headed home a free-kick after the break. And in tennis, Australia's Samantha Stosur has lost to Lucie Safarova 7-5, in the first round of the Chinese open.That's a shame. Thanks Danny. More than 1000 grey know hads have stopped country for
their travels around the country for a big catch up. They've pulled into Rockhampton for a caravan club get together and are swapping stories and tips about life and the road. Marlina Whop stopped in for some morning tea.(Sings) # Because I've been everywhere man, I have been every man, across the descend man, I've breathed the mountain air, ifl's travelled my share, I've meet every three years at these rallies be meet every rallies be they come together for friendship and fun and to renew acquaintances for friendship and fun and renew acquaintances they've
made at previous for friendship and fun and to
renew made at previous national rallies. They swap lots of rallies. ideas about caravanning and their trips along the way.We're Eric and Bev Byng from Deagon in Brisbane. We've come here to the national rally. It is our first one. We're having a great time. We do a fair bit of travelling around Australia.I think it is really good for our relationship because we're together and you can't go far in there. You can't hide anywhere in a van, you know.That is our room.You know.We've been married 45 years next month and we're loving it. This is good for us, retirement.We had to get people to register for the fashion parade Devonshire tea so we could get a number. Absolute chaos. No, they certainly like their cups of comes, teapots
tea. Then when 4 o'clock comes, teapots go away and outcomes the happy Hour Glasses.No, no, no, enjoy.The club environment is not for everybody. Some people like to be loaners and like to do what they do and when they want to do it and free camp somewhere and that sort of thing. But the expertise that's available within the club, a group of members, the friendship of all, all that sort of stuff s what other people like very much of course.I'm Linley Davey, the mother of twin boys. I've been home duties most of my life and when they got old enough and went out to live with their wives, we started caravanning.We come from Perth, or jut out of Perth, and we left on 6 July and we came up the West Australian coast because unfortunately I had a medical turn and ended up being transferred incveil to Cairns and sent three weeks in Cairns hospital and with the support of club members, we were able to get my wife up to Cairns.The ladies from all the caravan clubs around Australia knit, crow her, sew between national rallies. Bring all this knitted and craft gear to these rallies and donate it to local charities within the area. We hardly ever come to blows. There's not much blood flowing from time to time. We can back in without attacking each other.Packing up caravans sometimes somebody cannot be talking to one another for a while.It takes a while until you get used to doing it.(Sings) # Because you, you make me feel so young #

Taking a look at the satellite, a broad trough extending across northern Australia is triggering showers and storms. A cold front over South-West WA is bringing increasing wind and showers, while an associated trough is generating isolated storms over the interior and South Australia. Looking at the States for Monday:

A two-year old Chihuahua Puerto Rico has been crowned the world's small list dog. Miracle Milly is 9.6 centimetres high and was ward the title on Thursday by the Guinness World Records. In comparison to a grant Dane, Miracle Milly is approximately the size of the larger dog's head. She takes the title of the world smallest death from Boo Boo, a Chihuahua in the US State of Kentucky that measures 10.16 centimetres. You're watching ABC News 24. I'll be back in a moment with an update of the headlines and then it's time for "Australian Story". Captions by CSI Australia

This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned.

This Program is Captioned Live.The top stories from ABC News. The Federal Government has rejected claims authorities took more than 24 hours to response to a fete asylum boat wreck off West Java. The death toll has climbed to 28 and most of those still missing are believed to be children. Survivors claim they raised the alarm on Thursday but Government says Australian authorities received the first call on Friday when the initial search and rescue operation was search and rescue operation initiated. Thousands of people have marched initiated. Thousands of have marched in Melbourne's inner North to inner North to remember Jill Meagher. Jill Meagher was raped and killed raped and killed just over a year ago after a night out in Brunswick. Pakinstani official say dozens of people have been killed in an explosion near a police station in Peshawar. The blast happened in a busy marketplace in a region believed to be inhabited by Al