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This Program is Captioned Live.Survivors of a capsized asylum boat say they rang Australian authorities but nobody came to help them.This is because of Australian Government. Just I want them to know that. A mixed reception for Iran's President as he returns home following a historic phone call with Barack Obama. 12 months on from a grand final loss, the Hawks make amends with a 15 heart and soul of our club, all our supporters, the 63,000 members is the reason why we're always Hawthorn.And the Sydney Roosters to face the Sea Eagles in the NRL grand final after defeating Newcastle by 26 points. Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24. Hello, I'm Miriam Corowa. Let's check the weather around the country. Survivors of another asylum-seeker boat tragedy have accused Australian authorities of not responding to calls for help. The bodies of more than 20 people have been found after their boat struck trouble in rough seas off Indonesia's South Java coast. At least 30 people are still missing. The ABC's Indonesia correspondent George Roberts reports.This is Java
the remote south coast of West Java and along miles of beach here, there's not much to be found, except now there is this, the splintered remains of the latest asylum-seeker boat to end in stradge. For those on board, their hopes of making it to Australia have been shattered. Tragedy.About two dozen people were found alive but it's thought there were up to 80 people on board. Indonesian authorities say they can't search in the rough conditions at the moment so they're hoping that survivors might be washed ashore. Of the survivors we've spoken to, though, they think that's highly unlikely.All people she has died. 55 died, all.55 people are dead? Yeah. 20 babies .I just want to say something.Yes, sure.This is on you. All my family died before because of you. The Australian Government we called the Australian Government, for 24 hours they were telling us we're coming, we're coming, we're coming. come. We send them the
position on we're coming. They didn't come. position on the GPS position where are we? We drown, where are we? come. This is because where are we? We drown, nobody Australian Government. Just I want them to know Australian Government. want them to know that. Okay? This is the This is the first asylum-seeker boat sinking since Tony Abbott became PM but back in Australia, he's refused to answer questions from reporters about this latest tragedy.Any reaction to the sinking of the asylum boat? The Government had previously said when there was a tragedy or a significant event at sea, they would provide briefings. I would call on Government through the Home Affairs Minister or the Immigration Minister to provide those briefings to the Australian people today.The PM arrives in Jakarta on Monday where he'll have to move to calm diplomatic tension. His policies aimed at stopping asylum seeker boats like turning some around, buying others from Indonesian fishermen, and paying locals to spy on people smugglers are unpopular with the Indonesian Government.Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has been met by angry anti-American protesters in Tehran following historic phone call with the US President. Mr Rouhani and Barack Obama spoke about Iran's nuclear program in their First Contact between the two countries' Presidents in more than 30 years. Crowd chanting death to America met the Iranian President as he returned from the United Nations. Hundreds of supporters were also gathered been more violence in the
at the airport when he suburbs of the capital Damascus. Diplomatic efforts outside the country Damascus. Diplomatic outside the country continue. UN Security Council has adopted a resolution to destroy Syria's a resolution to chemical weapons. Inside Syria, concern is growing over the impact foreign fighters and groups affiliated to Al Qaeda are having on the conflict. Many are coming into the country from Turkey and analysts say not enough is being done to stop them.Promotional videos like these made by Al Qaeda the Islamic state of Iraq are being produced all over Northern Syria. Prepare me to die. Where are you Jihadist? The song goes. This fighter from the gulf celebrates his comrades enjoying this Swimming pool. The Arm Group took over this area in August.In the border town also seized by the same group, this confrontation between people who live here and the foreign fighters, mostly Saudi Egyptian, Iraqi and Tunisians were secretly filmed. The man putting down his rifle in a peace gesture was executed by the Al Qaeda affiliates. Foreign fighters once welcomed in Syria for their support are now resented and feared by many