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(generated from captions) I was wonderful at being cross-eyed,

and made terrible gurgling
and howling noises,

moaning and... (GROANS)

It was really revolting,
as revolting as I could be,

like throwing up,
and all sorts of dreadful sounds.

He thought I was sick
and moved away immediately,

because the Russians were
terribly afraid of diseases.

The majority of women in Berlin
were not so lucky.

I had heard that my father
had the last hearing

of the People's Court on April 23rd.

I was told that he had been
condemned to death

for listening to the radio.

As far as Helmuth was concerned,

I loved him,

and I thought of him constantly,

and I talked to him in my mind,

but I didn't think we would
ever see each other again.

My mother and I were depressed
in many ways.

We had lost the men of our lives.

The door opened.

As we looked around,
it wasn't a Russian soldier.

It was my father.

He walked in looking as if he had
just come from the golf course,

in somebody else's coat,


the most unbelievable,
wonderful sight.

He had awaited execution,

when the Russians
stormed the prison,

killed all the guards,

and let my father
and all the prisoners go free.

Of course, you can imagine
how happy everybody was.

We were standing there,

completely overwhelmed, talking,

when five minutes later
the door opens again and in walks Helmuth.

The hour for which the world has
been six years waiting has come.

Unconditionally and finally,
our German enemy has surrendered

to Russia, to Britain
and her Commonwealth,

to America, to the people
of all free nations.

It was the first wedding in Berlin,

as it turned out.

We looked like lovers, I'm sure,

but we didn't look like
the usual bridal pair

because we were so funnily dressed.

He had borrowed a suit that belonged
to one of my other friends,

who was much bigger
in all directions.

And I didn't have anything bridal.

I had found an old piece of lace

that I wrapped somehow
around my head.

And he had cut
a wonderful bouquet for me

of flowers that he found
in a bombed-out garden.

It was just a great moment.

I think what makes
our story unique

is that there are four people,

and all in different places
under these circumstances.

None of us were injured.

All four of us came together
in one piece.

That is extraordinary, isn't it?

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This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Ricardo Goncalves. The top stories: Human impact. - scientists almost certain global warming is man-made.The heat is on. Now we must act.Asylum seekers turned back to Indonesia amid diplomatic tension. And, accused of playing politics with the economy, Joe Hockey issues new budget figures.

Also ahead, a big night of sport. We'll have all the action and reaction from tonight's crucial NRL Grand Final decider at Homebush. Plus, AFL prepares for its Grand Final weekend with a parade through the packed streets of Melbourne. And, checking the forecast - partly cloudy for Perth, showers for Melbourne, a total fire ban for NSW regions north of Sydney. Our top story tonight - the world's leading climate scientists have delivered their latest report into global warming, saying they're 95% certain that humans are the main cause. In its strongest statement yet, a UN panel says many observed climate changes are unprecedented. And it's predicted temperatures could rise by more than 4% by the end of this century and sea levels could rise dramatically. Despite calls for urgent action, including a carbon price, here, the Abbott Government says it will push ahead with plans to dismantle Australia's carbon tax. The world has waited six years for a new scientific assessment of climate change.It has been a long couple of nights here.The UN panel of global climate scientists has delivered its s delivered its latest verdict. The experts meeting in Stockholm say they are more convinced than ever that climate change is mainly man-made.It is extremely likely that these changes are due to human influence. It should serve as yet another wake-up call.Panel says global warming is unequivocal, with unprecedented changes to temperatures and sea levels. Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. The warming in this ng in this climate system is indeed unequivocal.More than 1000 scientists from 55 countries took part in s took part in what the panel says is a vigorous process. Downplaying a still unexplained so-called pause in rising temperatures over the past decade. While calling for urgent action. lling for urgent action.This demonstrates that we should greatly reduce global emissions in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change.An extremely effective instrument would be to place a price on carbon.The heat is on. Now we must act. This new report will be essential for governments as they for governments as they work to finalise an ambitious legal agreement on climate change in 2015.Ban Ki-moon announced he would convene a climate summit for world leaders next year. In breaking news tonight, at least 15 asylum seekers are believed to have drowned after their boat sank off the coast of Indonesia on its way to Australia. Indonesian authorities say the boat had started taking on water off the coast of West Java earlier today. 25 survivors have been taken to a school in West Java. That's in addition to the news earlier tonight that Australian authorities rescued asylum seekers off the coast of Indonesia and sent them back. It comes as Tony Abbott described tensions with Indonesia over asylum seekers as a passing irritant. Safe from harm, asylum seekers are returned to Indonesia. The Australian Navy rescued them after their boat ran into trouble off the coast of Java. It comes just days before Tony Abbott meets Indonesia's President in Jakarta. They're trying to build a relationship but they've had a very rocky I don't want to buy into an argument with Indonesian officialdom because Australia has a very good relationship with Indonesia.The relationship's being tested. Indonesia's Foreign Ministry's released minutes of a meeting with Julie Bishop. Marty Natalegawa apparently told her: "...unilateral measures taken by Australia would potentially risk the close cooperation and trust, and thus should be avoided."

