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What's she saying?

Go, go!

Brace yourself.



Get down.

Oh, for the love of...





ICHABOD: She called it
a world between worlds.

And whatever it is,
if Katrina's imprisoned there...

..perhaps she can be freed.

I am
so far down the rabbit hole here.

I never thought I'd say this,
not in a million years,

but I just want to go back
to the way it was before.

I'm afraid neither of us can.

But I do take comfort

knowing that this strange road
we find ourselves on

can only be travelled together.

I think we could both use
some morning cheer.


You look lost, kid.

What is this?

I'm dreaming, right?

What difference does that make?

I'm here right now, aren't I?
With you?

Look, if you're gonna haunt me,
be helpful.



What seems to be the problem?

(EXHALES) What seems to
be the problem?

How about,
what the hell is happening here?

You were ahead of me the whole time.

Were you ever planning on
telling me anything?

Would you have believed me if I did?

Maybe not.

You spent a lot of time running away
from what happened to you, Abbie.

I asked you to be helpful.

I don't know how to do this.

You're scared, aren't you?


I'm furious.

And outraged that
you didn't tell me.
Good. That's progress.

Ever since you were little,
you let your life be ruled by fear.

You're so afraid of
what you don't understand

that it kept you from seeing
who you really are.

What you were meant to do.
Which is?

Only person that can tell you that
is you.

That's what faith is, honey.

I really miss you.

Don't be afraid of number 49.

That's where you'll find
you're not alone.

ICHABOD: Lieutenant?

Are you alright?


Tonight, Mills.

See any more monsters lately, Jenny?

No, ma'am.

Not since I've been taking these.


Good girl.

Lights out in five minutes.

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This program is captioned live. From the Network Ten news centre, I'm Dani Isdale. This is the late new News. In breaking news, at least 15 asylum seekers are believed to have drowned off Indonesia. That incident follows an earlier rescue when the Australian Navy was granted permission to enter Indonesian waters and take 44 asylum seekers on board this boat back to Jova. No room for error - the UN's climate change experts have tonight released the facts - global warming is real. What's their proof? One of the scientists involved joins us on the program. And what better way to mark AFL grand final eve than with a parade? The nation's footy fans are in for the biggest week of the year.

