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This Program is Captioned Live.This morning, survivors of a capsized asylum boat accuse Australian authorities of abandoning them at sea.This is because of the Australian Government. Just I want you to know that. Also on 'Weekend Breakfast' - Italy's fragile political coalition plunged Breakfast' - Italy's into crisis after five ministers loyal into crisis after ministers loyal to Silvio Berlusconi resign.Redemption for the Hawks. Hawthorn makes amends for last year's AFL Grand Final loss with a decisive victory over Fremantle.And the Sydney Roosters to face the Sea Eagles in the NRL grand final after defeating Newcastle by 26 points. Good morning, it's Sunday 29 September. I'm Grimm.
Miriam Corowa.And I'm Nick Grimm. Also on the program this morning - some scientists will do absolutely anything for the benefit of research, like one pair from North America who believe it or not swallowed a dead shrew to observe how bones dissolve in the human digestive system. They've won an award for their efforts.Indeed. The IgNobel Awards are a humerus spoof like version of their sober Cousins the Nobel Prizes. Last week Dr Karl took us through his pick for the top five. Today he'll round out the top ten.That tear running over the face of the scientist isn't the one who ate the shrew.There are several IgNobels we'll examine today. There are researcher who looked into why onions make us cry. There's plenty more to talk about now.For anyone oning shrews are mole like animals. Members of the mole family, not mice as that one did appear in the graphic sequence going down the throat.Poor thing.Let's check the weather around the country now, on that note.

Now let's get the latest headlines are Miriam.Thanks, Nick. Survivors of another asylum-seeker boat tragedy have accused Australian authorities of not responding to calls for help. The bodies of more than 20 people have been found after their boat struck trouble in rough seas off Indonesia's South Java coast. At least 30 people are still missing. The ABC's Indonesia George Roberts reports.This is
George Roberts the remote south coast of West Java and along miles of the remote south coast Java and along miles of beach
here, there's Java and along miles here, there's not much to be
found, except now there's this, the splintered remains of the latest asylum-seeker boat to end in tragedy. For end in tragedy. For those on board, their hopes of making it to Australia have been shattered. Go help me. Not go.About two dozen people were found alive, but it is thought there were up to 80 people on board. Indonesia yap authorities say they can't search in the rough conditions at the moment so they're hoping that survivors might be washed ashore. Of the survivors we've spoken to, though, they think that's highly unlikely.All people she's died. 55 died, all.55 people are dead? Yeah. 20 babies.I just want to say something.Yes, sure.This is on you, all my family died before because of you. The Australian Government we called the Australian Government for 24 hours they were telling us we're coming, we're coming, we're coming. They didn't come. We sent them the position on the GPS exactly where are we and we drown. Nobody come. This is because of Australian Government. Just I want them to know that. Okay? Australia no good, yeah.This the first asylum-seeker boat sinking since Tony Abbott became Prime Minister. Back in Australia he's refused to answer questions from reporters about this latest tragedy.Any reaction to the asylum boat sinking.The government previously said when there was a tragedy or significant event at sea they would provide briefings. I would call on the Government through the Home Affairs Minister or the Immigration Minister to provide those briefings to the Australian people today.The PM arrives in Jakarta on Monday where he'll have to move to calm diplomatic tension. His policies aimed at stopping asylum seeker boats like turning some around, buying others from fishermen and paying locals to spy on people smugglers, are unpopular with the Indonesian Government.Indonesia correspondent George Roberts. The Government has clarified its involvement in the case. In a statement released last In a statement night, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says:

He said Australian authorities received a phone call about the vessel on Friday morning, not Thursday as thesur virus claim. A search is under way for a 10-year old girl reported missing at Kallangur just North of the Brisbane last night. Police say Moana Fraser went missing from her home on Octavius Drive around five o'clock. Family have told police her disappearance is out of character and they're extremely concerned for her safety. She's described as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander appearance with light brown skin and was wearing pink shorts and a white singlet. Gay and lesbian members of the Labor Party say introducing quotas for politicians representing minority groups is an encouraging sign for equality. In a manifesto sent to Labor members, leadership candidate Bill Shorten says the party should consider boosting its number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex politicians through quotas. Mr Short ten also wants to increase the number of female candidates to 40%. Firefighters in NSW say the arrival of cooler temperatures overnight should help them to contain several out-of-control bushfires. Yesterday's hot and windy conditions fuelled dozens of fires across the state with at least seven currently uncontained. Watch and act alerts remain in place for two blazes, one at Barrenjoey Headland on Sydney's northern beaches, and another at Seaham in the Hunter region. 60 fires are burn across the state but the Rural Fire Service says no homes or property are under threat. The Queensland Government says it will send extra police to the Gold Coast after another violent clash between outlaw motorcycle gangs. Four policemen were injured on Friday night as they broke up separate fights on the Gold Coast. 18 people have been charged with offences including assault and disorderly conduct. The Government says it's drawn a line in the sand a warning to bikies a line in the sand and has sent a warning to bikies that enough
is a warning to bikies that is enough.More than is enough.More than 60 outlaw motorcycle gang is enough.More than 60 motorcycle gang members clashed
at Broadbeach. We need all crews here at crews here now. All crews.Where are you? Clearly outnumbered.Police say a fight broke out between rival bikie gangs last night.Copy. We got Bandidos here. Bandidos. Any colours not Bandidos we need to know about ASAP.Reinforcement were brought in from across the coast and Brisbane to break up the fight while roads were blocked to stop more bikies joining it.There are knows still who think they above the law of this state. That's unacceptable.Four people were arrested and taken to the Southport police station. A mob of bikies then crowded outside the precinct and clashed with police. All officers were hurt, 18 people were charged. Four Officer.Today Saturday the government is drawing a line in the sand.Right of this afternoon we'll have extra police on the Gold Coast from the south-east area.The Commissioner hopes a special police hub will also in coming weeks to help send offenders to jail. Police will be pulling people who will be exhibit violent behaviour have have anything to do with drugs or guns and ripping them from their restaurants and their hidely holes. The government admits it is too early to say whether measures like the recently introduced wealth laws are working but says crime will
