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discussing at the top of the program. The minutes of the September meeting do show that they were paying some attention to the increase in investment by S MFS in the property market.Do you think it means they won't cut again? I think it does. The thing that might have prompted them to cut was the rebound in the Australian dollar. It must be very frustrating to the Reserve Bank that every month for the last six months they've said please mark down the value of the Australian dollar. It's too high. Nothing happened. Then when the Fed decided not to taper earlier this month, the Australian dollar bounced up by more than four cents. It's around 93 cent but that's a lot higher than the Reserve Bank will want to seeIf you'd like to check out the program again or the full interview with Mark Steinert, it will be post on our website later. Thanks to our guests John, Saul

Survives of a capsized asylum seeker boat accuse Australian authorities of abandon ing them at sea. This is because of the Australian Government. Just I want them to know that.

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International weapons experts
travel travel to Damascus to dismantling Syria's chemical Arsenal. Hawthorn makes amends for last year's AFL Grand Final loss with a convincing win against Fremantle. And the Sydney Roosters to face the Sea Eagles in the NRL Grand Final after defeating Newcastle by 26 points.

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Survivors of another asylum seeker boat tragedy have accused Australian authorities of not responding to calls for help. The bodies of more than 20 people have been found after their boat struck trouble in rough seas off Indonesia's south Java coast. At least 30 people are still missing. The ABC's Indonesia correspondent George Roberts reports. This is the remote South Coast of West Java, and along miles of beach here there is not much to be found, xecht now there is this, the splintered remains of the latest asylum seeker boat to end in tranl tragedy. For those on board their hopes of making it to Australia have been shattered. To call help me.About two dozen people were found alive but it's thought board.
there were up to 80 people on board. Indonesian authorities say they can't search in the rough conditions at the moment, so they are hoping that survivors might be washed ashore. Of the have spoken to, they think it is highly unlikely. 55 people die, all.55 people are dead?Yeah. 20 babies. I just want to say something - this is our new - this is on you, all my family died before because of you. The Australian Government, we called the Australian Government, for 24 hours, they were telling us we are come, we are coming, we are coming. They didn't come. We sent them the position on the GPS, exactly where are we, and we drown, nobody come. This is because of the Australian Government. Just I want them to know that. Australia, no good. This is the first asylum seeker boat sinking since Tony Abbott became PM, but back in Australia, he has refused to answer questions from reporters about this latest tragedy. Your reaction? The Government had previously said that when there was a tragedy or significant event at sea, they would provide briefings, I would call on the Government through the Home Affairs Minister
Minister or the Immigration Minister to provide those briefings to the Australian people today.The PM arrives in Jakarta on Monday, where he'll have to move to calm diplomatic tension. His policies aimed at stopping asylum seeker boats, others
like turning om sarnd, buying others from Indonesia fishermen and paying locals to spy on people smugglers, are unpopular with the Indonesian Government.The Federal Government says Australian authorities were first alerted to the boat's distress on Friday morning. The Coalition says the response was quick and appropriate. It was a report that related to an event in the Indonesian search and rescue zone. Of course, all of the immediate action that was required was taken, in particular Australian contacted Indonesian
authorities immediately

authorities and, of course, there was very close cooperation, as is appropriate in those circumstances, to deal with the unfolding event as quickly as possible. The Opposition says there are many unanswered questions. The Government is expected to give more details at a briefing tomorrow. The PM, Tony Abbott, will travel to Jakarta ahead of the regional APEC meeting. Labor says it will be a test of his Prime Ministership. The Liberals had a plan during the election which was to buy boats, second-hand fishing boats. I think the Indonesians found that insulting, plus it is a ludicrous policy, you are not going to be able to buy all the boats in Southeast Asia. I would think about the Abbott Government - I think the Australian electorate will give them some grace to work out what they are stumbles, but not stumbles, but the Indonesians closely, you the Indonesians closely, Minister to work out that's important.Three Minister to work important.Three weeks ago, it seemed almost avoid Tony Abbott, as he toured the seemed almost impossible to avoid Tony Abbott, the country selling the Coalition's credentials. the country selling However, just yesterday, the
new Coalition's credentials.