Also ahead - who is the 'White Widow', and why is she the most wanted woman in the world? And we'll show you Kate and Wills' brand new symbol of their marriage. Of course, Tory has all the latest sport, with the Bunnies' bid for finals glory. Share your thoughts on the stories we're covering using #TenLate. First to our top story. There are reports tonight at least 15 asylum seekers have drowned after their Australia-bound boat sank off the coast of Indonesia. More than 20 survivors have been recovered. This isn't the first boat rescue of asylum seekers in the troubled waters between the neighbouring nations today. So, for the latest, Adam Todd joins us, live from Canberra. Adam, what's the latest? Dani, we're hearing that death toll of 15 could rise, as the search for survivors continues. Tragically, a number of the dead are children. As you say, this is the second time in 24 hours we've seen an asylum seeker vessel in distress. Earlier, it was the Australian Navy who came to the rescue of another vessel in distress. Rescued by Australians, but going back to Indonesia.We want to die. I have some problems.44 asylum seekers, including 4 children, picked up from their stricken boat by the Australian Navy, 40 nautical miles off the Indonesian coast. This was a rescue, not a turn-back. Indonesia giving the navy permission to enter their waters. Cooperation here, but Indonesia is showing there'll be no such collaboration if the navy turns back boats. A spokeswoman for Indonesia's vice-president saying such a move risks conflict between the two countries.If Australia did something foolish, obviously it could be. But the incoming Government will not do foolish things.Yesterday, Indonesia released details of this meeting between Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and her Indonesian counterpart, Marty Natalegawa, where he warned turning back boats risked trust and cooperation. Today, Indonesia said releasing those details was a mistake, but the substance of the message wasn't denied.It takes a special effort to endanger such an important bilateral relationship in the first week of office.A former foreign minister pointing the finger at Indonesia.Instead of a lot of pious rhetoric about the Australian Government threatening their sovereignty, their people, their boats, their crews, are breaching our sovereignty.Well, look, Alexander is Alexander, and I'm now the Prime Minister of our country. It's in this fraught climate Mr Abbott is making his first overseas trip as Prime Minister - to Jakarta on Monday. The last thing that anyone should want is to have Australia's relationship with Indonesia defined by this boats issue, which I am sure will be but a passing irritant. Just last month, he said border security was a national emergency. Adam, you mentioned Mr Abbott's trip to Indonesia. How will that play out now, do you think? Certainly the asylum seeker issue is going to be the focal point of this visit. He said for a long time that Jakarta would be his first trip as Prime Minister. He's fulfilling that pledge. He's played down, as you saw there, the issue of asylum seekers, but there's no doubt it will be the focal point. Global warming is real, and we are causing it, according to a highly anticipated new global report that's been released tonight. The intergovernmental panel on climate change, using the expertise of 250 scientists, concludes climate change is a real scientific phenomenon - its evidence of this has never been more certain. The report found humans are responsible for the rise in carbon dioxide emissions and, if we don't urgently do something about it, there could be disastrous consequences. Join me to discuss the global report is one of its review editors, David Caroley. Professor, it's a big document, many years in the making with many scientists involved. Can you give us an understanding of the main findings?You're absolutely right - it is a very big document. There's a short summary that's just been released - the summary for policymakers. The main findings are, as you said, that there is even stronger evidence that the climate system is changing. There's no reasonable doubt that the climate system has warmed over the last 100 years. And it's very likely - in fact, extremely likely - that human impact on the climate system has been the main cause of the warming over the last 50 years - the dominant cause.In the report, when we talk about temperatures rising on earth, there's also been a lot of discussion that there's been a pause in that trend over the past 15 jeers. -- years. Can you explain about that?The rate of warming in that near-surface air temperature has still warmed over the last 15 yearsering but it hasn't warmed as quickly as it did in the previous 15 years. In fact, most of the heat added to the climate system over the last 50 years and over the last 15 years has gone into warming up the ocean.There is plenty of scepticism around this quite polarising issue. In your opinion, why do you think so many people don't believe in climate change?To be honest, I don't know. The scientific evidence is very strong, even stronger now - 97% of the peer-reviewed scientific publications on climate change accept that, or agree that, climate change is happening. Most of the warming over the last 50 years has been due to human activity.How certain can we be that there are no mistakes in this report? I say is so, of course, because the 2007 IPCC report made that comment about the Himalayan glaciers melting by 2035 - that was then said to be a mistake. How certain can we be that it's all right?There was a mistake. That was accepted. It was one mistake in one paragraph in 3,000 pages of text and more than 30,000 paragraphs. What we're looking at today, in the report that's just been released, is really the key conclusions from the summary for policymakers. It is virtually certain that there won't be any mistakes in those.Do you believe the governments of the world will take stock of this and act urgently, as you have suggested is so important?Well, I think the governments of the world will take stock of this. Whether they take urgent action will depend upon the way that they balance the urgency associated with the scientific findings, together with a range of other pressures that the governments have to take into consideration.Professor David Karoly, thank you for your time. That's fine. Thank you very much! There's been an important product recall tonight for families with babies. Coles has recalled its self-branded Dry Fit nappies because a mother reported on social media the fluff had escaped and clogged her baby's mouth. Repeating there - the recall is for Coles Dry Fit nappies. I'll be back in a moment with Melbourne in meltdown on AFL grand final eve. Now it's time for more of tonight's news with Kimberley Soekov. Thank you, Dani. A Gold Coast policeman has managed to return fire after being shot in the face during a terrifying gunfight. The veteran Dog Squad handler was tracking two criminals wanted over a hotel robbery early this morning, when he was fired upon. Shots fired, shots fired. Officer down. Urgent.Despite the fact the sergeant had been significantly injured, he was able to regain his composure and do his job.The injured officer is in a stable condition in hospital. Late this afternoon, police arrested and charged two men with attempted murder and armed robbery. Sydney millionaire and property developer Ron Medich will stand trial for murder. Medich is accused of employing former friend and featherwit boxing champion Lucky Gattellari to organise hit men to carry out the murder of former business associate Michael McGurk. McGurk was shot dead outside his luxury mansion on Sydney's exclusive north shore four years ago. In court today, Medich protested his innocence. I'm just very happy they allowed me to have my say. I look forward to being vindicated in the future. Medich returns to court in November. Mystery surrounds the bashing murder of a 60-year-old man in Sydney's west. He was discovered unconscious in Church Street Mall at Parramatta last night. He died later in hospital. Police want to speak to a man captured on security camera running away from the scene. Certainly it appears it's been unprovoked, the assault on this fellow. Certainly that's disturbing. NSW Police have established a strike force to investigate the murder. Pedestrians are being urged to stop risking their lives, after a man was mowed down at a crossing in Sydney's inner west. He stepped out onto busy Victoria Road at Drummoyne during morning rush hour. The pedestrian lights had just turned green, but one car was still coming. Police say it serves as a warning to others. People are quite often distracted by their music, their phones, they could be texting on the phone, even talking to a friend. Similarly, motorists are the same.The man was taken to hospital, where he is now in a stable condition. The Prime Minister has conceded he's powerless to stop Tasmania legalising euthanasia. Next month, Tasmanian MPs will hold a conscience vote on the controversial issue. Previously, the ACT and the Northern Territory were overruled by Canberra under Commonwealth law. Tony Abbott admits he has no such power over the states. The problem with changing the law here is that it will lead to people who aren't in imminent danger of death being assisted to die.Under the Tasmanian legislation, only residents of the island will be able to apply. A bushfire is still burning on the NSW Mid North Coast. Emergency warnings were downgraded late today. There are currently 50 homes still under threat, with watch-and-act warnings in place for residents. More than 160 hectares of bushland has been blackened. While the weather is now calm, hot and gusty conditions are expected to return tomorrow. A candle-lit vigil has been held in Melbourne tonight to remember Jill Meagher and victims of violence. It's a year to the day since her murderer was charged. Rory McClaren has filed this report. Kimberley, people came here this evening on AFL grand final eve to not only remember Jill Meagher, but also other women who have been affected by violence. A constant stream of people came past the church from about 7:00 this evening. Some brought flowers. Others chose to light candles. This church has played a significant role in the Jill Meagher story. It is just a few hundred metres from where her last moments were captured on CCTV. It's become a bit of a rallying point for the community as they've grieved over her loss. It was only yesterday Ms Meagher's killer, Adrian Bayley, had his controversial attempt to have his minimum jail sentence reduced thrown out in less than 15 minutes by the Court of Appeal. Here's what some of the people gathered here this evening had to say about the vigil.They've taken time out tonight for Jill, because it touched my heart, 'cause I have a daughter the same age as her.It really affected me. I was devastated. I was actually born around here too. It really devastated me.Kimberley this evening --, this evening's service will be followed by a peace march on Sunday. Police are expecting a large turnout for that. It's due to commence at noon. Missen Australia has recalled nearly 25,000 vehicles over concerns the cars could stall while driving. The potentially dangerous defect lies with faulty accelerator sensors. It's only for the Patrol S UV Y61 model. In a world-first, Australian surgeons have implant adminture heart monitor which could save the lives of thousands. The device, injected a short distance under the skin, detects problems in heart rhythm. It will be most beneficial for people at risk of heart attack or stroke. They'll know before their irregularities become life- threatening.We have a number of people out in the community who have fast heart rates or black out or are at risk of sudden death.The breakthrough procedure takes only minutes and hopefully be performed by GPs from early next year.