isn't out of control.People will again take to the streets in Melbourne today to protest against violence. A year after a similar march was convened following the murder of Jill Meagher.Ms Meagher disappeared in September last year and was later found murdered. This week her killer, Adrian Bayley, lost a bid to have the non parole period of his life sentence reduced in a court appeal. Today's walk will begin at the corner of Sydney and Moreland Roads at midday. A new political crisis has griptd Italy with the current PM, Enrico Letta, threatening to resign unless he's his administration receives clear backing. Five ministers from Silvio Berlusconi's party have left the frank guile ruling coalition.This Government has brought together bitter political rivals and in the past few days, the tensions have become so acute that the centre-left PM, Enrico Letta, said late on Friday that he would quit unless his administration won a confidence vote in Parliament. But Silvio Berlusconi's party has pre-empted that. The tensions began to escalate after Silvio Berlusconi's recent court conviction for tax evasion. This left him liable to be humiliatingly flung out of the Parliament ands he fought the moves to expel him, relations with his coalition partners collapsed. And now the Government is being pulled apart.Kenyan government ministers reportedly received warnings of a possible attack before Al Shabaab gunmen stormed the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi. The official death toll remains at 67 but the Kenyan Red Cross maintains 61 people are still missing. Andrew Harding has the latest.Inside the ruins of the Westgate mall today. Survivors are being allowed back in to claim their cars, even as dozens of bodies are still thought to be missing somewhere under the rubble. Huge destruction there. Here is our car. This man was among the first civilians to go in this morning. Everything had just caved down. You see the metal re bar, you see cars on top of the rubble that had obviously come down from the top level parking garage. It's just one giant cave in. That's going to take months to work through. That's a mess.New footage of the attack itself, Red Cross official frantically ushering people to safety. Today there are new claims that the Kenyan authorities overlooked security warnings ahead of the attack. But it is not clear how specific those week after the warnings were. Exactly week after the killings started week after here, there's still enormous confusion here, there's still confusion and uncertainty. Kenya's Government insists its security Kenya's security and intelligence forces did the best they could in chaotic circumstances. Many people are starting to question that. Westgate is just over here on our right.For Abdul, a difficult moment. It's my first time here.Abdul, a businessman was captured in these photographs going repeatedly back into the mall to save civilians trapped by the fighting. Including this four year old American girl, somehow persuaded to run for her life.I thought she was very brave. A little girl her age running towards strange men holding guns is not an easy thing. I'm not sure if any kid her age would have done the same.It is a week that's tested many here. There are plenty of questions as well as prayers right now. Kenya seems determined not to be divided by the horrors of the past week.The international chemical watchdog tasked with destroying Syria's chemical Arsenal says its first wave of expert the will travel to Damascus later today. It follows yesterday's successful vote in the UN Security Council to adopt a binding resolution on ridding Syria of weapons. The organisation for
the prohibition of chemical weapons says with international support, the plan should be carried out by the middle of next year.Officials in Pakistan say at least 12 people have died after a powerful magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck the country's South-West. The quake-hit the same region which in the last week was devastated by a tremor that's left hundreds of people dead. Officials say several people have been wounded in this latest quake and they expect the death toll to rise.Chinese police say they've rescued over 90 children in an operation to break up a huge network of child traffickers. It's the latest attempt to crackdown on the long-running problem posed Jesse
by child abduction in China as Jesse Leary reports.State media says police from 11 provinces have broken up what's claimed to be a major child trafficking network. 301 people were arrested in the raids staged two weeks ago targeting a network which stole and sold children in hen nan province in central China. No reason has been given for the delay in releasing the details of the night-time operation which saw 92 young children rescued. TRANSLATION: Our childcare workers have been professionally trained so they know how to communicate with the babies and know how to comfort and rear them. Meanwhile, we're working together with the hospital staff to cure these children's diseases.A traditional preference for boys in the state's strict one-child policy are thought to be behind the long-running problem of child trafficking in China. With such arrests becoming increasingly common, authorities are bringing in new laws to punish those responsible. TRANSLATION: The criminal law regulates the crime of buying abducted women and children but also orders criminal investigation on buyers who prevent the rescue of abducted children even if they cause no mistreatment.Police have rescued thousands of children across China over the past few years. Victims of a thriving market in human lives.To sport with Sacha Mirzabegian. NRL Minor Premiers the Sydney Roosters are through to the grand final with a 40-14 victory over the Newcastle Knights last night. Roosters led Knights last night. The then scored five tries Roosters led 12-4 at the break to set up then scored five the break to set up a meeting
with Manly in the break to set up with Manly in next week's decider. Newcastle veteran Danny Buderus spent the night in hospital after being stretchered from the field in last night's loss. The former test hooker was knocked out in 18th minute bringing an early end to his retirement year. Hawthorn is the AFL's Premier team for 2013 after holding off Fremantle in the GF at the MCG yesterday. It was a windy day, though and a crowd of over 100,000 witnessed the Hawks lead at every change to win 77 to 62 in their first grand final the Dockers struck geld early before getting within three points in the third-quarter. The Hawks' Brian Lake was the norm myth medal winner. The Wallabies have gone to the Springboks in Cape Town this morning 28-8. The home side - the match got nasty at times with four players sent to the sin bin and Australia can only count their debutant winger Chris Feauai-Sautia as the man who scored their own try with two minutes remaining there. South Africa moves to the top of the standings. New Zealand has a chance to go five points clear when it plays in Argentina today. In soccer, shock losses in the English Premier League overnight. Manchester United lost their second game in a row going down 2-120 West Brom pat Old Trafford. The loss puts pressure on David Moyes who was lost three of his first six games. Aston Villa beat Manchester City. Chelsea held on to a one-all draw at to the ham. They took the leader in the first-half before John Terry headed home a free-kick in the second half. We'll talk a little bit of tennis. Returning to Petra Kvitova, who I spoke of yesterday, she beat Abdellatif Kechiche in the final of the Pan Pacific Opener in Tokyo. 6-2 6-love six, 6-3 and the win means she's moved to number 7 in the world rankings and top-seed Tomas Berdych and number three Jason Rawlins battled through for a three set win there to set up a final meeting.Yes.I'll be back in 25 minutes or so. We'll talk the AFL grand final and last night bad news for Benazir Bhutto, he was stretchered off the field. The Roosters are in the grand final against Manly next week.Big game coming up next week. Thank you Sacha. Tony Abbott has been facing criticism for what many have called communications clamp down from his government. We'll pass through his media strategy and find out why.Research on why onions make us cry to how often cows sit and sand up. Dr Karl fills us off in on the winners of the IgNobel science awards.Later we're live for all the action from last night's AFL Grand Final.To good effect!Only three weeks ago it seemed almost impossible to avoid Tony Abbott as he toured the country selling the coalition's credentials.It is a stark contrast to now though with the new PM doing his best to steer clear of the press. There's reports he's cracking down on media appearances by his MPs. In a moment we'll discuss this strategy with psychologist Adam Ferrier. First, here how will Abbott re racqueted yesterday when asked about the recent asylum seeker deaths at sea.Any reaction to the deaths of children at sea? Anything to say about the asylum seeker boat. Anything to asylum seeker boat. to say about the asylum-seeker boat Tony Abbott. The PM not being particularly forthcoming there. Behavioural psychologist and Gruen Transfer panelist Adam Ferrier psychologist now