civilians, this man tells us. He's too scared to appear on camera. TRANSLATION: They have left the frontlines are setting up bases in the liberated villages. We fear that their ambitions are not related to freedom and democracy. What they want is an Islamic state. Okay, Islam is our religion but what we want is a democratic state, universal freedoms and human rights. It's become a conflict of goals.Summary executions are becoming common. This video came when the fighters took over. TRANSLATION: They can easily say to you, you're an infidel, you're against Islam. So you're infidel and kill something so easy for them. It is their second nature. They don't think before they carry out an execution.Some of these foreign fighters crossed the border from Iraq but analysts and Syrians say many more fly into Turkey's provinces on scheduled flights. It is a well warn route, a minibus or taxi takes the fighters along this main highway from the airport to the Syrian border. The Turkish government is very concerned that the
presence of is very concerned presence of foreign fighters and extreme groups just presence of foreign door but up until and extreme groups door but up until now it's door but up taken no physical measures to door but up until now taken no physical measures prevent them from getting there. Turkish analysts warn that the Government can no longer ignore or keep accommodating the foreign fighters. Turkey tried to play the game but it failed and play the game but it failed made a total mess of it. For many years we fought against terrorism. If we play this game with terrorists it will blow-back in your face.Analysts say somewhere between 5,000 to 10,000 foreign fighters have crossed into Syria so far. Many Syrians in the North want that to stop.Kenyan Government ministers reportedly received warnings of a possible attack before Al Shabaab gunmen stormed the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi. The official death toll remains at 67 but the Kenyan Red Cross maintains 61 people are still missing. Andrew Harding has the latest.Inside the ruins of the Westgate mall today. Survivors are being allowed back in to claim their cars even as dozens of bodies are still thought to be missing somewhere under the rubble. Huge destruction there. Here's our car. This man was wrong among the first civilians to go in this wrong. Everything had caved down. You see the metal re bar. You see cars on top of the rubble that had obviously come down from the top level parking garage. It is just one parking garage. giant cave in. That's going to take months giant cave in. take months and months to work through. That's a mess.New footage of the attack itself. Red Cross officials frantically ushering people to safety. Today there are new claims that the Kenyan authorities overlooked security warnings ahead of the attack. It is not clear how specific those warnings were. Exactly one week after the killings started here, there's still enormous confusion and uncertainty. Kenya's government insists its security and intelligence forces did the best they could in chaotic circumstances. Many people are starting to question that. The Westgate is just over here on our right.For Abdul, a difficult moment. That's my first time.Abdul, a businessman was captured in these photographs going repeatedly back into The Mall to save civilians trapped by the fighting. Including this four year old American girl. Somehow persuaded to run for her life.I thought she was very brave. A little girl her age running towards strange men holding guns it is not ansescy thing. I'm not sure if any kid her age would have done the same.It is a week that's tested many here. There are plenty of questions as well as prayers right now.Kenya seems determined not to be divided by the horrors of the past week.Chinese police say they've rescued over 90 break up
children in an operation to break up a huge network of child traffickers. It is the latest attempt to crackdown on the long-running probe posed by child abduction in China as Jesse Leary reports.State media says police from 11 provinces are broken up what's claimed to be a major child trafficking network. 301 people were arrested in the raids staged two weeks ago targeting a network which stole and sold children in hen nan province in central China. No reason has been given for the delay in releasing the details of the night-time operation which saw 92 young children rescued. TRANSLATION: Our childcare workers have been professionally trained so they know how to communicate with the babies and know how to comfort and rear them. Meanwhile, we're working together with the hospital staff to cure these children's diseases.A traditional preference for boys in the state's strict one filed policy had thought to be behind the long-running problem of child trafficking in China. With such arrests becoming increasingly common, authorities are bringing in new laws to punish those
