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Live.The Federal Attorney-General says he will pay back the expenses he claimed to attend a wedding.

Survivors of a cab-sized asylum seeker boat accuse Australian authorities of abandoning them at sea.This is because of the Australian Government. Just I want them to know that. International weapons experts travel to Damascus to begin dismantling Syria's chemical arsenal.And the Sydney Roosters to face the Sea Eagles in the NRL Grand Final after defeating Newcastle by 26 points. Hello, live across News
Australia, you're watching ABC News 24. I'm Rachel Pupazzoni.Let's take a look at tomorrow's weather in the capital cities...

The Federal Attorney-General George Brandis has announced he will repay the travel expenses he claimed to attend a wedding two years ago. Senator Brandis has confirmed he claimed nearly $1700 on flights, accommodation and a hire car to attend the wedding of radio presenter Michael Smith in Sydney. He has issued a statement saying he considered the costs were within parliamentary entitlements because the function was primarily for work purposes. However, Senator Brandis wants to resolve any uncertainty and has sent a cheque covering the expenses to the Department of Finance.The Federal Government has rejected claims Australian authorities took more than 24 hours to respond to the latest asylum seeker boat disaster. 21 people have drowned and many more are feared dead after their boat sank just 50m off the coast of Indonesia. Survivors say they called Australian authorities on Thursday but no-one came to help .We called the Australian Government for 24 hours they told us "We are coming, we are coming" and they didn't come. We sent them the position on the GPS, exactly where we were and we drown, nobody come. This is because of the Australian Minister
Government.The Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has rejected the claims. He says authorities received the first call on Friday and coordinated the initial search and rescue operation.The Federal Government says Australian authorities were first alerted to the boat's distress on Friday morning. The Coalition says the response was quick and appropriate.It was a report that related to an event in the Indonesian search and rescue zone. All of the immediate action that was required was taken, in particular Australian authorities contacted Indonesian
authorities and there was very