panelist Adam Ferrier joins us now from our Melbourne studios.Good morning. Thank very much for joining us. I'm interested to get your perspective on this strategy from a branding perspective. How wise a move is it by the PM to shut up shop like this after being somebody who has been so volume cal in the media for so long? On this particular example, I think it's very clever strategy. The brain works in a little bit like all we see is all there is. We only ever respond to the stuff that's put in front of us. There's not stuff being put in front of us, the brain tends to completely ignore it and doesn't ever question it. In terms of boat people and the bigger issue of refugees and so forth, if it is not being Fed into our brain by the media we tend to forget about it and park it as an issue and think, somebody else is dealing with that. There's actually quite a clever media strategy to clamp down on that and not talk about it at all. It gets it out of people's heads, out of people's mindset and they can go about fixing the issue.That's really interesting. It's often been said what a disciplined user or manipulator of the media that Tony Abbott has been. What you're essentially saying is that regardless of any flak that Tony Abbott might wear by looking as though he's insensitive to an issue like, this by not talking about t he's basically chokes off the issue in the public's peck Trump? That's exactly right. Being insensitive, dogmatic, bullish, and hard nosed is part of Tony Abbott's brand as well. Actually conversely, it helps reinforce his brand, helps reinforce people's minds. He's solving the issue, plus he's also the issue, actually in a roundabout way building credibility for himself as a leader, despite not necessarily wanting to say that.Tony Abbott once actually called Kevin Rudd, and this has been pointed out this week, a hyper control freak for imposing strict controls over his MPs' media outings. He's doing exactly the same thing now as it seems. We've heard how all media appearances had to be vetted by the PM's office for his backbenchers and ministers. Has this just a necessary evil for a Government operating in the modern media environment? Look, this one surprises me having a blanket ban more or less on all of his ministers. It surprises me for two reasons. Number 1 for ego. All of his ministers are in the job partly to help Australia, but also partly for ego. They're all show men and all want to be out there. To try to stifle these people and get them to send their press releases out to the press secretary, to the person controlling the messages before they speak, is just nonsense. It is not going to happen. These people are going to want to get out there and speak and I think the order and structure is trying to put in place will crumble as their ego wants to be Fed and they want to see themselves on TV and so forth.Arguably, that sort of strategy backfired for Kevin Rudd because this did seem to be a groundswell of resentment that built up against him within his own party.Yes. That's really interesting. Within his own party, that was Kevin Rudd's issue, but in terms of his popularity with the people, he was always, his popularity was never think
questioned. His popularity I think came partly from his constant being in the media. There's a term in psychology called, or an effect called the mere exposure effect. The mere exposure effect just says the more you're exposed to something, the more you'll like it. The more familiar it will be, the more familiar it is, the more you'll like it. It is how advertising works at its most basic principle. It puts something in front of people every day and that will become more familiar to you and you'll like it more. That's what Kevin Rudd did beautifully for years. All of Tony Abbott's ministers are going to lose because they're able to because they're not able because they're not going to be
able to have the mere exposure effect able to have the effect working for them if they're not constantly in the media.That leads me to my next question. I was keen to ask you about Labor's you about Labor's leadership process. One of the criticisms that's often been levelled at lane it spent too many time talking about itself. Now it's doing exactly that. We've got two candidates travelling the country talking about Labor and what they would do for Labor. But is this a process of exposure and getting the Labor brand out there amongst an electorate that's become fairly disillusioned with that brand? I wouldn't think so. I wouldn't think that this has been a media strategy that's organised this process. I think we need to get the right leader. Let work out who that leader should be and get a process to get that leader. I think that's what they've done. I think, actually, the whole process of this and the internal machinations and showing this that to the whole world, I don't know if that's necessarily the best thing for Labor to do.Could that help explain the enthusiasm for the process, though? The enthusiasm for the process from...From Labor, that they have embraced this concept, this process of choosing a leader so enthusiast tis lick. We keep hearing from them about the response they are getting from the rank and file?Yes. I they've had so many issues with their leadership. they've had so their leadership. They're getting a new process to get getting a new process to get a leader that everybody getting a new process to leader that everybody buys into I think is extremely exciting I for them. That's developed more out of the fact of having for them. a good process to more out of the a good process to get a leader a good process remember than that being a media strategy in and of itself if you know what I meanAdam Ferrier thanks very much for coming on this morning and explaining all that for us.No problem.Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has been met by angry anti-American protesters in Tehran following historic phone call with the US President. Mr Rouhani and Barack Obama spoke about Iran's nuclear program in the First Contact between the two country's Presidents in more than 30 years.Crowds chanting "death to America" met the Iranian Presidents's returned from the United Nations. Hundreds of supporters were also gathered at the airport when he arrived.In Syria concern is growing over the I'm path foreign fighters and groups fill waited to Al Qaeda are having on the conflict. Many are coming into the country from Turkey and analysts say not enough it being done to stop them.Promotional videos like these made by Al Qaeda are being produced all over Northern Syria. TRANSLATION: Prepare me to die. Where are you Jihadist? The song goes. This fighter from the gulf celebrates his comrades enjoying this swimming pool. The armed group took over this area in August. In the border town also seized by the same group, this confrontation between people who live here and the foreign fighters, mostly Saudi, Egyptian, Iraqi and Tunisian, was secretly filmed. The man putting down his rifle in a peace gesture was later executed by the Al Qaeda affiliates. Foreign fighters one welcomed in Syria for their support are now re Septembered and feared by many civilians this man tells us. He's too scared to appear on camera.TRANSLATION: They have left the frontlines and are setting up bases in the liberated villages. We fear that their ambitions are not related to freedom and democracy. What they want is an Islamic state. Okay, Islam is our, but what we want say democratic state, universal freedoms and human rights. It's become a conflict of goals.Summary executions are becoming common. This video came when the fighters took over.TRANSLATION: They can easily say to you "you're an infidel. You're against Islam" and killing is so easy to them. It is their second nature. They don't think before carrying out an of these foreign fighters
crossed carrying out an execution.Some of these crossed the border from Iraq
but analysts and Syrians but analysts many more fly but analysts and many more fly into Turkey on scheduled many more fly into Turkey scheduled flights.It is a well warn route, a minibus or taxi takes the fighters takes the fighters along this main highway from the airport to the Syrian border. The Turkish Government says it is very concerned at the presence of foreign fighters and extreme groups just next door, but up until now it's taken no physical measures to prevent them from getting there. Turkish analysts warn that the Government can no longer ignore or keep accommodating the foreign fighters. TRANSLATION: Turkey tried to play the game but failed and made a total mess of it. For many years we fought against terrorism. If we play this game with terrorists, it will blow-back in your face.Analysts say somewhere between 5,000 to 10,000 foreign fighters have crossed into Syria so far. Many Syrians in the North want that to stop. let's take a look at the satellite. A broad low-pressure trough treching from northern WA to Western Queensland is triggering showers and storms. Onshore winds are causing isolated around the country:

Still to come here on 'Weekend Breakfast' - Hawthorn fans celebrate as the Hawks' redeem last year's grand final loss.You're watching ABC News 24.The top stories from ABC News. Survivors of an asylum-seeker boat sinking off Indonesia say Australian rescue authorities told them help was on the way, but it never came. The boat sank off the coast of West Java on Thursday and the bodies of 21 people have been found washed up on the shore. The number of survivors found has risen to 28 but at least 30 people are still missing including many children. Italy's shaky Coalition Government has suffered a potentially fatal set back with the resignations of all ministers from the party of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. A spokesman says the Minister's quit their posts over an unacceptable ultimatum by PM Enrico Letta. Enrico Letta had ordered a freeze on all government decisions ahead of a confidence vote and had himself threatened to quit if his administration did not receive clear backing. Hawthorn players have been celebrating their premiership success throughout the night in Melbourne. The Hawks held off a spirited fight back by grand final rookies Fremantle to win by 15 points in front of 100,000 fans at the MCG. Hawks' players will take part in a family day in Melbourne before celebrating with fans in Tasmania on Monday. NRL Minor Premiers the Sydney Roosters have won through to the grand final with a 40-14 victory against the Newcastle Knights in Sydney. The Roosters scored five tries after the break to set up a meeting with Manly in next week's decider. It is time to take a look at the front pages of today's major newspapers.Get a job. That's the message from Premier Campbell Newman to the message from Queensland's bikie gangs. Mr Newman has declared war on bikie members after a gang stormed a Gold Coast police station early Ned morning. A new police taskforce and possible ban on bikie colours in nightclub precincts are among the measures being flagged to curb their illegal activities.Nurses have been told to rein in their use of social media after a series of sauce see selfie photos at work were posted online. The Sunday Telegraph writes they could face disciplinary action or the sack for their actions.As you would expect, yesterday's AFL Grand Final is dominating the front pages. This is South Australia's 'Sunday Mail''s take on Hawthorn's victory over Fremantle. The paper writes after failing last year, the Hawks can now claim their place as one of the great teams of the modern era.And Sydney's 'Sun Herald' has a very dramatic image on its front cover. A digit particularly altered photo of Sydney's Bondi Beach 93 years now. It shows water inundating low lying buildings which scientists say could occur during extreme storms if predicted sea level rises of 80 centimetres ven wait.As you've heard this morning, Labor leadership candidate Bill Shorten is proposing a system of quotas to boost representatives from minority groups in the party, including from the Gai, lesbian, transgender and target
bisexual community. He's set a target of 40% for female candidates. 'Weekend Breakfast' would like to know your thoughts on this proposal.Do you believe our political party should introduce quotas to enable more diversity in the political arena. Should these positions be appointed solely on merit? To have your say just use the ABC News 24 hashtag or you can share your and via email using these addresses onscreen.'Weekend Breakfast' can be watched live on the web. Just visit the main ABC News website at you will find a link to ABC News 24 which is streamed live every day. A spate of hornet attacks has killed at least 18 people central Shaanxi Province of China since July this year. Local media has reported that over 500 people have been severely affected by hornet stings across the province. Experts say hornet stings usually cause localised reaction. Multiple stings can cause serious medical applications and occasionally be fatal. The Syrian tourism ministry has sponsored a mass wedding for 25 couples in Damascus on Friday. The wedding was held in a five-star hotel and it attended by government ministers. It celebrated the union of men and women displace bid the country's civil war. The Syrian ministry of tourism said the mass wedding symbolised a message of hope and giving.The first class of police officers especially trained to protect tourists visiting Haiti graduated on Friday. The newly formed police force is part of the Government's effort to rebuild its fledgling tourism industry which took a hit from the 2010 ed quake. Graduation certificates were presented to 53 officers at a ceremony in Haiti's capital Port-Au-Prince. The officers will patrol the country's tourist resorts and have been given extra training in Haitian history and geography. Government has doubled the tourism budget in a bid to create jobs and revive the one thriving industry.The earthquake which devastated Pakistan's South-West earlier this week was so powerful that a quake island has emerged off the country's coast.Locals watched in amazement as the small island rose out of the sea 600 metres off the coast. The BBC has visited the island.We're about half an hour out boat off hour out to sea in this boat hour out to sea in this speed
boat off the Pakinstani city. boat off the As you boat off the Pakinstani As you can see through the mist this brand New Island has emerged. It is much bigger than I thought it was even having read about it hand extraordinary to think, looking at it, that it's simply didn't exist a few days ago before that earthquake. Here we are and while all that awful devastation is going on hundreds of miles away after that earthquake, here it is something really quite fascinating. Until a few days ago this was all part of the seabed here and you can see all around here coral and rock that was all there and dead animals as well. Fascinating. It's attracted people who have been coming here in their boats to come and have a look at this new extraordinary Curiosity. The bad side of that though already within a few days there's already rubbish here cigarette packets and biscuit packets and scientists are saying this area need to be protected because it is such a unique environment to study. For those people who do want to see this place, they're going to have to be very quick indeed. According to previous
scientists with request previous experience, they say eye laps like this could disappear within a year. - islands.Extraordinary. well
Appears out of nowhere and may well disappear again.Be careful about anybody offering you a island to buy.That's right. Make sure it's been there for a while.Look for the
palm trees and stuff like that. Much is palm trees and Much is made about groundbreaking advances in science that explain everything from the speeding up of the universe's expansion to discoveries that create lifesaving medical techniques. But there's also a lighter side to scientific pursuits which are celebrated with the IgNobel Awards each year.That's right. Last weekend Dr Karl took us through his pick for the top five so this morning we'll round out the top ten IgNobels starring with some serious worlds
research in one of the culinary worlds most persistent problems why chopping Australian yons makes us cry.The important thing in any scientific paper serthe definition. The definition of crying is a complex response that has most important characteristic the shedding of tears from the apparatus without any irritation of the ocular structures often accompanied by alterations in the muscles et