responsible. laws to punish responsible. TRANSLATION:
The laws to punish those
responsible. The criminal law regulates the crime of buying abducted crime of buying abducted women and children but also orders criminal investigation on buyers who prevent the rescue of abducted children even if they cause no mistreatment.Police have rescued thousands of children across China over the past few years. Victims of a thriving market in human lives.The Abbott Government has been slammed for sticking to its plan to replace the carbon tax with an emissions reduction fund in light of the latest scientific findings on global warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts Australia will experience more extreme more
temperatures, more drought; more powerful cyclones and significant sea level rises. Deborah Rice reports.More than 800 of the world's top scientists agree, climate change is real and it is extremely likely humans are causing most of it. The Federal Government accepts the findings and says it's already planning practical action. We'll have a carbon purchasing fund to clean up waste coal mine gas, to clean up power stations, to encourage energy efficiency, real action to reduce emissions, rather than a carbon tax which is just an electricity tax.The Environment Minister is playing down the potential impact of sea levels rising by almost a metre and threatening Australia's coastal infrastructure because it is the scientist's worst case scenario.This is a long-term problem and we need long-term planning which is careful. The range here is between 28 and 98 centimetres over 100 years.Climate activists say the report makes years.Climate activists the report makes it clear Government must the report Government must immediately
commit to its upper limit target of commit to target of 25% reductions by 2020 instead of its minimum aim of 5%.It's great that it accepts the targets. But its test is how can it get up to 25% reductions about I 2020 and beyond. No credible evidence shows that the direct action and the emissions reduction fund policies can get to even the 5%.What this report is showing is that we are on a collision course to environmental collapse.Labor says the axing of the Climate Commission and two departmental secretaries involved in pricing carbon pollution shows contempt for all scientific advice. It underlines the need for carbon restraint and policies across the world, including Australia, to deal with carbon pollution.The reborn climate council says the good news is that humans have a history of innovation, so a found.Obviously, we have a lot more to do. That's what this report highlights. By no means is it a pessimistic future. It only is if we throw up our hands and say we've got to keep doing what we've always done.The challenge is for the policies and planning to keep abreast of scientific knowledge.Tasmanian science has played a significant role in the latest expert climate change report.Work over many decades in Antarctica is bearing fruit as the number of scientists have made contributions to the international assessment.Bar a few scientists, there are almost no humans in park Antarctica. But the saysty content can tell the story of the human influence on climate better than anywhere else. When the temperature warms up the ice melts. It is a very easy to see phenomena.In recent years, Tasmanian scientists have been drilling ice core across Antarctica going deeper and deeper back in time. And get a picture of how climate in Antarctica has changed for the last 1800 to 2000 years.That climate picture has been critical to the findings in the latest IPCC report. We're very certain that the majority of warming is from human impact.In the five years since the last IPCC report, major findings in climate research have led to
greater confidence climate research have led greater confidence amongst greater scientists. The ice core discoveries as well as important Tasmanian important Tasmanian led ocean studies have contributed to that consensus. There has been an overall strengthening of the evidence and the amount of agreement across much of the climate system. There's still work to be done. The report has a large range for possible sea level rises in the coming century. Anywhere from 26 to 98 centimetres. The marine based ice sheets have the potential, if they were to start to collapse, to contribute several 10th s of a metre in the end try. That would take us over a metreThe motivation now is to get those scientific uncertainties as small as possible.