However, just new PM did his best to steer clear are the press, questions about the death clear are the asylum seekers. There clear are the press, ducking
questions about asylum seekers. There are also
reports he's cracking asylum seekers. reports he's cracking down on reports media appearances by his MPs. Behavioural psychologist Adam Ferrier says even though Mr Abbott appears insensitive, it is actually a smart move. On this particular example, I think it's a very clever strategy. The human brain works in a little bit like all we see is all there is. So we only ever respond to the stuff that's put in front of us, so if it's not stuff put in front of us, the brain just tends to kind of completely ignore it, So
and doesn't ever question it. So in terms of boat people and the bigger issue of refugees, and so forth, if it's not being fed into our brain via media we tend to forget about it and park the issue, and think somebody else is dealing with it. It's actually quite a clever media strategy to clamp down on and that not talk about it at all. It gets it out of people's mindset and they can go about fixing the issue. I think being insensitive, dogmatic, bullish, and hard-nosed is all part of Tony Abbott's brand as well. So actually conversely it also helps reinforce his brand, helps reinforce what he stands for in people's minds, so he is solving the issue, plus he's also actually in a roundabout way building credibility for himself as a leader, despite that. Nine people have been injured after a three-car pileup in Sydney's west overnight. reports. The accident happened just after 10 o'clock on Victoria Road at Rydalmere. Police believe a car ran into the back of a four-wheel drive which was knocked on to the wrong side of the road. Police say it then ran into another four-wheel drive travelling in the opposite direction. Two people suffered serious international injures and have been - internal injures. Seven others were also taken to hospital with minor injures. At least one has been discharged. Victoria Road was closed for three and a half hours, but has since reopened. Firefighters in NSW say the arrival of cooler temperatures overnight has helped them gain the upper hand on major fires. Yesterday's hot and windy conditions fuelled dozens of fires across the State, but most fires are now within containment lines. 850 firefighters remain at - 80 firefighters remain at Bannister lighthouse on the northern beaches where a Shallow Bay is continuing to burn. Crews worked hard to save the lighthouse and surrounding buildings, reporting only minor roof damage to an outer building in the complex. 60 fires are burning across the state, but no homes or properties are under threat. Melbournians have taken to the street to protest against violence a year after a similar march was held for Jill Meagher. Ms Meagher march disappeared in September last year and was later found murdered. Last week, her killer, Adrian Bayley, lost a bid to have the non-parole period of his life sentence reduced in the Court of Appeal. Today's walk began at noon at the corner of Sydney and Moreland Roads. The international chemical watchdog tasked with destroying Syria's chemical Arsenal says its first wave of experts will travel to Damascus later today. It follows yesterday's successful vote in the UN Security Council to adopt a binding resolution on ridding Syria of chemical weapons. The organisation for weapons
the prohibition of chemical weapons says with international support, the plan should be carried out by the middle of next year. Meanwhile, concern is growing over the impact foreign fighters and groups affiliated to al-Qa'ida are having on the conflict. Many are coming into the country from it urky and analyst s say not enough is being done to stop them.Videos like this made by al-Qa'ida are being produced all over northern to
Syria. TRANSLATION: Prepare me to die, where are you, Jihadists, the song goes, as this fighter from the gulf celebrates his enjoying the swimming pool. The armed group took over this area in August. In the border town of Azas, confrontation
seized by the same group, this confrontation between people who live here and the foreign fighters, mostly Saudi, Egyptian, were secretly filmed. The man putting down in The man putting down his rifle
in a executed by the al-Qa'ida affiliates. executed by the affiliates. Foreign fighters once welcomed are now resented and feared by many civilians, this man tells us. He's too scared to appear on camera. TRANSLATION: They have left the frontlines and are set in villages, we fear their ambitions are not related to freedom and democracy, what they want is an Islamic State. Okay, Islam is our religion, but we want a democratic state, universal freedom and human of goals.
