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Hawthorn holds off a late charge by Fremantle to win the AFL grand final by 15 points. All our supporters, the 63,000 members, that over there is the reason we're here. Thank you!

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The fire threat on Sydney's Northern Beaches eases but firefighters still work to contain the blaze. Authorities say the captain of the asylum seeker boat that sank off Indonesia abandoned ship. And the UN Security Council the unanimously adopts a binding resolution to rid sir yaf its chemical weapons.

Hello. Live across Australia you're watching ABC News 24. I'm Kathryn Stolarchuk. A quick look at tomorrow's weather:

Hawthorn has won the 2013 AFL grand final with a 15 point win over Fremantle at the MCG. A huge crowd of around 100,000 people turned out to watch the game. Our sports reporter joins me now. The Hawks made amends for last year's loss.The better team did win on the day. Minor premiers, 19 home'n'away wins so definitely worthy winners. Hawthorn has won its second AFL premiership in six years. The Hawks won in front of 100,000 fans.

Against Geelong. He's got a cracking record when it comes to set shots and he's got the first.


That is their first goal in a That is a grand final. You're not going to forget a grand final. You're to forget Muzundu.The old chaos boy.

Again they've got to nail them. Can he kick a second? It's coming back! And so are the Dockers!

I reckon they're still a chance here.

They just need this so much. He has kicked three. They've kicked the last two. Dawson deprives him. They've done T the best team all year.

(Hawthorn club song plays) That's it, hey. What a magnificent match we saw today and Hawthorn prevailing over Fremantle.Fremantle unable to clinch the ultimate in the club's first ever decider. Ross Lyon also led shoik in the 2009-2010 deciders. The support is always traffic. You have certainly been the stand-out side for a couple of seasons, and you outplayed us today. Congratulations on victory.To Rossi and the Freo boy, commiserations, you put up a great contest A really hard-fought game. We have so much admiration for the way your club has developed over the last couple of years.It's a fantastic, with all your supporters of purple haze to make the long trip over here.Lastly to the most important people, heart and foul of our Football Club, all our supporters, the 63,000 members. Fremantle supporters who didn't make their way to Melbourne swarmed into the port city to watch the game. Our reporter was in and said the fans kept their faith throughout the game.They were excited all the way through the game. They were going in as underdogs but nobody told the fans. When you get this many people in an area and there is an absolute sea of purple, they were absolutely excite and they really did think that they were in with a chance and it wasn't to be. There is still a sense of excitement in Fremantle that has never been seen or seen last 30 years ago with the America's Cup.Manly is claiming to claim its third NRL premierships in six seasons berth with a after securing a grand berth with a comeback win berth with a comeback win over South Sydney. Meanwhile, Manly back rower Glen Stewart he is not worried about being put on report for a high tackle. Souths went into the game as the favourites with a well-earned rest last week, while the Sea Eagles had two finishing games against the Roosters then the Sharks. But Manly wasn't going to die wondering with Glen Stewart bringing the game to life, with this high shot on go-to man Sam Burgess. Adam Reynolds due which sloted a two pointer which gave the Rabbitohs the bounce they needed as they soon crossed the line through John Sutton. Nathan Merritt continued Souths' mow men dumb.

But Manly stayed in touch when the Stewart brothers linked up.

Roles were reversed as the Beech boys went on the attack but the Rabbitohs' defence stayed strong to keep the Sea Eagles at bay. After the break, Manly clawed their way back into the game as Brett Stewart played a role in another try. The Rabbitohs were evidently shaken as their stone wall defence began to leak points. The right side was breached again, this time with the miracle play from Williams.He has to be
out.Don't be too

out.Don't be too sure.Oh! You're out.Don't be You're right! The Rabbitohs' implosion was capped off with a implosion was charge-down try. Is there was a late consolation 4 pointer from the red'n'green but the Sea Eagles had done enough despite the poor start.We were in baste trouble. We made a lot of mistakes but our boys just continually bounced back.South Sydney's grand final drought continues while man leer one win away from their second premiership in three years.

