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el -- I'll have the forecast next.
The stock market has hit a fresh 5- year high, ening the week up 12 points. Our dollar is buying:

The average petrol price in Sydney is: It's a good time to buy with prices near the bottom of the cycle. Here's Amber.After yesterday's heat, we returned to more spring- like conditions today - blue skys and sunshine and moderate westerly winds. It reached a top of 23 in the city. That's still three above average. 24 in Campbelltown and Parramatta. A top of 26 for Penrith. Tomorrow a high will keep much of the interior dry while a trough will maintain very warm thundery weather in Queensland A high will cause brisk showers and the high land snow we saw to ease in Victoria and Tasmania. Around the country:

In northern NSW tomorrow there is a collapse of a morning storm in Narrabri and Grafton with a top of 33. Very warm weather for Newcastle, a top of 32. Albury will see a shower or two, a top of 16. It will be sunny in Batemans Bay with a top of 24. Sydney can expect a very dry, hot and windy day with wind gusts up to 60km/h to 70km/h. They will peak around lunchtime. We're expecting a top of 29 for Penrith, Liverpool and Parramatta. 28 in Campbelltown.

Looking ahead - Sunday will be a much nicer day with those winds easing. Sunny with a top of 23. But it will warm up again on Monday. Sunny and 28. Then we could see some late rain on Tuesday after a very hot day with a chance those showers will continue into Wednesday morning. And temperatures will stay in the mid-20s for the rest of the week. Our west will be sunny and 26 on Sunday, a very warm 31 on Monday, then a very hot day and night on Tuesday with a chance of overnight rain. Cooling down a little on Wednesday but top temperatures will stay in the mid to late 20s for the rest of the week.Thank you very much. That is nine news for this Friday. Tray -- Tracy Grimshaw is next with 'A Current Affair'. Nine's national news is at seven o'clock on GEM. I'm Georgie Gardner. Thanks for being with us. Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Tonight ... A public servant fight te
for her job Employee concern with racing
te sale of ACTTAB likely And a racing icon makes a stop in Canberr Good evening, I' m Kerryn Johnston une
A Canberra public servant is now hearin
unemployed after a last minute th
hearing to keep her job failed, in w
the Federal Court. Michaela Banerji Departm
was sacked by the Immigration a
Department last year after she made wi
a critical comment via Twitter.She t
will be reinstated if successful at
the end of the trial - but had hope throughout
to hold onto her position sup
throughout the court process. I suppose I wanted to just feel that had done everything that I could. said
Outside court today, Ms Banerji w
said she will continue to fight the disapp
wrongful termination. I feel the
disappointed but the fact is that s
the serious question to be tried is retu
still waiting to be tried. She le
returns to court on Wednesday. A AC
leading economist says selling off
ACTTAB makes good business sense fo l
the ACT Government. The move looks f
likely to happen next year, after a feasibility study showed the bettin agency futures was not secure unde go
government-ownership. The ACT government says no decision has bee Coopers
made - but a Pricewaterhouse c
Coopers study puts forward a strong leadin
case for the sale of ACTTAB. A leading economics professor agrees.
I don' t think they' ve really go d
the expertise to manage them and I operati
don' t see why they should be th
operating betting agencies no more super
than they should be operating a Un
supermarket. The United Services s
Union says employees want ACTTAB to are
stay in government hands. Staff j
are obviously concerned about their remain
jobs, whether their jobs would remain if an outside purchased does ACTTAB
decide to tender for ACTTAB.
ACTTAB employs 115 staff - the unio says more than a third are casuals If the sale does proceed, the unio consider
wants those employees to be perma
considered in the same light as redu
permanent staff - and be offered these
redundancy payments. A lot of almos
these casuals have been working month
almost fulltime hours for not 6 months or 12 months but some of the wor
in excess of 5 years as a casual fig
worker. +w The union says it will provis
fight for increased redundancy th
provisions, secure employment with
the purchaser, and a continuation o ACTTAB' s community contribution. ACTTAB contributes somewhere in th C
vicinity of $800,000 a year to the Canberra community by way of grants dis
we don' t want to see that money i
disappear from the community. If it is to be sold we need that communit me
grant enshrined. The union will wee
meet with the Chief Minister next wee