I'll have tomorrow's forecast later on. Also ahead - the latest world news, including a new coat of arms for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Dani. Thank you. Melbourne is lit up with footy finals excitement tonight, with the dreams of so many pinned on tomorrow's decider. For both Fremantle and Hawthorn, hopes are high. But there can only be one winner. Here's Jess Turner. Whatever colour they have on, at the grand final parade, fans are all wearing their hearts on their sleeves.Go the Dockers!Go, Hawks! Go, Dockers! Go, Dockers!On the eve of the Fremantle and Hawthorn final, fans are swelling with pride and so much hope. Some Dockers devotees have waited a lifetime to make it here. In 2009, they were 14th on the ladder. This is a moment 19 years in the making. That's a lot of pressure for the players, who lapped up the love. That's one of those things you always dream of, being in a grand find final parade, but particularly being in a grand final. We'll soak up the atmosphere today.Some West Australians travelled 4,500km to get swept up.We booked our flights a couple of months ago. We were confident.We drove across the Nullarbor. We left on Wednesday. We got here this morning. 40 hours non-stop.But Hawthorn fans are just as devoted - supporter of 80 years, Elizabeth Wooden, flew from Wagga Wagga to wish her Hawks well. Best of luck, and don't get hurt. For those who are here, the relief is palpable.(CHEERING) The Duke of Wellington now the Duke of Freo.I think it should be a permanent thing.And any Hawks who dare to swoop... (BOOING) Are quickly dealt with. One Docker fan cut his European holiday short, flying in from Paris.This is once- in-a-lifetime for us. It's been a long, hard road.Another from Germany.It's our first time. I wasn't missing it for the world. You can imagine their party tomorrow night - especially if it's their birthday.Would it make your birthday even more memorable?I could die a happy man.