involved in facial expressions, et cetera, et cetera.Crying.Crying. What happens is it all happens because unions don't have legs. Because they don't have legs they can't runway. What's their defence. Chemical warfare. They make a chemical and this chemical works on another chemical already inside the onion which turns chemical two in three arcs chemical three gets converted into four which a gay as throats through the air as irritant and lands on your eyeball. By 2008 some clever scientists in New Zealand had worked out how to interrupt that chain to make onions that don't make you tear but have the full taste sensation N2 2008 they said we've done it. It is going to take 15 years to bring it to market. Eight plus 15 is 230. We have a few more years to come. 23. They are heading down that pathway.Let's look at the arc yo lodge archaeological prize which was hard to shallow, shall I say.Hard to swallow, yes. The arc qulol justs look for stuff that our ancestor did. These bones are obviously been bitten, but these ones we don't know. Nobody had ever done the experiment. They went and did the experiment of getting a shrew. A shrew is like a mole, a little thing like a mouse but it is not related to the rodent a little thing like a mouse it family at all. it is not related to the family at all. They boiled it
for two minutes and tore into five sections. It five sections. It was only that long and swallowed without biting. What they found was, this is amazing, one of the major jaw bones had and niched. They didn't bite anything. It got beaten by the acids on the way down, four of the mole lar teeth and prac tick all the vert Ba except for 31, by the way, how they handle the out pet, the fecal matter was collected for the following three days, stirred in a pan of warm water until disintegrated. Until they did this paper, behaved in
nobody actually knew how bones behaved in the gut as opposed by attack by acids. Now we know thanks to these guys going the experiment. He deserves more than a IgNobel prize.That's dedication to scientist.He would probably deserve one as well who look at his poo.Let's look at the IgNobel prize which goes to the president of Belarus for? Two parts. He gets half the prize for declaring clapping in public to be illegal. The background was there was resistance group, he's the only dictator left in all of Europe, the president of bell Belarus. They can't do anything. One occasion they went out in public and clapped a lot. Firstly he made it illegal to clap in public. the IgNobel prize. The other half goes to the Belarus police. There was a police. There was a guy in July 2011 who got busted for clapping. The only problem was he only had one hand. He only had one arm. Nevertheless, they managed to bust him for it. The then question is what is the sound of one hand clapping, the answer is a jail sentence. That's why the Peace Prize goes to Belarus.With a slightly sent sort of take on the poor man who had only one hand to clap with. That's very hard.Not very nice at all. Let's look at something else shall we? It is about the probability of cows either lying down or standing up when they might choose to do either? Yes. I came across this concept first when I was working as a kids' doctor. People said you've got to treat this like veterinary medicine. They're not going to tell you what's wrong with them. Right. There's been this big body of research on cows whether they stand or lie down. You've got a bunch of cows, got 60,000 incidents of them changing from lying down to sitting up. That's a lot of moving. If a cow a cow is more likely to stand the longer they lie down? Yes. The other way around? No.Okay.That's all we know. If they're lying down, well, one reason they want to stand up they want to get a feed. I'm hungry, the only way I get a feed it getting up.There's more incentive to get up and lie down.We think, we don't know. This is veterinary medicine. There has to be a follow up paper on thisWe haven't had that conversation with our cows. Moving right along, let's look at the finally award for the IgNobels for 2013. That's an award that fits into the public health category. It is to do with the surgical management of an epidemic of penile amputations in Siam. I was very perplexed by. ThisYes. A according to the paper, they have this habit in Thailand keeping a cool heart, and a bunch of outraged women with Philandering husbands did not. It reached its peak in 1973, the angry wife removing the pianist, started in 1973, peak started in 1973, reached its
peak in newspaper reports and peak in 1977, newspaper reports and pretty
well died newspaper reports and well died away by 1980. They had a total of 100 cases and had a total of 100 cases the saying is the traditional Thai home is elevated so you have the animals un ignite. The women would get it throw it down to the ducks who would eat T the saying the Thai men had I better get home, or the ducks will have something to eat. They did 100 cases. They looked at these people. They didn't know what they were. It is massive surgery. They managed to work on 18 of them and started doing reattachments. On the 18 they worked on they had a majority of them re attached successfully to some degrie degree with Mike surgery. This describes how they did and the mistakes they made on the way and advice to other people not to make the same mistakes.Let's hope they won't have cause for needing this research. Dr Karl thank you so much.Thank you Dr Miriam.Our ever expanding waistlines are a depressing trend. The University of Tasmania is working to reverse. An increase in sedentary lifestyles and chronic disease has inspired it to become a national health and exercise hub.It awaiting for government funding. Its research is making an impact. Cindy Hollings knows the ups and down of an office job.Often I tend to get stuck at my desk for hours at a time.Now after sitting for an hour, her computer prompts her to get moving. The software developed by the University of Tasmania is being rolled out to Tasmanian public servants. It is also a tracting national interest.Western Australia, DHHS has contacted and a council in NSW.New research hour of daily suggests the recommended half hour of daily exercise isn't enough.You're sitting for long are than four hours a day cumulatively, you place yourself at risk of a whole host of diseases that we label host of diseases that metabolic syndrome, Type Two metabolic diabetes, cardiovascular disease risk.They've begun studying exercise hot desks.The problem is the cost. It is expensive to buy a glide desk like we have become thereResearchers are looking for retired workers to stay active at work. Games like this are great because you don't know you're doing exercise.Video games have been modified to help the elderly improve their balance.We're starting a number of trials to older people who are at risk for falls.It hinges on state and Federal funding. As yet there are no commitments.What we are trying to do here is to see what we can do in stages and with the availability of whatever funding occurs.Walking before they can run, Emily Bryan, ABC News.Big weekend of sport. It's time to talk with Sacha Mirzabegian.Sacha, yes, terrific results yesterday.Terrific. Absolutely fantastic. It if you're a Hawks supporter they got home by 15 points. AFL grand final against the Dockers at the MCG. Over 100,000, 1 00,007 to be precise. Guns ston was the man for the Hawks. He scored four goals. Lance Franklin didn't chip in for much. The Dockers when into this game where they were underdogs and they thought that they had to lift to a point where they could pressure the Hawks but all they had to do it play their own game they doesn't that. Their defence was nowhere to be seen. The way they played this pressing style and converge on their opponents, they just didn't to. The Hawks played way lot of width. They played with a rotational policy from players, going from the midfield to the F to the back. They're go to go. They celebrated at the Crown Casino last night. A lot of drunk people.Spurred on by last year's loss do you think?I think so. Every grand final has to be taken on its own merits. I can't stand it when people say you've got to lose one to win one. I don't think so. You've got to win one to win one. The Hawks the way they've built their season and Clarkson has to be given a been
lot of credit here. There has been a lot of talk about Lance Franklin whether he'll stay at the club. He has put off negotiations with his contract with the Hawks until the end of the year. No-one knows what's going on. Let's hear from a couple of Hawks' players and coaches Alastair Clarkson and Luke Hodge. Let's have a Everyone in the room, all the Hawke supporters and members we couldn't have done this without you. The sponsors, outstanding, and also the families, partners, parents, it's - yeah. I said it all after the game. Everyone here, it is a massive thank you. We couldn't have done it without all the support of also the blokes that aren't all the support of you guys and standing up here as also the blokes that standing up here as well.