ACTEW has made an after-tax do
profit of more than eighty million
dollars - six million more than las financial year. It' s annual repor six
showed water consumption rose by ye
six gigalitres from last financial nine
year, but there' s been a thirty reduc
nine per cent per capita demand comp
reduction in water consumption - Aft
compared to levels ten years ago. we
After being slammed earlier in the disab
week for closing down a six bed Charnwo
disability respite service in re
Charnwood, the Disability Minister
received a more positive response a wh
a public meeting, last night. But aw
while some are welcoming the shift ar
away from institutional care, some b
are worried the closure will make a bad situation worse. In Novembe this government will shut this six an
bed disability respite centre, The accusi
announcement had many families mishandlin
accusing the government of given
mishandling the closure and not
given them enough notice. Disabilit me
Minister Joy Burch using a public prior
meeting last night the shift in re
priorities. That' s centre based familie
respite and we will work with families to increase our options fr patien
respite, whether its bringing patients into in a home, whether it famili
setting up relationships with in
families so the respite can happen com
in other family homes whether its with
community activities. We spoke left
with Paul and Jan Kruger as they se
left the meeting, They use respite so
services for their eleven year old mov
son, and are happy to see funding
moved away from bricks and mortar. li
We really like the other concepts defini
like home to home care. We are i
definitely opposed to services that them
institutionalised and segregated v
them from the community. We are opport
very much about giving our son peer
opportunity to be doing what his com
peers are doing, typically in the ho
community. The closure of Eloura o
house will save the government over expe
one million dollars in operating disabili
expenses, at a time when the b
disability service budget has grown
by twelve million dollars a year.Bu closure
the shadow minister says the alr
closure will create more work for institution
already stretched private C
institutions. I' ve spoken to the operat
CEO of Heartly Life Care, they c
operate three respite beds in their
centres and they have a waiting lis them
of over twelve months to access cancellatio
them, whenever there is a hours.
cancellation its filled within hours.

The new US Ambassador to into
Australia John Berry is settling presen
into Canberra. On Wednesday he Gove
presented his credentials to the t
Governor General Quentin Bryce, and Capital,
today he was welcomed to the Galla
Capital, by Chief Minister Katy
Gallagher. Berry is the twenty fift hope
US Ambassador to Australia - he U.S.-Australi
hopes to strengthen the offic
U.S.-Australia alliance. Police borde
officers from both sides of the Nationa
border have come together for They
National Police Remembrance Day. sen
They;ve also used the occasion to of
send a reminder to motorists ahead hon
of the long weekend. A guard of presen
honour lining the border. Both remind
present and vintage vehicles a poli
reminder of the years of service Reco
police have given the community. W
Recognising those taken too soon. the
Well this is a solemn reminder of ma
the sacrifices some of our members sacrific
make. They make the ultimate
sacrifice in the line of duty and w t
remember those. Police also used rem
today to stress the importance of A
remaining safe this long weekend. who
A number of those police officers moto
who' ve died have been killed in respon
motor vehicle accidents and or accidents
responding to motor vehicle accidents. So from my point of view day
today' s a particularly important R
day." Six people have died on ACT high-visibili
Roads this year. With driv
high-visibility patrols in place sp
drivers are being reminded to obey and
speed limits, take regular breaks heavy
and remain patient and alert in
heavy driving conditions. Roads i monitore
and out of Canberra will be pla
monitored with heavy penalties in mean
place for lawbreakers. If that th
means that some people incur fines sur
then so be it. But I want to make
sure that we don' t have to knock o t
someone' s door and tell them that thi
their relative is not coming home h
this weekend. Long weekends are a high commodity with families taking Anyone
the chance to head interstate. s
Anyone travelling is being urged to j
stay focused if embarking on a long no
journey. A lot of ACT people are except
not used to the big long trips j
except on weekends and holidays. So
just take care with your driving an Patrol
take those regular breaks. +w Patrols will be ramped up again nex plac
weekend with double demerits in place. David Sharaz WIN