Stay with us. Still to come on Ten's Late News - our week in review. And the 'White Widow' - now the world's most wanted woman.

You're watching Ten's Late News. The British mother suspected of involvement in Kenya's shopping mall massacre is now officially the world's most wanted woman. Known as the 'White Widow', she was initially thought to have died in the attack, but could actually be on the run. Ben Lewis reports. Samantha Lewthwaite was a soldier's daughter from suburban England.Shy. Retiring. Nothing spectacular in any way, shape or form.She's now the most wanted woman in the world. Interpol has put out a Red Notice, essentially a global trip-wire, meaning if she tries to cross any borders, she should be detained. Lewthwaite converted to Islam before marrying Germaine Lindsay, who went on to carry out the London Tube bombings.Everybody that was concerned with the attackers were looked at very thoroughly. But Samantha Lewthwaite was not prosecuted or charged with any offences.After those terror attacks, she went on the run, using a fake passport.She first entered South Africa in July 2008. Subsequent to that, on more than one occasion.The red alert isn't in relation to the Westgate Mall attack - rather, possession of explosives in 2011. But the timing is curious.We have obviously seen some reports that British citizens have been involved in the instance in Nairobi. There has been no confirmation of that. Clearly we continue to work with the Kenyan authorities.One British national is being questioned over the terror attack, but he's not believed to be a major player. The remains of the Nairobi shopping centre continue to smoulder. Kenyan detectives have been joined by counterparts from Britain and the US to establish who was responsible. The hunt for the 'White Widow' intensifies.