You're just as standing up here You're just as much a part of this. You're just as much a part this. (APPLAUSE).A theme for our football club all year this. (APPLAUSE).A theme been one for all and all for one and the way we are at Hawthorn, we are the mighty fighty Hawks. Thank you.Very original, what think I did? I thought they sounded very composed.I thought they could do with a bit more hype.I wonder if they're that compose composed nowI don't think so. That professional nature, it is built within individual clubs. A you see a lot of celebrations after these sorts of victories and people are all over the place. It just shows you what sort of environmental stair Clarkson wants to breed at the Hawks there. They played well but I thought the dockers were in with a chance. When they did forecast wet weather for the game on Saturday, I thought the defensive end will come through here. The Hawks was a big try, ball on the ground, they got out to a good lead and they only got to within three points in that third-quarter the Dockers could pull it off ear. Experience and being in that situation, you have to be there in order to master it. It is one of those days being in a ganld final, I only played idea.That's more than me. It under 14s because I've got no was the last game of idea.That's more than was the last game of the
season.Dope sneeze at was the last game of season.Dope sneeze at the
under 14s.I'm telling I think. What I'm trying to say is when you're I think. say is when you're there you realise say realise the expectation that is fairlily on your shoulders. It's a big moment.Yes. It didn't happen It's a didn't happen for the Dockers yesterday but no reason why it can't happen in the future. The NRL can't happen in The NRL on last night. We did. We're down to the final two, the Roosters manage to get up against the Knights.The Roosters beat the Knights 40-14. It was close early on. Two-all there. They went out to a 12-4 lead at halftime, the Roosters. Too many big guns. The thing is about the Roosters, I don't think this game is going to prepare them well for the big clash they're going to have with Manly next week. Last time the two teams played each other it was four-nil at the end and it was odd because both teams are known for their attracting prowess. Manly just defended to a point where they were just so tired and you could tell. Everyone thought Manly wasn't going to make it through. They have. The Roosters only scored via a kick in that game. Basically in rugby league terms, if you don't break the line via a pass or running through the defensive line, it is not really counted within the team's perspective as being beaten. If you score via a kick you say it was bounce of the ball. Manly could take a lot out of that first game there and the Weymanly has built from week to week, I'm tipping the Eagles to beat the Sydney Roosters next week. I'm sorry Bondi people, you don't lose that often. What more can I say? Okay.We'll hold to you that. What about that talk about Sonny Bill Williams fever yesterday? Sonny Bill Williams, whether he's sick or not, if he plays op one leg he'll kill themselvesry time. Plays before, at the line, inin the line, behind the line. He's a master player. One of the producers out the back said he's right in what he said Sonny Bill Williams don't have to touch the ball. It's a decoy without being a decoy. He doesn't have to play much of a role to have an impact on the game, because of his size, presence, he's huge. He's got a very good body. I saw the way you looked at me there, Nick. What I'm trying to say Heirisson knee Bill there was word he got a bit sick, there were a few media reports flying around quoting a few Insiders. I don't know what that was about. He showed up, they won, and they're through to the grand final. It doesn't matter how he perform last night. . They got there. That's the main thing. Hopefully he'll be looking at his nutrition.Food poisoning is a bad thingIt was crucial in one of the All Blacks in one of the World Cup they came down crook.He's an expecting him to return to international superstar. I'm rugby one day in time expecting him to return rugby one day in time for the Rugby World rugby one day in Rugby World Cup in 2015. Don't know what he's doing next year, no-one does. He should get a gold medal at the Rio moiks for Rugby 7s. That's the plan. If he does that all the detractors that are selling him at $400,000 with the Bulldogs a year, you're earning so much money, what's wrong with you. Be backed himself and he seems to be winning at the momentWe've had some action with the rugby kicking off.Thank you. All Blacks, they're playing right now against Argentina in Argentina. Last night the Wallabies went down 28-8 against The Springs. It was a Newlands, Cape Town. The Springs are looking like a really well-drilled team here. Australia it is tough to watch.All sorts of trouble. They didn't score their try until the last two minutes. It was Chris Feauai-Sautia, theden assistant there. We had four sin bins. Hooper went for that flip there. This South African player, who has a very difficult last player to pronounce, he when there as well. South Africa moved to the top of the standing only briefly, okay, I'm saying previously because the All Blacks actually taking on Argentina at the moments like I just mentioned. the day the All Blacks will be on top and South Africa will be in the day the All Blacks will be
on top in the middle and Australia on top and South Africa will could actually be in the middle and could actually be on bottom and Argentina could be on the top. That's concerning.Goodness. I think that's enough of sport. That's enough of sport. That's enough of me. Thank you.Poor nutrition in remote Aboriginal community is a major cause of chronic health problems. A small school on the edge of Arnhem Land is tackling the issue by growing its own fruit and vegetable. Not only has their garden become a source of healthy food it is also a helpful teaching aid. Jano Gibson reports. With rulers at the ready, these students are documenting the growth of their garden. 13 centimetres long .In just over a year, it's gone from an empty patch of lawn to a fir tile field full of fruit and vegetables. There's everything in the garden. We've had Luca Paolini Pau, Paus, bananas now getting their first bunches.It doesn't take long for the stew dins to harvest a big batch of fresh produce.It tastes good and sweet. Sweet. The produce is brought into the classroom.How many parts to a whole in a heart? Two.Where the kids not only learn about fractions but how to make a healthy meal.It's given an idea how we can use bush tucker to support our nutrition.The students carefully peel, slice and chop their way through the ingredients before mixing them into a bowl of cold splay and a platter. It is lifelong meaning for me. It is giving them a skill that these kids can use later on way down the track, it doesn't matter if they're 50, or 80.After a quick wash of the happens it is time to enjoy their hard day's work and whilst some find the flavours a little unusual, it is clear the school's garden is making a difference in the community.If you're at home and you done have any vegetables to eat, so we can go to the school and ask the teach are for lettuce, vegetables. A tasty way to learn important lessons. Jano Gibson, ABC News, Manyallaluk.You're watching 'Weekend Breakfast' on ABC News 24. We'll be back at 10 am eastern with all the day's news, sport and weather.Including more on the celebrations in Melbourne and commiserations in Fremantle after last night's AFL's grand final. Stay with us now for "Insiders". You're watching ABC News 24. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This Program is Captioned Live.The top stories from ABC News. Survivors of an asylum-seeker boat which sank off Indonesia say Australian rescue authorities told them help was on the way. But it never came. The boat capsized off the coast of West Java on Thursday and 21 bodies have since been found washed up on the shore. 28 people were rescued but at least 30 are still missing including many children. The international chemical weapons's watchdog tasked with destroying Syria's stockpile says its first group of experts will travel to Damascus later today. It follows yesterday's successful vote in the UN Security Council to adopt a binding resolution calling on Syria to dispose of its chemical arsenal. The group says it is confident it can carry out the mission on time. Lance Franklin says he'll decide his playing future this week following Hawthorn's grand final victory. There's widespread speculation yesterday's win over Fremantle was his last with the Hawks. It's understood Greater Western Sydney is poised to offer him a substantial contract. Next Sunday's NRL grand final will be a battle of the Sydney beaches after the Roosters thrashed Newcastle 40-14 in last night's Four tries in 13 minutes during the second last night's preliminary final.
Four tries the second half sealed the game Four tries in 13 minutes during for Sydney who will the second half sealed the for Sydney who for rugby league's for rugby prize. for rugby league's greatest
prize. Stay tuned now for "Insiders"with This Program is Captioned

Good morning, welcome to Insiders. Tony Abbott travels to Jakarta tomorrow for his first overseas visit as PM insisting the boat issue is just a passing irritant? Is it? Is it an irritant when Alexander Downer accuses the Australia's
Indonesians of breaching Australia's sorn sovereignty and the Indonesians release a 1,100 word briefing on their meeting with Julie Bishop.This is an extraordinary and unprecedented development from Minister Natalegawa. I can't recall an Indonesian Foreign Minister taking a step like this in relation to Australia ever before. It underlines the seriousness of Indonesia's approach. It underlines what a threat this is to an important bilateral relationship.Let me make this point for Mr Natalegawa's benefit. Indonesian boats, Indonesian-flagged boats with Indonesian crews are breaking our laws bringing people into our territorial waters. This is a breach of our sovereignty and the Indonesians need to understand that. Instead of a lot of pious rhetoric.Alexander is Alexander and I'm now the PM of our country. This is a broad and deep relationship which is going to get broader and deeper that anyone should want over time and the last that anyone should want is to have that anyone have Australia's relationship the Indonesia defined by this boats issue which I am sure will be but a passing irritant.Well it all makes for an early test of the irritant.Well it all makes an early test of the new PM's diplomatic skills. That's a major topic this morning. The leadership battle continuing within the ALP. Last week we spoke with one of the candidates, Anthony albeez. This week we'll be joined by Bill Shorten. First the Sunday papers and there are competing claims this morning over the asylum seekers boat tragedy. It seems that at least 50 people died in that tragedy off the coast of Java. ABC News last night ran this account from a survivor. This is all my family died before because of you. The Australian Government we called the Australian Government. For 24 hours they were telling us we're coming, we're coming, we're coming, they didn't come. We send them the position on the GPS exactly where are we and we drown, nobody come. This is because the Australian Government. I want them to know that.Now Laura, Scott Morrison eventually put out a statement and it doesn't accord with that account.No, it doesn't, Barrie. Very late yesterday he put out a statement just detailing the Australian Government's version of events. He said the authorities received a call from the boat on Friday, not Thursday saying it was 25 nautical miles inside the Indonesian search and rescue zone. The Australian authorities originally coordinated the search efforts. A merchant ship in the area responded and also a border protection command aircraft also was looking for the boat. Neither of them could find the boat. Mr Morrison said any loss of life is tragic. The Australian Government expresses its deepest sympathy to those affected.In any case wasn't this a situation where the boat wasn't necessarily in distress, it was going back to Java because it was low on fuel and then the accident happened when the boat was hit by a wave? Well we don't know what those messages were. Under the previous Government there would by now have been a press conference at wh the Minister for Home affairs would make himself available to answer exactly those questions. Under this Government there was at first it seems no intention even to put out a statement until it became evident that it was impossible for Morrison to wait until his Monday briefing before saying anything about this tragedy. We don't know and the Government has positioned itself to make it very much harder for us to know. That's deliberate.We'll talk a little more about that later on in the program but an early test for Tony Abbott here with two senior ministers, it seems, senior ministers, it spent or attended a put thousands of spent or attended a wedding and put thousands taxpayer.Yes, but wasn't any wedding. It was a wasn't any wedding. wedding of Coalition friendly shock jock Michael Smith who had just been sacked had just been sacked because he'd gone way, way over the top in his accusations about the then PM Julia Gillard and the AWU. But nevertheless overlooking this fact Senator Brandis and Barnaby Joyce travelleded to the Central Coast of NSW for, what to you and I might seem like a private wedding, and billed the public for the expense, about $3,000 between them at all cost. But, you know, as Mike Smith himself has said on his website this morning, it was, I'll just get onto my own, it was not just any wedding because think of it, at this event the honourable George Brandis QC gave an impassioned speech about freedom of the press and flagrant men-Dasity of some media proprietors. So it was worth the $3,000 you and I chipped in to go the a private wedding.So it was a political event and that justifies it claiming it on the taxpayer.It was a private media event, because none of us were invited. It makes me wonder whether those famous Peter Slipper trips to the Canberra vineyards, he might have been talking about parliamentary procedure to the vines.This is a problem here though, Mark, because we're talking about the Attorney-General here and he pursued Peter Slipper for taking a private visit and claiming it on the taxpayer.At the very least you'd think this money has to is money has to be paid back. This
is a ridiculously thin argument public