Next on WIN News ... Canberrans thei
urged to prepare themselves and season
their animals for the bushfire br
season And, ... Two schools try to break a Guinness World Record This program is not captioned. H
break a Guinness World Record Peter o
Harrison has been re- elected Mayor Belin
of Palerang Council. Councillor
Belinda Hogarth- Boyd was elected a Cockram.
his deputy - replacing Paul Cockram. A thirteen year old who wa wil
swept down a stormwater drain in able
wild weather last week was today Bil
able to thank his rescuer. Jaysun s
Bilgin was riding home near Calwell drain.
shops when he slipped into the t
drain. I just like fell down near out
the bridge and just couldn' t get +
out until the bridge near Isabella. and
+w It was really fast and scary
and I was just trying to get out. + p
18-year-old Shane Allen was riding past and spotted him. Oh god, hel just
him there' s no way round it, I Almost
just had to do something. +w Almost dislocated my arm when I was lucky
trying to grab Jaysun out, just b
lucky it all went well. Shane has aw
been nominated for several bravery fi
awards. Fifty horses died in the y
firestorm that engulfed the ACT ten autho
years ago, and this fire season does
authorities are making sure that offic
doesn' t happen again, With the Tuesd
official start to the season on pr
Tuesday, owners are being urged to f
prepare not just for themselves but fir
for their animals as well. When b
fire comes to your doorstep, it can
be a terrifying and chaotic time no too
just for humans, but for animals evacu
too. And when the time comes to pr
evacuating livestock, practice and j
preparation are essential. If you expectin
just sort of charge in there t
expecting to do something novel and take your horse out, the whole thin h
could be a catastrophe. Moving a horse can be a tough ask at the bes when
of times, it can be even harder when flames are at the gate, and th animals are panicked by a flurry o hose
firefighters on the property. we
hose being coiled. These lessons fires
were learnt the hard way in the when,
fires of two thousand and three Doz
when, fifty horses were killed. seve
Dozens and dozens of people were re
severely injured trying to save or
rescue their horses. Tuesday mark Bu
the start of the Bushfire season, bu
But with a series of fires already sa
burning across the border, The ESA op
says the long weekend is a perfect r
opportunity to prepare early. We' war
re seeing very warm, unseasonable tha
warm conditions very early on and ar
that' s a message to make sure you
are taking steps to be prepared. +w eve
We don' t have a fire truck for ever house in Canberra in a bushfir res
prone area, therefore its a sure responsibility to ensure everyone i prepared.

The ANU and Tertiary Education
Union have had productive enterpris agreement discussions. Earlier thi in
week a ballot of members endorsed co
industrial action over the pay and t
conditions dispute - the Union says the Vice Chancellor showed much mor interest in negotiations today. Th mid
parties will meet again formally has
mid next month. A Canberra school Record
has attempted a Guinness World Chai
Record for the Longest High Five e
Chain. St Francis of Assisi Primary friend
enlisted the help from family,
friends and neighbours for the bid. as
Political persuasions were put stude
aside. After weeks of practice, othe
students filed in.. Pumping each other up for their big attempt. D givi
you reckon you guys are good at th
giving high fives? Hell yeah watch read
this. With a crowd of hundreds fou
ready - it was time to go. Five W
four three two one go. A Guinness watc
World Records official keeping a ok
watchful eye on proceedings. to
ok boys and girls today we' ve got
to make sure our technique is right S
we don' t want any air swings. So exciting I' m ready I' m ready. Calwell High School students helpe numbers...
out their neighbours with brought
numbers... Family and friends lik
brought the chain home. It seemed nervou
like a shoe-in but there was a tech
nervous wait. There might be a c
technical issue he' s just going to speak
confur with his rule book as we +w
speak, hopefully everything is ok. bre
+w The record they were aiming to Unite
break was 405 people set in the Ho
United Arab Emirates in February t
However I just found out last night wee
that in California in the US last
week 684 people did the longest hig people
give chain 684. The number of 69
people that you have here today is
695 for a new Guinness World Record cheering.