This threatens the bilateral relationship broadly and it also threatens the very high degree of cooperation that currently exists between Australia and Indonesia. The Indonesian Embassy says the transcript wasn't intended as a press release. And Tony Abbott says cooperation between the two countries is not at risk.If Australia did something foolish, obviously it could be, but the incoming government will not do foolish things.He says it's just a passing irritant, but he's not backing down.Well, we're going to stop the boats, it's as simple as that.So that's an irritant to Indonesia, is it?We're going to work together with the Indonesians. Former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has described Indonesia's concerns as pious rhetoric. Labor says Tony Abbott should repudiate his remarks.Mr Downer's comments were particularly provocative and typically arrogant.Well, look, ah, Alexander is Alexander.Indonesia expert, Andrew Carr says there's a lot at stake because our neighbour is vital to Australia's security and economic interests.It's our - in many ways - our most important diplomatic relationship so you want to take any sources of even small irritants out of that as quickly as possible.The Coalition's tightly restricted access to information about boat arrivals. But Tony Abbott has confirmed that a couple of hundred asylum seekers have arrived since the government was sworn in. They were transferred to Nauru or Manus Island within the 48-hour deadline. Richard Davis, World News Australia. In the past hour, its emerged that more chemical weapons may have been deployed in Syria. UN chemical weapons inspectors are investigating whether three chemical attacks were carried out after the August attack in Damascus. A statement said that, in all, seven alleged incidents of chemical weapons use were under investigation. The UN team currently in Syria is set to complete its work on Monday. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has praised the passing of a United Nations resolution restricting the trade of small arms, as she took the helm of the Security Council. The resolution passed, despite opposition from Russia and the US National Rifle Association.Weapons trafficking has effect could far more than the immediate security situation. Armed conflict is the main cause of people fleeing their homes and food insecurity.The UN Secretary General estimates half a million people around the world die due to the use of small arms. And, staying in New York, diplomatic history has been made. The US Secretary of State and Iran's Foreign Minister met at the UN, marking the highest- level encounter since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. US Secretary of State John Kerry said after meeting Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif he was struck by the very different tone. But Iran's charm offensive comes with a warning - negotiations have to respect Iran's right to peaceful nuclear technology, including enrichment. The British woman known as the White Widow is at the centre of a worldwide hunt, after Interpol issued an international notice for her arrest. Muslim convert Samantha Lewthwaite has been linked to Al-Shabaab militants behind the Kenyan shopping centre attack which left at least 67 people dead. Up to 70 people were trapped when a five storey apartment building collapsed in the Indian city of Mumbai. Seven people were pulled out alive. In recent months, five apartment complexes have collapsed in Mumbai, due to poor quality construction and building code violations. Divers looking for the last two victims of Italy's Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster have found bones. Authorities say the remains were outside the ship, on a part of the seabed that was exposed when the cruise liner was raised off the island of Giglio. The bones now face a forensic identification process which could take several days. Doctors in China have come up with a new treatment which, they say, could help thousands of patients. They've grown a new nose for a 22-year-old man whose nose was badly damaged in a traffic accident. A skin tissue expander was placed on his head, planting cartilage taken from his ribs, and reshaped. Surgeons say the new nose is in good shape and transplant surgery could be performed soon. Still ahead tonight, screaming for Xia. The international pop star touches down in Australia, to the sound of deafening screams!