authorities and close cooperation as is appropriate in those circumstances to deal with the unfolding event as quickly as possible.The Opposition says there are many unanswered questions. The Government is expected to give more details at a briefing tomorrow. Tony Abbott will travel to Jakarta ahead of the regional a peck meeting. Labor says it will be a test of his Prime Ministership - APEC.The Liberals had a plan during the election was to buy second-hand fishing boats. The Indonesians found that insulting and it is ludicrous, you can't buy all the boats in south-east Asia. What I would think about the Abbott Government is the Australian electorate will giver them grace to work out what they are doing and initial stumbles but not working with the Indonesians closely, you don't need to be the Foreign Minister to work out that is important.Three weeks ago it seemed almost impossible to avoid Tony Abbott as he toured the country selling the Coalition's credentials. Just yesterday the new p.m. did his best to steer clear of the media, ducking questions about the death of asylum seekers. There are also reports he is cracking down on media appearances by his MP. Behavioural psychologist and Gruen panelist Adam Ferrier says even though Mr Abbott appears insensitive, it is a smart move.I think it is a clever strategy. The human brain works in a little bit like all we see is all there is. We only ever respond to the stuff put in front of us. If there is not stuff put in front of us, the brain ignores it and doesn't question it. In terms of boat people and the bigger issue of refugees and so forth, if it is not being fed into our brain by the media, we tend to forget about it and park an issue and think something
forget about it and park it as
else is dealing with that. It is a clever media strategy to clamp down on that and not talk about it at all. It gets it out of peoples' head space and mind set and they can go about fixing the issue. Being insensitive, dogmatic, bullish and hard-nosed is all part of Tony Abbott's brand as well. Conversely, it also helps reinforce his brand and reinforce what he stands for in peoples' minds. Solving the issue he is and in a roundabout way she building credibility for himself as a leader, despite not necessarily wanting to say that.Two asylum seekers who escaped from the northern immigration detention centre Territory
this morning have been found by Territory police. Officers say the 46-year-old and 19-year-old Vietnamese men climbed the detention centre fence and escaped just after 2 o'clock this morning. One of the men was found not far away. The other was found shortly afterwards. The Federal Immigration Minister's office says the Immigration Department and the detention centre manager will investigate how happened.Firefighters
the escape happened.Firefighters in NSW say the arrival of cooler temperatures overnight has helped them gain the upper hand on major fires still burning. Yesterday's hot and windy conditions fuelled dozens of fires across the State but all fires are now under control. 80 firefighters remain at the historic lighthouse on Sydney's northern beaches where they are allowing the fire to burn itself out. One building at the lighthouse complex was by fire in the roof but was saved by firefighters. Dozens of fires are still burning Fire
across the State. The Rural Fire Service says no homes or property are under threat. The international chemical watchdog tasked with destroying Syria's chemical arsenal says its first wave of experts will travel to Damascus later today. It follows yesterday's successful vote in the UN Security Council to adopt a binding resolution on ridding Syria of chemical weapons. The organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons says with international carried
support, the plan should be carried out by the middle of next year. UN leader Ban Ki-moon held his first meeting on Saturday with the head of the opposition Syrian national Coalition to press for a Syrian peace conference. The meeting is likely to infuriate President Bashar al-Assad's Government which is still recognised by the UN and routinely calls the Coalition and terrorists. The UN leader said on September 13 that Assad had committed many crimes against humanity. He has stepped up criticism of Assad since an August 21 chemical weapons attack near Damascus. The UN says more than 100,000 people have died in the war.Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, has been met by angry anti-American protesters in Tehran following his phone call with the American President. They spoke about Iran's nuclear program in the first contact between the two country's Presidents in more than 30 years. Crowds chanting met the Iranian President as he returned from the UN. Hundreds of supporters also gathered at the airport when he arrived.Kenyan Government ministers reportedly received warnings of a possible attack before al-Shabaab gunmen stormed the Westgate shopping centre. The official death toll Red
remains at 67 but the Kenyan Red Cross maintains 61 people are still missing.Inside of ruins of the Westgate mall today. Survivors are being allowed back in to claim their cars, even as dozens of bodies are still thought to be missing somewhere under the rubble.Huge destruction over there.Here is our car.This man was among the first civilians to go in this morning.Everything, it came down, you see cars on top of the rubble that had obviously come down from the top level parking garage. It is just one giant cave-in that will take months to work through, it is a mess.New footage of the attack itself, Red Cross officials frantically ushering people to safety. Today, new claims that the Kenyan authorities overlooked security warnings ahead of the attack. It is not clear how specific those warnings were.Exactly a week after the killings started here there is still enormous confusion and uncertainty. Kenya's Government insists its security and intelligence forces did the best they could in chaotic circumstances. Many people are starting to question that.The Westgate is over here on our right.For Abdul, a difficult moment.It is my first time back here.Abdul, a businessman was captured in these photographs going repeatedly back into the mall to save civilians trapped by the fighting.Including this 4-year-old American girl, Portia, somehow persuaded to run for her life.I thought she was very brave, a little girl her age running towards strange men holding guns, it is not an easy thing. I am not sure if any kid her age would have done the same.It is a week that has tested many here. There are plenty of questions as well as prayers right now. Kenya seems determined not to be divided by the horrors of the past week.The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling on been
Fiji's military ruler Frank been been to ensure elections promised next year are transparent and democratic. The pair held talks following a speech by Fiji's self declared PM to the general assembly in which he slammed the international sanctions levelled against his country for his military coup. It follows talks last week between Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and her Fijian counterpart at the UN to normalise the rocky ties between Australia and Fiji - Bainimarama.A new political crisis has crippled Italy with the President calling for a formation of a new Government after the collapse of the ruling Coalition.The ruling arose after ministers to the centre right arose after to the centre right party of
the to the centre right the former PM Silvio Berlusconi the former PM Silvio said they were resigning
because of differences over economic policy. The PM, Enrico Letta, says the reality is that they are motivated by imminent moves to expel Mr Berlusconi from the Senate over his conviction for tax fraud last month.This government has brought together bitter political rivals and in the past few days, the tensions have become so acute that the centre left PM, Enrico Letta, said late on Friday he would quit unless his administration won a confidence vote in parliament. Mr Berlusconi's party has pre-empted that. The tensions began to escalate after Mr Berlusconi's recent court conviction for tax evasion. This left him liable to be humiliatingly flung out of parliament and as he fought the moves to expel him, relations with his Coalition partners collapsed. Now, the Government is being pulled apart.The Greek Government has launched an unprecedented crackdown on the neo-Nazi party golden dawn, arresting several Anti-terrific police rounded up
more than a dozen party members after more than a dozen party after a Golden Dawn sympathiser allegedly killed a left wing activist. Authorities have previously been accused of turning a blind eye to violence committed by members of the anti-immigrant party which won 7% of the vote in last year's election.It has been a long tradition in the US that each President builds a library after they leave office, a place to store the archives of their administration and in some cases try to shape their legacy. It might seem strange that the country that revears its first President perhaps more than any other has only now got around to building the George Washington library. This time the red coats were there not to bury Washington but to praise him.It was George Washington himself who came up with the idea of a presidential library, suggesting that it might be a good thing to find a safe place to store his public papers. Two centuries later it has finally happened.