Newcastle will take on the Roosters tonight. Sonny Bill Williams is in doubt for the preliminary final against Newcastle in Sydney with a mystery illness. Media reports say he is suffering from a fever and reportedly didn't train yesterday F he misses tonight's clash it could mean he has played his last game in the NRL. Wallabies captain James Horwill has been named to frurn from injury in this weekend's Rugby Championship test against the Springboks at Newlands. The Wallabies are aim fog break their 21 year losing streak in Cape Town of the the Australians will be boasting a bench with almost 200 Test caps. The wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie played in the 1992 side that beat South Africa 26-3 that match remains South Africa's biggest defeat at home to Australia, as well as their biggest loss to any side at Newlands. Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has appeared in court to answer charges of evading $6 million in taxes in a case that stunned the sporting world.We'll check in with you next hour.Fire crews have been working to contain blazes in the New South Wales hunter region and on Sydney's northern beaches. The fire at Barrenjoey Headland near Palm Beach in Sydney's north began at about 2pm. Fire authorities say at heart of blaze it cut off a walking track to a lighthouse and it was feared tourists may have been trapped. One firefighter has been treated for minor burns. One building was damaged by fire in the roof but was saved by firefighters. No damaged in firefighters. No property was
damaged in a Stephens. 60 fires damaged in a fire near Port Stephens. 60 fires are burning
across the State with 23

across the currently uncontained as difficult weather conditions continue. Diplomatic continue. Diplomatic moves appear to have produced not one but two possible advances on long-running global problems. The UN Security Council has ended years of paralysis with a vote to destroy Syria's chemical weapons and there's been a breakthrough on Iran's nuclear ambitions, for the first time in decades, an American President has spoken direct ly to his Iranian counterpart.

A historic phone call that could be the starting point for an eventual deal to curtail Iran's nuclear. An American and Iranian President today spoke for the first time since 19 79.There will surely be important obstacles to moving forward and success by is no means guaranteed I believe we can reach a comprehensive solution.I view this as a positive step in the settlement of the differences between the Islamic republic of Iran and the west. But the mistrust between the two countries runs deep. Down with America, chant worshippers at Friday prayers in Tehran. Amid the suspicion there is optimism.We want to show the world that we're honest in our Americans take one step forward honest in our goodwill. If the we'll take two sew with achieve a result.Almost simultaneously, there was a diplomatic breakthrough on Syria. The UN Security Council passing a resolution to enforce the Assad passing a resolution the Assad regime's promise to the give up its chemical stockpiles. Julie Bishop missed the boat by hours, flying out of New York, leaving Australia's UN ambassador to provide over the pifr tal moment.The result is as follows. The draft resolution received 15 votes in favour.This is the first hopeful news on Syria in a long time.Together the world with a single voice for the first time is imposing binding obligations on the Assad regime, requiring it to get rid of weapons that have been used to devastating effect as tools of terror.But in a concession to Russia, the resolution doesn't authorise the automatic use of military force if the Assad regime fails to comply. Instead the Security Council would have to agree on a second resolution, a move Prussia could still veto with. The diplomatic developments coming thick and fast, there are hopes of a whole new era in international relations. But what matters most is what happens next on the ground in the Middle East.

Staying with the crisis in Syria, aid agencies are warning. Risk of mass starvation. For almost a year a number of suburbs have been choked by Assad's forces, with food and medicine supplies cut off from people that live there. All this man wants is to find food for his children. Relief organisations say more than 4 million Syrians more than half of them children don't have enough to eat. There is a humanitarian crisis in many regions but it is particularly dire in the suburbs of Damascus. The opposition controlled countryside of the capital has been under siege by government forces for almost a year. People there say children are malnourished as food is increasingly hard to find.Dying is better than living this life of humiliation. There is no food, nothing left to eat. We are having to endure daily heavy bombardment and we're dying of hunger. Sydney the suburbs are some of the hardest hit areas in the war. They're some of the in the war. They're also the site of the August 21 chemical attack that a UN report found included the use of the nerve agent sarin. But aid agencies say they have not had access to these areas. For over a year now, government forces have been trying to retake the suburbs and push out rebels who are just a few kilometres from Syrian President Bashir al-Assad's seat of power. They have managed to stop their advances , in some strategic districts that are now effectively blockaded but the rebellion around the capital Their
has still not been defeated. Their main arms supply routes into the suburbs were cut off by the army a few months ago.