rights. It's become a conflict of goals. Summary executions are becoming common. This video came when the fighters took over. TRANSLATION: They can easily say to you, you are an infiddle, against Islam, and killing is to easy for them, it's second nature. They don't think before they carry out an execution.Some of the foreign fighters crossed the border from Iraq, but analysts and Syrians say many more fly into Turkey on scheduled flights. It's a well-worn route, a mini bus or a taxi takes the fighters along this main highway from the airport to the Syrian border. The Turkish Government says it is very concerned that the presence of foreign fighters and extreme groups just next door, but up until now it's take no physical measures to prevent them from getting there. Turkish analysts warn that the Government can no longer ignore or keep accommodating the foreign fighters. TRANSLATION: Turkey tried to play the game, but it failed and made a total mess of it. For many fought against terrorism. If we play the game with trors are terrorists, it we play the game with trors terrorists, it will go back in your face.Analysts say somewhere between 5,000 to 10,000 foreign fighters cross into Syria so far. Many Sirrance in the - Syrians in the North want that to stop.13 of Syrian's prominent rebel factions declared unification under the banner of the Islamic alliance which rejects the western-backed Syrian national council. The declaration confirms the deep fractures within Opposition forces, and illustrate s the complexity of the civil war. Ahead of global studies at RMIT university, Joseph Siracusa, says it makes it hard for the west to back a win are. The west is going to have a tough time with the Islamist alliance. In fact, it's going to have a tough time with anybody, because we don't really have a dog in a fight. There is Assad on the one side Iran
and he's got Hamas behind him, Iran behind him, Russia behind him. Syria is a Russian state now, a product of what Putin wants to do with the rest of Syria. On the other side we have al-Qa'ida type resistance moving further to the left and of course the moderates are going to be squeezed out. They are always squeezed out in every revolution. The Islamists, they are determined to bring back a very severe Sharie law. I read yesterday one of these groups was responsible for stoning people to death for smoking and watching football. The problem is, while the US and Australia and Britain, we say we don't have a dog in this fight, we don't know whom to trust, we have a stake in the region and we have to make sure it doesn't spill into Lebanon or Turkey or into places like that. Syria is proof that the world is a cruel and dangerous and uncertain place. We are not going to have a happy ending here. We are not going sure what to do with these people or whom to support. America is very, very wary about getting too involved in the area, and it's very complex. In fact, all America can do now is learn how to under the peculiarities and the particularities of what is going on in the Middle East, because it's beyond the realm of one think tank to figure out what's going on, because it's fluid every day.The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has been met by angry anti-American protestors in Tehran, following Hislop tore Rick phone call with the US President. Mr Rouhani and Barrack Obama spoke about Iran's nuclear program in the first contact between the two country's Presidents in more than 30 years. Crowds chanting 'Death to America' met the Iranian President as he returned from the UN. also gathered at the hundreds of supporters also gathered at when he arrived. Kenyan
Government Ministers reportedly received warnings received warnings of attack received warnings of a possible stormed the Westgate shopping centre. The official death toll remains at 67, but the Kenyan Red Cross maintains 61 people are still missing. Inside the ruins of the Westgate mall today, survivors are being allowed back in to claim their cars, even as dozens of bodies are still thought to be missing, somewhere under the rubble. Here
Huge destruction over there. . Here is our car.This man was among the first civilians to go had
in this morning. Everything had just caved down, so you see the metal rebar, you see cars on top of the rubble that had obviously come down from the top level parking garage. There's just one giant cavin that's going to take months and mess.
months to work through. It's a mess. New footage of the attack itself, Red Cross officials frantically ushering people to safety. Today there are new claims the Kenyan authorities overlooked security warnings ahead of the attack. But it's not clear how specific those warnings wereExactly one week after the killings started here, there is still enormous confusion and uncertainty. Kenya's Government insists its security and intelligence forces did the best they could in chaotic circumstances. But many people are starting to question that. The Westgate is just over here on our right. There is the building. For Abdul, a difficult moment. It's my first time back here.A businessman, was captured in these photographs going repeatedly back into mall to save civilians trapped
by by the fighting, including this 4-year-old American girl, Portia, somehow persuaded to run for her life. I thought she was very brave, a little girl her age running towards strange men holding guns is not an easy thing. I'm not sure if any kid her age would have done the same. It is a week that's tested many here. There are plenty of questions as well as prayers right now. But Kenya seems determined not to divided by the horrors of the past week. A new political crisis has gripped Italy with the President calling for the reformation of a new Government after the collapse of the ruling Coalition. The crisis arose after Ministers belonging to the centre right party of the former PM, Silvio Berlusconi, said they were resigning because of differences over economic policy. The PM, Enrico Letta, says the reality is that they are motivated by imminent moves to expel Mr Berlusconi from the Senate over his conviction for tax fraud last month. This Government has brought together bitter political rivals, and in the past few days, the tensions have become so acute that the centre left PM, Enrico Letta, said late on Friday he would quit unless his administration won a confidence vote in Parliament. But Mr Berlusconi's party has pre-empted that. The tensions began to escalate after Mr Berlusconi's recent court This
conviction for tax evasion. This left him liable to be humiliatingly flung out of Parliament, and as he fought the moves to expel him, relations with his Coalition partners collapsed. Now, the Government is being pulled apart. The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, is calling on Fiji's military ruler to ensure elections promised next year are pair
transparent and democratic. The pair held talks following a speech by the PM, to the general assembly, in which he slammed the international sanctions levelled against his country for his military coup. It follows talks last week between Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and her Fidgian counterpart at the UN to discuss efforts to normalise the rocky ties between Australia and Fiji. Officials in Pakistan say at least 12 people have died after a powerful 6.8 earthquake. The quake hit the same region which in the last week was devastated. Several people have been wounded in this latest quake and they expect the death toll to rise.