The Government says the budget has deteriorated by $30 billion since May. It released budget figures showing a $19 billion deficit last financial year. But Labor says that's the same figure it put out in August, and the Coalition is playing politics with the issue. It was Joe Hockey's first press conference as Treasurer, but much of today's announcement harked back to the previous government's economic handling. The final budget outcome shows the deficit was $18.8 billion, about $600 million better than forecast in the May budget. But Mr Hockey has warned that the bottom line's blown out since then. Please do not assume that these numbers are relevant to the state of the books we've inherited today. The Coalition says the budget position has deteriorated by $30 billion.We will of course have some further consequences of Labor's budget mismanagement to deal with moving forward.And it's refusing to say when a surplus will be achieved.Promises around budgets and surpluses have been a bit of a graveyard, yes. The incoming government sensibly has not tied itself to a particular timetable.The $18.8 billion deficit figure was released by Labor in its August economic statement.He hints that there's a further deterioration in the budget position. He should tell us what it is. He can do that by releasing the Mid-year Economic Forecast.The Coalition's not ruling out delaying MYEFO until after Christmas, saying a poor outcome may affect consumer confidence.This is not transparency, and is part of a growing and clear culture of secrecy in the Abbott government. Labor says its culture is improving with its rank and file ballot for the party's leadership. Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten have gone head to head in Labor's second leadership debate, facing questions from party members on a range of issues, including democratising the party.Less than three weeks since our election defeat we are not looking inwardly and turning on each other.Labor members are energised. They're active and joining in numbers never been seen before.They have until October 13 to make their case. The PM says he doesn't support Tasmania's proposed euthanasia aws, but doesn't believe the Commonwealth has the power to intervene. A bill's been introduced to the state's parliament, that would allow terminally ill Tasmanians to take their own lives. Tony Abbott says matters such as these are best left to the discretion of doctors, who can administer pain relief. Mr Abbott fears changing the law, would lead to people, who aren't in imminent danger of death receiving assistance to die.There is a world of difference is a world of difference between giving pain relief to someone who is dying, and actually killing someone who would otherwise be alive.

otherwise be alive.
A policeman has had surgery after being shot in the face during an armed robbery on the Gold Coast. Despite being shot below his left cheekbone, Squad Sergeant Gary Hamrey and a colleague eturned fire. They wounded the alleged robbers, who were hiding behind a garden shed. Sydney property developer Ron Medich has been committed to stand trial over the 2009 death of businessman Michael McGurk. Medich is accused of masterminding the killing of Mr McGurk, who was shot in the head outside his home at Cremorne on Sydney's lower North Shore. His trial is due to start in November. The bushfire threat has flared again on the mid north coast of NSW. An emergency warning remains in place tonight for a bushfire near Shallow Bay and Coomba Park in Great Lakes. Authorities warn that up to 50 homes in the area are under threat. Now to the Australian sharemarket, which has hit a fresh 5-year high. Lower interest rates continued Chinese economic growth, and the ongoing stimulus measures in the US are keeping investors happy locally. The rise in the equity market is good news for Australia. It tells us that the markets think Australia has good economic prospects in the future.Today's close marks the seventh consecutive weekly rise and puts our market on track for the best September quarter since 2009. By the close, the All Ordinaries index added a 0.25% but on low volumes.

index added a 0.25% but on low

volumes. The big

volumes. The big miners were

volumes. The big miners were mixed, while Woolworths rose. It's CEO Grant O'Brien was paid $5.7 million last year - that's about half as much as his rival, Ian McLeod at Coles. And speaking of pay - Virgin Australia boss, John Borghetti, took home a near $2.7 million salary package last year - despite the company's $98 million loss. In Japan, the Nikkei finished lower. Markets in Europe are weaker in early trading. Shares on Wall Street ended their 5-day losing streak. The Australian dollar is weaker against all the major currencies, ahead of the Reserve Bank board meeting next week which the market is expecting will see no change to official interest rates. And on the commodity markets, both gold and oil are down.