Queanbeyan is gearing up for a se
massive weekend of one hundred and
seventy fifth birthday celebrations for
But while locals were setting up T
for tomorrow' s festivities - Mayor h
Tim Overall was in Canberra helping celebrate
his cross-border neighbours To
celebrate a birthday of their own, Today unveiling this sun-dial at th Canberra'
National Arboretum to mark Canberra' s centenary clapping +w starting
We' ve got a street parade goi
starting at eleven am and that' s o
going down the original main street week
of Queanbeyan, Maquoid st. The
weekend of celebrations will includ t
everything from hobby horse racing cr
to dancing in the street, with the ni
crescendo coming at the end of the disp
night with the largest fireworks Amy
display ever seen in Queanbeyan Ea
Amy with sport is next, and Sandor Earl finally speaks? Yes Kerryn, he investig
s opened up about the ASADA NRL
investigation and peptides in the
NRL, and the Melbourne Cup stops of at Thoroughbred Park. This program is not captioned.
at Thoroughbred Park. Sandor Ear has admitted that his heart wasn' year
in playing for the Raiders this final
year. The former Raiders winger finally opened up last night, on th nam
drug saga that has tarnished his d
name. I wouldn' t call myself a obtai
drug cheat and I don' t think I a
obtained any further performance or me
anything like that that classifies bre
me as a drug cheat. Sandor Earl four
breaking his silence. The twenty
four year old speaking for the firs us
time about being charged with the use and traficking of peptides. Muc Scie
of the blame put back on Sports him
Scientist Stephen Dank. I asked him can I get in trouble for this i this a banned substance and he sai says
no. The former Raiders winger anythi
says he had no reason to doubt Some
anything Dank was telling him. an
Someone like that who I believe is opi
an employee of the club, is in my
opinion a reputable sports scientis c
and someone who' s worked at other in
clubs to me whatever he had to say liste
in a time of I guess need I was te
listening I was interested. +w The N
tell all interview was aired on the using
NRL Footy Show last night. Earl back
using it to explain what went on In
back in two thousand and eleven. Injections of peptides, they would a
in turn accelerate my recovery time mont
and the time mentioned was three A
months. Earl is still waiting for Until
ASADA to hand down his penalty. Ho
Until then his career is in limbo. rul
However the former Raider hasn' t
ruled out a return to the NRL in th future.

Wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie is
confident Brumbies players won' t b distracted this weekend in the wak Th
of Jake White' s shock departure. The Wallabies take on the Springbok morning
in the early hours of Sunday af
morning Australian time. Just days qu
after White shocked the players by Brumbie
quitting as head coach of the Brumbi
Brumbies. It' s a big game for Brumbies centre Tevita Kuridrani wh run
has been named to make his first Kurid
run on start for the Wallabies. na
Kuridrani is one of eight Brumbies the
named in the starting line up for star
the clash. Matt Toomua will also li
start on the bench. Racegoers have c
lined up at Thoroughbred Park for a Th
chance to touch the Melbourne Cup. as
The famous trophy is in the region t
as part of a tour in the lead up to
the big race on November five. It bu
s the race that stops the nation, but today Canberra put everything o T
hold for the Melbourne Cup Trophy. a
The eighteen carat gold Cup in town
as part of the Melbourne Cup Tour. i
The Emirates Melbourne Cup Tour is tal
in its 11th year. It' s all about people
talking the peoples cup to the people, very much about engagement. gra
People lined up for a chance to grab a photo with the famous trophy s
A white glove a must, to avoid any It'
scratches on the expensive Cup. th
It' s one hundred and seventy five Brothe
thousand dollars made by Hardy peo
Brothers in Brisbane and you know to
people don' t get that opportunity as
to hold such an iconic trophy such roa
as this and getting it out on the
road gives people that opportunity. ye
The Cup is half way through this ple
year' s three month tour, and has reach
plenty of stops to go before it Me
reaches Flemington in time for the Melbourne Cup on November five. Nex lo
on the list, Queanbeyan. We' re to
looking very much forward to going
to Queanbeyan we' ve got a full day even
activity, street parade, a gala event tomorrow night. It was a bi r
day at Thoroughbred Park. With the Memorial
running of the Tony Campbell st
Memorial Cup. Here are the closing stages of the thirty thousand dolla race.

Raiders junior Andrew Heffernen
says a Grand Final appearance in hi amaz
first year at the club would be t
amazing. The eighteen year old made Wale
the move from Junee in New South y
Wales to the ACT at the end of last eighte
year to join the Raiders Under enough
eighteens. Strong performances twen
enough to see him break into the of
twenties side towards the back end of the season. It' s been a bit o c
a change you know, moving into the ab
city but been a lot of people been an
able to support me here at Raiders senio
and a lot of different players, help
senior players have been able to
help me with the transition into th Raide
20s so it' s been great. The Stadi
Raiders meet Penrith At Allianz de
Stadium tomorrow for a spot in the for
decider. The young centre looking good
forward to the challenge. Very good side, I think they had a lot o se
their players in the NSW cup this
season and they' re dropping back s on
it' ll be really exciting to take Kic
on some big experience players. Fish
Kick off is at five fifteen. is
Fishing Australia' s Rob Paxevanos momen
is angling without leave at the between
moment, but took some time in In
between bites to send in a report. In the snowies reasonable numbers o th
Brown Trout are returning back to flys
the lakes where baits, lures and bes
flys are all producing a few. The scr
best technique for a big one is a th
scrub work or bardi grub fished of
the bank. In the estuaries Robs Bai a
and Tackle at Burrill Lake reports fishi
absolutely outstanding flathead l
fishing on the flats with hard body lures, along with a lesser number i And
the deep on plastics and blades. Aus
And the all new series of Fishing Saturda
Australia is back on air next officia
Saturday at 5:30pm, check the
official web site for details. An Thanks
that is Friday sport - Kerryn b
Thanks Amy - stay with us after the w
break for the all important weekend weather details. This program is not captioned. MALE VOICEOVER:
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This program is not captioned.