Chinese police say they rescued more than 90 in an operation to break up a huge network of child traffickers. attempt to crackdown on the traffickers. It's the latest attempt to crackdown on long-running problem posed by Jesse Leary reports.
child abduction in China. Jesse Leary reports. State media says police from 11 provinces have broken up what's claimed to be a major child trafficking network. 301 people were arrested in the raid staged two weeks ago, targeting a network which stole and sold children in central China. But no reason has been given for the delay in releasing the details of the night-time operation, which saw 92 young children rescued. TRANSLATION: Our childcare workers have been professionally trained, so they know how to communicate with the babies and how to comfort and rear them. Meanwhile we are working together with the children's diseases.
hospital staff to cure these children's diseases. A traditional preference for boys in the State's strict one-child policy are thought to be behind the long-running problem of child trafficking in China. increasingly
And with such arrests becoming increasingly common, authorities are bringing in new laws to punish those responsible. TRANSLATION: The criminal law regulates the crime of buying abducted women and children, but also orders criminal investigation on buyers who prevent the rescue of abducted children, even if they cause no miss streement.Police have rescued thousands of children across China over the past few years, victim s of a thriving market in human lives. on
In an unprecedented crackdown on the far right in Greece, the Golden Dawn
leader of the controversial Golden Dawn Party and four our MPs have been arrested on charges of belonging to a criminal organisation. The arrests come after the killing of a left-wing activists by an alleged Golden Dawn supporter ten days ago. They were, it seemed, untouchable, until now. The leader and senior MPs of Greece's Golden Dawn Party criminal group.
seized for being part of a criminal group. An extraordinary moment, the first mass arrests of MPs here in 40 years. Angry supporters gathered outside, Golden Dawn dawn has 18 MPs. After a left wing musician was killed by an alleged Golden Dawn member, the Government moved fast. This is Golden
an unprecedented camp down on Golden Dawn, the party supporters, and in the police headquarters opposite the senior party leadership now under arrest. The Government believes this is a turning point, the beginning of the end of Golden Dawn, but it has a huge challenge on its hands if it wants to crush the neo Nazis once and for all.Golden Dawn vows it will not be silenced. This is the beginning of the end of your party? Of course not, this is only the beginning of their end - of their end, not ours.The Government says it will crush you. We are ready. No. Tonight, they were taken to court to be charged. The Government will face the question - why has it taken months to act against a party long accused of vigilante attacks and this stunned country waits to see if Golden Dawn will fight back. It's been a long tradition in the US that each President builds a library after they leave office, a place to store the archives of their administration, and in some cases try to shape their legacy. So it might seem strange that the country that revered its first President perhaps more than any other has only now got around to building the George Washington library. North America correspondent Ben Knight reports. This time the red coats were there not to bury Washington, but to praise him. It was George Washington himself who came up with the idea of a Presidential library, suggesting that it might be a good thing to find a safe place to store his public papers. Two centuries later, it's finally happened. The documents let us see the man for who he was.His direction of books, for example, not the lofty library of a philosopher scientists like Thomas Jefferson, but of a man who left school at the page of 10. Of a man that really is trying to educate himself in things that are useful for him. So library is agricultural books and library is has books and politics and history. He has books on polite letters, satire, proty satire, proty poetry.The man who led a rebel army to over the world's who led a rebel army the over the world's super power of President for life if he wanted, but decided wanted, but decided to step down for the good of the country. But finding insights into the mind of George Washington isn't so easy. His wife, march that, burned her husbands letters. Only three of them survive. But there are sill tantalising clues like his handwritten notes in his copy of the American constitution. powers
He wrote down next to the powers of the Presidency, "Powers, Presidency," so he is basically annotating his job description as he thought through what would be the powers of the new office - like a King or something else. there is a moment we can try to get at the man.As the library doors opened for the first time, a the US Congress was still locked in a bitter partisan battle that threatens to shut down the American Government. What would he think of what's going on in that house today?I think he'd be frustrated by it, as many Americans are. I think he's a non-partisan figure elected unanimously as President, stood above party, and he really would like people to figure out a way to compromise.