The documents let us see the man for who he was.His collection of books, not the lofty library of a philosopher scientist like Thomas Jefferson but of a man who left school at the age of 10.A man that is really trying to educate himself in useful things. The largest portion of his library is agriculture books and books on politics and history. Some of the surprising things about Washington is he has books on polite letters, books on satire, poetry.Washington is a God-like figure in the US. The man who led a rebel army to victory over the world's super power of the time, who could have been President for life if he wanted, but decided to step down for the good of the country.Finding insight into the mind of George wash ton is not so easy. His wife Martha, burned her husband's letters, only three survived. But there are still tantalising clues, like his hand-written notes in his copy of the American constitution.He wrote down next to the powers of the presidency, powers, presidency, so he is basically onotating his job description as he thought through what would be the powers of this new office - like a king or something else? There is a moment we can try library
and get at the man.As the library doors opened for the first time, the US Congress was still locked in a bitter partisan battle that threatens to shut down the American think
Government.What would he think of what is going on in that house today? I think he would be fruf rated by it as many Americans are. He is a nonpartisan figure, elected unanimously as President and stood above party and he would like people to figure out a way to compromise. Thousands Thousands of Hawthorn supporters flooded into the AFL side's supporters flooded side's former home ground at Glenferrie oval in Melbourne's east to celebrate yesterday's win against Fremantle in the Grand Final. The small suburban ground Grand Final. The small ground hasn't hosted a Hawthorn game since 1973 but was packed with fans as the club celebrated its 11th premiership and its first since 2008. Some fans were lucky enough to get photos with the premiership Cup before the players and coaching staff arrived to the delight of the crowd.Would you please welcome to the stage, led by coach Alastair Clarkson and captain Luke Hodge, your 2013 APPLAUSE