Let us know your thought on the stories we're covering tonight - our Twitter handle is @TenLateNews. In a moment - a good day, a good week, a good month - how your stocks stacked up. First, Kim, what's go on in the rest of the world?The upSecurity Council has agreed in principle to send -- UN Security Council has agreed in principle to send chemical weapons inspectors to Syria next week to investigate the government's stockpile. They will have the authority to report on weapons even at sites not declared by Damascus. It will ultimately form the basis for a UN resolution calling on Syria to give up its chemical weapons stockpile. Kenyan security chiefs will be questioned by the country's parliamentary defence committee, as a blame game erupts over how the Westgate Mall massacre was handled. Local media is reporting the national intelligence chief had passed on information about a potential attack to police, but nothing was done. At least 67 people were killed in the attack by al-Shabaab militants. The Queen has given the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a new official coat of arms that represents their young family. It comes two years after Kate and William married, and just two months after the birth of their son. The coat combines the windser and 'Malcolm in the Middle' family crests, with a crown on top signifying their child, little Prince George. I'll update our top stories later in the show. Thank you, Kim. Now it's time for our week in review segment. Joining me at the desk is Matt Segle, the Australian correspondent for 'The New York Times'. Thank you for joining us.Thanks for having me. Let's start with the Government's asylum seeker policy. That's been a huge issue this week.Every Government opens itself up when it first comes into office to charges of hypocrisy through its actions. This Government is apparently no different. Scott Morrison announced this week that the Government would not be briefing journalists on any asylum boat arrivals, that it would not be telling the public when it turned boats around to Indonesia, as part of Tony Abbott's new policy to get politics off of the front pages. To anyone who's been following Australian politics over the last few years, this really seems a bit rich. This is a Government that did hammer the previous government over and over on this boats issue. Johnathan Green summed it up quite well for the ABC - there was a headline, "Tony Abbott's incredible disappearing act" about this new posture from the Government. I am a bit surprised to see it, although I guess I shouldn't be surprised be anything, really.Is it possible to keep anything under wraps, though, these days?No, it's not possible to keep anything under wraps. Already, we've seen, just since this was announced, that a resident of Christmas Island has said he's going to start a Twitter feed that announces when boats arrive. There was a funny Twitter feed from Mike Nicholson, saying what you could do in the interim. If Tony Abbott is so unsure of how many boats have arrived since he's been PM, maybe he should refer to his sign, referring to the illegal boats sign out in WA.This gives the Opposition a bit of ammission? Absolutely. One of the first responses was a really powerful piece in the 'Guardian' by Katherine Murphy, headlinesed, "This new silence on boat arrivals treats all Australians with contempt." That's not what the Government wants to see a couple of weeks into office. Bill Shorten also was quoted on Twitter as saying, "They said they'd stop the boats, then said they'd buy the boats. Now they're saying they're going to hide the boats." Again, it's just bad press, it's not a good way of going about these very, very delicate issues. I know it's not what the Government wanted coming into office.Do you think this particular issue suggests there's broader changes within the Government?Yeah - I think there's a very clear move by the Government towards a more managed, controlled, centrally planned media strategy. I think it's worth having a look at Tony Abbott's words before he became Prime Minister, and what he's saying now.

Things can change relatively quickly.This is all very heavy for a Friday night! Can't all be bad news?Sorry! No, it's not. In positive news, this guy just won a seat in Parliament.That's pretty heavy stuff!It all depends on how you look at it, I suppose. You know, he won by 36 votes, his seat of Fairfax. Even though he won, he's calling the process corrupt, the Australian election commission corrupt. Imagine what it's going to be like when he's actually in Parliament.This is just the election that keeps on giving.It really is.Thank you very much for joining us, Matt Segle from the 'New York Times'.Thanks for having me.

Juliette Saly from CommSec joins me now. Juliette, a fresh 5-year high for the market. What's helped push sentiment higher?Dani, even though there's still investor nervousness about the US debt talks that are continuing, we actually had a really good day on the market - a good week, a good month, and also a good quarter. The Australian share market notched up its third win today, rising to a fresh 5-year high. We also had our seventh consecutive weekly win. Not only that, but it's been one of the best quarters on our market in four years, or the best September quarter since 2009. The share market up by around 11%, even though there's one trading day still to go. That is the best quarter since we're emerging -- since we were emerging from the GFC four years ago.A busy week next week with the RB AMP's rate decision?Absolutely. That will take centrestage. After a fairly quiet week in terms of economic data, there will be more top-shelf data next week. We don't expect an official change to the cash rate on Tuesday. Next week, investors will be looking out for official Chinese manufacturing data, which will come out even though the Chinese share market will be closed. Later in the week, the all-important non-farm payrolls or employment data coming out of the US. A busy week ahead. And we'll get a lot of clues as to how the overall global economy is going.-- is faring. Thank you, Juliette Saly.Thank you. Kim Soekov joins me at the desk here tonight, and so too does Victoria Murphy, rounding out our Friday night ladies' night. With all the sport...(LAUGHS) Thanks, Dani. After the break - all the highlights from a very tough preliminary final between the Bunnies and the Sea Eagles. Plus - Fremantle fans flock to Melbourne as the Hawks and Dockers get ready for the biggest day on their calendar. And a perfect ride in France - we'll have all the highlights from round two of the Quickie Pro, next.