We agreed to set up a joint operational command to oversee the battle for Damascus and its countryside. We call on our brothers in the opposition to join to us achieve this goal. We want to end this blockade. But activist and people who live in these besieged areas have little hope a new assault would end their suffering. We want food and medical supplies to reach them so they can stay alive. Aid agencies are pushing for all parties to agree alive. Aid agencies are for all parties to agree to a ceasefire to that assistants to reach those in need and prevent ceasefire to the risk of what they are warning could be mass par the risk of what warning could be mass par vais. dead after
As many as 50 people are feared dead after an asylum seeker boat sank offer the south coast of West Java. There are fears as many as 30 are still missing at sea. It comes as a diplomatic row continues to simmer over Australia's plans to turn back asylum boats. Indonesia has agreed to take 31 asylum seekers rescued at sea yesterday by an Australian Customs ship. It will be the second time in two days Australian rescue authorities have returned asylum seekers to nearby yampt the Prime Minister didn't answer questions about the death this morning. Tony Abbott raced to his car as he left the AFL grand final breakfast in Melbourne. Labor's Chris Bowen was happy to speak, however. He offered support to victims and their families and urged the government to keep the public informed.It appears the Royal Australian Navy may have been involved in two rescues although details are very, very sketchy. On days like this all our thoughts go to those who've lost their lives and we give our support to the rescuers. It's important that the government is clear with the pawn people about what has occurred here, what role the Royal Australian Navy and others have played. The government had previously said when there was a tragedy or significant event at sea then they'd provide briefings. I would call on the government through the Home Affairs Minister or the imgreying minister to provide those briefings to the Australian people today. It shouldn't be too hard for the Prime Minister to send his condolences like you have just done?That's a matter for him. I am simply speaking on behalf of the Labor Party providing my Minister
con dome lenses. How the Prime Minister chooses to deal with it would be a matter for him.

Two men have pleaded not guilty to murdering a British soldier hacked to death in broad daylight outside his London army barracks. Michael Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo appeared via video link at London's Old Bailey criminal court to deny the charges. They also denied attempting to murder a police officer. The British soldier was run over by a car then stabbed repeatedly while walking back to his military barracks in May. The death toll from a building collapse in Mumbai yesterday has passed 28. Over 30 people have been rescued from the five storey
flattened apartment block. The five storey building is said to have house around 22 families. Reports say over 2600 people died Reports say over died last year alone from collapsed houses died last year alone collapsed houses and bridges. Authorities in Pakistan say the death toll from Tuesday's earthquake in the country's south west has now climbed above 500 A senior official in the province of Baluchistan says 515 people are now known to have died. Recovery and assistance efforts are also being hampered by assistants in the area who shot rockets at military helicopters carrying aid. An agency has revealed how the shopping mall siege in Kenya was helped by security breaches. The terrorists rented a shop in the mall in the weeks before the attack, as a place to store their weapons using fake IDs. The head of the country's defence committee has now demanded security chiefs appear before Parliament to answer questions about intelligence failures. Fresh haunting pictures reveal the aftermath of the Westgate siege. Many people are still missing. Now, senior politicians have started the search for the truth, demanding answers from Kenya's intelligence chiefs.When an act of this nature fakes place, it is evidence of a failure at some point in the system. Senior security sources have confirmed to me that the attackers had extraordinary access to the building in the weeks leading up to the attack. They rented a shop ride O'right insitd the complex, probably using fake IDs. They were then able to use the service lifts to be able to stockpile weapons and ammunition. Which enabled them to resupply constantly during the course of the siege. Our own investigations reveal the attackers arrived in two cars. A second group approached from the side, killing security staff who demanded they be searched. Some headed to the basement, others to the rooftop. One team shot their way up to the first floor, smashing security cameras along the way. We've established they set up a base near a ventilation shaft just next to a supermarket spanning two floors. More gunmen advanced upstairs to where a children's cooking competition was in full swing. This is where at least 15 people were killed on the spot. Gunmen stored the supermarket, shoppers unable to escape. They still don't know how many survived. John Quail was trapped inside the mall for six hours. His experience supports our evidence that the Islamist extremists had extraordinary capability to repel security forces.Hearing these little explosion, sporadic gun fire. It was coming from different parts of the building. Where is all this ammunition coming from Not much is known about the militants themselves. But we'd established they rolled out heavy weapons later in the siege. Exploiting the moment control and rescue efforts switched from the police to the military. Each attacker seemingly well trained.He put an Arafat scarf round his neck and he was holding the gun competently, shooting at whoever he felt like. Rumours identifying the militant who is did are rife. It seems the agonising wait for answers could last for weeks.

The operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant has asked the Japanese government for permission to reopen two reactors and a different location. All of Japan's nuclear stations were closed after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami which prompted the Fukushima crisis. Tok tok Electric Power now wants to restart reactors on the north-west coast, despite continuing criticism of the company's handling of the Fukushima response. Japan's government has warned that all efforts should be focussed on dealing safely with the ongoing problems at the wrecked plant. Beauty can be found in the ugliest of places. In-mates at a women's prison in the B ogofa were treated to two were treated to two runway walks were treated to walks in the 18th pageant to be walks in the 18th pageant to judges crowned a 19 as this year's held at the facility. Celebrity
judges crowned a as this year's winner. The newest member of the royal family Prince George will newest member of family Prince George will be christened next month. The son of the Duke and Duchess christened next month. of the Duke and Duchess of
Cambridge will of the Duke and Cambridge will be Chrisened at the castle royal in St James's Palace. Now to a story about a rediscovered wedding ring. Just married. Dave and Brenda Kornta on the happiest day of theirs lives but not long after this, Brenda was picking potatoes on a nearby farm when her new gold wedding ring fell off into the soil.A lot of my friends came back with me to help me look for it but we couldn't find it. And I was really upset thinking I was so stupid wearing it in the first place in the field.Farm labourer Dave spent all his wages on the ring back in the 70s. Over the years he and Brenda have searched the 4 acre field time and time again. But without any luck. How likely did you think it was that you would find it?Very, very unlikely. The nature of things nowadays, different crops every year, impossible. When the couple spotted a local metal detector enthuse yast in the field recently, they casually mentioned the ring to him. He doesn't want to be identified but a few hours later he called them to say he'd found it. So nearly half a century after their wedding, Brenda had her 9 carat ring back. The second happiest day of her life.My husband did buy me a replacement but it's of her life.My husband did me a replacement but it's not
the same as me a replacement but the same as the one we were married with.To have it back, your actual wedding ring ...It's fantastic. Can't thank him enough. (Laughs) Despite all those decades of ploughing, it's almost as good as new. So only one thing to do.

Taking a look at the satellite A broad trough in the east is generating showers an storms in parts. Northern Territory and Queensland, while a low-pressure system and trough is causing showers in Tasmania and Victoria. Taking a look around the States for tomorrow:

You are watching ABC News 24. I will be back in just a moment with an update of the headlines, and then it's time for Foreign Correspondent.

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The top stories from ABC News. Hawthorn has won its 11th AFL premiership with a grand final victory against
Fremantle at the grand final Fremantle at the MCG. The Dockers came Fremantle at the MCG. Dockers came within 3 points ever the Hawks late in the third quarter but ever the Hawks late in third quarter but never held the lead. Brian Lake won the Norm Smith medal as best player in the match. Firefighters are still working to contain a scrub fire at Barrenjoey Headland on Sydney's Northern Beaches. All people have now been accounted for and one firefighter has been treated for minor burns. Moon while the fire threat has also eased near Port Stephens in the Hunter region where a scrub fire had been threatening homes. The Queensland Government has announced an all-out crackdown on organised crime syndicates and bikie gangs on the Gold Coast. It follows the shooting of a police officer on the Gold Coast early yesterday morning