A wounded Fremantle Dockers squad is making it's way back home following yesterday's loss to Hawthorn. It was the club's first AFL Grand Final since its inception in 1994, and even though it's not bringing back a Premiership flag, the fans are still proud of the achievement. Blake Kagi. It's a disappointed Dockers team making its way after its Grand Final defeat to Hawthorn. A poor start and wasted Hawthorn. wasted opportunities proved Hawthorn. A poor start costly for the Dockers, as they went down to the costly for the Dockers, as went down to the Hawks. The Dockers were able to work their way back to within a kick after that poor start, but from that point Hawthorn kicked away. Some would argue this has been a successful season for the Dockers, very few picked them to make the Grand Final, but coach makes the point they are in the business to win Premierships. They didn't do that, so they need to take the loss as feedback to get better going forward. It's a tough loss to swallow for some of the Dockers older players, Aaron Sandilands, Matthew Pavlich are getting towards the end of their careers and there is no guarantees that an opportunity like this will come forward again. Ros lion is hopeful playing
those players will commit to playing again in 2014 as the club looks to take another step forward. The coach's message is that the players need to commit to doing the hard work again. There are no guarantees an opportunity like this will come again, but they need to do the hard work to give themselves the best opportunity to make that happen. So big steps forward for the Dockers in 2013. Their big army of fans to made their way to Melbourne to see them, hope they can take the extra step in 2014.Meanwhile, Hawthorn's fans have flooded into the side's former home ground at Glenferrie Oval in Melbourne to celebrate. Official festivities kick off after 1pm eastern time. We'll bring you the excitement live on ABC News 24. In the rugby Championship, the All Blacks have defeated Argentina in Le Plata. They took the early lead , before NZ snatched the lead and they led 11-9. Argentina had the All Blacks spooked and applied pressure through the forwards, but John McCain and Ben Smith tries, they won. He's got a bit of a groin and I think that happened shortly after the start of the game, so that might have had part of the problem with our scrum. Certainly came right when Charles came on and, you know, we know that he's a good scrummer, so we worked our way through it. We are a lot more, I thought, clearer in what we wanted to do in the second half. We kicked a lot better. We got a lot more urgency, before we needed to debt desperate.The Wallabies have gone down to the Springboks in Capetown this morning, 28 points to 8. The home side scored two tries within three minutes to build a 17-3 lead game gone.
with less than a quarter of the game gone. The match got nasty at times with four players sent to the sin bin. Australia's only try came from winger Chris Sautia with two minutes remaining. They had a very good start. I thought their attitude and willingness was good from us early on, but when you get stung with a bitter counter attack and they score points, it's very difficult to come back. We know was in the second half, but just gave was
affairs are pretty tight, as it just gave them too much of a
lead in the was in the second half, but lead in the first.Again, defensively, far too many points?That's something we have to address and address quickly. We have got to get better connection in our line, that's for sure, and I think we have to make sure that we just probably need to keep more numbers in the line and leave a few reduction. We are hitting a few dead reduction, chewing up numbers. Get better at covering the field.NRL minor premiers, the Roosters, are through to the grand final with a 40 to 14 victory against the Newcastle Knights. They led 12 to 4 at half time, scoring five tries after the break to set up a meeting with Manly next week. spent
Newcastle veteran Danny Buderus spent the night in hospital, after being carried from the field forcing an early end to his retirement year. In soccer, some shock losses in the English Premier League overnight. Manchester United lost its second game in a row going down to West Brom at old trafrds. The loss puts more David
pressure on united manager, David Moyes, who has now lost three of his first six league games. Aston Villa won and a ten-man Chelsea held on to a 1 all draw at Tottenham. The Spurs took the lead in the first half before Chelsea skipper John Terry headed a free kick in the second half.
In tennis, Petra Kvitova has beaten Angelique Kerber in the final of the pan Pacific open in Tokyo. Kvitova won, meaning she has now moved to number 7 in the world rankings and top Milos
seed Tomas Berdych and number 3 Milos Raonic both battled through for three set wins to set up a final meeting at the Thailand open. The top stories from ABC News - the Federal Government has rejected claims Australian authorities took more than 24 hours to respond to the latest asylum seeker boat disaster. The boat capsized just 50 metres off the coast of West Java on Thursday, and 21 bodies have since been found washed up onshore. Coalition frontbencher Mathias Cormann says the boat sank in Indonesian Indonesia's search and rescue zone. The international watchdog in charge of destroying chemical weapons in Syria says its first contingent of experts will travel to Damascus later today, following yesterday's successful vote in the UN Security Council to adopt a binding resolution calling on Syria to dispose of its chemical Arsenal. The group says its confidence it can carry out the mission on time. Lance Franklin says he will decide his playing future this Grand
week, following Hawthorn's Grand Final victory. There is widespread speculation yesterday's win against Fremantle was his last, with Greater Western
the Hawks. It is understood Greater Western Sydney is poised to offer him a substantial contract. And next Sunday's NRL Grand Final will be a battle of the Sydney beaches after the Roosters