weather details. A beautiful day o
around the region, It reached a top rig
of nineteen in the capital today, fourte
right now it' s still fine and conditio
fourteen degrees. More sunny Nineteen
conditions on the Tablelands Yass
Nineteen the top in Goulburn and a
Yass Zero to nineteen in Queanbeyan the
and Braidwood. A little warmer on
the Coast,Nowra reached twenty thre B
degrees, Twenty-one in the Bay and crisp
Bega. Cooler in Moruya Heads. A in
crisp day on the Mountains, Twenty Peris
in Cooma, Minus two to eight in a
Perisher A little warmer in Thredbo
and Bombala Looking at the satellit th
now, showing a cloud-free day for hi
the entire region under a ridge of is
high pressure. On the chart, cloud southwe
is building over the state' s ap
southwest as a low pressure trough te
approaches, Turning to tomorrow' s weat
temperatures, Yesterday' s windy Twe
weather will return on the Coast, twenty-t
Twenty-three in Bega, Moruya an
twenty-two, Twenty-four in the Bay Ta
and Nowra. More of the same on the Brai
Tablelands, Eighteen the top for lit
Braidwood, Queanbeyan and Yass. A showe
little cooler in Goulburn. Snow for
showers on the Mountains, Fifteen Not
for Bombala, Just two in Thredbo.
Not much warmer in Perisher, Sixtee Capita
for Cooma. A windy day in the th
Capital tomorrow. Eighteen degrees overnigh
the top after a low of three da
overnight. And looking at the five S
day forecast, the wind will ease on t
Sunday, twenty. Monday mostly sunny Tues
twenty four. Isolated showers on Thurs
Tuesday. Eighteen Wednesday and Fr
Thursday. And that' s WIN News for
Friday night. And now we take a loo Ke
back at the week that was... I' m weeken
Kerryn Johnston...have a great look
weekend - good night. Floriade
looks completely different at night the
Images just don' t do justice to l
the breathtaking display and there' ll be plenty more going on around Everyth
the park from tomorrow night. everythi
Everything can change colour everything can move so we have a lo have.
of options a lot of fun we can traged
have. A split second away from tragedy an enormous eucalypt fallin Wentwort
into the path of traffic on trees
Wentworth Avenue. The wind sent bro
trees into houses in Duntroon and at
brought a dampener to celebrations
at Floriade shutting down the iconi Ho
ferris wheel. While at Parliament memora
House graduation photos proved memorable for all the wrong reasons Canber
Family and friends waiting at Australia
Canberra Airport to welcome ho
Australia' s newest world champion french
home. First in line Diesel the ther
french bulldog. Start scheduling have
therapy sessions. Mike Kelly may bu
have conceded defeat two weeks ago w
but today the result of Eden Monaro He
was made official. I declare Peter ser
Hendy duly elected as a member to Representatives
serve in the House of still
Representatives. Zed Seselja is pre
still slightly below a quota with p
preferences from the animal justice facto
party being one of the decisive out
factors. Today Simon Sheikh bowed fu
out while defiantly looking to the
future. But the Greens will win thi done
seat here in the ACT it will be done it' s just a matter of when no Jak
if. A bombshell for the Brumbies two
Jake White quitting as head coach gu
two years into a four year deal. I while
guess we' ve known for a little it
while. We knew on Friday last week it was a bit of a shock to everyone d
There is speculation that White' s playe
departure could see a number of Lar
players also walk out on the club Larkham says it won' t happen.

This program is not captioned.