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This is Ten's Late News. Thanks for staying up with us. Tory, take it away. Manly is the first team through to the NRL grand final, after a gutsy come-from-behind win against South Sydney this evening. In front of 45,000 fans at ANZ Stadium, the Sea Eagles

Eagles won 30-20. Clinton Fletcher has all the highlights. For the second year in a row, the Rabbitohs had marched themselves, and their army of faithful, into the grand final qualifier. The pride of the league faced off against the pride of the peninsula. And a sore and sorry Manly made a nervous start.High tackle!High shot on Sam Burgess.Glenn Stewart was placed on report inside the first five. John Sutton delivered a bigger blow a short time later. First try of the match! Big John Sutton has scored!Early mistakes also hurt Manly. With Nathan Merritt equalling a club record off the knock-on.Nathan Merritt levels up with Eddie Werring, the 144- tries.Down 14-0, the Sea Eagles turned to the Stewart brothers to hit back. Brett cleaned up Glenn's chip. Suddenly, Souths' defence was being asked plenty.George Rose goes for the line...! He's short! While the Rabbitohs held on there, the first try in the second 40 was embarrassing for them. Matt Ballin crossed untouched. Then Manly hit the lead for the first time through their captain. The Sea Eagles continued to call on their big- match experience - there was no way David Williams should have scored, but replays confirmed a remarkable effort.He's got to be out. He has to be out.Don't be too sure. Ohhhhhh! You're right!The Rabbitohs went in as strong favourites to advance to the grand final, but Manly had plenty to say about that.

Roosters fans could wake up to bad news tomorrow, with reports Sonny Bill Williams didn't train today due to a mystery illness. It's believed he is now in doubt for tomorrow's grand final qualifier against the Knights. It's another worry for the Roosters, who are battling the human growth hormone scandal - coach Trent Robinson today slammed the timing of the leaked report.Knowing that it's been out there for quite a few months, and then for it to come out in the week of our biggest game, I think it's interesting timing. While the Roosters head into the match as firm favourites, the Knights will be looking to continue their giant-killing run, having already disposed of the Bulldogs and the Storm. Fremantle coach Ross Lyon predicts tomorrow's AFL grand final will be brutal, with blood, concussions and plenty of feeling. But as Trent Dann reports, Lyon has stressed to his team to keep everything above board. Like boxers before a title fight, Matthew Pavlich and Luke Hodge know exactly what's ahead of them. Clearly, tomorrow won't be for the faint-hearted.We'll see blood rules, potentially concussions and all that. It will be delivered in a manner that's expected.It's not going to be a bruise-free style of football tomorrow.Nine of these Hawks tasted premiership glory five years ago. The Dockers are in unchartered waters, but seem comfortable on the big stage. Much of the hype has surrounded their tagger Ryan Crowley.Do you think you'll be targeted, Ryan?I feel like I get targeted every week. Good teams always look after their good players.We're not there to make friends.The Dockers went for a dip this morning. The only injury cloud, defender Michael Johnson's troubled calf. The Hawks' injury gap has been plugged by Jonathan Simpkin, who's still pinching himself after getting the nod. Clarko pulled us aside into a room and let us know the good news. It was really exciting and really looking forward to it.The Hawks' best chance could lie with their tall forwards - Jarryd Roughead and Lance Franklin were both down last week. The latter could be Western Sydney-bound. A second flag would be the ideal send-off.I just want to play in a grand final and win it. Whatever happens, happens. Ewen McKenzie has taken a subtle jab at critics ahead of the Wallabies' clash against South Africa at Newlands this weekend. The Springboks are favourites for the clash, with some saying the Wallabies would be better off not even showing up.You know, all we've read about is how much the Springboks will beat us by. We've taken note of that, and we're looking forward to the opportunity. The last time the Wallabies won at Newlands was way back in 1992 and, as always, you can catch it live and free right here on Channel Ten. Check your local guides. Brazil's Gabriel Madina has stolen the show in France this evening. The 19-year-old nailed the first perfect 10-point ride

perfect 10-point ride of the comp.