The Queensland Government says it will send extra police to the Gold Coast after another violent clash between outlaw motorcycle gangs. Four policemen were injured on Friday night as they broke up separate fights on the Gold Coast. 18 people have been charged with offences including assault and disorderly conduct. Government says it is drawn a warning
line in the sand and has Sen a warning to bikies that enough is enough.More than 60 outlaw motorcycle gang members clashed at motorcycle gang members at Broadbeach. We need all crews here. You all crews. Where are you? crews here. You all Where are you? Clearly crews here. You all crews. outnumbered.Police say a fight broke out between rival bikie gangs last night.Copy. gangs last night.Copy. We've got Bandidos here. Bandidos. Any colours not Bandidos we need to know about ASAP.Reinforcement were brought in from across the coast and Brisbane to break up the fight while roads were blocked to stop more bikies joining in.There are those still who think they're above the law of this state. That's unacceptable.Four people were arrested and take don't Southport police station. A mob of bikies then crowded outside the precinct and clashed with police. Four officers were hurt, 18 people were charged.Today Saturday the Government is drawing a line in the sand. As of right this afternoon, we'll have extra police on the Gold Coast from the south-east area.The Commissioner hopes a special police hub will also be set up in coming weeks to help send offenders to jail.Police will also be pulling people who exhibit violent behaviour or have anything to do with drugs or guns and ripping them from their restaurants and their Heidi holes.The government admits it is too early to say whether measures like the recently introduced wealth laws are working but says crime isn't out of control.James Kelly ABC News.Motor neurone disease could be described as everyone's worst nightmare. It is a progressively degenerative disease leading to paralysis of all voluntary muscles. There's neither treatment nor cure. One Australian dies every day from the disease. Researchers at Adelaide's Flinders Medical Centre are on the brink of creating a new test that would at least help with an early diagnosis.Joanne Pratt was just 3 years old when she started experiencing weakness in her legs. But it would be another two years of tests and major back surgery before she was diagnosed with motor neurone disease four in 2011.I couldn't believe that it had taken that much time to get to that point to get the diagnosis and, yeah, I just... Didn't know what to think.Currently, diagnosing MND is a process of elimination with no specific test available and a grim prognosis. Average life expectancy after diagnosis is just one to five years. A team at the Flinders Medical Centre is hoping to change that.What we're looking at is a protein that's released from nerve cells that had damaged and ending up in urine and blood. We've been able to detect this neurone
protein in people with motor neurone disease.Dr Rogers says the protein is not found in healthy people and could prove vital in determining an earlier diagnosis. It would also enable doctors to prescribe Riluzoel far sooner, the Riluzoel far sooner, medication currently available
which which can extend a person's life by a few months.If we
could actually get them earlier, actually maybe more effective because what happens they often get it when it's a little bit too late. I think it is hugely advantageous. I mean, you can't get a diagnosis early enough.Dr Rogers and her team are waiting to find out if they'll receive half a million dollar grant from the Federal Government. If they do, clinical trials could begin in as little as 18 months.The team is also working on developing a knew again therapy treatment which will better target motor neurons.It is hoped the reopening of a Bundaberg river cruise operator will stimulate the tourism sector eight months after floods devastated the region. It is the third time the business has had to rebuild and Assad add reports, many of the sugar city's other businesses are still recovering.The Bundaberg Belle is back in business. Skipper Dale Lockley is once again cruising the Burnett River eight months after floodwaters devastated his business. The Bund I did Belle is part of our family now I guess you could say. The kids are part of our crew. Great feeling. All the tourists and locals as well.In January the Bundaberg Belle's Poon toon went un along with 900 other businesses. It was the second time the pontoon been destroyed by a flood in just two years.About four years just years ago we purchased this as just two years.About a lifestyle change. Unfortunately, due to a lifestyle Unfortunately, due to the