Congratulations, you must be absolutely pumped? Yes, exactly right. We put in some hard yards early and there is no better feeling to come out here today with a great victory.Alastair Clarkson, ladies and gentlemen, congratulations. A huge effort.Yes, I am really proud of the guys' efforts over the course of the year. We are really proud course of the year. really proud of the really proud of the boys.A good feeling compared to last year. You went into the good feeling compared year. You went into the game
with the burning desire to change things from 12 months ago? Yes, it is amazing how suffering makes you hungry for a win.We needed to atone for last year and whether we win or lose, we know that the supporters will always follow us anyway. We are so glad we are enjoy the win today.A wounded Fremantle Dockers squad is returning home following yesterday's loss to Hawthorn. It was the club's first AFL Grand Final since its inception in 1994. Even though it is not bringing back a premiership flag, its fans are still proud of the achievement.It is a disappointed Fremantle Dockers team making its way back to Perth after its Grand Final defeat to Hawthorn. A poor start and wasted opportunities proved costly for the Dockers as they went down to the Hawks. The Dockers were able to work their way back to within a kick after that poor start but from that point Hawthorn kicked away. Some would argue this has been a successful season for the Dockers, very few picked them to make the Grand Final. Coach Ross Lyon makes the point they are in this business to win premierships. They didn't do that. They need to take this loss as feedback to get better going forward. It is a tough loss to swallow for some of the Dockers older players - Matthew Pavlich, Aaron Sandilands and Luke McPharlin are some of the players getting towards the end of their careers and there is no guarantees that an opportunity like this will come forth again. Ross Lyon is hopeful those players will commit to playing again in 2014 as the club looks to take another step forward. The coach's message is that the players need to commit to doing the hard work again. They to do the hard work to give themselves the best opportunity to make that happen again. Big steps forward for the Dockers in 2013. Their big army of fans who made their way to Melbourne to see them in their first Grand Final will hope they can take that extra step in 2014.In the rugby championship, the All Blacks have defeated Argentina. The Pumas took the early lead via the boat of Bosch before New Zealand snatched the lead and the tourists led 11-9 at the break. Argentina had the All Blacks spooked and applied pressure through their forwards. The Kiwis streaked ahead with tries to Sam Cain and Ben Smith to win.He has a bit of a groin and that happened shortly after the game. That might have been part of the problem with the but of the problem with the scrum
but it came right when Charles but it came right came on and we know he is a good scrummage came on and we know good scrummage player. We worked our way clearer than what we wanted to do in the second half. We kicked better and got a lot more urgent. As a result of that, we started going forward.The Wallabies going forward.The have gone down to the Springboks in Cape Town this morning 28-8. The home side scored two tries within three minutes to build a 17-3 lead with less than a quarter of the game gone. The match got nasty at times with four players sent to the sin bin. Australia's only try came from desh stand winger Chris Sautier with two minutes remaining.They had a very good start. Their attitude and willingness, it was good from us early on but when you get stung with counter-attack and they score points, it is difficult to come back. We know these affairs are pretty tight usually but we gave them too much of a lead.Defensively, leaked far too many points? Yes, we have to address that quickly. We need better connection in our line. We need to make sure that we just probably need to keep more numbers in the line and we are hitting a few dead rucks, chewing up numbers. We need to cover the field better.NRL minor premiers, the Sydney Roosters are through to the AFL Grand Final with a 40-14 victory against the Newcastle Knights. The Roosters led 12-4 at half-time and scored five tries after the break to set up a meeting with Manly in week's decider. Daddy Buderis spent the night in hospital after being carried from the field and forcing an end to his retirement year.Shock losses in the EPL overnight, Manchester United lost its second game in a row, going down to West Brom at Old Trafford. It puts more pressure on new manager David Moyes who has now lost three of his first six league games. A 10-man Chelsea have held onto a 1-all draw at Tottenham.It is a that
country without snow and one that has never been represented at a Winter Olympics and there are many who still think East Timor is an unsafe and unstable part of the world. An 18-year-old of Timorese heritage is hoping to change those perceptions by becoming the nation's first winter Olympian.Looking out from Darwin's foreshore, Yohan reflects on his mum's journey there four decades earlier.My mum left Timor in 74 when Indonesia invaded Timor. She took a fishing boat with a few of her sisters and family members. She came to Australia to Darwin and she always told me that the boat saved her life.Time has changed and so has Timor Leste.I want people to see that Timor is a country that suffered indeed but today its people want to make it better and all the Timorese people are fighting for it.To raise awareness of Timor, the 18-year-old hopes to compete at the 2014 Winter Olympics. If successful, he will be the first ever winter Olympian to represent the tiny nation.By seeing East Timorese flag at the Winter Olympics, it will be something very special for me and for Timorese and for the world.For French-born Yohan, skiing is in his blood.Mum gave me Timorese culture and heritage and my dad gave me that passion and that love for skiing and combining both of them for the Winter Olympics is something really - it is really nice for me to combine both.He has been skiing since he could walk and it was at the age of 12 his Olympic potential was realised when he was on the slopes with a family friend.We went to - they said to mum this kid has to be in the Olympics and just in my head it clicked and stayed in my head. Now the dream has become true.I started really training to go to the Winter Olympics since the age of 12.Yohan's training regime is intense, with long gym sessions to build leg strength and many more hours on the ski fields.I will be training as from October until February nonstop.While the
hard physical training in the

gym pushes the limits of hard physical training in gym pushes the limits of his
body, he finds calm on the ski fields.When I am skiing, I feel totally free. When I am on the slopes, basically just kill it and enjoy it the most of it and then we meet at the finish line.With billions of people watching the Sochi Winter Olympics, it is not just those in Timor Leste Yohan wants to make proud.I feel part of that group of Timor and my mum is really proud of me and that is one of the most important things for me, parents proud of hair son. Let's look at the satellite. A broad low pressure trough stretching from northern WA to Queensland is triggering isolated storms. A cold front from the south-west is bringing an increase in wind and showers in most states.

A 2-year-old chiwauwa has been named the world's small left dog.Milly was awarded the title by the Guiness Book of World Records on Thursday.She is approximately the size of the larger dog's head. She takes the title of world's small left dog from Boo-boo, another dog in Ken talky. You're watching ABC News 24. Stay with us for Offsiders now. Thanks for your company.

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This program is not captioned. This Program is Captioned Live.Welcome to Offsiders. Hawthorn are the 2013 AFL premiers after dominating the competition all year. 10 They've done it. The best team all year. Last year so difficult for them. Back on top of the mountain. SONG: # We're the happy team at Hawthorn #

It was a real dogfight and Gerard, 11 goals was enough and it usually is because of the way Fremantle play their game. 11 goals was enough to win. This talk of redemption, is that a fair description, is that an insult to Sydney because it almost implies that they lost something that was rightfully theirs last year.I'm never quite