And on the commodity markets, both
gold and oil are down. Excitement is building for international K-popstar, Xia's Australian tour. And today, fans had a special opportunity to spend time with the singer here at the SBS studios. He may not be a household name in Australia, but in Korea, say the name Xia, and you're likely to get a reaction similar to this.I really, really, really love you, will you please marry me?He's one of South Korea's most loved pop stars.

Part of a phenomenon made famous on the world stage by Psy. Xia's albums have hit number two on the South Korean charts, and number five on the Billboard international charts. During his two day tour of Australia he made a special visit to the Pop Asia studios at SBS. The reactions of fans here at the SBS studios show just how popular K-Pop music is not just in South Korea but internationally.I started learning Korean because of him!

And some travelled from all over the world to see him perform today in the studio.I've been to Seoul also to see his concert and next week he's coming back to Japan so I'm going back to Japan to see him. For some fans it was all a bit too much. Naomi Selvaratnam, World News Australia. And if you missed out on tickets to the Xia's show, you can catch it on Pop Asia, Sunday October six on SBS One. All tonight's sport ahead, including - Manly and the Rabbitohs battle it out for the Grand Final. All the news from Homebush, next.

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To NRL news and Manly are into their fourth Grand Final in seven years. At the ANZ Stadium tonight, South Sydney stumbled at the final hurdle for the second straight year running. The Rabbitohs could smell their first grand final berth in 40 years - firing out of the starting blocks. John Sutton touching down from dummy half in the seventh minute. Nathan

from dummy half in the seventh
minute. Nathan Merritt backing up just a few minutes later. minute. Nathan Merritt backing
Suddenly the Sea Eagles found themselves down by 14 points. But the seasoned finals campaigners quickly shifted the momentum. The Stewart Brothers combined to get one back for Manly in the 20th minute. George Rose led the charge with half time approaching but some determined defence from Inglis held him out. A knock robbing them of a chance to extend their 8-point lead at the break.

at the break. It was Manly who drew first blood in the second half. With Matt Ballin touching down and Jamie Lyon adding the extras to make it a two-point ball game. Determined to extend their lead the bunnies charged for the line but Sam Burgess wasn't able to ground the ball. The Sea Eagles again shifted the momentum putting Jamie Lyon over in the corner. Manly taking the lead for the first time. A few minutes later an amazing try from David Williams put the margin out to 10. The Sea Eagles kept up the pressure. The regrouped but Simons saw it was short lived. The game now virtually out of reach for Souths George Burgess reached out desperate to restor some pride. But it wasn't to be. The try did come with less than a minute on the clock. It was too little too late - Souths were heart broken.It's not what we wanted obviously but not what we deserved after the work we put in.But for Manly the fight goes on.Yeah look it's really satisfying. Particularly with such a poor start. You know we were in a bit of trouble there. Souths came out firing. We made a lot of mistakes but our boys just continually bounced back.Manly will take on the winner of tomorrow nights clash between Newcastle and Minor premiers the Sydney Roosters. Sam Ikin, World News Australia.

Minor premiers the Sydney Roosters.
Sam Ikin, World News Australia. Meantime, AFL fans painted the town purple and brown and gold today as the Grand Final parade made its way through Melbourne. It was a chance for fans to get close to their favourite players before tomorrow's clash between Hawthorn and Fremantle. Thousands packed the heart of the city all scrambling for the best vantage point.We are going to soak up the atmosphere today and make sure we are ready for And, of course, the AFL Grand Final kicks off tomorrow at 2.30pm EST.Tomorrow afternoon.

To the weather, and a total fire ban will be in place for parts of NSW.

ban will be in place for parts of


NSW. In the major

NSW. In the major centres,

NSW. In the major centres, it will be fine in Darwin and partly cloudy in Perth with a top of 22 degrees. Sunny in Sydney, and a few showers for Adelaide, ers for Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart. And a few showers for Sydney as well.

That is the world this Friday. For more news,

That is the world this Friday. For
more news, visit our website.

more news, visit our Enjoy your weekend. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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