that there's some kind of public advantage or benefit from this political event.It's pretty hard to defend.And of course if this was the Howard Government, which it's not, of course the Howard Government came in with the increased level of code of conduct standards and George Brandis and probably Barnaby Joyce would be out on their ear on that basis. But of course we're not quite so rigorous these days about these things. I find it quite ironic that part of George Brandis's defence is they had been liaising with Michael Smith so much about Craig Thomson whose issues were actually underneath it all, fiddling expenses. So the irony is quite extreme.I agree. It sounds like a hell of a wedding when you're having speeches made about that rather thatten the happy couple.Senator Brandis was tearing up the dance floor and every young chick wanted to dance with George. It does raise the question also, if that's the test, how much more of this is going on? If it's being defended in such a banal way that there's a public advantage here.What a joke.Kevin Rudd is back to earth and in New York.Back to earth but with a thud it seems. This is a remarkable photo. A story from New York and the photo shows a for forlorn or alone Kevin Rudd walking the streets of Big Apple and not far away Julia Gillard is chairing - Julie Bishop is chairing the UN Security Council. A stark contrast there.But it's not a complete thud to earth because why he's in New York is because he's now an eminent person and he's going along to a meeting at the UN. He didn't take much part apparently but he was present at the UN at another meeting. It wasn't Julie Bishop's gig, it was someone else's gig.And he's on holiday apparently.That's his idea as a holiday.Does that mean he's paying for the trip himself or the taxpayer?One wonders. We'll wait and see on that.Now we'll go to our studio guest Bill Shorten and here's a sense of how the contest is going so far.

The two men vying to become the new Labor leader have faced off for the first time in a debate.Welcome to all of you for coming along to this very historic night. The party's experiment in internal democracy is aimed at ending infighting.

Anthony Albanese is a formidable performer and representative of
Labor.I performer and Labor.I believe that Bill and I will work together very Labor.I believe that Bill I will work regardless of the outcome of
this I will work together very well
regardless of this and that the caucus is committed to it.And I believe if you choose him then indeed the if you choose him then the party will be well served.He is a good candidate and he'd be a good leader if he's successful.And if you pick him I can understand.

What kind of PM will each of you be? Happy to go first.Happy to go. Well, we'll take it in turns.

This is indeed a fantastic occasion.When it comes to the party we must rule a line under the divisions of the past.Whether Bill, who would make a great leader of the Labor Party and one that I would be very proud to serve, or myself is successful, we have an opportunity to unite.If elected leader you will hear less about I and more about we. The era of the Messiah is over.No more Messiahs.

Bill Shorten, welcome.Good morning, Barrie.So Bill Shorten, Messiah? Was it Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd? I think I'm referring to the point that Labor needs to emphasise its team approach. That the best way we will win those million extra votes that we need to to defeat the Abbott Government will be through good policies and good ideas and less focus on personalities.But no more Messiahs implies there was a Messiah? I think in the future we can't make the mistakes of the past and what I mean is that we need to focus on our ideas, not just trying to say one person can solve all or problems, be it Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd or any other leader.If Kevin Rudd was treated in that way, as a Messiah, would it be a good idea for him to leave the Parliament? He's been elected to represent the seat of Griffith over the next 3 years. What he does is entirely up to him. I'm sure that if he stays in Parliament he will want to play a very constructive role.Greg Combet said though whoever leads the party will need to keep an eye out for Kevin Rudd? I probably have a different take. The way that Labor wins the next election is by focussing on the future and by focussing on the future it's about what are the ideas which are going to be relevant to the lives that Australians are Lea leading not in the next 24 hour news cycle or next week but the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years, ideas I think still have a premium in Australian politics.You've put up as deputy Tanya Plibersek and not Anthony Albanese, why would that be? First of all the caucus has to elect a deputy. I was asked at a number of the debates, and I've done about 26 of these big, mass member forums who I would like to see as deputy. If Tanya Plibersek nominates I think that sends a strong message, she has a strong appeal in the electorate. I think it's important we have a team that reflects diversity. The Liberals have fluffed their diversity argument by only having 1 woman in the cabinet. If elected I would hope that Anthony Albanese will be one of our senior representatives on the front bench.If you lost the ballot would you want to be deputyI would serve in the position which I thought Anthony best saw it work in.There doesn't appear to be any major policy differences, we've noticed that as you go about debating one another but left-right
what's happened to the old left-right divide? Some of the old left-right divide in the Labor Party was based around the Cold War and communism. As the Berlin Wall's come down I think what's replaced it has been factionalism based on personalities, not on ideas. I think in terms of the current leadership ballot proposition to Labor Party

best when it's relevant to members is this. future lives of best when it's future lives of Australians. future lives of Australians. So I've used this ballot as an opportunity to talk about ideas. I think and believe that in 3 years time at the election if Labor's seen to be the strongest party strongest party on science, research and innovation, higher education, then we will do really well. So that's one of the ideas. I want Labor to own positive ground in politics in the next 3 years. We shouldn't let ourselves be defined by what we're against, people need to know what we're for. As the processes has gone on though, it does appear as if both you and Anthony Albanese are right behind the idea of rank and file involvement. What about the other issue of when a ballot can be called? Is there a prospect that those rules might be weakened? Well I happen to think that if over 50% of the caucus don't support, you know, if you're in the job and if you've lost the confidence of a majority of your colleagues you probably need to consider having a ballot then but the rule which we've currently got in place and caucus has a higher threshold, let's just get through this leadership ballot. I do fundamentally believe that inviting our party members to have a say has meant that we've done something very un characteristic for the Labor Party when it loses an election. We haven't descended into an orgy of bloodletting and recrimination. come when you sought out the
leadership, won't it? I think the party members have put everyone on notice in the party everyone on notice in the
parliamentary party. We elect you to represent Australians and to represent the issues we think are important, and to represent think are important, not to get on TV and bag each other