floods first floods first flood in 2011 wiped us out for 11 months and this month for eight month.This month it reopened from a new location one kilometre upstream and its historical tour of the river won over some tourists.Being on the water, nice slow pace, great, peacefulLocal businesses hope the new location will boost tourist numbers with many businesses along the burr knelt river struggling after January's floods. Sue Kirk loans a local riverside cafe.It is a perfect spot for it on the river and that. More tourists come through the better my business goes. The Beltano is the last of 10 businesses along the Burnett River that was completely inundated to reopen. Frances Adcock, ABC News, Bundaberg.It is a depressing trend the University of Tasmania hopes to reverse. An increase in sedentary lifestyles and chronic disease has inspired it to become a national health and exercise hub. It waits for government funding, its research is already making an impact. Emily Bryan reports.Cindy Hollings knows the ups and downs of an office job I tend to get stuck at my desk for hours at a timeHer computer promises her to get meeftion after sitting for an hour. Software developed by the University of Tasmania is being rolled out to Tasmanian public servants. It's also attracting national interest.West Australia, DHHS has contacted us and a council in NSW.New research suggests the recommended half hour of daily exercise isn't enough.If you're sitting for longer than four hours a day cumulatively you place yourself at risk of a whole host of diseases that we label metabolic syndrome. Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease risk.They've begun studying exercise hot desks.The problem is the cost. It is quite expensive to try a treadmill desk or a standing desk or a glide desk like we had back there. Researchers are looking at new ways for retired workers to stay active at home.It's great because you don't know you're doing much exercise.Video game software has been modified to help the elderly improve their balance.We're about to start running a number of trials in older people for falls.The University's older people who are at risk push to become the for falls.The push to become hub for push to become the country's
hub for health and exercise science hinges on state hub for health and science hinges on state and
Federal funding. hub for health and exercise
science hinges on Federal funding. As yet, there are Federal funding. As are no commitments.But what we are no are trying to do here is are trying to do here what we can do in stages and with the availability of whatever funding occurs.Walking before they can run.Emily Bryan, ABC News. NRL Minor Premiers the Sydney Roosters are through to the grand final with a 40-14 victory against the Newcastle Knights. The Roosters led 12- 4 at halftime then scored five tries after the break to set up a meeting with Manly in next week's decider. Newcastle veteran Danny Buderus spent the night in hospital after being stretchered from the field in last night's loss. He was knocked out in the 18th minute bringing an early end to his retirement year. Hawthorn is the AFL's Premier team for 2013 after holding off Fremantle in the grand final at the MCG. On a windy day, a crowd of over 100,000 witnessed the Hawks' lead at every change to win 11, 11, 77, to 8, 14, 62. In the first grand final the Dockers struggled early before getting within three points in the third-quarter. The Hawks Brian Lake was The Norm Smith Medal winner. To the rugby championships, the Wallabies have gone down to the Springboks in Cape Town this morning 28 to 8. The home side scored two tries within minutes to build a 17-3 lead with press than a quarter of the game gone. with press than a the game gone. The match got nasty at times with four player sent to the sin bin. the
Australia's only try came from the debutant winger with two minutes remaining. South Africa moves to the top of the standings but New Zealand as a chance to go five points clear when it place in Argentina today. In soccer some shock losses in the English Premier League overnight. Manchester United lost their second game in a row going down to one to West Brom at Old Trafford. The loss puts more pressure on new united manager David Moyes who has lost three of his first six league games. Aston Villa beat Manchester City 3-2. A 10-man Chelsea have held on to a one-all draw at Tottenham. Chelsea skipper John Terry headed home a free-kick in the second half.Let's take a look at the satellite. A broad low-pressure trough stretching from northern WA to Western Queensland is triggering showers and storms. Onshore winds are causing isolated showers over southern Victoria and Tasmania. Looking around the country:

I'll be back in a moment with an update of the headlines. Then it is time for Asia-Pacific Focus. You're watching ABC News 24. Captions by CSI Australia

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This Program is Captioned Live.The top stories from ABC News. Hawthorn play rrs been celebrating their premiership success throughout the night in Melbourne. The Hawks held off a spirited fight back by grand final rookies Fremantle to win by 15 points in front of 100,000 fans at the MCG. Hawks he players will take part in a family day in Mel before celebrating with ands in Tasmania on Monday. Survivors of an asylum-seeker boat sinking off Indonesia say Australian authorities told them help was on the way but it never came. The bodies of 21 people have been found after their boat struck trouble off rough sea's off Indonesia's South Java coast. At least 30 people are still missing. Officials in Pakistan say at least 12 people have died after a powerful magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck the country's