Wow! That was huge!He backed it up with an 8.17 to move through to the third round. World champ Joel Parkinson is also through, alongside fellow Aussies Taj Burrow, Mik Fanning and jewellen with Wilson. 11-time world champ Kelly Slater is also there. He bag adenine .23 right on the siren. Shane Warne is never far from the headlines. Todayter was his brilliant form on the golf course that had everyone talking. He fired a stunning one-under 71 in the opening round of the Dunhill Links pro-am.What a putt there from Shane Warne!What a putt indeed. To put that score into perspective, three years ago when the Open championship was played at that course, Adam Scott and Tiger Woods couldn't hit a 71 in 3 of their 4 rounds.Wow!Is there anything he

cannot do?

rounds.Wow!Is there anything he
cannot do?Do you think his love life is back on track? That's what's got him putting well?I'm sure Liz is impressed by that.She would have to be! That was a very impressive putt.He has bragging rights down the pub. Follow us on Twitter - @TenLateNews. Still to come - tomorrow's weather, and the Bedtime Bytes.

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You are watching Ten's Late News. Follow us on Twitter using #TenLate. Let's get straight to Kimberley now with a recap of our top stories tonight. The death toll is expected to rise, after an asylum seeker boat capsized en route to Australia. At least 15 asylum seekers are dead, including several children. It's the second asylum vessel that has been in distress in the past 24 hours. A global report by renowned scientists has pinned down the cause of climate change, and it turns out it's us. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has concluded climate change is a real scientific phenomenon, and that humans are responsible for the rise in carbon dioxide emissions. And a few footy fans might have a sleepless night tonight - anticipation is building ahead of tomorrow's AFL grand final between Hawthorn and Fremantle. Thousands of Hawks and Dockers fans lined the streets of Melbourne today to see their teams before the big game. In the other code, the Sea Eagles have muscled their way into the NRL grand final, after a hard-fought win against the Rabbitohs in the qualifying final tonight. The Sydney Roosters will show down against the Newcastle Knights tomorrow to see who joins them in next week's grand final. Looking at the weather across the country tomorrow:

Always 33 degrees in Darwin. Exactly what I was thinking!Very nice time of year -- nice, this time of year. Now for the Bedtime Bytes. Don't read or look it up if you have a fear of flying. It is 10 horrifying facts about flying. This one made me feel better - these 11 minutes are the scariest - we're not saying you should spend the three minutes after take-off and the last eight minutes before landing frozen in fear, but you should be awake and alert because, in those 11 minutes, 80% of plane crashes occur.I have heard that statistic. And you know what? Since I have heard that, I hate taking off. It freaks me out now.I feel like, once you're up and you go, "Fine now. Totally fine."Once you're up and flying, you should be fine.Kim?Britain's daily 'Mirror' has qolted Bill Gates. He's said the 'Control-Alt-Delete' that I dearly love apparently was a blunder. It was supposed to be one button, and it never happened.Now we have to have three.It's now the 3-fingered salute on the keyboard. Isn't that interesting?Is indeed. What have you got, Tory?Um, well, you guys obviously will be amazed that a new world record for twerking was set in New York today. We've got some vision of this. This is actually a Guinness world record. I've got some of the Guinness guidelines here.Here we go...You have to twerk from the hips. You can't do it from the knees or it won't be counted. There's no freestyle or choreography allowed. Your hands can't touch the ground or your feet can't be in the air. And - this is my favourite - all participants must twerk simultaneously for two minutes when Big Frida gives the signal.Wow. That's fantastic. You always come through, Tory, with such good Bedtime Bytes. I bet most people go, "What's Tory got?"There was better vision than that! Have a look! That's all from the team here at the Late News. Thank you for joining us.Goodnight.Goodnight.I wonder if Miley was in that crowd. Tonight - the hostage crisis in Kenya is developing by the minute. I join with previous speakers in condemning the brutal attacks in Nairobi a tragic reminder that terrorism remains a global threat.

Dozens of people have been killed in the Philippines, after a monsoon. Fires are still burning across NSW tonight, but the threat has eased. High temperatures and winds of up to 100km/h fanned blazes in Taree this afternoon. # I am sure # I'll see you again A South Australian man has made contact with his partner six days after being taken by Russian authority.A major earthquake has struck south-western Pakistan. Tremors from the 7.8-magnitude quake were felt as far away as the Indian capital, Delhi.Team New Zealand slumped to an eighth straight race loss, gifting Team USA the America's Cup. It was an Aussie at the helm - Australian- born skipper Jimmy Spithill savouring what was considered mission impossible. # Can't you hear # Can't you hear the thunder Bolt enjoys a boogie at Oktoberfest. I love that he's still wearing those pants.You're beard? -- embarrassed?If you're a Porsche lover, you might want to look away... Our top story tonight is, of course, that this is your last show on Network Ten. We've learned so much from you both, as has the whole team. We wish you all the best, Hamish, for what comes next.I love you so much, Hermione.It's been wonderful working with you every night.To you at home who watch, thank you. Goodbye. And goodnight.

This program is captioned live.Get you -- you get it through the big sticks you get six points. Take peptides, you get big trouble.You coached -- if you coach you'll be in big trouble because they sack. Melbourne sucks so they want Paul Roos but Brisbane don't want Vossy and GWS want Buddy but not she'dy, who wants to be Hirdy. Hirdy isn't wanted here, he's wanted two years after that. Demetriou oversees the hearing and makes the Bombers finish ninth.Demetriou goes overseas for the 9th time this year, and while he's away, Carlton sneak into the finals.Carlton sneak in, Buddy is leaving and Paul Roos is coming. Tell you what, the game's in disarray. I can't keep up with it. I'll give you one piece of advice. Whatever you do, never, ever, ever set a dwarf on fire. Do you understand me?I have never understood you, Andy.


Amazing. Welcome to the show. It is the Before the Game grand final show. Massive hour and a half ahead of you. Everybody in the football world is here - Jobe Watson, Adam Goodes, Joel Selwood, Tool of the Week. Andrew Demetriou is joining us. There's a little thank called the grand final to talk about. There is a heap to get through. The gang's all here ready to go. Neroli Meadows again, the Fremantle supporters from Fox Footy and Fremantle's greatest supporter and a man who hasn't been this nervous for many years, make him welcome - Rove McManus. (CHEERING Thank you. Thank you.How are you? I lost my voice already simply from going to the parade today. (LAUGHING) .UGHING) . It's a big week for the little man. I'm very excited.Yeah, you just come back from LA did you see the baddest man in the world, you kprou at the parade?Yeah, he was there. They're afraid of him. He's up here.Ryan Crowley, he's just a dude. He's a nice guy. Why are people afraid of him? Here's -- here he is coming through the airport last night. No issue, just a lovely plan.Absolutely.You pwf been watching the club for a long time, you've had a family connection with it. You've been there since their inception. Can you believe they're here?No, I can't. It's great. I cannot thank Ross Lyon enough. I really can't. But we're excited. We've been waiting our entire lives for this, and it's not fair, because we came in - it's been nearly 20 years. Clubs that came in after us, like, Port Adelaide, wait till their turn. But I hope our time is now. They're on fire and in great form.You were the number one ticket holder.What do you mean?You were.If I had known they were going to go to the grand final I would have kept them. Who took over from you?I think a race horse and eskimo Joe. I think they were... And then they gave it to... Now it's a war veteran, so, appropriate.I feel this is a record, we've got two Fremantle supporters on the one panel in a Melbourne Footy Show. It's amazing right now, record breaking. All of a sudden there's purple across Melbourne. It's a big deal. Everyone in Melbourne is so ready for Melbourne. It's great. The support in the city is fantastic. Isn't it? It's great. Everyone in Melbourne is so behind Fremantle. (APPLAUSE) Coming in.I hate it. You mean, finally the colours brown, gold and purple have come together, a dream. Did you leave a pregnant partner in LA to rush here for this